[Video] How The Pap Uses The Wage-CPF-HDB Trinity To Stab Singaporeans In The Back

Last week, I had revealed to Singaporeans the Complete Entrapment Plan that the PAP has devised to cut Singaporeans down. It is not accidental that the lives of Singaporeans are become harder and harsher. The PAP has planned for it all.

Watch this video to find out how the whole PAP entrapment plan works and when the PAP started planning for all these to go against Singaporeans.

PART 1: How the PAP Takes Our Wage and CPF to Earn for Themselves

In Part of the video, find out how the PAP forces Singaporeans to pay more into the CPF so that they can siphon this money off for their own investments. Meanwhile, the PAP’s investment firms becomes one of the richest in the world while Singaporeans become the poorest and are unable to retire on the CPF.

PART 2: How the PAP Uses Wage, CPF, HDB and Debt to Cut Down on Singaporeans

In Part 2 of the video, find out the 4 tricks in the PAP’s book to cut down on Singaporeans and how the PAP has used the CPF, HDB and debt to lock Singaporeans into perpetual entrapment.

PART 3: When the PAP Started Its Plan to Turn Against Singaporeans

In Part 3 of the video, find out how unequal the PAP has made Singapore become and when their plan to entrap Singaporeans all began.

You can also read more in this article or a shorter version here.

On 3 May 2014, we will be organising an event to demand for the rights of Singaporeans to earn fair wages and receive rightful employment. For too long, the PAP has overrode our rights by marginalising our wages and not protecting Singaporeans’ ability to find employment. The PAP’s policies have distorted our wages and employment and leave Singaporeans with lower and lower purchasing powers. It is time we stand up and demand that Singaporeans should be paid higher wages to afford the rising cost of living in Singapore. It is time we stop the PAP in its path that can bring Singapore further down.

The  more people who come, the more they will realise they cannot have their way. The future of our country can only be decided by the collective will of the people in Singapore and not by their wanton greed.

You can join the Facebook event page here.

Protest Poster 4


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