[Update SIX 03062014] Fund Raising For Roy Ngerng’s Court Case Against Lee Hsien Loong

Today is the 6th day since the fund raising appeal was put out. There are still some funds trickling in. I would like to thank everyone who would like to continue to support, even though you know the target has been met. I appreciate your efforts. I am still updating on the funds coming in on a daily basis. If the funds slow down in the next few days, I would move towards doing a weekly update instead. We have reached our target of $70,000 for the legal fees for the court case. You can read more about what the court case is about and the fund raising appeal here.

The support around this cause has been amazing. As I have shared with many of you, I will continue to do my best. Many have also spoken to me, gave me advice and shared with me their stories. Keep these coming in. If there are stories which I can highlight and write about, I would.

We are now awaiting the pre-trial on 4 July 2014, before the court case is decided. The most important event happening in the next few days is the #ReturnOurCPF event on 7 June this Saturday at 4pm. I will be speaking at the event. Do join me and other speakers who will speak about the CPF.

Your support and trust in me means a lot. I will continue to speak up on our CPF and advocate for transparency and accountability on the use of our CPF.

We have nearly $16,000 in excess at this point. The funds will be set aside for any legal costs orders (if) made against me during the court proceedings by the court for me to pay the opposing sides legal cost if I lose any (interlocutory) applications in court. We have currently stopped putting out an active appeal for funds but if the funds continue coming in, I will be open and transparent with them and publish them, so as to be accountable.

Please see below for further information on the funds coming in so far, as of 5.00pm today.

Funds Raised So Far

We have raised $85,970.20 so far.

Funds Raised  by 5 June 2014 5pm

Transaction Histories

Please see below the transaction histories of the bank accounts.

Below is the transaction history for the POSB Savings Bank Account 130-23068-7 (Ngerng Yi Ling). This is my personal bank account.

$80,150.80 has been raised from here.

4 June 2014 5pm-page-001

3 June 2014 -page-001

Below is the transaction history for the OCBC Savings Bank Account 657-4-111750 (Ngerng Mui Choo). My father helped set up this bank account yesterday solely for this fund raising.

$3,157.82 has been raised from here.

OCBC 3 to 4 June 5pm

Below is the transaction history for PayPal (royngerng@gmail.com). Please note that the PayPal is linked to my personal POSB bank account. I will include these amounts in the funds raised when they enter my personal POSB bank account, for ease of accounting.

$5,189.80 has been raised from here.

PayPal 3 to 4 June 5pm

Yesterday, a gentleman came by to pass $20 to me. However, I wasn’t at home. Thank you very much for this! (Sorry, no photos as the money came without an envelope!).

We have reached the target of $70,000 for the legal and court fees. We have stopped putting out an active appeal funds at this point. For the actual amount of damages, we would only be able to know after the court case is over. Based on past cases, the damages go above $200,000.

I understand that funds might still be coming in – please note that any additional funds will be set aside any legal costs orders (if) made against me during the court proceedings by the court for me to pay the opposing sides legal cost if I lose any (interlocutory) applications in court. If there is any excess, the options will be to donate them to charity – I will consult Singaporeans on the use of the excess funds. I will continue to keep transparent records of the funds so as to be accountable and allow everyone to keep track of the funds. Please do send me your feedback as well on how you would like to do this.

Thank you to everyone for your support. This Saturday, 7 June 2014, there will be an event to demand to the Singapore government to #ReturnOurCPF. I will be speaking at the event. Do come and attend the event. The more Singaporeans who come forward to the event, the more concerned Singaporeans show up, the more we can show that this is an issue that concern many Singaporeans and which the government should take seriously.

When we stand united, our voice will be strong. When we are heard, change will come.

There is a petition that you can sign here.

See you this coming Saturday! The Facebook event page can be found here.

Return Our CPF Colour Boxes 2b@English

Return Our CPF Colour Boxes 2b@Chinese@without de


  1. adriano

    just return our CPF to prove that u care …otherwise we take it as u only care for yourself …
    as promise in the first place ..age 55 …dont try to other ways ..please ..

    • microsoft furbee

      dont go court room if you can gather enough donation company and sponsor hotel can turn into whitehouse and you can print money for kate and you can raise your own flag you already our worker party prime minister but more people need to know about you untill you can enter army camp and police gurkah army change paper work and they drive 2 car protect you where ever you go means your gov people. you need to be able to enter sgx change share price you need to meet worker party no need join cause they gov open posb bank print bank insurance interest add bankbook type int ins cpf singtel and you need cpf book withdraw ntuc nets citibank hdb voucher or sports council book withdraw 4d voucher exchange money 4dshop withdraw nets voucher buy school share school open ocbc dollar bank visa master bonus amercian express community centre book give poor old unemploy 5000passion card dollar. microsoft cia

  2. Mohd Hariz Lee bin Abdullah

    Ye, just return our years of C…ontribution P…ersonal F…unded at 55 as promised by LKY. Why
    this generation gov make so much rules of our Funded.
    Sold my house 4yrs ago immediately transfer to RA Homeless for 4yrs. Appealed to MP,
    HDB and CPF alls rejected. The remark by CPF COUNTER OFFICER TOLD my wife

    • What if Roy Ngerng Is Asking All The Right Questions?

      What if the PAP emperor is a hopeless idiot?
      What if PAP is not on the side of Singaporeans?
      What if LKY is just a nasty bully?

      • Chris

        What if Roy is a joke, an asshole, a jerk, a retard, a hypocrite, a spy or even he may be crazy?
        So many what if. Most probably u r nuts!

    • Nancy Tan

      In their mindset, those cpf monies belong to who??? very simple answer, now majority Singaporean knows about the answer, may be in our Parents 70S or 80S still consider their money, but for our this generation and our next generation , all these money no longer belong to us, it just digits reflect in our CPF statement of account.

      • Chris

        Majority of Singaporeans knows the answer la. Just confused by ppl like Roy.
        If u dun believe, just migrate and withdraw ur money to see if govt makan u any of ur money…
        U r laughable. A joke and pathetic person trying to distract us from the truth. The truth on whether Roy slandered our PM or not…

      • Bs

        I’m not confused. And Roy didn’t slander any one. As many has mentioned, he only pointed out the similarities. And undoubtedly, there is much difference between the two cases. And make it clear, the city harvest church is not sentenced yet, thus it is technically no chance or slander, at least yet…

      • Chris

        U sure sound confused but u say u ain’t.
        Chc is not sentenced, does not mean it will not be sentenced.
        The point is what the chc chart and mindmap is insinuating. Using chc chart and replacing it with PM is also taking similar stance.
        It’s ok if u dun understand. Some kids take longer time to even understand 1+1=2. So no one will laugh at u if u r confused or dun understand….

