Lee Hsien Loong’s New Request To Take Down 4 More Articles And 1 Video

The Singapore prime minister had sent me new requests this morning to take down 4 articles and 1 video today. You can see the letter below.




I had agreed to take down the requested articles and video at 5pm today. I had also requested for an extension of the deadline to respond on the offer for damages to be made to the prime minister, as I would need more time to consider after receiving the new requests this morning.

Letter to Drew and Napier 26.05.14-page-001


  1. Davinder

    I suggest you not try any more of the little tricks that you have up your sleeves for I have far more in my turban.

  2. Bruce Almighty

    Young Man,

    “walk the road of a nation builder and bear the responsibilities”

    go watched Bruce Almighty. dun be so full of yourself. like they say, he eat more salt than you eat rice.

  3. concerned

    Boy when the pap wants to silence someone they really go at it. So persistent to remove all these posts makes you wonder if there is some truth to what has been posted about cpf

    • Chris

      Was there truth in it? Roy didn’t think so. He admitted that he slandered PM and had apologized.

    • Francis

      The oppies taught him to flip-flop .. apologise when he see trouble, and go back to his original stance when the oppies supporters egg him on. I pity him, he is just being used.

  4. Aaron

    The PAP has demonstrated its modus operandi yet again. Do we want this kind of Government? What future can they offer, since they are so stuck in their ways? I cannot wait for the next General Election to cast my vote against them. The PAP is a disease and a sickness upon Singapore. The only difference between them and a virus is that the PAP is incapable of evolving and adapting. They disgust me.

    • eric

      Yes.a government that don’t tolerant half truths and falsehood. As a Singaporean, this is exactly a govt I want.

      • sgkeyboardwarrior

        Yes, I want a government that keeps importing in more foreigners. 30% is not enough. Must reach 60%.

      • sgkeyboardwarrior


      • sgkeboardwarriorAKAxenophobe2014

        sgkeyboardwarrior I’m a foreigner and don’t worry, I’ll be leaving as soon as I can and never coming back, Anything more than a week is enough.

  5. Chris

    I knew it…. Sigh.
    U want to b famous? U got it.
    NMP for u? I truly hope that will never happen.
    But I think u already knew u can’t become NMP. But u know u will get a chance to be featured on ST. So u did get wat u wanted

      • Chris

        not really, i only support Singapore. PM is elected by Singaporeans and should not be slandered by people who wants to make news. at the end of this saga, roy’s achieved what he had set out to do. blog visitors is at a all time high. his face is on the national news papers…. so regardless of the outcome, he had ‘gained’ more than he ‘lost’. becos as long as he do the necessary that PM had requested and not do anything out of line. in a few months time, when ppl forget and forgive. he will be at his game again.
        i think these ‘Roy’ wannabes to adhere to our laws, respect our leaders. you can criticise or ask why policies are in this manner or form. if policy makes sense then just accept and move on. there is never a perfect policy, only a practical and fair policy catering to the long term good of the country and its citizens. don’t oppose for the sake of opposing, even if its a good policy. and if its a bad policy, what is your suggestion? if don’t have, then this policy is not that bad after all….

      • jhunuio

        so what if someone is a supporter of a pap? or what if someone is a support of wp? so what if someone is a supporter of sdp?

  6. Andrew Lau

    fight Lee hsien loong in court, Roy!

    go go go!

    do it for all ordinary Singaporeans!!!

    we, the faceless and the anonymous, totally stand with you!

    get us the truth, Roy!!!


    • koh kok kiong

      I fully support what Andrew wrote. Roy, you have been stupid to publish the apology when you did nothing wrong.
      Don’t make the same mistake twice!
      For the same reason, I respect Lim Hock Siew and Chia Thye Poh for standing their ground. They did nothing wrong.
      Even when faced with lengthy incaceration, they stood their ground and refuse to admit they are communists. Did you regret apologizing?
      History has vindicated their innocence. We know who is the real devil. Roy, be brave. You are not alone.

      • Daniel Yap

        Andrew was being facetious.

        KKK too probably.

        Roy, have you worked it out yet?

