Letter To Lee Hsien Loong On Defamation Suit And Opportunity For “Open Dialogue”

Below is the letter that my lawyer, M Ravi, had sent to the Singapore’s prime minister’s lawyer.

Letter to Messrs Drew & Napier 23.05.14 (1)-page-001

Letter to Messrs Drew & Napier 23.05.14 (1)-page-002

Letter to Messrs Drew & Napier 23.05.14 (1)-page-003


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  2. Norman Wee

    Good strategies, Roy. You will sing your way to Parliament one day. There are many interested nations who would like to support people like you instead of those who don’t know where their mouth is.

    • microsoft

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      • Retards Anonymous

        You are a good candidate to join our sessions.

        Retards Anonymous.

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  3. alex

    “he admits and acknowledges that his allegation is false”. If you really wanted people to listen to you about the CPF fundings, you should have left that part out of your solicitors letter. You’re giving in to the government dude.

    • Thinker

      There is a difference between cannot proof a person is guilty of something versus not guilty.
      Cannot proof that a person is guilty may only be a temporary situation.

  4. haz_ma

    Lose the battle win the war. Live to fight another day. That’s the way a true blue warrior engages his opponents. There is no shame in this. Instead, it’s most admirable. Well done Roy. With this, you have my support 110%

    • EEWei

      haz_ma….u too, please leave singapore. shameless useless. you are a leech. oops sorry, no other countries want you….

      • Vincent

        You are the dusgusting, shameless, brainless, dumbass here, Eeeeeeeew-Wei. Even you call yourself “Eeeeew”, this shows deep down, even you are so absolutely disgusted by your very own existence. I can’t find anyone I can pity more. Bash-your-stupid-head-in-by-using-such-a-cocker spaniel-name much?

      • TruthHurts

        EEwei… It’s best you speak less. You are embarrassing yourself. And your parents..

      • eewei

        vincent, please speak english…opps sorry, we pardon your lack of grace. stop leeching singapore. timbuktu may take you. remember to prove my ignorance, which should be easy for you.

      • Vincent

        Eeeeeew-wei, if mine is not English, then I’m afraid your brains are not even in your arse right now (your numb skull has always been empty in case you didn’t notice). For airheads like you, I only have a quote by Mark Twain for you:
        Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.
        If you can’t understand the whole meaning behind it, ask your primary school english teacher. You’re still in primary school, right?

  5. Tan Hock

    Did you have a chance to listen to his public speeches ? Did you reconcile with “tone” of his articles? IN my book, they probably revealed someone using the cpf matters as an abusive tools for other agenda. Isnt he insult the sensible silent majority?
    no leniency or let up on his libel suit would be my call

  6. John

    What I gather from reading the above article is that you have admitted that your allegations against the PM were false, which also means you were blatantly lying without any evidence to back your claims.
    This may also mean that all your other claims regarding the CPF or whatsoever could be false or at the least,dubious.However, as you have only been questioning government policies and not the integrity of the government officials, you were allowed to say whatever comes to your mind and you think is true until the recent post where you just went too far.
    I suggest that you delve deeper into the issue and try to figure out why our government works this way to generate revenue.For one, our nation has limited(or should I say no) natural resources. This makes our economy dependent on maritime and aviation trade in order to generate revenue.Furthermore, policies such as CPF were put into place to not only act as a safeguard for the citizens but also to make sure we can have greater financial resources to invest and to expand our economy.Such policies may not be adopted in other countries as countries that you always state such as Australia or even neighboring Malaysia have a decent amount of natural industries to sustain themselves and to provide for its people.This is not the case in Singapore as we are a country dependent on investments to survive and thus,stop comparing the socio-political models of other countries with Singapore.We have some so far despite starting off as a small fishing village and lets continue to have faith in this same government that has helped us progress thus far.

  7. jhunuio

    why are you asking for open dialogue when you can just publish evidence that can back up your claims?? lame shit.

