I Have Just Been Sued By The Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong

Hello everyone, I am Roy Ngerng. I am an ordinary citizen in Singapore who believes in speaking up for my country and my fellow citizens. Over the past 2 years, I have written nearly 400 articles about what is happening in Singapore. I have advocated for a fairer and more equal Singapore where every Singapore and every person in Singapore can be taken care of and protected by our country. As of today, there have been nearly 2 million views on my blog. Today, I received an email from Lee Hsien Loong’s lawyer. I am being sued for defamation. I have tried my best to speak up for my country. I have tried my best to advocate for my fellow citizens. However, today, I am sued by the very government which should be protecting its citizens, such as me. This is disappointing. I have reproduced the letter that has been sent to me in this blog. The letter was sent by Davinder Singh from Drew & Napier. In this article, you will see:

  1. The letter in JPEG format.
  2. Other relevant articles which exposes the Singapore government’s working.

I have exposed many truths about the Singapore government and how they have intentionally planned since 1984 to gun down on Singaporeans. Today, I am finally being silenced. It is disappointing that the government has decided to turn against ordinary Singaporeans. 318368 Letter of demand 18May2014-page-001a Letter of Demand Page 2 edited
318368 Letter of demand 18May2014-page-003 318368 Letter of demand 18May2014-page-004 To know why the government is on my heels, you need to read the following articles to find out why:  Truth Exposed: The Dirty CPF-HDB Scheme To Trick Singaporeans When The PAP Started Turning Against Singaporeans Traced SHOCKING Facts About Our CPF in Singapore! (Part 1) SHOCKING Facts About Our CPF in Singapore! (Part 2) How The Government Undercuts Singaporeans’ Wages Singapore: First World Economy, First World Costs, Third World Everything Else It is only right that as citizens, we stand up for our country and we stand up for one another. It is only right that as people, we stand and fight for our freedoms. When faced with tyranny and treachery, we have to remain strong and united, and fight the wrongs that are wrought upon us. For our future, for our rights and for our families and children, we need to stand and fight. It’s time we stand united. It’s time we fight. Also, on 7 June, we will be organising an event to demand to the government to #ReturnOurCPF. It’s time we stop the Ponzi scheme for tearing apart our lives. Return Our CPF Colour Boxes 2b@English


  1. Goh Kim Lian

    Hi Roy,

    I just want to point out that your header is erroneous.

    You have not been sued. You have simply been served a letter.

    If you cannot even get this basic thing right, what makes you able to speak for me as an ordinary Singaporean?

    It isn’t even complicated.

    • YouNarrowMindedBigot

      So are you saying that the government has spoken for you as a Singaporean? That you well and truly agree with everything they say?

      • Goh Kim Lian

        without this government there would never have been a Singapore or Singaporeans.

        grow up

      • K.

        @Goh Kim Liam
        It’s not about what the government has done in the past. It’s never been about that. It’s what the government is doing for our present and future. I agree that some of their decisions at present are benefiting the people of Singapore, but we must also take into consideration of the other decisions that they’ve made that has led to the multiple problems we’ve been facing these days.

        If you’re always looking back into the past, you’re always going to stay in the past.

        Do us a favor. Perform a comparison across all the basic needs of every Singaporean with countries which exemplify providing these needs at the highest quality to their citizens ( i.e. Transportation prices + Quality of transportation, Housing prices, etc.)

        Here are a couple of examples pertaining to the problems that we as a country have been facing (Perhaps this will help you in your research)
        1) Cost of owning a car
        2) Reduction in quality of public transportation due to overcrowding, price increase, and multiple breakdowns
        3) Housing prices
        4) Inflation rates compared to the increase in wage per year
        5) Mid-High tier jobs being taken by foreigners
        6) CPF requirements being increased over the years (Age for withdrawal increased, Minimum sum increased)
        7) Cost of having a family with regards to the inflation rate + wage rate

        I do not oppose the current ruling party – nor do i support it. However, I do oppose individuals like yourself who have an entirely biased opinion on the parties in Singapore; whilst decidedly feigning ignorance to the problems that this government has been so inept to solve due to the lack freedom of speech by anyone with any mindset other than their own.

        There is a large difference between being critical and simply being a troll. I would advice you to refrain from insulting terms such as “grow up”, “dim wit”, etc. and actually provide a useful and comprehensive point to your arguments. Failing to do so will just cause you to be labeled as a troll and nothing more.

        If individuals of you are the exemplar of the current ruling party, I shudder to think of the consequence of having no opposition.


      • DV

        Maybe you want to do research on:
        1) Land area, population, road infrastructure in countries where cars are affordable.
        It’s expensive to own a car in Singapore for a good reason. Imagine if cars were affordable, and every household had two to three cars. This works overseas where land is abundant and public transportation is lacking. Imagine a scenario where cars are affordable on a tiny island like Singapore. Heavy traffic (yes, it could be worse than how it’s like now) and no parking lots available anywhere. I’m sure citizens will be unhappy with that as well. There’s control there for a reason. I’m sure you’re not daft to not see beyond that even if you were not an economics student. Nothing difficult about the laws of supply and demand.

        2) Cost of public transportation, as well as how often they breakdown in major cities like New York and London.
        Or even public transportation in cities in Perth and Istanbul. Do you know how reliable and amazingly affordable the Singapore transportation is in comparison? We don’t even need to check the schedules of trains or buses like you would need to if you live in the cities I’ve mentioned. If you’ve taken the public transport at peak hours in London or Hong Kong, I’m sure you would know overcrowding isn’t just a problem in Singapore.

        3) Housing Prices
        Again, have you checked how expensive it is to live overseas? Hong Kong, Tokyo, London…anywhere where land is scarce. The law of supply and demand kicks in again. Less supply, more demand, prices go up. Not rocket science. You might also want to check how many people are actual home owners in Singapore versus statistics in other major cities where a lot of people don’t own their own property and are merely renting.

