Singaporeans Are Being Cheated By The PAP

I’m writing here what I’ve posted as status updates on my Facebook:

Do you know that a cleaner in Norway earns S$4,500?

This means that more than 70% to 75% of Singaporeans earn less than a low-wage earner in Norway.

But do you also know that prices of groceries and daily necessities in Norway are similar to Singapore. Not only that, housing and cars are cheaper in Norway, and healthcare and education is free in Norway.

What this means is that not only are 70% to 75% of Singaporeans poorer than a low-wage worker in Norway, we have to pay more from our low wages and we have a much diminished purchasing power.

This means that for 70% to 75% of Singaporeans, the PAP is severely shortchanging Singaporeans.

Singaporeans, we are being cheated.


I’m in a constant state of shock as to how 75% of Singaporeans earn less than a cleaner in Norway but have to pay the same prices for everything, or more.

Singapore is now the most expensive place to live in the world and prices are the same as in Norway, but houses and cars are cheaper and healthcare and education is free.

Yet, a cleaner here earns S$4,500 but 75% of Singaporeans earn lesser than that.

This means that 75% of Singaporeans are very poor and we are badly cheated by the PAP. And I’m just in a constant state of shock how the PAP has betrayed Singaporeans.

Yet, a high-income earner in Norway earns $300,000 a year (which they think is already a lot of money) but a high-income earner in Singapore earns millions.

The PAP has created a system where they become the richest in the world while Singaporeans become the poorest among the developed countries.

I’ve never seen anything like this before and it just shocks me how any government can do this to the people.

It shocks me how the PAP has hijacked the government and pretend to run the country while all the while making Singaporeans poorer and poorer while helping themselves get richer and richer.

This is not a government. Singaporeans are being made used of by the PAP.

Singaporeans are being betrayed by the government.


The main reason the PAP doesn’t want to increase tax on the richest because they do not want to tax themselves.

Therefore it’s easier to make Singaporean pay 38% of their wages into tax and CPF, while letting the richest pay only 25%.

When you let the PAP pay themselves the highest salaries and where they then control the government, they will create policies to protect themselves.

Because they get to.


Now that I’ve come to Norway, it has become blatantly obvious how the PAP has infiltrated government to benefit themselves and make their lives better while making the lives of the rest of the 80% of Singaporeans worse off.

Singaporeans, I don’t know how to explain this to you. We fear that we have nothing else to hold on to and so we deny the wrongdoings that the PAP has done to Singaporeans.

But when you come to Norway, you see possibilities and opportunities. Then you realise how much Singaporeans can do for ourselves and how all our lives can get better.

Singaporeans, we need to trust ourselves now. We need to take control and take charge. We need to realise that we can lead Singapore into a better future, because the PAP won’t do so.

The PAP is only using government to benefit themselves. We need to take government back to protect all Singaporeans.

We need to rise up and fight. For our freedom and for our rights, we need to fight! We need to fight against the scrouge of the PAP.


  1. Ho Chong Loong

    Yes, bring down the PAP please. We deserve a better government. The PAP is a self-serving party that needs to be booted out. Go Roy! I support you.

    • Amelia

      OMG Roy how dumb can you be!? I’m 15 and I can’t believe you are so dumb cause you worked in a hospital? Just compare the tax rates. Please. If you don’t like Singapore just leave.

  2. John Koh

    Are you saying that when the PAP is out Singaporean cleaners can starts to earn $4500? You are politically sick?

  3. jenny

    Are you sure you got the facts right about Norway? I live in Norway for 2 years and I am very sure prices are more expensive than Singapore. Health care is not really free! There are conditions attached.

    • Jenny

      Jacky, which part of norway do you live? Bodo? I have Singaporeans who live in Norway Oslo for 10+ years. None of them will concur with what Roy said.

