Lee Hsien Loong Has Filed A Summary Judgment Against Me For The CPF Case

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has filed a summary judgment against me for the CPF case.

According to The Online Citizen, “A summary judgment is a judgment entered by a court for one party against another party without the case going through a full trial. Such a judgment may be issued on the merits of an entire case, or on discrete issues in that case. It is used when there is no dispute on the material facts of the case and a party is entitled to judgment.”

According to the State Courts, a summary judgment is filed, “where the plaintiff (Lee Hsien Loong) applies for judgment without trial on the grounds that the defendant (Roy Ngerng Yi Ling) has no real defence to contest his claim.”

According to SingaporeLaw, “To avoid summary judgment being entered, the defendant (Roy Ngerng Yi Ling) has to show that the dispute concerns a triable issue or that there is some other reason for trial.”

Also, according to the Subordinate Courts, “Summary judgment can be given only if the court is satisfied that there is no issue or question in dispute which ought to be tried.”

According to the letter, “that interlocutory judgment (will go straight) for damages to be assessed”.

My lawyer, M Ravi, has said, “As Roy’s lawyer I will be making submissions to vigorously resist the prime minister’s application for summary judgement.”

Summons Under O14-page-001

Summons Under O14-page-002

Summons Under O14-page-003

Summons Under O14-page-004


  1. landragon123

    If a summary Judgement have already been granted, why talk about court case and the defend? There is no case now and now is the other way, With Roy against LHL now to be heard in Court, AM I right about this?

  2. jasmine

    Actually it is very clear that you did not insinuate the PM is guilty of misappropriation.

    Any lay person who understands the meaning of guilt knows that guilt has to be established by the court, not any Tom or Harry. So, the assertion by Davinder Singh has no ground to stand at all.

    Any lay person will also understand that CHC case is ongoing and no one has been sentenced guilty of misappropriation. By making comparison with CHC case, your intention is to show that similar strategy at round-tripping funds adopted by government should raise eyebrows.

    And you are right. The only mistake you made is to publish an apology you shouldn’t have. I think you should retract your apology and fight this case in court if the judge in high court is going to use that as a basis to award PM Lee a summary judgement.

    • landragon123

      Jasmine, this case is the son of HARRY and not any other TOM? If a TOM came into the scene now, the battle will be a wonderful show. Ravi is no TOM, DICK or Harry, he have some good cases that he won and this is because he is Bibola?
      Do you know that Richard Benson is Bipolar and his Virgin Train is the best train for the last 2 years? I have asked our Singapore Most Retarded Teams to consult him but did no know whether there did?

    • Jim

      Any lay person may not understand the consequences of admitting and apologise and then offer damage but Roy do all this through his lawyer. We all learn something.

      • landragon123

        Jim so you will learn and this will the biggest lesson for SINGAPORE for a sick and cancel victim to hold on and not forgive a young man who spoke the TRUTH but used a wrong word or maybe not wrong as it is the job of RAVI to prove otherewise. Ravi, you came to my shop and you have all the support from me another BIBOLA same as KIT CHAN, Ris Low and Richard Benson just to name a few. WE, Ravi and me share the same building, People’s Park Centre which I erected during Foong Shih Chee days of glorious for Singapore and he sat in MOM asking to see me. This was what he said to me ‘Mr. Boo, you employed monkeys to work and I replied, yes no one fell, RIGHT as we monkey are born to climb trees and BUILDINGS’

    • Key Word

      The key word is misapporpriation. To accuse or insinuate someone lest the PM of that, you and I will know the chance Roy has.
      Mitigating factors there are plenty. How many people know Roy or read his blog before Singh come into the picture?
      This case of attrition will not be good to either the PM (he has more to lose than reputation) or Roy( at most he becomes a bankrupt, and become a hero in many people eyes).
      Personally I think the PM should offer an olive branch privately. I dont think it is below his dignity to do this. The aim to kill the chicken to scare the monkeys will not work at these times. Even the most meek dog when pushed to a corner will bite.

      • Elaine

        I agree with what Jasmine said. Suspecting someone for misappropriation is not equal to accusing someone of misappropriation. By the same logical extension, accusing someone of misappropriation is not equal to accusing someone guilty of misappropriation. The latter can only be a clear cut truth or a lie, whereas the former is more of a personal judgement which may be defamatory to the accused. But in Roy’s case, no such defamatory words were written and the most anyone can link from the CHC case is a ground for suspicion. The PM’s legal team may have stretched the legal interpretation of defamation too far on this. There is certainly a big room for debate in our courts.