        4) Inflation Rates vs Salary Increment
        What makes you think this is unique to Singapore and not happening anywhere else in the world? It’s up to the company you’re employed with to take on board how valuable you are as an employee. There can be a minimum wage system, but if you are not performing at your job and you are stuck in a salary bracket because of that…Then I’m sorry, you can’t blame the government for that, can you?

        5) Jobs taken up by Foreigners in Major Cities
        Again, if you are living in a major city, this is going to be a very common problem. I’m sorry, but if you are not good enough for the job, then work hard at it. Don’t gripe about how foreigners are taking our jobs. I know of a lot of Singaporeans who very wealthy and working as top executives in MNCs. Nothing without labour. If you don’t work hard or excel at your job, then accept a mediocre life. Life’s not a bed of roses, and not everything has to be served to you on a silver platter.

        6) Pension Requirement overseas
        Pension money never is easy to collect anywhere, my dear. Do your research.

        7) Cost of having a family with regards to the inflation rate + wage rate
        Again, this is a struggle everywhere else. If salaries are high i.e. in Australia where there’s a minimum wage imposed, you pay more in personal taxes. There’s always a sacrifice somewhere. Tax in developed countries are way higher in comparison – they can go up to 50% in some countries. Also, if you work in the UK, you would need an accountant to help you file your income tax — tonnes of paperwork to be done. It’s almost a pleasure to pay tax in Singapore with the hassle free system and relative low income tax.

        Again, these are things you will not appreciate until you have lived and worked overseas. Singapore works for me because having lived overseas, I have come to appreciate what we have. I don’t necessary agree with all the policies but I can live with it. It’s not perfect, but when it comes to politics, nothing is. If you find fault with every single thing that cannot be attributed to the government, but simply because you are mediocre…then please, do us all a favour and leave.

        Also, if you want people to respect your thoughts, then you should think about what you say. You told someone freedom of speech is limited here, but you disregarded his/her opinion because it’s different from yours. Hypocrite, much? Respect is earned, not a default given. Your comment just makes you sound like the average self-centred person who feels entitled to a better future simply because you were born in Singapore.

      • Poomer

        Lest we forget, this government without which ‘there would never have been a Singapore or Singaporeans.’ Is also the same government that initiated the merger with Malaysia. If Tengku Abdul Rahman had not kicked Singapore out of Malaysia, actually ‘there would never have been a Singapore or Singaporeans.’,

        Brush up on your history please.

    • joseph P

      I just want to repeat what Johnson wrote:

      This is what Roy actually wrote:

      Meanwhile, something bears an uncanny resemblance to how the money is being misappropriated.
      Channel NewsAsia had reported that, “The court accepted that there is evidence to show that the monies were moved from the church to the various firms to generate a false appearance that the church’s investments were redeemed. The judge said the six had been dishonest in the use of the money.”

      This is what Drew and Napier wrote:

      5) Below that chart, you repeat what you say is the quote from the learned Judge with the words “false appearance” and “dishonest”. You also say that “Lee Hsien Loong is the Chairman” of GIC.
      6) The article is understood to mean that Mr Lee Hsien Loong, the Prime Minister of Singapore and Chairman of GIC, is guilty of criminal misappropriation of the monies paid by Singaporeans to the CPF.
      7) This is a false and baseless allegation and constitutes a very serious libel against our client, disparages him and impugns on his character, credit and integrity.

      From what I understand,
      5) Is a FACT
      6) Is a strawman argument leading to
      7) A trumped-up charge against a false proposition that doesn’t stand.

      This is, and has always been, the common tactic engaged by PAP politicians to silence their critics for pointing out something of national importance. The PAP followers not only fail to read properly, they also blindly accept whatever accusations their master hurl onto their opponents.

      The fact is presented here for everyone to see. Mr Roy never accuse the PM guilty of corruption. This has to be determined by the court. Lawyers that cannot read should have their license suspended.

      • XP

        lol, thanks for repeating what they wrote so that I can compare better. No wonder I was having difficulty comparing because the article and letter from lawyer was nearly completely different.

        Essentially, the lawyer was just adding more adjectives against Roy to the letter to make Roy sound very guilty.

    • Chantal

      Goh Kim Lian shut the eff up. This is not communist singapore, the ministers don’t have to be revered like that. They get PAID MILLIONS for doing their jobs. Don’t have to lick their balls too, to thank them for our existence

      • Aidil

        yup.. they are.. nice right.. then y not u try taking their place.. i have confidence u can do a better job.. =)

  2. ken

    In all honesty, it doesnt matter what you say is real or not…so I’m not going to take sides on your arguments.
    As an adult, you should have known that whatever you say or act in public is liable to scrutiny… this is a basic foundation of the global society. Freedom of speech does not mean irresponsibility.
    If you are so sure of your facts, then fight on. But if you cant substantiate your points or you fall under pressure, it just reflects your determination and how much you believe in your ‘arguments/facts’. I’m sure if you substantial analysis and support for your arguments, you can do it. Just keep an open mind that you are not bigger than the world, and you may not know everything that exist in the world, and that includes the internal workings of the organisations.

    In all fairness. Confucius said 名不正,则言不顺. As a leader, how do you lead if you allow anybody to talk about you? Just ask your boss, or think about it when you ever become one.

    Grow up.

    • YouNarrowMindedBigot

      Dear Ken,

      Thanks for proving how well read you truly are. What century do you live in?

      In almost every DEMOCRACY, a leader’s actions are questioned. In fact this seems to be the norm in most democracies.

      Bills don’t just get passed. Just look at America, how many people post articles criticizing Obama or even in Australia rallies are held to protest Abbot’s motions. Yet you expect people in Singapore to keep quiet? Why? Are we not a democracy? Will the country suddenly grind to a halt and burn to a ground based on one dissenting voice. Oh wait your typical slippery slope argument is bound to follow; “Oh if one person is allowed to dissent, soon there will be a revolt”.

      Just consider this – Even if (let’s assume) what he says is baseless, how scary is it that an ordinary citizen can be sued by the Government? Does this practice happen anywhere else? If it does happen elsewhere, please I fervently beg you to educate me.

      Before you tell others to grow up i suggest you wake up first.

