How Much Does the Government Thinks Is Enough for Singaporeans to Retire On? $600? $1,200? $1,500? $2,000? Or More?

I am very confused now. So how much does the government think is enough for Singaporeans to retire on?

Manpower Minister Tan Chuan-Jin said last month that the government “wanted the (CPF) Minimum Sum to be able to meet the expenditure needs of a lower-middle income retiree couple.

He said that, “The current Minimum Sum for someone turning 55 from July 2014 is $155,000, after adjustment for inflation. This sum will provide about $1,200 per month, for life, through CPF LIFE. ”

Again, he said that, “This is estimated to be what a lower-middle income retiree household requires to meet their basic daily needs.”

So, does the government think $1,200 is enough for retirement?

However, at the National Day Rally last Sunday, Lee Hsien Loong had asked the audience how much they would need to retire on.


When he asked the audience to raise their hands, I thought there were more people who said they needed $3,000 to retire on.

But doesn’t matter, Lee Hsien Loong thought that more people said they needed $2,000.

Then, he went ahead to present his prepared slides using the $2,000 figure.


So, does this mean the government thinks Singaporeans actually need $2,000 to have enough for retirement?

Lee Hsien Loong then further demonstrated how the CPF Minimum Sum and the Lease Buyback Scheme works.

For the CPF Minimum Sum, he said that a person could pledge his/her property to meet half of the CPF Minimum Sum of $77,500. If so, a person would only be able to withdraw $600 monthly.


Associate Professor Hui Went Tat pointed out that if a person could only withdraw $600, this would mean that a person would “not hav(e) enough retirement savings“. Indeed, I had estimated that 73.5% of Singaporeans do not even have $77,500 inside our CPF in cash, which means that nearly three-quarters of Singaporeans would get less than $600.

Three-Quarters of Singaporeans Have Less Than $77,500 in Our CPF

Lee Hsien Loong then said that the Lease Buyback Scheme could give the person another $900, which as Prof Hui also pointed out, would give “a total of $1,500 a month which will be below current subsistence living level“.


So then, does this mean the government thinks $1,500 is enough?

I am getting very, very confused here. How much exactly does the government think is enough for Singaporeans to retire on?

Why did Lee Hsien Loong talk about how $2,000 would be “enough” but went on to illustrate how a person would be able to get $1,500? What about the other $500?

According to Prof Hui, he said, “The $2,000 retirement income projected for Mr Tan, if paid out today, would therefore put him in this group of households with an income considered to be enough for basic or subsistence living… And with inflation, the real value of the $2,000 Mr Tan is due to get in 10 years’ time would be even more paltry.”

If so, even though the government had indicated that $1,200 is enough for a lower middle household, but it looks like according to Prof Hui’s calculations, this would not even be enough! A person would need at least $2,000. And after accounting for inflation, $2,000 in 10 years’ time would not even be enough!

The Press Secretary of the Minister for Manpower Ms Chong responded to Prof Hui by saying that, “The worked example of the hypothetical Tan family was not meant to show that $2,000 per month will definitely be sufficient for retirement.”

She added that, “$2,000 was the majority view of the audience, but for each individual, the actual figure would come down to a matter of personal needs.”

So, does this mean the government acknowledges that even $2,000 might not be enough for retirement?

I am certain that there were as many people who raised their hands at $3,000, if not more people, so I am not sure if her conclusion is reflective.

Also, was it not Lee Hsien Loong who had prepared his presentation based on the $2,000 figure? If so, would it not be that the government which thinks that $2,000 is enough?

So, what exactly does the government think is enough? $600? $1,200? $1,500? $2,000?  More than $2,000?

There are so many different figures that the government is using! Does the government even know how much Singaporeans need to retire on? Or does the government even care? Is this all just a mathematical exercise to them? It looks like it.

How Much Does the Government Thinks Singaporeans Need to Have to Retire

It is even more worrisome when Ms Chong said, “The fact that most eligible home owners have not taken up the Lease Buyback Scheme may well be a positive sign that most seniors do in fact have other support, and are adequately provided for in retirement.”

