How Much CPF Are Singaporeans Losing To The Government?

How much CPF are Singaporeans losing to the government?

For a long time, the government has denied that they have taken our CPF to invest in the GIC (Lee Kuan Yew denied this in 2001 and 2006, and Ng Eng Hen in 2007).

Screenshot (45)

But in June this year, the government admitted for the first time ever that they take our CPF to invest in the CPF. They have long denied this and never wanted to admit the truth for the past 15 years (at least).

The Government Takes Our CPF to Invest in GIC but Does Not Return the Earnings Back to Singaporeans

Now, the GIC earns an estimated average annual returns of 6% since it was formed in 1981 but Singaporeans only earn between 2.5% to 4% on our CPF, or an estimated average of 3%.


If so, how much money are Singaporeans losing from the returns the GIC earns on our CPF, but does not returned?

The Government Forces Singaporeans to Pay 60% of Flat Prices to Land Which Singaporeans Do Not Own

Next, National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wah has admitted that, “Firstly, we control the construction programmes. Secondly, we set the price (for the flats).”

Earlier this year, the government also finally admits that Singaporeans do not own our homes, we are only paying for leases on the flats which would have zero value at the end of their leases. The flats will then be returned to HDB and the land returned to the government.

As such, Singaporeans are not “buying” the flats. We are only renting on a long term basis.

Since 2008 “land costs have grown at an average compound rate of 18.2 per cent a year, compared with 9.1 per cent for HDB resale prices” while “incomes rose at a compound annual rate of 5.3 per cent for the average household”. This means that land costs and flat prices have been rising much faster than our incomes, and Singaporeans have to pay more and more of our wages into paying for the flats.


But if we do not own the land (nor even the flats) and are only renting our homes, then why are we paying so much for the flats and why are we even paying for the land?

It was also reported that, “Land now makes up about three-fifths of development cost on average, up from two-fifths in 2008″.”

Leong Sze Hian also estimates that of the flat prices we are made to pay, 60% of the prices actually go into land costs.


If so, how much are Singaporeans losing from having to pay the government for the land which we do not own?

A Singaporean Earning $1,000 who Works from 25 to 55 Will Lose Nearly $300,000 to the Government

So, how much are Singaporeans losing from our CPF to the government?

Let’s first look at someone who starts work at age 25 today and who earns $1,000. If his/her salary increases by 4% every year and he/she continues to earn only 3% on the CPF every year, by the time he/she is 55 in 30 years time, he/she would have only saved $374,893 inside the CPF.

But as stated, our CPF is actually earning 6%. If so, if a person earns this 6% interest on our CPF, then we would have saved $583,217 at 55.

This is a difference of $208,324 that a person would lose!

On top of that, a person might pay for a smaller flat at $200,000 today. If he/she buys it with a partner and both pays for the housing mortgage (which can amount to about $270,000) in equal proportions, then each person might pay $135,000 in housing mortgage.

Now, if land costs make up 60%, then a person would be throwing $81,000 down the drain to pay for land which one does not own.

If so, for a Singaporean who earns $1,000, he/she might be losing at least $289,324.


And this is assuming that a person gets a constant 4% increment on his/her salary and continues being employed for 30 years. However, as it is, for low-income Singaporeans, from age 40, our wages will start declining and there will be negative real wage growth. This would mean that a person would lose even more of his/her money.

A Singaporean Earning $3,000 who Works from 25 to 55 Will Lose Nearly $750,000 to the Government

If we look at the average Singaporean who earns about $3,000 and who also sees a salary increase of 4% and a CPF interest rate of 3% every year, he/she is expected to save $1.12 million inside the CPF by age 55.

However, if we should earn the 6% that we should rightfully earn on our CPF, then we should rightfully have accumulated $1.75 inside our CPF.

This means that we are losing $624,972 on our CPF!

Not only that, if a person pays for a flat for an average of $300,000 (with a housing mortgage of $400,000), he/she and the partner would have to pay another $200,000 each into housing loans.

Land costs would take up $120,000.

If so, a person is potentially losing $744,972 on our CPF!