        Those oppie supporters want to see u die for a show for them.

      • koh kok kiong

        Roy, I am advising you not to repeat same mistake. The more you abide to them, the harder they will bite on you.

      • Jason

        Yes, I too respect Chia Thye Poh. However, this Roy is no CTP. If he really believed in what he wrote, he would’ve gone to court. Take for example the case of TT DURAI. In 1997, he sued two men for defamation when they accused him of misappropriating finances. He again, in 2007, sued 2 SPH journalists for writing an article alleging him to misusing charity funds. All of them stood their ground because they had FACTS. Although Durai was ‘friends’ with the civil sector and the govt, the judge found him guilty, and all facts were laid out for all to see. These were brave men that did not back down because they knew in their hearts and minds that they were right. Roy obviously knows himself that he is writing untruths or half-truths, that is why he won’t go to court, very disappointed.

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  8. Daniel Yap


    Rather than be swayed by people egging you on into your ultimate demise, perhaps you should have a rummage around a ST, Today, CNA Facebook threads featuring you.

    The number of support for posts written by people with real names and pictures who are against you are enormous.

    One can assume that LHL felt confident that the majority of people are angry with you hence he has chosen his stance.

    You can continue to think you represent the average Singaporean but if you look at those threads, you are only speaking for yourself.

    Please don’t insult our collective intelligence.

    • koh kok kiong

      You are insulting our intelligence here. All those ramblings in SPH and mediacorpse papers written by sycophants.
      If you are TOC and TRE, the number of people writing against PAP are much more enormous.
      Who can prove if the names are real or fake? You?

    • Kat

      If you are talking about ST, Today, etc. I can assure you that at least 50% of the posts written by people are fake and written by the writers themselves. Not just those regarding the Roy situation but generally every post written by “readers”.

  9. jhunuio

    stop trying to play the victim card la. you’re actually do more harm to yourself. just admit that you didn’t do proper research. everyone makes mistakes.

    • Francis

      jhunuio, actually Roy IS the victim .. the oppies supporters egg him on to get more trouble, and then they will say the PAP bully him. And then they will forget about him and move on … actually he very chum also. No one wants to be stupid.

  10. Norman Wee

    When the going gets tough only the tough gets going. Stay on course please. Go to my website if any I could do just holler. You could be the next LKY in the making.

    • blessyou

      I had to find out what sort of people would egg on Roy further to his self destruction.

      Guess what, he is selling stuff (health products)!

      Roy, think carefully about who are thinking for you, and who are making use of you.

      I think it is important to step out of the situation and think objectively, for yourself.


      • Norman Wee

        What am I selling? Nothing.
        What am I advocating? A quality lifespan of 120 years!
        If the senior Lee is interested I am avail. He has nothing to lose.

      • Norman Wee

        Is there any doctor out there who is curious enough to want to know how I intend to apply the life enhancement program on Mr Lee should he be interested. This could turn out to be another open discussion, but this time to benefit and not to defame.

  11. Steve

    Yep. Roy is not likely to be an NMP but I think tt he might become a real MP at the rate tt the PM is directing so much attention to him, with blog visitors at all time high & all.

    Heard tt one MP even asked how CPF interest can be improved in parliament. So while I don’t agree with most of Roy’s views, he has succeeded, to some extent, in bringing attention to the inadequacies of the existing CPF system – the most impt of which is to have a return tt beats inflation. Otherwise the minimum sum will need to go up every year for an indefinite period of time. That is simple mathematics.

    I highlighted earlier tt the root problem is our unconventional monetary policy to hv low interest rates which in turn depress CPF returns. The low rates also inflate pty value which in turn suck up more CPF funds, leaving even less money for Singaporeans to retire on. So when Singaporeans retire, the only logical choice for most is to sell their pty & downgrade to raise some cash. When our median population age hit 50 and many people downgrade at the same time, I wonder what will happen to the inflated pty prices tt have been artificially created because of the low int rate envt.

    By coincidence, a senior MAS official is reported in today’s papers to argue why our current method of curbing pty speculation is superior to raising rates. He argued tt raising rates will have attracted more speculative flows into the country which in turn will create other bubbles.

