When The PAP Started Turning Against Singaporeans Traced

This is a (much) shorter article of the article that I had published yesterday. Please read this. It will just take a while, and will reveal to you everything about how the PAP has created a nationwide scheme to enslave Singaporeans.

You must read this, because it concerns your life. Let’s begin.

There was a time when the PAP old guards actually cared for Singaporeans. Singapore was moving towards more equality and shared prosperity.

Until 1985, wage share rose to about 48%. Wage share is the proportion of GDP that goes to wages (the rest goes to profits). Wage share did fall after the 1985 recession but still climbed to 45.4% (Chart 1). Singaporeans were earning more and more.


Chart 1

Until 1985, the CPF Contribution Rate rose to a high of 50% – we were setting aside more for our retirement (Chart 2).


Chart 2

More importantly, until 1986, the CPF interest rates also rose to an all-time high of 6.5% (Chart 3). This means that we were earning significantly more on our retirement funds and our retirement funds were expanding much faster than they are today.


Chart 3

Until 1984, the share of income that went to the rich was also maintained at around 30% (Chart 4). The rich in Singapore were not getting richer at the expense of other Singaporeans.


Chart 4

Thus because of the more equal policies under the PAP old guard, income inequality actually dropped to its lowest in Singapore ever in 1979, to a Gini coefficient of 0.41 (Chart 5).


Chart 5

However, since then, the PAP started turning against Singaporeans.

Yes, until the mid-1980s, the PAP old guard had cared for Singaporeans. But from the mid-1980s, the second and third generation, and today, the new PAP have turned against Singaporeans.

How so? Read on.

It all began in 1984. In 1984, the PAP had wanted to increase the retirement age of Singaporeans, by increasing the CPF withdrawal age from 55 to 60. However, Singaporeans were against it as they felt that the PAP had broken its promise.

So the PAP couldn’t increase the retirement age like they had wanted. But they came out with another scheme – the PAP came out with the CPF Minimum Sum to entrap Singaporeans’ CPF inside, so that Singaporeans have no choice but are forced to work even longer (Chart 6).


Chart 6

Also, in 1984, Goh Chok Tong also introduced the Medisave scheme. PAP old guard Mr Toh Chin Chye then spoke up against the Medisave because he revealed that the PAP has created the Medisave as a “recessive tax”, where the poor are forced to pay more of their incomes to CPF and Medisave, while the rich only need to pay a lower amount. Also, Mr Toh Chin Chye explained that with the Medisave, what the PAP is doing is to run “two parallel welfare schemes” (Chart 7). In 1984, Mr Toh Chin Chye realised that the new PAP was trying to force Singaporeans to pay double for our healthcare!


Chart 7

Indeed, after Medisave was implemented, in 1996, the PAP drove down what they would spend for Singaporeans for healthcare from 40% to 30% of total health expenditure and forced Singaporeans to pay more from the Medisave (Chart 8).


Chart 8

Since then, Singaporeans were forced to pay more and more out-of-pocket for healthcare, while the PAP started paying lesser and lesser (Chart 9).


Chart 9

Note, Singaporeans are already paying taxes which should cover for the health subsidies, so why did the PAP reduce subsidies even though we are still paying taxes? And when did the PAP then make us pay double, by making us also pay into Medisave, and make us pay for our healthcare by double-paying?

In fact, as of last year, Singaporeans have contributed $66 billion into Medisave but what the PAP had spent for health in 2011 was only $4 billion, or only 6% of what we have contributed (Chart 10). So, you see, not only has the PAP made Singaporeans double-pay, they are also earning from us.


Chart 10.

So, as you can see, the new PAP started gunning down on Singaporeans from 1984.

But that’s not all.

After Goh Chok Tong became prime minister, in 1994, things got even worse. The PAP pushed down the wage share of Singaporeans to a low of 40% for no reason (Chart 11). Suddenly, Singaporeans were forced to receive lower wages.


Chart 11

Not only that, in 1994, the PAP pushed the CPF Contribution Rate to a high of 40%, where the Employee CPF contribution rose to 20% (Chart 12). The PAP was forcing us to sacrifice more of our wages to them.


Chart 12

How so? Because in 1994, the PAP also pushed down the CPF interest rates to the lowest ever since 1963, where Singaporeans were forced to only earn 2.5% on our retirement funds (Chart 13).


Chart 13

In 1994, the PAP forced Singaporeans to give up more of our wages but gave back the lowest returns back to us (Chart 14).


Chart 14

Also, in 1995, the share of income that went to the richest 10% started increasing, from 30% to 42% in 2011 (Chart 15).


Chart 15

The share of income that went to the richest 5% grew even faster. From 1995, it grew from 22% to 31% (Chart 16).


Chart 16

As I had written before, the share of income would increase a year after inequality increases (Chart 17) – which means that if the share of income increased in 1995, income inequality would have started rising in 1994.


Chart 17

So, again you can see – 1994.

But what’s worse is this – the PAP didn’t even bother to hide their greed.

In 1994, the PAP increased the salaries of the ministers. In 1994, the PAP increased the salaries of the ministers to “two-thirds of the average of the top 24 people in 6 professions” (Chart 18).


Chart 18

So, you see, in 1984, the PAP planted the seeds of its plan to cut down on Singaporeans. In 1994, they further expanded on it. In 1994, they forced down the wages of Singaporeans, yet forced us to pay even more of our wages into CPF, and spiked down the interest rates on our CPF, so that our CPF loses its value (Chart 19).


Chart 19

Then, from 1994, the PAP helped themselves and the richest to get richer and richer. And they then increased their salaries to millions of dollars.

Now, do you know why The Economist had ranked Singapore as 5th on the crony-capitalism index (Chart 20)? Singaporeans is the 5th easiest place in the world where you can get rich if you are politically connected to the PAP. Disgusting?


Chart 20

But that’s still not all. In 1994, the PAP also liberalised the housing market to allow the CPF to be used to purchase resale flats. With this, the PAP could allow flat prices to be driven upwards (Chart 21).


Chart 21

But more importantly, as I had explained previously, when Singaporeans use the CPF to pay for the housing mortgage, we have to pay an accrued interest on the CPF, which is effectively paying an additional interest on top of the mortgage. I had explained that this means that the PAP is forcing Singaporeans to pay double on the HDB flat. For a $300,000 flat, we would actually need to pay an additional $326,755 after 30 years (Chart 22).


Chart 22

What this means is that when the PAP then artificially inflates the prices of HDB flats, this will cause our CPF to deplete even further (Chart 23).


Chart 23

But that wasn’t all. In 1993, the PAP had privatised Singtel. Our CPF was then withdrawn by the PAP to invest in Singtel (Chart 24). How much was actually withdrawn and did the PAP ever return our CPF to us? Also, how much more did they withdraw from our CPF to invest in the other companies they had privatised and how much more did they not return?


Chart 24

In 1994, they took our CPF to invest in the companies they wanted to privatise, then they striked down our CPF interest rates. Why did they suddenly want to return us lesser interest – because they don’t want to return us the CPF that they had withdrawn?

But what’s worse is this – remember the CPF Minimum Sum? Just a short few years later, in 1996, the PAP spiked up the CPF Minimum Sum by more than 10% each year, even though inflation only grew by 1% (Chart 25). There was no reason whatsoever for the PAP to increase the CPF Minimum Sum by so many more times inflation but they did it anyway, so that they could trap even more of our CPF inside for their own use.


Chart 25

So, you see, in 1994, the PAP launched a full scale attack on Singaporeans and cut us down on our wages, our CPF and HDB.

In 1984, the PAP planted the seeds of their plan to cut down on Singaporeans.

In 1994, the PAP entrenched their plan to enslave Singaporeans (Chart 26).


Chart 26

In 2004, after Lee Hsien Loong became prime minister, the PAP further expanded on their plan.

