[Update THREE 01062014] Fund Raising For Roy Ngerng’s Court Case Against Lee Hsien Loong

Dear Singaporeans, we are at the Day 3 mark of the fund raising. We have managed to raised nearly $50,000 for the legal fees. The support from Singaporeans have been very very encouraging. You can read more about what the court case is about and the fund raising appeal here.

I thank Singaporeans for showing your support. This is a responsibility that means a lot to Singaporeans and I will take on this responsibility wisely. From the notes of support coming in, many Singaporeans hope that with this, we can fight on behalf of Singaporeans. We will.

As I had shared on my Facebook, I will update on the funds raised to be transparent and accountable. Please see below for further information on the funds raised so far, as of 5.00pm today.

Funds Raised So Far

We have raised $49,836.75 so far. We would still need to raise another $20,163.25. The target is $70,000.

Funds Raised  by 1 June 2014 5pm

Transaction Histories

Please see below the transaction histories of the bank accounts.

Below is the transaction history for the POSB Savings Bank Account 130-23068-7 (Ngerng Yi Ling). This is my personal bank account.

$46,175.03 has been raised from here.

31 May 2014-page-001

31 May 2014-page-002

1 June 2014-page-001

1 June 2014-page-002

1 June 2014-page-003

Below is the transaction history for the OCBC Savings Bank Account 657-4-111750 (Ngerng Mui Choo). My father helped set up this bank account yesterday solely for this fund raising.

$2,014.78 has been raised from here.

OCBC 31 May to 1 June 2014a1

OCBC 31 May to 1 June 2014a2

OCBC 31 May to 1 June 2014b

Below is the transaction history for PayPal. Please note that the PayPal is linked to my personal POSB bank account. I will include these amounts in the funds raised when they enter my personal POSB bank account, for ease of accounting.

$2,396.58 has been raised from here.

PayPal 1 June 2014edited

Finally, today I had received two amounts of $201.6 and $100 from two Singaporeans who had came personally to pass me the money (before 5.00pm today). Thank you very much and I am glad I was able to chat with one of them. The other person had passed an envelope to my father – whoever you are, thank you for making the trip down.

$1,651.60 has been raised via cash.

2014-06-01 17.40.16

To Transfer Funds


If you would like to contribute to the cause, you can make a deposit to POSB Savings Account Number 130-23068-7 (Ngerng Yi Ling). This is the main avenue for the fund raising.

Some people have also asked me about fund transfers via other options. I have managed to find out from the bank and compiled a list below based on the queries.

Method Details
Bank transfer or cheque Transfer to: POSB Savings Account Number 130-23068-7 (Ngerng Yi Ling)Transfer to: OCBC Savings Bank Account 657-4-111750 (Ngerng Mui Choo) – this account was set up by my father solely for the fund raising
Cash (in person) Please write to me at royngerng@gmail.com for the address
Cash or cheque (snail mail) Please write to me at royngerng@gmail.com for the address
Overseas transfer DBS Bank Ltd12 Marina BoulevardDBS Asia CentralMarina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3Singapore 018982

Swift address: DBSSSGSG

Bank code: 7171

Branch code: 081


POSB Savings Account Number: 130-23068-7

POSB Savings Account Name: Ngerng Yi Ling

PayPal royngerng@gmail.com

This is a very important point in the journey of Singaporeans. We have reached a point where we demand more answers and will not allow ourselves to be whitewashed.

On 7 June, we will be organising an event to demand to the Singapore government to #ReturnOurCPF. Read our demands below.

We have also set up a petition that you can sign here.

We look forward to seeing you on 7 June. The Facebook event page can be found here.

Return Our CPF Colour Boxes 2b@English

Return Our CPF Colour Boxes 2b@Chinese@without de


    • Aiyoh

      Xiaxue is so jealous of Roy. He gets so much sponsorship for his lawsuit but when she was sued by Dawn Yang, no sponsorship, liao… :–((

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      • applefurbee

        microsoft furbee, wtf are you talking about? you know what the heck is a fullstop or a comma?

    • Samuel

      Isn’t it strange, M. Ravi is willing to offer pro bono services for his other clients but yet for Roy, he charges a legal fee.

      • Albert Einstein

        Yes, most likely because this case is more time consuming. Maybe Ravi is having financial difficulty considering he has taken many cases FOC.

      • janice

        when you fight for a cause, do it with sheer conviction.
        wanna donate, yet announce left $20.
        wanna donate, yet ask for discount and pro bono legal services.
        have some pride and class please.

      • May Chen

        @janice, please read again.
        I donated $500. $20k is the amount Roy needs to cover the legal fees, not $20.
        Your eyes must have been totally covered with stamps.

      • janice

        my apologies may… partially covered with stamp.
        nevertheless, my thought on pride and class remains.

    • Albert Ng

      Roy is fighting for the high income?
      asking for higher CPF payout is benefitting the rich more, the people who benefit most are the high income group who got higher balance in CPF, those who don’t need to withdraw for housing. Who lost out the most? is the jobless and low income.
      So is Roy fighting for the rich or for the poor?

      If CPF interest is 6% or 10% the rich will not touch CPF for housing, using their normal saving to pay for housing will be a better choice, correct? To the lower income if they don’t use CPF to pay for HDB where else to get the money from? So you can clearly see Roy’s ploy is benefitting the rich more than the poor.

      People who donate money to Roy are fighting for the rich and make the poor poorer, I don’t have to say more.

      • Xmen

        You must be kidding. Do you think the RICH have the majority of their income in CPF? You need to go after (investment) income if you are after the RICH. Why do you think the RICH all over the world are coming to Singapore? Singapore has the lowest income tax for the RICH!

      • option?

        For information, the wage ceiling for cpf contribution has been in the region of 5 to $6k. Generally, those earn beyond 6k (Group A) contribute as much as those just earn 5 to 6k. In that sense, the group A are not better off. For all you know, since the cpf interest has been 2.5%, do you think the group A would have kept in the cpf and not use it for Housing?

      • Chris

        Ceiling is up to 5k. Thus Maximin contribution in cpf by u and ur employer is $1800.
        This will allow employer and urself some “breathing space”, else ppl will complain too much money go into cpf.
        I hope the ceiling of 5k will increase so that I can earn the cpf interest rate… But not more from me but my employer. But employer sure not happy one.
        Poor ppl always have difficulties due to their wages. Thus govt needs to give additional help besides cpf to such ppl. This situation for the poor is not unique to Singapore. No need to kpkb abt it unless govt dun help at all…

    • Julie

      Maybe because he is risking a lot himself here. You never know what LHL is capable off. They already put this dual personality crap on him and now opposition might try some other cheap stint.