Again, this is assuming that we see a constant wage increase of 4% every year, but most of us don’t, and not only that, our wages will start declining or stagnating from age 40 – which explains why most of us would never see even $1 million inside our CPF.

A Singaporean Earning $1,500 who Works from 21 to 65 Will Lose More than $1.5 Million to the Government

But what if we look at a person who starts working at a younger age for a longer period of time?

Leong Sze Hian had showed that “If you start work at say 21 years old with a salary of $1,500 – increasing at 4% per annum until age 65 – at 3% interest, you would have accumulated $1,491,087 at age 65.”

And if “If the nominal rate of return (on the CPF) is say 6% (the historical average real rate of return after adjusting for inflation of national pension schemes in the world is we believe about 4%) – you would have accumulated $2,953,777.”

He calculated that for a Singaporean earning $1,500 and who starts work at 21, he/she would ” have been short-changed by $1,462,690″ by age 65!

And if you include the $81,000 that a Singaporean has to pay for housing into land costs, a person would be losing more than $1.5 million!


A Singaporean Earning $3,000 who Works from 21 to 65 Will Lose More than $3 Million to the Government

And for the average Singaporean who earns $3,000, this would mean losing as much as $3 million!


A Singaporean Earning an Average Wage from 1980 to 2011 Has Lost More than $260,000 to the Government

Prof Christopher Balding also calculated that for “a Singaporean worker started earning an average Singaporean wage in 1980 and earned an average wage every year through 2011 according to IMF and Singapore Ministry of Finance data”, ” an average worker would have earned a total of $898,227 SGD in wages over that period and contributed $318,871 SGD between employee and employer contributions to a CPF account.  Interest growth would total $218,241 bringing the accumulated savings of the average employee to $537,112 SGD, assuming that the money has not been withdrawn for something such as the purchase of a flat.”

He also calculated that if “instead of receiving the “guaranteed” CPF rate of return that savers instead earned the GIC long term average of 7% (in 2013)”, “The “average” Singaporean would now have saved $798,806 SGD.  In other words, if CPF savers only earned the GIC rate of 7% rather than the CPF rate, the “average” Singaporean would be $261,694 wealthier.”


A Singaporean Earning an Average Wage from 1980 to 2011 Would Have Lost Nearly $4 Million to the Government (on Temasek Holdings Returns)

Leong Sze Hian and I have also traced how our CPF was indeed transferred to Temasek Holdings to manage. Prof Christopher Balding has also calculated, in the same trend, that if “Singaporean earned a Temasek rate of return, they would be sitting on $4.5 million SGD a difference of $3,984,258 SGD from the current balance.”


The Average Singaporean Will Lose $700,000 to $3 Million to the Singapore Government

So, depending on how you look at it, the average Singaporean is losing between $700,000 to $3 million to the Singapore government, or as much as more than 50% of what we should rightfully earn!

In effect, what the government is doing is to say – let us take your CPF and what it earns, then we take half, you take half. OK? And they do this without asking you for your agreement. Are you OK with it?


This $700,000 to $3 million is a lot of money which would have enabled all Singaporeans to live very comfortably.

But why is this not happening?

Why are 90% of Singaporeans today not even able to meet the CPF Minimum Sum of $155,000 and are not able to retire? Meanwhile, the government and ministers earn extravagant salaries in the millions and the highest in the world, which would give them no problem at all to live a very luxurious lifestyle. But this at the expense of Singaporeans  – are they still worthy of being in government?


What exactly is wrong with the system?

Singaporeans Will Lose $7 Trillion to the Government on Earnings on Our CPF Not Returned

The low interest rates that the Singapore government is only willing to return to Singaporeans (while pocketing the rest) and the making Singaporeans pay for land costs is causing Singaporeans to lose a lot of money.

Meanwhile, who gains at our expense? – the Singapore government is able to benefit from the average of even up to $3 million for each Singaporean!

For a resident labour force of 2.1 million people, we are looking at a massive goldmine of $7 Trillion siphoned from Singaporeans!


