The PAP Has To Go For The Greater Good Of Singapore

I don’t speak up against the PAP because it’s fun.

I speak up because I believe in fairness, in equality, and in respecting the people around us. Because I believe in what our pledge says.

Yes, the PAP (of the past) has done good things – they helped secure clean water for Singapore, they cleaned up the rivers and they made Singapore safe.

But the PAP today is different. We have the least number of doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, policemen and even teachers.

Today, we do not have enough hospital beds. The PAP claims to build tents in hospitals as planned infrastructure. Today, class sizes in schools in Singapore are the largest among the developed countries and too big, and today, the PAP tells us not to pursue degrees and import foreign talent into Singapore, while neglecting our own people.

Meanwhile, the poor and elderly continue to live poorer and poorer lives. More than a quarter of Singaporeans live in poverty. 30% of Singaporeans live in perpetual debt. Middle-income Singaporeans only earn enough to buy what we need and nothing else. Older Singaporeans have to work as cleaners and security guards because nearly 90% of Singaporeans cannot withdraw their CPF because they cannot meet their CPF Minimum Sum.

Yes, we have to give gratitude where it is deserved. And that is why I honour Goh Keng Swee, S. Rajaratnam, Toh Chin Chye and Ong Teng Cheong, and that is why I show my sincere respect to the PAP old guards who had helped my parents’ and grandparents’ generation build Singapore into a place that they could be proud of.

But I worry for Singapore under the current PAP. The lack of direction and strategic vision of the current PAP and their selfish greed to accumulate more wealth for themselves while allowing the rest of us Singaporeans to suffer is unforgivable and disgusting.

Today, we have a Singapore which has become self-centred and distrusting because of a PAP which has created policies to sow divide among the people.

No, this is not a Singapore that I believe in and this is not a Singapore that I want. The PAP is destroying our country, our history and our lives.

There was once a time where Singaporeans were united, where we were together and where out people were friendly and stood in solidarity. My parents and their parents saw that in their lives. Increasingly, this is lost in Singapore. Our young are growing up in a country where we believe that fighting only for ourselves and among ourselves is the natural way to be.

But it didn’t used to be like that.

We cannot let the PAP ruin our country anymore. We cannot let the PAP run our country into the ground. Singapore has only been around for 50 years. But at the rate things are going under the current PAP, we won’t last another 50.

My friends, it is humanity and human dignity to look out for one another and to take care of one another. It’s human decency to hold the hand of the other next to us. Today, we’ve forgotten how to do that in Singapore. Today, we have forgotten what it means to be kind and to care for someone else.

Today, our children grow up in lost histories and lost childhoods and so will their children.

No, I do not want a Singapore that is corrupted by the PAP’s selfish policies and which will lead to our demise. No, I do not want a people that have become uncaring because the PAP wants it to be that way.

No, the PAP has to go. It has extended its stay long enough and it is no longer healthy for our nation to life under the scrouge of the PAP. For our country to come alive again and for our people to be able to love, to be united and to come in solidarity once again, for the future of our nation and our people, the PAP has to go.

I do not write to speak up against the PAP because it is fun.

I speak up against the PAP because for the sake of humanity, human dignity and for the love and respect for each and every one of us, we have to invite the PAP to vacate government and allow Singaporeans to live the lives that would only respect ourselves.

The PAP has to go.


  1. Awakened

    You may need to read more alternative news than The State’s Times. That might help. One of the cunning devices of the PAP is that it works in getting Singaporeans to be ignorant through its non-transparent practices. It’s excesses have breed complacency and greed. And Roy is right, insofar, as to point out that the PAP has been monopolizing the Singapore economy and the more it owns Singapore, the harder it is for its machinery to be disengaged. This is a technocratic instrument it has at its disposal. The more it monopolises the Singapore economy, the longer it is here to stay with the world’s highest paying political salaries on planet Earth.

  2. Justin

    Let me contribute my reasonings why PAP has to go:

    1) Cronyism. Father to son. Son to wife. Wife to her kakis. People who ought not to be CEOs are appointed in stat boards and GLCs.
    2) Our reserves. Temasek is sick. It is throwing billions of our money to buy companies that ought to have failed, like OLAM. No one has yet been able to make a proper account of our reserves since Ong Teng Cheong. All the new presidents are acting as rubber stamps, stamping away our future.
    3) CPF. CPF used to have an objective of helping us retire. Now, money is siphoned off to pay for medical bills, housing etc. The fact that CPF board has allowed this to happen, coupled with perpetual 2.5% interest rate, below inflation rate goes to show that it has lost the plot.
    4) Housing. HDB flats are now no longer affordable anymore. Last time one person can support a family. Now two adults work day and night can hardly raise a child. HDB is destroying our future.
    5) Foreigners. There are too many foreigners in our country. The PAP is relying on population ponzi to grow the economy. Every company relying on cheap foreign labour is allowed to set up shop here. Now Singapore is no different from a third world country.
    6) Jobs. With so many cheap workers coming in, our pay will be forever suppressed. The current policy only helps bosses, but failed to look after the welfare of the average Singaporean workers.
    7) Media. Singapore is becoming another North Korea. Nowadays news are sterilized so that only things favourable to the government or the government’s point of view gets the headline. News unfavourable are either not reported or hidden somewhere not prominent.
    8) Academic. Our institute of higher learning is becoming a festering ground for brown-nosing “academics”. “Professors” publishing slanted studies has become the norm. Economist are no longer reporting objectively, but saying things that cannot be substantiated. Like the recent rant by one who claim that Singapore is not the costliest city to Singaporeans.