      • eric

        So basically Roy, maybe used an example and used that as precedent. Just like how Roy agree with Han Hui Hui about public transport in Norway, where Han Hui Hui used a certain sector in an.obscure part of Norway with limited bus services and claimed Norway’s monthly public transportation cost is cheaper there than in sg. Guess what jenny, when pointed out, Roy, remained silent and Han Hui Hui deleted my.comment and banned me( so much for their freemyinternet ‘believes’ ‘. Are the likes of Roy the new type of Politicians in singapore? Very vocal and bask in the limelight his supporters gives him but Ignore those who asked questions? What will happen if Roy is an Mp? Or the likes of Roy is in power? Silence those who questions the likes of Roy?

        Dear Roy, if you want a politician in singapore, you better answer to All Singaporeans! Those who agree with you and you jolly well answer and serve those who do not agree with you!

  4. eric

    ROY uses Norway as a benchmark. NORWAY enjoys the highest average salary in oecd. Si Roy basically wants singaporeans to earn the highest salaries in the world. But wants the cheapest housing, lowest.cost of living, narrowest wage gap, no interest in public housing, cheap quality medical etc with low taxes and not breaking the bank. Roy can you and your fellow politicians make this a reality? Will businesses leave Will people be 100% employed? If yes, I. Vote for you. Roy, can you promise and deliver what you criticise the pap of doing?

    Since you want to be a politician, what are your plans for us? Or you just like to complain and not do any work for your country?

    • susie

      It is a secret. Cannot tell u. But certainly must undo many of PAP botched policies like having wife at tummysick.

      • eric

        Well before ‘undoing’ anything would be politicians please be aware, if you mess with my property, my employment, my environment. Please make an improvement, if things goes south, we regular singaporeans will never forgive you.

        Example, a buyer of a HDB will always want to buy at the lowest price. A seller will want to sell at a higher price. Would be politicians, please make your policies suit us singaporeans otherwise, we will not forgive or forget. Roy and your likes, take note. We are. Watching the policies you make closely.

      • Jacob Wee

        eric, I think you better tell that to PAP. They are the ones messing up the public housing by making HDB a money spinning machine for the greedy pioneer generation at the expense of future generations. The only way to break this is to, yes, make your property worthless so that our young has a future in this country. Don’t worry, we can burn big, big bungalows for you to take it to your grave since whatever property assets you have would mean nothing to you when are six feet under.

      • Sgcynic

        Eric, Eric , Eric, you idiot. The PAP HAVE messed with our property, our employment, our environment, our nationhood, our sense of belonging. And you still suck up to them. Attaboy. Well, you are the one who likes your children to pay mutliple times what you paid for yours. Seems they have your genes. LOL

  5. LC

    Roy, you said that we (Singaporeans) has to take control and take charge? Towards a better future. You HAVE GOT TO ELABORATE FURTHER. Any person can say that? You are not convincing.

    • eric

      ROY WILL have to lead and take charge! Since he thinks he is capable of running the country. Doesn’t he? When he bash and claimed the government, cpf, HDB Cheated singaporeans, he surely made in depth analysis, research etc. ROY must be responsible for his actions and words as what he says affects thousands upon thousands or millions of true blue singaporeans! It affects our flats valued in the hundreds of thousands and jobs! He better leaf and expect to explain and be accountable to us! Roy, where is your office so that we regular singaporeans can contact you with our problems and you better solve it for us. I assume it’s free and you don’t need a salary. As you serve us from the ‘heart’.

      • Jacob Wee

        eric, I promise to burn you big bungalows with maids once you arrive in hell. Certainly better than the flat you currently have. It makes perfect sense for the young to buy flats at the cheap to start a family early. The HDB is the only obstacle to Singapore’s low birth rate problem. The heartless PAP must be eliminated at all cost.

    • eric

      Jacob. I said if Roy can deliver what he promise, my family and I will support him. If he can get wages of cleaners to $4500, I assume he can get waitress, receptionist to $6000, teachers a min of $10000, Sgt in the army $8000 and so on.

      Why why the negativity?