    The problem with the newspaper report is that it does not hv an opposing view to provide a reality check. If there was one, it wld highlighted the huge inflationary pressures on other types of pties that r not covered by the curbs eg. shopping centres which push up rentals & therefore the cost of groceries & cooked food. Industrial pties also went up, increasing the cost of operations & reducing the SMEs ability to pay higher wages to locals. Using exchange rate to temper inflation has not helped because businesses just use the stronger s$ to expand their margins. Even a cooperative like NTUC has not reduced the price of their imported goods when the S$ strengthen.

    The CPF interest rate, of course, is also kept very low when the general int rate envt is low.

    What has not been pointed out also is tt Japan kept int rates too low for too long a few decades ago and the result were huge bubbles in the pty & stock mkt. When it popped, it had catastrophic consequences on the economy.

    So unconventional monetary policies had not proven to work for a developed economy in the past & we cannot assume tt it will work at present & in the future when we r in such an advanced stage of devt.

    If the fear is tt too much capital will flow into the country, it is not a problem because we can always use the opportunity to strengthen our forex reserves by selling s$. It is very easy to weaken the currency as the Swiss has shown is the recent financial crisis. It is more costlier to strengthen a currency.

    In short, the low CPF return is not an intractable one. It just needs a more imagination from the policy makers.

    • Chris

      maybe MP? it is possible becos freak election results can be a real thing…
      my guess is SDP may have a black horse in the next election. but i’m sure this Roy will give his best in attracting ‘viewership’ in whichever party he joins.

    • Observer Tan

      This is exactly what i wrote on Roy’s other thread, which is now deleted. While I also do not agree with Roy’s method of insinuating PM Lee misappropriated our CPF monies, it is through this blog that I found out that even Malaysia EPF pays out 6.35% interest. It makes me ponder why our minimum sum is always raised – at 2.5%, my principal sum cannot even beat annual inflation. Every $1 deposited into my CPF becomes 50 cents years later. My CPF is like a bag with holes. What i put in it, disappears. How are we ever going to retire when the principal sum keeps shrinking in value?

      I do not know if this blog started the momentum but there are now 2 PAP MPs, Inderjit Singh and Mohd Zaqy imploring the govt to pay better interest rates on our CPF.

      For those who always calls any opposition “noise”, this one is for you.

      “I am encouraged also because I see more and more people write letters to the press and sign their real names. That’s a good sign, a good tendency. To run a democratic system, you must have democratic impulses in the people. There must be a cultural basis for that system. It’s not just having a constitution and saying,” Well, there you are, the system is democratic.”
      – Lee Kuan Yew, 1990 National Day Rally

      Thank you Roy!

  12. hehaha

    roy, you’ve just proven urself as the biggest loser most singaporeans ever known. the worst loser really, talk the biggest but balls like microbeads.

    it’s okay if u post articles with half-baked theories and grossly misinterpreted statistics and self-drawn graphs. u just wanna act yi ge, cross the line to defaming someone. once kena letter, act like victim but still talk big. say wanna challenge and think all singaporeans will support u but kena whacked upside down instead. then last min ur microbead balls shrink to dunno what, decided to apologise and move on. still can give u benefits of doubt that you’re “smart” to avoid losing the sure-lose lawsuit. like that can close case already, but no, somehow u still desire to be the opposition hero. dunno u’re really a retard or what, go make a video and essentially telling everyone u were not sincere in apologising and dare LHL to make another move. LHL so nice give u chance to prove ur disillusioned big balls by issuing another letter, but sadly, as a loser like you, you acceded to the demands once again.

    u keep saying one thing but did another, like that how to be a NMP? consider double standards bo? or because you’re opp, not PAP, so no double standards? i believe this is how it works right?

    moral of the story, act like the size of your balls. and u really shamed the gay community in singapore with ur actions.

