1. Singaporean

    All the best in your fight for Singaporeans.
    However, do understand that PM Lee and his father have served Singapore well and you already know that. IF you lose the court case, accept the defeat like a victor not a sore loser. Get over your CPF obsession and move on with your life. If you do win the case, please stand in the next GE and I’ll support you.

    • goh kan heng

      Spoken like a hypocrite. I would really like to see these sycophants flipflop at the drop of a hat when lhl lose the next GE. Disgraceful.

      • I LOVE PAP

        Spoken like a true Oppie hypocrite. IF LHL loses the next GE and the Opp fails to please chronic complaining psychos like you, I would love to see you flipflop at the drop of a hat.

      • I LOVE PAP

        Does the Opp have any intelligent supporters at all ??
        Keep supporting Opp and let’s see how they can improve our lives.

      • microsoft furbee

        why you give wife temesak building. why other country owe money. why you collect interest debt from bank and private business.
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        cause your iras have nice door upstairs also how you got it there? why your dbs 10time taller 10time bigger doesnt owe money ? microsoft cia

      • NKL

        Comments on Mr Singh’s letters of demands
        May 28, 2014

        I refer to PM Lee’s lawyer Mr Davinder Singh’s first letter of demand to Roy Ngerng.

        Point No. 8 of the letter claims that Roy’s article was clearly malicious. It is not clear why Mr Singh characterized the article as such as he made no explanations. Is a false claim automatically and clearly a malicious one?

        Mr Singh’s claim for damage is based on Roy’s article being widely read and widely circulated through the internet. However, an article’s wide readership and circulation doesn’t necessarily imply damage done to PM Lee’s reputation. If readers do not believe Roy’s supposed assertion on the PM, then no damage has been done. Examples abound from the internet and from the press of people who do not believe Roy’s supposed assertion:

        • Most of the points he raised were without merit and probably reflected a lack of understanding of how complex financial systems work
        ST Forum, CPF cannot behave like hedge fund, Jason Soon Hun Khim, 27 May 2014

        • Unfortunately he said the wrong thing and got sued by a government minister
        TR Emeritus, I’d debate the person openly if he accuses me of something, Ben, 26 May 2014

        • For a start, I do think this blogger Mr. Roy Ngerng has probably gone a little too far by saying you misappropriated funds. It is indeed not well substantiated. I think you can rest assured Sir that most Singaporeans are well conceived enough to know that this is not well served on you.
        TR Emeritus, An open letter to PM Lee Hsien Loong, Y. C. Ho, 26 May 2014

        • He could be overzealous this time to say something unfair to you. Even many of us think it was a bit overboard.
        TR Emeritus, What is PM Lee trying to prove?, Albert, 25 May 2014

        • If you look closely at Roy Ngerng’s defamatory infographic, it defamed not only PM Lee but also other individuals like Tharman and Ho Ching.
        TR Emeritus, 5 myths about Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Tan Hong Kit, 23 May 2014

        Thus far, of so many posts on the Internet about the law suit, I have not come across one that expresses agreement with Roy’s supposed assertion that the PM misappropriated CPF money. In that case, where is the supposed damage to PM Lee’s reputation?

        Some people assume that the damage, based on past cases, should be around $200,000 to $300,000. But that is the price of the PM’s reputation, not the cost of the damage to the PM’s reputation. The damage to a $1 million Ferrari cannot automatically be $1 million. Suppose the Ferrari’s car plate was damaged, the cost of damage is just the cost of the car plate, not the price of the entire Ferrari. PM Lee’s reputation may be worth $200,000 to $300,000. But the damage to his reputation is not automatically $200,000 to $300,000. The damage has to be quantified.

        One way of quantifying damage is through interviews. If we do that, we may find that 60% of Singaporeans do not believe Roy but believes PM Lee instead strongly, passionately, unreservedly and eternally. No amount of Roy can tarnish their good faith and belief in PM Lee. Hence PM Lee’s reputation remains intact and is in no way damaged in so far as his 60% supporters are concerned. Similarly, as much as 40% of Singaporeans are already against the PM to begin with, with or without Roy. Roy’s article did nothing more to tarnish the PM’s already tarnished reputation in this group. So if we exclude the 60% on whom PM Lee’s reputation remains untarnished and the 40% on whom PM Lee’s reputation was already tarnished before Roy wrote his article, there will be no new damage to PM Lee’s reputation arising from Roy’s article.

        We can also look at PM Lee’s vote percentage in the next election. If the percentage remains more or less the same, wouldn’t that suggest that the PM’s reputation remains largely intact and does not suffer any material damage?

        Mr Singh’s second letter

        I refer too to Mr Singh’s second letter of demand to Roy. Mr Singh claims that Roy has opportunistically used the lawsuit to raise his profile and to garner support. But didn’t Mr Singh acknowledge in his earlier letter that Roy has the most popular blog in Singapore and that it was foreseeable that Roy’s article will be widely republished across the internet? Why then would Roy need to use the lawsuit to raise his profile when his profile is already so good? Conversely, if Roy has to resort to using the lawsuit to raise his profile, doesn’t that suggest that the initial damage is somewhat limited? Isn’t Mr Singh contradicting himself somewhat?

      • Ms Chung

        Devadas Krishnadas, CEO of consultancy Future-Moves Group, nails it when he fleshed out the sweetheart deal between the Government and the Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board:

        The Government issues Special Singapore Government Securities or SSGS to the CPF with a coupon rate matching the rate of return on CPF monies.
        The SSGS is non-tradable and the CPF is the only purchaser of these securities.
        According to the Accountant-General’s Department, SSGS amounted to nearly S$250 billion as of March 2013. What happens is that the CPF monies are transformed, via this mechanism, into investable capital. This capital, when variously invested, then earns a return which permits the paying of the coupon, which in turn allows the CPF to pay interest to its members.

        An astute commentator, a Ms Chung, completes the rest of the story which may never see the light day until the current political scene is changed out:

        This article didn’t answer the following:-
        (i) transparency of how funds flow between CPF, GIC and Temasek;
        (ii) the high rates of returns for our SWFs vis a vis CPF interest;
        (iii) the rate of increase for MS is higher than inflation; and
        (iv) whether there can be increased flexibility for people to use their CPF, esp for those caught in dire life situations not of their making.
        v) If you are 55 and you sell your flat… if you don’t meet the minimum sum AFTER refunding the CPF utilized + interests; they will withhold the proceeds from the sales to cover the shortfall… Does this makes (sic) absurd sense???

    • microsoft furbee

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    • BigM

      It was the old guards who has served Singapore well and you already know that; PM Lee and his farther brought not one, but two CASINOs into this tiny island…

    • Vincent

      You LOVE PAP? I think you should go for a pap smear instead. Imbecile retard. You LOVE PAP then what the fark are you doing here? You should be sending nice flowers and blowing kisses on PM Lee’s facebook instead. So we all say to you: this isn’t your club, freakazoid, so take your fat arse out of this place and scurry back to where you belong.

  2. Tan

    I will be really disappointed if you really send such email to people outside Singapore. Our internal affairs should be kept and debated internally. No outsiders should interfere.

    • Monkot

      The world has the right to know what’s happening in Singapore. If the SPH reporters no balls to report objectively, let others who dare take over.

  3. vinz

    5000 dollar not enough? Well for an ordinary citizen can feed me a few months… maybe the difference in wealth is too big alrdy. Or maybe I have my cpf then its not so much… haha :p

  4. Tan Kim Lam

    Sorry Roy that you have to go through this ordeal. You have done all these not for yourself  but for all Singaporean.

    Thanks. Do take care. I have attached a poster as an encouragement.


  5. John Koh

    Sorry, I don’t need you to protect me! I am fine and grateful we have CPF! You are just ignorant of the many people who benefited from the scheme….in big or small ways.

  6. Lamo

    Since so many of them want to see the hard evidences, why don’t we set up an independent forensic auditors to probe the CPF fund management and accounts?

  7. independent

    Can you instead fight for those who do not wish to contribute to CPF can choose to do so? You should be responsible for your own money and when you dont have enough for your old age to pay for your medical bills that will be your problem and dont expect any taxpayers money to help. You will left on your own and your children to foot your bill.

    • WaitLongLong

      wat tok u. now already so many after buy hdb flat cpf jiak sai liao. wat min sum? help old age? ya, help, old liao, senile liao, still have to go work. brudder, ur tao nao ho seh boh?

    • Bs

      Just remember if people who’d like to pull out their CPF money is majority and they are allowed to do so, the whole CPF system may collapse. There could be no enough cash flow for it to run.

  8. Goh Kim Lian


    you are such an idiot there is no describing it.

    definitely with PM Lee on this one.

    you deserve to be bankrupted

    • Bs

      You are just playing Ad Hominen. Lucky you Roy doesn’t bother to sue you. Calling one persons name and call him idiot is absolute defamation.

    • Vincent

      Lao Goh, don’t talk cock lah, definitely with PM Lee on this one??? One look at your poker face anyone can tell you are with PM Lee on this one and that one, the past one, the present one and the future one, and every single one. You don’t even know how to lie properly, the idiot is you!

    • vinz

      Singaporean hoping another fellow singaporean to be bankrupt…. yea I’m sure u r with PM on this one.

