Update On CPF Case Defamation Suit Against Lee Hsien Loong

Hello everyone, just a quick update, my pre-trial conference will be held tomorrow, on 17 July, at 2.30pm at Chamber 4A at the Supreme Court (It was postponed from 4 July). It will be a closed-door session where the court will give both sides the timeline to submit our affidavit.

The pre-trial will be closed-door. I understand that some media and supporters might be coming down. It wouldn’t be possible to go into the chamber for this pre-trial though.

The prime minister has filed for a summary judgment, which means that he wants the court to pass the judgment without going through a court trial, and then go straight to asking the courts to award the damages. The court hearing will be held on 18 September at 10am. My lawyer, M Ravi, will fight the case for me and to resist the summary judgment.

Thank you everyone for the support and encouragement! Let’s continue to join hands to fight for transparency and accountability on our CPF!


  1. Mike Zeng

    Against lee hsien loong? Typo? Shouldn’t it be against Roy Nerng?
    I still think he will reverse course at the very last moment to settle out of court. He’s a fool if he doesn’t!

  2. The Oracle

    Roy, you already admitted liability when you offered $5,000 – odds are heavily against anything other than a summary judgement. This really shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody. I’m not a lawyer but your best bet may be to increase the offer and point out you are now unemployed. This might give everybody a way out.

    • lee xian loon

      Either maybe you can clean his toilets…or have u went to scrub the pm orifice recently again? You smell of pap smear

      • The Oracle

        Roy cleaned toilets for 2 weeks and now he is the champion of cleaners. I did it for 6 months so does that make me the savior of all Singapore? As for your usual crude insults, it just shows what kind of person you are and you will never convince the majority to follow your cause if you don’t get your brain out of the gutter.

      • The Oracle

        But the fact is he did offer and that’s now a major weak point in the defense of his case. If Roy wants to dig his heels in now he can but he is unlikely to win – but then he may have decided to be a martyr at this point. If, on the other hand, he wants to be magnanimous my suggestion may offer a way out. While I don’t agree with a lot of what Roy says, I was actually suggesting a possible way out of this mess for him.

      • The Oracle

        Further to my last point, if Roy doubles his offer and points out he is now unemployed and LHL again turns down his offer then Roy will get more sympathy than just digging his heels in now. If LHL actually accepts, then Roy avoids potentially being made bankrupt – which would halt (at least for now) his political ambitions.

      • lea xian loon

        Hi Oracle aka pap smear brigade,

        Sometimes people need to be crude to you because you surprise yourself and every civilized person that you cannot hold your argument sound and well. Like pm lee, you seem to hide behind govt bodies that have prostituted to serve pm lee’s cause, and can barely hold yourself against data presented by Roy.

        Do you dare to say–to your honest heart–that you don’t receive money or benefits of any kind, by prostituting your own family members and descendants to lee’s childish tyranny by making such posts?

    • Orifix

      If someone points a gun to your head or hold your family hostage and you have to lie to save yourself and your loved ones, should you be liable for the lie?
      Admission under threat or duress is not necessary quilt. Bullies can’t win.
      With eyes everywhere watching, you think you can pick on someone in a disadvantage position and get away with it? Only fools will walk into that kind of shiit.

  3. clear minded

    Roy, keep fighting. Don’t let LHL get away with this. You did no wrong to compare GIC with CHC. Same mode of round-tripping operation to confuse the people. If somebody accuse me of something and I have nothing to hide, I would open the books for inspection instead of pressing for a defamation suit like TT Durai. Actions like this will only make people lose trust in you.

      • landragon123

        High Jasmine, what do you know about NKF and still in your mind thinks the victims who were charged and convicted are bad people? Let me tells you my opinion of the Indian who ran it and made it Famous but was in turn charged and it became even MOST famous.
        Man made mistakes and he admitted it, went to jail for it and paid back when the judge asked for. Please to let you know, there will never be another man as great as him in running charities. His payment by GIRO. his 1st cold call centre and his TV shows was 1st class and none have come close. Do you know that , NKF when he was in charge it was the only charity that the government did not pay dollars to dollars whereas all other charities are match $ for $ or even twice. AM I right on this is, and maybe Mrs. GOH like to comments?