Are you shocked? All Singaporeans would have been able to retire very comfortably today, but we still see many of our elderly Singaporeans working as cleaners, odd-job labourers and cardboard collectors, because the government has not returned what they have earned on our CPF back to Singaporeans. The government takes our CPF to use and keeps the earnings for themselves.

Meanwhile, Singaporeans are left to scavenge, and beg the government for just a little bit more of our money, which they have taken away from us and should belong to us in the first place!

Why do Singaporeans have to beg for money which belongs to us in the first place and was taken forcefully away from us? And why do elderly Singaporeans have to suffer because the government stumbled onto our goldmine, took it away and left us with too little to survive on?

And meanwhile, the ministers earn millions of dollars in salaries on our money, and pay themselves the highest in the world, while Singaporeans earn the lowest wages among the highest-income countries and the lowest CPF interest rates in the world.

Singaporeans, in short, we are ***ed, by our government.

Are you going to do anything about it yet?

3rd Edition Of The #ReturnOurCPF Event

On 23 August, there will be a third edition of the #ReturnOurCPF event.

Join us at the third edition and take a stand. The government cannot take Singaporeans’ CPF to use and tell us that they do not know what they are using it for. This is a derision to Singaporeans and daylight robbery!

On 23 August, we will see you at Hong Lim Park. Let’s come together, be united and speak for change, for the better for our lives, and our children’s.

You can join the Facebook event page here.

Also, my first court case will be held on 18 September 2014, at 10.00am. It will be a full-day hearing.

Return Our CPF 3 Poster Part 2

Return Our CPF 3 Poster Part 2 chinese



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  2. Alan

    Another day come, go, and Prata Roy’s running dogs are on the prowl! Baring their fangs on anyone who point out the flaws on Prata posts and creations!

    Prata is getting desperate as he’s at wits end. He has to recycle all the frictional posting to continue stimulate their instinct but it is getting useless. More and more are not biting as they started to see thru his lies!

    His once partners are deserting him too!

    His end is near!

    • Silva

      we know you are Prime Lee’s son, and we also have son and grandson, We also have thousands of grandchildren, they are university study, They don’t like you just hysterical, They learn how to speak out the truth of history, Your rant shows your father did not give you a basic parenting training,

    • Jacqueline tang

      Govt always think that ppl have short memory. Roy is doing the thing in broadcasting repeatedly our govt’s past wrong doings or inactions.

  3. The Oriental

    It is hilarious and delirious that the PAP supporters keep on loitering on Roy’s blog, ever so ready to pounce on him whenever he publishes a new article. I would like to see these challengers go start their own blog and write something instead of latching on like a leech.

    • cheepeng

      MR ORIENTAL, you are so polite lei…for me hor…i call them dogs of the regime licking masters bananas but lately hor, they are told to lick ccb la…so hor, i say, you are very educated and i like mah…Roy have done all of us SINGAPORE PEOPLE a great favor and if he needs support or even money, sure sure i will give on…last time i give little but all i can afford and many friends of mine do the same…
      for the Dogs, aiyah, i pity their father, their mother and their grand grand every father and mother for the born of them as dogs lor!

      • The Oracle

        Cheap trick using the handle I’ve established on this blog. Typical of what you can expect from Roy and his little gang of troublemakers.

      • Avoir du regime

        Oracle, you call u a lowly scum is an understatement….I challenge you to establish a blog, i shall visit you.
        Whether or not we vote in the opposition is none the business of your day! if you are posted as a regime dog over this blog, well is just your job and i have to respect it otherwise, get the fck out here…the lowly scum and ‘gang or roy’ have more bones and guts then you have and i do pity your father, your mother for raising you such a lowly creature…
        Roy have taken facts to show THE WORLD how this regime is taking advantage of its people, AND that transparency is needed for the people’s monies….open the case TO THE OPEN COURT! TELL YOUR MASTER TO TAKE THE CHALLENGE and this way i shall respect UNTO A MAN,failing which, THIS IS ROY’s BLOG, GOT THE FUCK OUT! HIS SUPPORTERS ABOUND, YOU SHALL NOT BREAK THE SPIRIT OF FREEDOM, OF TRUTH AND OF COURAGE…frankly, is time for you now to go suck the bananas of thy masters…go go dogs…go go….

