Apology and Undertaking to Lee Hsien Loong

1.On or around 15 May 2014, I, Roy Ngerng Yi Ling, published on my blog (at https://thehearttruths.com/), an article entitled “Where your CPF Money Is Going: Learning From The City Harvest Trial” (the “Article”). I also published links to the Article on my Facebook page (at https://www.facebook.com/sexiespider) and on The Heart Truths’ Facebook page (at https://www.facebook.com/pages/I-want-the-government-and-people-to-work-together-for-Singapores-future/185331834935656).

2.I recognise that the Article means and is understood to mean that Mr Lee Hsien Loong, the Prime Minister of Singapore and Chairman of GIC, is guilty of criminal misappropriation of the monies paid by Singaporeans to the Central Provident Fund.

3.I admit and acknowledge that this allegation is false and completely without foundation.

4.I unreservedly apologise to Mr Lee Hsien Loong for the distress and embarrassment caused to him by this allegation.

5.I have removed the Article and the links to the Article and undertake not to make any further allegations to the same or similar effect.

Rose Border


  1. Jason

    Good job! Well done for owning up to your mistakes. There are many ways that you can help Singaporeans, and being dragged into a civil suit is not one of them.

  2. Beowolf

    It is ok, Roy.
    A BG who only cares about winning a battle loses the war.
    The court of public opinion is with you.

    • Mr Mitty

      Yes, the public hates math and reasoned arguments.
      Wait, that’s just a few of you.
      Singapore would be in a mess if we run by people like that.

      Please refrain from painting all of us with your fuzzy brush.

    • Vincent

      you are a fucking piece of shit yourself, Labour. Go lick PAP’s balls and suck their toes, polish their boots with your tongue and lick their floors clean too. You are the reason why a parent will regret having children. Ball-lickers like you are the most pathetic freaks in the world. Even a traitor, murderer, rapist or terrorist is worth a place in this world more than you anytime. I’m taking too much of your time reading this, I think you’re already late for your next ball-licking appointment. Woof-woof!

    • Vincent

      LKYou, where were your brains when your mum gave birth to you? This is called strategizing, kiddo. What’s wrong with apologising? The intention is get people thinking, even if there’s no proof, YET. Building awareness is the key. People like you with a gigantic ego will find it impossible to apologise. You know who you remind me of? The PAP government.

  3. Jack Koh

    Why do you chicken out?

    This shows that you have no moral courage and integrity to stand by what you say.

    You should change your blog from ‘Heart Truths’ to ‘Hardly True ‘.

    • Vincent

      Why do I have repeat myself? Jack Koh, this is called strategizing. What’s wrong with apologising? The intention is get people thinking, even if there’s no proof, YET. Building awareness is the key. People with a gigantic ego will find it impossible to apologise. You know who these people are? The PAP government.

  4. Glen T

    Are you surrendering because those, such as Martyn See, who egged you on to contest the defamation suit did not walk-the-talk and back you up with the financial support to cover the legal cost and potential damages?

    Well, in that case, not only ate you are coward, then so are they who are happy to sacrifice you, a rabid online digit, at not cost to themselves.

    Such is the mindless online mob.

  5. Anonymous

    It is one thing to not post such things at all, but it is another thing all together having the balls to post it and once people confront you about it your balls shrink and you backtrack completely. Wow, you.

  6. joellazarus

    Well done, Roy. You lose no face here at all! Ignore those who call you names from the safety of their own sofa! Only the big and powerful who were reduced to trying to crush the small blogger via the mechanism of pseudo-egalitarian legalism lose face here.
    In the bigger picture, discretion is the better part of valour. This way you live to fight another day. But there is a lesson to learn, which is to choose your words carefully and not to let the passion that rightly drives you to cloud the presentation of analysis which must remain sober and accurate.
    There is a fundamental historical global struggle intensifying right now between the owners, managers, representatives, and administrators of capital and ordinary working people. The struggle goes way beyond Singapore’s borders. Singapore is a microcosmic manifestation of the grotesque outcomes of neo-liberal globalisation. You are playing a leading role in trying to wake up your compatriots from their somnabulistic consumerism. The goal now is to ORGANISE. When crisis comes to Singapore, only proper political organisation can stop government, big business and the media persuading ordinary people that foreigners are to blame or stop Singapore falling into internal ethnic conflicts.
    Keep on keepin on!

