[VIDEO] My Speech At 12 July #ReturnOurCPF Protest: Be United And Be The Change We Wish To See

I gave a speech at the #ReturnOurCPF protest yesterday (12 July 2014). Someone has uploaded a video. You can watch my speech here:

This is another video taken by another person (CM Chen):

You can also read the English text of the speech here.

You can also read the Chinese translation of the speech here.

If anyone would be able to translate the speech into Malay and Tamil, I would be grateful for this! Please do let me know.

Hui Hui and I also sang the Do You Hear The People Sing song at the protest yesterday. You can watch the video here:

#ReturnOurCPF Poster Template@roy ngerng protest


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  4. The Oracle

    Roy goes on and on and on and on about the low interest paid by CPF but let’s look at it:
    CPF Interest Rates:
    Ordinary Account 2.50% p.a.
    Special & Medisave Accounts 4.00% p.a.
    Retirement Account 4.00% p.a.
    ALSO: Additional Interest of 1% is paid on the first $60,000 of combined balances.

    That extra 1% goes to everybody but in particular helps lower income people. I don’t think Roy mentioned that once. As always he is very selective with his facts.

  5. NoBraino

    1%…F…2…3…4…5 % …still crumbs compared to MPs and ministers pay…you guys are fighting for CRUMBS…go get a life if that what politic is to you

  6. Singa

    You have asked a very good question. Why if the land is owned by HDB, are we paying $300,000 when the cost of construction is only $100,000. Did the government swallow $200,000 from us and made it impossible for us to retire as half of our CPF money is used on purchasing a flat that should cost only $100,000?

    • lkoh

      Don’t forget that if one does not have enough to retire, they suggested that one downgrades. That means — buy another HDB, so who earns again? What happens to the interest that one has been paying over the years?
      If one stays only for 30 years, shouldn’t the interest be based on the pro-rated value of 30-years of the flat?
      But we pay based on 99-years. When one downgrades, one has to start paying for another 99 years + interest. Has anyone realised that the people have been taxed + taxed + taxed?
      What a TAXING country!!!

    • Deaf Frog's Toothpick

      @ Singa

      HDB “owners” are officially lessee on HDB documents, HDBs are not strata titled as compared to leasehold condo, HDB dwellers cannot do en-bloc sale to a private developer since they do not own the land or the infrastructure.

      Minister Khaw confirmed that HDB will revert back to the government when the lease runs out.

      the intention of the SERS scheme is not intended to replace all HDB units before the lease runs out so that the lease is “evergreen”.

      that being the case, why is HDB so expensive? is it a strategy for retirement?

      if it is, is it a wise strategy? why do we need this strategy? because CPF falls short, so asset inflation have to come in to make up the difference? because ppl do not have enough to retire? why do they not have enough to retire? because their wages do not rise with the cost of living over the years? if that is the case, who’s fault is that?

      • Singa

        @Deaf Frog’s Toothpick,

        HDB asset appreciation strategy by the PAP is certainly a scam to rob Peter (younger generation) in order to pay Paul (pioneer generation). Young Singaporeans are being burdened by the PAP on multi fronts like having to compete with cheap foreign trashes for the same job and having to feed the older generation by paying much more for a 99year pigeonhole so that the older generation can sell their flats for a ransom to feed their retirement.

        Lim Kim San did not envision the HDB objective to be twisted by Mah Bow Tan and Khaw Boon Wan into a money tree where Singaporeans are being ripped off by the government who controls the land price and ultimately the price of their homes. Goh Keng Swee did not envision the elderly having to sell off their only shelter over their head in order to survive or retire.

        Whose fault is this? I think Lee Kuan Yew and his son owe us an explanation. It is paramount that we vote out the PAP and their self-serving greedy members before the entire nation collapse.

      • Deaf Frog's toothpick

        @ Singa

        asset inflation borrows from the next generation to pay for the retirement of the current generation, the prices eventually work its way into our cost structure, our workers will need higher wages in order to afford homes.

        asset inflation is not sustainable without creating large amounts of artificial demand via generous imports of immigrants.

        immigrants in turn creates it’s own problems, its that the correct tradeoff for our nation?

        then stupid ppl unrealistically expect our citizens to work at the same pay as FTs who do not service a 6-dight mortgage for a leased roof, the FTs do not intend to retire here and are able to work at such pay levels, since their retirements cost is cheaper.

        “cheaper faster better” itself is already stupid, if ministers were able to work for “faster cheaper better”, they would not need to peg pay to private sector.

        it’s monumentally stupid to expect our locals to work for “cheaper faster better” and pursue asset inflation at the same time.