In 2004, wage share was pushed down to its lowest to 39% (Chart 27). Singaporeans had never seen such low wage share since the early 1980s and it was the first time since then that wage share dropped below 40%! The PAP artificially reduced wages to force Singaporeans to earn less.


Chart 27

At the same time, the PAP started spiking up the number of foreign workers coming into Singapore. Before 2004, foreign worker numbers were actually maintained at a more stable level (Chart 28).


Chart 28

So, in 2004, the PAP striked down the wages of Singaporeans and opened the flood gates to cheap substitute labour, which further forced down the wages of Singaporeans and depress our wages further.

So much so that when you compare Singapore’s wage share with the other high-income countries, you can see that Singaporeans earn the lowest wage share (Chart 29).


Chart 29

For a country with a similar GDP per capita, cost of living and price level as Singapore, their citizens would get as much as 60% of wage share. This means that Singaporeans are losing as much as 20% of the wage share (Chart 30).


Chart 30

What this means is that for a low-income Singaporean, instead of $800, he/she should actually be earning $3,000. For a median income earner, instead of $3,000, he/she should be earning $6,000 (Chart 31).


Chart 31

But do you know why this is not happening?

This is because the PAP has only allowed the richest in Singapore and those related to them to get richer.

In fact, the richest in Singapore earns the highest wages among the high-income countries and one of the highest in the world (Chart 32).


Chart 32

They also pay the lowest taxes and social security among the high-income countries and one of the lowest in the world (Chart 33).


Chart 33

But the PAP would pay the rest of Singaporeans the lowest wages among the high-income countries (Chart 34).


Chart 34

And they would also force the rest of us Singaporeans to pay even higher taxes and social security than the rich – low- and middle-income Singaporeans pay up to 38% of our wages whereas the richest pay only 25% (Chart 35).


Chart 35

And do you know that the Lee Hsien Loong belongs to the richest 0.1% in Singapore while the PAP politicians belong to the richest 5%, just by salary alone (Chart 36)?


Chart 36

But do you know what else happened in 2004? Remember Singtel? In 2004, Singtel’s profits suddenly shot up (Chart 37). And who does Singtel primarily earn from?


Chart 37

And again, in 2004, the PAP didn’t even bother to hide their greed once again. In 2004, Lee Hsien Loong’s salary jumped by leaped and bounds, and grew by several times to as high as $4 million at one point (Chart 38).


Chart 38

So far, can you see a trend? 1984, 1994, 2004. Do you see the pattern? And do you know what? We are at the start of the next 10-year cycle. This year, we are in 2014. What else will the PAP do to cut down on Singaporeans?

You don’t even need to wait for the answer.

This year, the PAP increased the CPF Contribution Rate to a high of 37%. Meanwhile, they continue to pay Singaporeans a low interest rate of 2.5% (Chart 39).


Chart 39

In fact, the CPF that Singaporeans are forced to contribute is actually the highest anywhere in the world (Chart 40).


Chart 40

Meanwhile, the interest that Singaporeans earn is also the lowest in the world (Chart 41). In fact, Mr Leong Sze Hian had shown that the real interest that Singaporeans earn is the lowest in the world.


Chart 41

Singaporeans have thus accumulated the largest pension reserves (due to the high CPF contribution) – which will make the PAP happy, since they can siphon this off to use (Chart 42).


Chart 42

But we actually have the least adequate retirement funds (Chart 43, 44 and 45)


Chart 43


Chart 44


Chart 45

So much so that Mr Leong Sze Hian had estimated that nearly 90% of Singaporeans are not able to meet the CPF Minimum Sum and are not able to save enough to retire (Chart 46).


Chart 46

Also, last year, the PAP announced the Population White Paper to increase the number of foreign workers into Singapore (Chart 47). Remember what they did in 2004 with the sudden influx of cheaper substitute labour?


Chart 47

But do you know what is even more sinister? It is this – as Mr Toh Chin Chye had pointed out, since 1984, the PAP has embarked on the plan to make Singaporeans double-pay so that the PAP can earn.

How do they do that? First, the PAP monopolised all essential services in Singapore (Chart 48). So, since they’ve monopolised the essential services, they get to decide how much they want to charge from you, right?


Chart 48

Then, a survey had shown that for middle-income Singaporeans, two-thirds of us are able to earn enough to buy just what we need but not anything else (Chart 49).


Chart 49

What this means is that the PAP had calculated how much they need to give you in wage, then take back the wage via your CPF, and take back the rest of your wage via the essential services that they make you pay on (Chart 50). In short, they have calculated how much they need to pay you then take it all back.


Chart 50

But for the poorest 30% in Singapore, Prof Tilak Abeysinghe had calculated that they go into a debt of 5% to 51% of their income (Chart 51).


Chart 51

This means that the PAP has decided to give them a wage, take it back via CPF and via the essential services that they charge, and then force the poorest 30% of Singaporeans to go into a perpetual debt so as to create a permanent disempowered class (Chart 52).


Chart 52

I’ve estimated previously that 28% of Singaporeans are living in poverty (Chart 53).


Chart 53

In fact, Singapore has the highest poverty rate among the high-income countries and East and Southeast Asian countries. The poverty rate in Singapore is actually same as that of a Third World country (Chart 54).


Chart 54

Then, who pays for the debt? It is not the PAP. It is not the rich Singaporeans. It is the rest of us Singaporeans.

As Mr Toh Chin Chye had pointed out, Singaporeans are already paying tax for health, yet we also have to pay Medisave. And as Mr Leong Sze Hian had calculated, what we pay into Medisave for one year is more than enough to cover what the PAP returns for health, which means that we are actually double-paying (Chart 55).


Chart 55

Also, Singaporeans are already paying enough in transport fares to fully cover for the operating expenses of the transport operators. Yet, we still have to pay tax for transport. Again, we are made to double-pay (Chart 56).


Chart 56

Not only that, Mr Leong Sze Hian had highlighted that NUS and NTU have a combined surplus of more than $400 million. The government would also pay $400 million for foreign students to study in Singapore but would force Singaporeans to pay $400 million to study in the local universities (Chart 57). So, why are Singaporeans made to pay in full while the government has accumulated enough surpluses, and enough to give foreign students to study for free in Singapore?


Chart 57

Yet, even as Singaporeans are double-paying, the PAP still returns the least back to Singaporeans. The PAP only returns 2% of GDP for social protection expenditure (Chart 58).


Chart 58

But how much debt are Singaporeans forced to go into? Singaporeans are forced to go into a debt of 77.2% of GDP (Chart 59). So, the PAP returns only 2% of GDP back to Singaporeans but Singaporeans have to shoulder a whopping 77.2% of GDP of debt!


Chart 59

This makes Singaporeans one of the most indebted in Asia, if not, the most indebted.

But that’s not all – do you know that the PAP “borrows” our CPF for their investment? The PAP has borrowed $404 billion from Singaporeans thus far and this makes up 115% of GDP (Chart 60).


Chart 60

Now, if there is a national debt, someone has to pay for it, right? But who pays? Yes, that’s you again. Which means you take on another debt of 115% of GDP. Which means that in total, Singaporeans are in a debt of more than 300% of GDP (Chart 61).


Chart 61

So, note this – Singaporeans are in a debt of more than 300% of GDP but the PAP would only return 2% of GDP back to us (Chart 62).


Chart 62

In monetary terms, Singaporeans are in a total debt of more than $1 trillion (Chart 63).


Chart 63

This means that each Singaporean has to pay off about $360,000 worth of debt. If we use our full wage to pay the debt off, we would have to work for another 10 years. If we use half our wage to pay off the debt, we would have work for another 20 years (Chart 64).


Chart 64

Now, do you know why Singaporeans can never retire and have to work until our deaths? When we want to retire at 65, we still have to work for another 20 years, which means that the PAP have concocted a plan to force Singaporeans to work until our very last breath (Chart 65).


