[Tax Infographics Part 10]: Singapore’s Rich Save The Most, Singapore’s Poor Lose The Most

Leong Sze Hian and I have written a 10-part article on how much the taxes are that Singaporeans are really paying, and the purchasing power that we really have.

We have also created a 10-part infographic alongside this series. These infographics will be released after the corresponding part of each article is released.

You can download these infographics onto your phone or tablet, to refer to later on or send them to your friends via mobile. You can also share these with your friends, family and relatives and let them know, at one glance, what is really going on and how much we are actually paying.

How Much Tax Are Singaporeans Really Paying Part 10

To read more about Part 10 of the article, you can go to the link here.

You can view the rest of the infographics here.


In the aftermath of the transport fare increase, and in the face of the pending increase of the MediShield premium and Medisave contribution rate, do you have something to say about how the government apportion budget for Singapore?

Do you think the $1,000 wage that the government wants to legislate for cleaners is enough? Do you think more workers should earn a minimum wage and do you think the minimum wage should be higher?

Come join us at the Pre-Budget 2014 Forum, where we would be discussing these issues and sharing with you our recommendations and proposals. This event is jointly supported by MARUAH, Function 8 and Workfair.

You can find out more about the event at the Facebook event page here.

pre budget 2014 conference


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