      • DaddyBig

        Why is it that I can’t express my freedom of speech in US blogs or sites by posting a fake terrorist threat? Why is it that the FBI will come knocking on my door if I do so and will torture me by waterboarding? How scary can an ordinary citizen can be subjected to being arrested by the FBI.

        All I want is to practice my freedom of speech and yet, the US are big hypocrites. I can’t say things such as killing the US president without the FBI on my tail.

      • geegee


        Pro-tip: If you’re going to talk about freedom of speech, perhaps try educating yourself on it before doing so. While you’re at it, maybe take a class on logical fallacies as well.

      • DaddyBig


        Fallacies are overrated. Tell me, those people who keep pointing out fallacies, are they successful? Did Obama and Romney debate about their fallacies in live national debates? Only a bunch of butthurt Arts majors who have nothing better to do but to show off their ‘chim’ in English would do so. Why not rebut the arguments from uncle at the kopitiam with fallacies and see how much popularity you are going to get or heck, how many people will say, “Aiyah you smart lah, don’t be smart aleck’. Knowing how to argue is one thing, convincing someone is another.

        Also, since you are the almighty Literature guru, can you point out what fallacies did I commit?

        Literal meaning of freedom of speech: the freedom (liberty) to speak whatever I want without anyone preventing me to do so. The FBI will prevent such speech by arresting me, so isn’t that a breach of freedom of speech?

      • joseph P

        A Red Herring is a fallacy in which an irrelevant topic is presented in order to divert attention from the original issue. The basic idea is to “win” an argument by leading attention away from the argument and to another topic. This sort of “reasoning” has the following form:

        Topic A is under discussion (YouNarrowMindedBigot claims that in a democracy, such as US, people are allowed to criticise the government by virtue of free speech.).
        Topic B is introduced under the guise of being relevant to topic A when topic B is actually not relevant to topic A. (DaddyBig come in claiming that freedom of speech entitles him to issue threats against the government, which is clearly illegal)
        Topic A is abandoned. (In this case geegee pointed out the fallacy of the argument.)

        This sort of “reasoning” is fallacious because merely changing the topic of discussion hardly counts as an argument against a claim.

      • geegee


        So, let’s get this straight. You don’t recognize the fallacies that you committed, ie. you don’t know what fallacies are. However, you are somehow the authority on whether they are overrated. Also, perhaps you would like to enlighten us on what fallacies have to do with Literature.

        Again, read up on freedom of speech. Here’s a hint: it doesn’t mean whatever one says is right. For example, your understanding, or lack thereof, of freedom of speech (and fallacies, Literature).

      • OneTimeReply

        There are cases in America where the Government has acted upon people who have tried to voice their opinions. Edward Snowden, some teenager who tweeted threats to an airline as a joke, etc. Even in China, they have a lot of cases of the government silencing people. It’s just the heuristic availability bias that’s making you think that it doesn’t happen because you don’t hear about it often. Sadly, I really can’t be bothered about this whole petty argument because it’s pointless to argue. I just want to tell that NarrowMindedBigot guy that it does happen elsewhere on very extreme cases where said person is disposed of, whereas in Singapore, they kindly issue you a letter. Maybe they might have even silenced some people here by disposing of them we will never know I guess.

        I have to admit though, it’s pretty damn amusing when things like these happen. It really makes people start to think about things and speak their mind rather than follow blindly and stay muted.

      • Jason

        In a democracy, EVERYONE should be criticised. Just because you support Roy doesn’t mean he should be absolved from all criticism, but yet, some supporters of Roy just shut out everyone who has a slight inclination towards the current govt by calling them PAP IB and then never debates with them. What’s the point? Both sides are at fault, no one ever wants a logical debate. Even TRS, the home base of pro-opposition supporters ban people from commenting when they are seen to be Pro-PAP. Democracy my ass.

      • Jason

        Any self-respecting intelligent person can identify Roy’s own fallacies, but most people are blinded by their personal alignments to see it for themselves.

      • Jon

        Lol If whatever you wrote cannot be substantiated by concrete evidence , the only advice I have for you is to be responsible for the consequences .

        And to those who think alternate opinions are justified , I would want to highlight that there is a difference between expressing an alternative view which is constructive and imperative in societal progress and defamation. Enough said

  3. Raymond

    I think the whole episode has simply generated more publicity for Roy.
    We may disagree on many issues,..but i think all of us can agree on one thing – Roy boy has more gumption than many of us here.

  4. Julie

    Roy, you have guts ! Salute you for that. You have to pay the PM money ?! Is the 7. June Hong Lim Park gathering on ?

  5. fatzi

    I unreservedly concur with Roy. He is after all, a professional statistician the likes of which no other stat board has ever seen. Never mind that he works as a nurse by day, this dude can smell a conspiracy the way a shark can detect blood!

    Let’s abolish the CPF! I’m quite sure the uncles at my local coffeeshop could do with quite a few more girls at batam and, well, who complains about extra beer money right? It’s okay that I’ll have to pay more taxes to keep the bunch of fun-loving dirty old men alive because they haven’t got any economic sense and financial know how to invest. You know, giving is loving. While on the topic of money, i’m quite sure that with the extra cash, nobody will complain about the high costs of university education in singapore. Studying in Singapore is really expensive. In fact, as Roy rightly pointed out in another article of his, it surpasses that of a college education in the states!

    • DoyourMath

      I don’t know is there a conspiracy or not.

      From the information, not ALL the money go into Temasek Or GIC and earn 16%/6%.So if you do the math, 2.5% and 4% is actually pretty alright considering they need to pay salaries and bonuses to people in the company as well.

      Plus have you considered the extra amount the company is paying into your CPF as well? It’s 16% per MONTH of your wages! Oh yes, I know you will say but it’s pay by the company right? Sorry but if you are the head of your company, would you willingly pay 16% more for all your staff?

      I don’t know about you man, but taking 16% per year OR 16% more per MONTH, I think most would go with the second choice. At least now, you can pay your house with those extra 16%.