      • Sophia M

        Why not? Just get rid of the cheap labour in Singapore and that can be achieved. Of course the bosses will have to take a pay cut.

      • will

        haha eric so shallow? Rou is just stating the facts of singapore, did he say anything of becoming a political leader. you sir are a dumb retard.

    • eric

      What do u mean ‘your kind’? Want to be politician and in parliament Roy and his likes have to serve all supporters and opponents equally.but of cos, you and your kind only want to have a 1 track mind and demand your masters to serve only your kind.

      • Amelia

        Eric I agree with you, but don’t bother arguing with hooligans. Who knows it may just be Roy posing as random members of the public. HAHAHA.

  6. wi2

    I think you can read Tim Harford’s Undercover Economist.
    The type of government leadership running the country is akin to what he describes as benevolent dictator.

  7. daybit

    Roy thinks $4500 should be for Singapore cleaners! Imagine that! Already giving them progressive wage, this dodo gay still think its not enough! $4500. Does this idiot knows the taxes paid by these cleaners and the cost of living in that country?! Wow! comparing apple to oranges! Why not compare HK instead?

    $4500, imagine how much are we going to pay our PMETs and how much inflation it will bring to us. Want to talk also never use brain. Joker.

    • Sophia M

      I think $10,000 for a PMET job is reasonable considering that a PM is paid $3,000,000. We cannot have the PM getting so much pay without also getting proportionately more. That’s unfair. And you are stupid to deny others of higher pay while allowing our PM to get away with the world highest pay. Even Obama would cry foul.

      • Sophia M

        We cannot have the PM getting so much pay without us also getting proportionately more.

      • daybit

        LOL. We have a clean wage system for our ministers. Please go google and find out how much Obama gets for pensions and other ‘perks’ when he goes for holidays etc.

      • Sgcynic

        I am not sure if Obama and his democrats own $2 IT companies. Probably they get a lot of campaign funds that they don’t need to stoop so low or to use state funds for party use.

      • Sophia M

        Agree with Sgcynic. Furthermore, Obama’s wife has no control over the nation’s reserve. Nor is his uncle the Defence Secretary. Google cronyism to find out more.

      • eric

        Mrs Obama only has money thousands upon thousands worth of.designer.clothes which were photographed once.

    • Sgcynic

      Aiyoh, pay ministers millions and they still complain of having to sacrifice. Pay “progressive wage”to our PMETs and low wage workers which equate to negative real wage growth over the past decade and you want them to be grateful to you. You daft?

    • Sgcynic

      Well argued Eric. Managed to squeeze something out of the cranium of yours. LOL. Does Michelle own a law firm? At least Obama didn’t award long term contracts to his wife. 😉

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  9. eric

    ROY Ngerng! I heard you ban some people.from.commenting on your Facebook! Is that true? Where is all the freemyinternet freedom you are talking about? ROY Ngerng are you CHEATING us regular singaporeans? Practice what you preach Roy Ngerng! What will happen if you are an Mp? Will you Roy Ngerng only.serve your supporters and not residents against you? Roy Ngerng! You better Answer as you want to be a politician! Answer Roy Ngerng! Roy Ngerng! Please also answer us where and what are you working as!

    • Sophia M

      Stop harassing Roy. You are breaking the anti-harassment law by doing so. Freemyinternet means free my internet from pest like you. The PAP has been using the upgrading carrot to induce residents to vote for them for the past 3 decades. No? If I become an MP, I make sure I serve you —— last.

      • eric

        I did not call his mobile, go to his house or work. He working for hp or cdc is public information found on the net. Rou Ngerng chose to ramp up his anti pap/anti.government stance, should he not also accept singaporeans from questioning him? By your logic, ain’t he harass pap? You expect freemyinternet to work for you? Freemyinternet can work against you as well. It works both ways.

      • eric

        Lol. I am a ordinary singaporeans and you spoke your true intention. You will demand your opposition mp to divide Roy Ngerng, will you like to rebuke this Sophia m?