      • pinky retard has cancer relapse

        Pinky has relapse of cancer, his balls also kanna cancer, he will die before his father… Hahahaha karma

    • aslw26

      I like the idea of a crowd funding effort. It is people funding a lawsuit against LHL. LHL would receive this ‘damages’ from his own people. What an embarrassment. Isn’t he paid enough already?

  1. Local

    Is there really a CPF option to withdraw all our money at 55 ?
    If there is, then why are there so many of us not aware of this ??

      • Albert Ng

        Why don’t WP help Roy fight? is Roy not fighting for the high income group?
        asking for higher CPF payout is benefitting the rich more, the people who benefit most are the high income group who got higher balance in CPF, those who don’t need to withdraw for housing. Who lost out the most? is the jobless and low income.
        So is Roy fighting for the rich or for the poor?

        If CPF interest is 6% or 10% the rich will not touch CPF for housing, using their normal saving to pay for housing will be a better choice, correct? To the lower income if they don’t use CPF to pay for HDB where else to get the money from? So you can clearly see Roy’s ploy is benefitting the rich more than the poor.

        People who donate money to Roy are fighting for the rich and make the poor poorer, I don’t have to say more.

  2. Pingback: Why Haung Na receive 300k, but Roy Ngerng only receive 30k+ ? - www.hardwarezone.com.sg
  3. Albert Einstein

    Hardwear zone ask good question.
    Huangna’s PRC mother laugh all the way to the bank. Sinkies always support the wrong cause. That’s why got CHC megascam and pinoy wanting to do national parade at our orchard road. Lead by a pro FT PM who claims that Sg belongs to everyone.

    • Albert Ng

      Don’t drag Dr Toh in, because Dr Toh fight for the lower income but Roy fight for the high income group.
      asking for higher CPF payout is benefitting the rich more, the people who benefit most are the high income group who got higher balance in CPF, those who don’t need to withdraw for housing. Who lost out the most? is the jobless and low income.
      So is Roy fighting for the rich or for the poor?

      If CPF interest is 6% or 10% the rich will not touch CPF for housing, using their normal saving to pay for housing will be a better choice, correct? To the lower income if they don’t use CPF to pay for HDB where else to get the money from? So you can clearly see Roy’s ploy is benefitting the rich more than the poor.

      People who donate money to Roy are fighting for the rich and make the poor poorer, I don’t have to say more.

      • From beyond

        Are you serious? From what I can see, the people donating money are the average Singaporeans. If you allegations that Roy is fighting for the rich, then where are the big donations?

        So, Dr Toh like Roy are fighting for the average Sinaporeans.

        If you are stupid or mad, there are cures but I suspect that yours is both stupid and mad. No cure, mate!

      • Irina Tan

        How do you know the people who are donating are “average” Singaporeans?
        Why do you assume that “rich” people will donate large amounts?
        Why do you assume people have to donate if Roy is fighting for them?

    • Chris

      What dr Toh says just further justify that pap mp r not restricted on what they r allowed to say. Rather they can say what they think is right or wrong.
      Whether cpf is valid, relevant, fair or whatever, the govt will have the final say as the elected govt.
      there will always be differences in every individual’s point of views. Freedom of speech or expression is upheld and not stifled.
      And the govt is not corrupted and the policies will bring Singaporeans forward up in the value chain.

      • From Beyond

        Those were the days when police still wearing shorts. Nowadays everyone practice group think and group vote.

      • Chris

        Not really… MP still give their mind freely on matters passionately.
        But nowadays less fiery becos ppl r from a different generation.

  4. Raymond

    to me the amount of money raised is not the main thing. What the donation drive has shown is that Roy boy is getting a decent level of support from many Singaporeans. At least when he enters the ring, everyone knows he is not going in alone. Roy,..forgive me for being blunt…most likely you will be made a bankrupt after this, but i think u can take comfort in the fact that there are so many Singaporeans supporting you. Hopefully the PM will drop the case…..it makes little sense to antagonize so many Singaporeans. All the best bro.

  5. Dr Toh Chin Chye

    I would like to put this question to the Minister for Health or the Minister for Labour who is responsible for administering the CPF. What would this percentage be if the withdrawal age were raised to 60 or 65? Of this amount that was withdrawn, two-thirds were spent on buying houses, mainly HDB flats. So only one-third was spent on retirement…

    What is irksome is this: that the Government is using people’s savings and telling them how to spend their savings. That is the nub of the problem…
    We need to clearly define the boundaries within which the CPF will be used for retirement. We must spell that out. You just cannot say, “Let us raise the withdrawal age to 60 or 65.” It must be 60. It must be 65. Now, at which age? This Paper does not contain any calculation at all to say what will happen if it is withdrawn at 60, or what will happen if it is withdrawn at 65…

    I think fundamental principles are being breached. The fundamental principle is this. The CPF is really a fixed deposit or a loan to Government, which can be redeemed at a fixed date when the contributor is 55 years old. If I were to put this sum of money in a commercial bank and, on the due date I go to the bank to withdraw the money, the manager says, “i am sorry, Dr Toh, you will have to come next year”, there will be a run on the bank! It is as simple as this, that the CPF has lost its credibility, the management of it. This is fundamental. You were taken by surprise by Medisave. Then they say, “6% of your Special Account will be kept for Medisave and you cannot withdraw that, even if you were to die.”

    • goh kan seng

      Very well said, Dr Toh.
      Even the PAP blind supporters dare not disagree with you. When are you going to take your ex-comrade and his son into the grave and save our country?

      • May Chen

        @kan seng. You are right. I didn’t see any pappies retorting this. In fact, it is the truth.
        Which credible bank or insurance company would change their payout date at their own whims and fancy? Looks like a scam if you ask me.

      • Chris

        Yes Goh,
        Dr Toh is saying from his point of views.
        Does not mean every one must agree with him.
        That’s life. when he was in office, I’m sure he made policy that didn’t go down well with some population of Singapore.
        Dr Toh made his point during his time and that’s commendable.
        Always 2 sides of the coin in everything ppl do….

      • twitter lee

        Hi Chris, I am sure there are two sides. Can you show us what policy he made that didn’t go down well with the public?

