I Have Just Been Sued By The Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong

Hello everyone, I am Roy Ngerng. I am an ordinary citizen in Singapore who believes in speaking up for my country and my fellow citizens. Over the past 2 years, I have written nearly 400 articles about what is happening in Singapore. I have advocated for a fairer and more equal Singapore where every Singapore and every person in Singapore can be taken care of and protected by our country. As of today, there have been nearly 2 million views on my blog. Today, I received an email from Lee Hsien Loong’s lawyer. I am being sued for defamation. I have tried my best to speak up for my country. I have tried my best to advocate for my fellow citizens. However, today, I am sued by the very government which should be protecting its citizens, such as me. This is disappointing. I have reproduced the letter that has been sent to me in this blog. The letter was sent by Davinder Singh from Drew & Napier. In this article, you will see:

  1. The letter in JPEG format.
  2. Other relevant articles which exposes the Singapore government’s working.

I have exposed many truths about the Singapore government and how they have intentionally planned since 1984 to gun down on Singaporeans. Today, I am finally being silenced. It is disappointing that the government has decided to turn against ordinary Singaporeans. 318368 Letter of demand 18May2014-page-001a Letter of Demand Page 2 edited
318368 Letter of demand 18May2014-page-003 318368 Letter of demand 18May2014-page-004 To know why the government is on my heels, you need to read the following articles to find out why:  Truth Exposed: The Dirty CPF-HDB Scheme To Trick Singaporeans When The PAP Started Turning Against Singaporeans Traced SHOCKING Facts About Our CPF in Singapore! (Part 1) SHOCKING Facts About Our CPF in Singapore! (Part 2) How The Government Undercuts Singaporeans’ Wages Singapore: First World Economy, First World Costs, Third World Everything Else It is only right that as citizens, we stand up for our country and we stand up for one another. It is only right that as people, we stand and fight for our freedoms. When faced with tyranny and treachery, we have to remain strong and united, and fight the wrongs that are wrought upon us. For our future, for our rights and for our families and children, we need to stand and fight. It’s time we stand united. It’s time we fight. Also, on 7 June, we will be organising an event to demand to the government to #ReturnOurCPF. It’s time we stop the Ponzi scheme for tearing apart our lives. Return Our CPF Colour Boxes 2b@English


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