    • Vincent

      You just born today or what? If you think there are no secrets in the government, then there no brain cells in your numb skull. Evidence is WITH the government, empty vessel. Don’t talk if sense is not what’s coming out of your mouth in the future, ok?

      • Jay

        Vincent, you should reread your comments and try to make sense of what you’re saying. If you can’t, please shut up.

      • TruthHurts

        Whoa EEwei and Jay.. If you can’t understand him, you really need to go back to school. And it’s stupid to criticize other’s language on an online platform, because we are not here to type perfect English. For starters, it’s “English”, not “english”, especially after a “?”. Even iPhone autocorrect knows that. See what I can do to you? I know you already have no dignity, but for your parent’s sake, stop commenting and embarrassing them.

  8. Dino

    The moral of this story is that it serve to remind the golfmen not to abuse the CPF fund further with more risky investments bet through TM/GIC because we do not know when is the next great financial crisis will happen given we don’t have any natural resources to rely upon.

  9. lolzzz

    Wah so fun to read all the papee trolls giving pot shots. Good doggies. Remember to get a treat from your master for your efforts lolzzzz

  10. nic

    Just pay 50 dollars and take it as tuition fee for the personal lesson by pm lee.

    He is giving leeway to you. I think you should just cut loss, learn more about the various government schemes and then write on them; the advantages and disadvantages fairly.

    The target audience you are seeking to attract are those that neither have the ability to back you up nor willing back you up.

    Now your site is relatively well known, I believe it’s in your best interest to correct the false perception; at least people will respect your growth. It’s not a mistake to be young, it’s a mistake to remain ignorant. Cheers.

    • Chris

      I disagree. Roy should stick to wat he said. He’s not a baby, n becos of this his blog is famous. Why should get away from his crimes by apologising only???

  11. Sigh

    It is sad to see that your government and prime minister is so petty. To silence any dissent. Even if you are wrong come out and prove it. Don’t sit on yor high horse and sue people.
    Yes, the government has done many good things. But the reality is lots of things can be improved. And this is just one way, open discourse.
    I know a lot of middle income people who will not have enough to retire on. They will just have their house and not maintain a good lifestyle. I’m sorry to say that many of those may be working for very little in macdonalds or as cleaners and the like or rely solely on their children when they get older.
    I admire that you are one of few to speak up. Rightly or wrongly. This is the way a proper democratic country should work.
    I hope all the naysayers will retire wealthy.

    • Chris

      There r more important things for PM Lee to do. I certainly dun wan PM to waste his time, rather resolve all problems n create high valued jobs for us. Of cos, bring up the income of the low waged workers.
      All these r more important than open debate on cpf. Everyone already know why cpf policies in such manner n form Liao. govt no money then u think sg can survive? If sg goes down, r u gg to b responsible?

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  13. Annoymus

    What is the point of complaining about government? Do you think you can make any changes? I will rather make changes to myself.

    If you really want to challenge the government, do it the right way. Form/Join a opposition party, go for election, show your capabilities. No one will sue you for that. =D

    PS: I know nothing about politic and does not support any party.

    • Chris

      I agree he should go for election n show his worth. But still, if he slanders then he will b sued.
      For me, I support whoever is doing the right thing…. So I’m not party-centric. But more concern if the party is concern about Singapore future n prosperity.

    • Martin

      Indeed this is what all of us should do, why depend on CPF for your retirement? aim higher, achieve more. Look at Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and many more, do they spend time complaining the gov, situation, luck and keep finding excuse? If you get into the right mindset, CPF is just bonus during your retirement, instead of depending on it

  14. John Tan

    Roy, you deserve what’s coming to you. Everyone has got a CHOICE on how they want to invest CPF, you conveniently leave that out of all your articles. You also keep talking about Temasek, GIC last year growth, what about the years where there’s a loss? Will you take that too?