    • Chris

      Why did u sell ur house 4 years ago? The reasons u sold ur house may be the cause of all ur troubles.
      If u dun solve ur troubles, even if u get ur cpf money. U will continue to stay in trouble.

      • Mohd

        Even I’m in trouble garment hv no right keep changing cpf rules, I’m 54yrs my wife 56 then, not every
        guy in the street ard my age can follow their unpredictable cpf RA changes. The reason selling
        my 5rms down grade to a smaller hse cos my son going to poly. Planning to buy next hse 3rm
        flat utterlized all our cpf fund need no loan. Look at today people’s r unhappy what happening
        ?????? Not only me others r struggling. It sound that u r well off no financially trouble. Hope u will
        Not in trouble year ahead. Gd luck to u.

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  4. LOL

    Roy, hope you take this advice from someone who donated- please remove your account number from the updates to reduce the number of donations because people are still donating (you did mention that you would not actively solicit for funds after hitting the target). I’m sure your opponents are studying how much funds you are raising in excess of your legal costs and will want to milk you for all you’re worth. Don’t worry; Singaporeans will open up their pockets again IF you’re required to pay damages

    • Francis

      Roy, just stating how much money is donated is not being transparent. u need to account for how the money is used, and have it audited by a professional body.

  5. We Want Warren Buffet As Fund Manager

    – Just close down Temasek & GIC.
    – Hire a clerk.
    – Dollar cost average and buy Berkshire Hathaway shares.

    We get Warren Buffet as our investment manager for free.

    • Chris

      U can write to warren but I’m sure he doesn’t want to.
      Reasons being:
      Political: not matter how much returns he gets, there will be idiots around to say he can do better; why he didn’t do better this year? Stupid comments like this will always be there.

      • No Value Add Sovereign Wealth Funds

        I did not say write to Warren Buffet.
        No need to write to Warren Buffet.
        Just buy Berkshire Hathaway shares.
        And close down GIC and Temasek

      • Chris

        U really think warren is safe?
        They dun given dividends. So if u dun sell u dun get any gains.
        Once warren dies, there’ll be turbulence in its stock. Then what r u gg to do? Many other things can happen.
        We can work with warren to protect our interest. Not just buy into berkshire.
        U r a simpleton… Giving u bk ur cpf is great but dun stay in sg becos simpletons like u will ask for help once u finish ur savings…

    • Francis

      Yes, that’s how Singapore can become a financial hub .. that’s a GREAT IDEA ! and with this idea, no one can ever beat us !

  6. Poe

    Its only an issue now because someone boldly spoke up about it. The next thing you people might do is to ban blogs etc. To shut people up. To silence all opposition. So much for being a democratic country. Contradicting much. Whoever gave you people the permission to do an auto paycut. No reason to stay on or let my kids grow up here and experience the education system or cpf schemes or what nots. No point working to death for a large amount of money that’s never going to be yours 100%.

    • Chris

      Poe, please leave then.
      Good luck in finding the low tax, no social security but got free health, education, etc country that u want…

      • Why NOT PAP Leave Singapore ??

        Chris, why don’t you and PAP leave Singapore?
        Good luck in finding another more gullible and loyal country that is willing to pay PAP’s high salaries.

      • Chris

        Well the reason is simple and clear. Becos we the majority of the ppl of Singapore had made a choice by our votes.
        Those of u who r so against the govt can just leave. But the problem is – u ppl dun want to leave and continue to leech and cause trouble for the system.

      • Who Are The Singapore Traitors

        We are against the PAP government.
        Why should Singaporean patriots leave?

      • Chris

        The nazis were also patriots, a lot of assholes claim to be patriots but their aim is to squeeze as much out of the country as they can…

      • Francis

        yes, go to the famous democratic countries such as US (they have a few govt shutdowns), or India (big market but somehow can’t move like China), or Taiwan (where they only have 2 parties but fight in parliament).

      • Bs

        @Chris, yes, you are the majority for the time being. And I’m pretty sure it is dropping. Once you are the minority, I really wish you good luck.

  7. Example Of PAP Hypocrisy ?

    Is the PAP government so worried about our CPF money that they are fighting with Singaporeans over the right to look after our money.
    – even to the extent of suing Roy

    But what about our elderly parents?
    – Why don’t you see a PAP government fighting with us to look after our elderly parents?
    – Do you see PM Lee suing Roy for the right to look after Roy’s parents?

    The PAP government does not see the issue of the CPF (government) looking after our money as “subsidy mentality”.
    – But when it comes to looking after our elderly parents
    – Ah! This one is subsidy mentality
    – This one the Singaporeans must do (or they will prosecute us for not looking after our parents)

    Is this yet another example of PAP hypocrisy?
    – An example of PAP loving our money BUT hating Singaporeans?
    – Is this a fair comment?
    What do you think?

    • Chris

      Example Of PAP Hypocrisy ?
      Either u r stupid or u r anti-establishment.
      – Roy is allege to have slandered our PM. That’s why he is sued.
      – govt helps the poor and weak. Which poor and weak is not receiving treatment becos of money? If u want a free lunch. Then u go fly kite la.
      – problem with persecuting u becos u dun look after ur parents is not by govt. ur parents can invoke the law to make u pay but if they dun invoke the assholes children will escape. R u one of such asshole children who dun pay for ur parents if they no money?

  8. Chris

    Just some food for thought.
    For ppl who advocates that they can manage their money better.
    Ur disposable income after cpf contribution is still substantial. Thus, if ur claim of outdoing cpf interest rate, u will be able to put aside a lump sum every month for this investment of urs. Assuming u can really do better. U will have a separate fund that u can use when u retire. So, why r u hankering for the return of ur cpf?
    U will only be hankering for ur cpf becos u r not managing ur money properly. Since u can’t manage properly. Wat makes u think u can manage ur cpf better, if u get it bk at 55?
    Next, if u read the cpf guidelines there r many ways to take out more money from ur cpf. Like buying a second property. Then u will have 2 properties. One for rental income. But in order to do it this way, u will need to really know how to manage ur money. If u can’t even do that, what makes u think u can do well with ur cpf.
    Srs is a very good plan to put aside more money. To reduce tax. Is another way to have more money during retirement…
    There is a reason for u guys complaining here. Becos u really can’t manage ur money but u think u can….