Which statistics did Ms Chong based this assumption on?

I had calculated that 73.5% of Singaporeans do not even have $77,500 inside our CPF, which means three-quarters of us would only be able to withdraw less than $600 every month, which as Ms Chong pointed out, is “much less than the $2,000 per month he would need.”

If so, the government would know that the majority of Singaporeans simply do not have enough inside our CPF for retirement at all!

Then, why this frivolous statement?

The PAP Government is Still Not Do Anything to Grow Singaporeans’ CPF Retirement Savings

Based on the above, then why is the government not helping Singaporeans to grow our CPF to ensure that all Singaporeans are able to withdraw at least $2,000 every month from our CPF?

  • First, why did the government claim $1,200 is enough when it was shown at the National Day Rally that $1,200 might not be enough and a person might instead actually need $2,000?
  • Second, the government claims that $2,000 is enough today, but when it is clear that $2,000 will not be enough in 10 years’ time, what are the government’s plans to resolve this? Do they even have any?
  • Third, the government sets a CPF Minimum Sum, to give a $1,200 payout. But when they know that the majority of Singaporeans cannot even withdraw $600, then what is the government doing to help Singaporeans grow our CPF? Do they even have any?

As Prof Hui mentioned, “priority should be changes to ensure that savings are sufficient for retirement. Attention has to be put on the savings accumulation stage, not just the withdrawal stage.”

Indeed, to do so, Leong Sze Hian and I had calculated that the government needs to implement a minimum wage of at least $1,500 and increase the CPF interest rates to 6% to grow Singaporeans’ CPF. And this can be easily done since our CPF is invested in the GIC which is earning an estimated 6%.


Ms Chong also said, “CPF and home ownership work hand-in-hand to provide for Singaporeans in retirement. The Government helps citizens to own their homes, and pay for them using their retirement savings in the CPF, so that the home can be a nest egg for them to draw upon in old age.”

But I am very perplexed.

Minister for National Development Khaw Boon Wah has admitted that, “we control the (public housing) construction programme; secondly, we set the price (for the HDB flats),” Also, today, “Land now makes up about three-fifths of development cost on average, up from two-fifths in 2008.”

Also, Gerald Giam had questioned the Minister for National Development Khaw Boon Wah, where it was revealed that, “Like all leasehold properties, HDB flats will revert to HDB, the landowner, upon expiry of their leases. HDB will in turn surrender the land to the State.”

If so, if the government fixes the prices of HDB flats and Singaporeans do not own the flat nor the land, why does the government sets such high prices for the flats, makes Singaporeans pay for the land we do not own and forces Singaporeans to use too much of our CPF to pay for the flat leases?

When Singaporeans are not able to retire because we have to use too much of our CPF to buy over-inflated flat leases, should it not be the responsibility of the government to set the prices of these flats at a more affordable level, instead of charge high prices now and then ask us sell back the lease later on (and make us feel insecure as to whether we would still have a home to live in when we grow older)?

If the government has enough money to buy back the leases, then are they not already charging too high prices for the flats and earning profit?

If the government chooses to fix the prices of flats at such an exorbitant level and wipe out a large chunk of our CPF, then is the government “helping” Singaporeans, or is the government extorting from Singaporeans?

In the same sentence, Ms Chong said that the flats are our “homes”, then suddenly the flats are also a “nest egg”.

Maybe it is time the PAP government stand up with some moral integrity and responsibility and decide once and for all – does it want to continue to make money off Singaporeans from our CPF and HDB, or is the government keen at all to help Singaporeans really own our homes and be able to retire?

And if the PAP is not interested in protecting Singaporeans, then maybe it is time Singaporeans recognise this, do the right thing to protect ourselves, and vote in a new government which will at least listen to Singaporeans and protect us.

Come down to the #ReturnOurCPF protest tomorrow at 4pm at Hong Lim Park. You can join the Facebook event page here.

