Singaporeans, We Are Being Lied And Cheated To

I’ve in Oslo now, so posting my thoughts as I go along. These are two more postings which I had made on Facebook:

Do you know that with the prices that Singaporeans have to pay, we should be earning at least $2,000, to be able to save enough and retire?

However, nearly 40% of Singaporeans earn less than $2,000.

Do you know that with the amount of tax that Singaporeans are already paying, we should be able to receive free healthcare and education.

However, Singaporeans have to pay more than 60% of total health expenditure and the government would give nearly $400 million to foreign students but would make Singaporeans pay $400 million in university tuition fees.

Singaporeans, do you know that we are being robbed?

They claim that wages cannot go up because otherwise, prices would. But prices are already going up without wages going up!

They claim that we cannot have free healthcare and education because otherwise, we would need to pay more tax. But we are already paying more tax and it’s not coming back!

Singaporeans, we are being lied to and being cheated.


As I’ve shared, a cleaner in Norway earns $4,500. After tax and social security, a cleaner in Norway would still have $3,000.

In Singapore, a cleaner would earn $800. After tax and social security, he or she would only have $664.

For the average Norwegian, he or she earns $8,000 and after tax and social security, would still have at least $4,500.

For the average Singaporean, we would earn only $3,250 and have only $2,665 after tax and social security.

What this means after tax and social security, about 70% of Singaporeans would still earn lesser than a cleaner in Norway.

However, they pay about the same prices for groceries. Housing and cars are cheaper for them. And they are receive free healthcare and education, according to the Norwegians.

Yet, from the meagre salaries we are left with, Singaporeans still have to pay for healthcare and education.

This means that we would have even lesser than $664 for a low-income person and $2,665 for the average Singaporean!

And because the government takes our retirement funds for their own investments, Singaporeans now shoulder one of the heaviest national debt in the world at 115% of the GDP.

And at 77.2% of GDP, Singaporeans also have one of the highest household debt in Asia. We are given low wages but made to spend more than what we earn.

Why are Singaporeans made to pay for the same (or higher) prices but forced to earn up to nearly 5 times lower than a Norwegian!

Singaporeans, we are being cheated! Where is all the money going to??

The richest in Singapore earns even higher salaries than the rich in Norway. The PAP ministers earn millions while their counterparts would earn only 3 to 4 times lesser.

Do you see where our money is going? It’s fine for the rich to earn more but when the government forcefully presses down the wages of the poor, so that they can allow themselves to get ahead, then something is very wrong.

Singaporeans, we have lost our government.


  1. LC

    Haha the more I read, the more amused i find your posts. I think as people go along and read your posts, it just again shows how shallow your analysis is and the way you are reading things. Mostly in “your” perspective. Our forefathers and our generation are working hard to make and build this country and so will our next generations. Therefore I seriously doubt you can lead formulate policies for building the nation.

    There are a couple of people in the forum against your rants and ideas and numbers but I would advise all to stay clear because arguing or discussing with you would simply mean going down to your level. If you are indeed so capable, you would have been a clear leader in the corporate world.

    Food for thought.


    • Roy Ngerng

      Read my other articles.

      If the PAP is indeed so capable, they would have been a clear leader in the corporate world in a company not owned by themselves.

      If the PAP is indeed so capable, the trains won’t be breaking down every week since the start of the year.

      If the PAP is indeed so capable, Singaporeans won’t be having one of the highest debt in Asia.

      If the PAP is so capable, Singaporeans won’t have to choose to die instead of be able to receive healthcare.

      If the PAP is so capable, the PAP won’t be giving $400 million to foreign students to study for free while making Singaporeans pay $400 million so that we can study. And if we can’t afford, we can forget about having a decent life in Singapore.

      Food for thought.


    • meiling

      Where is your sense of humour? The more I read, the more I felt the need to read because it is entertaining and there is some truth in it. Our forefathers have done great to build up this nation. But the current generation of leaders have failed to achieve progress for the nation. In fact, Singapore is going down the drain. Of course you would choose not to see it. But the fact, as pointed out by Roy, is true. You can’t deny that trains are breaking down more often, corruption of top civil servants on the rise, jobs are getting lousier, cost is going up for most Singaporeans. These are the hard undeniable facts. Of course you would choose not to see it and focus on attacking Roy.

  2. Anon

    Singapore is ranked 5th for crony-capitalism. I guess the crony capitalists and other PAP sycophants here do not feel the bite of the high cost of living as they are well taken care of, even much better than the foreign students and talents the PAP have invited here to live off us.

  3. Jenny

    If you are in Oslo now, PLEASE go into Meny or ICA or Rema 1000 or RIMI and let me know if the things in there are really the same price as Singapore. Look at them and tell the truth to your readers.

  4. Jenny

    You are not telling the truth. It is not possible that a cleaner earns $8000 before tax each month. that is approx NOK 40,000 a month and NOK 480,000 a year. An accountant in Oslo don’t even earn that much!!!! I should quit my job and work as cleaner then.

    • eric

      Tell us the truth Roy Ngerng, who is your employer? As you often equate the government =pap, does it mean your employer cheats you as you constantly claimed the government cheats and lie. How many years are you employed by your employer? Tell us the truth.

      Roy Ngerng, if you expect a cleaner to earn 4500 a montg, do you even spare a tot for owners like hawkers? Will it also dramatically increase our cost of living?

      • Simon Lee

        In UK, the cleaner is paid between £8.50 – £12.00 an hour, he earns about S$2,800 base on 40 hours/wk on £8.50/hr. He earns S$3850/mth if he is paid £12/hr. Please note the first S$21,000 is not taxable!

  5. eric

    Roy is lying to his readers and instigating singaporean to rebel at all cost. Roy chose not to paint the full picture.

    Roy Ngerng, since you are constantly accusing pap)government of cheating and lying, I assume you have better policies. What are they? Since you care so much for us singaporeans, how can you help us? What is your contact for singaporeans to seek help? Or you just complaint and do nothing else.

    • RBZ

      Jenny – those prices are in NOK right? So if it is converted to Singapore isn’t it about the same? if not CHEAPER? example – Oranges 2KG at SGD3.16… what are you harping about? really don’t get you…

  6. xaler

    To each his own. Those who like it in SG stay, and those who don’t just leave. Globalisation has made the world a better place by providing such convenience. If we have already chosen to go somewhere else we deem better, just stick to it and don’t turn back to stir the shit. LOL. Anyway, I think adding the sources for all the claims you have made above is definitely going to make your article stronger. Cheers and enjoy the European lifestyle!

  7. rock

    I’ve been to Norway and know that grocery prices aint cheaper than here. If you find Norway attractive, move there please 😉

  8. SAD ROY

    Roy, YOu are big loser
    Prepare to go TO JAIL
    GO OFF

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