  9. Hahahahahha

    Wow, Roy!

    You must be the biggest loser in the world right now! Did Ravi forget his medicine?? Do you really think you are exposing something? Wow, you are the dumbest Singaporean I’ve ever read about

    • I LOVE PAP

      That’s right. Ravi has bipolar disorder. He seems to fight for anyone who has a problem with the government. *screwloose*

    • Vincent

      Look who’s talking. The 2 of you are the real losers here. One of you here are a joke to evolution (Hahahahaha) while the other has an unexplained addiction to pap smears (I LOVE PAP). I hope this country doesn’t produce any more babies who will grow up to be like the both of you. Just blindly follow the establishment, obviously brains are something that failed to follow you when you first popped out to see the world. Robotic airheads.

      • Vincent

        Haha. Lame. By the way, your name doesn’t seems to be in complete contrast with your party manifesto. Instead of Liberty, I think Liberty-less defines you more. Go fetch your bone already.

  10. Why?

    I am an economist and I have read your articles – they reveal deep ignorance.

    you must have some deep perversion for fame and publicity

    nothing else can explain your chronic stupidity

  11. Roy - Clown

    Roy reminds me of Chee Soon Quan. The other clown. Looks alike too. You must be his 接 班 人 . Good luck being a bankrupt

  12. Singaporean

    If Opposition has done a good job so far, people like Roy wouldn’t have to take matters in his own hands. He has done what the opposition failed to do, unfortunately he went overboard and landed himself in serious court case now. Even the Opposition must be embarrassed of him now.

    • Francis

      yes although I totally disagree with him, he seems to speak out more than those opposition MPs .. or perhaps he was egged on by people online and also by some lawyer with bipolar disorder. ..

  13. sds

    Calling all professional hackers. Pls dig out all past dirty linen of his and replace this site with this information.

    • Stop destroying my country for your vanity

      The lawyers will expose Roy and everyone will laugh at him and then feel embarrassed they supported him.

      Overnight, Roy will find himself bankrupt without friends – except for the crazy people who believe that there is this govt conspiracy to rob the people.

      Roy, you are so screwed.

      • Bs

        Let’s not talking about friend, Roy is a brave guy. You are just coward talking nonsense.

    • Vincent

      @sds and @Stop destroying my country for your vanity, 2 of you are the reason why PAP still manages to hold on to 60% of the votes. Because the number of retards in Singapore have always outnumbered the 40% of thinking voters. I hope the 2 of you are in your late 70’s, so at least the 60% number can reduce by 2 within a more tolerable time frame, courtesy of the natural process of elimination.

  14. Singaporean

    For those who claim that LHL and the PAP have done nothing to improve your life, nobody is forcing you to remain in Singapore. I’m sure you can be easily replaced by a foreign talent. You can move to another country which you think can give you a better life. Keep voting for SG Opp if you think they can give you a better life. The SG Opp admitted themself that they are not even ready to form a government. So who do you think will make a good prime minister of Spore ?

      • goh kan heng

        Hey dimwit. If u want to fake my identity, at least get my correct email address.

      • Hypocrite

        He is a blubbering, sorry excuse of a politician who can’t even stand for himself in parliament. I believe Singaporeans would be ashamed to see him represent their country on an international stage.

      • Liberty

        LTK is a chinese-educated uncle. His English has improved over the years, but I don’t think he wants to be Prime Minister.

        And how do you know he will not sue people?
        If I throw an outrageous accusation at him to make him look bad and refuse to apologize and if he doesn’t do anything about it, I don’t think any Singaporean will want this kind of loser as their PM.

      • Natasha

        Yes, I agree with goh. LTK is a good choice. I saw how the PAP turns the parliament into a circus on CNA, their sneers, jeers and clapping not much difference from monkeys in the zoo. Their Chershire cat grin, money face and hypocritically shallow arguments makes me puke. On the contrary, LTK appears sincere. Despite his lack of proficiency in English public speaking, I sense his earnesty in making a parliament that is first world in standard. With him being the PM, I trust that he will push Singapore to greater heights, instead of making Singapore a sampan 2.0, half-sinking, yet collecting cruise-liner salary. That kind of PM, who is Lee, is not what I envision for the future.

    • Bs

      The reason why PAP is still simple majority is people beh tahan has emigrated already. If the remaining rest doesn’t fight for your own interest, nobody can help you. By squeezing your own talents outside of the country does no good to the society. You thing the foreign talent will fight for your interest? No they’ll leave this country with his CPF and leave a happy life thereafter. But you will be screwed to have all CPF minimum sum locked up.

    • Vincent

      Why should anyone who’s not happy leave Singapore? PAP doesn’t own the country, shit head. They just happen to be the caretaker right now. If you own your flat but can’t stand your younger brother who stays with you as an occupant, do you move out and live elsewhere??? Use your brains next time you comment on something pls. Otherwise, more and more people will believe that PAP supporters are seriously low in the IQ department. Don’t sia suay yourself again and reinforce the pro-PAP-low-IQ theory can. Thank you.

      • Chris

        Of cos u can stay in sg. Becos u dun wan to leave or have any intention to leave or u cannot leave.
        Of cos, u can carry talking sense or rubbish. Becos u r smart or stupid.
        Of cos, u can support this Roy and his causes. Becos u have foresight or blind.
        In fact, any one here can speak their mind. And do many other things becos govt had made our country safe, open, democratic and such.
        Which still have some idiot complain u do not have any freedom of expression in sg?
        But if u r alleged to have committed any offense to anyone, be prepared to face the music.

  15. An educated Singaporean

    Please make an effort to understand the merits of the CPF scheme, both from a micro and macro point of view. I have no knowledge of your field of education but your arguments make little coherent economic sense. If you wish to seriously make an appeal to educated Singaporeans, your recent attempts have been futile.

    • Bs

      The heat of the debate is not about merit of CPF. It has its advantage but as everything else it has disadvantage and the leaders should take initiative to review the policy and try to overcome the disadvantages. Since more than 40% have difficulty coping with minimum sum, it is an obvious demerit of CPF. It shall be discussed publicly and transparently. No by sending lawyer letter but keep silent in general public.

      After all the payout of CPF is not very attractive, the 2% is less than the inflation and government is not pouring in money to make your money worth the value. I think it is the government’s responsibility to solve the “value not worth true value”, not simply pass the burden to hard working Singaporeans with inflated minimum sum.

      • An educated Singaporean

        I agree it has its imperfections. Definitely you make much sense and your arguments are valid. But the way blogger Roy states his arguments are not really valid. They seem more to mislead the public than to educate. and in his words, to protect them.

      • Bs

        It has pros and cons as well. If he doesn’t fight so ruthlessly, we might now pour concentration into this matter. By doing something “XXX” (stupid, brave, lack-of-consideration, put your own word into it), at least he helped social awareness in a way. Without him there won’t be so much discussion here. Don’t worry about the quality of discussion, there will be high and low as always. But no matter how, it brought up attention and as long as 1% population start to think critically, Roy did a good thing.

    • Vincent

      Usually someone who calls himself educated, is really not that educated in reality. Just like a crazy person would tell people he’s totally sane, or a drunkard would surely say to you “I’m not drunk at all!!”. If let me guess, I think your highest qualification is … sec 2?

      • Liberty

        Vincent you love to insult people, don’t you?
        Typical of any Oppie supporter. The only way you can make yourself look better is by putting other people down. Try to go back to IMH to continue your treatment before you kill yourself..

      • Vincent

        Ha-ha. I am so “insulted” by you. Try harder next time. I’m just calling a spade a spade. Nothing more.

    • Stop destroying my country for your vanity

      he is just stirring shit for his own vanity under the pretext of speaking up for the masses,

  16. Stop destroying my country for your vanity

    when you see infrastructure around you to make Singapore an efficient city for companies to choose over our neighboring cities with huge resources and cheap labour,

    where do you think all that comes from?

      • Stop destroying my country for your vanity

        yes, you obviously fell asleep when you were in school rather than worked hard like the rest of us who actually got an education.

        instead of paying attention and learning, you probably ended up in a dead-end job with no prospects that’s why you are struggling and demanding that Singapore becomes a welfare state to support lazy dumb losers like you

      • Bs

        No matter people in their 70s is salaried or jobless, they should enjoy certain level of welfare. The are old folks and spent most of their lives already (to survive their young age they had to spent money to help with the economy), the government should give a helping hand even if they do not meet the minimum sum. It is not about lazy dumb loser, it is about humanity.

  17. Stop destroying my country for your vanity

    how do you think jobs are created and investments pour in?


    from the sky?

    from natural resources?

    from merlion?

    • Ken

      @ Stop destroying my country for your vanity

      Why are you so proud when out of a population of 5.3 million about 2.1 million are low wage foreign workers, who depress wages for your fellow Singaporeans? Investments pour in because taxes are low and wages are lowest in the developed world. Where does the Govt make up for the low taxes? From the citizens with a regressive tax like 7% GST (foreign travellers can claim this back), DW’s levy, highest car taxes and COE. A Corolla in Japan costs $20,000. In SG it is nearly $140,000. If you think this is a good policy then good luck to you too.