Return Our CPF burning rose poster

Return Our CPF sun poster

Return Our CPF burning sun poster

Return Our CPF 3 Poster Part 2

Return Our CPF 3 Poster Part 2 chinese


  1. How Much Is enough ?

    If you are a Singaporean, you don’t need dignity … so a little bit for you is more than enough.
    If you are a PAP MP or Minister, you will need more money.
    Otherwise …. you will not have enough dignity.
    So to make things simple.
    Singaporeans’ retirement income is different from PAPigs retirement income.
    Cannot use the same standard.

    • landragon123

      Nobody in this sensed world will knows how much you need to retire. You will not know whether you are healthy or sick like our PM. A man in the street will be suffering for he will have used all his money. No our sick PM, for he have a sister to help made him looks healthy when he is not. Many saw him and believe he is not SICK as picture can be touch-up and he will only goes on stage when he feels good and act like GOD as he thinks he is ONE?

  2. Isupportyou

    I am equally confused, if about 75% of the aged 55 cannot have even 77.5k, why must the PAP be concerned with the 25% who has 77.5k or more? These 25% will most likely have a higher income and other means to supplement their retirement need. The PAP’s job should be to help the 75% how to grow their retirement fund. After all 75% will have to rely on less than $600 a month to survive.

  3. The Oracle

    CPF Minimum Sum has “minimum” in it so that is a big clue. Also, some numbers are per person and some are per household. We all know numbers and Roy don’t mix very well so I’m not surprised he is a bit confused.

    • Abolish CPF

      CPF money belongs to Singaporeans.
      It should be returned to all of us.
      The PAP government has no right to hold onto our CPF money under a set of ever evolving rules.
      – Vote Opposition if you want your CPF money back now … while you ate still alive.
      – Vote PAP if you want to leave CPF money with PAP to under a set of constantly changing rules.

    • PAP Fairy Tales - CPF Minimum Sum

      The CPF Minimum Sum is a PAP fairy tale.
      Because the Minimum Sum keeps getting bigger and bigger.
      Don’t be fooled anymore.
      Vote Opposition is the best way to tell PAP you want your CPF money back.

      • Isupportyou

        Never mind if you cannot meet the minimum sum. PM said downgrade if you can’t afford to retire. But wait, top up to the minimum sum first. PAP will say, see, we got you. This is why we set it high despite the fact that 75% don’t even have 77.5k. PAP has built in a treasure in your “Home” waiting to be released.

    • Lapdog

      After following few posts, I think the lapdog may make more sense. Why don’t all of us open our minds and pause for a while to think properly. It’s better to be wise to consider others’ thought and analysis rather than whacking blindly to those who you don’t like to hear.

  4. to The Oracle,

    The Oracle is pest, we are now trying to kill pest. cut off evildoers .
    Singapore is because of this selfish pest ,

  5. to The Oracle,

    Here we see that there is a person,
    he is the root of all maladministration:
    robbing the poor to the rich,
    Seriously ignore the people’s hardship life ,
    Continue to create wealth gap and intensify social contradictions,
    Adhere to the national one nobody knows for sure;
    don’t wipe ass’s shit,
    don’t bear any responsibility;
    Not seriously look at the demise of the state.

    This person is — The Oracle,

  6. Ivan Ho

    After 49 years of PAP rule, what they can offer to the retirees is zilch. It is the same old shit options to monetise their HDB flats instead of helping them to retire well in their homes which they have toiled so hard to pay for their retirement homes and it is unthinkable that the PAP govt wants to mess up their homes with such options. It is really heartless of PAP govt to reduce a home to a thing to be transacted with govt and HDB for money instead of growing our CPF retirement savings. Anyway, if the govt wants us to be self-reliant then just let us withdraw all our money at age 55
    and we manage our own retirement!
    If the PAP govt has no real plan to help us retire adequately, we have to plan for a new govt come next GE. It is in our own hands to change our destiny! You can make it happen! You will live in regrets when you fail to do the right thing and let evil continue!
    Thanks Roy for standing up for what is right! Truths will prevail! God bless you!