    • Macus aurelius

      Roy is a short-sighted numbskull who think that everyone wants his money and spend it today. He forgets that we must always have money in the kitty for the rainy day —–and that is where the CPF comes in. Roy thinks that in his cause, the world is behind him. He thinks he is speaking for all Singaporeans…ha ha . But sad to say, only the bitter, miserable, unfortunate, marginalized, marginalized minority ( I guess less than 10% of the citizens ) is cheering and supportive of his comical stunt. For his suicidal and rash act, he is going to pay a heavy price for it. Like the cheering masses in the Gladiator movie, all those who have been cheering him to fight is now shouting ” kill, kill.,kill “——-now that Roy is down and out. Roy will now realize that all those who have been cheering him are only interested in seeing blood……………………regardless of whose blood. The more painful the death the more the people will clap and enjoy the fight ( Roy vs LHL ) . Did someone say that the world is like a stage????

  6. NMP

    omg, if you are newspaper, you are a tabloid. something which people read for fun and laughter. But tabloids are better written. maybe you think you are Men in Black, saving Singaporeans from Aliens.

    But what singaporeans really really need to be saved from are half baked fools like you. if you think your cup is half empty, travel to indonesia and india and you will know what half empty is. Try water rationing in selangor when the politicians have a blame game at the expense of the citizens. count your blessings. you have a roof over yr head, 3 meals a day, social mobility, freedom of speech with responsibilities. i know of people who have much lesser than you but yet much much happier.

      • Chantal

        Goh Kim Lian, we pay them ministers enough as it is. Stfu, you’re the downfall of this generation. Don’t have to lick ministers balls for doing their JOBS, they have not been completely transparent

      • Benny Lim

        Goh Kim lian must be his real name. Want to get credit and show boss. Disgusting fellow.

  7. Fluorine uranium

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    Where Your CPF Money Is Going: Learning From The City Harvest Trial

    Spread it. Copy it. Duplicate it elsewhere.

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  8. Goh Kim Lian

    I don’t know if Roy has noticed by now that the only people who have not laughed at him outright are the uneducated and uninformed.

  9. fyi

    Roy, you’re being sued by LEE HSIEN LOONG- not the SG GOVT.
    Our government is not composed of just 1 man. You do know that.. right?

    • Goh Kim Lian

      I don’t think Roy knows that

      I don’t think his supporters know that

      heck, he hasn’t even been sued and both him and his supporters also don’t know that

      sometimes I wish we could ship out dumb people like Roy and his supporters and replace all of them with foreigners, quite frankly

      • Ace

        LHL made fund of the Chinese leaders when he said that you can get pork soup when you turn on the tap in China.
        What did China do to him or Singapore? Send a nuclear missile here? If so, what would the world do? Support China?
        What LHL is doing to Roy is tantamount to doing just that. There are many other options to resolve this issue.

  10. Jason

    So if you want CPF interest rates to be pegged to TH/GIC, will you be willing to get a DEDUCTION in your CPF accounts IF GIC/TH makes losses instead?

    The reason why the interest rate is so low is because it is a 100% guaranteed that you will get back your money. Out of that 16% that temasek gains, you get 2.5% in your CPF, the rest is KEPT so that IN CASE temasek fails and makes losses, CPF money will still be gaining 2.5% and you need not be afraid of losing your CPF money. If you want interest rates to be pegged to temasek, then are you prepared for your CPF account to be depleted if they lose money? No investment company is without fault, if an investment company is 100% perfect, then no one needs to work anymore, just invest in that company and sit back and watch your money grow. But the fact is, investment companies also makes losses, the reason why the extra money is not disbursed is just in case the worse happens.

      • DoyourMath

        From the information, not ALL the money go into Temasek Or GIC and earn 16%/6%. I repeat. NOT ALL! So if you do the math, 2.5% and 4% is actually pretty alright considering they need to pay salaries and bonuses to people in the company as well. Yes People in Temasek/GIC DO have to eat!

        Plus have you considered the extra amount the company is paying into your CPF as well? It’s 16% per MONTH of your wages! I repeat 16% EXTRA of your pay. Oh yes, I know you will say but it’s pay by the company right? Sorry but without this CPF, I doubt any company will be willing to pay you extra 16%.

        I don’t know about you man, but taking 16% per year OR 16% more per MONTH, I think most would go with the second choice.

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  14. Poomer

    Isnt there a conflict of interest for the Chairman of GIC to raise the minimum sum for CPF, when CPF is lending hundreds of billions to GIC?


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  16. Hazel

    If Roy is a true hero, just jolly well pay for the damages n shut up 4 d rest of his life. Everything comes with a price. He 1 2 be famous, den pay the price. 1 2 be a hero, pay the price all by himself la. I dun understand y are there so many people hate d gov yet they stay here… jolly well give up ur citizenship n migrate to other countries.

  17. James Lee

    Recall the Durai vs SPH case? Durai chose the lawsuit path, the truth prevailed and down the rabbit hole that plaintiff went. Likewise, LHL can also sue all he wants and if Roy has solid facts to back his claims, Roy has nothing to fear and can choose to not take down his posts. In fact we should look forward to a Durai (LHL) vs SPH (Roy) case and the subsequent downfall of LHL and the PAP.

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  19. jem

    Article 19
    Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

  20. ALP

    Roy is pretty good in manipulating emotions and soliciting sympathy. I wonder all those who wrote beautiful post to support him will now transfer $$$ to his account. I doubt so, many who wrote to “support” him has their own vengeance, just using this opportunity to vent their frustration. The real test is whether people will support him with $$$. Perhaps for the sake of transparency (which Roy advocates), Roy can himself publish his daily donation received.

  21. Daniel

    To speak of the truth, the fact that Mr Roy has already sent an apology letter already makes it fairly obvious who was the 1 at fault in the first place. Mr Roy falsely accused the government of misappropriating the CPF funds without any evidence. Even if you Mr Roy shows us so much proof and statistics, all those are statistics that just shows that the CPF funds are being invested elsewhere instead of being returned to the people of Singapore and doesn’t show that the government was misappropriating the CPF funds. In the first place, everyone knows that wherever you invest your money in, they invest it somewhere else. It’s common sense. That’s how you even get interest rate in the first place. Furthermore, I find it highly suspicious in the first place that Mr Roy did not show us a full screenshot of his apology letter. This article henceforth already had the intention to portray the government in a bad light in the first place.