  7. carney

    Next time dont talk cock sing song about something you do not understand. dont try to be hero and think you are doing some greater good by ‘exposing’ conspiracies.

  8. RoyNgerngFanboy

    Wow! Finally a article written based on actual facts?… Well done Roy on your successful transition from fiction to nonfiction! First article on this website that is worthy of ‘truth’.

  9. The Opposition Voters Bloc

    If you are not happy with the PAP government.
    It’s better to organize a pro Opposition voting bloc amongst your friends, family and relatives than it is to blog about your unhappiness.
    There are 40% pro Opposition voters.
    If each of these pro Opposition voters can convert just one PAP voter to vote Opposition.
    There will now be 80% pro opposition voters.

    Your patriotic quota is just to convert one PAP voter into an Opposition voter.
    That’s all you need to do.

    60% of your friends, family and relatives voted for PAP.

    • Laokevin

      Sherry you go home sleep lah . Will you dare to speak up for the ppl of the Singaporean ? All you know is sit behind your iPad or your computer and say Roy a coward . From what I can see is you are the really a big coward and a big loser .真丢人!

  10. Ugin Phua

    If you are sincere in you apologies why did you ask your lawyer to ask for a “Frank conversation.

    You plot is so predictable and lame Roy. You think
    1. IF PM refuse to drop damages – You can CRY PM IS A BULLY
    4. IF PM refuse “Frank Conversation” – You will .CRY PM IS HIDING SOMETHING.

    I say, PM please press to ask for HEAVIEST damages. Then donate the damages to charity. Punish all these irresponsible people and give the money to charity…

    There is no way that PM should waste anymore time with you in your so call “frank conversation”. PM is not running a information counter for you and your gang to have “frank conversation” at your whim and fancy. You waste PM’s time, you are wasting the people’s time. So it is only justify that you pay for damages. IF you can’t pay, you will have to pay with your time in jail for wasting the people’s time. This is very fair.

      • Vincent

        Both of you, Ugin Phua and EEWei are the dimwits. So obvious both of you think with your fat arse, the way you blindly follow the PAP without questions. They ask you eat shit, I’m sure you both will eat shit right?? You will imagine the shit is damn tasty and nice and nutritious, because the PAP says so. Right?
        Pathetic fools. I hope one day your brains will finally move up from your arse to where it should have been: inside your numbskull.

      • JD

        Singaporeans are very judgemental people including the paper General. The fact of the matter is ….when a PM tells the whole world that he needs to fix the opposition in his 2006 live telecast political rally, you are left with a clear bully operating in parliament. They have been bullying SIngaporeans and today’s generation of Singaporeans can’t retire.

  11. PAP Jokes

    Political Jokes
    Q: What is the most common name for daughters of PAP politicians?
    A: Sue

    Q:What are the least common names for daughters of PAP politicians?
    A: Penny, Millicent & Charity,

    • PAP MIW Jokes

      MIW PAP Chicken Jokes

      Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

      This is an unprovoked act of rebellion and we are quite justified in locking up the chicken for 30 years without trial.

      Now at the left of the screen, you clearly see the satellite image of the chicken crossing the road.

      M. RAVI:
      I have investigated the road where the alleged crossing took place. But I have not yet been allowed access to my client, the chicken.

      I envisage a world where all chickens will be free to cross roads without having their motives called into question.

      I don’t ask why the chicken crossed the road. If PAP tell me that the chicken crossed the road, that is good enough for me.

      It will take 56 man-years to determine if the chicken has crossed the road.

      I agree with the Accountant General and the PAP government.

      I think it is important that the chickens cross the “correct” road.

      There is no chicken. There isn’t even a flood. It is merely a ponding of water.

      I told Parliament that a mistake was made. There was a lapse in the security and I apologize for that. And we will do everything to find the chicken.

      What do you think?

      Vivian Balakrishnan:
      The chicken is ungrateful. What more does he want? Three meals in a hawker centre, a food court or a restaurant?

      Goh Chok Tong:
      The chicken is a quitter.

      Singaporean Quitter:
      The chicken crossed the road for a Swiss standard of living.

      Gilbert Goh:
      The chicken crossed the road to steal jobs from hardworking Singaporeans.