  6. Bs

    An apple a day, keeps doctors away.

    Just kidding, I’m a ordinary citizen and working hard to make ends meet. I’ll donate $5 a month until this ends. Hope it helps. Jiayou Roy!

    • Albert Ng

      asking for higher CPF payout is benefitting the rich more, the people who benefit most are the high income group who got higher balance in CPF, those who don’t need to withdraw for housing. Who lost out the most? is the jobless and low income.
      So is Roy fighting for the rich or for the poor?

      If CPF interest is 6% or 10% the rich will not touch CPF for housing, using their normal saving to pay for housing will be a better choice, correct? To the lower income if they don’t use CPF to pay for HDB where else to get the money from? So you can clearly see Roy’s ploy is benefitting the rich more than the poor.

      People who donate money to Roy are fighting for the rich and make the poor poorer, I don’t have to say more.

  7. Albert Ng

    asking for higher CPF payout is benefitting the rich more, the people who benefit most are the high income group who got higher balance in CPF, those who don’t need to withdraw for housing. Who lost out the most? is the jobless and low income.
    So is Roy fighting for the rich or for the poor?

    If CPF interest is 6% or 10% the rich will not touch CPF for housing, using their normal saving to pay for housing will be a better choice, correct? To the lower income if they don’t use CPF to pay for HDB where else to get the money from? So you can clearly see Roy’s ploy is benefitting the rich more than the poor.

    People who donate money to Roy are fighting for the rich and make the poor poorer, I don’t have to say more.

    • Ace

      Albert must also be one of those guys who believe that HIGHER GST benefits the poor.

      If higher interest benefits all Singaporeans, why is it a problem. If you don’t want the higher interest, you are welcome to donate to poor Singaporeans but in your case, you probably prefer to give to PRs.

      PAP wants to attract RICH foreigners here so if higher CPF interest rate benefits the rich, then Roy is helping the PAP lor. Why LHL sue him?
      Pls explain Albert.

      • Albert Ng

        Ace, ask yourself who has more money in CPF? the high income or the lower income?
        If CPF pays 10% interest rate who will benefit more? The high income can use more cash to pay for HDB but the low income can’t, they need to withdraw from CPF to pay for HDB. So you still believe Roy is fighting for the low income?

    • Enoughofyoualbert

      To allow the gov policy imposed on minimum sum is not helping the poor either. Please stop thinking with your butthole. And we hv alr seen ur comment. Dont need to post it so many times. We are not blind. Thanks.

      • Albert Ng

        so you are helping Roy to fight for the high income, you are worst than the PAP.

      • Ace

        Roy fights for the average Singaporeans who are more adversely affected by CPF low interest rates than the rich. A few thousand more for the poor means a lot to them and may be the difference between eating 3 meals or 2 meals a day in their retirement. A hundred thousand more for a billionaire is just a drop in the ocean.
        You fail to understand that absolute numbers means nothing since everything in life is relative to something else.
        So, please don’t try to smoke Singaporeans. We are educated and can think for ourselves.
        BTW Dr Toh spoke up on the CPF issue for the poor and average Singaporean. PAP was against it since they favour the rich. Roy spoke up on the CPF issue and PAP is against him. So, Dr Toh and Roy are not in agreement with PAP on the CPF issue and speaks for the same group of poor and average Singaporean. Simple enough?

      • May

        The minimum sum is something that ensures you will atleast have a minimum standard of living at the end of the day. If you compare the people who have at least money to pay for a plate of rice/roof over their heads, and the people who are completely broke and sleeping on the streets, who have not even a shower for months because they have NO INCOME WHAT SO EVER. You’ll realise, no matter how small, yes income is better than no income.

      • May Chen

        @May, you are wrong.
        If we don’t have the minimum sum, how does it ensures we have a minimum standard of living?
        Minimum sum is just a figure, it serves no purpose except to prevent people from using their own money.
        What allows us to retire is the amount we have in our CPF account, not the minimum sum. You have been uninformed and uneducated by not reading what this author had wrote in the past few articles. I recommend you review his articles again because what you write down here clearly shows you have misunderstood the CPF system.

      • pinky retard has cancer relapse

        Dun u guys realise nothing is gonna change unless you fuckin vote the papies out. Lets be united and vote them out… Especially fargot lee pinky, chao ah qua who got no balls always hide behind his daddy n she male ho jinx. Anyway karma will haunt the lee family… Hahahahha

      • May

        @May Chen,
        In fact you are the one who is uninformed and uneducated by not reading up on what CPF is about. What the author says is obviously biased because his cause is to say CPF is no good. Furthermore, to consider his ill-researched articles as truth is not a wise move. The minimum sum is not saying that you cannot take out money, it’s that you cannot take out the EXCESS of the minimum sum when you hit 55 when you don’t actually have an excess. However, even if you don’t hit MS at 55, you’ll still be able to draw out $5000. After which, upon drawdown age, you will be drawing out the money from your CPF at fixed intervals until you exhaust your CPF. Alternatively, if you believe you will outlive your CPF, you can purchase CPF life that allows you to get a monthly payout until you die.

        If you think someone is gonna be so poor at 55 that he’ll need all his CPF to rescue him, imagine him at 65.. or 75..without any CPF

        h t t p : // mycpf. cpf.gov.sg/ Members/ CPFSchemes/ MinimumSumScheme. htm#a1
        h t t p s : // w w w. facebook. com/ notes/ imavvy/ 8-things-about-the-minimum-sum-you-should-know/ 10154186710740177

  8. Smarter than an RJC guy

    I went to church today and asked the Lord to change the hearts of the PAP blind supporters and avail Singaporeans of their daily struggles. PAP’s policies is the biggest problem today. Once upon a time, when someone picked on TT Durai, he sued his critics…only to be found out later on after a number of defamations suits by TT Durai himself that he was embezzling the NKF donations from the public. The issue was played down during the 2006 GE. I don’t trust the PAPigs.

    • Fong Khai Yin

      Yes, The Singapore Justice system has became such that the legal cost is so high that only the rich can afford and therefore can win as they can afford the legal cost. The not so rich cannot afford the legal fees and will lose.
      Therefore, when even if PM win this case in court, it does not means that there is justice.

      • Rebecca Koh

        I think you’re confusing justice with equity. The law exists to ensure justice, but equity… not really. Open your eyes, the world is never equitable in its distribution of income, wealth and opportunities. It’s true that the rich have it way better, no one is challenging that.