      • Chris

        In most major cities of the world (bigger than sg size), the ppl dun drive….
        Singaporeans crazy abt cars also govt fault? U have a better solution to control the car population?

      • Bs

        People come here and people go. Only native Singaporean will turely think about their country. Investment pour in and sneak out any time once Singapore become less competitive. By staying competitive, the government is cutting too much from their citizens. Keeping the wages low and housing price high. If citizens are poor and not happy, what’s point of getting investments and sell labors cheaply? Consider such case, you are the only labor in your family and you earns 30k per month. Or you want your father, your mother working at their 80s and you both working at 60s earning 1k each? If we have average 30k salary for the working adults, it shouldn’t be a big problem if total number of jobs get cut a bit.

        Think critically.

      • Bs

        In most major cities of the world, they have competent public transport system. Let don’t off topic, but to me Singapore’s public transport is far from satisfactory, way toooo far and expensive.

      • Chris

        R u sure? I was at London, HK, shanghai, Taipei, etc..
        We r quite on par with them…. Example, London’s more expensive. The tube always has some lines under upgrading… But I enjoyed myself in London…. I like it there even if their transportation can b improved. Becos it’s a v interesting place to stay…
        As usual, all of their public transports have pros and cons…
        I look fwd to our buses timing is more on time once the real time gps app is available in place.

  18. Stop destroying my country for your vanity

    how the hell do you think Singapore is chosen as a top city for big companies to headquarter despite all the competition?

    because companies want to hire bloggers like you? because you are a genius and a creative?

    Roy, you are so full of shit

    • Vincent

      Wow, unbelievable, I am soooo amazed by your enlightening points, no one in the whole wide world have ever made those points you made before!!! Are you done already??? If clear-minded heads have not already taken into account all these plastic points in their analyses of whether this is actually good or bad for the country to try to be number 1 in every damn ranking in the world, then you must really be the one who is so full of shit and so full of yourself, and most likely you are the one who’s actually been sleeping at school and work, don’t read and work your brain cells often. I don’t know what you work as, but I can safely say you are just like a bleating sheep in a flock. Just follow, no questions asked.

      • realist

        so, point it out!

        rather than people names!

        with details and facts!

        you fkg know it all

      • Liberty

        Maybe Vincent is Roy himself or Ravi using another name to attack.. You are so full of anger and bitterness. Take a chill pill and please go back to IMH to get more help.

    • Ken

      @ Stop destroying my country for your vanity

      One reason ‘Singapore is chosen as a top city for big companies to headquarter despite all the competition’ is because costs are artificially low for a Developed country. If you think it is good that wages for Singaporean are kept low by competition from 2.1 million lowly-paid foreign workers then you are blissfully not aware that this is indeed destroying your fellow Singaporeans’ future.

      Already the birth-rate is so low that Singaporeans cannot replace themselves and in 50 years’ time Singaporeans will the the *minority* in their own country. If you think this is great then good luck to you.

      • Chris

        If u dun make singapore a tax friendly country. U think international companies want to put their HQ here? U think they come here specially to hire ppl like u? Just becos u r “cheap”?
        I dun think so…

      • Ken

        @ Chris

        You can make SG into a tax friendly country but why make wages so low as if Singapore is a Third World nation?

        And if the corporate taxes are low where do you think the Govt makes up the deficit from? I tell you in case you have not noticed : GST 7%, 120% car import taxes, high COE, ERP, DW’s levy, FW’s levy, high electricity cost, high water cost, high HDB flat prices, high medical costs, high university fees, etc.

  19. Singaporean

    The reason why Roy is in this mess is because of a few people who hailed him as a “hero”, the very people who agreed with him and supported him – they are the reason why Roy is in deep trouble now. They are the ones who instigated him to post one defamatory post after another resulting in aggravated defamation. Instead of advising him to lay low and move on with his life, they provoked him and pushed him to this stage. Roy thinks he is their “hero” and wants to take on the PM. Will they pay for legal costs and damages that could make him a bankrupt ?

  20. Vincent

    Kudos to you Roy, you have my utmost respect. There aren’t many Singaporeans who has half your bravery and determination, conviction and belief. I hope you don’t ever give up the fight worth fighting for. For your many elucidating articles which have, without doubt, set many more people thinking, many citizens will be thanking you from the bottom of their hearts. All the best warrior!

    • Francis

      go, roy…go go go…be our hero ! we love you and do your best to protect us singaporeans. dont give up… singaporeans need you so much and don’t disappoint us !

    • Hypocrite

      Yes, the articles have set people thinking, but his behaviour in the past 2 weeks has been deplorable to say the least. Is that how a man should act? If you want to try something illegal or underhanded, don’t cry when you get your ass handed to you afterwards.

    • Haha

      Go go Roy! Go kamizake and I hope you got some hits. I am one of those few bystanders who cheer you on to drive your car down the cliff for a good cause. Go go!

      • Francis

        haha..welcome to the club. I’m so bored so I must really thank roy for making the past several days so entertaining..go roy go !

  21. Be fair

    After reading the article and replies from all the people who had commented. I have several things to highlight.

    Firstly, I feels that the writer is a shallow person who have yet to see the world outside of Singapore.

    Secondly, there isn’t right or wrong regarding to this CPF Matters. Some policies changes over time and there is always a reason why the government is increasing the minimum sum for CPF.
    Imagine the minimum sum remains and everyone getting richer. I’m pretty sure one day you will be shocked that a set of newspaper cost X times more than the current price and more things will lead on.

    Thirdly, the writer of this article is just complaining and unhappy about why the government doing this and that without explanation, esp regarding the issue about the interest rate of the cpf is low. What government has to do does not need to report to you or to ask each of the individual about their views and opinion. because if they do so, it shows that they are simply too free or otherwise you might think they are unsure of what they are doing then you should be worried. Democracy doesn’t work this way. However I think that the government should step up and explain to the citizens as to clarify our doubts and worries.

    Lastly(although there are a lot more but I’m too lazy to list them out) I think everyone should think about it and have your own view and opinion. Do not let all these commends affect your thinking and decision on what is right or wrong. Be yourself and think carefully. What did the government make a gift? Honestly most of us are just complaining and hoping for the government to change for the better and wasn’t about to change the government. If it happens, you better be worried.

    • Bs

      If you feel that the writer is a shallow person, it’s your opinion. You are free to express it. But frankly you should prove it, or Roy could sue you for damage bro. Don’t bully him since he has to time and money to spare to sue you.

      2nd I couldn’t find the relationship between richer and inflated price. If the current policy goes on, I bet everyone will be poorer while chicken rice cost X (X>=2) times more than the current price compared to decade ago. Don’t use newspaper as a comparison ok? They are almost fully subsidized by Ads. Even if your CPF minimum sum goes to 0, Today is still free.

      3rd, you get it wrong. Government is to be elected to govern this country. They are the servant. The reason why there is need for governor is that ordinary people have difficulty making everything fair and efficient. Thus the spirit of modern democracy is to let everybody transfer their power to a trustworthy governor and let the governor to exercise everybody’s power. The are responsible to keep the origin of power (who are ordinary citizens) aware of public policies and the operations of the government while exercising this power. Don’t get it wrong, if majority of Singaporean is determined to demolish the CPF system, the government should follow the will of the origin of power, not to use “to protect the country” as excuse. That’s how democracy works.

      Since ordinary citizen have limited knowledge and mindset, it is the government who has obligation to step up and explain to the citizens as to clarify our doubts and worries. You get the point.

      Lastly don’t worry about changing the government. PAP won’t lose all seats. When they are forced to form alliance with WP, what do you think the end results will be? In my view, they’ll polish policies more carefully and be very much careful not to make mistakes. Don’t you think it is not to worry but to expected?

      • Chris

        In my opinion, Coalition govt is one of the worse. Nothing gets done.
        How many countries with coalition govt is not facing issues passing bills & laws.
        I’ll rather have a good opposition with strong leadership than many idiots trying to be the leaders…

      • Bs

        We never tried it and we could try. It is just a pain of 5 years isn’t it? Japan has lost say, 20 years? But their general expenses is not significantly higher than us and their happy index may not much worse than us. We could try and if everybody realize it is a PITA, then we just vote PAP again and PAP will be educated if they underperform so much, they face the risk to drop to coalition state. Don’t you think they’ll think carefully before action (such as issuing lawyer letter)? They could be much friendlier to their citizens. Who knows?

        By randomly shooting lawyer letters, the good leaders who is good at calculating risk and benefit are tend to hide or evade from it, in the long run, it is bad to the society. Roy is not good at evaluation, but his bravery really blew some shit out of water, it might be a good thing overall.

      • Francis

        Be Fair has the opinion that Roy is shallow. that’s an opinion and there is nothing wrong. Roy is now accusing the PM for a WRONG DOING, now that’s not an opinion. As a public figure and politician, LHL has to defend not only his own integrity, but that of a country’s leader. it is his job to clear this accusation to defend singapore’s reputation. if not, who would want to cooperate with a country, thinking that the PM is corrupt?

        the govt is elected to lead the country, it is a public service but that does not mean it is the people’s servant. Will u hire your domestic servant and let him decide how you run your household?

        people talk abt having an opposition party to check the govt. that is good provided we have enough capable politicians. we only have a few million people. US has more than 200 million people, with a long history of democracy but yet how many political parties are there? and what about taiwan and india?

