[Video] Roy’s Presentation at Pre-Budget 2014 Forum: Singaporeans Are Not Paid Fairly

I had given a presentation last Saturday, at the Pre-Budget 2014 Forum. At the presentation, I had shared about how the tax that Singaporeans pay are not low, but are in fact high – yet the Singapore government is spending much lower than what they should be spending. On top of that, when we look at how the money is currently being spent, there is a disproportionate amount of savings, which can be channelled back to the people to protect them but which is not being done.

The forum was held in conjunction with the 10-part article that Leong Sze Hian and I had written, on how much tax Singaporeans are actually paying.

You can watch the videos here in parts or in full here:

Part 1: Singaporeans Are Actually Paying High Taxes – This video will show Singaporeans how the tax we are paying is not low, but actually high, and how the social protection given back by the government is comparatively much lower than it should be.

Part 1

Part 2: Singaporeans Are Paid Unfairly – This video will show Singaporeans how we are paid unfair wages where we are paid wages lower than what we should earn, and how much the low- and middle-income Singaporeans would be hardly able to save and retire in Singapore.

Part 2

Part 3: The Government Is Earning From Singaporeans – This video will show Singaporeans how the government is only spending very little back on us, out of what we pay to them; and not only that, they would rather spend our own money on others and also earn the money from us at the same time. This video is a must watch.

Part 3

Full video:

Full video

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