The PAP Conglomerate In-Sourced Low Wages And High Prices Into Singapore

This post was initially written as a Facebook post, but I’ve posted it here:


Whereas ‘real’ companies would outsource their manufacturing to other countries which can provide cheap labour to reduce costs, because the PAP conglomerate has made itself the government and made itself the owner of the land in Singapore, it in-sourced the cheap labour into Singapore and cheapened the citizenry labour in Singapore.


Yet, in its want to grow into a luxury lifestyle and to in-source the rich consumers into the country, it made prices expensive as well.

The PAP has thus in-sourced cheap labour and expensive prices and thus threw apart the income disparity in Singapore.

Where wages and prices were originally meant to grow in tandem at a managed pace under a previous government which was responsible, the current PAP’s in-sourcing has corrupted the growth in Singapore and caused the system to lose its equilibrium and malfunction. As such, the virus that currently plagues Singapore can only be stopped by stopping this in-sourcing.

However, the PAP is unwilling to stop this in-sourcing as this is their lifeline – the depressed wages and increased prices have expanded their profits and allowed then to live the high life.

Meanwhile, for the rest of Singaporeans, we are unable to cope with the reduced wages and higher prices, which has doubled down our purchasing power.

Who’s the problem, here? You guessed it. As long as their profits are more important than you, your life is a meaningless statistic to them. All they need is your labour, and your quiet devotion to their wealth accumulation, for themselves.

Still think PAP is the government. They’ve stopped taking that role seriously long ago. Making use of the government to earn money is more profitable than actually running the government responsibly.



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