What Can $860 Million The Government Wants To Give To World Bank Do For Singaporeans?

The Straits Times reported that, “Singapore’s subscription to the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development will be raised from US$38.6 million to about US$672 million“.

US$672 million or S$860 million is a lot of money. Singaporeans have been asking the government to help us for many years now, but all our pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

And now, they shock us by telling us they would like to give nearly a whole billion to someone else, instead of helping us.

But do you know that this money can be used to help Singaporeans in many ways. Take a look at the infographic below (and yes, be shocked).

S$860 million is enough to help Singaporeans in


In the aftermath of the transport fare increase, and in the face of the pending increase of the MediShield premium and Medisave contribution rate, do you have something to say about how the government apportion budget for Singapore?

Do you think the $1,000 wage that the government wants to legislate for cleaners is enough? Do you think more workers should earn a minimum wage and do you think the minimum wage should be higher?

Come join us at the Pre-Budget 2014 Forum, where we would be discussing these issues and sharing with you our recommendations and proposals. This event is jointly supported by MARUAH, Function 8 and Workfair.

You can find out more about the event at the Facebook event page here.

pre budget 2014 conference


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