    I’m 19 so do correct me if I’ve said anything wrongly.

    • Macus aurelius

      Daniel, you show you can think and will not be easily misled by clown like Roy. Good show for a 19 fella like you.

  22. Macus aurelius

    This song is dedicated to Roy Ngerng ——-

    I started a joke
    Which started the whole world crying
    But I didn’t see
    That the joke was on me, oh no

    I started to cry
    Which started the whole world laughing
    Oh, if I’d only seen
    That the joke was on me

    I looked at the skies
    Running my hands over my eyes
    And I fell out of bed
    Hurting my head from things that I’d said

    Till I finally died
    Which started the whole world living
    Oh, if I’d only seen
    That the joke was on me

  23. Macus aurelius

    Roy is a short-sighted numbskull who think that everyone wants his money and spend it today. He forgets that we must always have money in the kitty for the rainy day —–and that is where the CPF comes in. Roy thinks that in his cause, the world is behind him. He thinks he is speaking for all Singaporeans…ha ha . But sad to say, only the bitter, miserable, unfortunate, impoverished, marginalized minority ( I guess less than 10% of the citizens ) is cheering and supportive of his comical stunt. For his suicidal and rash act, he is going to pay a heavy price for it. Like the cheering masses in the Gladiator movie, all those who have been cheering him to fight is now shouting ” kill, kill.,kill “——-now that Roy is down and out. Roy will now realize that all those who have been cheering him are only interested in seeing blood……………………regardless of whose blood. The more painful the death the harder the people will clap and enjoy the fight ( Roy vs LHL ) . Did someone say that the world is like a stage????

  24. david

    if you are a fan of spider-man,the amazing spider-man 2 jargon is his greatest battle begins.
    so let the greatest battle begins.i will be there for the hearing(battle).just like star wars,always believe in yourself.the truth always need not be seen(in black & white,which is already cover-up by the strong dark power and they have the resources to do it) but be felt.(from the heart).
    i always see things with the heart not with the eyes and i believe in you.(sony jargon make.believe)
    all this is happening right now is heaven’s will that i get to know you and writing to you.
    it’s like heaven is opening up a path for me to support you in this battle so that to make me stronger and have hope for the next great battle.
    it’s like a david vs goliath battle,spider-man against the big villian. so hope you don’t back out last minute with so many supporters behind you. thank you.
    -pm mention tiger and hero .i’m sure everyone wants to be a hero in people’s heart including him. but of course in this case he is trying to hint ‘hero die first’.
    if singapore were to have a opposition party and keep quiet,how is singapore going to move forward.there is a saying that if someone voice out or say something he is trying to enlighten you or put money into your pocket with his golden words and no one will vote for a party just to keep quiet if you are talking about democracy and not dictating or dictatorship.
    look at singapore,pap got so many ‘talents’in parliament that poor mr.low has to fight the battle like david vs goliath or spiderman vs the top villians.(one after another coming to him) first is the mp then followed by the minister who knows come out their auntie and uncle(yah lah,maybe the auntie and uncle at those estate “brainwash” by them,see things only with the eyes and not the heart(only see people’s pocket how they save or spend money and give 5 cents or 10 cents feedback to the government) and also propaganda that workers party ‘eat’
    a lot of money which i met one at my tanglin halt area twice and this auntie tried to attack me by wanting to throw a chair at me at the care corner(which i went there for some reason but not to collect money)and i’ve already launched a police report or case.
    the best part is the people at the ‘care corner’ at blk 88 ask me to leave rather than the mad auntie.(who wanted to attack you, so called their own ‘people’ or ‘friend’.
    the 03 male staff came out later(which they took quite sometime)were hesitant to give me their names except for one which is mr.thia jun hong who is very cooperative. told them why are you(to the two)so afraid if your conscience is clear and in the service line or anyway you bear a name in the name tag or pass that you carry is to let people see.these people are full of “bulls___”
    ps:try to borrow pen and they don’t even wanted to lend you until i have to say words like just borrowing a pen is that difficult and i’m not here for welfare or collecting money.DIE LAH.
    this is the singapore we live in, priorities all WRONG.who knows fight ,fight fight but the BIG ONE,TWO THREE OR FOUR is watching the show or i hope not,LAUGHING BEHIND
    ‘the top’ give you something or maybe not at all,but’the below’ think you gain a lot and start to take back from you so call ‘the hero or heroin’ from pap(in this case the PAP can be hero or heroin but we can’t) take back from you eg. give you $1 take back $100 or even worse your life your everything or friends,family whatever.(rape you from your life)
    look at the battle between mr.low and indranee rajah(small money go after but big money like http://www.yeocheowtong .com read for yourself, keep quiet.
    just a small town council how much money can they ‘eat’.you think our this ‘so smart and good in maths’ government will let you eat a lot.you think the turnover is bigger than those at singtel,mas ,capital land,cdl, gic or the big bluechip shares which the top ceo is all connected or the people holding such a high post is those ‘top pap’ people.
    look at some people dare to speak up for a better tomorrow and if they were to win the election they were definitely want to cover their losses.(is the same for anyway in the world)and like i said have a open heart and see things with the heart,not an evil or petty heart.
    i am a thrifty guy (of course people with a narrow thinking might say you are stingy.look here i don’t borrow or steal from you and are you going to let me mony and luckily through my this character or habit i can sustain ends meet,rather than people who flash or spend to let people see,their heart is petty or narrow (mindful about how others spend or save money)
    my mum passed away (i still have doubts and suspicious about her death after discharged from sgh,she died in the evil month of april where so many evil things had happened.like i told my friends,DEATH IS NOT SCARY BUT WHAT COMES AFTERTHAT OR AFTERMATH,TO BE MISTOOK FOR A DEMON OR RETRIBUTION ESPECIALLY FROM SOME BRAINWASHED PEOPLE WORKING FOR THE DEMON,THAT’S THE MOST SCARY THING.especially to those people
    which i might not know them,but they might not like you already outside the street or any public area or WORSE exploit you or see your pocket how you spend money.
    you mind as well follow my mum (FOLLOW HER AND DIE).
    secondly,pm lee says that singapore is having growth.is true our gdp is growing as they claim or advertise on tv by ‘THEIR’ experts,say again by ‘THEIR’experts which certain things when coming to losses they keep quiet could be superficial.don’t come to the last few pages of the our gdp go down to -20% to -30%.look at our bank savings or fixed deposit savings account,not even 1%, how to survive(there is no growth in your pocket only theirs
    if there is modest growth,why hokkien say ‘keng’ here ‘keng’ there.
    there.(always stomach not full)like the cpf minimum sum increase and increase especially during my mum’s death(not even 49 days for the soul to rest on peace,so desperate and classis example of exploitation.to be mistook for the demon already,now worse,upgrade and become the big or super demon.)in chinese called ‘mei ren sing’
    not to forget cpf life is compulsory.
    came out on tv an elderly bought medishield was paid the first time but come to second time,he wasn’t paid.
    if gdp is growing modestly why is this happening.there is a saying if your stomach is full and you give to your kids and his stomavh is also full and the evil ‘keng’ mentality would not have happened.the people before the system not the system before the people or bloody system.(no wonder singapore is full of dengue)