        The PAP govt has made many changes since the last election, many based on the people’s voices. the opposition elected in did and said nothing in the past two years. this is proof that WE singaporeans are already checking the govt.

        but of course, if we have good opposition parties, good for singapore. but for what we have today, I think it is a disgrace to label it as a first world parliament.

        far from it.

  22. Be fair

    Look at our neighboring countries, look at us, what do you think. Do you want to live in peace or to live in fear?

  23. realist

    all the oppie keyboard warriors kaopeikaobuing rather than argue with sense are really making me vote PAP in 2016

    read their comments also Cheebye tulan

    • Bs

      If you tulan, you can choose to simply ignore it or kill yourself. You have free will to cast your own vote, but don’t publish meaningless comment here.

    • Vincent

      You stick your fat arse in here and expect not to be tulan?? You think you are in PM Lee’s Facebook ah? This is a blog criticizing PAP’s policies, dumb fark. Don’t understand why are there so many pappie dogs trespassing. Can we call SPCA??

      • Bs

        I am a person highly insulted by some government agencies, however, I don’t think calling people Dog will ease the situation or do any help to the political environment. Do criticize, but with respect and manner ok? If put oil onto flame there will be fewer people listen to you, even you are correct.

  24. Chris

    He’s going to go on until he’s shot down.
    It is his right. Even if he blabber rubbish.
    Then it’s his right to say there’s no freedom of speech here but he says it’s his right of freedom of expression to write / say these.
    So, why no freedom of speech…

    • Hypocrite

      He is free to say anything he wants, as long as it isn’t illegal. But to insult someone’s character by accusing them of misappropriating funds and calling it a fact? I don’t think that’s legal in Singapore (:

      Please understand the difference between freedom of speech and slander.

      • Chris

        Well, difficult to explain that to Roy. This guy thinks he’s “captain Singapore”
        Just that he not only isn’t. He’s just a trouble maker

  25. Lamo

    The government of today had announced that it is changing its national symbol to a CONDOM because it more accurately reflects the government’s political stance. A condom allows for high inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a useless bunch of pricks, and gives you a false sense of security while you’re actually being screwed repeatedly without being aware of it. Damn, it just doesn’t get more accurate than that you will be able to live and sleep more peacefully until one day you wake up to a rude awakening.

    • Hypocrite

      Great metaphor!
      1. So you view your genital organs as useless pricks?
      2. Were you an unplanned accident? You don’t seem to think very highly of condoms being able to prevent pregnancy.

  26. Ken

    Nominated MP Tan Su Shan, who is a senior bank executive, told Parliament yesterday that Singapore’s inflation rate averaged 4.1 % over the last three years. This is while the OA was receiving only 2,5%.

    This is a shocking news for CPP members as the real return over the last 3 years was a NEGATIVE 1.6%.

    For those IBs who don’t understand what this entails, this means that if you have $100,000 in your OA three years ago their *Purchasing Power* dropped to $98,400 in the first year, $96,825 in the 2nd year and $95,276 today. You see guys, inflation is a SILENT Tax.

    Anyone who says this is a pretty good investment for a retirement fund ought to attend a finance course.

    • Chris

      Yes ken,
      We know. Can u tell the banks to give us our interest according to inflation? Then inform cpf to give us higher interest rates than the banks.
      Lastly if the banks ask u how to give u such ridiculous rates. U tell them that’s not ur business. Just dun tax us with inflation or u won’t put ur money with them.
      R u an idiot???

      • Deaf Frog's toothpick

        @ Chris

        a bank is a commercial entity, if someone is not happy with bank’s interest rates, they can always close account and withdraw their monies in full.

        you are comparing apples and oranges

      • Chris

        Frankly where r u happy to put ur money in then?
        If cpf increase interest, u wan to put all ur money inside? And if cpf dun let u withdraw ur money like the banks’ ATM then u complain why banks can withdraw but not cpf when it is all ur money????

        U complain of cpf rate low, u think the ppl in cpf working for free? In ur eyes, everyone in govt is free labour.

        Apple and orange comparison? I dun think so. Rather u have a spoilt princess illness when things r not gg in ur favour.

      • Deaf Frog's toothpick

        @ Chris
        You have great difficulty in justifiably assigning the precise correlation between the information you communicated and the facts, insofar as they can be determined and demonstrated, is such as to cause epistemological problems, of sufficient magnitude as to lay upon the logical and semantic resources of the English language a heavier burden than they can reasonably be expected to bear.

      • Chris

        Wow, so verbose.
        U think ur Ang moh very good so u will win?
        Even if My Ang moh not good I also understand that Roy is full of crap. Maybe not initially, but if u use ur brains u will know that. Where got any free lunch in this world? U think this country no need money to run and function? U think no need to pay the govt’s staff? U think when WP ask their supporter to help run the initial set up of their town council was free? R u nuts?
        Cpf interest rate even if improved, it’s to be sustainable. Sg reserves needs to grow too.
        U ppl only know how to amplify the so-called inadequacy of the govt to justify ur weird logic. But choose to ignore all the good done by the govt. wat logic is this? Roy’s theory?

      • Ken

        @ Chris

        In case you are not aware the banks are following the ZIRP crap the Fed has dished out in the last 5 to 6 years after the GFC to help the zombie banks in the US stay afloat. The banks in the rest of the world are just aping them.

        If you are not intellectually challenged, you should know that the CPF real returns should always be *positive* and should never be compared to what the banks pay. It should be compared to the returns members of other similar pension funds around the world get. For example, the EPF across the causeway pays about 6.5%.

        So why did the CPF only pay 2.5%% for the OA for the last three years when inflation was raging at an average of 4.1%? Go figure.

        Am I an idiot? No. Anyone who does not understand that a negative real interest rate is destroying the purchasing power of his/her retirement fund is.

        Lastly, Inflation is a silent tax by the issuer of the legal tender, not the banks in the case of SG. Go and do a course in Finance and then come back and debate like a learned person. Name calling is pointless.

      • Deaf Frog's toothpick


        It means you have no intention of debating the original point, I take it that you concede your position.

        Bank is a commercial entity, CPF isn’t.

      • Chris

        Debating with u is like talking to a spoilt 3 yr old child. Who will not listen and keep doing his things….

      • Chris

        Deaf frog’s “whatever”,
        Just in case u dun know.
        I have already made my case earlier. Just that u either didn’t read properly or choose to behave like a spoilt 3 yr old child and continue telling the same thing of banks and cpf….

      • Chris

        U compare us with Malaysia is like comparing an apple and a stone. Totally out of context. Why dun u also ask:
        why Malaysia has natural resources and why sg dun have?
        Why sg dun have more land mass than Malaysia?
        Why Malaysia petrol is cheaper than Singapore?
        Why sg dun have water and need to buy from Malaysia?
        Why sg ports so small but can handle more containers than Malaysia ports?
        Why sg so small, our currency stronger than Malaysia’s RM?

        As u can see, Malaysia is not a good comparison? Singapore is unique in its way to survive in this world.
        PM already said Concerns on retirement and cpf issues will be discussed and announced soon.

        But Regardless of what is the cpf interest rate, no one should be able to just take out their cpf before the retirement age. It is for their own good. And as one country to achieve everyone’s retirement goals.
        If anyone wants to 分家,then leave this country. It is not immature to say leave if u truly unhappy. Becos Why allow ppl to stay and waste the country’s resource and dun want to contribute? Only want wats good for himself but dun wan the “bad” things that comes with it…

      • Bs

        Some of your points make sense, but please don’t drag in Banks in discussion. They are commercial entities and you have a choice to close your account with Bank, but you are given no choice to close your CPF account. And who made most Singaporean even more angry is the foreign talents can close their CPF account literally any time. That’s hard fact no 1.

        I agree it is bad to compare with our friendly neighbor as they are really lucky in many aspects. Malaysian pension fund beat inflation about Singapore failed to do so. Given the government claim Singapore is competitive (by squeezing our citizens of low wages and pouring in foreign talents), Singapore pension fund should beat inflation as well, otherwise, it is not competitive, or it defeat the purpose of being competitive. Prove it if you claim I’m wrong.

        The debate is about “take out their cpf after retirement age”. The government is giving more and more obstacle by implementing ever increasing minimum sum. The figure of minimum sum should be justified and approved by people, not an arbitrary number they feel good and look nice. That’s the problem.

      • Ken

        @ Chris

        It is not true that I “compare us with Malaysia is like comparing an apple and a stone.” I am just comparing the pension fund interest rates paid by the EPF (6.5%) vs 2.5% for the OA %. It has nothing to do with why Malaysia has more resources or land or water etc, Please don’t get carried away and contradict yourself.

        It has to do with how efficiently the funds are invested by the EPF vs the CPF to give a better return in Malaysia. This is because in SG the law rigidly says the CPF can only invest in SGS and that pays 2.5%, never mind if the inflation is averaging at 4.1% in the last 3 years. Get it?

        OK, if “Malaysia is not a good comparison” which country is a good comparison? Norway?

        Remember SG has a Developed country with the highest per capita reserves in the Galaxy. Where did the Govt get all that reserves from? Ask yourself this.