    Think more, complain less…

    • Don't Be Fooled

      “For ppl who advocates that they can manage their money better.”

      Point #1
      Most CPF members want their money back to pay their medical bills.
      And to look after their old parents that PAP does not want to look after.

      Point #2
      What is Temasek & Ho Ching’s track record in investment?

      • Chris

        Ur point 1:
        Did their parents not get medical care becos they have not money? They r many social workers to help ur finances.
        Point 2:
        U r a “good” investor right?
        Read the annual report urself.

      • Don't Be Fooled

        @ Chris
        /// Did their parents not get medical care becos they have not money? They r many social workers to help ur finances. ///

        Point 1
        We don’t want PAP’s charity and PAP’s accusation of subsidy mentality.
        We want our CPF money to help ourselves.

        Point 2
        Seems to me much of Temasek’s long term returns come from the IPO of assets previously owned by Singaporeans/Singapore government. e.g. SingTel.
        – was there a global public tender for the sale of SingTel to ensure a competitive price was obtained by an asset beonging to Singaporeans?

      • Chris

        I see… So u just wan to break up the country.
        Then there is nothing to say to u anymore.
        My post is for ppl who wants to help themselves or if they r misled by Roy and his friends’ theory…
        Those anti-establishment ppl will jus continue even if cpf is returned. They just want to destroy Singapore.

    • Francis

      We only contribute a portion of the salary to CPF, but if people are so good in managing/investing their money, they must be making hell lot from the investment of the rest of their salaries ..

    • Bs

      Nah, just feel uncomfortable for them holding my legally earned money. I outperformed CPF for sometime already, and it is not difficult. Even fixed deposit can outrun CPF. U think everywhere bank interest only 0.3% meh?

      • Chris

        I’m glad u have outdone cpf sometimes. But if not difficult, why only sometimes? Should be every time, right?
        If u r so good investing, why u care abt the petty cash in ur cpf? U mean to have more cpf than ur savings or investment account? That’s strange gg by ur contribution every month? U seem to be underperforming compared to cpf then.
        I see, u dun feel good with ur money with them. Then very difficult for u Liao. Becos every where u go also need to give something like cpf.
        But there is a way not to contribute cpf. Since u r so good at investing ur money, quit ur job and become a full time investor. In Singapore, iras dun tax on capital gains from investment as an individual. Also, u dun have to contribute cpf if u dun want to.
        So many ways to achieve ur aim. Why stay here and complain so much???

  9. uncle lim

    This is our nation issue. Affecting Singapprerans. The turn out on 7 june at HLP will be setting a new ever high record !!!

    • Chris

      Uncle lim
      I’m sure u will be there to support this Roy.
      Big turnout? I hope so, judging by his fans here…
      But who knows, maybe his fans here have multiple nicks so there is only a handful of idiots

  10. Greg

    Once again a citizen of the USA here posting, never been to Singapore, but fascinated by watching this process and I’m learning a lot about your country and by contrast my country. Putting my usual disclaimer here, I have not donated, but only because this is an issue and a battle for the good people of Singapore, it should not be distracted by people who have no ties to the country mucking about. That being said I do have a suggestion from what I have learned if there are excess funds. Heck, even if there are not excess funds.

    The USA has a group called the ACLU. The American Civil Liberties Union is a non profit group (a charity) that raises money to use for legal defense of people who have been wronged, and can not afford to defend themselves in civil or criminal court. Their job is to fight for the rights of the citizens of the USA, and they do every day. They fund this from donations from the citizens, since in the USA we feel that if the citizens can’t protect themselves from government abuse, the government will abuse us in some way.

    I would suggest that Singapore would benefit from a similar, but Singapore appropriate group being formed.

    What I have learned here, is that even with the shouts and arguments I’ve herd here and on other message forums, The citizens of Singapore trust their government more than we do in the USA. Or at least trust the government won’t abuse the system (and yes, I know quite a few of you don’t trust it, but looking around from the outside, the people of Singapore either trust the government or are apathetic. I’d like to think it’s trust). In the USA we’ve set up laws so that people in positions like PM Lee have very few tools, if they have any at all to silence, threaten or sue and individual. We look at Libel very differently here in the USA, and we look at it to prevent someone from using it as a tool to intimidate. 1. You have to prove that there are damages that can be measured in a clear dollar amount to sue. This is to prevent someone from making a career of setting people up and suing them as a business. 2. In the USA you have to prove that the person knew he was lying and had intent to damage the other. This is very hard to prove. 3. You have to have standing to sue, in other words you really have to be effected to even file the suit.

    This was set up to protect the press, and “political enemies” of the politicians in the USA back in the early 1800’s from what I can tell.

    Summary: I would suggest Singapore needs an equivalent of the ACLU in the USA. Google it for details. 2. You might want to think about how you look at libel, and what I mean by that, is you might want a system that will prevent abuse of this kind of suit. The model from the USA is just one way to handle it. I’m sure there are others, and I’m sure that there is one that will be uniquely Singaporean. It is clear from the posts and news I’ve read that your country is amazingly well educated and creative. Those skills can be applied here.

    • Don't Be Fooled

      @ Greg
      American lawyers are allowed to work on a contingency basis.
      i.e. no cure, no need to pay.
      It is illegal for Singapore lawyers to work under such a basis.

      Now ask yourself … why.

      • greg

        Few actually do, and only when the feel sure to win. They also take most of the setelment. The ACLU fights for the rights if the minorities and unpopular.

    • Chris

      The law society of Singapore and even the judiciary advocate lawyers to provide pro bono services to ppl who r unable to pay for services of law professional.
      All poor ppl can apply for such services and if u do not have a lawyer, the court will help u find one.
      No one in Singapore is denied of such service due to affordability or status.

      • greg

        We have those lawyers too. The are called court appointed lawyers, but they are not for civil cases, and more so they are not prepared to take a needed fight to the highest court in the land.
        They are there to defend the rights of citizens, even when those citizens are dispized. They Thake the cases that need to be taken, not just the popular ones. Look then up, and see the roll they play in my country.