      • Deaf Frog's toothpick

        * clarification, some FTs do service a mortgage, but they are certainly not competing with our locals on an even footing. they do not have NS obligations and their parents are back in China/india where the cost of living is much lower.

      • Lego

        asset inflation is “fatal attraction” for the masses in the long term but a necessary strategy for fast growth and fast money(pleasing most people – the good times). asset deflation is the stick (inflation is the carrot) to beat the don-keys(rising complain as signs of higher cost of living begin to emerge) , slow the wagon down so more mon-keys( mostly opportunists) can hop on for the ride to Armageddon.

        you worked on what asset inflation has done….asset deflation can do as much damages too

        as you wonder or for others…ignore the problems….more land and flats are being released for sale….good luck if you are hoping to sell your pigeonhole for retirement…:)

    • jasmine

      Precisely. The PAP gahmen is betraying our people by doing these things to us.
      We need to ask more questions to uncover the lies they have been feeding the dumb 60% citizens all these years.

  7. Francis

    If I find a site boring or I do not agree with the blogger’s views, I would leave the site permanently. For example, I would never go to sites like “fabrication something PAP”, Reach or LHL facebook because I do not share the same views with those people there.

    But I find it strange that there are weird elements who check in on Roy’s blog more enthusiatically than Roy’s own supporters, just to leave some negative comments. Very very strange people we have here.

    • jasmine

      I agree with you. There are very strange commentators here who insist on having their absurd views displayed here to fool our learned netizens than having it on their usual sycophantic SPH “hard tooth” newspapers.

    • The Oracle

      @ Roy’s half/heart truth brigade

      It depends on who’s fooling who.

      First you say CPF isn’t enough. Then, when one of your own says high HDB helps pay for retirement but robs the younger generation, you criticize that. Put simply, the government can’t do anything right in your opinion and you are very selective with the facts. You use this blog to try to influence Singaporeans to your cause while I feel the need to set the record straight or at least present an alternative view.

      If you believe in free speech (something Roy got to exercise this past weekend) then you should realise it is a two-way street.

      • jasmine

        @Oracle, as someone said, if you can’t put down an argument properly, better keep quiet and appear stupid than open your mouth and remove all our doubts. For the record, it is high HDB flat “prices”, not high HDB. And please don’t twist our words. We say PAP’s asset appreciation policy, not high HDB flat “prices”. Your twisting and turning makes it unbearable to read your comments. If you can’t even put down what we wrote accurately, forget about debating with us as you are wasting everybody’s time by not reading. If you think you are setting the record straight, let me remind you that you are twisting it instead of straightening it because you can’t even put down what we said accurately, you are creating monsters under your own bed.

        For the record again, I support free speech. But only from those who can speak intellectually, not from idiots trying to act smart.

      • Deaf Frog's Toothpick

        @ The Oracle

        inflating asset prices to fund retirement is a remedy action, a remedy action is required because CPF is inadequate.

        why is CPF inadequate? Lim Chong Yah thinks some of our workers were underpaid.

        inadequate CPF is a bad outcome.

        if you break a bowl, it’s your fault, if you try to fix the bowl but does a bad job, it’s also your fault. you can’t cry for sympathy for failing in both.

        it’s the same nonsense i get from some ex-colleagues, they make a series of errors then a series of failed attempts to fix the errors, after that they say “no matter what they do, they will not make me happy”, they failed but still want to demonise me as a difficult person by pleading for sympathy. we see it all the time, don’t we?

        asking for “cheaper better faster” and doing asset inflation at the same time is a contradiction, this is simple enough to understand.

        cheaper faster better is to expect wages to be stagnant or decrease while output is greater and higher in quality.

        while wages are stagnant, housing prices go upward, how stupid is that.

        and we come back to the sick joke,


        we are expecting our horse to go like a porsche but sips fuel like a solar powered casio watch.

  8. leesonghong

    ROY, I LOVE U and I WANT SAY A MILLION THANKS FOR SPEAKING UP!! FOR THE GUTS AND SURELY, SACRIFICES THAT YOU HAVE MADE for daring to take on DAVID!! but ONLY COWARD hide behind ‘rule of game’ and what’s not, that have been designed to hide guess what, COWARDS!! so, AGAIN i say, fight on, i stay tune and keep in touch, AND yes, while m awaiting for the final days of drawing out my money (hopefully), i shall always keep you in mind and support your cause, and financially…trust me!

    • jasmine

      Indeed, we should just keep donating to Roy. He deserves every cent as he has delivered our voce well, much better than the KFC president.

  9. Noemi

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