        Yes i agree “no one should be able to just take out their cpf before the retirement age” but if the minimum sum keeps increasing with inflation (goal post keeps changing) whilst the OA’s real return is negative, how is it possible for many folks to take out their CPF fund even on attaining the retirement age, when 50% of folks cannot even meet the minimum sum now?

        Got any smart answer?

      • Chris

        Hi ken,
        I’m also worried since it’ll be many more years before I hit 55. If ms keeps gg up then I big problem. I agree with govt the ms must keep pace with inflation. It makes sense… But since PM promised to look into this, then wait to see how lo.
        Other thing is ppl needs to have live within their means then more ppl can have enough for retirement.
        Those who fall through the cracks will need more help from govt. but with their cpf and govt help. They should be able to make it… This is a evergreen topic in parliament which all mp talk abt now and then. Challenge is to make sure help is given to real poor. It is unfortunate that there will always be ppl who malingers and such…
        Example: If u look at the youngsters nowadays, branded from top to bottom. Who buy for them? If it’s parents then hopefully these parents r not the ones having issues with retirement. I’m just saying how I feel….

      • Chris

        Just to add. in short, every country has pros and cons. Example: Norway is a small long country (bigger than sg) with a much smaller population than us. If it doesn’t have oil, it’s not going to be such a rich country u see now. Even with oil, Norway has high taxes. No one ask why such high taxes in Norway. Norwegian swf is rich becos of oil boom and they not stupid so they started their swf to grow their wealth. Like wat we r doing.
        Of cos, Norwegian has much to offer than oil. Just like sg, we have different things to offer. But no need to say here.

        Again, I stress every country is different. Wat works for sg may not work in other countries.

      • Ken

        @ Chris

        1 You say “If ms keeps gg up then I big problem. I agree with govt the ms must keep pace with inflation. It makes sense”

        Why the contradiction? How can it make sense if your OA does not keep up with inflation but was decimated by a 1.6% negative return in the last 3 years? If the MS keeps going up you can say goodbye to your retirement fund lump sum take away when you retire (probably not at 55 but more like 65) if your CPF saving is below the MS.

        2 “Those who fall through the cracks will need more help from govt.”

        So far about 50% cannot meet the MS amount. If the MS keeps going up then how can they ever meet it when the OA is getting a negative real return? Its like a dog chasing its tail.

        3 ” If u look at the youngsters nowadays, branded from top to bottom. Who buy for them?”

        There are also many rich folks in Singapore, those with a $3.5 million landed property or a $1 million salary But what I am concerned is that there also many poor folks in Singapore but the paradox is why are they poor when Singapore has the highest per capita reserves in the Galaxy?

        4 If you compare Singapore with Norway, Singaporeans lose out because we pay the most for our retirement and yet we get the least back. Education and medical are free in Norway. A car here costs much more than in Norway and so are houses.

        Yes Norway has a huge SWF because of its oil wealth. How you then explain why Singapore has the highest per capita reserves in the Galaxy and has one of the biggest SWFs in the world when we don’t have an oil wealth? Where does all the \wealth come from? Go figure.


      dead frog u are blabbering dog’s breakfast, don’t know what you toking

      to the original point….

      in the 90s when CPI was below 2% and CPF-OA was more than 4% average, anyone complain got too much money? some years will have imbalance beween inflation and CPF rate what…. so long as long run cpf returns cover inflation then steady liao?
      if you raise interest rate today, CPF liability compounds and balloons by the time new members withdraw… who is going to pay for it in the future? you can guarantee that equity and bonds markets will always work in TH and GIC favor and give CAGR of at least 2.5% ah? and when all members have more money and cause inflationary pressure, who then becomes better off? the rich will be indifferent while the poor will be worse off… is that the best national outcome? so isn’t it better to be prudent now? go ask LTK lar… if he run CPF board what will he do… i doubt he will run it differently

      and indeed TH and GIC earns more than what they give back to CPF, but they also fund gahmen spending… you think free ah.. this is indirect benefit for you that you get and don’t pay for… don’t see means don’t have ah… without that funding you pay higher income tax ho sei bo?

      and even if gahmen decide to redistribute wealth, those moneys should be disbursed to those who really need help, i.e. singaporeans who were displaced by economic restructuring and young citizens who further our social agenda by having kids and strengthening the singaporean core, not the ordinary complain king on the street like many here

      • Chris

        Ppl like Roy is anti-establishment. Whoever is govt also won’t b spared. He thinks he knows best, so unless he is the govt then everything will b correct. Such an idiot.

      • Deaf Frog's toothpick


        you cherry-picked a statistic from the 90s to suggest that the CPF made a mistake by paying too much interest then?, and you are suggesting that now, it should deliberately “underpay” so as to retroactively clawback the difference?

      • Bs

        If you say so, then the CPF return could peg to inflation rate + national average saving interest. That’ll make at least 50% people happy. Believe or not. We are discussing the current bad structure, but they are simply not taking initiative to discuss!

    • Bs

      So by keeping the current inflation rate, it is not a difficult task to 100% guarantee and annual return of X amount under inflation rate. People shall focus on the debate on CPF, not whether Roy’s arguments are lack of proof or justified. It is not about defamation, it is about all our CPF become less and less down the road.

    • Chris

      I didn’t start this bank topic. It’s started by ken. So I can’t help but explain to him.
      Then dead frog’s toothpick added his take. Also include banks… Wat to do? Not polite if I ignore them.
      I totally agree with u. Banks r different from cpf. I already know when ken brought it up…

  27. bloodytruth

    this SOB is a speculator & player, not any kind of politician calibre, just look at how -he threw away all his stands initially to save himself first then -got nothing benefit tried to claim back stand to act hero again.. -fcuking kia si comply every request then secretly doing little tricks.. -after learning that lhl going to sue him for sure now.. -then knn tried to bullshit & act like hero again… this type of shit u expect to assist any1 in time of need? HE JUST THINK OF OWNSELF FIRST..

    • Bs

      Even he kia si, there is nothing wrong. How many Singaporeans doesn’t kia si? U? You can kill yourself to show bravery. No issue. Don’t turn the topic from CPF off to personal characteristics. Had Roy in any article claim himself not a kia si person? Don’t stir shit ok?

      • bloodytruth

        comparing his cpf topic stand as his dick.. if some1 could threw away his dick when got fcuking confronted.. which intellect personel will still believe such asxshole.. only a bs bullshit like u will.. “Don’t turn the topic from CPF off” hahaha nobody turn it off BUT just castrated by his ownself

      • Bs

        I don’t think castrated is related to CPF. Even transsexual people deserve to the fair right to live happily and with respect. I don’t want to discuss with you further and I really cannot read those sweat words.

        You have never measured Roy’s sex organ, you have no truth, so you are causing defamation to Mr Roy. U did nothing better than him really. Full stop.

      • bloodytruth

        “You have never measured Roy’s sex organ” hahaha ya, maybe U did… u indeed think with your asxs with those blindly interpret words…with such an low IQ i can understand how u get bewitch by this fag or simply u all just bird in the same flock

      • Bs


        You have never measured my IQ and you are playing Ad Hominen. Please post your Full Name, NRIC and residential address. I will not hesitate to send you lawyer letter for defamation. I’m very kind, $5000 compensation will be fine.

      • bloodytruth

        hahaha @bullshit didn’t your stupid reply & request is my evidence of your’s very low IQ.. Please post your Full Name, NRIC and residential address, i will not hesitate to send you 5cents as a form of sympathise to low IQ beggar… u & this loser are fated pair… go married each other.. wa si bei kong volunteer to provide evidence for your great opponent..

  28. bloodytruth

    honestly i’m a supporter of this site at first BUT definitely not.. after looking at how despicable & useless true self this person is.. those still support him must be those big time gov hater which cant really shed the light

    • Bs

      If you cannot think using your brain, but blindly follow, then you should not be here. Live your happy non kia si life and stay away from the discussion can? I’m sad to see Singapore votes cannot think critically. That’s the true worry for Singapore’s future.

      • bloodytruth

        Don’t stir shit ok? dont worry nobody will or can take over what u all are best at…. u’re not thinking with your brain btw but your asxs.. the biggest worry is singapore future do have anything to do with u group of gay asxs thinking

      • Bs

        I’m straight but I show full respect to gay society. They have their free will to carry out their sexual activities. As long as they are not forcing others, I’m totally fine and I can be friend with them (note Singapore government actually not showing respect to gays, which I feel it is injustice and unfair, side story). Please be polite and show respect to others. Sigh, I now really worried about Singapore’s future.

      • bloodytruth

        nobody interested whether u’re gay or not.. or too ashame to admit…. btw whatever come out from your mind is no better than shit & u think who will really show respect or care.. & dont need to worried about Singapore’s future as U have lots of unhappy here might well migrate or leave, provide any 3rd world countries even want U..

  29. jonathan how


    Roy Ngerng is a nurse-boy who has too much time in his hands…

    but he lacks the intellectual capability to understand CPF and it’s purpose, let alone confusing it as a form of income tax.

    Just blow this up, and seek asylum somewhere else.

