Being At One, In Peace And Free


I was sitting by the water last night. It was below 7 degrees Celsius. Thankfully I had clothing which kept me warm. I looked out into the sea.


On one side, the waves were crashing and cascading over one another, in the darkness of the night. The night was quiet but the riding of the waves overcame the silence.

I sat intently looking at the waves on one side, as they rolled into the inner side of the sea, which was calm and gentle.


Sheltered by a little concave, the water moved in light vibes, motionless at times but gently prodded by the cascading waves into a little dance under the moonlight.


From above, the moonlight shone onto the calm waves below, lighting it up with pearls of jewels, which flickered and lit up the night.

The water went into a dance with the fierce crashing of the waves, as they met the silent tip-toeing of the gentle waves on the other side, a quiet sensation overwhelmed me.


To the back stood a snow-capped mountain in the distance, faded and dark, almost disappearing into the darkness. It stood mysterious but wise, an endearing yet paternalistic figure. Silent but overlooking the water as it sent them crashing in this direction.

Grey clouds formed themselves overhead the mountain and disappeared into the midnight blue as they came and went with the wind.

Below, the waters danced at the foot of the mountain, sending waves of songs in the opposite direction.


On the other side stood another snow-capped mountain, it’s snow visibly white, as the brightness of the moon reflected off its surface. The mountain stood sturdy and strong on solid surface, as it faced the oncoming waves with vigour, while providing a bay for the water to settle in.

The whiteness of the snow carved out the dominating shape of the mountain in the otherwise darkness and created a dominating influence in the night.

As I turned to face the confluence of the waters once again, where the cascading waters met the soft dance of the inner sea, the Northern Lights began to form ever so gently over the sky, as they stretched from the shadows of the fading mountain, over to where the moon was.

The Northern Lights went into a gentle dance and swing, as they embraced the sky with their impish grin and then disappeared as fast as they came.

Another appeared with another shy contortion, as it stirred and turned on its head, casting a glance backwards at me before moving back into the darkness of the night once again.

I sat quietly, feeling the energies of the night. In the day, when you can see the strengths of nature, the expansiveness of the land enthralls you.

But at night, as their shapes and outlines merge with the shadows, all you can see is an uncertain clarity but as the sounds began to enter your senses, they grip you and floor you into an unknowing.

As the uncertain darkness became lit by the moon at the edge of the mountains, and in the sea like pearls scattered in a column, you become overwhelmed by the overpowering magnificence of nature. The waves encapsulate you within a musical embrace while the mountains weigh down from above.

I feel all at once alone and as part of nature. My body and soul is only part of the ebb and tide of life. For I am nobody but part of the flow in life, as I am just one part of the whole big scheme of things. The mountains exert their influence, and the waves roll into being.

Each of us play a role, going through the flow in life, being on our own, yet all at once with nature.

As a shooting star whizzed through the sky into the direction where the Northern Lights were, I looked up and smiled to myself.


And I thought, I wished that we could create a world where we could live with nature and be as part of nature. Earlier, the tour guide had spoken about the lost tradition of the Sami people, who had lived off the land and were one with the land. But such is what we have lost and forgotten, in our eagerness to have more and fill the empty voids within our souls.

As I sat looking at the sky, I understood my purpose. To be at one with nature, to be humble in the face of life, to understand that I’m only one person and that my being is not important, for I have come and will go as life has, always.

And I understood that I was to go with the flow and serve my life’s intent.

As I sat, I wished to myself that I could live as part of this for the rest of my life, to be at peace, at ease and in calmness, with the knowing that all is balanced within.

Yet I know that with greater peace within, one would want to wish that upon others, to help others achieve even more happiness and balance within.

Yet, how should one go about it?

As I sat and the night envelops itself around me, I laid myself backwards onto the snow and stared into the night sky. The stars shone in mid intensity, as the Big Dipper makes itself look more like a modern-day shopping cart.

Above the mountain where the snow dazzled in luminosity, the planet Mars hovered over it, as it had been crossing. As it centred itself over the mountain, Mars and mountain look as one. Mars, the God of War, oversaw the strength and might of the people, as it created a bay to fight the dark waters.

Perhaps this is a foretelling of what is to come, and a reminder to people to always stand up for what we are for.

As I sat there, I realise that I am a free man. I am my own being, and my own person. If there was anyone who would want to rob my rights from me, they cannot for I am free. They can try but they will never succeed.

As I sat with Mars’ edging, I sense a foreboding that for our rights, we must always stand up for ourselves, whatever it takes as long as we do no harm to others. By our very being, being alive, the freedom and rights of us is a fight that we must take on, as we cherish the freedom to be.

At 2am, the sunlight that never went away with the sunrise began to rise from the other side. Soon, it will be a new day, a new life once again.

Things are never going to be the same, once people knew. And once people knew what they had to stand for and to cherish for themselves. Our freedoms.

As I sat there, I felt alive. Even in the darkness and the ensuing light. A new beginning.


  1. Mike Zeng

    Nature is unblemished and perfect. Man is imperfect and full of sins and iniquities and dirtiness.
    That’s why Noah had to build an ark whilst the creator God had to rid the human race with water, lots of it.
    And the same will happen soon with the 2nd coming of JC…not with water but with fire, lots of it. Are you ready?
    If not, repent your sins and turn over a new leaf by voting PAP in the coming GE 2015/16! I kid you not.

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