Dear Singaporeans, It’s Time We Admit The Truth Of How We’ve Been Played Out

Singaporeans, it’s time we are honest with ourselves. Do we truly believe we live in a civilised and developed First World Country? Or are we deceiving ourselves.

It doesn’t matter how we want the government to change if we continuing deceiving ourselves and denying the truth.

Truth is, we have created a First World facade, but within, our people have yet to grown or we did once but we have regressed. Are you willing to admit this?

As our country grows richer, we become more selfish as people. But this doesn’t have to be the case. In other developed societies, as they grew richer, they learnt to care more and looked out for one another.

If I were to tell you the reason why we’ve become more selfish, would you believe me?

You might think I sound like a broken record but I’ve said this and I will say this again – the PAP only wants to earn for itself. It doesn’t care about Singaporeans unless we can help them get rich. And since they’ve decided we can’t, they’ve created plans to siphon our money off to let them get rich, while we get poorer.

And that’s why we become more self-centred. We are left to struggle among ourselves. Truth is, we haven’t gotten richer. We’ve gotten poorer.

The PAP has used the money they’ve taken from us to build nice buildings and make things look pretty but meanwhile, the lives of Singaporeans haven’t gotten better. Because the PAP isn’t interested in that.

But my fellow Singaporeans, there’s more than enough money in Singapore to help each and every Singaporean get better. All of us can be better off and we can become a more caring, kinder and more respectful society.

We can have a society where our poor can hold their heads up high and where our elderly are protected and where they can retire with dignity.

My fellow Singaporeans, we can. Yes, we can. But we need to first acknowledge the truth – we’ve been cheated. Do you dare to face up to the truth? Are you willing to first face up to the truth that the PAP has cheated you and they will never take care of your interests?

Are you willing to do so? Only when you are willing to do so can you take the next step.

It’s funny. Singaporeans know what is going on but we choose to remain in our shells. Meanwhile, the PAP goes around breaking our piggy banks, take our money and tell us it’s for our own good. We know what they are doing is wrong but we choose to ignore and tell ourselves that maybe, just maybe, they still care. When deep down, we know they don’t.

I don’t know how to break it to you, you know. They are playing with our lives and we let them. We let them destroy us. They know we are scared and we know it too – we know they are scared. Yet we give our rights away and hide in our shells.

Meanwhile, we don’t realise that when we just take that one step out of that shell, everything will change.

Do you know how scared they are? Do you know how scared the PAP is?

They’ve created laws to even make it illegal for one person to stand up and speak up. Why are they so scared?

This is because they know that if each Singaporean would just take that one step out of our shells, the PAP will fall. Yes, if each of us take that one step, do you know how strong we all become?

All the money they’ve taken from Singaporeans will be exposed and they are scared that you will know. They are scared. And so they try to keep you quiet. With the law and whatever means they can.

And meanwhile, we allow them to keep us down.

Do you know why I’m not scared? I’m a free man. I’m a free person. I’m not afraid of the PAP. They’ve made a mockery of Singaporeans. They’ve made a mockery of the law. They’ve made a mockery of our society, our people and our history. The PAP has made a mockery of what the original PAP had stood for – what Goh Keng Swee, S. Rajaratnam, Toh Chin Chye and Ong Teng Cheong had stood for. The PAP today has lost its morals and lost its responsibility.

It’s no longer the government. It’s just an entity that feeds as being in the government to make use of Singaporeans. And I’ve seen through it all.

And that’s why I will continue to speak up against the PAP.

I am a free man. A free person. They can do whatever they want to me but I’m a free person and I know I’m a free person. And because I know I am free, I will fight tooth and nail to be free and to live my life as a free person. Because I know my rights.

Today, my fellow Singaporeans, are you willing to come out of your shell? Are you willing to be free? Are you willing to stop living in fear? Are you willing to be a free person – a truly free person?

Once you’ve decided, join us. We are free people who will fight for what we stand for and believe in – our right to be free and to be protected. We have to stand together with one another to fight for our right to live, so that each and everyone of us can live with dignity, and can live with our heads up high. So that we can come together in unity and fight for our freedom, for the rights of each and everyone of us, to be protected, to be respected and to live as free people.

Are you willing to see the truth, admit it and acknowledge it? Are you willing to protect yourself and fight for yourself?

Are you, my fellow Singaporeans? Let’s come together. Let’s join one another in unity, in unison. Let’s create the future we’ve always known we’ve wanted.

Let’s come together and do it. We can, Singaporeans. We can.


  1. John Koh

    Tell me you are not anti PAP? Then this is just another bullshit and cry baby site. Grow up and stop speaking for yourself

  2. John Koh

    Pick on a issue and tear it down if you think it do not serve us or it’s purpose. Don’t focus on the PAP.

    • johnson

      Ha..ha… PAP is synonymous with many bad things; It’s not just 1 or 2 issues I am afraid. U are not born yesterday, are u?

    • simon liew

      Are you an idiot? Go read all the issues Roy had brought up. Budget, CPF, education, employment, haze, etc, all can be found on the right menu categorized for you.

  3. eric

    You been played out? You do not represent me hor. So don’t use ‘we’. Who chose you sexispider to represent what we think?

    • Jasmine Ong

      You are right. My friends, the less politically aware ones, only care about themselves. How can I help change their mindset? Is it possible? They can’t even be bothered about political issues and their mind is all on the latest LV bags. What can I do?

    • susie

      Seriously. We all live in fear. Some fear PAP collapse, others fear PAP won’t collapse. What do you think?

  4. Pingback: Anonymous
  5. PAP's achilles heel

    One of your keypoints is constantly trumpeting the original PAP’s supposed greatness – men like Goh Keng Swee, S. Rajaratnam, Toh Chin Chye and Ong Teng Cheong etc. It’s time you stop deifying and glorifying these idols because they have feet of clay. I will not enumerate their PAP-tenure shortcomings. Ong Teng Cheong is of course a good president who’s conscience got pricked towards the end. Rajaratnam of course is the PAP minister who spotted Hsien Loong’s talent and pushed for his PAP inclusion, according to LKY. In the end, Rajaratnam – like the other minister who did not get slapped by Hsien Loong – left quietly, happy in the medals, pension, and illustrious name afforded by not upsettling the system.

    I hope greater men than these PAP yes-men may appear, men who place concern for fellow Singaporeans above GDP money politics.

  6. Gaba

    Great post. The PAP has stomped on middle class Singaporeans, prioritizing rich foreigners over its own citizens. LHL might have cried in 2012, but what will be his excuse in 2016? The standard of living has gone down, costs are higher all across the board, while the lot of ordinary Singaporeans is getting harder by the day. It’s a sad state of affairs.

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