  11. bloodytruth

    And to look after their old parents that PAP does not want to look after.
    huh? u want pap to look after your parent? sometime i just feel very odd for those request these desperate sporean can come out, next time can even blame gov for not looking after your foreign mistress

    • Don't Be Fooled

      We don’t want PAP to look after our parents OR our CPF money.
      We want to do both ourselves.

    • Chris

      Bloody truth
      He doesn’t understand the concept of cpf, pension, social securities and the tools used by countries around the world.
      No matter where he goes, he will just want to take bk his money. But this is impossible. Becos every civilise country will have something similar to cpf in place which u cannot take out until retirement.

    • Francis

      bloodytruth .. that’s right.. that’s the BLOODY TRUTH about many singaporeans.. they want govt to provide face masks when there’s haze, govt to look after their parents, and don’t want to know what is going on in the rest of the world. And Singaporeans don’t have enough babies, don’t want foreigners to come in, want to continue to have a strong economy/defence. And don’t want the ministers to have high salaries to handle all these problems because “they are our servants”.

      • Chris

        It’s not that many Singaporeans r like that, I sincerely hope that majority of Singaporeans r not like that.
        In this blog, such ppl may seem many because they hide behind the Internet and use multiply nicks and emails to “make it seem a lot of ppl”.
        The power of social media is both a boon and a bane, all boils down to who is making use of it.
        We must have faith that Singaporeans in general r educated, sane, practical and law abiding individuals. Who can see pass all these “smokescreen” that this Roy and fans r throwing. That’s why govt continues to invest in our education. Becos only education can remove ignorance.
        I am not pro-pap, but pro-Singapore. I’m Just a normal office worker who dun like it when ppl start sprouting half truths to become famous. Despicable!

  12. Chua

    Those desperate for the cpf funds to be returned falls into a few broad categories.
    1) low income
    2) high spenders
    3) strong investors
    4) suspect money in cpf is gone for good.
    5) felt government breach the trust by changing the goalposts/returns at will base on what they view as our best interest.

    1) low income do need the extra money for immediate needs. However imagine what happens when they can longer work at 65 when there’s no CPF or retirement funds. Beg, steal or die? Or get other taxpayers to fund their right to live
    2) higher spenders WANTS this money for immediate wants (latest phones, clubbing, travels) When they can no longer work, they face similar fate as 1). In my view, not worth any sympathy but creates social problems when they retires.
    3) strong investors knows how to make money work for them better than what banks, fund managers and cpf offers. They will be rich anyway. Just wanna be even richer which is not morally wrong but has little reason to cry over 155k which is loose change to the rich.
    4) track record shows that money is there (it’s sustainable because of low returns promised) but a portion of it is trapped till u die. That fraction is small but significant. Suck it up n look upon it as tax.
    5) I am with u on the sentiments. But given that I am hopeless at investment (still having 4 different financial planners over mid to long term claiming unreal returns which turns out false to date even from private clientele banking), I voluntarily place more money in cpf than required to decrease direct tax burden and have a stable returns.

    There’s nothing wrong with migrating if u no longer can trust the elected government and yet unable to single handedly change the electorate. My understanding is that the CPF money will be returned once one permanently migrate. With the rising of cost of living in Singapore, it’s indeed something to consider.
    Just wondering for those pushing for return of ur cpf, which category do u belong to?

    • Chris

      In my opinion, there is One more category:
      The anti-establishment ppl who r trying to fan dissatifaction by making use of unsustainable populist blogs and articles. Such statements look good on the first glance but will not ensure the country future generations to come. Thereby trying to infamous themselves for their own purpose and ambitions…
      If the issue is not on cpf, these ppl will find another issue to stir… In short, such anti-social behavior ppl r also very opportunistic in their mindset.

      • Chua

        Good point. I hope there’s less of this category tho. Actually I feel Roy did a service by raising awareness of CPF. It may not be ready for change at the moment but given it’s size, it’s worth a relook by all concerned citizens every now n then. Similarly, a libel suit vs irresponsible online statement is a good testbed for how far one can go in making unchallenged falsehood on public domain. If it is vs carelessly made statements in private about government/PM, I will definitely donate a significant sum to help. There are even more malicious comments here than what Roy posted. I wonder if that can be taken to task.

      • Chris

        On cpf improvements, agreed as long as our Singapore reserves continues to grow. A bit nationalistic here, Singapore must survive past all generations.
        Malicious comments here are various. It goes to show social norms are not adhered to in the Internet…. Much needs to be done by govt, without being too invasive to Singaporeans.

      • Grow Singapore Reserves By Taxing Singaporeans

        @ Chris
        How will PAP grow Singapore’s reserves?
        By imposing more taxes on Singaporeans?

        Looks like PAP is not very good at growing Singaporeans’ bank accounts.
        Only good at collecting taxes.
        And cutting spending on social services & welfare.

      • Chris

        Really wasting my time here… Why so many idiots here.
        Sg has one of the lowest personal income tax in the world.
        But If u want to enjoy life and buys luxury things like cars then go ahead. U just pay la…
        I am not here to teach u guys how to live ur life…
        I know of ppl who earns at least half a million a yr but they do not have even 5k in their bank.
        I also know ppl who is a personal trainer earning less than 5k a month but he is happy and has much more savings than the other.
        U live ur life as u wish but the little cpf u ppl asking to withdraw will not help u at all. Becos u dun understand how to live within ur means…

      • Bs

        @Chris, you are really funny guy, keeping saying posting is waste of your time but you followed almost all comments. Is it paid by the comments you posted? Otherwise I really don’t see why you are so eager to waste your time =)

      • Chris

        LAN LAN, I dun donate much to charity so must do some public service to fellow Singaporeans mah…

  13. chew on it

    These are money faced people. Issues that can stir these people are mainly pointing tk money (cost of living, cpf, transport fares, coe price, pay low). Amazing how one is so discontented and money is all their priority.

    • Chris

      Chew on this,
      I am also money faced. But I will not ruin my children’s and their children’s future for a short term gain.
      Also, I understand how cpf, HDB, etc works. The pros outweigh the cons.
      I want more benefits but I also know that more benefits siphon from here will mean less benefits from something else. Money does not grow on trees at my home, similarly, money does not grow in npark of Singapore.
      Certain ppl here thinks the country owes them a living but they dun understand that the reasons they have a job, educated, etc r due to a stable and fwd looking govt.
      lots of govts around the world controls wealth and resources much more than Singapore. But becos these govt r weak, these countries r worse off than us.
      Count ur blessings.