    • Nathan

      Say the one who don’t use their name and “talk the biggest but balls like microbeads.” You are contradicting your sentences. Does this apply to you as well? “moral of the story, act like the size of your balls. and u really shamed the gay community in singapore with ur actions.” Not trying to offense anyone but I think its hilarious and speaking the truth. #human

      • Joseph Lee

        @Nathan – His points should not be assessed based on whether or not he uses his real name.

    • Goh Kim Lian

      no, because the majority have enough common sense and work ethic to not let the younger generation destroy everything

      • lshj82

        I hope you are right, but their extremist views on CPF, foreigners and etc, have pushed me to PAP. The rest of them are too simple and native to manage this country.

      • Goh Kim Lian

        yeah me too.

        I used to support opposition and even gave them my last two votes.

        with the emergence of retards like Roy and Gilbert Goh and TRS, I am voting PAP in 2016.

        not because I like pap – I am indifferent. I just hate all the opposition supporters online.

        go on call me a pappy dog. woof woof. yawn

      • sgkeyboardwarrior

        Yay you. Be proud. Because of people like you, we are likely to never see our CPFs again in our lifetimes, can expect GST to reach 9%, and can wait for even more foreigners to come in.

        Hurray for PAP.

  13. Ash

    oh my god.. you are still posting these letters public.. really? you have shamed yourself too much already, and you are taking one step further?

    you should just take a photo of you sticking your diickkie into your own arrseehole while tasering your both nipples simultaneously. post them on social media. trust me, its less embarrassing..

  14. jonathan

    Hi Roy

    Appreciate your effort to inform Singaporeans of your opinions. Its good for Singaporeans to have a diversity of opinions, but it is not good to sow discord, especially in a country which you live in.

    Please find the balance between airing your questionable opinions and sowing discord.

    Thank you

  15. Goh Kim Lian


    do you know the guy in California who killed loads of people recently?

    he reminded me of you – delusions of grandiosity and pathological narcissism.

    do you get a buzz from all the attention?
    do you feel like a martyr ?

    if you answered yes to either or both, register with a specialist mental healthcare worker please

    stop breaking up Singapore with your Mickey Mouse analyses

    • sgkeyboardwarrior

      I really don’t understand why the spastic retarded dogs who so obviously hate Roy and his blog would keep hanging around this place, posting flames, cow bear cow bull the whole bloody day, when they can just fck off, and never have to see this guy again?

      Seriously, if you hate the author, if you hate the blog, you ignore it. Not bookmark it, every hour come back here cow bear cow bull.

      Seriously. Common sense la, please.

      • The real singapore

        Faggot like roy are cockroaches. PAP is weak to allow faggot like him to kpkb. Vote for wp and get rid of all the faggot.

      • Chris

        Obviously here to transmit the right information to anyone who reads here.
        Who dun need more Singaporeans to think like Roy due to lack of correct information in this blog.
        Isn’t this the media freedom u screamed for???
        We r helping u.

  16. Ken

    Hi Guys, the CPF is your retirement fund. It MUST grow at a rate that is higher than inflation or else upon your retirement you will have a rude shock that you will be living in poverty.

    Today the inflation is 2.5%. If the Govt is giving only 2.5% for the OA, via bond sales, the real return is ZERO.

    Even if the inflation falls to 1.5%, the real return is 1%. If this is the case it will take 72 years for your OA account to double. (rule of 72.). By that time most of the CPF members who started work at 21 will be in Heaven.

    If any guy thinks 2.5% is enough for your retirement, please don’t forget to wear your left shoe back to front and kick yourself in the butt when you retire and find yourself living in poverty. Enough said.

    • JR

      Dude, if you really want a higher return, please go Google about CPFIS, put your money in STI n get your 5-6%p.a. The options are there, just don’t be lazy n expect the gov to give you $$ for free.

      • Ken


        The problem with your suggestion that in another GFC you will regret live to regret it. A high % of CPF members using CPFIS lost their pants in the last GFC. The best option is to get professionals to do the investing. What better fund managers are there in SG than in GIC and TH? Will the govt allow you to have shares in the two? But don’t old your breath.