      • option?

        What is wrong with people with high Cpf when they have earn it? It’s like you are saying you can’t have the rich have high saving in the bank even if it is their legitimate savings. Power to earn and investment return to your hard earn saving are 2 different things altogether.

      • option?

        Well said. Only those who have gone through litigation will know this. You need money to last the race even if you have legitimate ground. As litigation progresses, parties will throw in more thing to outlast one another and at times, if you do not have the financial means, you will have to give up before it ends.

      • Chris

        R u saying the Singapore judiciary is flawed or bias to the rich or powerful?
        The good thing about Singapore judiciary is that no party can control them in their verdict according to our laws. Even if he is a full minister or even the PM. Facts r facts in the eyes of the law.
        There r lot of lawyers who fight for the poor and ignorant.

    • Samuel

      I see, may I know who do you trust to have all the solutions to avail every Singaporeans of their daily struggle so that all of us will have $6000 monthly salary, low car and house prices, no GST, free medical care, no CPF and COE etc.

      I would most definitely vote for this person. In fact all Singaporeans will vote for this person without any hesitation.

      • May Chen

        @Samuel, very calm reply from your armchair. Anyone without a brain can say what you have said.

    • Aiyoh

      I also went to church today and asked the Lord to change the hearts of the OPP blind supporters. Blindly giving away money to someone who most likely will lose the court case. Opposition MPs drawing hefty $16K per month to sit in parliament while allowing their supporter Roy to go through this traumatic experience simply because they failed to do what Roy was doing. I don’t trust the OPPigs.

      • From beyond

        I think you are praying for yourself. Next GE, PAP will be the opposition party. Everything goes in cycles. PAP started as opposition, 50 years later, full cycle back in opposition. Lol.

    • Fact

      just because other citizens supported PAP government and shared difference view from you, you judged them by calling them ” blind”? What are you? go to church n pray to God to change their heart? you seem to have so much hatred. Bro please reflect yourself before a mirror lah. I am sure our good Lord give u peace

  9. Smarter than an RJC guy

    It’s a sad for Singapore when the planet’s highest paid prime minister intends at all cost to exact more than a pound of flesh from an ordinary citizen. Late last year and earlier this year, Singaporeans witnessed the attempt to regulate the internet for political purposes by the MDA and now when all else fails, they went for bloggers. It’s a sad day for Singaporeans. When will they ever wake up? Having said that, PM Lee is in greater trouble than he anticipated. He has miscalculated this one big time. He didn’t expect Roy to go public and that is going to be his political undoing. He will the court case and many Singaporeans are not stupid, they know he will win just as he hanged the ‘Once a Jolly Hangman’. Singaporeans no longer respect this administration not even their own civil servants respect them today. And they’re still clueless.

    Alfian Saat waslargely right:

    The past few days have left me with a very heavy heart. What I don’t understand is why Lee Hsien Loong seems to be so adamant in pursuing legal proceedings against Roy Ngerng, right to the bitter end. The apology has been made, the offending article has been retracted. But the apology is rejected as ‘insincere’, and suddenly, with what looks like extortionate opportunism, additional articles which make no mention of the PM are asked to be removed as well.

    Why, Lee Hsien Loong? You have, at your disposal, an entire press juggernaut that can and will lay out your government’s position. There is a government website, ‘factually’, whose very purpose is to rebut and refute what you claim are unsubstantiated rumours and falsehoods. Even on Roy’s website, there are comments by those who take issue with his data and findings and calculations–and as far as I am concerned these have not been censored by him. In a contest of ideas, the crackpot ones will die a natural death. Don’t you know that you make your government look hopelessly desperate when it has to high-handedly resort to litigation to win an information war?

    It just seems to me like your thirst for blood has made you lose the plot. You talk about repairing your reputation as someone who is incorruptible but do you have any idea what reputation you are gaining with this relentless single-mindedness? You claim injury as the victim of defamation, but do you think the public can discern the victim in someone who has the deep pockets to hire a top lawyer, and who dismisses a compensation offer of $5000–a considerable sum to many of us–as ‘derisory’? And don’t you know that at some point an inability to forgive–even when the other has been made to grovel–hints at the moral corruption of a sadist and bully?

    I actually feel sorry for you, Hsien Loong. Because to me this will be the reputation you have earned for yourself: as someone who struggled to match the competence of his father, and yet only managed to equal him in his vindictiveness. People used to call Goh Chok Tong the seat-warmer PM, the stodgy but solid interim as we waited for you to grow up. But it looks like you never did.

    • The Talking Is Over

      How many Opposition voters can you bring to the voting booth in 2016?
      Talk no use.
      It’s votes that count.

    • May

      did you even follow the news on what Roy did before writing your lengthy comment? Did you miss out on something when you say the apology was rejected? Why do you think the apology was rejected? Because the PM is petty? or because Roy continued playing his little games?

      Just because someone is rich or famous doesn’t mean he should be subjected to abuse and injustice. No one would take it lying down being called a thief and for it to be announced to the world without facts or evidence. Would you? Say if you were a little more successful in your life than your extended family, and your cousin started telling your nephew that you managed to go on holidays because you steal from your company. Would you take that lying down?
      When you demanded an apology and clarification from your cousin, he apologises and admits to his allegations being baseless, but shortly after he turns around and you hear him telling your nephew again, that holidays are what people do when they have stolen money. Sure, he didn’t mention your name this time, so you are damn sure you will take his apology as sincere right?

      • May Chen

        @May, did you even follow Roy’s articles before your lengthy comment? Did you miss out on what was the alleged defamtory article? Why do you think Roy apologise? Because he can never win a lawsuit with the PM? or because it is too expensive to fight in high court? No one is calling the PM a thief, the second paragraph is a classic strawman argument where you project a blatantly false position on Roy to make yourself sound right. Educated people like myself can see through your intellectual dishonesty and cunning.

      • May

        @May Chen,
        I think you may need to reassess your definition of “Educated People”.

      • Chris

        May Chen
        Did u say no one call PM a thief?
        Roy used a CHC Chart and changed it to target PM. If I’m a layman, I would think that’s what Roy means to say that “misappropriation of fund is presented” clearly.

      • May Chen


        I repeat “No one call PM a thief”. As you already noted, it is just a chart. Your thinking is flawed. As a highly educated person, I would not put the two together. It just shows some similarities and call for greater scrutiny on our CPF due to the lack of transparency.