      • Sophia M

        This country is already divided by PAP. Are you demanding the PAP MPs to get rid of their divisive policies and dirty politics? If no, then don’t be a hypocrite. I am an ordinary Singaporean. Your true intention here to harass Roy on his blog is clear.

      • eric

        Divided? U mean the govt serves those who vote against them last? You visit the hospital.etc u are served last?

      • meiling

        She is referring to the upgrading. Oh my god, this eric can’t read.. Should be called epic. Fail.

      • Sgcynic

        That’s why I’ve been calling him an idiot. And he doesn’t even retort. LOL. Rest my case.

      • eric

        Lol. Upgrading of HDB is vote buying? You rather HDB does nothing to improve our estate and flats? Strange. So if the opposition takes control, would you demand they do nothing to improve our flats?

  10. eric

    Roy Ngerng! Are you working with the Health Promotion Board? Since you equate Cpf=pap, than by the same logic is Roy Ngerng =pap? Please answer us Roy! Are you working for the government! Freemyinternet! Freedomofinformation! Answer our question!

  11. hehaha

    lol, try living there then. typical price in oslo; S$2 (EXACT change) for toilet visit (good luck trying to find free toilets if no macs nearby), S$6 for a single bus ride (even for a stop), S$8 for a cup of coffee, S$10 for sandwich, S$15 for mac meal, S$22 for movie ticket, S$25 for a restaurant meal (no hawker/foodcourt there). just a movie + dinner date gonna cost u more than $100! at least the poor in singapore can survive a day outside with just S$10, the poor in oslo cant even afford to visit the toilets there!

    • Roy Ngerng

      The poor in Norway earn S$5,000. What are you talking about? Even after tax, the poor still earns more than $3,000 or $3,500 – more than a median income earner in Singapore. What are you talking about?

      • 123

        I can’t believe this….
        Why can’t you accept the fact that they have higher wages due to their higher cost of living in Norway (as suggested by the previous comment). I think you should look up what is the purchasing power parity. Purchasing power parity is an economic theory that estimates the amount of adjustment needed on the exchange rate between countries in order for the exchange to be equivalent to each currency’s purchasing power. So basically, one of its uses is to adjust GDP per capita of a country to take into account the cost of living in different countries.

        So the PPP values of GDP per capita reflects the actual or close to actual purchasing power of an average citizen in different countries. If you look at the data by world bank, singapore actually have a higher PPP GDP per capita than Norway. So we are in fact more well off than them, we actually have greater purchasing power than them.

        However, I know that singapore have greater income inequality and across the board macro data may not be representative of the current reality. So your point may be valid as singapore cleaners may actually have lesser purchasing power than norwegian cleaners but singapore is different from Norway or any of the scandinavian countries in many ways. They are larger than us, they have more resources etc.. I believe that difficult trade offs have to be made in singapore. Do you want greater wages and scare of all the investments and foreign companies from singapore and potentially increasing unemployment? Do you want greater wages and make singapore firms increase their cost which will ultimately be passed on to you in term of higher prices?

        If you have better policies to make the best decision, I think you should just go to into politics and show your talent. Lastly, i believe that Meritocracy exist in singapore for a reason. It is so that we have the people that can make the most informed decisions.

  12. AntiPAPAmericanJew101

    Even my country’s better off than yours. Vote PAP out, while we try to get ours out. We’re trying to make our country less like Singapore, and worrying that it’s going down the drain.

  13. Jimmy McTaggart

    I want to be a leader. A soldier for Singaporeans. And I want to be paid EVENLY among other workers and civil servant here in Singapore, doesnt matter if they have papers or not. All Singaporeans are equal! From what i see, this is not democracy. This is constitutional Hierarchy! One day, if everyone here supports my idea, the leaders of the PAP will have no other choice except exile or sentenced to death by firing squad for high treason. What is high treason in my opinion is the betrayal of all of Singaporeans everywhere, be it in the Motherland herself or overseas.

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