    • landragon123

      He have lost the trust of the People when he order the building of the 2 casinos which up to date many have killed themselves and the evidence were at Bedok Reservior where reported 11 killed themselves and reports have stopped to cover more death?

  4. StulyKan

    Poor thing. You won’t be able to get a job with civil service, GLCs,TLCs, GICs, and companies that do biz with the above which is like 90% of companies in Singapore…. Best to give up and offer to pay a bit more…live to fight another day…and be wiser this time..

    • landragon123

      Roy there is nothing to worry as you have hands and mouth and legs. Start your own business and made it a success to prove that you are capable. There are only about 3% of businessman and If you made it you will be the top 3%.

  5. Deaf Frog's Toothpick

    Lets be reminded that the law suit is currently sub-judice, engage in a debate with any person on Roys’ lawsuit at your own risk.

    If some idiots wants to commit sub-judice, let them go ahead with it, don’t let them bait you into committing it together with them.

    to the best of my knowledge, a breach of the sub judice rule may include, urging the court to reach a particular result, commenting on the strength or weakness of a party’s case and speculating of results of a lawsuit.

    • The Oracle

      You raised an interesting point and it prompted me to check what exactly is Sub Judice and how it applies. In summary:

      Sub Judice and Contempt of Court
      – Publication of material which is sub judice comprises contempt of court.
      – Statutory contempt of court criminalises the publication of material which creates a substantial risk that the course in the relevant proceedings would be seriously impeded or prejudiced.
      – Common law contempt covers any other action which is intended to interfere with the administration of justice.
      Actions under common law contempt that may be applicable to Roy’s blogs and rallies:
      1) Publishing information obtained from confidential court documents
      2) Mounting an organized campaign to influence proceedings

      Most people commenting on Roy’s blogs would not typically be in contempt of court unless they are publishing confidential court information/documents or trying to influence the courts.

      • Deaf Frog's Toothpick

        @ The Oracle

        It’s not my job to determine what is “sub-judice” or not, I think the attorney general’s chambers will decide on that when somebody decides to submit a transcript of this comment section to them.

        I am just giving a friendly reminder to the ppl who might not be aware, if it does not apply to you, good for you, there is no need make noise.

        which brings me to a story, one day a volunteer was giving out colour pencils to students in a class, there was this kid who shouted loudly to make sure the volunteer knew he does not need any colour pencils because he is rich enough to to have his own set. so childish.

        Since you are so well versed in the law, i suppose u will not have any problems with sub-judice, do let us have your expert opinion with regards to the lawsuit.

      • The Oracle

        @ DFt

        I am not – as I clearly stated above – trying to pretend I am an expert. I just looked up the facts a bit more for everybody’s clarification. Doing a service for everybody on this thread just as you were doing.

      • Deaf Frog's Toothpick

        @ The Oracle

        you are clearly trying to interpret the law with your expertise, how else would you be able to conclude that “Most people commenting on Roy’s blogs would not typically be in contempt of court” ?

        ok, do share with us your non-expert opinion on the lawsuit.

      • The Oracle

        You don’t actually want my “non-expert” opinion but, as I’ve already made clear already, I think Roy will lose in court if he continues on this path.

        He has already admitted guilt and offered compensation. Summary judgement is therefore highly likely and all the court really has to decide now is how much to award against him.

        His continued and very frequent blogging on the matter may score him some political points and that may be what he cares most about now – but on the legal front he may be getting very close to contempt of court if he hasn’t already crossed in to that territory.