    • ramond

      I’m not sure whether you fully understand the lease buy-back scheme. If you choose to monetise your HDB, you can still retire well in your home. It just means that when you pass away, the house goes back to the government.

      • Ivan Ho

        Your lease buyback scheme is outright profiteering and if we opt for it make us as fools! Why HDB charge the cost of land when factor in the price of flat if the landowner is HDB and also why should the lessees pay property tax when HDB is the owner! THE HDB MAKES MONEY FROM CHARGING US LAND COST PLUS PROPERTY TAX AND USED THIS MONEY TO PAY US LESS FOR LEASE BUYBACK! IT IS A LOUSY DEAL!
        Instead of helping me to retire well in my home and bequeth it to my children
        and if possible children’s children, why don’t you get on my side and ask govt/
        HDB to extend the lease.

    • Xmen


      “It just means that when you pass away, the house goes back to the government.”

      How about bringing back the inheritance tax for the wealthy? The poor has the pay the inheritance tax by giving their house back to the government. And the rich (e.g. PM’s own mother) pays no inheritance tax whatsoever. What kind of social justice is redistributing income of the poor to the rich? By the way, the inheritance tax was eliminated by this PM!

    • landragon123

      49 is 7 X 7 and it is the Taoist believe that is the end of life on EARTH after you die. You will be reborn again into the world again, but in what forms, nobody knows as it is the SKY that decide your faith.
      Maybe we becomes Malaysian again and that is why our Court was renamed STATE Court. We as a country or CITY is never a state after we left Malaysia. Look at the crest on your coins, it is a tiger and a lion and that was the crest since we are part of the British Empire.
      We have our new flag and our new song, but why is a sign not changed???

  7. ramond

    50% of Singaporeans have less than 55k in their CPF?

    Is it just Singaporeans above the age 55 or you include all Singaporean ? I’m trying to reconcile the number.

    Just some simple calculations. For a person who earns $1,500 monthly, the person will get CPF contributions of $540. It will take just 8.5 years to accumulate 55k. And that does not include interest rate nor contributions from additional wages i.e. bonus.
    It’s hard to imagine 50% of Singaporeans either earning extremely little or they use up that much of their CPF that they do not have 55k by age 55.

    Also, this article focuses on how much is it sufficient for Singaporeans to retire on. How much do we think it is sufficient?

    Listing of possible expenses.
    Food: 3 meals x $10 x 30 days = $900 (this amount should be more than generous for minor grocery shopping and the occasional coffee)
    Utilities: $80
    Phone bills: $30
    Transport: $60 (concession pass)
    Misc: $100
    (this is assuming that mortgage loan is more or less paid off.)
    Total: $1,170?
    The above estimates are pretty generous- sad to say, unlike TTSH, my employer is not as tolerant to allow me to use office resources to do research on non-work related stuff for extended period of time before issuing warning. So the estimates are based on my understanding instead of in-depth research.
    I’m sure when I have less resources to work with, i’ll not be spending $30 a day on food. But this is just for the sake of discussion.

    My point is…CPF is a baseline. If we are expecting to travel round the world after our retirement, we should be saving up in other ways rather than just the compulsory savings in CPF.

    • ForRamond

      Ramond, 55k in 8yrs. You forgot to deduct the amount you use to get HDB which is CPF, your own money, which in turns, has also got an interest rates pegged to the amount you borrow. Which in turns make you owe yourself money & interest rates on your own money owed by your own self. Minus the monthly deduction for your flat and the list goes on. Your calculation is only applicable in the fair world. Not on this dot!

      • Spun

        I think what Raymond is trying to say is that if u start work at 25 and retire at 65, you have 40 years to pay off the debt of your hdb and using just 8/40 years to accumulate 55k shouldn’t be a tall order. And that interest rate is not payable as long as u don’t sell your hdb right ? So why r we bringing in that interest rate?