    You went to far dude, next time present ALL the facts and give some real solutions to the problems (anyone can point out the issue, it’s another story to provide a REAL alternative).

    After, this… You’ll only have your CPF left (a bit ironic)


  15. Chris

    Frankly, the way u try to get famous makes me wanna puke. U can’t get facts right at all. Ur thoughts r so simplified that it makes u naive. Building a nation like sg is not a fluke. U think returning all ur cpf to u is the way to go? Then ppl will have enough money? I wish it was so simple, then govt can wash their hands off ur problems.
    Do u even understand why a lot of ppl r not having enough money? A lot of times it’s becos these ppl spend beyond their means. N these ppl r not jobless or poor. If cpf money is returned to them, u really think they can get even 2.5% interest?
    Ppl who work hard n still not make it, govt is already trying to help. If u r truly helpful, send a list of needy names to the relevant ministry. There r Certain ppl who seem to need help may not be true. Just like urself, there r many “Roy” out there trying to pull a fast one n get something in return….
    U r not a joke, but a danger.

    • jonathan how

      Glad that there are people like you, who see that our nurseboy Roy ngerng is nothing but a danger to singapore.

      Because he plainly is.

      Taking 2 years to research into CPF and he can’t make a difference between CPF and tax ?

      That’s fine, afterall, he is not working in a accounting related field.

      But to go on a rally in hong lim park, starting a blog and spreading misinformation, he should be penalised.

      So yes, I am glad that there are still people who understands what is going on, to see that he is plainly a danger.

      • Chris

        He needs to cut and paste all the information to support his claims. Of cos, he needs to omit those information which are not in line with his claims. Finally, get his ppl to vet through if it sounds credible or not.
        Then say it took 2 yrs to complete such a task. To make it sound credible…
        Wayang lah…. Learnt from national service if he’s Singaporean.

    • TruthHurts

      Hi Chris! The d*** on your hand seems to fit perfectly inside your mouth 🙂 So why don’t you suck on it already? Food for thoughts..

      • Chris

        Yes, the truth hurts for u. Well, hope Roy dun pay up then let the courts judge him. Maybe before that he will find some concrete evidence to back his claims.

  16. Annoymus

    If only Roy is someone who is professional for e.g an accountant or lawyer, graduated in master from public administration, you will definitely earn more respect from us.

    • Chris

      Wrong. It is not wat his profession is that matters. It’s a matter of his integrity. Someone who slanders then apologies but still dun own up to his crimes.
      Furthermore still ask for open dialogue. All his actions sounds like an opposition guy who used to do that. And that guy was a professional.

      • D

        I think sometimes the world is too or over educated that things must be associated. We don’t say that an oxford dictionary offer more respect than they people who print it except if we admit that we read too much of it. Respect is earn by doing not studying.

  17. ryan

    To say you are healthcare worker but didnt see what good medisave has done.. speaking personnally from my experience. Govt should allow people like you free will not to contribute CPF.. no tax rebates for nom contributing CPF, no CPF handouts from govt then also employers are not required to pay you that CPF money. You think you can make big money yourself? If so, why are you still spending so much time making such useless blogs and these issues revolve around money? Btw, you look like Mr Chee. learning from you who knows how to link 2 things together in your recent post.

  18. D

    A country cannot run faster than its man. If it’s for greater good (economy) and left the man behind too far, it will ultimately be unsustainable. It is a matter of time that issues arise and be answered. Don’t always make decision based on money. It should never come first as it will be greatly affected by external factors. Make decision from the inside then shape Singapore based on what happen from the outside. We do not need to accelerate so fast but just enough to keep Singapore afloat, advanced and competitive.

  19. Husain Shakir

    If Roy referred to the Prime minister (the position, not the person) specifically in his article, then it would be logical as the Prime Minister is primarily responsible for the action of his govt.
    If Roy has not mentioned LHL by name, them where is the defamation of the individual LHL?
    The Prime Minister’s office should be taking issue with Roy and any legal action that may be necessary. If the Prime Minister sues, in what capacity is he suing? As the Prime Minister who is the servant of the people? Servant suing the employer? Legal fees paid by???