      Lee Hsien Loong
      1. The road belongs to all chickens. There is no need for the chicken to cross the road.
      2. The chicken crossed the road to avoid a law suit.

    • eewei


      at least i have a brain and use it. I am sure your brain will be as good as new. you have yet to use it.

  12. ssdc22

    wow. many trolls lurking around. if u guys are granted freedom of speech and baselessly bashing Roy up, why isn’t Roy granted his? It takes brains and heartwork to come up with the analysis. All information is public and no one bothers to look closely. someone takes a closer look and offers us another perspective and gets bashed up. Stay strong Roy, keep up the good work. Ignore the trolls

  13. Alyssa

    I dont know why u guys call him a coward.. i really dont know. he has no choice but to apologize. Why? He will get sued if he doesnt and it will incur a lot of money. Who backing him up? you losers?
    to me , he is already brave enough to voice out so much. so shut up , losers.

    • Ugin Phua

      Bravery is for people with integrity. There is a word for people who bravely lie trying to deceive the population…it is call…wait…what is that word?…oh it is still call LIAR!!!

      • JD

        And what do you call a party that practices intransparency with regard to the reserves and the cost of building a HDB unit? A lack of bravery…and by the same token, a lack of integrity too? You should have been swallowed at birth.

    • EEWei

      why no choice?? any put a gun to his head? No, he is responsible for his actions.

      Alyssa, you really need to attend more english lessons. the line between brave and idiot is really thin

      • JD

        Did not they lock up their so-called Marxist Conspirators? Did they give these innocent singaporeans the right of reply? You fool! You don’t need to put a gun in Singapore, that’s why they keep holding on to the ISA act. That’s a gun right there for you. When To Hang a Jolly Hangman’ ended, there is time for parents to bring their kids out?

    • jhunuio

      look. he wasn’t brave. he was trying to stir shit by telling lies. when it was time to face the music, he realised that there are consequences to face. if he has a good case, M Ravi will surely take it on. M Ravi has been to court against the govt many times and this time he didn’t. Why? because his client has a LOUSY defence.

      • Vincent

        He’s already brave enough to front this blog, and now he’s smart enough to do what needs to be done. The 3 of you, Ugin Phua, Eeeeeeeew-Wei, and jhu-whatever, are the cowards and empty-headed robotic drones here. You know what a drone is? The government tells you what to do, you do. Turn left, you turn left. Turn right, you turn right. Eat shit, you eat shit. That’s what a human drone is – people like the 3 of you. I forgot to say drones are unmanned, which means human drones like you are just like a piece of equipment. No soul, no brains, nothing. Get it?

  14. eh, You dropped your balls

    Where are is your lan Jiao? Lan Jiao fly away, Lum pah ji also dropped the whole floor ah? Sexi spider bo lan Jiao. gong lan Jiao wei.

    • Ken

      No, he did not drop his balls. According to Sun Tsu, the author of the Art of War: ” Of all the Stratagems, knowing when to quit is best.”. And apologizing to another person for a tortuous act or a civil wrong shows maturity. No need to have a bruising fight is a court of law when you cannot go there with a pair of ‘clean hands’.

      From now onwards just publish facts and make fair comments and you will have a big audience. Good luck.

    • Vincent

      How can you not know where his lan jiao is? His lan jiao fly all the way to your house and shove into your smelly mouth. Why so shy, don’t tell people? Kanasai. I pui you chow nua, si seow kow.

      • Vincent

        Thank you, paiseh. Mine university class, your still primary. Study harder ok? All the best to your P3 exams.

      • fu

        If you support Roy, are you going to help him with his legal fees? Otherwise, shut up. you behaving like an disgraceful human being.

  15. The Pariah

    As the PAP Govt have correctly pegged CPF Min Sum at Age 55 to inflationary factor, they should correspondingly peg CPF Pay-outs, starting from Age 65, to inflationary factor (adjusted every five-year cycle). For the PAP Govt NOT to further erode whatever little public trust they still have, they must live up to the proverb that “What is sauce for the gander must be sauce for the goose”.

    This 3G PAP Govt need to muster enough political courage to (1) incept key CPF reforms to meet the consequences (intended or otherwise) of their Population White Paper whilst we are still largely constrained by geography and geology and (2) execute U-turns arising from specific housing policy mis-steps that started from 2G PAP’s time.

