1. Anthony Sim

    Congratulations to the WP. It is the dawn of a new day and brighter one for Singapore.

    And most importantly, a very good work done on your part, Roy. If not for your believe in yourself, your tenacity, a voice that has awaken the dormant souls of Singaporean, this victory would not have happened. And of voices the other people who are supportive your stance on democracy and have dared to voice them out. With information, comes knowledge!

    Ommania, says this he thought PAP would win even though he supports WP. That’s the common sentiments of many many Singaporeans. But as long as there is the social media and the mainstream media, people’s thoughts will became more transparent and I would suggest in politics, this should apply. When there is dialog, there is outcome, a means to an end. Whatever the outcome maybe.

    So keep up with what you are doing, and I hope to see more articles from you and also participation from the readers of this blog.

    • My Right to Love

      Dear Anthony,

      Thank you for the encouragement. I will continue to try my best to write as honestly as how I’ve observed the ongoings in Singapore.

      I’m very heartened that over the past one to two years, Singaporeans have shown so much political awareness now ever than before, and it has shown in how the voters have voted.

      It can only bode well for our future. More and more people are speaking up, and also in ways that shows that our thinking are in-depth and strategic. I’m quite excited about how things will unfold for the next three years and beyond!

      Thanks! 🙂


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