What is PAP’s Strategy for the Punggol East By-Elections, Huh?

Actually I don’t understand what PAP is trying to do at this by-elections.

I mean, yes, when you go into an elections, you want to talk about the personal characteristics of the candidate that you have chosen and how much he or she is similar to the residents in the constituency that he or she is contesting, to up the like-ability and related-ability factor. Well, if that’s the case, then find someone like the residents! Find someone who is down-to-earth and someone who continues to have a decent job earning a median salary like anyone of us, someone who actually takes the LRT and lives in a HDB flat. I mean, it would be so much easier if you find someone like this, than simply try to point out that the person is like this, when the person is not, right?

But it’s interesting because PAP has chosen to bring in a doctor, and one with more than 20 other credentials/appointments, which not many ordinary Singaporeans have. I mean, if he can really be considered an elitist, then why not just talk about his elitist roots? Well, but I forgot, he isn’t running in Bukit Timah or even Marine Parade. Well, then, just talk about what’s real about him and based on what’s real about him and how he can contribute!

For example, he’s a doctor and his expertise is in colorectal screening, so he should talk about how he could perhaps conduct talks and do quarterly anal checkups for his residents in Punggol East. I mean, the residents would definitely be quite glad to have such an anal-retentive MP serving them – serving them no less!

In fact, since he’s a doctor, he could even volunteer his time at the clinics in the area by providing free check-ups for needy patients! Since he’s a doctor, he might as well make use of what he’s really good at to win votes right? Imagine you get to see your MP on a weekly basis – someone who has the heart to serve, and truly serve by providing free healthcare checkup and advice for the residents!

That brings me to the point, I don’t understand why we need so many doctors in the government. I mean, do our political leaders fall sick so often that they need so many doctors on standby? And it’s not like all the doctor-politicians actually volunteer their free time to treat their residents. Do they? So why do we need so many doctors in the government? I mean, I understand why we need so many lawyers – what with all the threat of defamation suits and all that – you need enough lawyers to cover all the PAP MPs. And, it’s not like any of the opposition MPs or politicians are that keen on using the defamation law. Other than PAP and some of those aligned to them, pretty much the rest of us understand what free speech is and we actually respect and value free speech.

Then again, what do I know, I don’t have a Masters. Which brings me to yet another point – must everyone who runs for government have a Masters or have some form of recognition, like a Fellowship? Do we really need someone with a Masters to be our MP? I mean, imagine – you go to see your MP, do you start discussion academic papers? Does he bring out the latest journal article to discuss and debate with you? Well, rightfully he should, because you want to educate your residents so that they can make informed decisions about policies and programmes. But then, what do we know right? The PAP government doesn’t deem that we are smart enough to have ALL the available statistics and facts, for us to make our own decisions. So, we have to wait for our MPs to ask the ministers during parliamentary sittings and even then, we don’t get all the facts. Heck, I don’t even know how much I contribute to our reserves! But then I don’t get paid millions so maybe I don’t have that level of expertise to understand statistics.

But what do I know? I don’t have a Masters. Though I have an ex-colleague who ‘only’ has a Diploma. And from what I can see, she can actually do her job better than some people who have a Masters. I find it perplexing. If you want someone to work for the community, I would think, more importantly, you want to talk about the heart. You want to talk about how passionate the person is, what causes he or she fights for and what her values are. Honestly, you can come out with a tag line, “I Am Me”, for your campaign – the grammar isn’t even right, but that’s besides the point. Fine and well but why do I want to know if my MP is who he is? I am who I am too. My neighbour, Sally or John, or Mark, or Jacob (by the way, that’s the most popular name of 2012) – are also who they are. So? I would rather a candidate talks about his passions and pet causes – for example, does he really take such a keen interest in anuses? I really wouldn’t mind chatting with him over a cup of coffee about anuses!

For me, this is where WP has done better. Ms Lee Li Lian seems pretty much like the neighbour next door. She doesn’t even have to try. She has also brought out some very humane and down-to-earth concerns, such as the “cost of living, cost of education, and marriage and parenthood issues,” which would be pretty much what the residents of Punggol East will be concerned about as well, since there are many young families living there. And actually, this is what the whole of Singapore is concerned about – having found out that our real wages have been dropping, on average, for the past few years!

Perhaps I need to take a leaf out of The Straits Times on how to report about the opposition parties, since they would be more professional than I would. Kor Kian Beng had reported yesterday that Ms Lee “is hardly the strongest contender to secure the seat from the ruling People’s Action Party” and that “one view is that the (Worker’s) Party is actually not playing to win.” I don’t know who reporter Kor thinks would be more suitable to run. Maybe he would like to nominate himself? I don’t understand his logic too. If he has his own political party, would he want to spend money just to send someone in for fun, and not play to win? I don’t know if Kor takes himself seriously but he’s from The Straits Times – that’s pretty serious. Someone just made a police report about them conducting a poll about who the residents will vote for, when they shouldn’t have done so, so they are trying to crawl themselves out of that one now. Don’t know why nothing is being done to them. Don’t know IF anything will be done to them. I’m surprised they still have time to take a dig at the other political parties.

You see, that’s why we should allow information to flow freely, and allow for us to be able to conduct surveys and polls openly, to understand what Singaporeans are really thinking – without cumbersome laws. I mean, even The Straits Times thinks so. Otherwise, it’s just I Am Me here reading the papers and trying to understand the heads and tails of what Kor is saying but really, catching no ball.

Maybe Koh will be better at catching balls. He moreover works with whatever is around the rectal region.

Anyhow, may the best woman win this by-elections! And hopefully, champion to reduce inflation and increase our wages!

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