    • Chris

      Ken, I agree to a certain extent On this cpf interest rate but there r more than one way to kill the chicken. Govt needs to either refine the cpf or put in place other polices to help us. Else if they feel every thing is sufficient then the govt needs to explain how retirement can be achieved now and in the future using cpf and such.
      Sigh. I would explain the main opposition party to bring this up. Mr low, u r late again. Now pap mp r already debating this matter after president tan opening Parliament speech….
      Please catch up…. But dun oppose for the sake of opposing. Tell ur fellow mp that. Dun wan u guys to be shot at

      • Chris

        Sorry i meant
        “….. I would expect the opposition mp…..”

        Further clarify:
        Retirement is on a basis of Singaporeans who work hard, even homemakers. If ppl like to engage in vices and cry not enough money… That is beyond the govt’s job. We r free to live our life as we deem fit.

  17. Roger Koh

    Roy, none of your supporters are going to pay for the damages or go to jail on your behalf.
    Financial terms is not for layman to understand. Your insurance company do not pay you the same kind of returns they get by investing your monies because they have expenses to pay. Don’t confuse people, don’t arouse suspicion unwittingly.

    • Chris

      Maybe not entirely true, they may help with some money becos they need ppl like Roy to continue his good work to break up Singapore.

    • Jason

      Take for example the case of TT DURAI. In 1997, he sued two men for defamation when they accused him of misappropriating finances. He again, in 2007, sued 2 SPH journalists for writing an article alleging him to misusing charity funds. All of them stood their ground because they had FACTS. Although Durai was ‘friends’ with the civil sector and the govt, the judge found him guilty, and all facts were laid out for all to see. These were brave men that did not back down because they knew in their hearts and minds that they were right. Roy obviously knows himself that he is writing untruths or half-truths, that is why he won’t go to court, very disappointed.

  18. bloodytruth

    is it becos of the gay rules.. since this fellow is an open gay..it since like not only the cpf but all other things abt gov also not happy.. more like a personal feud cover with an fake heroic act

    • Chris

      Nothing to do with gay. Sg laws dun accept gays but govt never persecuted them. If gays feel ostracized, it is just how things goes in a moderate society. Only when majority of sg society accepts gays then maybe even gay marriages can happen. Nothing much govt can do on this gay matters… So gays, please take ur fight elsewhere, not with govt….

      • Chris

        Just to add:
        Roy, if u r reading this since it’s ur blog (I hope).
        Gays r ok ppl, I know a few gay friends and they r great.
        If ur angst on the govt is only becos they dun pass law to approve gays, it’s becos sg society has not advanced to such liberal stage yet. If u dun believe, u can take a survey. But dun take a small sample size; make sure u have a credible survey. I think some organization like IPS may have such survey done.
        Govt cannot just pass a law for gays and ignore a lot of Singaporeans. I’m sure u understand what I mean. Even if the govt wants to, it will backfire and may cause more harm on the gay community here.
        So just live with it, make ppl around u understand and respect gays slowly. That’s the only way….

      • Singaporean

        If you like gay molest your children is your problem. Please dont drag us in.

      • Chris

        although I’ve gay friends, I am a moderate. For now, I don’t support changing the law. But neither should gays be persecuted…..

  19. Norman Wee

    Roy has challenged LHL to debate and if you all want to know how it will be streamed please see today’s ST forum by Jason Soon.
    Roy, please give your take on the letter.

      • steve

        Ya saw that. Is the guy Jason Soon implying that GIC & Temasek are aggressive hedge funds because Roy articles asked for returns that are close to the returns that Temasek & GIC claim that they are getting. Anyway, there is another contribution from another guy who made a very sensible suggestion – follow the insurance companies of paying returns. Low risk, higher return when the fund does well and comes with free insurance coverage. Here is a workable suggestion. Now let’s see how our govt really is?

    • Observer Tan

      Jason Soon writes like a person bewitched by a dictator. He asks if our CPF can be a hedge fund and works his assumptions from there, that it can’t.

      If one did a research, Singapore’s CPF interest did follow Malaysia EPF high rates of 6%-8% up until 1986. Then a decision was made to peg it to the Fixed Deposit of the 4 local banks. Since then, the CPF rates tumbled year on year till it reached its current 2.5% while EPF continued on its own path to reach 6.35% in 2013.