    (A) Use of CPF funds. CPF funds are intended for retirement security, not for high-risk investment. Hence, only better-quality shares can be bought with CPF funds, and not penny stocks. In stark contrast, shoe-box condos which are the equivalent of penny stocks can be presently bought with CPF savings. As real estate investment is of inherently higher risk because of reduced marketability and liquidity, esp during economic doldrums, CPF savings should be prohibited for purchase of investment properties (whether under single names if married, or under multiple names if unmarried as other co-owners may use only cash for such purchase). Due to low risk of savings in CPF accounts, CPF members who have high CPF contributions could essentially expect cash pay-outs at age 55 and thus use their personal savings for investment properties if they have such risk appetite and job/income security, and not exploit CPF funds to drive up housing investment demand which eventually adversely affects housing affordability and cost-of-living pressures for ordinary Singaporeans and cost competitiveness for Singapore as a country .

    (B) Public housing. Under 1G PAP rule, those who have subsequently made it in life to be able to afford private residential property are obliged to sell their HDB/EC flat upon purchase of such private residential unit. This must be resurrected and applied for BTO/resale. It will also conserve precious public subsidies/grants since more than 90% of the 80-odd percent of residents in Singapore are already home-owners of public flats – a testament to the success of PAP housing policies achieved after the first 40 years. Hence, such precious public funds should be diverted to address the more cogent needs of low fertility (education, childcare) and swift ageing demographics (healthcare, palliative care).

    (C) Private housing. Home ownership security, sense of community, ageing in place are all pillars of PAP Govt’s socio-political platform. En bloc (collective) sale law must mandate one-for-one exchange for owner-occupiers with only one residential property (whether in Singapore or overseas) based on 3 factual factors of same aggregate strata title area, same floor level, same geographic orientation of living room main window where the redevelopment’s GFA exceeds the current estate’s GFA by 30% or more subject to sub-sale/re-sale prohibitions on exchange-entitled owners until issuance of Temporary Occupation Permit or 100% sale by developer-buyer for the subject redevelopment phase, which is earlier.

  16. True Singaporean

    Roy, dun care about their comments. They are all sent by the garment and pussy lickers.

    • jhunuio

      look. there is a reason why M Ravi isn’t going ahead with his case. M Ravi will definitely go to court if his client has a good case against the government. This points to a reasonable allusion that Roy has a lousy defence.

  17. theshametruths

    think u just want to be famous … the way u twist n turn w ur statement n action make u a perfect pap member. join them and make a name n wealth … go go go

  18. dissapointed

    proper & sensible withdrew didnt made u look useless or coward BUT your pretending & fake gut which tried to put on a bold upfront just tell that u’re just a fake hot-headed loser.. u a speculator to wait till very last minutes with no way out then kneel down, begged & cried for mercy, u just lose everything.. likely u will not get spare… your apologize were not genuine but just becos u afraid.. while singaporean will condemn u on your unfirm & useless true upfront

  19. Dan

    Dear Roy,

    Congratulations on getting your message and providing a platform for debate.
    Be proud that the PM reads your blog.
    You come across as a genuine and kind soul.

    Best Wishes to you

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  21. John Tan

    Roy, you deserve what’s coming to you. Everyone has got a CHOICE on how they want to invest CPF, you conveniently leave that out of all your articles. You also keep talking about Temasek, GIC last year growth, what about the years where there’s a loss? Will you take that too?

    You went to far dude, next time present ALL the facts and give some real solutions to the problems (anyone can point out the issue, it’s another story to provide a REAL alternative).

    After, this… You’ll only have your CPF left (a bit ironic)


  22. Active Citizenry

    ” the substantive concern should not lie against Ngerng but at two other places: (a) whether the authorities are entitled to such a non-transparent way of dealing with the big questions about our public administration, and (b) whether public officials may avoid these questions which is the effect of resorting to law.
    The Law Minister says we may only criticise the government when we have hard facts because this preserves political integrity. I disagree. While the hard facts are for one reason or another unforthcoming and in the face of incessant – and non-transparent – amendments to our public policies, the government, of which Shanmugam is a part, is not entitled in the least to this view. You cannot blind a person and then blame him for his blindness.”

