My Speech at Event for Fairer Wages and Rightful Employment

This is another video at an event I spoke at. We organised an event yesterday (3 May 2014) to advocate for fairer wages and rightful employment for workers in Singapore.

You can watch my speech here:

You can also watch the Question & Answer session at the end of the event, where we had fielded questions.

One comment

  1. KOH

    Hi Roy,
    I would like to express my admiration to you, Hui Hui and the other speakers. Please continue to build up the Hope for Singaporeans. Keep the events going to REMIND every Singaporeans of the situation we are in now.

    Do keep in mind that not everybody can go into politics directly but, I believe, that many of us already KNOW in our Hearts, who NOT TO VOTE for in the future elections. We will take action through the votes. Those who can go into the opposition, please do so. For the rest, support through the voting.

    I would like to suggest that during such events, if there are people in the public who DARE to question or speak up, please invite them to join in as supporters, to speak to share their ‘BAD’ experience with the policies or to contribute in whatever way they are comfortable in. Keep their contacts.
    I can see from the video, the gentleman who said that he worked in the shipping industry in the 70s at the starting pay of $7 per hour, is a gentleman who is waiting to do his part for Singapore. Maybe, he is just unsure of how to go about it. I was shocked from what he had said about the pay difference in the 70s and now. These are the type of FACT that you should try to gather to show that you understand the ground, better than the incumbent. It opens my eyes to know that such thing is happening. So, that is actually a good opportunity to invite more like-minded Singaporeans in. We all know that in future elections, to take on a GRC, you need to form a team. So, a more strategic planning is needed. Do not miss the chance when meeting such people from the public. Try to ‘interact’ more with the public, thanking them for sharing their experience, instead of just focusing on ‘passing the message’. Keep a watch out for suitable members too. I believe Singaporeans are still a shy lot who needs some encouragement.

    Do not worry about funding when the time comes. Or even during this period. I believe true Singaporeans will chip in when the occasion calls for it.

    All the best to you and company!

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