Chart 65

Do you know what this means? Lee Hsien Loong had previously said that he wants to bring in as many billionaires as he can, even as Singapore becomes even more unequal (Chart 66).


Chart 66

So much so that Singapore now has the 4th highest concentration of billionaires (Chart 67).


Chart 67

And the highest concentration of millionaires (Chart 68).


Chart 68

Which has made Singapore the most expensive place to live in the world today (Chart 69).


Chart 69

And as Mr Leong Sze Hian had written previously, middle-skilled jobs are disappearing.

This is what it means – the PAP wants to create a super-rich class of about the richest 15% among them. The PAP also wants to create a poverty class. For the middle-class, they either get driven out of Singapore (already 300,000 or 10% of Singaporeans have migrated) or they get pushed into the poverty class (Chart 70).


Chart 70

Now, do you know why the PAP doesn’t want to define a poverty line (Chart 71)? Because they know it’s growing – they are intentionally making it grow.


Chart 71

Now, do you know why the PAP doesn’t want you to get a degree (Chart 72)? Why do you need a degree for a low- skilled job?


Chart 72

Now, do you know why the PAP doesn’t want to be transparent (Chart 73)?


Chart 73

And why they believe revealing too many statistics might not be in their interests (Chart 74)?


Chart 74

So, you see, the PAP’s plan to take down Singaporeans has been 30 years in the making, from 1984.

But wait, let me show you one more information – it was in 1974 that the PAP set up Temasek Holdings. Thereafter, they set up the GIC in 1981 (Chart 75). Did the PAP actually started to plan to cut down Singaporeans since 1974?


Chart 75

As most Singaporeans would know by now, our CPF is being taken by the PAP to be invested in the Temasek Holdings and GIC. In 2008, Temasek Holdings lost $58 billion, which is equal to 40% of the value of our CPF (Chart 76). When this money is lost, who has to pay off the loss and the debt? It’s not them.


Chart 76

Finally, you can see the chart below to see when and how the PAP started its plan to cut down on Singaporeans.


Chart 77

And this is how the PAP has done it. (1) Give Singaporeans the lowest wages, (2) calculate how much to give Singaporeans in wages to take it back in CPF and (3) for the poorest 30%, force us to go into perpetual debt to create a permanent class that would have to keep begging the PAP for help (Chart 78).


Chart 78

(4) Monopolise the essential services and (5) force Singaporeans to double-pay into essential services to earn from us (Chart 79).


Chart 79

(6) Force Singaporeans to pay the highest CPF contribution rates in the world, (7) give Singaporeans the lowest interest rates in the world, (8) while taking Singaporeans’ CPF to earn possibly the highest interest rates in the world for themselves. (9) This interest that the PAP doesn’t pay back is a tax that Singaporeans have to pay from our CPF (Chart 80).


Chart 80

(11) Create a scheme to force Singaporeans to return our CPF to the PAP from the housing mortgage, (12) force Singaporeans to return our CPF to the PAP from the accrued interest and (13) trap Singaporeans’ CPF in the CPF Minimum Sum (Chart 81).


Chart 81

(14) Force Singaporeans into a debt of 77.2% of GDP, (15) create a national debt of 115% of GDP for Singaporeans to take on and (16) force Singaporeans to pay back this debt of another 115% of GDP, (17) thus forcing Singaporeans to go into a debt of more than 300% of GDP (Chart 82).


Chart 82

And because the debt is more than $1 trillion, (18) each Singaporean would have to take on a debt of $360,000, (19) which means that Singaporeans will never be able to retire and will have to work until we die just to pay off this debt (Chart 83).


Chart 83

So, there you have it, Singaporeans, the Great PAP Ponzi Scheme to entrap Singaporeans and cut us down. The PAP has planned for this all the way back since 1984, or even as far back as 1974, and has embarked on 10 year milestones to further cut down on Singaporeans in 1994 and 2004. Today, we are at the next milestone in 2014.

The PAP has systematically created this plan to enslave Singaporeans, to force us to work on low wages and to force us to never be able to retire while they pay themselves the highest salaries in the world, with our loss earnings.

Meanwhile, this system that they have created has become an automated system. They don’t even need to do anything and the money will keep flowing from us to them.

Singaporeans, we are being severely shortchanged. The PAP isn’t even remotely interested in taking care of Singaporeans or even governing. They have hijacked government long ago so that they could use the government as an affront to amass your money and siphon it to them for their own use.

My fellow Singaporeans, we are being cheated by the PAP. We are being lied to, deceived and manipulated. Meanwhile, the PAP has created a modern day slavery and serfdom where Singaporeans are forced to quietly accept what the PAP pretends to give, while we are forced to keep begging them for more.

The PAP has been pretending all this while to govern but their real interest isn’t governance. It is to make money, and to make money from Singaporeans. And since they’ve managed to control all parts of Singapore, they are able to concoct all sorts of ways to earn money off Singaporeans.

Singaporeans, it’s time to fight back. It’s time to fight the PAP. They have launched a war against Singaporeans since 1984 and they’ve only gotten more and more brazen.

The PAP thinks that just because Singaporeans keep quiet that they can bulldoze us with their lies. They think that just because Singaporeans have suffered quietly, that they can continue to pretend to govern and deceive Singaporeans.

Enough is enough, Singaporeans. It’s time to fight back. It’s time to regain our freedom and our right to live independently. When Singapore gained independence from the British, Singapore never became independent. Singapore only became colonised by the PAP. 


The old PAP had cared for Singaporeans. They had wanted to make Singapore a more equal place, and they managed to do so for 20 years. But after that, for 30 years now, things have turned upside down for Singapore and Singaporeans.

Imagine this, of the 50 years the PAP has been in government, for more than 60% of the time, the PAP has been gunning down on Singaporeans and shooting us down.

The PAP started to squeeze Singaporeans dry and the PAP decided to cut down on Singaporeans and turned their back against us.

From 1984, the PAP betrayed Singaporeans and waged a war against Singaporeans. They hijacked government and put their own people up to earn money off Singaporeans.

It’s time to fight back. It’s time. For our freedom, our children and their children’s freedom, my fellow Singaporeans, it’s time we stand up and we fight. It’s time we take the PAP out. The PAP has made use of government to serve their own wants for far too long. Singapore is turning into a state of disarray because of the PAP’s self interests and lack of governance. It’s time we take Singapore back and together, remake Singapore and allow our country to grow and prosper once again, and allow all Singaporeans to prosper together.

Singaporeans, it’s time we fight. For our freedom. For our rights. For equality.

On 3 May 2014, we will be holding an event to advocate for the right of Singaporeans for fair wages and rightful employment. It’s time we stand up for ourselves and it’s time we find the strength and belief with us to challenge the PAP to take back our country and prevent them from ruining our lives, and our children’s’ lives further.

For the long term future of our nation and our people, and our children and their children, it is time we step forth and it is time we take a stand. It is time we come together and protect ourselves. Only in solidarity and togetherness will we have the might to rid Singapore of the scourge that has made itself the government and controlled Singapore for their own benefits. We can no longer allow the PAP to run Singapore as if we don’t matter and to turn us into slaves for their own wealth. The PAP has exposed themselves to run a system that has been corrupted for their own benefit and selfish greed.

The more people who come, the more they will realise they cannot have their way. The future of our country can only be decided by the collective will of the people in Singapore and not by their wanton greed.

Come join us. Come chart a new future. Come take a stand and fight for the new Singapore you want to see. What say you?

Join the Facebook event page here.


Revealed: How The Pap Uses The Wage-CPF/HDB-Debt Cycle To Stab Singaporeans In The Back

(Please note that this is a five-page article.)

Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Page 1: How The PAP Pushed Down Singaporeans’ Wages, Forced Singaporeans To Pay The More Into CPF But Give The Least Back

Page 2: How The PAP Controls The GIC And Pretend They Do Not Know How Our CPF Is Being Invested

Page 3: How The PAP Uses The Wage-CPF-HDB Trinity And Double-Paying Trickery To Entrap Singaporeans

Page 4: How The PAP Creates A Triple-Debt To Lock-In Singaporeans And Force Singaporeans Into Poverty

Page 5: When The PAP Magic Plan All Began

Dear Singaporeans, I have finally uncovered the sinister PAP plot to cut Singaporeans down. Please read this. This is the most single most important piece that I have ever written about Singapore. After you read this, all you need to know about Singapore and the PAP’s whole entrapment plan to cut Singaporeans down will all be revealed and make sense finally.

For a long time, Singaporeans have felt that we are not able to earn and save enough and life doesn’t seem to get better. Today, I have finally put together all the information and pieced together the whole picture of the PAP’s ploy.

If you feel that your life isn’t getting better, it’s not an accident at all. The PAP has planned for it all this while.

Last week, I had shared with you how the PAP has devised the deceptive CPF-HDB dirty scheme to siphon off your retirement funds so that you would never be able to save and retire.

Today, let me put everything together for you and let you see the complete picture. Today, let me show you when it all started and when they had planned to stab you in the back since 30 years ago.

Have you read the book 1984? Well, welcome to the real 1984.

(If you would like to jump straight into finding out what the Wage-CPF-HDB Trinity is, you can jump right into Page 3. However, you would most probably come back to Page 1 as in Page 1, it will be revealed to you the points at which the PAP concocted this trinity.)

The Old PAP Used To Care For Singaporeans

Before we start, do you know that things didn’t always used to be so bad under the PAP. Well, at least the original PAP wasn’t bad – the current ones are shady-artists under the guise of the PAP brand but who bear no resemblance to the old PAP guards whatsoever.

In fact, under the first generation PAP politicians, Goh Keng Swee, S. Rajartnam, Toh Chin Chye (and Ong Teng Cheong), things only got better and better.

Under them, Singaporeans’ wages grew under their wise leadership. The wage share of Singaporeans grew. The wage share is the proportion of GDP that goes into wages (instead of to profits). As Singapore grew more prosperous in the 1970s and 1980s, Singaporeans shared more in the wealth that we had helped to grow.

From 1972 to 1985, the wage share in Singapore increased from about 36% to about 48%, or by almost 1% every year. The wage share then fell after the 1985 recession to 42% but climbed back up 45.4% in 1992 (Chart 1). That was the last of the good times. By 1997, the wage share had dropped to 43%. Since then, according to the PAP, the wage share has dropped to around only 40%. This means that Singaporeans are now earning lower wages and companies are earning higher profits.


Chart 1

Not only that, under the then-PAP, the CPF contribution rates grew as well – from 10% in 1955 to 50% in 1985 before it was reduced to 36% in 1986, after the 1985 recession (Chart 2).


Chart 2

However, more importantly, even as the CPF contribution rates grew, the interest earned by the CPF also grew as well. Under the stewardship of the initial PAP politicians, the interest rates grew from 2.5% in 1955 to 6.5% in 1986 – the highest ever interest rates that Singaporean had even gotten (Chart 3). Today, we receive a miserly 2.5% to 4%. The interest rate of 2.5% today is at an all-time low – as low as what Singaporeans had received in 1955.


Chart 3

Under the old PAP, income inequality had also reduced. Inequality actually dropped to its lowest in Singapore in 1979. The Gini coefficient fell to an all-time low of 0.41 – still a high figure and a high level of inequality, not something you want to shout about but it is still the lowest ever on record since independence from the British and Singapore was a fairer place then compared to today.


Chart 4

Also, the share of income that went to the richest 10% in Singapore was maintained at around 30% until 1984. (Chart 5). Then, Singaporeans still had a relatively more equal livelihood. The wealth distribution in Singapore was a lot more equal and the poor and middle-income in Singapore were also better off. But since then, the rich has only gotten richer and richer and the poor, even poorer.


Chart 5

Under the wise stewardship of the first PAP leaders who guided Singapore into an era of unprecedented growth and prosperity, all the people of Singapore grew together with the country and shared in the success of our country.

Our people and Singaporeans were proud to be who we were and we were learning to be a (truly) kinder and more gracious people, who were on our way towards achieving a (truly) First World standard of living.

But everything changed right after.

The young guns who took over the PAP today are wild horses who first tore inequality through the roof, then fumbled along their way to create the mess that Singapore is now in today.

So much so that Forbes had to pen an honest article to say that, “The first step for Singapore’s reinvention lies with recognizing the seriousness of its challenges. The policies of the past may have worked impressively, but may not be as appropriate in the future. As my old Japanese sensei Jiro Tokuyama once noted: the hardest thing to do is how to unlearn the secrets of your past success. The ingredients in the cocktail that is Singapore need to be tweaked for a new era.”

But of course, all these fell on deaf ears. Why? Because the new PAP’s agenda had been all along to grow at all costs and to grow Singapore to become a more and more unequal place, so that they can earn from Singaporeans and siphoned off our hard-earned money from us, into their own pockets.

Last week, I had shown you exactly how they have done that with your CPF and HDB.

Today, you will finally see how the PAP is undercutting you via the Wage-CPF-HDB Trinity. Today, you will finally see for yourself how the PAP had stabbed you in the back and when they had embarked on their corrupted plans.

To begin with the story, let’s take a look at your wages – the first trinity.

Singaporeans’ Wages Fell Over The Past 30 Years

Last year, the PAP took great pains to explain to Singaporeans that our wages have grown. They shared that the wage share of Singaporeans has grown over the past 3 decades.

The PAP claimed that, “In the 1980s, the wage share averaged at 41.8 per cent. This rose slightly to 41.9 per cent in the 1990s and further to 42.5 per cent between 2000 and 2009. (Chart 6)”


Chart 6

However, when you compare Singapore’s wage share with that of the other high-income countries, you would see that a 40% wage share is not only pathetic, it’s seriously low. In the other high-income countries, the wage share averages at 55% and can be as high as 60% (Chart 7).


Chart 7

Singapore’s wage share of 40% means that Singaporeans are losing as much as one-third, or 33% of what we should actually be paid (Chart 8).


Chart 8

Last month, I had explained that low-income Singaporeans may be losing as much as 75% of our wages and the average Singaporeans might be losing half, or 50% of our wages! Instead of $800, a low-income earner should rightfully be earning more than $3,000 and for the median income earner, instead of earning $3,000, we should be earning at least $6,000 (Chart 9). But why is this not happening?


Chart 9

You see, this is all because the PAP has very conveniently chose not to mention something. The PAP had only chosen to mention that “in the 1980s, the wage share averaged at 41.8 per cent”.

But what they had very conveniently chosen not to state is that from Singapore’s independence from the British all the way until 1985, the wage share actually grew from 35% to 48%. As Singapore got richer, so did Singaporeans.

In fact, I do not even know where the PAP had gotten the 41.8% in the 1980s figure from! In the 1980s, the wage share grew from almost 40% in 1980 to 48% in 1984, then declined to about 42% in 1988 after the recession and then grew again to 45% in 1990. In fact, instead of 41.8%, the wage share in the 1980s should actually average closer to 43% (Chart 10)!


Chart 10

Is the PAP pulling a fast one on Singaporeans? Why does the PAP want to tell Singaporeans that the wage share is 41.8% when it was at 43% in the 1980s? Now, in real wage terms, this is very significant.

Even as the PAP had claimed that the wage share in the 1990s was only 41.9%, it actually grew to 45.4% in 1992 and even as it dropped, it was at 43% in 1997. So, where did the PAP get 41.9% from? Wage share in the 1990s might be as high as 43% (Chart 11)!


