#FreeMyInternet Awareness Campaign: Know The Impact Of The Licensing Ruling On Our Usage Of The Internet

The #FreeMyInternet Movement has launched an awareness campaign to raise awareness among Singaporeans on the potential adverse effects that the licensing ruling has on our usage of the Internet.

Parliament will sit on Monday, 8 July 2013, to discuss the licensing ruling. The awareness campaigns hopes to let you know what will be at stake for you and why you should be concerned.

Take a look at the publicity posters that have been unveiled so far below.

Slide1 (1)







From 1 June 2013, Singapore’s Media Development Authority (MDA) imposed a new ruling on “online news sites”. These sites will have to pay a $50,000 performance bond and take down their articles within 24 hours when the MDA wants them to.

eBay, Facebook, Google and Yahoo! have raised their concerns and have asked the government to review the ruling and engage all stakeholders in discussion on theruling.

Read more here.

‎#FreeMyInternet has also sent a policy brief on the licensing ruling to all Members of Parliament to consider speaking up in parliament to withdraw the licensing ruling and open a consultation with all stakeholders on the ruling.

Read more here.

You can also do your part by sending the policy brief to your own Member of Parliament, so that he or she knows that ordinary Singaporeans are concerned about the impact of the licensing ruling on Singaporeans.

When websites cannot pay the $50,000 performance bond or have to take down their articles within 24 hours, and they all have to report in the same way, will you be able to only “read the right thing”?

See the other campaign posters here.

These posters are designed by yours truly. 🙂


  1. Jentrified Citizen

    Reblogged this on Jentrified Citizen and commented:
    Jentrified C – As some of you know, our Government is practically forcing down our throats yet another regulation that is intended to give them even more oppresive control over us and to muzzle online political views that are critical of them. This is why Free My Internet movement was formed by a group of established Singapore bloggers and leading socio-political websites like The Online Cirizen and TR Emeritus. The movement opposes the new MDA Internet regulation which gives the G sweeping powers to pull the plug on websites and even bloggers when they deem there are transgressions. The new regulation has drawn major criticisms worldwide and even Goggle, Yahoo, eBay and Facebook have issued a joint statement to our G condemning this regulation as being regressive and having “chilling effects”. If you too want to have a say, you can support this FMI movement as this is about all of us – our rights and freedom of speech which are being trampled upon in a shameful manner. Follow FMI at its website http://www.freemyinternet.com or on Twitter at #FreeMyInternet and on Facebook Free My Internet.

  2. f99f99@yahoo.com

    I see many distorted blogs or so call ‘alternative’ news website. Many are reporting half truth or mixed truth news with their own agenda. Without proper regulation, how do we ensure they are responsible in their blogging? I am supporting freedom of speech and free Internet, but that doesn’t mean one can report misleading news. Freedom of speech and free internet doesn’t mean throw away responsibility. It’s time supporters of freedom of speech takes up the challenge. If you really reporting truth, why scare of regulation? Everybody will come to support if truth is being clamped down. Don’t whine about the new regulations. It hardly affects internet freedom (at least I can have all sort of info straight from internet or post my alternative views freely to government without fearing of prosecution, do you?).

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