      • dddx

        It’s people like you that really hinders progress, people that are satisfied with what they have even though much improvements can and should be made. Chew on this as well, since the last GE can you honestly say that you have experienced much improvements from the government’s policies? Yes, the PAP’s legacy is admirable, and they started out a sound basics with a very competent group of leaders. They got some things wrong, but also most of it right. However, you have to realise that that PAP then, has failed to keep up with times now. Policies then were started with good intent – to grow the economy, transfer technology and to pass on the benefits to the people. However, many are bloated now, and only serve to address the problems at face value.

        Back then our workforce was backward, we didn’t have technology and knowledge, we couldn’t do much. So, the gov. addressed that by looking for MNCs to plug talent gaps, attract FDI, transfer tech, pass on the benefits to Singaporeans; that brought about the first inflows of foreign talent, and that was a fair policy which made complete sense. But today, Singapore has a highly lauded education system where many superpowers clamor to learn from, so good that even scholarship applicants are rejected by local unis, but accepted with better conditions in ivy league schools (see Chen Show Mao). Yet, with a surplus of local talent, the gov still rather bank on the foreign talents- MNCs brought into Singapore continue to perpetually hire more FTs than locals; while the gov continues to offer free grants and no holds barred scholarships to foreign students (yes, even those that pale in comparison to our local students). This begs the question: is the gov. actually working to help its citizens? Who really benefits from this?

        Next, let’s look at the populace. Singapore has started to show symptoms common with most developed countres- a falling birth rate. Ask any JC student and they can tell you the direct factors leading to this: 1) excessively high cost of living; 2) overbearing work conditions (or a lack of work/life balance). Now, as the gov, your job is to address these and there are a plenitude of ways to attempt to do so, such as raising taxes for high income earners, controlling the inflation of housing, artificially raising interest rates, encouraging pro-family work culture and environment, influencing schools to decrease focus on working hard, as to working smart etc. However, the gov decided to take the easy way out. So screw social fabric, screw the cost of living, screw our population densities, screw the capacity of infrastructure, let’s just take in more people! So, what do we have now? Yup, still a falling birth rate, but now with higher cost of living (due to rising demand from the influx) and more overbearing work conditions due to greater asymmetrical competition (not because of the lack of talent but because of differing motivations). Again, is the gov actually working to help its citizens?

        To sum, we now have a gov that seems to mostly put up policies that white-wash the issues, and fails to address the root causes. Their rigid adherence to the invisible hand is also crippling its ability to adjust to the changing times. Yes, our gov is stable, but forward-looking? I doubt so.

      • Bs

        @dddx Totally agree with you. PAP in 21st century is no longer the nation founding PAP any more. A lot has changed, though the name stayed the same. The recent government debate is really funny. Don’t they have much more important things to consider rather than discuss about the definition of “constructive”? I only saw an “nonconstructive” clinic fee hike by end of last year and not to mention the bus fare.

      • dxdx

        dddx, i can’t agree with you more. if we constantly look at what the pap have done in the past and not what the current pap party is doing, as well as keep using neighbouring countries like malaysia, thailand etc as the benchmark for the “successes” of singapore, we will never move forward, neither our politics, democracy or quality of life. we’ll keep being that model big brother in the asean, first world nation on the surface with a third world mindset. not everyone who wants their cpf money is gonna go all out and spend it doing silly things, so don’t be too quick to make assumptions that the so-called dissenters are all a bunch of uneducated, low income earners with zero savings, and have uncreative and stupid reasons for wanting their cpf money back.

      • Chris

        Totally agree. Just becos WP mp dun understand what is constructive politics. pap mp still go on and on abt constructive politics means…
        Sigh, if ppl dun understand English must pap start teaching them? Such unconstructive politics. Should have just pull WP aside to talk abt this matter. Waste so much time for what…

    • PAP Bullshit Artist

      /// lots of govts around the world controls wealth and resources much more than Singapore ///
      @ Chris

      Really ah?
      Why don’t you list 5 such countries.
      Bloody bullshit artist.

      • Chris

        Look at our neighbors… It’s not nice of me to comment on our friends though.
        But since I hope u r not foreigner. So u will understand better.
        But no one will explain to u why becos if u ask why, it just show u r stupid. Dun even know what ur neighbors own in their land

      • PAPig Says Malaysia Is Richer Than Singapore

        @ Chris
        – Are you sure Malaysia is richer than Singapore?

  14. CHee

    If you can’t look after your own parents or yourself now and want to take out those CPF, what will happen to you when you take out your CPF now and when your age come you will have a much more tougher life as you can’t earn as much as you can now.

    Why do follower have such small brain and can’t think out of the box?

    Do you think you can earn more when you are older?? why increase min sum… COZ we projected you to live longer and the sum have to cover all your expense till you “go back home” and Govt will “pay” you back monthly and if not as stated that YOU CANNOT TAKE THEM OUT. is just that they help you to control how you going to spend so that your “OLDER” life will be much easily to go thru monthly. (and after that if you still doesn’t have enough to spend or someone to look after you, we have social help in Singapore too)

    Slander is Slander and why bother to help someone who is in MISTAKE? so all of those who donating are actually encouraging people to do “BAD” thing? Think if they going to “create bigger thing” all those who donate will end up in trouble also for helping other to commit crime.

    Please don’t mix what he say about CPF with the slander charges, it just bring you more harm and think of this way, YOU are going to support a BANK robber who is going to ROB the bank by giving him more money to get “Weapon” so that he can do his task.

    Remember it the SLANDER case that ROY faced and you know he is already “Admitted” to his case and you guy still continue to “support” him??

    • Francis

      Chee, many people still don’t get your point. I agree with you slander is slander and Roy has to pay the price of shooting off his mouth without thinking.

      Roy, nice one in diverting the focus on the PAP .. while milking them of their hard-earned cash to help you pay for legal fees and damages.

      And still looking forward to the details on how you use the money, and which auditor you have assigned.

  15. Who Are The Singapore Traitors

    Whether I leave my CPF money with the government.
    Or I take out all my CPF money and put into bank account.
    The PAP government will not look after me.

    That being the case, I want to get my CPF money back.