      • May

        Lol, I guess some people just want to watch the world burn ei? @twitter lee

        @Chris, thank you for your comment. I do appreciate your help, and it gives me solace that there are still people who would speak up when they see something is not right.
        I’ve come to realise that “some” people prefer to claim him/herself as being “highly educated” as a justification for bad argument. ie, My argument is bad and flawed and I cannot be bothered to educate myself, but fear not, if I claim I’m highly educated with a keen eye, I win.

        I guess it will always be an uphill battle trying to talk sense in this kind of debate.

  10. Yours concerned

    Roy – pls don’t be brave for the sake of it . Pls use this oppor wisely but not same inflammatory statements to draw attention or do things to aggravate. You have to be wise as well – you have power but pls use it wisely – otherwise – this saga will go down as a waste and you just forgotten.

  11. whore

    Thanks for this open data which is an experiment i could never have done. I see that its earning much better and quicker than what I am going now. I am thinking now how I can make millions out from studying your data and people psychology to make people believe in me and quickly click on “donate now” .

  12. Aiyoh

    M Ravi grinning from ear to ear 🙂 If only the govt will throw in more lawsuits, he will make more and more money 🙂

  13. M

    I see many donating for to his ’cause’ even thought when it’s his own law suit. Everyday he post updates on the amount people send him etc. But never see a post regarding his own share for the 70K fee.

    • Samuel

      Don’t you know, he only has a life saving of $5000 although he could still afford to go to Europe for holiday. So how can he afford to pay the 70K legal fee?

      • Aiyoh

        Nice try! And losers like you believe him. What about his parents, siblings, uncles, aunties, gay partners ….. how much did they give?

    • cleareye

      after learning from this good donation experience, i think he will have more creative & excuses in future to sucks more money from all these robert heads… since these robert heads are so more than willing to give $$$

  14. Who Is Paying LHL's Legal Bills ??

    Where is the money going to come from?
    a) Is LHL paying the bill himself?
    b) Is PAP paying the bill for LHL?
    c) Is the Singapore tax payers paying the bill?

    What do you think?

    • Albert Ng

      asking for higher CPF payout is benefitting the rich more, the people who benefit most are the high income group who got higher balance in CPF, those who don’t need to withdraw for housing. Who lost out the most? is the jobless and low income.
      So is Roy fighting for the rich or for the poor?

      If CPF interest is 6% or 10% the rich will not touch CPF for housing, using their normal saving to pay for housing will be a better choice, correct? To the lower income if they don’t use CPF to pay for HDB where else to get the money from? So you can clearly see Roy’s ploy is benefitting the rich more than the poor.

      People who donate money to Roy are fighting for the rich and make the poor poorer, I don’t have to say more.

      • May Chen

        FROM ACE (copy and paste here in case people missed what has already been said above)

        Albert must also be one of those guys who believe that HIGHER GST benefits the poor.

        If higher interest benefits all Singaporeans, why is it a problem. If you don’t want the higher interest, you are welcome to donate to poor Singaporeans but in your case, you probably prefer to give to PRs.

        PAP wants to attract RICH foreigners here so if higher CPF interest rate benefits the rich, then Roy is helping the PAP lor. Why LHL sue him?
        Pls explain Albert.

      • Samuel

        Raising attention towards CPF and insinuating that someone is corrupted are TWO different issues, but so many people don’t seem to understand that.

        LHL is suing Roy for insinuating that he is corrupted not for criticising about CPF or asking for higher CPF interest.

    • Irina Tan

      It’s a personal case, so none of the funds should be coming from government-related organizations.
      But he is a civil servant, and all civil servants’ pays are eventually traced to taxpayers, so if you want to go that far… sure you can say that part of the fees are being borne by the taxpayers of Singapore.

      • May

        Well, there are no fees to bear as Roy is suppose to pay for the legal fees. That is the problem when someone defames and spouts nonsense about someone else without proof. Lets put it this way, maybe it’ll make people feel better. LHL will match whatever amount Roy pays for the legal proceedings dollar-for-dollar and give it to a local charity. Does that sound better to you? It’s quite literally the same thing. Are you ok now that your taxpayers money is used for charity instead of paying for legal matters?

        bottom line, stop being so anal about something that is so insignificant. You are missing the boat on this discussion.

  15. ohpls@smh.com

    So is this clown going to go through this ‘fund raising’ exercise later on too when he’s found guilty and has to pay 6-figures’ worth of damages?

    Also love his constant use of ‘we’ in his posts.

    • May

      yup.. nowadays being a blogger is a good job, everything also can get sponsor.. all the sillyporeans really… smh…

  16. chua c h

    I think you guys better stop being so naive and STOP at mediation stage.

    If you feel you were maligned and you are a state leader, will you be satisfied with $70K?

    Supreme Court claimants means case exceeding $250K.

    If you go before Appeals Court and Court of Appeal – you will be blowing more than $1m. Who do you think will definitely win? 

    It is a D24 case for claimant as you well know. Who is ultimate beneficiary? The lawyers and the Courts for fees paid.

    Why throw good money after bad? Where is your Plan B, C, D, etc…? Move on and fight on.

    I am not pro either party. 

    Mistakes were made by some as leaders and decision makers. Who hasn’t made mistakes before in their lives? 

    Fine tuning and adjustments were made. It was good that the issue got more than normal fair share of hearing and audience and this shows high maturity and good working relationship and monitoring by citizens but we have to move on.

    Too much internal strife deters progress – just look at surrounding countries. We want high salaries, don’t we? Think strikes and protests will lead to that?

    Go to the malls, places of attractions, zoos, integrated resorts:

    Do you really see increased number of visitors and retail spending?  You want to add to the crunch and see disaster created before your eyes? 

    Spend 5 minutes to think. About 90% of all you see are low spending Indian tourists due to the peak Indian holiday period. Other than that, small numbers of tourists spending short vacation of their school holidays here as we are super outpriced compared to regional destinations.

    Do you see much of other nationalities? That is for tourism and travel related industries. The same applies also for other industries. Other than that, you see only local participation who enjoy good discounts – to give impression of crowds.

    Foreign workers add small percentage to local spending.

    You want to create hell – and hell you will get when more people get jobless.

    Government and statutory boards provide staff with eternal employment which leads to complacency, etc. – unlike private sectors where staff can be retrenched or replaced with little or no compensation.