    • Chris

      Every country is seeking talents, how to seek asylum elsewhere? No country wants him. But Singapore LL cannot evict him as he is Singaporean, unless he leave on his own.
      I hope he just leave lah.

      • sgkeyboardwarrior

        If politics is not dirty, then whhat? Even the church has politics and dirty. Wrlcone to the real world.

      • Chris

        I agree, but problem is pap only believes in clean politics. Thus losing some grounds to idiots.
        Lucky, most Singaporeans have eyes to see, ears to listen & brains to think for themselves.

      • Chris

        Name callings just made this blog’s status even lower than before…
        Roy, u can’t seem to be able to control ur fans here. Oops, freedom of expression is allowed in Singapore.
        Tsk tsk tsk…..

      • Emily Lau

        Dirty cockroaches asking the blog owner to clear the way for an invasion. Oops.

      • Chris

        It’s ok Emily,
        I am not offended. Name calling is a normal process when things r not gg ur way.
        Sigh…. Such is life. Full of irritating ppl who gets in ur way. Right?
        Just try to do it in style… 😉

    • Ken

      @ jonathan how

      If you imply that you don’t lack “the intellectual capability to understand CPF and it’s purpose’ why are you not complaining that in the last three years while inflation was raging at an average of 4.1%, the rate for the OA was only 2.5%? Why are you so sanguine when the purchasing power of your retirement fund was decimated in the last 3 years?

      • Chris

        Opposition also never complain during their election for the last 20 years.
        Now it takes a mr Roy to wake everyone up. Wow, Roy is such a “genius”, maybe the big consultancy firms will hire him tomorrow as their head of Asia pacific. U guys better hold on to him tight, else Singapore will lose him. But of cos, he is “saintly” and wants to save us ignorant souls in Singapore…. Most probably he’ll not join them and continue to work as a modestly paid healthcare worker….
        U think we siao ah, to believe his theory wholesale?

      • Bs

        There is nothing wrong for Roy to point it out okay? Never complain during past 20 years doesn’t mean there is no problem. Maybe there is simply more important thing to raise up. After all a 1-2% net loss per year is not critical, especially if people are earning more and more, who cares about those tiny portion of retirement money?

        But think carefully, why there are so many discontent people, it is because the same government importing way too many foreign talents and purposely depress increase of salary to keep Singapore “competitive”. What’s the point to become “competitive” to some politicians eyes but make ordinary citizens suffer? People need real money to spend, not the good looking economic figures.

        Roy is not genius, he just simply threw some points and some of his points is valid. It is PAP’s bad PR attractive so many people making discussion here. Without LHL’s lawyer letter I won’t know there is such person named Roy.

    • sgkeyboardwarrior

      Lesson is not over rely on cpf for retiremen. Plan for retirement from day 1

      U r responsible for your own retirement. Not the government or yr family.


        exactly…. early planning and prudence in other words self-responsibility is impt
        in short being sinkie is not easy because of the social structure
        can an oppositionn make it easier? maybe in short run but not in loong run… populist measures cannot last a lifetime, and there are always trade-off decisions which future generation inevitably will need to pay for

      • Bs

        By demand a better return of CPF money or give us CPF money back for us to invest is a kind of plan as well. They are righteous demand and shall be considered and discussed. Why simply keep silent and serve lawyer letter? Is it active planning or killing innovative plannings?

      • Chris

        U hit the right button, man. Retirement is ur personal issue. Treat cpf as ur bonus. Some more govt help with ur HDB. $30000 is a normal grads annual pay.
        Furthermore if u ever engage in some petty vices, u still have cpf and govt to fall back on. Kidding, dun waste ur money on vices lah…

  30. wonderman

    Thank you for sounding out for us. Your intention is good but the approach is, in my opinion is bad. You have to keep your head above and move on and to do that given the situation in sg, involved in a law suit where is system is deeply controlled, is a bad idea. I hope you best.

  31. Natasha

    Hi Roy, keep up the good work. You have more supporters here than you really know. Thanks for your effort in shining a torch into the pandora box. We all know who you are up against. Be strong. Hang in there.

    • Dodo

      Here comes Roy to “PROTECT” us. did we call for a super hero? does he wear his underwear inside or outside?

      wait a minute, he looks more like X-man. his confusing superpower is number 1.

      • Ken

        Hey Dodo, are you aware that the purchasing power of your retirement fund was decimated in the last 3 years because the average inflation for the last 3 years was 4.1% and interest for the OA was only 2.5%?

        Roy is trying to tell CPF members that but do you have the ability to understand him? Go figure.

      • Bs

        U didn’t call, but old uncle and antie may called. Don’t stand for others can? Don’t use yourself as a case for argument. Any other single person and refute you but claiming he had called. It doesn’t help in anyway. Both of you are telling truth and it is totally nonsense.

  32. Liberty

    To all blind & foolish supporters of Roy like Vincent & Natasha, one day after all this saga is over, Roy is going to kick himself for listening to you. He is going to be left with heavy debts because of you. He is going to wake up and finally grow out of his immaturity. He is so immatured and foolish but I guess he will only learn his lessons the painful way. He is going to regret allowing other people to drag him down like this. Poor silly guy !!!

    • Chris

      I hope u r right that he’s immature. Because if not, then he is a deep one. All his theory will doom Singapore.
      In short, he’s either stupid or dangerous. I hope he is just stupid.

      • Chris

        Hi Emily,
        FYI, I’m not pro-pap. Just that currently, no one in opposition won my vote.
        Cross my heart, if there ever is one and he come to my constituency. I will vote for him or her.
        I’m party-blind and only vote in ppl who does good things for Singapore. Remember, “does” and not “say”… “NATO” politics can go fly kite.

      • Chris

        It’s not lame.
        I may be just an office worker who’s bored with his life and found this interesting chap whom I thought was cool in the beginning. But after reading his blog and used my brains to think. I realised that he is so “fake”… Then I just dun like it that he thinks he’s our “savior”… Puts me off entirely.
        Everyone who vote for pap, does not mean he pro-pap. Just that, opposition is not up to scratch. Handing ur vote to opposition is akin to giving up on sg. Give me a “LKY” equivalent in opposition, u will see major shift in votes.

    • Dodo


      Yes, i do. No that is not what he is telling us. He is telling us these is a conspiracy going on. He is telling us that we need to link returns of GIC and Temasek to CPF. No he has not mentioned about inflation eroding $ in CPF.

      Go check your facts and learn some economics before you start believing self appointed super popo. Let me give me a fact. Yes, Malaysia EPF pays higher % but the exchange rate of RM has fallen over the last 10 years against major currencies. you won’t be having much fun living in Malaysia. Imported products have increased in price accordingly. The strong S$ has insulated some of these inflation.

      For goodness sake wake up, inflation vs CPF returns has been discussed in Business Times many times. The problem for CPF is that it is not just a Pension fund, it is also your housing fund, your medical fund. Want higher return, sure, cannot withdraw for housing or medical fund. Do you want that?

      Yes, the CPF is not ideal. So are lots of countries fund, worst, some don;t have enough to pay future generations. read this before you believe super dodo talk. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CPP_Investment_Board

      • Dodo


        if you are really interested in your $, read the canadian pension plan case clearly and properly. They went through a similar journey like where we are now. Maybe that is the investment mandate that CPF needs to undertake. But are you ready to stomach losses and less $ for housing payment?

        Roy has not done anything constructive to warrant any pity. It is pure lazy journalism with an agenda.

      • Bs

        Don’t always mix pension fund with housing and medical. It is the CPF board who purposely make it messy so ordinary citizen cannot understand. When I need money my daughter was born, I cannot claim medisave because I don’t have minimum sum (Do you know there is minimum sum in medisave as well??) There is cap for clinic payment as well. If I didn’t fell ill last year, but this year i get a bad luck, I cannot claim last year’s quota to pay for my clinic bill. When CPF money cannot cover me when I really need it. It is not considered “covering housing, medical and retirement”. Not to mention the depreciation of CPF value again inflation. Don’t say Malaysia forex, they will not spending all their pension fund in Singapore for the elderly years. Look at the living expense (inflation), especially critical items of old folks, rice, cooking oil and meat. Malaysian pension fund is not doing worse than Singapore CPF.

      • Chris

        To a certain extent I agree with u.
        But if ppl cannot use cpf for things like housing and medical, ppl complain again then how?
        Govt tries to give subidised housing to ppl, indirectly when they buy. Then if they sell, these money will return to their cpf with interest accrued. So that ppl cannot anyhow spend $.
        So if cannot use their cpf for anything, then they see they have so much money in their cpf but can’t touch. How?
        U know la, ppl like to complain. Then if dun let them, they say “no freedom”, u think I “baby” dun know how to take care of myself?.. So smart, then why in newspaper always complain some lady or foreigners conned their cpf and money, etc.. Very difficult la, do u have any countries who have done well by not having any pension funds and such? Maybe can share with us….

      • Bs

        Glad you are reading, at least my written worth my effort of typing.
        My points in current situation CPF is already hard to be used for housing, medical and not to mention its paramount feature “retirement”. The hefty increase in minimum sum provoked many Singaporeans. If the increase was a humble 2% (as their interest rate) I don’t think there will be so much attention.