Chart 11

Is the PAP pulling the wool over our eyes? What this means is that the truth would have been that wage share had fell from 43% in the 1980s to 43% in the 1990s to 42% today! It has not actually grown, as what the PAP had claimed!


Chart 12

Actually, what’s worse is something happened in 1994. In 1994, the PAP drove the wage share of Singaporeans down to nearly 40%, or the lowest ever since the early 1980s (Chart 13).


Chart 13

If that’s not already bad enough, in 2004, the PAP drove the wage share down even further to its lowest ever since to 40% and then even below 40% in 2007 (Chart 14). Singapore had never seen such a low wage share since the early 1980s.


Chart 14

But why did the PAP drive down the wage share of Singaporeans? In both 1994 and 2004, there was no recession and no reason for the PAP to do so. So why did they? Take note of these two years – 1994 and 2004. You will see them frequently throughout this article.

As you read on today, you will know why this important. Why does the PAP want to pretend to Singaporeans that the wage share in Singapore has always been at around 40%? Why does the PAP not want Singaporeans to know the truth that at one point, the wages of Singaporeans were growing and higher?

If wage share had kept pace at the rate it did, the wage share in Singapore could be as high as 57% today (Chart 15).


Chart 15

In real terms, what this means is that a low-wage worker in Singapore should be earning $3,000 today instead of $800 and for a median wage earner, instead of $3,000, he/she should be earning $6,000 today (Chart 16).


Chart 16

Then the question is, is the PAP keeping the wage share in Singapore today artificially low? And if so, why does the PAP want to keep it low?

The answer can actually be found in this – the income share that goes to the richest in Singapore.

The Richest In Singapore Grew Richer And Richer Over The Past 20 Years

As I had written before, the share of income that went to the richest 10% in Singapore reached an all-time low of 30.18% in 1995 before exploding like never before. The share of income that went to the rich exploded from 30% in 1995 to 42% in 2011 (and possibly higher today) (Chart 17).


Chart 17

And for the richest 5%, they got rich even faster – the share of income exploded from 22% from 1995 to 31% 2011 (Chart 18).


Chart 18

Never before has Singapore been so unequal and never before has the rich in Singapore been so rich and the rest of Singaporeans so poor.

And as I had also written before, when inequality increases, the share of income that goes to the rich would then increases in the following year (Chart 19).


Chart 19

What this means is that if the rich started getting richer and richer from 1995 onwards, this means that the inequality in Singapore actually has its roots in 1994. It was in 1994 that the rich started siphoning off money for themselves.

But do you know what else happened in 1984? Something even more sinister. They didn’t even bother to hide their greed.

In 1994, the PAP decided to increase the salaries of its ministers. It was in 1994 that the PAP decided to peg the salaries of the ministers to “two-thirds of the average of the top 24 people in 6 professions”. It was in 1994 that they decided to pay themselves the highest salaries in the world, and million-dollar salaries (Chart 20).


Chart 20

It was in 1994 that everything changed, that they made the wage share that went to Singaporeans drop and they started taking more and more money away from themselves to pay themselves.

Remember this year – 1994.

But we are only halfway through the story.

The PAP Forced Singaporeans To Earn Low CPF Interest Rates

Now, let’s take a look at the second trinity – the CPF.

As I had mentioned, from 1955 to 1985, the CPF contribution rate increased from a low of 10% in 1955 to the highest ever at 50%. However, this was all fine since the interest earned by the CPF also increased from a low of 2.5% to the highest ever at 6.5%. Singaporeans had to sacrifice a larger and larger proportion of our wages but we were also earning higher and higher returns on our CPF, so our retirement funds were growing (Chart 21).


Chart 21

Even after 1985, things were still not as bad. The CPF contribution rate fell to 35% in 1986 after the recession. But in 1994 (1994 again), the PAP then pushed the CPF contribution rate all the way up to its next peak of 40% (Chart 22).

In 1994, the PAP pushed the CPF contribution rates to a new high and forced us to sacrifice a massive chunk of our wages.


Chart 22

But more importantly, look at the interest rates. In the 1970s and early 1980s, the interest rates grew in tandem with the increase in the CPF contribution rates. Singaporeans were paying more and more, but we were also earning more and more interest returns.

But from 1986, it was a completely different story. The CPF interest rates fell to 3.1% in 1989 and then increased. But it then fell to its lowest at 2.5%, but in which year? You guessed it – 1994 (Chart 23).


Chart 23

In 1994, the PAP pushed the CPF contribution rates up to a new high at 40% and pushed the interest rates to a new low in 1984 (Chart 24). What this means is that the PAP was already forcing Singaporeans to give up the highest proportion of our wages into the CPF in the world and was giving us possibly the lowest returns in the world as well.

1994 – are you seeing the trend?


Chart 24

The interest rates did go up a bit to between 4.41% and 5.91% in 1999 but that was because they had to decrease the CPF contribution rates to 30% after the recession. In 2000, they pushed up the CPF contribution rates again to 32%, but as they did that, they also pushed interest rates down to the lowest ever – between 2.5% and 4%, and it has stayed at this harshly low level ever since.

The 2.5% is the lowest ever interest rates that Singaporeans are forced to accept since 1963.

Not only that, this year, they pushed the CPF contribution rate to an all-time high since 1999 – at 37% (Chart 25).


Chart 25

So, today, Singaporeans are forced to sacrifice the largest chunk of our wages into CPF (Chart 26).


Chart 26

The PAP also pays us the lowest interest rates on the CPF (Chart 27).


Chart 27

But then, the question is – why is the PAP forcing Singaporeans to pay so much out of our wages and yet give us such pathetic returns?

To recap, in 1994, the PAP started to push down the wages of Singaporeans, started to siphon our wages away for their own wealth as they started getting richer and richer, forced us to pay more out of our wages into CPF and gave us the lowest returns ever, thus depleting the value of our retirement funds.

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FIFA World Cup Subscription: Singaporeans Taken For A Ride

Senior Minister of State (Communications and Information) Lawrence Wong had claimed that the Singapore government has “no say in” the subscription prices for the FIFA World Cup “Because Singapore is a small market and has a high demand for World Cup matches, FIFA will consider the country’s purchasing power and act accordingly“.

I did a quick check online and found this link which detailed how their citizens can watch the FIFA World Cup 2014 online in the English-speaking countries:

Here are some things you need to take note:

(1) In Denmark, “the rights to broadcast from the World Cup in football in Rio is shared between DR and TV2 in Denmark. DR is a free public channel while TV2 has an online area which you need to pay to watch. Common for both is that you need a Danish IP address to watch.”

(2) In Finland, “YLE will broadcast from the World Cup in Finland. That is a free public channel, so with a Finnish IP address you can access their stream online and watch what is going on in Brazil easily.”

(3) In Sweden, ” SVT (Swedish National Television) and  TV4 will broadcast from the world cup in Sweden. TV4 is a pay for TV while SVT has free online live stream for those with a Swedish IP address.”

So, it seems that even though Denmark, Finland and Sweden are small markets with high demand, their citizens seem to be able to watch the FIFA World Cup for free.

Denmark and Finland have about 5.5 million people each and Sweden has about 9.5 million people. This is compared to the 5.3 million people in Singapore.

By GDP per capita, Denmark has about US$56,000, Finland has US$46,000 and Sweden has US$55,000. In comparison, Singapore has US$52,000.

So, in terms of population (small market) and purchasing power, Singapore is similar to Denmark, Finland and Sweden. So why is it they are able to allow their citizens to watch the World Cup for free, while the Singapore government is not able (or willing) to do so?

This calls into question how Singtel (which is the only TV station which allows for the viewing of the World Cup in Singapore) is owned by Temasek Holdings, which is owned by the Singapore government, which is controlled by the PAP.