    • @Citizen of PAP

      @Citizen of PAP
      You satire him, and people respect him, you hate him, and the people love him, you have a lot of money, and that is that people paid their blood for your exchange.

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    最新调查报告中指出, 若根据经济指标,新加坡的表现相当好,但新加坡人却最缺乏正面情感,这会令一些只专注于传统经济指标的分析家和国家领导人感到惊讶。盖洛普一名合伙人克里夫顿在报告中说:“一个国家领导人的收入高,并不等同于这个国家的人民快乐和幸福。”



  5. Totally shocked

    Roy, you are getting better and better.
    This is a very great sacrifice by all the older Singaporeans. Hundreds of thousand, even a few millions dollars, silently and quietly taken away by the government. They are supposed to be trustees, the government and the CPF Board, of our CPF money. But they don’t have the interest of CPF members in heart. They think, 2.5% is a “reasonable” return, now we can keep the rest in GIC or TH or somewhere. They don’t even ask us, or tell us, until Roy digs out everything.
    Any young Singaporean must read this. This is what you will be sacrificing for the country. Are you ready to hand over so much money?

  6. cheers ..

    the people are not happy, the whole world knows,smelly reputation has spread throughout the world , only your Prime Minister who get large sums of money does not want to know.

    “who says our people unhappy, i sue you , see, many want to picture with me, i am so happy, why not, for huge money , smiling.., cheers ..

  7. Chris

    Yawn, idiots.
    Roy is the man. Who else can ask for donations and get away with what, $200,000??? Or how much now?
    Now what, Roy has his sights on all Singaporeans’ cpf? How else he keeps asking to see transparency? Why else he keeps wanting to know my/our cpf amount?
    HHH, his buddy in crime. She asking for 5300 ppl to donate $1 every month to Roy in order to support his ‘NMP’ life. This will allow Roy to work full time for these 5300 ppl. It is amazing how HHH came up with 5300 ppl. Btw, I dun think the real NMP even get $5300 per month. This will make Roy the highest paid ‘ nmp’ in sg to serve a small group of 5300 ppl. Please sign up for the ‘glorious’ path.

  8. Disappointment at Roy

    Roy, I used to be a keen supporter of your views when you first started. I thought you made sense.

    The posts in the past few weeks made me rethink why you are doing this. You are sensationalizing things, and it does appear quite clearly that you are giving half information and trying to rouse up sentiments.

    I don’t see your purpose anymore.

    It’s disappointing.

    • Avoir du regime

      surely you do know what Roy had gone through, and while lamenting, repeating or EVEN ‘sensationalizing’ things in this BLOG, is his prerogatives and liking…NO ONE ASK YOU TO LISTEN, NO ONE ASK YOU TO VISIT OR PARTICIPATE IN HONG LIM RALLY if any, so be yourself, get disappointed and perhaps, IF YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE DOGS, go back licking the bananas of your masters…
      The Journey is LONG, THE BRAVE ARE BUT FEW AND SACRIFICE WE MUST, DO NOT STOP, TIRED REST BUT THE SHOW MUST GO ON…this is “revolution” short of being a crusade AND THERE IS ONLY ONE TO CARRY THE CROSS, yes, say he must, shout he must and ‘crucified’ he will BUT not broken of souls, of friends and of respect…I RESPECT ROY AND SALUTE HIM!

  9. tan

    CPF is our money has been borrowed by government. they got the profit and shared it themselves — selfish , it is the first guilty

    Prime Minister have taken for a very long term huge income while harm Roy lost job, penniless , — Prime Lee is the most greedy man in the World, it is the second guilty

    So, we want a new prime minister .

    • landragon123

      CPF started by Lee Kuan Yew was a good for us to save and buy HDB and later to invest in Shares when you have enough. We are allowed to buy Insurance for our old age.

      It is this Sick and Cancel Son who tweeted it again for money needed for his wife, all coming for the Army. Army are fighting force for a country, HOW can Army Officer knows how too and it was when she lost money and plenty of them that she got promoted. Remember the $700,000,000 that she lost?

