What are PAP’s Aims for Aljunied GRC?

After all this hoobalah over Aim and Aljunied GRC, we are no wiser as to what actually transpired behind what really went on.

Contrast this to PAP’s handling of the Michael Palmer incident and this Aim episode stands in huge contrast with how quick and efficient PAP had swiftly dealt with the whole Palmer incident and swept it right underneath the carpet.

Yet, with the Aim episode, why has PAP not been as swift in their actions? – because as much as PAP pride themselves as being able to anticipate and foresee future events, they haven’t actually anticipated the current Aim episode to occur.

You see, the Worker’s Party is a gentleman party, if you haven’t noticed by now. The Worker’s Party wants to be clean and they would rather have a ‘fight’ over facts than over dirty politics (or so this is how I have chosen to analyse – please feel free to rebut). And this is why PAP could have been willing to be underhanded in their dealings with the Worker’s Party. Who is going to rat on them anyway?

Right until now, we are still none the wiser as to why the town councils couldn’t continue to engage NCS, why NCS is so seemingly incapable that the town councils have to disengage their services, even if NCS has international contracts as well, why Aim was created at such a low startup cost, why there isn’t anyone actually hired to work at Aim, yet they are able to efficiently manage a system for all the town councils in Singapore. For all of these questions, only PAP is able to answer. Yet, in spite of the numerous questions being asked by concerned Singaporeans, they are not willing to give us answers at all.

Because truth is, we already have the answer. And they do not know how to answer, without revealing their dirty tactics. What’s new, right, since Singaporeans have always known how dirty PAP has played the politics, what with the shifting of the electoral boundaries. So, they stopped shifting the boundaries for the past two elections and have decidedly become gentlemen, we think, but no – underneath all that false pretence, they continue to manipulate behind the scenes. What’s ironic is how they were the ones who had created the current mess that they are in now, by again putting the Worker’s Party in bad light for the rating of the town councils.

And why is this episode made even more sensitive at this point? At this point, Singaporeans are now a lot more outspoken. We are now a lot more aware, with the amount of facts we are finally receiving and we are a lot more discerning about what we read, think and believe. The PAP could of course conveniently hide away from this, like they would have in the past, and Singaporeans could then go on in their daily lives. But they can’t – not with the current awareness that Singaporeans are developing. Of course, they could clamp down on us. If they do, what would this signal to the international investors that have sunk their money into an open and non-corrupt system, especially hard-pressed to be found in this part of Asia? And this where PAP has caught themselves – pants down.

So, here is what the issue really is about – PAP does not want to reveal why they had created Aim, and sold the town council’s software system to Aim. They cannot because whatever they say would mean admitting that we they have played real dirty, and at the same time, profited from it. They’ve killed two birds with one stone, in that sense – something they have perfected.

But then, you might ask, dirty politics occur with all political parties, so why make a fuss over this? – because with other political parties, their aim is to prevent the other party to become the government. People still have a right to choose. In Singapore, PAP is preventing any other party from entering the government. We won’t have a right to choose because it would seem that PAP should be the de facto party that we should choose from – which also means, we exist in a seemingly democratic system, where are rights are also a semblance of the imagination. This, we know, but this episode should make this a lot clearer to us.

What are the implications? At this juncture, PAP’s reputation has taken a hard hit. Singaporeans do not trust them, because over the past one year, any careful observer would see how they’ve not really addressed any of the issues we’ve raised. Sure, they’ve increased the costs to hire foreigners but do you know why that’s done? They had to quickly resolve our apparent anger with foreigners – this appears to be our unhappiness on the surface. But what truly is the problem is this – our unhappiness towards the foreigners is only due to bad government policy which has resulted in our wages being depressed. If PAP had not quickly nib the increase of the foreigners in the butt, we would soon realise what the root problem is and they would then be forced to increase our wages. And that’s why they had acted fast.

So, we’ve seen on many instances how PAP is able to act fast. But with the Aim episode, they seem incredibly handicapped in their responses. Again, if they reveal the truth, Singaporeans would be sorely disappointed with a party who claims to be white but is actually so muddily black. Coupled with the unhappiness we face, will we still vote for PAP in the next elections?

And if they reveal further truth, we will see how they’ve created a system to make money off the taxpayer’s money, even as they keep advocating that they wouldn’t increase our taxes to increase social spending – but they would increase their own coffers. Is this right?

On all levels, they’ve been underhanded and dirty. There’s no way they can get out of this but to hope that this whole episode will fade, and to also put out news in the papers to talk about how else they want to improve the lives of Singaporeans – have you read in the papers on Friday about how the government is thinking of increasing the proportion of governmental expenditure on healthcare, after reducing it by 15% from 2000 to 2009, where we now possibly have the lowest proportion of government spending on healthcare?

I want to find a reason to think that PAP has their reasons to do what they are doing and for every manipulation that they make and take advantage of Singaporeans, that there must be a decent reason why they do so. I cannot find one, and I’m beginning to think it’s because there isn’t one.

We are mules, we are sheep. Welcome to the truth, Singaporeans.

For now, PAP has to come clean. They wouldn’t. This would mean admitting to fraud, which would mean Singaporeans would then demand that PAP also reveal all the other forms of fraud that they’ve I institutionalised into the system – they would fall. They’ve put out many scapegoats over the past one year, who have each been party to corruption or a sex scandal linked to corruption of some form, so that by letting Singaporeans think that they are going hard on corruption, that it will take the attention away from how they are the biggest of them all.

And you know what, we won’t let them. Watch WP. They are playing a very smart game. Meanwhile, all of us responsible citizens who have been tired with not being able to obtain answers, have learnt to ask the right questions, and will not let the furore die down as well.

We know that if we keep up with this, this is the time for us to have the truth revealed. Everything will unravel from here. Behind Teo Ho Pin’s smile is a very, very worried man and a party who is desperate to not go into demise.

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