    Focus on that or other relevant issues and we progress together as a country….. 


    The Heart Truths schrieb am 18:44 Sonntag, 1.Juni 2014:

    WordPress.com Roy Ngerng posted: “Dear Singaporeans, we are at the Day 3 mark of the fund raising. We have managed to raised nearly $50,000 for the legal fees. The support from Singaporeans have been very very encouraging. You can read more about what the court case is about and the fund “

    • please explain to me, and please use details

      all the know it alls here are just crying victim

      when the courts award aggravated damages to PM to the tune of millions, they will shout kangaroo court

      naturally agc may step in

      why don’t you retards just understand defamation law and legal proceedings?

      grow up

  17. saveus

    I see the kindness movement is still on. Roy fights for the common Singaporean, and he only did what would have been peanuts in any political setting. If this blows up he whole world will start laughing at our legal system on the BBC.. haha!

  18. dvfrg

    2.5-4% is a confirm return. Yes the government can made 16% return during good times. But would lose money during bad times. Some year 16% some year -10% but in the long run, it will average out to be around 4%.

    You want 16% return? If market are bad and everyone lose money, would you tank those loses? I can’t imagine if this proposal goes through and I will have tank those loses. Please 4% return is a confirm money. It’s good money, it gives me peace. Just take it.

    I am very thankful for the CPF scheme. My father spend every cents of his salary. He is just like you all, always complaining about CPF. But just last month, he had a stroke and 80% of hospital bills of it is paid by returns from government strategic investment. The remaining 20% around 3k+ is paid with my father CPF money. He have again broke his leg, requires costly implants and lengthy hospital stay. I know the our good government will cover my ass and my father CPF will cover the rest.

    I would rather my father have his money kept with the CPF. Because he received his CPF payout once. And in less than 2 years, he have spend them all. I don’t even know what he spent on. Luckily, govt set aside minimum sum, else we will have to pay for his hospitals bill in cash! Which me and my bro clearly don’t have!

    Please, CPF is something good. It has saved my ass. And it definitely saved and will save alot of other singaporean ass. Just don’t think it’s bad just because most people say it’s bad. If CPF is abolished, Alot of singaporean will suffer. So for the sake of singapore’s future. Please stop all these. Thanks.

    • milrovert

      Nobody is saying we should abolish the CPF scheme. Its purpose to make Singapore save for their old age and medical expenses is well-intentioned. However, your father’s spendthrift and imprudent nature does not an automatically represent what other Singaporeans will do with their CPF money. Very one-sided and simplistic argument.

      • Samuel

        But it is a possible scenario that can happen to quite a number of Singaporeans. The thing is there will never be a solution that will benefit everybody. All solutions will benefit some, will not affect some and causes disadvantages to some.

        Allowing Singaporeans to withdraw their CPF will benefit many Singaporeans as it allows them to spend and invest for a more comfortable retirement. But what will the solution be for those who spend unwisely and have no money left for retirement? Do the rest of the tax payers support these people which may result in higher taxes from increased public spending?

        Until a feasible solution is found for the possible problems that can occur from allowing Singaporeans to withdraw all their CPF after a certain age, I don’t think we should just blindly focus on the pros and ignoring the cons of allowing full CPF withdrawal and just keep insisting and demanding for it.

      • milrovert

        I think many of us can see your point, Samuel. But let’s not be so simplistic as to conclude all Singaporeans will behave like his father and that therefore public policies should be formulated in response to the behaviour of a certain group of individuals like him.

        I’m neither advocating nor against full withdrawal of CPF at 55. I can probably see both the pros and cons of having a minimum sum. But for once, isn’t good for the Singaporeans to voice out their views on something which affects many of our lives to the core? Perhaps, something better might come out of this?

        Having said that, I’m more inclined to believe that there are also many amongst us who are mature and sensible enough to act responsibly with our lives. I might be wrong as I’m no expert in sociology or human behaviour, nor do I have the hard facts or statistics to back my belief. I just don’t feel it’s right not tar everyone with the same brush like he did.

        On whether tax payers should bear the social costs resulting from irresponsible behaviour on the part of individuals, I can only say that this has always been a time-worn, universal issue. It’s an issue other countries are having to contend with as well. It might boil down to individual as well as societal values we hold. But ultimately, the government also exists to take care of Singaporeans too, so let Singaporeans voices be heard on this issue.

      • Samuel

        Yes, voicing out is good, it’s only through listening to feedback from all parties involved can any government create policies that benefit the majority. Unfortunately, the PAP needs to improve on this.

        But the thing is, at least on the internet, sensible and mature feedback are rare, as compared to accusations, vulgarities, curses and demands by the hardcore anti-PAP who only see the pros in the issues that everybody is concerned about. They refused or just ignore the cons of the solutions that they demand the government to implement.

      • milrovert

        Well said. I just hope that in the end, good spirit prevails and partisanship of any sort does not take precedence and cloud the issues.

      • May

        People like to think we are good and sensible when it comes to money management, but in fact, are we really? Fact is, to survive, actually each human don’t really need very much money. By right, a large amount of us should be relatively /very rich, if we save consistently and invest wisely. However, why is it that at the end of the day, the savings of a $5000 salaried person is not necessarily 5 times that of someone taking $1000 salary? My parents are also the same, when they have money, their first thought is to spend it or “invest” it. But their investments are definitely not 4% interest risk free. and they definitely did not study the how tos to investment. During the financial crisis, whatever they made before was wiped out and they almost lost all their savings. That is the truth of the majority Singaporean. Not the minority, internet savvy, smarter than average Singaporean.

      • option?

        Hi, your parents are not alone. As reported, Temasek. .. also made a loss of 40 to 50 b though whether floating or realised ,during the last financial crisis.