      • Sgcynic

        Yup, using just 8/40 years to accumulate 55k shouldn’t be a tall order. Current contribution rate is cap at a percentage of $5k. Any salary higher than that does not contribute to a higher CPF contribution.

        At age 56-60, CPF contribution drops to 23.5% of wage of which 9.5% goes to Medisave.
        At age 61-65, CPF contribution drops to 14.5% of wage of which 9.5% goes to Medisave.
        At age above, CPF contribution drops to 11.5% of wage of which 9.5% goes to Medisave.

        Good luck saving your $55k loh. Assuming the joker got married early, paid off his housing loan by 55, earn at least $5k then.

      • Sgcynic

        Btw, don’t talk about $55k lah. Even PM acknowledges $155k now not much. 30 years down the road, it will be derisory. Anyway, at current rate of increase, COF MSS will be half a million then.

    • Deaf Frog's Toothpick

      @ ramond

      since u live in a world without inflation, how about u lend me $1,170 now, i pay u back 30years later $1,170 exactly.

      i’ll throw in 2 bananas as free gift to sweeten the deal.

      • Raymond

        Why not I lend you $1,170 and u guarantee me a 3.5% interest rate (2.5% + 1% for the first 60,000) over the next 30 years? Since the Roy gang claim that it’s so low and most people will be able to invest well and earn more than that ?

      • Deaf Frog's Toothpick

        @ Rayond

        your response simply confirmed that u cannot accept the proposal which means all your longwinded calculations in your original comment are false,

        basically u are disagreeing with yourself, not with me. congratulations.

        as for your offer, I am more than happy to take on your offer if u empower with me all the powers currently enjoyed by the government on CPF.

        as a gesture of goodwill, i’ll up the offer by giving u 4% on the $1,170 and throw in 2 bananas as a free gift.

        i’ll exercise my powers to:

        1. set a minimum sum of $2000, anything above this number u can take back after 30 years.

        2. the balance will be paid back in instalments over 20years after the 30 years, subjected to change depending on the life expectancy.

        3. i can, at my own discretion, use some of the money to help u buy insurance or whatever i think is good for u.

        on top of these, i am entitled to copy whatever the government does to CPF and apply my own version to the $1,170, i do not see any reason why u would disagree with the terms.

        lets meet up asap so that u can pass me the money. this must be my lucky day, easy funding fall from the sky.

      • jasper

        LOL. Raymond is pawned by a Deaf Frog. Good one. If I am the PAP government, I can print more money so as to keep up with the interest rate if I lose billions in investments overseas at Suzhou, Tianjin, Cheapsapeak, Citibank whatever. Just raise bus fare or GST by another 10%, sure recoup back my losses through SMRT, ERP, COE, HDB, Singtel since I have a captive market of daft citizens.

      • ramond

        @Deaf Frog’s Toothpick

        your response simply acknowledge that having a minimum sum to cope with inflation is required. Or unless you are saying that you know people who have not been given a single cent of interest for CPF. We could debate over the interest rate…and I am actually a supporter of increasing interest rate but claiming that they do not pay out any interest after 30 years is not factually correct.

        And for those things above, sure. $1,170 with interest rate compounded at 4% per year is $3,794. So i’ll withdraw $1,794 after 30 years while the remaining 2k continued to sit with you while you continue to pay me 4% interest on this. As long as your life expectancy study is reasonable and based on market norms, i’m fine.

        What I’m trying to highlight is that it is not a tall order to accumulate 55k. I don’t see why you guys are so defensive over it. If the so-called Roy supporters are not receptive to alternative views, i dont see why you guys should demand for government to hear alternative views.

    • Xmen


      First, I think we can agree that majority of retirees do not meet the minimum sum in their CPF account. Is $55k a lot of money? I think many families easily spend more than that amount in a year. You claim that $1,170 is sufficient for Singaporeans to retire on. I believe the government implies that $1,170 is below poverty level. And I don’t think you are suggesting that majority of retirees who don’t meet minimum sum to retire in poverty. Will you retire on $1,170? Will PM? Will an average retiree consider that an option? I think you are talking about 3 meals in hawker center, food court, or restaurant here (or maybe soup kitchen is what you are suggesting?!)