Is there a conflict of interest here? Are the subscription fees that Singaporeans have to pay high because of a conflict of interest here?

In fact, if market size and purchasing power is indeed a reason, why is it that Hong Kong only charges US$19 when it also has a small population of 7 million and a high GDP per capita of $37,000?

Something is not quite right here. It’s quite obvious that Singaporeans are overpaying, if we should be even paying at all – when countries with a similar population size and GDP per capita are even able to let their citizens watch the World Cup for free.

Mind you, S$112 is a lot of money to pay. And to think that the PAP has such audacity to still want to defend this money-making scheme to siphon money off Singaporeans when Singaporeans are already paid the lowest wages and have the lowest purchasing power among high-income countries. On top of that, Singaporeans are ranked as the second most indebted people in Asia, where low-income Singaporeans have to spend 105% to 151% of what they earn just on basic necessities (which means they are trapped in a debt cycle) and at least two-thirds of middle-income Singaporeans say that they only earn enough to pay for basic necessities and nothing else, so where are Singaporeans going to get the money to pay for the overly-high subscription charges?

Not only that, the subscription charge is also more than twice as high as what any other country in Asia charges! Also, in Asia, only two other country charges any subscription, whereas the all the other Asian countries are able to watch the World Cup for free – even Japan and South Korea. So why is the PAP defending the stance that Singaporeans should pay such exorbitant World Cup subscription, or that we even have to pay at all?


Is it a case again when only the rich and elites in Singapore are able to enjoy such “luxuries” or is the PAP milking this for as much as they can because they know the demand is there, so why not milk it for what it’s worth?

If that’s the case, is the PAP acting as the government or are they only wanting to earn money off Singaporeans (again)? If the PAP is only interested in making money, then it shouldn’t be in government in the first place. The government’s role is to take care of the people, and not to make money off the people! This is a complete bastardisation of the role of government!

Singaporeans, so do you buy what the PAP says? Or do you think you are being taken for a ride?

They might have scored their own goal this time round. I don’t think it’s so easy to hoodwink Singaporeans anymore.

Do you still trust the PAP?

Singaporeans, We Are Being Lied And Cheated To

I’ve in Oslo now, so posting my thoughts as I go along. These are two more postings which I had made on Facebook:

Do you know that with the prices that Singaporeans have to pay, we should be earning at least $2,000, to be able to save enough and retire?

However, nearly 40% of Singaporeans earn less than $2,000.

Do you know that with the amount of tax that Singaporeans are already paying, we should be able to receive free healthcare and education.

However, Singaporeans have to pay more than 60% of total health expenditure and the government would give nearly $400 million to foreign students but would make Singaporeans pay $400 million in university tuition fees.

Singaporeans, do you know that we are being robbed?

They claim that wages cannot go up because otherwise, prices would. But prices are already going up without wages going up!

They claim that we cannot have free healthcare and education because otherwise, we would need to pay more tax. But we are already paying more tax and it’s not coming back!

Singaporeans, we are being lied to and being cheated.


As I’ve shared, a cleaner in Norway earns $4,500. After tax and social security, a cleaner in Norway would still have $3,000.

In Singapore, a cleaner would earn $800. After tax and social security, he or she would only have $664.

For the average Norwegian, he or she earns $8,000 and after tax and social security, would still have at least $4,500.

For the average Singaporean, we would earn only $3,250 and have only $2,665 after tax and social security.

What this means after tax and social security, about 70% of Singaporeans would still earn lesser than a cleaner in Norway.

However, they pay about the same prices for groceries. Housing and cars are cheaper for them. And they are receive free healthcare and education, according to the Norwegians.

Yet, from the meagre salaries we are left with, Singaporeans still have to pay for healthcare and education.

This means that we would have even lesser than $664 for a low-income person and $2,665 for the average Singaporean!

And because the government takes our retirement funds for their own investments, Singaporeans now shoulder one of the heaviest national debt in the world at 115% of the GDP.

And at 77.2% of GDP, Singaporeans also have one of the highest household debt in Asia. We are given low wages but made to spend more than what we earn.

Why are Singaporeans made to pay for the same (or higher) prices but forced to earn up to nearly 5 times lower than a Norwegian!

Singaporeans, we are being cheated! Where is all the money going to??

The richest in Singapore earns even higher salaries than the rich in Norway. The PAP ministers earn millions while their counterparts would earn only 3 to 4 times lesser.

Do you see where our money is going? It’s fine for the rich to earn more but when the government forcefully presses down the wages of the poor, so that they can allow themselves to get ahead, then something is very wrong.

Singaporeans, we have lost our government.

Singaporeans Are Being Cheated By The PAP

I’m writing here what I’ve posted as status updates on my Facebook:

Do you know that a cleaner in Norway earns S$4,500?

This means that more than 70% to 75% of Singaporeans earn less than a low-wage earner in Norway.

But do you also know that prices of groceries and daily necessities in Norway are similar to Singapore. Not only that, housing and cars are cheaper in Norway, and healthcare and education is free in Norway.

What this means is that not only are 70% to 75% of Singaporeans poorer than a low-wage worker in Norway, we have to pay more from our low wages and we have a much diminished purchasing power.

This means that for 70% to 75% of Singaporeans, the PAP is severely shortchanging Singaporeans.

Singaporeans, we are being cheated.


I’m in a constant state of shock as to how 75% of Singaporeans earn less than a cleaner in Norway but have to pay the same prices for everything, or more.

Singapore is now the most expensive place to live in the world and prices are the same as in Norway, but houses and cars are cheaper and healthcare and education is free.

Yet, a cleaner here earns S$4,500 but 75% of Singaporeans earn lesser than that.

This means that 75% of Singaporeans are very poor and we are badly cheated by the PAP. And I’m just in a constant state of shock how the PAP has betrayed Singaporeans.

Yet, a high-income earner in Norway earns $300,000 a year (which they think is already a lot of money) but a high-income earner in Singapore earns millions.

The PAP has created a system where they become the richest in the world while Singaporeans become the poorest among the developed countries.

I’ve never seen anything like this before and it just shocks me how any government can do this to the people.

It shocks me how the PAP has hijacked the government and pretend to run the country while all the while making Singaporeans poorer and poorer while helping themselves get richer and richer.

This is not a government. Singaporeans are being made used of by the PAP.

Singaporeans are being betrayed by the government.


The main reason the PAP doesn’t want to increase tax on the richest because they do not want to tax themselves.

Therefore it’s easier to make Singaporean pay 38% of their wages into tax and CPF, while letting the richest pay only 25%.

When you let the PAP pay themselves the highest salaries and where they then control the government, they will create policies to protect themselves.

Because they get to.


Now that I’ve come to Norway, it has become blatantly obvious how the PAP has infiltrated government to benefit themselves and make their lives better while making the lives of the rest of the 80% of Singaporeans worse off.

Singaporeans, I don’t know how to explain this to you. We fear that we have nothing else to hold on to and so we deny the wrongdoings that the PAP has done to Singaporeans.

But when you come to Norway, you see possibilities and opportunities. Then you realise how much Singaporeans can do for ourselves and how all our lives can get better.

Singaporeans, we need to trust ourselves now. We need to take control and take charge. We need to realise that we can lead Singapore into a better future, because the PAP won’t do so.

The PAP is only using government to benefit themselves. We need to take government back to protect all Singaporeans.

We need to rise up and fight. For our freedom and for our rights, we need to fight! We need to fight against the scrouge of the PAP.

The Straits Times Wants To Whitewash The Truth With “Trust”

The Straits Times had also commented on the expose of how the PAP has used the CPF-HDB to trick Singaporeans and entrap us.

This was (all) what The Straits Times had said:

“For example, a recent conspiracy theory by a blogger went viral on the Internet, accusing the Housing Board and Central Provident Fund (CPF) of colluding to cheat citizens of their hard- earned cash. It was shared by many people, and praised, before some others debunked it.

