1. lee xian loon

    Let lee xian loong understand, that if he sues and incriminates Roy and the other good guys, he sues and incriminates singaporeans who supported you folks.

  2. Levi

    Let the PM sue Roy for his petty damages. We’ll pay off the damages to send a clear signal to the PM to stop suing ordinary citizens and to stop this degrading behavior that is so unmark for a Prime Minister. We won’t make Roy a bankrupt. PM Lee wants to donate the damaged money to the people as charity. What happens when the same people returns the money to undo the monetary damages? It breaks the stupid cycle of taking from the people and giving to the same people. Once Roy’s damages are paid for, it will once and for all neuter PM Lee’s and the PAP’s tactics of bullying Singaporeans who stand up and speak against the oppression that is the PAP.

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