    this only shows one thing,the parent(politician is like a parent to a country)only want to be fuller than his children,that’s why the children will suffer or full of competition in life and even worse ‘geng’ until the kids lose their job(eg.overated with a$5000 job ‘o’level).want to so-call have a better job,go for 1-2 years course (which i’ve seen on the tv news) with already a tight labour market and if everyone were to follow and leave for 1-2 years, again go back to square one,that is the government got the excuse to bring in more foreign workers.
    want to give,give. you thing a 40-50 year old worker got time for all this.he can attend internal course by the company and be paid a higher pay and even promote him to management if the company wanted to.
    lastly,70,000 workers and if the opposition party says stop the government will stop,don’t ‘bulls___’ us.(trying to say wy mr.low is not hard on this topic-trying to push the bulk again is this the way of the pm,coming with animal words now this,not taking responsibility or accountability. at least,the opposition got the guts to mention this.

  25. david

    i am back again,
    if a person is here for a reason,like me, when he says or voice out something,he will change things and i mean change in a way that battle or conflict will stop with his enlightment and fairness and HOPEFULLY the bullshit around the world will stop, too (eg.the debate between mr.low and the pm in parliament)i. am not trying to boast or brag but just like when you believe in GOD, be it whatever religion you are,he is here to change the world for a better humanity or mankind or cut short,for a better tomorrow with his extraordinary destiny or life or sufferings but he is just a simple ordinary person with no status or glamour in life. (ps:i am not saying i am GOD but say i am here for a reason or good cause and to STOP not to START OR EVEN THINK ABOUT IT ESPECIALLY THE EVIL OR BULLSHIT)
    PRESIDENT OBAMA came out with this anti terrorism campaign around the world to make the world a better place which i totally support it especially at this time(with the DEMONS starting the EVIL MONTH last month already) and if you don’t have the EVIL in your heart,you will totally support it.like i say we are here to STOP and not to START OR EVEN THINK ABOUT IT ESPECIALLY THE EVIL OR BULLSHIT)
    i like the way the medie put it,PRESIDENT OBAMA is here to end the war and not to start the war or bullshit..sometimes this is quite a tough mission as some people creating the chaos or violence can be holding strong power or money which the democratic government of america is lacking right now but if we all(the world)support him and have FAITH,he can DO IT. (the HEAVEN always support or encourage the weak (weak in a way the HEAVEN don’t despise you no doubt you are not fundamentally strong in your POCKET only the DEMONS will only follow or sees the pocket)
    hopefully the DEMONS don’t stir SHIT or BULLSHIT from behind or in the dark if PRESIDENT OBAMA is trying to put things RIGHT.i am not trying to ‘carry balls’ for the americans as there are already here for over 70years to maintain PEACE and afterall we or the world have to choose a side,right.(just like in the X-MEN movie, you need to choose a side)of course the side which you have trusted for so long after world war 2. but of course i am not talking about business. in business, everyone can do business with everyone but please don’t do bloody business which makes money through FEAR AND LOST OF LIFE( hope this DEMON knows what i mean)
    i am not a two face person. what i told the auntie when she said something about the workers party ‘eat’ money at my tanglin halt area,it’s the same font and back but what do i get for return,lost everything including my mum.(classic example about the DARK POWER at work behind exploiting and play you out behind because all want to be mister or misses nice guy or lady in front.)
    for the brompton bike case, i give my stand and talk fair but some top people might not like it. to be fair $2000 plus for a folding bike,you mind as well get a electric bike or scooter or segway scooter(cost about $2000 plus but it’s worthwhile for the workers as he or she need not travel on the mrt and carry up and down and congest with the crowd especially where a lot of commuters are complaining that our mrt is getting overcrowded.
    every tender more or less someone will profit or gain or in malay called ‘makan charlie’ but you must strike a balance. i can have a good buy or deal for my workers with a $2000 plus electric stuff or segway(segway can travel far distant).for your info, some e bike or scooter from china can travel long distant too)
    but if that guy,who is now sentenced,can go for segway if he so call like to patronise the western company.when order in bulk,the company will charge you cheaper.

    some people,can be of high status in life can be thinking that the salary given to you is from their pocket and the are so very CONCERN on how you do with it .i am not being oversensitive or mad about this especially with my present situation which is neither here or there .(my present sittuation is only good for exploitation for the DEMONS when it comes to benefits or gains and when you say something especially at home when they don’t like to hear,you are finished. play you out left,right center. and no wonder singapore removed the privacy law.(SINGAPORE NO PRIVACY,NO RIGHTS ,CAN DO ANYTHING IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN)
    if the foreign affairs were to employ me and talk about some issues openly,i accept.but what i get is ZERO,loose everything and the people who appear on tv to say becomes the hero and i have to worry about myself or my love ones going to hospital,eg.my mum passed last month(the evil month) after discharging from sgh and now all kinds of bullshot,before and after(before my mum’s death,what mrsa bug virus-spider bite from the hospital and after her death,not even 49 days,cpf board increase the minimum sum (the DEMON AT WORK)
    thats is why i told my friends after my mum’s death,SINGAPORE IS LIKE A LIVING HELL.