  19. averagejo

    even if we know that roy will inevitably lose this case, as he is pitting himself against one of the biggest and richest giants, we’ll still donate. whether it’s 50cents or 5k, it’s giving to a cause. yes, roy shouldn’t have lumped two issues together. asking for clarifications on the cpf ins and outs, and insinuating that lhl is corrupted are two different issues altogether. and it is not wise to accuse someone with that sort of money, power and political weight. but his intention was to ask the government who is responsible for making fair and balanced policies for singaporeans and themselves – to adjust the cpf scheme to reasonable terms.

    whether the cpf gives us a higher or lower interest rate, it is after all our hard-earned money and should be given the option on whether we wish to continue leaving it in our cpf or take it out after 60, and re-invest it somewhere else. having a mandatory cpf minimum sum is just ridiculous. no singaporean with a sound mind would withdraw and blow all their cpf money unwisely if they lose their job/retire at 60. those who do that are just plain stupid and don’t deserve any sympathy.

    for the rest of the average singaporeans, being given the option to withdraw their cpf savings without a ridiculous minimum sum could mean retiring somewhere else with a less dense population, a slower pace of life, property to call their own or simply use their money to do what they want to do in their retirement age. using the excuse to “help” singaporeans manage their retirement money is just another convenient excuse to keep our money longer for cpf/gic investment sake.

    anyway, suing roy will inevitably make singaporeans hate and dislike lhl and pap more and more, even if roy was wrong. yes, call us who donate money to him stupid, call him stupid, but at least we don’t live to blindly follow the status quo. pap supporters are full of hope and think otherwise, no, we don’t have to agree who’s right or wrong, better or worse. time will tell. argue now also no use. we can only wait and see.

    • Samuel

      So those that you say are stupid for spending all their CPF money unwisely, should we let them starve to death and not offer any aid to them?

      How about those that didn’t meant to spend all of it but happen to make an unwise decision in investing and lost almost all of their CPF money as a result?

      • Why Vote Opposition ?

        @ Samuel
        It does not matter whether you are careful or careless with your CPF money.
        The PAP government will not help you.

        It does not matter whether your money is in your bank account or in a CPF account.
        The PAP government will not help you.

        It does not matter whether you voted PAP or Opposition.
        The PAP government will not help you.

        What part of “The PAP government will not help Singaporeans” don’t you understand?

      • Samuel

        Your point being? Regardless of whichever party is in power, I think that’s a valid point to think about.

      • The Anti Singaporean Party

        “The PAP government will not help Singaporeans.”
        This has been proven over last 50 years.

        That does not mean a WP or SDP government will not help Singaporeans.

      • Chris

        Why vote opposition,
        These r unfair statements.
        Govt will help anyone who needs help.
        More often than not, u read abt help given and received. But u also read abt some poor ppl who exchange food voucher for cash to buy beer instead of paying for food on their family’s table.
        There r also many NGO who help the poor regardless of their nationality. Such NGO rec donations from various sources and u cannot say ppl in pap or WP or whoever didn’t donate as well.
        When govt dun help, it may becos they dun know or that person is being helped before.
        U can help to report to msfd of any new cases u see on the roads. Or if u r so suspicious of msfd, u can tell wan pao…
        Another reason why such cases whom the govt helped but not published is becos the privacy of such ppl must be protected.

      • Samuel

        @The Anti Singaporean Party

        That is an unfair statement, yes the PAP in recent years are no longer as good as compared to before. But that is only recently and not the whole 50 years. Unless your living standard is exactly the same as it was in the 1940s.

        It’s blanket statement like yours that are typical of those whole blame everything and anything as PAP’s fault. So what do you want, a political party who is perfect and will never make any mistakes and will just keep coming out with policies that has all the pros and no cons? Dream on.

    • May Chen

      I have been following this whole saga and note that the “offending” article contains facts, not outright slander that PM is corrupt. The allegation of defamation is highly contestable. Highly educated people like me can tell the different between outright lies and mere suggestions. It is PM’s prerogative to interpret the way he wants to interpret, including insisting that the comparisons between CHC and CPF constitutes an accusation of corruption. If you have followed through, you would see that such allegation does not really stand. Whether Roy subsequently apologise or not does not change the original situation.

      We should not allow ourselves to be swayed by distortions created by PAP followers who never read that original article that is now taken down, but keep attacking Roy, taking on the position of the PM. It is foolish to do so. To all those who never read that article and are here to judge, I beseech you to go dig out that article and read. Then come tell me which part constitutes slander. If you cannot prove it here, better shut your big mouth.

      • Chris

        May Chen
        So when chc chart was presented, is there not a tinge of impression that ppl involved in the chc saga had misappropriate funds or cbt?
        I read that chart is showing me an indication of misappropriation of funds by chc ppl involved.
        If Roy used that chart, I take it that he meant PM is like that too….
        I think I am educated. Not highly but high enough….

      • May Chen

        @Chris, no, there wasn’t. And CHC case isn’t settled. Since Kong Hee has not been charged guilty for corruption, at most we can only say that there could be risk of corruption if not handle properly. I truly believe this is what Roy intend to present in his article and not accuse the PM of corruption, which is a stretch of imagination playing in the minds of some people.

      • May Chen

        @Chris, you need to further your education. From what you wrote, it seems you lack logical reasoning ability. Sorry, if I am a bit honest.

      • Chris

        May Chen
        I do not agree with ur logic. Although, Kong Hee and gang r not found guilty. But the chart indicates that wrongdoing is suspected… It is clear.
        With regards to education, I strive to learn new things everyday…. Hope u do too…

      • Not Chris

        Well considering Roy’s camp has already issued an apology, if that isn’t an admission of guilt I don’t know what is. IMO, the impending case in court is not so much as to determine his guilt, which has already been admitted/established, but rather figure out damages.

      • twitter lee

        May Chen is correct. Roy is pressured by the immense cost of a lawsuit or else he wouldn’t have apologised in the first place. I am no legally trained, but, yes, according to court procedures, he already loss the case. But the court of public opinion thinks otherwise. So many people donate to support Roy but none donate to the PM. It is clear where the silent majority stands.

      • Samuel

        @May Chen

        Roy plot the alleged deceit by Kong Hee and the others, by using the similar flowchart but changing the pictures and details to LHL etc, isn’t Roy insinuating that there is deceit by LHL with regards to the country funds.

        Before you say it, yes I did read the article, and no I am not a PAP supporter, Roy is not the only one in the opposition that I can support. If we shouldn’t blindly listen to PAP, neither should we blindly listen to Roy.

        Lastly, you do not need to be highly educated to differentiate, all you need is common sense and to look at things without prejudice. These are not taught in school.

      • Chris

        Twitter lee,
        If he just stick to what he was doing – complaining, whining, copy & paste things that justifies his views on cpf, HDB, etc. Even if he only presents a one sided view of the govt that “only issue unfair policies”.
        He would not be sued.
        IMO, he deserved it… Every day many ppl r pressured into admitting their crimes. The point is: “did he do it”.
        As for ppl donating, it’s between him and them. As long as donating in this form is legal.