  23. Chris

    I believe this is my last post here. By before 5pm today, Roy most probably remove these baseless articles.
    Good thinking if u do. But sad as, in a few years ppl may forget wat u had done these few days. And u may have a run for election down the road.
    So whoever is reading, remember a person’s integrity is important if he or she runs for public office. Dun play play.

  24. leon lee

    next time use yr ass to think first, said something with supporting fact, never said then apologise, no one will listen next time.

  25. RoyNgerngFanboy

    Lets count the number of muppets who turn up at hong lim. Never a fan of PAP but after Roy Ngerng i love PAP!!! How ironic.

  26. vinz

    Wow so much hate message…
    I’m pretty sure those who taunted and scolded roy did not even read his postings. I mean… whatever he wrote might not be the 100% hard truth but nevertheless get me thinking about the CPF subject.

    Keep up with the posting.

  27. gojoe!

    LOL! These anonymous buggers can type what they want, since there’s no need to leave nric number…
    Soon, their children will hate them and thank you.
    Let’s hope these people make millions per year too.

  28. Vincent

    All the douche bag trolls lurking around Roy’s blog (yes, you know who you all are), acting like ninja turtles and throwing poison darts at his posts really show how many human drones of the PAP are actively scouring for anti-government posts on a daily basis on the internet and launching attacks on the writer.
    As I said before, the govt tells them to turn left, they turn left. Turn right, and they’ll turn right. Eat shit, and they’ll believe the shit to be a delicacy and devour it with pleasure. If the govt tells them the Earth is flat, I bet my bottom dollar they’ll hesitate for a while … but eventually still believe what the govt says!
    Disgusting pieces of metallic trash. Time for you to stick out your metallic tongue and lick some balls, your master is already calling. Go!!!

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  31. Julie

    I cannot believe how many are against you for standing up. This is why this country is going the way it is. Last time wrong things seldom happened, for previous generations to question. But now, when things go wrong, the previous generation has trained the current generation to accept things the way they are and not question.

  32. nosferatu

    He fell for the easiest trick in the local political playbook:

    1. Apologising is admittance of wrong doing
    2. Hence making himself culpable for getting sued and bankrupted

    Not to say that not apologising would change anything. It would just lead to a lengthier process with the same account.

    Either way he was already a dead man.

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  34. T H

    You know, I don’t like to post anything. But I am angry because at 55, I can’t quit my job, take my CPF as agreed. Now the goal post shifted and I expect it will continue to do so.

    When they start the ERP, they never tell you it will apply to expressway, Now it’s carpark. What’s next?
    When they remove PARF, they give you COE. Once there was a S$1 case, now computerised consistently, it’s more than twice the car price. Consistency is worked – never believe in the intended results. Only a future minister gate crashed into a residential.

    They compared rate of returns by cherry picking but forget so close to home Malaysia EPF. Thanks to you, LSH, Balding, I knows and in a way LHL – for the legal suit.

    Whatever happens to “We the Citizens of Singapore”.

    Roy, thanks. You are honest to tell us (those who CPF deprived) you need 70,000S$. No unaccountability – That’s telling them.
    I bet the particular bayie will go for the jugular. Because they would want to make you the deterrent – only this time , the damage is more than they can think…. because 2016 will come an earthquake…… this time I change my vote. Hope you get the NMP and better still with one of the alternative party, if they don’t see you as a liability though.

    I borrow John F Kennedy words.


    “But let no nation confuse our perseverance and patience with fear of war or unwillingness to meet our responsibilities. We cannot save ourselves by abandoning those who are associated with us, or rejecting our responsibilities.

    In the end, the only way to maintain the peace is to be prepared in the final extreme to fight for our country–and to mean it.

    As a nation, we have little capacity for deception. We can convince friend and foe alike that we are in earnest about the defense of freedom only if we are in earnest-and I can assure the world that we are.”


    I am not against Foreign TALENTs, if indeed they are talented. Let it be clear, it is no fault of them but this Government who pursue this immigration policy on the behest of the GLC and it will be this Government who must answer TO THE PEOPLE OF SINGAPORE, least of all to me….

    I done my NS, paid my taxes, my CPF, raise my children. So have many other. Now, into the twilights of my year, I hope my children can do the same think earnestly and willingly. I can forgive because it’s my God given right, but only with forthcoming ANSWERS.

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