      Now Capital Lands lost our money in investment in China as it was this investment LKY made and have to cut lost and run in the SOOCHOW Park. Now it will be time for LHL to run from his bad investments or A!! our CPF will be never see the lights again?

  10. well done!

    So, anyone who gets bonds are being cheated by the issuer? Great revelation you have here. Repeated over and over, continuously and indefatigably, you may just well change the whole logic behind finance. Well done!

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    In order to interpret Lee Kuan Yew, We see it again in Lee Kuan Yew’s televised speech on YouTube, In his reply to a foreign reporter’s question, he said : “ one of our privileges , the first , the welfare, the survival of the people , then, the democratic to be Launched and processed … ”

    According to him in 50 years ago, said the original words, And then look back at today’s Singapore, Initially he calls the “first welfare” — when his regime gradually stabilize , “welfare” becomes without a trace.

    In fact, over the past 50 years, he did not create any welfare system, he completely regardless of unemployment and survival of the people, from the “first” meaning, that he did not deliver on his promises

    CPF is the people’s own money, he took it as a business, he does not intend to pay back by deadline , and kept in the dark, in the end , who contributed welfare to whom ?

    Include running the Channel NewsAsia television,

    normally if adult speak does not count, children will say: ” You lie ”

    This is Singaporeans children – Roy and Singaporeans grandfather — Lee Kuan Yew , and Singapore Prime Minister Lee Lee Hsien Loong, in the upcoming trial courts, Expand the age gap in the history of Singapore’s largest political contest.

    Online tracking, please watch the next report.

    为了解读李光耀,我们在YouTube上再看一遍李光耀的电视讲话, 他在回答外国记者提问时,他是这么说的:“ one of our privileges , the first , the welfare, the survival of the people , then, the democratic to be Launched and processed ( 我们的基本人权,第一,是福利,是人的生存,然后,才来谈民主才的进程)”

    根据他50年前的原话,再回头看看今日的新加坡, 最初他口中的“第一是福利”, 随着他政权的稳定,变得无影无踪。

    事实上,过去50年, 他没有建立任何福利 ,他完全不管人民的失业与生存问题,从这个” 第一” 意义上,他没有兑现承诺 。

    CPF是人民自己的钱, 被他拿去做生意, 到期不还, 都蒙在鼓里,究竟是谁给谁福利呢 ?

    包括开办那个 Channel NewsAsia 电视台 .

    通常孩子们会在大人讲话不兑现的时候,说: 你骗人 。

    这就是新加坡孩子 Roy 和李光耀爷爷以及李显龙长辈, 在即将开审的法庭上, 展开新加坡史上年纪差距最大的政治交锋。


    • landragon123

      Go to WordPress blog on Lee Kuan Yew watch or landragon123 for more reading are available there. It was call LKY policies sets in STONE, Yes, it is in stone as it is never altered since LKY became our PM.

      In the Trains, there reminder you for the last 25 years that when you see and unattended parcel, call the police as it is the work of Terrorist but have it happened? LKY is afraid to die, so he also wanted to help Singaporean to be SAFE to. The only different is we cannot afford Gurka guilds for our homes and we have no body guild to sent us around. LKY live in his self created PRISON to protect Singapore from Harm as long as he is no HARMED. Long Live LKY and if you starts to wear Negative ION Clothing, to live to be a centurion is possible. for details.

  13. Jim

    Why just ask PAP to return the CPF???
    Can we get a better return than 7% or more that GIC and TH are getting.
    Can uncle Leong do better?

    Why not keep demanding base on your logic and calculation :
    1) CPF pays us the difference of 3% or more to our CPF
    2) Return the flat land value of 81000, but what if the HDB want to buy back at the original purchase price of the flats to Singaporean if they are not happy with just renting and then ends up with nothing at the end of the lease.

    Too bad most of the land supply in Singapore are available at 99 years lease. Maybe, Roy why don’t ask uncle Leong to look into freehold property in our neighbour Malaysia. USA is too far.

    It’s exciting, Roy. Wow, some of us might 3 million richer.
    If so, why let the PAP off. Demand our rights.
    You are either too kind or foolish if you just demand “Return our CPF”. Fighting.