      • Irina Tan

        @May Chen

        Roy has already apologised and offered $5000 in damages. I believe its fair to conclude that if someone apologises and offers you money for damages, that he agrees that he has offended you in some way; in this particular case, defamation. There is no issue of whether defamation actually occurred: Roy’s actions afterward prove that he intended to defame PM Lee

      • Chua

        May Chen, if u are so convinced that no slander is made, then u must be pretty confident Roy will win the case. I’ve read the original article twice and I felt there’s no outright slander but defamation by association. But his many previous articles clearly shows either cherry picking of studies some misintepretation and profound disrespect/insults to PM Lee. Would u like to be on the receiving end of such antics? Simple solution like raising pay for everyone and returns for cpf needs to be paid by someone. Who is that someone? Why is Singapore compared vs the high income countries when we have no resources before. Did it rain money for years or someone brought us thru struggle to this level? Are Singaporeans so smart and wonderful that we are naturally born talent deserving only to compare vs the best in the world?

  20. We donated money and now we want some answers


    This post is circulating amongst my friends’ FB and email

    I am very interested in the questions raised there.

    Is it true that the 70K will be frozen and added to the damages?

    Why are you making the fundraising out to be a query on CPF when the court case is about assessing aggravated damages brought about by your actions after the first letter?

    Can you please answer the questions raised in this article?

    My friends and me wanna know.

    • twitter lee

      As the blog title suggest, the author is just any how hantam.
      Roy already stated clearly that the fundraising is for his lawsuit and not CPF issue. Don’y conflate the two together.

      • We donated money and now we want some answers

        The questions in there are valid.

        We are entitled to know answers.

        Roy talks about transparency and accountability.

        Can he explain the questions raised in there?

        Why didn’t he negotiate and why is he crowdfunding for a sure lose case of aggravated damages?

        I thought this was about CPF that’s why my friends and I donated.

        Roy, kindly answer the questions in the blog.

      • twitter lee

        I donated $100 out of my own free will. No questions asked and I am clear that I am donating it for his lawsuit, not CPF issue. Unlike CPF, nobody can force you to donate. If you feel cheated, I suggest you file a lawsuit. If you have no money, you can do crowd-funding too. 🙂

      • applefurbee

        Wow twitter lee, no wonder a certain pastor and friends have been making millions. No thanks to people like you.

  21. SongBoh

    Wanna support, support selflessly. Dun wanna support, dun support. Scared to support, dun support. The worst kind is, never support but make the most noise. Fuggin CMI!

    • We donated money and now we want some answers

      You must be very rich so you don’t care.

      My friends and I are not rich so we care where the money is really going.

      If you aren’t rich and you don’t care where your money is going, then you must be a retard, and that is completely acceptable.

      • twitter lee

        Hey, don’t any how call people retard. If you donated, but don’t understand what you are donating for, then you are the number one retard. If you think Roy cheated your money, instead of filing a lawsuit, you keep whining, then you are also the number two retard.

      • We donated money and now we want some answers

        He said the PM rejected his offer of “5000.00”.

        Did he ask what would be a reasonable sum first before saying “sue me”? and then asking people to support?

        Also, why is Ravi charging so much?


        the more i thin k about it the more i think its weird why roy wants to pursue the case
        roy has nothing to offer in terms of damages, all the crowd funding will go to the lawyer fees
        in the meantime PM hire davinder singh… sibei expensive
        so PM will end up in the red if the case gets fought

        davinder singh also cannot give PM discount otherwise its tantamount to political bullying
        “PM get top lawyer for free to sue peasant and wins”.. it will be a PR disaster

        roy if you are thinking along these lines of dragging PM down with you (of course as a bankrupt) you are a big mofo

  22. twitter lee

    Hey, if someone said your offer of compensation is “derisory”, do you think that person is ready to accept a slightly higher offer? This is a high court case and the PM is seeking damages beyond $250k. You have succeeded to prove that you are also the number three retard. As for why Ravi is charging so much, go ask Ravi instead of whining here.

    • cleareye

      “We donated money and now we want some answers” to prove that u shld name the transactions of u & your friends made since this fellow have the list d records…. tw lee u want to willing be robert head or suck the cock is your basa lah… why other cant ask where their money go if really donated huh u dumbshit idiot roberthead.. u’re the ultra retard tw lee must file legal to get back what legally belong to ownself but being illegally corn by some1

  23. cleareye

    the crook way u talk just transcend what kind of asxshole u this group of SOB is
    those really donated but was confused by the usual perplexing tactics
    have the rights to claim back their $$

  24. roy nerng is my idol

    apparently roy nerng is not eating well these few days. Lets show him our support by donating him some food as well!

    • cleareye

      with the new way of easy money fortune just found.. he was holding a few gay partys these few days.. & is fcuking full with all those sperms have drank

    • Chris

      Roy Nerng is my idol,
      Apparent u seem to know Roy very well. Even his changed eating habits r within ur grasp
      Care to show whether Roy’s digestive system is working well?

  25. Truth

    We are a large group of ex-Singaporeans and are all watch Roy from overseas.
    The 4 Demands on CPF are very reasonable. They base on common sense of fair play, transparency and accountability. However legally Singaporeans ‘cannot’ have the demand of knowing how the GIC is invested because it is a “Private Limited.”

    In the first place how come it can be “Private Limited” and how come Singaporeans allowed it to be “Privatized” and who are those in the “Private Interest”. Can you imagine the Malaysian pension plan is managed under a “Private Limited”?

  26. cleareye

    hi all ex-Singaporeans seem like u all still miss your ex a lot

    this questions had raised many times & by various person in various level & groups.. the highest rank piercing it was our dear ex-president mr ong

    & likely any1 with a right sense can know that as long they’re on the seat for sure there will be no answer

    so if your mind are clear u shld know what they’re fighting for is not an answer rather than some nuisance to them maybe

    is like u’re forcing a giant to comply, just look at usa as example when did they ever comply to any request unfavour or uncomfort to them
    & they are still the undeniable leader

  27. LN

    Hi Roy

    Propose that donations can be made via PayPal like , for eg used by TR Emeritus , maybe less transparent and preferred as donors may be fearful that donors may be tracked and blacklisted.

    Pls explore this avenue and I am sure , you will get more financial support.

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