      On or around the same period, Temasek Holdings, enacted in 1974, earned an annual return of 17% according to Temasek Holdings 2010 annual report.

      The open available information on our CPF interest is it is earned by buying into Government bonds. In layman terms, a fixed rate the government guarantees to pay. The obvious is the government then turns to Temasek to meet this guarantee.

      So CPF interest rates IS JUST A FUNCTION of what our government decides to pay us, not market sentiments. Someone cleverly set up a few logical systems to mask the process – pegging actual CPF interest to banks’ fixed deposits, claiming CPF buys into a government bond, uses Temasek to honor this obligation, keeps the extras into a fund called our Reserves.

      If this is the way to guarantee Singapore’s survival since we have no natural resource, I am all for it. But isnt it time one ask if we should keep the goose that lays the golden eggs happy?

      • Francis

        Then someone will also say why don’t we follow Malaysia to subsidize petrol, sugar, etc ..

  20. Chris

    Side track a bit.
    Today’s st published the extract of wat mr low th said in Parliment yesterday.
    I am sadden that mr low is stating such views on his “constructive politics”.
    In 2011 election, I was happy to see sg having more opposition mp of the same party. Side track a bit: FYI, I never like a coalition govt if it does happen in the future. becos it usual never good for the citizen; policies are all stuck in limbo(if u look at other countries).
    How I wish mr low will be one telling PAP wat PAP MP told him yesterday. I fully agree with wat PAP MPs said. Sg needs constructive politics to make Singaporeans live better, work better with the pushing out of the right policies. If opposition mp feels any thing wrong, debate it in Parliment. Even if u cannot win due to ur numbers, ppl of sg will see it. Since u have won the election, I have seldom seen WP mp give constructive debates on policies. U can say the mainstream media is “against” but even if I go to see the Parlimentary extracts, I seldom see any. Of cos, I’m not telling u to oppose good policies from pap. But it just seems pap is doing an ok job.
    Singaporeans r a practical lot, we want both oppositions and pap to be practical, forward looking and issue policies to bring prosperity to sg for the long term. Note that, prosperity to all in relation to their contribution, not an individual or group. Not just talk abt political culture, knowledge and all the stuff u said. Such “NATO” politics is not wat I want.
    Hope to see more credible with integrity opposition candidates will be available for next election.

    • Observer Tan

      Malaysian Transport Minister puts it wisely. You form your conclusions based on what you want to see. To you, you will want to put down the opposition so you work your way around to arrive at putting down the opposition.

      To me, i see 2 grown up adults on taxpayers money arguing over the definition of politics when they should be arguing how to improve my life. And because Indranee is Senior Minister of State and her time cost is more, shame on her for provoking Low and wasting more money. Politics is by its very nature divisive so quit being holier-than-thou and start working on why my retirement fund is never enough, rather than just ask me to top up min sum.

      • Chris

        Mr low started his speech first on his idea of constructive politics. She was also stating her stance on wat is her idea of constructive politics – she wouldn’t want to bring up if mr low idea of constructive politics is correct. His “constructive politics” would have wasted more money and time. Both done in parliament setting. So Waste wat money?

  21. Observer Tan

    Why do you think the 2 PAP MPs asks the govt bluntly to just increase CPF interest rates. They know it has nothing to do with market performance or insurance schemes or investment funds. The Temasek story is Singapore biggest open secret that the father set up himself and spent his whole life defending. CPF interest rates is what the govt feels like paying you. If there is no political pressure, then it us 2.5%. I say political pressure because someone in the Admin Service, where Singapore top elite scholars are housed, told me exactly that.

    • Chris

      Maybe u r right, I dun know anyone in AS. But why opposition dun bring up? They know more than Roy, right?
      Or Roy knows more than opposition mp? A healthcare worker with the knowledge of a financial guru. Wow, our education system is indeed doing a mighty job in telling the students to upgrade knowledge beyond school.