      • Temasek The

        Well JBJ had been bankrupted before in cases less obvious than this. So was Tang Hong Liang . It is for the court to interpret and rule. You may think times are different ,but dont think applies to this case.Roy has very limited war chest; unless he is ready to be a bankrupt. 1 classic I will remember forever; to be inside a polling station is not within a radius of 200m. Interpretation of our laws can be very imaginative.

      • Xmen

        There is a difference between accusing someone of misappropriation (e.g. due to incompetence) and criminal misappropriation. The PAP government can be accused of misappropriating the budget to support huge defense spending at the expense of social welfare. That does not mean that any crime has been committed. Yes, I am saying that the PAP government is incompetent in this example.

      • Key Word

        Thats not what I understand your English to be. Misapporpriation is criminal breach of trust if I understand when applied to funds. Incompetence or neglect of duties or impropriety behaviour are not criminal offences but could be subjected to penalty within your own organisation.Say the PM is petty, stupid, incompetent or shallow are okay. They are just one’s opinion . But to say the PM is guilty of a criminal offence; one has to back it up or face the consequences.

      • Fabian

        @Key Word, I have been reading Roy’s blog, correct me if I am wrong, but Roy has never made any assertion that PM is guilty of any offence.

      • Xmen

        Okay, my bad…. I see that it implies dishonesty and something illegal. It is going to be tough for an outsider to prove illegal activities under Singapore’s definition of defamation (which is very narrow and different from other first world countries.)

        From Free Dictionary –

        a. To appropriate wrongly: misappropriating the theories of social science.
        b. To appropriate dishonestly for one’s own use; embezzle.

        2. To use illegally.

      • Key Word

        Dont really follow his articles closely. Too long winded and with fanciful charts, sometimes illogical. Usually skim through.Thought through myself, he would get it this time.If he had meant misappropriating to skimming of excess money using the cpf to flow into the reserves; he should have clarified immediately and apologised. I dont think the PM would that stupid not to accept. Of course this will deserve a reply from the MOF as what had been explained by the minister a few days ago. Whether we accept it is another thing.

  3. No Need Trial Meh?

    No need trial also can be found guilty meh?
    I didn’t know got such things!
    Please forgive my ignorance.

  4. concerned

    Seems like lhl wants to keep this out of court. Wonder what he has to hide. Maybe afraid the truth will come out in court.

  5. terryc

    On the basis of your “apology”, LHL can ask for Summary Judgement and importantly, avoid a trial where you would likely examine and embarrass his Party. You need to retract your “apology”.

    • Jim

      Roy, write another blog similar to what you do for LSL but leave him out. Leave only DPM. Let him (DPM) sue you for defamation and you fight this suit in open courts for all your supporters.

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  7. Lou

    Possibly, the case would be best answered by you, Roy, as to what went through your mind and feelings when you wrote the article comparing CPF and CHC. And this would have to be an honest answer whereby you could prove.

    However, looking at things, the odds are against you. Not because of who you are claimed Summary Judgement by, but rather, what was captured in your articles and writings. So, your only means of winning this case is to gather the necessary evidence that your real intentions were not to insinuate.

    Neither to support you nor against you. Just voicing out a possible avenue to set you thinking.

  8. Let's Sue PAP Government For Return Of Our CPF Money

    Can or not ah?

    How to pay for lawsuit?
    Let’s do crowd-funding again.

    • landragon123

      Cannot as there can use our CPF monies to defend themselves and tells me how many government in this world collected more of it citizen’s money and play with it?

    • landragon123

      Don’t give judgment when you are not a judge as I hope our judge are born the same as A!! of us came from their mother’s womb.
      Hopefully he is not one without blood father but called someone else FATHER, someone he never see or heard but only goes to Church pays 10% and listen to HIM on our rest day but since there are good sons it is OK to sacrifice his rest day to speak or listens to the same stories which the BIBLES wrote by a storyteller.

      • Alan

        Sound like whatever Roy fart is Gospel while others will be call disgusting name if they speak against him!

        What a one-sided freedom of speech we have here!

    • Xmen

      All those social workers also “confessed”. Even Gopalan Nair admitted “guilt”. Are you even born in Singapore?

  9. Why Sue PAP Govt ???

    You madman ah?
    Sue people is very expensive.
    Cheapest way to whack back the PAP government is to Vote Opposition.
    No brains is it?
    No wonder PAP government still in power after 50 years.