  26. Yolanda

    This is absolutely ridiculous. I have tolerated with the anti-government sentiments in anticipation of the opposers providing reasonable explanations and suggestions in their charged-up bid to “improve the lives of all Singaporeans”. Now the opposition have a clown who made dire misrepresentations and who thinks that all of Singapore are behind him. I don’t need you, Roy, to improve my life. In fact, I’m sure your ridiculous way of thinking and behaviour seeks to lead more of the uninformed Singaporeans down the wrong path. I’m sure the opposition will never succeed. Just because we clear minded people are not rotting our lives out camping on anti-government websites and providing insensitive, mindless and unreasonable comments in a bid to complain (again and again) how your lives suck because why, ministers are getting it better and you are bitter and jealous, this doesn’t mean that we do not know what is the correct vote to poll for at the election.

    Just in case the mindless population grows larger enough for this senseless anti-government sentiment to take root and our governments change, I’ll be the first outta here. I’ll not be living out the consequences of your bad decision and I’ll be sipping coffee happily in another country, watching Singapore go down in slumps as ERPs are removed, the highway jams impossible, low cheap slums which are what you call your new housing, and crimes rampant because the PEOPLE had refused to pay their miserable share of TAXES for us to have a proper defence and security forces. Let the underdogs rule the black market, dog-eat-dog world where people steal and rob for their daily necessities in what we once called our dear, sunny island Singapore.

    And all that will not happen if you shut up and make your proper decision in the elections. Who can lead? Ask yourselves. They might not lead with expectations as high as yours, mere PEOPLE, but have the opposition proven to be able to lead better? Has it ever passed our miniature brains that all these apparent “money-sucking policies” are for a greater, longer-term purpose? Stop freaking living in your little world thinking that your $200 tax money goes only in the ministers’ pockets. We have corporate taxes, import taxes and millions of other ways the government is NOT taking your money to improve your ALREADY SATISFACTORY lives. Jeez.

    • Macus aurelius

      I read you Yolanda and yours is one of few sensible written pieces that shows understanding of the current situation. Get ready for a avalanche of diatribes from many of the numbskulls and Roy- kind that will take you on. Is going to be like a circus. From their writing you can see that many simply cannot expressed themselves properly , but like Roy, just want the thrill of indulging in reckless written and verbal diarrhea. These are the unfortunate, disgruntled, unhappy , marginalized minority and sector of our society that is giving Roy a false sense of victory and feeling that he is ” speaking for all Singaporeans”. If i were the government, i will gladly set side a sum of money and pack all these unhappy,disgruntled, full of shit, whining people and send them away for a 3 month in anyone country of their choice —-Yemen, Nigeria, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, Rwanda, Cambodia, Serria Leone,etc. Roy Ngerng can be the tour leader with a fat salary and title of Permanent Secretary for VAMOOSE . And if these people are happy and don’t want to come back, release all their CPF to them as instant as instant coffee with a generous cash top-up.

      • Yolanda

        Macus, I’m glad there are more level-headed people out there that do not immediately delve into their angry state of monetary panic and conveniently shift all blame to the G-word because they themselves do not know better. I myself have lived abroad for quite a bit so I’m very appalled that these opposers have so much to complain about their relatively comfortable lives. I have lived in places where I walk 40min to my destination everyday because the bus routes are inadequate and there were essentially no bus stop structures anywhere. Cough medicine can amount to USD40 per bottle and daily necessities are difficult to access. It was traumatic for me and yet, the people there are HAPPY. It is amusing to see these spoilt, complaining Roy-kinds taking for granted everything.

      • Haida

        @Macus aurelius for a Singaporean who’s been working in Africa+Middle East the last 7 years, I’d say please keep your whiny kids home. Including yourself. I’ve seen poverty, war , more than you have in your comfy chair. So please quit talking like you know the world. You’re just another arrogant Singaporean who thinks developing countries is deserving of your brats.Whether Roy is right/wrong, the whole point is the very FACT that in Singapore, a murmur of disagreement/criticism is quickly met with a row of backlash from the government. Why is a government so keen on dumbing down its entire population?

        Roy may be right wrong and he may deserve what’s getting etc. BUT the sad truth is at the end of the day, Singaporeans, educated or not, young and old, should be able to voice their thoughts, opinions without fear from their own government.

  27. Yolanda

    And the Roy-likes have nothing to back up their stance. All they say about the people who don’t concur to their stupid notion is some sweeping statement like “the brain-washed dogs licking the balls of the ministers”. Very, very eloquent indeed.

    • Macus aurelius

      Yolanda you seemed to have travelled and has seen the world and you have seen the world and know what life is like in many countries. Unlike the generations of my time ( i am 70 year old) the present generation and many young people have never experienced the bad time. They only know how to spend, indulge in having good life , eating out, sign credit cards, dream of buying luxury car and live in nice condo. They only want to spend today and hope that the government will take care of them when they grow old. WHen they fail to work hard and lost their jobs to foreigners , they curse the government. What we are seeing now are manifestation of elements of decay that you see in the Fall of the Roman Empire. When society becomes rich the citizens start indulging in a opulent life style and become lazy. Our citizens are becoming lazy and choosy when come to looking for jobs. Go to any hospitals, building sites, good restaurants, you will see that all the tough jobs are a filled by foreigners. The foreigners are hungry and industrious and sure most employers would prefer them instead of the local chaps.
      When they are angry and hostile, they start yelling ” lets vote them (PAP) out in 2016″. But they fail to realize and ask themselves —where do you get the smart and hard working leaders to replace the PAP when locals simply shy away from hard and dirty work.?Like Roy,locals just like to spend money and make noise when not happy—-which is typical of them. If you don’t have the answer, are you willing to let foreigners join political party and take over the PAP if they are voted in?