      • Deaf Frog's toothpick

        I think your argument is flawed,

        1. older folks have difficulty in migrating, thats a fact. That gives rise to the problem of “since you can’t leave, i can do anything i want to you because you are meat for slaughter” mentality.

        2. why should someone leave their homeland and loved ones behind just because of an inflexible policy? Taken to it’s logical conclusion it means kids should run away from home every time they have an argument with parents.

      • Chris

        Deaf frog’s toothpick,
        1: yes older folks r most vulnerable. That’s why the govt already helping. If u find anymore deserving ppl who needs help. Pls direct them to ministry of social and family development or their regional cdc. If still, no govt ppl help these truly deserving ppl. Make it big then even I support u.
        2: no one should leave if they dun want to. But if u want to stay then u should adhere to the majority. That’s democracy. If u dun and want to play punk then u will need to face the music… Anti social tactics can be in different forms, educated Singaporeans must not fall for it.

      • Vote Them Out GE 2016

        One way is to leave Singapore.
        the other way is to vote out PAP.

      • Chris

        If pap is voted out then so be it.
        I just hope that the new govt is better or at least on par.
        Becos if not, all hell will break loose and poor ppl will suffer. Rich and middle class will sell their asset and leave Singapore. Then idiots can continue to “rule” an empty shell.

      • Chris

        Just to add, the smart ppl dun use tactics like Roy. If the govt sucks, they leave… Simple as that, no need to waste time here trying to “save” Singapore during next election.
        We r brought up to be practical as well as patriotic. But if democracy is no longer working due to idiots in the country then there’ll be no mercy. The rich and smart ppl will seek greener pastures overseas. Why stay in sg to lose my assets to idiots in new govt…

      • How Not To Do Better Than PAP ??

        the PAP-LHL government sets such a low standard.
        How can any opposition do worse?

        During current PAP-LHL government we have;
        a) first bus strike in 50 years
        b) first riot in Little India in 50 years
        c) untold number of floods in the last 50 years
        and the list goes on ….

    • Chua

      Unfortunately ‘who are the Singapore traitors’ u r almost right.
      If u dun take out ur cpf now, ur own cpf is gonna take care of u.
      Take it out now, good luck finding help.
      Harsh reality cos social welfare in Singapore gives pittance probably because of the low tax n assumption that most have cpf to help themselves. Unfortunately, with Hdb prices at this level, without buyback lease, the cpf proves to be inadequate. Then they try to patch it up by increasing minimum increasing retirement age, delaying withdrawal or using annuity, controlling the property bubble etc. every move hits a raw nerve of different sector but technically helps reduce the pain between retirement and death. Well it’s fire fighting but it’s a problem no country can yet solve elegantly.
      Honestly I dun look forward to living to a ripe old age. For the not so wealthy, old age is probably more a curse than a blessing.

      • Chris

        Health is wealth too…
        As long as u r healthy, it’s not such a bad thing to live longer.
        Sooner or later, certain idiots will complain govt never take care of Singaporeans… Never teach us how to live healthily… Laughable, but it may happen. Judging by what certain ppl says here…

    • Francis

      @How not to do better than PAP ?
      Or perhaps I say, after GE2012 where 6 WP members are voted into parliament :
      1) we have the first bus strike in 50 years
      2) first riot in Little India in 50 years
      * Before these guys are voted in, a PAP-dominant govt never had these since independence.

      I’m not blaming the WP, but I’m just saying it based on your logic.

      for floods, I don’t blame anyone. the global weather has changed, but if you blame it on PAP, then I got nothing to say.

  16. Sun

    Excuse me people, why is everyone harping on getting back your CPF money when there is already in place an option to withdraw your CPF at 55 ? Am I correct or am I co-wrong ??

    • CHee

      You can withdraw those amount in lump sum if exceeded the min sum and the rest will be “pay back” to you on monthly basic till you no longer here and will pass down to who ever you name to take over your CPF.

      • Free Country, Free Choice

        If it’s really our money, then why I cannot take back my money anytime I want?

    • Deaf Frog's toothpick

      @ Sun

      if you can find out about withdrawing at 55, you can educate yourself on the minimum sum, don’t spread your half-truths here by appearing to be ignorant, it’s ppl like you who give govt supporters a bad name.

      pro-govt-IB = lose cannon with low intelligence.


      pro-govt-IB = armed with half truths but debates like a know-it-all.

      either-or, either way, you have justified one to be true.

      • True Or Not - A Self Serving PAP Government ??

        Take out CPF money, PAP does not help you.
        Don’t take out money, PAP also don’t help you.

        Vote PAP, and PAP won’t help you.
        Vote Opposition and PAP also don’t help you.

        This is the most idle, good-for-nothing government in the world.

  17. CHee

    Why do you think PAP doesn’t help you? Who build Singapore to what it is now? IS just that YOU THINK IT NOT ENUF for you and NOT does not help you. It a different point of view you know, if PAP doesn’t help Singapore we will not have today. If PAP didn’t have strict rules we also don’t have today.

    It very simple just that for your own good you find that PAP doesn’t help you much. Clear your mind and think carefully, do you want Singapore to become like other country? we are only 49 years old and had already achieved more then what some other who is older then us.

    We are still growing and in the midst of growing alot of adjustment need to be done according to suit ourself.

    Don tell me you still wearing your diaper till now when you are a baby?

    • Who founded Singapore ??

      Who build Singapore?
      – PAP or Singaporeans?
      – Lee Kuan Yew or PAP?

      Actually hor.
      It was the British that founded Singapore first in 1819.
      And built Singapore into a flourishing city … a jewel amongst all the British colonies.

      And then Prime Minister Abdul Rahman (Malaysia) founded Singapore in 1965 when he kicked Singapore out of Malaysia.
      So Abdul Rahman is the Founding Father of Singapore.
      And that makes Lee Kuan Yew the Founding Son of Singapore.
      But just because Abdul Rahman didn’t want Lee Kuan Yew.
      Please don’t call him the unwanted bastard son who founded Singapore hor.

    • Can It Be True ???

      @ CHee @ 5 June @ 2.35pm
      “It very simple just that for your own good you find that PAP doesn’t help you much.”

      So you admit PAP doesn’t do much to help Singaporeans.
      – So then why must we pay such high taxes to the PAP government if we don’t get anything in return ?
      – why PAP government need so much money if they are not spending any money to help Singaporeans?