    • Observer Tan

      I am now wondering whether our local interest rates are purposely suppressed by MAS even though the cost of funds from the US are sometimes above 5% in some years for the sole purpose of giving our citizens the impression that our CPF interest rate is better than fixed deposit rates while behind the scenes, it is cleverly siphoned from us without any complaints and channelled to other parts of the world to make 17% returns via Temasek Holdings and then put back into a pot called the Reserves.

      After all, this is from a man who as an opposition said,

      “If I were in authority in Singapore indefinitely without having to ask those who are governed whether they like what is being done, then I would not have the slightest doubt that I could govern much more effectively in their interests.” 

      – Lee Kuan Yew, 1962

      He is either an extremely sick individual or an extremely talented one. Either way, I am in awe.

      • Chris

        LKY is one man whom I respect most thoroughly. But such a man does not come easily…
        To me, Singapore is lucky to have had him.
        Whichever party governing Singapore is irrelevant if that party continues to have a foresight like him…

  22. Sharon

    I think you have to face the law accordingly to what they have wrote to avoid any other future circumstances.

    • Chris

      Yes, the law is for everyone from the richest of the rich to the poorest of the poor.
      But of cos the poor needs to be help to exercise their civil cases. From the looks of this blog, a lot of vigilantes here to help any poor folks if a powerful person do anything on him against the law. So dun play play….

      • Jason

        Take for example the case of TT DURAI. In 1997, he sued two men for defamation when they accused him of misappropriating finances. He again, in 2007, sued 2 SPH journalists for writing an article alleging him to misusing charity funds. All of them stood their ground because they had FACTS. Although Durai was ‘friends’ with the civil sector and the govt, the judge found him guilty, and all facts were laid out for all to see. These were brave men that did not back down because they knew in their hearts and minds that they were right. Roy obviously knows himself that he is writing untruths or half-truths, that is why he won’t go to court, very disappointed.

  23. Deaf Frog's toothpick

    if a fund manager hoards my money and gives me a return which fails to beat inflation, how am i suppose to react?

    give the fund manager even more money?

    what is the function of a pension fund? if a pension fund cannot even fulfil the most basic function of retaining value, what justification does it have to blow the disgusting righteous trumpet of preventing the strawman from enjoying in batam?

    why should we go through all this trouble with all the restrictions to get a mere 2.5%?

    why should i provide cheap funding to managers who pays themselves huge bonuses to get myself 2.5%, and have my grandma laughing at me because she achieved the same thing with fixed deposit just across the causeway?

    ok there is forex risk, it might not be the best investment strategy, but my grandma has no education and thats the only thing she knows, but for the past years she is giving some supposedly very smart ppl a run for their money if we are talking about 2.5%.

    ok, some bugger will come in with the mighty “0%” risk again, we are talking a humble woman with no education not doing any worse than the return guaranteed by some supposedly very smart ppl, financially savvy folks would probably do much much better, so why 2.5%?

  24. Deaf Frog's toothpick

    if a politician insists on being paid 6-digits per annum, but keeps saying things that are obvious that i do not already know and i can easily read for free online elsewhere, how am i suppose to react?

    where is the value add to the conversation? if there is no value add, why should i pay the high premium?

    if i pays Messi 5-digits per week, and he plays like an average player in the J-league, how am i suppose to react?

    pay him even more money?

  25. Not a PAP supporter

    Roy! I respect you as you have guts to remove the YouTube video and repost it again under “The Hard Truths”. you show great integrity and sincerity in this matter. People may wonder why there isn’t a single post of support or whatsoever from our Mr. Low or even member of the WP? Is there a different Facebook page for Workers’ Party?

    • Deaf Frog's toothpick

      there is a crude saying, “how big buttocks you have, how big trousers you buy.”

      what can parties like WP achieve by asking the CPF questions with their % of representation in parliament? u know the answer.

      and when nothing is achieved, WP will instead be accused of playing to the gallery, trying to score points, trying to gain political mileage, etc.

      there are some questions you can effectively ask only when you have >34% representation in parliament.

      there are some questions you can meaningfully ask only when you have >50% representation in parliament.

      there are some questions you can ask only when you have >67% representation in parliament.

      it’s like buying cars, you only ask the price of a certain type of car only when you have the corresponding amount of earning power.

      if you earn $1000 a month you can visit a luxury car showroom every week and ask any amount of questions, at the end of the day, the car is not in your parking lot.

