[Video Humour] Beating the Waiting Time of 0.1 Minute

The Land Transport Authority had announced a new reliability framework where Public Transport Operators can be fined between S$1,300 to S$4,000 for every 0.1 minute (6 seconds) that they are late in waiting time and  receive between S$2,000 and S$6,000 for every 0.1 minute that they are earlier.

Bus Driver Tan Jin Kin and Passenger Tan Ku Ku speaks up about how they are worried about the new penalties and incentives that bus company SMART will face if the buses are late by 0.1 minute.


  1. Winking Doll

    This is a bao-jiak policy for the bus companies. Consider the scenario painted by ASingaporeanSon.

    > Traffic congestion slows down the first bus. By the time bus arrives, there will be more passengers than usual waiting. So the bus will require extra time than planned for boarding at every bus stop until the bus is completely full. Meanwhile, the second or third buses behind gain on the first because there are less or no passengers along the way.

    1st bus is late, fined max $4K.
    2nd and 3rd buses are early, incentive max $6K.

    Bao-jiak! SBSTransit and SMRT CEOs will be laughing their way to the banks soon for the increase in revenue without any change needed.

    For a more realistic solution, consider how other countries with winter run the buses on schedule — waiting for a bus in the cold is no-joke.

    • Tammy

      Agree with you. And worse, in order for the bus companies to be “on time”, they would introduce new schedule where buses would spend more time on the road crawling from bus stop to bus stop. I have seen how SBS buses do that on purpose so that their buses always arrive on time. Imagine a bus schedule where it takes a bus 10 minutes to reach the next bus stop. Confirm can arrive on time one. If the schedule is set by bus company, confirm bao jiak the $6000. Lui must be their fortune god, give free money. Where on earth can you find such minister except in Singapore.

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