      • saveus

        If citizens in Singapore were paid a fair living wage on average, there would not be discontent over how much they need when they retire, and all the moving of the retirement goal posts. As business-oriented a nation we are, our lower range of people barely have enough (no wonder there are ‘riots’ in sg). No attempt at civilly engaging our migrant workers nor our locals was made to discuss on fairer packages. In Singapore, everything is business and efficient, but where is our social, emotional and psychological needs met? Why does a highest paid politician in the world need to sue a blogger to look better? This shows a great lack of grace and a disrespect for the average citizen’s free speech, and if this is considered libel then the PAP and PM really does not know how to manage criticism. I think many of us would agree with Roy and not these pencil pushers.

        For all you older, ‘wise men’ who travelled the world and seen other places like cambodia etc… it is true we have outperformed them as we are generally a smaller city state in good location, easier to govern. Singapore enjoyed migrant port status even before PAP mind you.. albeit with some vices, we were always prospering in the annals of history. I don’t think PAP contributed much in that sense, they just ‘organized’ things to make it look like they did everything. If one gave opposition voices a chance to lead us, we as citizens will only get better represented with a check and balance. Young people are not frivolous as some commenters say and only want the ‘good life’ without working. In fact, I only know young people to work in F&B as waiters, treat people civilly in customer svc… People have different ways of thinking, and if older folk have not found a way to accept, discuss and accomodate the diverse concerns of the newer generation, then I know not what kind of narrow-minded transactional society we live in. I believe Roy has a good heart and all you dissenters out there who are just bitter and jealous because you had paid the price of silence in a repressive regime want to have nothing else but to watch a martyr to go down in flames like in Hunger Games. There will be a special place in hell waiting for people who throw stones down a well. (Yolanda and Macus I am referring to both you fat snakes)

        I hope Roy does not lose heart in writing because he sees what most of us just ‘accept’ as the blatant reality, without raising intelligent questions and salient doubts about the system. I still do not see how Singaporeans can be happy with a politician suing its own citizens and all my heart will be with Roy.

  28. Hakim Farouk

    Wow.. apparently there are no freedom of speech in Singapore. So much for diplomacy. The government represents the people. They are the voice of the people of the republic. Once a government starts doing things that are not in the interest of it’s people, then something is wrong there. The people should be heard not sued.

    • Peter

      Roy is not “the people”. He is however entitled to his opinion and to raise questions – but when he made accusations he crossed the line into libelous territory. The PM has the right, little ANY other Singaporean, to defend himself from libelous comment and defamation.

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  30. SGDragon

    You are just one of the thousands of growing frustrated young Singaporeans, and Yes, the government should listen and empathize which they certainly do, else you will not continue to be have so much space despite many of your unsubstantiated allegations against the government.

    But the problem is much larger than PAP itself, Its us versus the world in a globalised economy and manipulative local, special interests and especially foreign forces whom will exploit hot-blooded youths like you and divisive elements for their benefits. Tread carefully and learn from the mistakes of past oppositions and countries whom have failed badly despite overthrowing the government.

    The PAP sure have many serious flaws in their policies. But you should voiced out your concerns rationally and constructively through proper channels. You should make sure your research are based on data which are both valid and reliable with arguments which are robust to criticisms.

    Otherwise, you will risk producing a rhetoric which reeks more of descriptive assertions than substance and drawing unwarranted conclusions which can be easily challenged and discredited.

    What you and people like you are advocating if left uncurbed is certainly treading on the path towards civil unrest which will tear the country apart like Thailand and many other countries alike. By then, our reserves, resources will be plundered and capabilities destroyed by forces much much worse by then the PAP and it will be too late.

    If you are really sincere in creating a sustainable change for Singapore, you have to review what you are doing and take a completely different approach no matter how embarrassing and drastic is the change, amidst all the mutinous voices supporting you. You keeping calling for PAP to change, government to change, but you must first do the right think yourself and change for the better.

    However, if you remain defiant and refuses to see the real situation Singapore is in right now from a wider perspective, do not be surprised that while there might be growing number of frustrated youths joining your cause, there’s an equally growing number of enlightened Singaporeans whom will realize such actions are ultimately destructive and will eventually ruin Singapore. End of day, people like you will never achieve your objectives.

    • Bai Hu

      Hi SGDragon, even thou i am not a supporter of PAP, but for what u say here, i really fully agree. Roy is a smart person, but the only unsmart thing he did is to comment on LSL without any basis or backup evidence. Furthermore, i would like to see in court case what are his substantation documents to backup those CPF data. On the one hand, i want him to win this case, but on the other if he anyhow fabricate or pluck those data in thin-air, i won’t pity him even if he loses his case.

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  32. Pang JH

    It’s not often that we see someone dare to stand up against the people in power with what he thinks is right.
    Most of us are either easily influenced by opinions preached by certain groups of people or are not proactive in the championing of our cause(just simply typing away behind computer screens like me) for we fear criticism for taking the road less travelled.
    Kudos to you for your moral courage!

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  35. Little little hearts

    Sorry for your plight , just take it as 花钱消灾. The bigger ‘ fist ‘ wins over true democracy , not surprisingly .

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  43. Louis Enzo

    You have only be “Warned” – to be exact, u have only be Served … The Government of Singapore has always acted on Transparent & Fair Ways. That is also the “TOP Credits” that we as Citizens of Singapore get to be “Proud” & “Respected” by, when we are out-stationed overseas ….
    Roy, you have your Rights to be An Opposition Voice (of your own and your ‘s Alone Only). Do not Speak for the Rest of Us (appreciating citizens of Singapore). Take heed an advice – There is No Need to Correct the Right , when There is No Wrong”.

  44. Multi Credit Finance


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