      • Chris

        If u think so, then all opposition parties shouldn’t run for election. Just let pap run the show la.
        Long ago, LKY also can dun run for his 1st election liao. That era even worse than now.
        When WP won the grc, I dun think mr low was thinking like u….
        Is he thinking like that now? Hmmmm….

      • Deaf Frog's toothpick

        obviously your conclusion does not follow from its premise.

        it’s like saying since $1000 cannot buy a car, so u might as well throw it away.

        i did not know you have the talent for reading minds, good for you, perhaps you would like to consider putting your talents to good use by joining the X-men. I do not know what LTK is/was thinking and i am not interested.

        i think you can do much better than adding to the deadwood in this comment section, if you make a feeble attempt at objection and post comments like these, you can’t blame someone for saying that: “the spur are not stuck into the(your) hide.”

      • Francis

        WP has many more members in parliament, compared to Mr Chiam See Tong and Mr Jeyaretnam. Like many Singaporeans (pappies or oppies supporters), I respect Mr Chiam. He never uses excuses like “I’m outnumbered, please vote more of us in”. The same goes for Mr Jeyaretnam.

      • Chris

        Ur logic is as weird as Roy. If they dun think they can make a difference. They can dun run the election and just continue with wat they do. I didn’t say they can’t keep status quo.
        Please think abt ur logic. If u dun want to maintain status quo, u may throw ur $1000 away.
        Weird, many “roy” ard here….

      • Deaf Frog's toothpick

        @ Chris
        You have some difficulty in justifiably assigning the precise correlation between the information you communicated and the facts, insofar as they can be determined and demonstrated, is such as to cause epistemological problems, of sufficient magnitude as to lay upon the logical and semantic resources of the English language a heavier burden than they can reasonably be expected to bear.

  26. Chris

    If only strong opposition leaders can come together under a firm leader who can hold them together. Then it’ll b a force in the future election.
    Unfortunately, everyone in opposition has their own agenda and everyone wants to be the leader….
    And of cos, opposition mustn’t include ppl who slanders others to climb the ladder…

  27. Allergic to Retard

    Thanks Roy, I’m a Singaporean and after knowing of your articles, I feel really motived. I have to work my fucking ass off, own my uni in US, get a citizenship and get the fuck out of Singapore because even dumbtards like you who know no shit about statistics and analysis manage to get so many fellow dumbtards supportors.

    • Ken

      Go and get a citizenship in the United States? Are you nuts? The moment you get your citizenship there you have to shoulder US$574,000 of the US’s $17.8 trillion National Debt. Good luck to you.

      • steve

        Don’t worry, Ken. Singapore will help fund the US national debt. Where do you think most of our reserves are invested in?

  28. Macus aurelius

    Roy—-this song is for you.

    I started a joke
    Which started the whole world crying
    But I didn’t see
    That the joke was on me, oh no

    I started to cry
    Which started the whole world laughing
    Oh, if I’d only seen
    That the joke was on me

    I looked at the skies
    Running my hands over my eyes
    And I fell out of bed
    Hurting my head from things that I’d said

    Till I finally died
    Which started the whole world living
    Oh, if I’d only seen
    That the joke was on me

  29. saveus

    Roy, I think none of the commenters here actually want the best for you. They are just like many of the typical Singaporean, sit back and point finger, complain and laugh. They only want to see show, see things break down. Even when their wages and savings are not good to retire on, they transfer that bitterness to you. Actually, there is no point fighting for such cowardly repressed people, that’s why you must fight for Singaporean gay population as well. Singaporeans need you, for better communication, open society and freedom to love!!! That’s already 1/10 of population… There’s a hero in you, remember….keep your calm and just work on rigor in your analysis and don’t attack so directly at ‘peeps’ and become like Chee Soon Juan… I believe you can make good things grow from this.

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