      Instead of speculating on how much retirees have in their account, you should demand that CPF board release that data. They won’t because that data is probably grim.

      • ramond

        Do I think $1,170 is sufficient to survive in Singapore? Probably yes but with a minimal standard of living i.e. subsistence living – 3 meals per day, you will not starve and you will get by from day to day.
        Is it sufficient to retire in comfort? No, especially if our plan after retirement is to travel the world, eat out frequently and live a lifestyle of relative comfort.

        I think we should not put all retirees in a single bucket and say they cant meet minimum sum, and we need to help them. There are broadly a few groups.

        (1) The self-employed and rich: These are the groups that are pretty self-sufficient. They could have low CPF balances since it is not mandatory to contribute to CPF for them. But do we need to worry about this group? The answer is probably not. Although they have low/no CPF balance, they have other assets and maybe multiple properties to support their retirement lifestyle.

        (2) The self-employed and poor: This is the group that we should drill into. They have low CPF balances and minimal other assets. That’s when family support and other government assistance scheme will come in. We can have a debate over whether these are sufficient or not.

        (3) The employed and rich: Similar to category 1 but on top of their other assets, they have high CPF balances too. So even if they are allowed to withdraw all their CPF balances, they are probably financially savvy enough to manage it.

        (4) The employed and ok: These people probably meet or slightly exceed the minimum sum balance. They have a HDB and probably some other financial assets that they have accumulated over time. This group is generally prudent and hence, will spend within their means. They might not retire in luxury but will be ok.

        (5) The employed and poor: Similar to category 2, this is the group that has low CPF balance. This could be due to them being low wages workers or they have long period of unemployment. They have a HDB but minimal other financial assets. They need help.

        (6) The non-working group e.g. housewives but with spouses in category 1, 3 and 4: This group has no CPF and minimal financial assets. However, they have spouses whom had done some degree of financial planning. So they should be ok.

        (7) The non-working group but with spouses in category 2 and 5: This is the group that will struggle together with the spouses. The government should do more.

        Demanding that the government releasing more information on CPF balance will just give you one part of the picture. So what’s next? demand the government to release the income and wealth of all Singaporeans ? I think we should instead demand the government to release information on the proportion of Singaporeans falling in these categories (or some other different form of categorisation) and share how are they addressing each of the category. I don’t think I want to pay additional taxes so that people in category 1 can enjoy top up or higher interest rate to their CPF balance i.e. taxing the poorer to make the rich richer.

      • Xmen


        I find it interesting that some Singaporeans have this “hawker food-food court-restaurant” mentality. What makes you think that seniors wants more money so that they can “travel the world, eat out frequently, and live a lifestyle of relative comfort”? You are basically telling them to eat at “soup kitchen” with your subsistence living suggestion. Old people still need money to buy gifts for their love ones etc. They are not just waiting to meet their maker!

        Most financial advisors recommend at least 60% of pre-retirement income for retirees (70% according to Clemens,
        1994). If you use the 60% minimum recommendation, most Singaporeans are not prepared for retirement. How derisory does $1,170 sound to you now?

        Next, I find it amusing that you actually want less information. Most first world countries release volumes of data to the public, including the income and wealth of its citizens. Singapore still refuses to define poverty so it can hide the scope of the problem. You obviously have no clue how many poor people are there in Singapore because you don’t care.

        Finally, admit it – you are simply not interested in paying additional tax to help these people. You don’t realize that you have been underpaying your fair share of taxes. Singapore has one of the most regressive tax regime among first world countries. (I did not make this up – you can google it youself.)

      • unpaid

        First, there is no such thing as different amount for different people since this is a small city.
        No nonsense from any unfit govt about this. Everyone has to meet the same living standard, not cost of living. So you don’t need to con anyone about this.