      – can it be true? PAP collected so much tax money and that is why PAP government can afford to pay millions of dollars in salaries to PAP Ministers?

      • CHee

        @ Can It Be Tru???
        Don’t put word into my mouth.

        “It very simple just that for your own good you find that PAP doesn’t help you much.”

        For my own good I find PAP help Singapore alot to get what we have now. As I travel alot and seen alot Singapore is still the best Country compare to those I step foot on. Maybe wait till i go to a country which I will “WOW” then I maybe will judge Singapore again.

        Maybe you should try, travel ard and first time you will complain will be “What this is Airport?” after that you will complain again “What the heck traffic jam like siao”

        And the Favorite part of me which I grew up in Singapore when I step into other country you know what the first thing I find on the street? Rubbish Bin to throw my cigg butt 🙂

  18. Chua

    Let’s not make PAP sounds like angel or demonise them. They created an environment and opportunity for people to thrive in a small country with little natural resources. Not all benefits equally from it and the underclass are severely disadvantaged. Together with fairly high income/capita they created a high cost of living country which equalizes many of the benefits of high income. However, compared to more than half or three quarter of the world, we are better off partially from PAP governance in past decades. That is more than u can say for countries switching governments ever so often to find that ‘perfect government’ only to be bitterly disappointed. Less working hours, higher wage or returns comes at a price no matter where one lives. Some with natural resources or land will get that more easily than others. There will be countries seemingly better off than Singapore no doubt. But we r already luckily living in one of the top 20 countries in the world going by standard of living. Count our blessings and upgrade our own way up instead of clamouring for handouts. Anyone presuming they can do a better job at governing should try to do so but without spreading falsehood/insults. Join Opposition to voice discontent or join PAP to change within.

    • How Many Times Do We pay Tax On Our Cars ??

      Q: How many times do you have to pay taxes for your Singapore car?

      a. COE
      b. PARF
      c. Road tax
      d. ERP
      e. 45% import tax
      f. 7% GST
      did I leave out anything else?

      • CHee

        @How many times do you have to pay taxes for your Singapore Car

        I like this Taxes on Cars 🙂 as it help to solve traffic problem that many country are facing with 🙂
        If we never control the number of Veh, then you are going to complain more on the traffic condition. If you don’t believe just go to nearby city KL for example and you will actually know what is Traffic Jam compare to Singapore.

        And TO ME car is actually not needed in Singapore as we have a better public transportation then other country.

      • Chris

        What’s wrong with taxes on luxury goods like cars?
        I used to drive then I realise how stupid that was…. Waste my money on ins, carpark, petrol, road tax, etc…
        Some more when cannot find parking, my wife will tell me to let them off while I go find parking, dun waste their time.
        Ppl go out also ask if I free can drive them or not…
        Now no car, I save money and no need to be ppl’s driver.
        Do u understand why u complain abt not having enough $? Becos u r feeding ur pride of owning such cars and luxury products…

      • Samuel

        Sure we can have cheap cars which will lead to majority of Singaporeans buying cars.

        Then I hope you will be happy siting in your brand new cheap car for five hours stuck in a traffic jam when traveling to somewhere. After all what’s a traffic jam when I can buy a cheap new car.

      • Doesn't Smell Right ... And It's Not Alcohol

        ‘ If we never control the number of Veh … ”
        @ CHee @ 4.40pm

        But COE already control the number of vehicles right ?
        – so why you still need so many taxes for ?

      • Chris

        Hi “doesn’t smell right, ….”
        If u think a bit, the vanity of human beings knows no boundaries. Only if it really hits home, then they will think.
        The high Coe is not enough to counter our human want for a car… Did u notice the crowd gg to buy car if Coe drops by a bit?
        So erp to regulate the traffic flow at different times, other taxes for other things…
        I also enjoy driving v much but I balk at the price of owning a car…
        If everyone think like me then the car market will be v quiet Liao.

    • dddx

      You got it right. PAP did good, but as you said, in the past. I think complacency and hubris is stagnating them now.

      Why is being top 20 good enough, why can’t we be first? Why are we always comparing ourselves with our neighbours, but not the other better managed countries, such as those in Scandinavia? That’s like saying the fresh grad should be happy with his 2,500 per month job, because well, it pays higher than the toilet cleaner in his office building.

      I don’t think it’s wrong to demand equal footing for all, since that is no longer the case today. That’s hardly clamouring for help.

      • Ian

        Nobody says anything about no comparing with better countries, the thing is that quite a number of people are demanding the exact same thing to be applied here immediately without understand the situation exactly, for instance free medical benefits, cheap cars etc since other countries have it, we should as well. That’s the problem, every country is unique, we can’t just apply what works elsewhere in Singapore immediately without considering it first.

        But these people who demand
        all these does not want to listen to reason, they only care that it is not yet done and blame every single problems that occur in their life as PAP fault.

      • microsoft furbee

        Uhm it is abit difficult comparing with Scandinavia countries. They are rich in natural resources while we are only rich in natural idiots who believe in the prophet Roy and his blog of truth

      • Chris

        Scandinavian countries have other issues and problems.
        There is no such thing as the best country in the world. Singapore will never be the best but we still love Singapore becos it’s home.
        Any anti-establishment ppl will not be allowed to breed here.

      • ddddx

        1) Not all Scandinavian countries are resource rich. Similarly, not all SEA countries are resource poor.

        2) Of course every country has its own unique set of problems; that’s such an obvious, rhetorical statement. But countries can have similar problems no? And some countries do manage these similar set of problems better than its peers no?

        3) Only idiots are making those excessive overbearing demands. The good majority of us just want a Singaporean Singapore where the gov actually focuses its policies from ground up: housing, healthcare, jobs, education, society; not their frivolous fancies of taking part in the who’s-got-the-biggest-dick contest, by building inexorbitant structures.

        4) Mai talk cock la you all. You all know as much as I do that little has been achieved, and most of the promises since have yet to be fulfilled. Still the same since before GE11, say connecting with voters, but choose not to listen questions and suggestions; say want to engage the public, but put up a pathetic PR event, and terming it ‘National Conversation’; say solving problems, but same root problems remain.

        P.S. before you brand me as a joke/, or uneducated, or a crazy Opposition supporter, just note that I stand firmly on the middle ground, and come from a upper middle class, conservative family who have historically been PAP supporters. Oh, and I also read in a top school since young, if that even matters.