In the recent case of the HDB-CPF conspiracy, a few bloggers jumped to point out the fallacies in the theory.”

You can read the rest of the article here:


That’s all The Straits Times wrote. For the rest of the article, The Straits Times kept writing about how they want Singaporeans to “trust” the PAP.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Manpower commented on the expose. Today, The Straits Times commented.

Both times, there were no statistics released at all. Singaporeans, we cannot allow ourselves to be continuously cheated by the PAP and we cannot allow them to keep whitewashing us.

We want the truth. We want the statistics. Don’t use fanciful words to sway us, when there are no statistics at all to back what they say.

These questions are still not answered at all:

(1) Why does the PAP force Singaporeans to give the highest proportion out of our wages into CPF in the world, while they pay us the lowest interest rates in the world, such that even after paying so much, Singaporeans have the lowest retirement funds in Asia and even when compared to much of the world?

(2) Why does the PAP force us to pay accrued interest such that with whatever “profits” we earn when we sell the flat, it is still lower than the accrued interest so that we will have no cash left in the hand because the PAP takes back everything?

(3) Why does the PAP take our CPF to invest and earn up to 16% interest but only gives us back 2.5% interest?

(4) Why does the PAP not show the records of how much they’ve earned from making us pay for ever-increasing prices of HDB flats? With their monopoly of public housing and increasing prices unilaterally while making us pay high interest rates, how much is the PAP earning from Singaporeans?

The PAP wants to try to pretend to Singaporeans and they continue to want to cheat us with the truth.

Singaporeans, it’s time to be awakened. The PAP isn’t interested in taking care of us. They just want to protect their own wealth.

It’s time to take control of your own life and do what’s right for yourself.

For all commenters who aim to discredit my character, that’s fine. What I want to know is where the statistics are.

What does the PAP want to hide? Why do they want to pretend to Singaporeans?

The Straits Times is trying very hard to ask Singaporeans to trust them but Singaporeans, we know better now. Can you still trust the PAP?

You can read the expose of the CPF-HDB insidious scheme to cheat Singaporeans here:


You can watch the video of the article here:


Join us to speak up and fight for our rights. We will be holding a protest on 3 May 2014. It’s time to rise, to stand up for ourselves and protect ourselves.

You can join the Facebook event page here.

PAP Still Doesn’t Want To Let Singaporeans Know What They Are Doing With Our CPF

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has responded to the previous expose article on the CPF: https://thehearttruths.com/2014/04/02/truth-exposed-the-dirty-cpf-hdb-scheme-to-trick-singaporeans/

(You can watch the video of this article here: https://thehearttruths.com/2014/04/09/video-the-dirty-cpf-hdb-scheme-to-trick-singaporeans/)

The MOM conveniently side-stepped these issues:

(1) When you sell the property after 30 years, the so-called “profits” will still be lesser than the accrued interest. And if you have to put the profits back, that means all the money in cash that go out of your hands. This is money that you cannot use, because can you take your CPF out? Effectively, are you actually earning from the sale of your property? The PAP might say your property is your investment to earn from, but with the accrued interest, do you think they actually want you to earn?

(2) The MOM has conveniently chosen to side-stepped the issue of why the CPF Minimum Sum had to grow by more than 10% in some years when inflation was only growing by 1%. Why did they force Singaporeans to keep more in the CPF Minimum Sum when inflation grew by much lesser? Why did the PAP want Singaporeans to retain more than what is necessary, to trap our CPF in?

(3) Also, if the MOM is so concerned about inflation, then why does the PAP only give 2.5% on the CPF, when this is barely enough to cover for inflation, and in some years, is lesser than inflation, which means that the real value of our CPF is actually diminished?

If the PAP is really concerned, then the PAP should start doing what is right first – pay Singaporeans higher interest rates. Otherwise, the PAP’s double-standards stance (finally) only exposes their hypocrisy behind how they want to pay little for Singaporeans and make Singaporeans pay more for them.

The MOM has responded because they know they have to – they have no choice. We’ve forced them to. But this response is neither relevant nor answer the specific questions. The PAP continues to want to hide the truth and not admit to Singaporeans what they have used our CPF for.

Why are Singaporeans forced to forfeit our CPF to the PAP? Why are they choosing to hide information of “OUR” CPF from Singaporeans?

Because the PAP has chosen not to properly response, we can see once and for all that there is something they are trying to hide and our CPF is being played around with by them.

What is the PAP trying to hide?

You can read their response here:


See the illustration of their response here:


Being At One, In Peace And Free


I was sitting by the water last night. It was below 7 degrees Celsius. Thankfully I had clothing which kept me warm. I looked out into the sea.


On one side, the waves were crashing and cascading over one another, in the darkness of the night. The night was quiet but the riding of the waves overcame the silence.

I sat intently looking at the waves on one side, as they rolled into the inner side of the sea, which was calm and gentle.


Sheltered by a little concave, the water moved in light vibes, motionless at times but gently prodded by the cascading waves into a little dance under the moonlight.


From above, the moonlight shone onto the calm waves below, lighting it up with pearls of jewels, which flickered and lit up the night.

The water went into a dance with the fierce crashing of the waves, as they met the silent tip-toeing of the gentle waves on the other side, a quiet sensation overwhelmed me.


To the back stood a snow-capped mountain in the distance, faded and dark, almost disappearing into the darkness. It stood mysterious but wise, an endearing yet paternalistic figure. Silent but overlooking the water as it sent them crashing in this direction.

Grey clouds formed themselves overhead the mountain and disappeared into the midnight blue as they came and went with the wind.

Below, the waters danced at the foot of the mountain, sending waves of songs in the opposite direction.


On the other side stood another snow-capped mountain, it’s snow visibly white, as the brightness of the moon reflected off its surface. The mountain stood sturdy and strong on solid surface, as it faced the oncoming waves with vigour, while providing a bay for the water to settle in.

The whiteness of the snow carved out the dominating shape of the mountain in the otherwise darkness and created a dominating influence in the night.

As I turned to face the confluence of the waters once again, where the cascading waters met the soft dance of the inner sea, the Northern Lights began to form ever so gently over the sky, as they stretched from the shadows of the fading mountain, over to where the moon was.

The Northern Lights went into a gentle dance and swing, as they embraced the sky with their impish grin and then disappeared as fast as they came.

Another appeared with another shy contortion, as it stirred and turned on its head, casting a glance backwards at me before moving back into the darkness of the night once again.

I sat quietly, feeling the energies of the night. In the day, when you can see the strengths of nature, the expansiveness of the land enthralls you.

But at night, as their shapes and outlines merge with the shadows, all you can see is an uncertain clarity but as the sounds began to enter your senses, they grip you and floor you into an unknowing.

As the uncertain darkness became lit by the moon at the edge of the mountains, and in the sea like pearls scattered in a column, you become overwhelmed by the overpowering magnificence of nature. The waves encapsulate you within a musical embrace while the mountains weigh down from above.

I feel all at once alone and as part of nature. My body and soul is only part of the ebb and tide of life. For I am nobody but part of the flow in life, as I am just one part of the whole big scheme of things. The mountains exert their influence, and the waves roll into being.

Each of us play a role, going through the flow in life, being on our own, yet all at once with nature.

As a shooting star whizzed through the sky into the direction where the Northern Lights were, I looked up and smiled to myself.


And I thought, I wished that we could create a world where we could live with nature and be as part of nature. Earlier, the tour guide had spoken about the lost tradition of the Sami people, who had lived off the land and were one with the land. But such is what we have lost and forgotten, in our eagerness to have more and fill the empty voids within our souls.

As I sat looking at the sky, I understood my purpose. To be at one with nature, to be humble in the face of life, to understand that I’m only one person and that my being is not important, for I have come and will go as life has, always.