        HDB housing is another topic. Let’s keep it short. To me the HDB flat doesn’t worth its current market value. If the truth value is 200K, but someone inflate it to 600K but give you 50% subsidy, you end up paying 100K more and you have more money locked up. True I can make a better living if I sell the flat, however, how about the situation if I cannot sell the flat due to various reason (due to circumstances of my grandchild, maybe)? I’m screwed =(. On the other hand if I have the 100K in the first place, I’m much more flexible isn’t it?

        I’m also pissed off by the Medisave, the govt put “Save” in the branding, which made me infer that it works like saving account and I can always NETS IT when I’m at hospital counter. However, the hard cold truth is that there are so many fine prints which made me spent hours to understand fully (maybe partially incorrectly). The general old uncles and anties will have very difficult time in understanding it. But while they are healthy, they have a false illusion that they are covered by Medisave.

        Australia pays their labors generously and they superannuation sounds much more reasonable (7% versus 36%). I don’t have time to dig out how their pension system works, but it doesn’t worth the effort. Anyone can claim if only Singapore have 10% of the iron ore Aus have, we’ll in a different position. So forget about the comparison.

        What I really hope the government to do is to sincerely open discussion and invite Mr Roy to sit in (maybe restrict his speech somehow as the reason you know why) but allow the true general public to discuss about this issue and frankly disclose the non-critical part of the CPF and justify the increase of minimum sum, the way of 2.4% is determined and past 5-10 years profit and loss of TH and GIC in total and return to the CPF. If in the past 15 years, despite economic crisis in 1997, .COM bubble and Subprime mortgage crisis, they managed to get return of X%, they should spare some like half to share with fellow citizens right? There might be crisis in the future, but if all the past bubble has been overcome so well, they can do it the same way in the future isn’t it? And they still have the other half of the profit as reserve to fight against crisis. And if the crisis is really so big that they cannot handle, then I don’t think it is simple math, even the sovereign may fail to guarantee the 2.4% payout. In that case we can totally forget about all the CPF shit but to unite together than pray we can survive that bad time as a nation. But if in that case our leader still earning $2mil a year. I won’t vote for him, seriously.

      • Ken

        1 Hey Dodo you said ” No he has not mentioned about inflation eroding $ in CPF.”

        Not true. Next time please get your facts right. Maybe you missed what he wrote in one one of his blogs so here is the proof that he did and I Quote:

        “QUESTION 3: Why Does The Government Use Our CPF To Invest But Not Give Us Back The Interest Earned?

        (1) Why does the government see it necessary to increase the CPF Minimum Sum to “maintain the real value” of the CPF Minimum Sum, but does not see it necessary to increase the CPF interest rates to “maintain the real value” of the CPF? The 2.5% to 4% is lower than inflation, which means that the real value of our CPF has actually not grown!”

        2 “Yes, Malaysia EPF pays higher % but the exchange rate of RM has fallen over the last 10 years against major currencies.’

        Then why is that the cost of living in Malaysia is lower than in Singapore which is the MOST expensive city in the world? Hey a Corolla here costs over S$135,000. This is equivalent to RM345,600 which is enough to buy a landed property in Malaysia. In Singapore a landed property starts at S$2.5 million. So what is so good having a higher exchange rate? Go figure.

        3 “The problem for CPF is that it is not just a Pension fund, it is also your housing fund, your medical fund.”

        Firstly Singapore has the HIGHEST per capita reserves in the whole Galaxy, even higher than Norway where education and health care are FREE. House prices are lower than in SG. Why do we need to have a medical fund when we have the highest per capita reserves in the world?

        Secondly, a pension fund is for your retirement. It is not for buying a flat or for medical expenses. If you use your retirement fund to buy a flat then have to sell your HDB flat upon retirement to downgrade to a one bedroom flat then it is crystal clear that you are not saving enough. Why? Because wages are LOW for many folks in the MOST expensive city in the world and inflation is decimating the purchasing power of your CPF retirement funds if the real return is negative. Get it?

  33. bloodytruth

    i think the gov have answered the question? if he is stupid then the gov are stupid to commence legal.. so in the gov view this wasnt anything stupid or simple,
    if gov decision is a accurate index then the question seem like answer

  34. Be fair

    After reading the article and replies from all the people who had commented. I have several things to highlight.

    Firstly, I feels that the writer is a shallow person who have yet to see the world outside of Singapore.

    Secondly, there isn’t right or wrong regarding to this CPF Matters. Some policies changes over time and there is always a reason why the government is increasing the minimum sum for CPF.
    Imagine the minimum sum remains and everyone getting richer. I’m pretty sure one day you will be shocked that a set of newspaper cost X times more than the current price and more things will lead on.

    Thirdly, the writer of this article is just complaining and unhappy about why the government doing this and that without explanation, esp regarding the issue about the interest rate of the cpf is low. What government has to do does not need to report to you or to ask each of the individual about their views and opinion. because if they do so, it shows that they are simply too free or otherwise you might think they are unsure of what they are doing then you should be worried. Democracy doesn’t work this way. However I think that the government should step up and explain to the citizens as to clarify our doubts and worries.

    Lastly(although there are a lot more but I’m too lazy to list them out) I think everyone should think about it and have your own view and opinion. Do not let all these commends affect your thinking and decision on what is right or wrong. Be yourself and think carefully. What did the government make a gift? Honestly most of us are just complaining and hoping for the government to change for the better and wasn’t about to change the government. If it happens, you better be worried.

    Ask yourself, do you want to live in peace or to live in fear?

    • Superstar Steven Lim kor kor

      How dare u use my video wifout my permission! This is too much! I will call the police i tell u!

      • Fucky Fuck Xiaxue

        Steven Lim & Fucky Fuck XiaXuey are both fucking PAP supporters. Good fuck to you! BTW, Dashole looks handsome like Steven Lim.

  35. Research

    Looks like this M. Ravi may have silently supported him.
    Why? A: from the legal letter- how it was written B: 5k as damages only and was mentioned about his humble profession. Legal fees 5k too for so much time spent and mention about human rights clause?(ravi idea too?)Now going to court, Ravi going to represent him for 5k only? Or he represent himself if no dough as indicated.

    • Bs

      I don’t think that’s a problem. Will you refuse medical treatment if your doctor happen to took after Chee Soon Juan or Falungong member? I don’t think so right?

      • FO

        Of course will refused if the doctor had failed in many previous operations. But if no one wants to take me because they believe it morally wrong for what I have done. I have no choice. Either have a gamble with a witch doctor or try to treat myself.

      • Bs

        Maybe Roy face the same situation. How many lawyers in Singapore do you think dare to take this case?

  36. Deaf Frog's toothpick

    if a fund manager hoards my money and gives me returns which fails to beat inflation, how am i suppose to react?

    give the fund manager even more money?

    what is the function of a pension fund? if a pension fund cannot even fulfil the most basic function of retaining value, what justification does it have to say something like “if we give money to the old ladies, they might spend it on luxury dildos” ?

    You won’t find a dud running Berkshire Hathaway, if you are a dud who fails to deliver returns that beat inflation, please graciously retire from your position and let someone else who is able to deliver better bang for buck can take over.

    • Emily Lau

      Fully agree with you. There are many PAP cockroaches here trying to divert our attention away by attacking Roy. The truth is, if the CEO and chair of our SWF and CPF board, aka the LEE FAMILY cannot deliver. They should seriously step down. Don’t even waste our time considering. Just step down. After getting the world’s highest pay, they gave us the world’s under-performing pension fund which fails to beat inflation. They can’t even account for the reserves properly. The last I heard, our people’s president Mr Ong Teng Cheong was told that it would require 56-man years. If they can’t account for our reserves, what makes you think our reserves are there?

      • Stand UP

        Emily Loo

        if you are so unhappy, leave the country for somewhere you think will serve your needs better. no one is or will stop you. Sorry i forgot, no country wants you.

        And please dun give me the Bs about why leave, this is your country. Instead of contributing you are whining all day. Seriously, what have you contributed to the society? when was the last time, you visited an orphange? when is the last time you volunteered at the old age home? All you can do is take and complain. You are a parasite!

      • Chris

        Freedom of expression is enshrined by ppl like Roy.
        Why only he and his fans can talk?
        At least the govt allows us to express ourselves not like u. Complain this, complain that, complain why ppl talk so much….
        So autocratic.

      • Chris

        U can dun leave. Like now, r u leaving?
        If only if u not happy, why subject urself to whatever u complain abt? Grass is greener on the other side.

        Where is ur emphasis on freedom of speech? Maybe u r not part of the Roy gang… “Sorry”!

    • Chris

      Berkshire just lost $1b. “So if u r his shareholder, r u going to fly to USA to ask him why so stupid to lose a billion, some more in usd?”
      Then if he said he made a mistake, r u gg negate all the good he had done over the years?
      U r trying to pull a fast one by making relating to berkshire, warren is the default investor of our time… Nice try…
      Guys reading think while reading any blog. Dun take things wholesale, ppl always try to sell their ideas and paint a solid examples to back their claims.
      That included myself la. I try hard not to be bias like certain ppl here… Lol.