        Two, understand that it is a given that all other countries pay an amount contributed by the govt from taxes to ALL. No question asked. This is a third of the required amount for citizens under the UK system. Under the US, China system, full amount is paid. No question asked.

        Three, Sg has lobbed off the proper returns, both before 55 and after 65, and all throughout.
        This is unacceptable. If you are unable to manage, don’t. No more f***king around.
        Bringing in hoardes of new citizens to win votes wouldn’t help.

        Four, why is it other countries can do it properly, you can’t?
        It shows you are incapable of proper management or corrupt.

        First world nations all met standard of living.
        What you want to debate about?
        Not paying taxes? Leeching on nation?
        Why no plan for retirement fund till 2010?
        Why are returns lobbed off way below average?
        Why is it you are paying foreigners but not paying citizens?
        Are you a traitor or trojan?

  8. The truth about CPF

    The CPF and minimum sum are actually pegged according to the lifespan of LKY. The longer he lives, the government thinks our longevity has also increased, and we are to work longer and retire at a later age. This in turn will affect the minimum sum.

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    The new government has pledged democracy will replace the tyranny of Ceausescu’s rule and promised to allow free speech, free thought in Romania.

  13. 寻找李光耀的杀人足迹


    九十年代的新加坡政壇可說是相對的寂靜,惹耶勒南律師與徐順全博士等所發出的異議,是比較經常聽到的一點聲音。但他們付出的代價,卻是很大的。惹耶勒南原是地方法官,夫人也是律師。惹耶勒南後來離職,和夫人成立了自己的律師事務所。這對以律師為業的夫婦拍檔原是成功的律師,收入可觀,住大洋樓坐名車。但由於對李光耀某些政策不滿,提出不同意見。他的夫人首先被李光耀轰炸一般的精神折磨搞到抵不住心肌梗死不幸去世。他本人一次又一次的被李光耀以誹謗為理由起訴。不但把他的洋樓及錢財存款全部拿来赔偿李光耀这条狮子,在2008年9月30日他本人终于抵不住李光耀长期攻击精神虐待致死。新加坡法庭成功协助李光耀的双手沾满无数受害人的鲜血, 尽管他每天吃燕窝吃到该死的时候还没有死, 他做的孽终将逃不过天地轮回,因果报应由他孙子替他受惩罚。

    后人总结了李光耀害人的两部棋, 先要钱 - 把人家的家园, 财富统统占为己有,再要命 - 一断就断两条命。

  14. Kumar

    PAP seems that a greed for money and fame has taken over its ministers . From the ridiculous billions of dollars lost through bad investments labelled as “paper loss”, gross insults aimed at the voters who once voted them,

    there is an average of 2 suicides a day and the very low natural population growth rate suggest a stressed up labour force – apart from the high cost of raising a family? he has grossly embarrassed the ruling party.

    And another one suggested the retirement age to be raised to 68 (thats attractive if you earn millions a year just by creating policies which does not benefit the person on the street and then you justify the policy by creating reasons which does not make sense). People are getting in and out of hospitals even at the age of 50s. And yet there is another who refers to his voters as worthless mortals and another even mentioned that we shouldnt talk to to people in power the way we talk to commoners although we pay his salary and his position very much depends on our votes.

    Then there are people related to the ruling party who commit offences but God knows whether they are treated fairly according to the law.

    It seems that selfishness and greed has overcome this “privileged group” who rule Singapore. Deep down i do wonder if they do have any conscience in the first place. How do they sleep at night knowing that their policies do not really benefit those who believed in them in the first place?

  15. Jim

    According to Prof Hui, he said, “The $2,000 retirement income projected for Mr Tan, if paid out today, would therefore put him in this group of households with an income considered to be enough for basic or subsistence living… And with inflation, the real value of the $2,000 Mr Tan is due to get in 10 years’ time would be even more paltry.”