    Hey, I can go on forever. The rot is obvious. Only people without balls will choose to support PAP.

    • Traveldude77

      You’re blaming foreigners? Sorry…but if all the foreigners packed up and left your country would turn into a Banana republic….and fast. Are you going to pay Singapreans those low slave wages to build all your fancy MRT’s? Nope.

  3. Nick Lim

    A very sad, but true, analysis of what is wrong in Singapore. Your effort and courage in writing about the current failings in Singapore is commendable.

  4. KGTAN

    Any capable party to take over ? and could do better than the present PAP? To look for other mistake and criticise is easy so what you had listed out 100 mistakes but you can’t assure anything to anyone. Meaningless to read what you wrote, as we can’t get anything good from you.

    You said you respect the old guards, but you didn’t know these old guards were condemned by the Singaporean then. Only after many years, people then realised those tough and unpopular policies set by the old guards are producing the results in last two to three decades. Those days, people wrote their frustration at the back of the public toilet door. Today, seeming more educated people wrote on New Media but I will say you all are no different from those toilet door writers, those days.

    I hope to see more participative citizen to provide constructive comments to government policies. If you are at the management level then you can understand what I mean.

    • susie

      Please lah.. this broken record we heard many times. Opposition capable or not not for u to say. As long as PAP continue to rule, nobody knows. Since PAP has proven itself to be very incompetent. We will give others a chance. Roy is correct. PAP must go.

    • TSN

      KGTAN, Indeed, it is very easy to look outwards for mistakes and start criticising!. Equally, if not more, easy it is for one to read what has been written and readily start nodding one’s head in agreement! As I have said many times before, no matter how good or pure a government is, there must be some quarters who feel that they have been left out or, worst still, victimised; of course, there will always be problems that need to be solved by the government of the day. In my view, some Singaporeans do not quite appreciate what they have in Singapore today and we will continue to hear rants till the cows come home.
      Frankly, at times, I would like to see what these people want for Singapore: another party to rule Singapore so that they can really experience and feel for themselves what life can be then. Without tasting, people do not know how shitty the cake can be.

    • johnson

      Capable what? U think those new PAP ministers already had the knowledge of running the country when they were first into politics? Common, that’s not true. They have a large pool of civil servant’s & foreign experts to help them build the country; Let’s say u want to plant more trees, u will engage the experts in this field to propose a plan, u don’t do it yourself. It’s just like building an aircraft carrier or Boeing Plane, u can’t build one on your own; This require many experts to do the job, it’s not a ‘one-person’ glory.
      So please, don’t tell us if alternative parties got talent or not. Go ask any of minister if they know anything about road building, tree planting, ………….

    • Sgcynic

      Only after many years, people finally start to feel the (not yet full) impact of PAP’s capable minsters leadership in
      National Development (affordable housing),
      Transport (world class public transport – some disruptions, faults, stoppages now and then, on a weekly basis),
      Trade and Industry (employment – cheaper, better, faster),
      PMO (FT and sustainable population growth),
      Home Affairs (low reported crime rate – at breaking point),
      Health (affordable medical care in tents),
      Environment and Water Resources (new – haze and ponding).

      Only after many years, people then realised those tough and unpopular policies set by the current highly paid elite are producing the results in last one to two decades.

      I hope to see more “servant leaders” really sacrifice to serve the people. If you are at the ground level then you can understand what I mean.

      • Sgcynic

        I’m sorry if I missed out any ministries. I wouldn’t want to be seen as unappreciative and too picky. When I’m offline, I do participate actively and constructively.

  5. intw

    IDA wants to transport a non-descript building to Sentosa for heritage reason. This is really a waste of taxpayers’ money.
    Please help to publicise this news. They don’t want Bukit Brown cemetary, the Gardens by the Bay costs billions and Marina Coast expressway was over budget, now they want to waste taxpayers’ money on this scheme.

    The link is here :

    Hope for your insightful comments and data analysis as well. Why can’t they just build a normal museum? This extra expenses of transporting a non-descript building housing dated startups’ tech products/services is really not worth tourists interest, neither can we recover the expenses via tourists’ dollars! This money can be better spent elsewhere.

    • johnson

      I think PAP has too much money to waste. What special invention or technology had been sprouted out of that building? Turning it into museum for who to see? This must be the greatest April fool of all!

  6. intw

    Hi Roy,

    regarding the above IDA article, I read in the comments that it is an april fool’s article by e27. Please ignore the post then, thanks.

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