        My suggestion that his best course of action may be to try to settle this one more time was a genuine suggestion which I think may work to Roy’s advantage. If you think differently then fine. Ultimately it is for Roy to decide what he does from here.

  6. landragon123

    We have so many pre-judgment on this matter whether Roy lost or not depends on what race is the judge and what religious believe. Both lawyers are Indian and they are best at this game Indian are born speakers to tweet and turn and it is RAVI who have to turn it around to made the day.
    Off course the other Lawyer is the Foreign Minister in his 1st landmark case when a PM sue his citizen for monkey to donate to charity. Even if he success in getting the money that he intended to have, It will be another SIN for him to bear as court money are SINNED. It is just my point of view and those who thinks differently will need to know something about our courts or today.
    We are a country or can be call a CITY too but our courts is named STATE Courts and I like to ask, are we going back to join Malaysia again or go for something bigger and becomes the 53rd states of CHINA?
    I was in court for the 1st charged by my wife who went to ask for a protection order and she was granted when I presented my case to the judge that I never beats my wife in our 44 years of marriage, never scold her and she confirmed it in the witness stand.
    The award was granted because I refuse to swell in the witness stand for the judge give me the same piece of paper to swell on and I pointed to her the paper she gave me was for my wife and not me. This is a sick judge in a country rules by a sick PM and everything are SICK???

      • landragon123

        Can you tells me more about it as I AM not lawyer but I use to defend myself in court and also files claims myself to the small Claims Court. We small fly can only claims small.

      • The Oracle

        The Sedition Act makes it an offence to promote feelings against the government or the administration of justice, or the promotion of hostility between the different races or religions. People have been jailed and fined for this.

        While the government and courts may be tolerant of some criticism, your stated that the race or religion of the judge will be a deciding factor in what happens in this case – that definitely crosses a much more sensitive line.

        I appreciate you feel wronged by the courts but, for your own sake, don’t press the “Post comment” button unless you are calm and have checked through what you have written (generally avoid mentioning race or religion).

  7. TheRealOracle

    Don’t think you are all powerful. You will one day be turned into dust and people will walk all over you.

  8. Aloysius

    God Bless You Roy.

    You fought for an issue which concerns all Singaporeans (correction, shouldn’t be all because there are the “blind, deaf and mute” who refuse to see, hear or voice out, despite all the available data, researches, discussions, statistics, intelligent and valid questions posed, etc., which affects our lives, but you were not careful with your words and you got yourself into this mess. Please be careful next time. I am 100 % behind you. Although I am jobless I will chip in to help defray your burden when the decision on costs is made known. If only every one who cares and contributes whatever they can afford, I am sure this action will speak volumes by itself and will send a very clear message to the one whom you have been deemed to have “defamed”.

    I am still scratching my head. If he is indeed so pissed off with the defamation why not fight in out in court and make public the hearings? Indeed hard to fathom what goes on in the gray matter of the highly intelligent being.

    I will not say more, in case I also get a letter from the highly celebrated Sing, oops should be Singh!

  9. ong

    Aside from becoming a temp cleaner when there are so many other better part time jobs out there given your linguistic capabilities (this questions your credibility a little lol) all the best to you. Your genuine efforts for the people will come to light someday

  10. Fake Roy

    For sure Roy , go jail stop wasting our singapore hard earn money can ? We give you money to fight this useless case, you think Roy will win ? Dun forgot pm lee have the top three lawyers . We regret to give you money man Roy . Give up man.

    • landragon123

      Yes you are a real FAKE or better a Fuck. Even if you are PM running dog, dog will still wage their tail but you utter stupid words a down right stupid will said!!!

  11. FakeOracle

    Enough is enough. The one with more to lose will lose the one with less to lose will lose. Let the show begin!

    • The Oracle

      It’s only a maybe but the Sedition Act again comes to mind. Accusing the government of cheating the people is definitely promotion of ill will against the government, etc. The government could, if it really sees Roy as a threat, invoke this.

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