    Why the apology to LHL? Suggest you relook this.

    • Chris

      Ur logic of servant and master is wrong. PM is not a servant or master. Neither is Roy.
      There is no slavery in sg, so why use these terms???

  20. sianz

    I challenge you not to do anything by end of monday and prove yourself in the court room. Nothing to be afraid if your facts are right. since you want to speak up for everyone, do it the proper way to expose any wrong doings you think its true.

  21. Vincent

    It’s really amazing to see PAP ball-licking dogs like Chris, John Tan, jonathan how, ryan and eric come trolling someone’s blog and barking nasty comments trying to disparage and discredit Roy here. Go back to your masters and lick their asses instead of running around, will ya? Excrement like the 5 of you (and the rest of the PAP slaves) are exactly why Singapore is never a better place : mindless, brain-washed, spineless human drones who don’t have a soul and a brain. “Things” like you are just like a piece of machinery in the government’s gigantic factory. I wonder where all of you will go at the end of your pathetic lives, since you have no soul and brains. I suppose purgatory is the only place for you in the end, I’m sorry.
    P.S. I can call all of you worms too, technically, since worms are spineless too. Hmm. Similar DNA.

    • Chris

      vincent. please make up your mind, are we dogs, human drones or worms???? btw all three have brains and DNA are very different. Some discovery channel will be good for you.

      you are really confused man.

  22. Chua

    The best chance to challenge the truth of his statement is in the court. If he stands by his published blog then by all means fight it. However, I think he knows his blog is not as well researched as he believed it to be. Quick background search on M.Ravi will show his own brushes with the legal system.
    Ultimately, it is good if PAP can directly address the issues raised by Roy as though these are patchy and selective perception/findings, it is very real to many common folks who forms the electorate. (though Tan Chuan Jin did address it to some extent).
    Hauling anyone making wrong statements to court as a first level of mediation though legally and technically allowed is plainly counter to the efforts for more active citizenry. When they promote active feedback and citizenship, it is expected that both voices of approval and dissent will be louder. If PAP cannot take that, then expect both public backlash, a quiet feedback room or people going anonymous spouting nonsense.
    I hope Roy gets a tiny slap on the hand in damages just to show responsibility for his indiscretion and not deterrent level of damage. Learn from it and move on. It is not realistic to expect any PM in the world to have a dialogue on request even though we have a tiny population of 5million.

    • Vincent 2


      u are worst than Roy. at least he has a face and voice. you just hid behind the computer and take potshots. u really hate PAP so much, come out , post it with your name and picture.

      dun give me other bullshits.


  23. Teo En Ming

    Executive Order 2014052601

    By virtue of the authority vested in me as the President of the Federation of the Universe, and Commander in Chief of the Grand Army of the Universe, I hereby rule that Singaporean blogger Roy Ngerng Yi Ling (at http://thehearttruths.com) does not have to pay damages to Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong for allegations of defamation. In addition, the government of Singapore does not have the right to sue its own citizens for defamation.

    President Teo En Ming
    Federation of the Universe
    26 May 2014

  24. Norman Wee

    When the going gets tough, only the tough gets going. Stay on course, Roy. Go to my website and holler if I can be of any help. You are the next LKY in the making.

  25. Goh Kim Lian

    As long as the oppies continue to support Roy, he will self-destruct.

    Roy is addicted to attention.

  26. Ben

    We should give more than what we take to contribute. What goes around comes around. Always be Thankful. Stay positive and be innovative. Survival of the fittest.
    Wish you all here healthy and productive always!
    Yes Singapore!

  27. Harro

    Focus on the issues, not the fight. You’re doing great investigative work and an excellent communicator of information. You’ll be a great press secretary.

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