  10. 3rd Eye

    “During world war 2, in the Battle of Singapore. The then invading Japanese 25th Army, led by General Tomoyuki Yamashita had the tactical advantage to triumph over the defending Allied forces (under Lieutenant-General Arthur Percival), but he lacked the reserves nor the desire to go for an attrition battle against the Allies. Hence General Yamashita decided to go for a “bluff” against Percival during the surrender negotiation – Unconditional Surrender or Total Annihilation”

    This summary judgement tactic seems like a replay of what Yamashita has used against Percival. A long court trial is will uncover tons of “uncomfortable” truths about the ruling party – one of which is likely to blow-up and impact the party’s performance for the impending 2016 General Election.

    The legal suit against Roy, though a tactical success, is likely to turn out to be a strategic failure instead. It still amaze me why PM Lee’s team had never considered this probability when they filed the initial legal proceedings against Roy – maybe its a failure on their end to consider the implications of their actions? An ill-thought operational team? Misread public’s sentiments and political awareness on the ground?

    Either way, from a strategic viewpoint – Roy should have known by now that he’s a goner. He’s being cornered up the wall with no exit strategy – he’s only way out will be to slough it through and bring down the Goliath PAP with him. Roy should know that PM Lee has more to lose, the trick is to force PM Lee into an “attrition” battle and see who capitulate first. Roy has public support (that amazing legal fund raised through public crowd-funding attested that) whereas PM Lee is relying on a dwindling support base.

    Even if PM Lee do emerge victorious in this engagement – this might turn out to be a Pyrrhic Victory instead; I can already imagine the headlines for GE2016: “Roy – the David – that brought down the Goliath”.

    • Peo

      I am genuinely amused whenever someone says “Roy has public support”. 🙂 hahaha. A group of people crowding around a vacuum cleaner salesman doesn’t mean all are going to buy vacuum cleaner.

      Pretty delusional actually. Here’s food for thought: if he has that good, why isn’t any opposition party taking him in with open arms? Simple. He is a loose cannon. He is a shit stirrer. He is one of those people in your office project teams who tries to find fault with the management team, and claims that all project issues are a result of poor management decisions. He sits back and sulk, and begs others to find fault and agree with him. There will be a few people who gets influenced, but the good majority will assess for themselves.

      • Xmen

        Yes, I see some armchair critic from the “good majority” commenting here. LOL.

        Here’s food for thought: if PAP is that good, why hasn’t it won any public contest since the 2011 GE? (Please don’t mention the PE…)

      • Jim

        If XMEN said PEO represents the view of the good majority, then Roy do not have the support of the good majority.

  11. CHee

    Roy, It better to take up PM offer to go into summary and not trial.
    Trail will cost you more money and it doesn’t actually help you at all.

    And you had already “admited” to the crime by providing “evidence” thru your lawyer and if you ask a better lawyer they will actually advise what you going to do or listen to your objective what you indent to do and not by this current one.

    Give court letter that you admit mistake and will pay and at the back end then said you are not guilty of what you are done and sway here and there. Even if you use CHC which haven’t been found guilty but remember CHC can also file a lawyer letter to you. As at first you are claiming PM act like CHC(which you think they are guilty) and then NOW you are defending to PM case that CHC is not guilty yet. So CHC can actually SUE you also for labeling them at “guilty”

    It time to seek advise from other lawyer as your current one is full of loophole and trying to turn the tide around where you will keep facing problem.

    I know u have a small brain try to OPEN them up and use all brains of yours to save yourself.

    Just my 2 cents

    • Elaine

      I think you are right that CHC church leaders can sue. But no, they should sue the PM instead because it is PM’s lawyer who say guilty of misappropriation, implying that CHC church leaders are guilty.

    • landragon123

      Mr Chee, do not prejudge as you are only people called you chee…….. right? We are here not on suing only. There are the CPF, Medisave, CPF lies which you are compulsory to buy and that money became PAP money for LIFE.
      Summary Judgment have being issue, and I think there is a counter sue?
      Who sue, and who win it is only the dawn of the matter, lets wait until sunset to see the crook of the people called PM who rules when cancel and the wife rules the MONises world for Singpore.

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  13. Yo

    Roy went all out & PM is worried now – so worried that he has to “file a summary judgment” lest he talked too much & let out more secrets. The winners are S’poreans & Roy is the hero. I thank him very much for making so much headway with the CPF. Many S’poreans are also talking abt this. I first heard abt this from a friend who explained to those of us who don’t understand – the way he went abt explaining this is clearer than how the Pioneer package worked was explained to us (btw it is still confusing even after the lengthy explanation). I “worry” for the PAP during the coming GE2016 after Return our CPF episode. If PM don’t give way, amitofo to the PAP during the GE2016. By suing Roy, PM has made things worse for himself. Roy is undergoing Baptism by fire.


      PM has the right to apply for summary judgment like any other citizen. He has no time to waste on a worm like Roy Ngerngnfbgfnfndne

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