      • Jim

        Roy, I just have a dreadful thought, have you uncovered that there is already no money in GIC or GIC keep losing money?
        Is that why you keep demanding RETURN OUR CPF.

      • mohammed

        @ Jim, you may be right. The GIC vault might have been emptied long ago. That may be reason GIC became private limited to avoid public scrutiny. That may also be reason why TT has no choice but to run for president.

      • leesonghong

        Jim, good point! Perhaps what’s left IS ONLY PONZI SCHEME , from one pocket to the other pocket…also, incoming of monies from one source to the other source (of payout)…didn’t the wise and clever CHC did that?
        In any case, A WRONG IS A WRONG, the original of plan is retired at 55, come what may, YOU SHALL GET BACK WHAT IS YOUR MONEY, PERIOD! over time and period, more screwing scheme came online until such!
        A PANDORA BOX IS OPEN, we hope to see the crystal lies beneath what is needed to un cover and yes, ROY is a ONE MAN SHOW with many man hours! RESPECT INDEED, and as I await my fund, TRUST ME ROY, what ever i could, i shall render both in spirit and financial aide to you, amid quietly….MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU AND ALSO …. YOUR FAMILY!

      • Jim

        Obviously Roy did not think so. GIC is earning 6 or 7 % according to many of his posts. Question, why is he still demanding RETURN CPF?

    • Don't Wait Until You Have No Money

      Demand back your CPF money now.
      Show them you are serious.
      Vote Opposition.

      If you vote PAP, that means you are happy with not getting back your CPF money at age 55.

    • landragon123

      Jim think for yourself, as your child can take care for himself as finding a job is easy but wanting to get is hard when you demands for the SKY standing on EARTH?

      • Reply to landragon123

        “… when you demands for the SKY standing on EARTH? ”

        And paying PAP Ministers millions to keep them honest is not stupid?
        – if somebody has a character flaw
        – how would paying them millions in salary help?

      • landragon123

        No body in this world can be totally right. LKY was right most of the time but his sick son was never right. Killing mosquitos to stop Dengue, Open Casinos to be rich, Cut trees to prevent it felling and kills people, washing ROADS with High Jets to clean SINGAPORE, the Little RED DOT to stop the RED in his account BOOKS………………………….you name it he have it???

  14. landragon123

    Lee Kuan Yew knows that his son cannot made a good PM and I do not think he wants him to be ONE. It was his wife that wants it and with the help of GCT recruited him from the Army.
    There are both gamblers so the sing the same tunes, one started the football clubs and you can bet at the 4D shops now. His sons needed more monies and Casinos was his answers so with the help of his mother, gets LKY to agree without his HEART’S approval and now his illness is the heart fix with a pacer to keep him going.
    LKY is a good man with a weak heart and it is use by his wife to do what she likes and now his son does the same to him by ask his mother to get his father to agree for the Casinos.
    Please correct me if I AM wrong for people made mistake it is human do so?

  15. landragon123

    Do you know that many criminals are paid Millions and Good man paid Peanuts as this criminals are HEROS who came to bomb Singapore during Malaysia. There are here to bomb MALAYSIA and not Singapore and the STARS general who was not born when it happened told off the Indonesian and his superior does the same. The comments was to be by our great lawyer the Foreign Minister but he keep his mouth shut.

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  18. landragon123

    I recently ask the court, WHY change the name to STATE when we are not a State now and the ANSWER is given. Please goes down to Holland Village and this is TIGER Beer answer to me. I am a Singalish man and do not understand the banner put up there. Tiger is now German and maybe there see the State, Country and City as one.
    I think there are 2 possibilities, The government set up a PAP city with Singapore as their state like the Christian City in Italy?
    2nd is to be part of Malaysia and that is the most possibilities as on 30tn and 31st August we celebrated Malaysia Birthday.
    The crest on your coins shows the LION & TIGER and it was created by the British when there ruled us and it is still there???