      • Deaf Frog's toothpick

        this is another one of your usual feeble objections,

        come back when you can prove that Berkshire Hathaway’s returns failed to beat inflation and made losses on a whole,

        when that happens, Warren Buffet should move on and let the better person do the job, no person or entity is entitled to remain in a position indefinitely by virtue of it’s past glories or success.

      • Chris

        Actually, if u r unaware. Warren also looking for someone to do his job. But cannot find. Why dun u volunteer? Err… Wrong, Roy should volunteer. He’ll be damn “good” at this. You may want to duscuss with him on this. Dun try to keep him to urself lah… I’m sure we will b happy for him if he needs to become American to apply for this job.
        I’m also a berkshire shareholder, and I only want the best.

      • Bs

        Berkshire had earned several billions in the past. They are allowed to make mistake and I don’t mind to spare 10% of my pension plan on them and 30 years down the road, they have high chance to make me some profit. Now the problem is I’m not given a choice. They provide a safety harbor, but they are not giving a choice. If the safety harbor is so good, why everybody complains? Then if it is no good, it shall give me freedom to plan my own retirement. Reasonable?

      • Chris

        Good thinking Bs,
        But u r given a choice. Just exercise ur choice lah…
        From the looks of ur penmanship, I sense u r an astute investor who feels the interest rates by cpf beneath ur intellilect. Any where u may be, will be a boon to that country…
        Dun look back!

      • Bs

        No I’m not a investor. I’m hard working IT guy. Hard working by means of frequent OT after 12mn. I still love my job, because I believe I deliver quality software pieces. I just get squeezed in several aspects by the government agencies which I don’t bother to share the details. I just want to say PAP’s propaganda is good and I have no doubt about the ministers characters and personalities. However some agencies really screw the whole things up, they are indifferent, ignorant and helpless. And I don’t think our ministers are keen to teach them how to serve the country. But seriously many unhappy voters are the victim of their never upgrading agencies.

        If the the government and / or agencies keep screw me up, I will definitely leave, and get back my CPF money, without hesitation.

      • Chris

        True some agencies (even companies) will surely have deadwood. I dun profess that I am not deadwood in others’ eyes, but the last time I read: compared to other countries, our govt agencies are quite there. Other countries dun need to suck up to Singapore by patronizing us with lies. Remember in the world arena, sg is very very small.
        U serious bro? Not an investor? I’m impressed if u can achieve better than 4% in SA…. I have checked with most financial guys I know and they said it is impossible to have capital protected funds giving above 4% returns. Even 2.5% is a challenge becos they must protect the capital we invested.
        U really must share who u use…
        Just in case, u think I’m mocking u. I’m definitely not…

      • Chris

        Just to add, my investments where it gives dividends, I’m getting from 3% to 7%. But for the rest, it’s pathetic.
        Capital gains r 5% in good years and if bad yrs it’ll be up to -20%. So on average. I make around <2.5% on my investment in shares. I'm just plucking figures as I mentally calculate here.
        Lastly, to add that they're not capital protected. So I may suffer huge losses even up to 45%….
        So, I am serious when I ask u where you invest. Just dun sell me some MLM if u really can share… 🙂

      • Bs

        Spend some time to ICA visitor service center (4th floor or 5th floor maybe), you may be amused by so many people pissed off by the ignorant officers.

        Spend some time to Small Claim Tribunal and you may be amused by so many people need to settle their claims but the judges are playing evasive, trying all means to rule out the case in not under their jurisdiction.

        Spend some time to MOM and listen to the employers complains. You’ll be amused by the broadness of their stories.

        Spend some time (oh well, this is hard), to hear someone complain to IDA. I have been charged extra month of service terminated. IDA require all telecom to give objective comment within 30 days, but themselves hasn’t get back to me after 60 days and even do not reply my email.

        Just some suggestion if you want to be amused. But if you don’t have time, don’t bother.

        Our country is not as clean as reporters say. Anything slightly out of agencies handbook will be a disaster. You may spend months and tens of thousands words and still not get thing done. The reporters do the routine check (such as setup a private limited or apply for a visa etc, they are so routine that couldn’t go wrong here). But trust me, our government agencies service level is far from “there”. You may not encounter it yet (because I haven’t been encounter it for past 10 years until this year, 流年不利). Simply judge by the salary of the counter staff lower side of 1k. I’ll refrain from making comment in order not to be sued. You use your own imagination.

        For investment, ANZ AUD fix deposit is giving 3% and SingPost is giving around 5.5% dividend over the years (don’t buy it now, it is overvalued at the moment, especially after Alibaba announced their plan to invest in SingPost). Standard Chartered and OCBC is selling long term deposit at 3% (2% guaranteed). You don’t have to be an financial guru to beat inflation and the 2.4% of OA. Frankly 4% is good return, especially when TH is only earning 6% right? It is quite reasonable deal. Most people should be unhappy with the 2.4% of OA. And the ever increasing without border Minimum Sum is really a pain in the ass. When I sign with OCBC I’m guaranteed to get my money back after 15 years. But CPF? If the government announce the withdraw age will be 80, I have to obey. If I object, I may be served with lawyer letter!

        My $0.25 (used to be ten cents, but the inflation is…. siao)

      • Bs


        When you are looking at dividend, you should blur your focus on capital gain. In the long run (a economic cycle usually is 8 to 15 years), you capital should remain relatively stable (provided you picked a good target, SingPost, SIA Engineering, ComfortDelgro etc shouldn’t go way too wrong, I refrain myself from any financial institute though). Generally it is super easy to beat the 2.4% of OA, but it took some effort and risk to beat the 4% though not possible. Frankly my mum is investing in China and gaining 12% per year. I have warned her so many times, but she just insist it is safe as she has been paid well for last 3 year plus. I have a former customer who sold her condo to invest in China as well, 20% per year. Super risky, but she got paid twice, means she already get 40% back even if she lose all her prime.

        Just share my strategy and success (?!) stories from people around me. No to be taken as advice as past performance doesn’t say anything in the future.

      • Ken

        @ Chris

        You say “Berkshire just lost $1b”.

        What you don’t say is that Berkshire’s assets today total US$494.94 billion. To lose US$1 billion is only 0.2% of its total assets. This is peanuts.

        In 2005 Berkshire’s total assets were US$275.12 billion. Today the total is US$494.94 billion. That is a rise of US$219.84 billion or 80% over 8.5 years or prorated at 9.41% a year.

        In sharp contrast Temasek Holdings’ Assets at the end of March 2003 was only S$61 billion. Today it is S$215 billion. That is an incredible rise of 352% over 11 years.

        Please do that maths and then tell me if given a choice where would like your retirement money be placed : CPF or TH?


      dead frog again your ideas are dog’s breakfast
      look at TH audited statements and tell me their annual return
      the issue is how much of it come back to cpf and how much is channeled to gahmen spending and ‘hoarded’ in reserves,
      so essentially you just want free handouts
      why don’t you talk about the pros and cons of doing that from a macroeconomic perspective since you are so smart?

      • Deaf Frog's toothpick

        @ COMMONER TAN
        very droll indeed.

        you cannot expect someone to take you seriously when you do not even have the basic etiquette to address another individual in a proper manner.

        if you have proper arguments, make them via virtue of your own ability, don’t expect me to spoon-feed you with information, do i look like i operate a philanthropic organisation? if you need charity, go to a VWO.


        sorry i meant deaf frog and not dead frog… the letterings are indeed close on the keyboard
        all i am saying is look before you leap, as the fund manager is in fact generating higher returns, question becomes how much is given back to you not whether the returns are lower as to warrant a replacement of the mangers


        good for you if you can get more than inflation returns on your investments
        good for most cpf members who used their balances for real estate and saw returns much higher than inflation
        bad for cpf members who want but could not find employment to contribute to the fund <— help them, not help everyone else

      • Bs

        Don’t you think government have long way to go to polish their policies so that every hard working Singaporean can get a reasonable paid work if he want? The cold truth is that either it is hard to find a suitable job, or the payout is bloody low to cope with current living expenses.

    • Bs

      Is it confidential? If so, punish him. If not, why not release? If the addressee is Ravi, he has the freedom to show others what? No need to complain. There are too many things to complain already. Even Attorney General starts to complain, siao!

      • Dude

        Exactly, there are already so many things to bother and many things done well, some not so and many also things people don’t understand completely and make a big fuss out of it. What is these complain and complain always about. If looking for perfect world, dream on!

      • Bs

        No, the cold hard truth is that majority pension funds outperform CPF, so the true owner of the CPF fund deserve an explanation why they underperform. Isn’t it a valid demand? Why we cannot see any transparency there but keep being educated that “we cannot understand completely”? If you never tell me the truth story I never get a chance to learn and try to understand what?

    • Chris

      Hi arif,
      may I know who r u referring to as son?
      Try to be more specific else ppl dun understand…

  37. Annoymus

    Good luck to you. Saw the news, they filed the suit against high court – 250k and above claim. Omg.

    • Chris

      Wow, seriously?
      Dun worry Roy. Although u make me sick. U have lots of fans here.
      Some of them uses very “cheem” financial terms. So, they sure have a lot of money to donate to ur causes.
      Wait, I am jumping the gun here. U may win….

    • charity

      Should be for a good cause. Because I believe this money will be donated to the charity. It’s a good deed. Lets see.

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