And I understood that I was to go with the flow and serve my life’s intent.

As I sat, I wished to myself that I could live as part of this for the rest of my life, to be at peace, at ease and in calmness, with the knowing that all is balanced within.

Yet I know that with greater peace within, one would want to wish that upon others, to help others achieve even more happiness and balance within.

Yet, how should one go about it?

As I sat and the night envelops itself around me, I laid myself backwards onto the snow and stared into the night sky. The stars shone in mid intensity, as the Big Dipper makes itself look more like a modern-day shopping cart.

Above the mountain where the snow dazzled in luminosity, the planet Mars hovered over it, as it had been crossing. As it centred itself over the mountain, Mars and mountain look as one. Mars, the God of War, oversaw the strength and might of the people, as it created a bay to fight the dark waters.

Perhaps this is a foretelling of what is to come, and a reminder to people to always stand up for what we are for.

As I sat there, I realise that I am a free man. I am my own being, and my own person. If there was anyone who would want to rob my rights from me, they cannot for I am free. They can try but they will never succeed.

As I sat with Mars’ edging, I sense a foreboding that for our rights, we must always stand up for ourselves, whatever it takes as long as we do no harm to others. By our very being, being alive, the freedom and rights of us is a fight that we must take on, as we cherish the freedom to be.

At 2am, the sunlight that never went away with the sunrise began to rise from the other side. Soon, it will be a new day, a new life once again.

Things are never going to be the same, once people knew. And once people knew what they had to stand for and to cherish for themselves. Our freedoms.

As I sat there, I felt alive. Even in the darkness and the ensuing light. A new beginning.

[Video] The Dirty CPF-HDB Scheme To Trick Singaporeans

Last week, I had written about how the PAP had used our CPF and HDB to make money for themselves. I have also made this video to explain how they had done so.

In this video, find out how Singaporeans are made to pay the largest chunk of our wages into CPF but receive the lowest returns, such that our retirement funds become possibly the least adequate in the world.

Not only that, when you use your CPF to purchase your flat, you might not know of a secretive interest that you have to pay. This secretive interest will mean that your $300,000 flat will cost you more than $1 million after 50 years.

Watch this video to find out how this happens and how the PAP uses the CPF and HDB to undermine Singaporeans, by turning your retirement funds and your homes into their banks for their taking.

You can also read more in this article.

On 3 May 2014, we will be organising an event to demand for the rights of Singaporeans to earn fair wages and receive rightful employment. For too long, the PAP has overrode our rights by marginalising our wages and not protecting Singaporeans’ ability to find employment. The PAP’s policies have distorted our wages and employment and leave Singaporeans with lower and lower purchasing powers. It is time we stand up and demand that Singaporeans should be paid higher wages to afford the rising cost of living in Singapore. It is time we stop the PAP in its path that can bring Singapore further down.

If you’ve decided to attend the event, do pledge a $1 commitment to attend this event. Each pledge will be used for the event. We hope that more Singaporeans would take a stand and come together in a show of unity to let others know that it is time we will no longer allow our rights to be abused right in front of our eyes. We need to take our country back. You can transfer your $1 by ATM, Internet banking, or cheque, etc, to POSB Savings Account No. 279-12328-0.

The  more people who come, the more they will realise they cannot have their way. The future of our country can only be decided by the collective will of the people in Singapore and not by their wanton greed.

You can join the Facebook event page here.

Protest Poster 4

Dear Singaporeans, It’s Time We Admit The Truth Of How We’ve Been Played Out

Singaporeans, it’s time we are honest with ourselves. Do we truly believe we live in a civilised and developed First World Country? Or are we deceiving ourselves.

It doesn’t matter how we want the government to change if we continuing deceiving ourselves and denying the truth.

Truth is, we have created a First World facade, but within, our people have yet to grown or we did once but we have regressed. Are you willing to admit this?

As our country grows richer, we become more selfish as people. But this doesn’t have to be the case. In other developed societies, as they grew richer, they learnt to care more and looked out for one another.

If I were to tell you the reason why we’ve become more selfish, would you believe me?

You might think I sound like a broken record but I’ve said this and I will say this again – the PAP only wants to earn for itself. It doesn’t care about Singaporeans unless we can help them get rich. And since they’ve decided we can’t, they’ve created plans to siphon our money off to let them get rich, while we get poorer.

And that’s why we become more self-centred. We are left to struggle among ourselves. Truth is, we haven’t gotten richer. We’ve gotten poorer.

The PAP has used the money they’ve taken from us to build nice buildings and make things look pretty but meanwhile, the lives of Singaporeans haven’t gotten better. Because the PAP isn’t interested in that.

But my fellow Singaporeans, there’s more than enough money in Singapore to help each and every Singaporean get better. All of us can be better off and we can become a more caring, kinder and more respectful society.

We can have a society where our poor can hold their heads up high and where our elderly are protected and where they can retire with dignity.

My fellow Singaporeans, we can. Yes, we can. But we need to first acknowledge the truth – we’ve been cheated. Do you dare to face up to the truth? Are you willing to first face up to the truth that the PAP has cheated you and they will never take care of your interests?

Are you willing to do so? Only when you are willing to do so can you take the next step.

It’s funny. Singaporeans know what is going on but we choose to remain in our shells. Meanwhile, the PAP goes around breaking our piggy banks, take our money and tell us it’s for our own good. We know what they are doing is wrong but we choose to ignore and tell ourselves that maybe, just maybe, they still care. When deep down, we know they don’t.

I don’t know how to break it to you, you know. They are playing with our lives and we let them. We let them destroy us. They know we are scared and we know it too – we know they are scared. Yet we give our rights away and hide in our shells.

Meanwhile, we don’t realise that when we just take that one step out of that shell, everything will change.

Do you know how scared they are? Do you know how scared the PAP is?

They’ve created laws to even make it illegal for one person to stand up and speak up. Why are they so scared?

This is because they know that if each Singaporean would just take that one step out of our shells, the PAP will fall. Yes, if each of us take that one step, do you know how strong we all become?

All the money they’ve taken from Singaporeans will be exposed and they are scared that you will know. They are scared. And so they try to keep you quiet. With the law and whatever means they can.

And meanwhile, we allow them to keep us down.

Do you know why I’m not scared? I’m a free man. I’m a free person. I’m not afraid of the PAP. They’ve made a mockery of Singaporeans. They’ve made a mockery of the law. They’ve made a mockery of our society, our people and our history. The PAP has made a mockery of what the original PAP had stood for – what Goh Keng Swee, S. Rajaratnam, Toh Chin Chye and Ong Teng Cheong had stood for. The PAP today has lost its morals and lost its responsibility.

It’s no longer the government. It’s just an entity that feeds as being in the government to make use of Singaporeans. And I’ve seen through it all.

And that’s why I will continue to speak up against the PAP.

I am a free man. A free person. They can do whatever they want to me but I’m a free person and I know I’m a free person. And because I know I am free, I will fight tooth and nail to be free and to live my life as a free person. Because I know my rights.

Today, my fellow Singaporeans, are you willing to come out of your shell? Are you willing to be free? Are you willing to stop living in fear? Are you willing to be a free person – a truly free person?

Once you’ve decided, join us. We are free people who will fight for what we stand for and believe in – our right to be free and to be protected. We have to stand together with one another to fight for our right to live, so that each and everyone of us can live with dignity, and can live with our heads up high. So that we can come together in unity and fight for our freedom, for the rights of each and everyone of us, to be protected, to be respected and to live as free people.

Are you willing to see the truth, admit it and acknowledge it? Are you willing to protect yourself and fight for yourself?

Are you, my fellow Singaporeans? Let’s come together. Let’s join one another in unity, in unison. Let’s create the future we’ve always known we’ve wanted.

Let’s come together and do it. We can, Singaporeans. We can.