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    Undeniably believe that which you said. Yourr faqvorite reason seemed to bee att the net the easiest thing to understand of.
    I say to you, I certainly get annoyed while folks consider issues that they plainly don’t understand about.
    Youu managed to hhit the nail upon the highest and outlined out the entire thing with no need
    side effect , people can take a signal. Willl probably be
    again to gget more. Thanks

    • landragon123

      My contact is boopatrick@gmail and website for I never hide as what were written is the Truth and nothing BUT the TRUTH. and if I AM wrong, please correct me a sentence learn from LKY books. I AM a Bibola man who play with 2 bola at anyone time where as BIPOLAR man who plays game, can only hit one ball – RIGHT? If I AM found guilty for any crimes, I will pay for it with my times Behind Bars and I just retired a HAPPY young man at 18 for I AM always young at heart and at 18 the PAP allows us to make LOVE. Not under Women Charter control.

  24. Carla

    First of all I would like to say fantastic blog! I had a quick
    question that I’d like to ask if you don’t mind.

    I was curious to know how you center yourself and clear your thoughts prior to writing.
    I hwve had a hard time clearing my thoughts in getting my thoughts
    out there. I do enjoy writing however it just seems like
    tthe first 10 to 15 minues aree generally wssted simmply
    ust trying to figure out how tto begin. Any ssuggestions or hints?

    • landragon123

      You cannot write anything with a crowded thought. Focal on your thinking and mine is simple, to tell fellow citizens what is wrong with our PM and his Cabinet. Because he is a 3 stars general he thinks there are good. So when he is not good, the other 3 stars generals are like him.

      Half baked potatoes, not ready for the table. Get experienced people from businesses, professionals but since he only knows those from the ARMY he gets army man to create FEARS factors in Singapore with disease theme like the Dengue which killed 7 peoples in 7 years. It may be the ideas of a Doctor in the NEA.

      There other FEAR Factors are MRT can get bombed and young girls are employed as security officers and in this 20 over years the MRT is running, have there been a bomb threat? Now the securities are recently extended to the Bus Interchanges. Most bombing in other countries are by suicide bombers and can anyone in his right mind thinks he can stop them.

      Just like LKY is afraid to die and ordered window to be sealed and when he gets onto the ROADS, security men guild him. If someone want to kill him it not necessary on the road or at his house. When he visit his ward, goes tree planting, he can be kill anytime anywhere. A man is faith to live to a certain age and even his niece told me he should be in his 90’s and so it is 91 now.

  25. Terese

    If some one wishes to be updated witth most up-to-date technologies therefore he must be pay a quick visit
    this web page and be up to date every day.

  26. landragon123

    News can never be up to date for our times move on and today news is history tomorrow. So keep you ears open to listen and keep your eyes to see what is happening around you everyday.
    Jay Walking should be imposed on those who walk at MRT station with eyes on their mobile, watching movies or playing games. Will it be possible to get mobiles just to make calls without those movies and games. I Know for sure the Mobile maker will kill me for this suggestion,

    I have wrote to Bill Gates in his FB to give the NOKIA name to me and I will get help to start a made in Singapore Mobile Phone call SiNokia and I believe it will be the mobile of the FUTURE. Any taker on this PROJECT? Or the EDB will help me?

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  29. teoenming

    Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong Want Teo En Ming Dead

    Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong want Teo En Ming dead. Lee Kuan Yew and Lee Hsien Loong want Teo En Ming to die young. I am only 36 years old. I do not want to die young. I want to live to a hundred years old and beyond!!! I want to live to a hundred years old and beyond!!! I want to live to a hundred years old and beyond!!! I want to live to a hundred years old and beyond!!! I want to live to a hundred years old and beyond!!!

    In fact, I want to live forever!!!
    In fact, I want to live forever!!!
    In fact, I want to live forever!!!
    In fact, I want to live forever!!!
    In fact, I want to live forever!!!

    Teo En Ming has filed an official complaint against the Singapore Government at the United Nations Human Rights Council Branch and the International Criminal Court. Read the letter here:


    Teo En Ming’s Open Letter (Plea for Medical Help/Assistance) to World Leaders dated 27 Aug 2010. Read the letter here:

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    Republic of Singapore
    14 Jan 2015 Wednesday SGT

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