      • microsoft furbee

        1) Yeah. but it matters if the country is resource rich cos why should we compare with a country that has natural resources. It would be a unfair comparison as they would have an advantage over us in generating income to take care of citizens.

        2) Countries can have similar problems. But then again, we should be comparing countries that are similar to ours if we want the correct context. A good start would be comparing us with other city states such as Hong Kong. It is my opinion that yes, the Scandinavian countries are a good model to strive towards to but it will never be achieved by Singapore.

        3) I would say that the singapore government has not regressed to that state of engaging in frivolous fancies of taking part in the who’s-got-the-biggest-dick contest, by building inexorbitant structures.YET. But I worry for Singapore future given that the current online community are going to be the future voting generation.

        4) I have not done much research on this but maybe it takes time? After all, it takes time for the policies to be felt by the common man. Maybe the recent pioneer package was a good move in the right direction?

        No it doesnt matter what is your educational background as long as you are able to think logically and objectively. I know individuals who are university graduates and yet believes in the truths that are being propagated by the TRS and its ilk.

  19. Chris

    It is quite tiring.. Tomorrow that idiot will post a new article. Then idiots will give their supportive comments
    This will need to be corrected again by the neutral ppl like me…
    But we really cannot allow ignorant ppl from falling into Roy’s tricks.,,
    So the posting of comments must carry on. One ignorant Singaporean is too many for our future.
    The “cancerous cells” must be removed.

  20. Doesn't Smell Right ... And It's Not Alcohol

    ” And TO ME car is actually not needed in Singapore as we have a better public transportation then other country. ”
    @ CHee @ 4.40pm

    I already try PAP’s MRT train system.
    Always breakdown. Not reliable.
    And Singapore’s buses are always crowded.

    Hong Kong’s MRT system is more reliable.
    Cheaper too.
    And it is owned and operated by the Hong Kong government.
    A much better government than PAP government.

    • Doesn't Smell Right ... And It's Not Alcohol

      Also the Hong Kong’s MRT train system is a much bigger train system than PAP’s MRT.
      PAP’s MRT train system has one of the shortest kilometers of train tracks in the world.
      Even shorter than Malaysia’s train system.

      And how much salary does PAP government pay the CEO of SMRT?
      And how many months of train experience does the CEO of SMRT have in operating a train system?

    • Chris

      Public transport needs to be improved is agreeable.
      But we r not that bad compared to other countries. Some parts we r not good but we make up in other areas. But we should also improve in these areas which we score lowly.
      Correction to ur point on pap and smrt. They r effectively two entity. It is not fair to lump both together. If u do, then u being bias.
      I’m sure lta is pushing the mrt system to be improved.
      I have actually made a few suggestions to lta before on their bus service. Although they didn’t take my suggestion wholesale. They r gg to improve on the bus services… Not easy becos a lot of ppl in smrt and sbs may be reluctant to change…

      • Still Don't Smell Right

        Are you sure PAP and SMRT are two different entities?
        – When SMRT wanted a fare increase, who fought the hardest to justify the fare increase?
        I believe it was PAP Minister Lui Tuck Yew who made a passionate plea in parliament for the fare increase.
        – the CEO of SMRT didn’t even lift a finger to justify the fare increase

        – If President Obama fought hard for a fare increase for the New York MRT system
        I think the Americans will be giving him some very strange looks.

      • Chris

        I’m sure. Why u want to audit it?
        There is a lot of companies u need to audit then.
        Now, u r talking crap. Alas, there isn’t any one sensible over in Roy’s fans…. All r idiots end of the day..

    • Chris

      Btw, dun get distracted here.
      The main topic is whether Roy slandered our PM or not.
      There r many issues faced by govt. it’s never ending if we go down that route.
      No more distractions…

      • Still Don't Smell Right

        @ Chris
        ” There r many issues faced by govt. it’s never ending if we go down that route.”

        I didn’t know PAP government got so many problems.
        After 50 years, still cannot solve meh?
        So what are some of the many problems faced by the PAP government?

      • Samuel

        All those problems you have been complaining about or have you just been inventing them?

      • Chris

        U r really just crap.
        U think govt is idling? U think that we r admired for our public services is by fluke?
        Again, you have provened that Roy and friends r trying to break up our lovely country….

    • Samuel

      For your info, Hong Kong mtr breaks down quite a number of time as well.

      Compared to western countries where it is almost impossible to get around without a car especially at night, Singapore public transport is considered much better already.

      • CHee


        OUT OF TOPIC

        Talk about night, I think Singapore is the few countrys with Night Road Light -.- As i been to others and at night it quite scary with dark pitch road.
        Don’t feel safe at all -___-

      • Samuel

        Doesn’t smell right is the one who started comparing about HK MTR so I am just merely informing him that it breaks down as well.

      • No PAP Groupthink - What do You Think?

        Sure or not?
        Which western country are you referring to … where it is almost impossible to get around without a car?
        What proof do you offer that Singapore is so much better?

      • Chris

        Again trying to ask stupid questions to make a point.
        This kind of despicable tactics r not gg to be condone. But of cos, when they can’t win an argument some ppl will resort to this method.
        Idiots to the max!

  21. No PAP Groupthink - What do You Think?

    Let’s assume Hong Kong’s MRT system also breaks down.
    Although I have no proof that it does.

    We all know that PAP’s MRT system break down many times over last 12 months.
    How much is the Hong Kong’s MRT CEO salary?
    How much is Singapore’s MRT CEO?
    Who appointed Singapore’s MRT CEO?

  22. Duh

    Why do you need Ravi? You should be able to represent yourself since you are so good with your mouth.

  23. Cheop

    Please change this site that either you must use your FB to logon or register as a user to post. I can come in here and just fuck,insult and curse anyone without taking any responsibility and hiding behind false name/acc . I am like a “small dispicable person” like everyone. If it becomes so transparent to everyone that it is me who post this, I’ll be totally ashamed and embrassed. Isn’t it supposed to be also about transparency? Why am I allowed to hide behind a joker’s mask?

    • Do The Questions Have Any Merit?

      Do the postings have any merit?

      If they have merit, then they are worth reading.
      Does not matter whether it is anonymous or not.

      This is meritocracy.
      Not Married-tocracy.

  24. kenwa-tec.com

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    provide credit and sources back to your site? My blog
    is in the exact same area of interest as yours and my users would
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