The Fair Consideration Framework is Just A New Job Recruitment Website

What is the ‘Fair Consideration Framework’


The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) had announced the Fair Consideration Framework to “consider Singaporeans fairly for jobs”.

Nothing has really changed. It’s a sham.

Find out more here and here.

You can read more about the “framework” from the MOM here.

You can also find this chart on Facebook here.

One comment

  1. Roy Ngerng

    Hi to all readers,

    To also clarify and be clear, I had written this set of articles on the ‘Fair Employment Framework’, because my aim is to show the loopholes that this “framework” has.

    Also, if the government is sincere about encouraging employers to employ Singaporeans “fairly”,
    (1) There needs to be much more defined and clearer articulation of what the guidelines and proof of workings are.
    (2) The “framework” should also not be discriminatory. It’s current format harks back to policies of “eugenics” that the PAP had created before. (Old habits die hard, eh?)

    To have a complete idea of what the “framework” is about, or not, you can see the links below:

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