    If so, even though the government had indicated that $1,200 is enough for a lower middle household, but it looks like according to Prof Hui’s calculations, this would not even be enough! A person would need at least $2,000. And after accounting for inflation, $2,000 in 10 years’ time would not even be enough!
    You agreed fully with Prof Hui that $2000 in 10 year’s time would not be enough. Most people would also agreed and I think that might include PM. That was why Oracle explained that the CPF MINIMUM SUM has the word Wow, at last we all agreed.

    But Prof Hui also said :
    What of the increased flexibility of allowing lump sum withdrawals of the Minimum Sum at age over 65 years? To my mind, that is merely a cosmetic change that seems to pander to popular demands.

    Allowing this may not be in the best interest of most CPF contributors as any lump sum withdrawn means correspondingly lower amounts of retirement income for the individual.

    It does not address the fundamental issue of the retiree not having enough in CPF savings.
    – See more at:

    So Prof Hui would not agreed to even partial withdrawal at 65 years old not to mentioned “RETURN OUR CPF” at 55 years. Did you also agreed with Prof Hui?

    • Deaf Frog's Toothpick


      r u saying u think the PM agrees with Prof Hui on $2000 not being enough in the future, yet the PM decides to allow for lump sum withdrawal?

      so effectively, r u saying that the PM’s actions and beliefs are in contradiction with each other?

      • Jim

        It is for partial withdrawal at 65 if needed for some emergency or medical reason. Anyway, Prof Hui doesn’t think this is advisable. So it followed that Prof Hui would not support RETURN OF CPF at 55?
        It is Roy who demands for RETURN OF CPF and then complain that he is confused whether 600, 1500, 2000 is enough. Isn’t that contradiction? Anyway, Roy agreed with Prof HUI on the retirement income being not sufficient, so I am curious whether he has change his stand on RETURN OF CPF.

  16. Alan

    So because it was not enough for you idiots to live in luxury so you want the CPF to be return at 55 yo!

    Are you people really living like dogs, eat very single scrap on the plate and not planning to saving anything at all! Now salivating on the CPF instead! Hoping to get it immediately, waste it all, then parasite on the future generations including your children?

    So what different are you people here with dogs? Putting yourself closely around your pack leader because he barked the most insanely and doesn’t know how to think rationally!


    • Ivan Ho

      It is screwed up reason to lock up our money lest we squander it!
      Likewise can we trust the govt of the day that they will not squander our CPF money!
      Just keep the promise to withdraw all our money at age 55 if the PAP govt has no plan to grow our CPF retirement savings but is using it as a cheap source of loan for GIC/PAP to fatten their coffers!

    • landragon123

      It is ALAN the IDIOTS who is a running DOG of the PAP. Dogs after all are pets and his is just a pet dog of the PAP. Please correct me if I AM wrong Alan?

      In this world there is no right and no wrong for it is only your believe and the same as rich and poor. I AM a poor man in terms of money as I have little, enough to eat, drink and clothing to wear. The CPF have helped me gets my roof over my head. What more can I ask. I just came back from the MALDIVES where God have created a flower garden in the middle of the OCEAN. My best friend is a MUSLIMS as it is a 100% Muslims country. The Ex President is my friend and when he lost the last election, I wrote to his wife, ‘ he loss as he is not BAD enough to ran or ruin a country’.

      I travelled to where I AM happy, no needs wife to give permission as I AM healthy and happy and wealth in my HEART. Is there more to ask?

    • Vote For Leaders That Respect Singaporeans

      /// Are you people really living like dogs, eat very single scrap on the plate and not planning to saving anything at all! Now salivating on the CPF instead! Hoping to get it immediately, waste it all, then parasite on the future generations including your children? ///

      I hope you see clearly now just what the PAPigs think of you.
      Do you want to trust such Leeders to govern your children?
      Do you want trust such Leeders with looking after your elderly parents?
      Do you want to trust such Leeders with protecting and uplifting disadvantaged Singaporeans?

      • Vote For Leaders That Respect Singaporeans

        @ Alan @ August 23, 2014 – 9:26 am

        Singaporeans asking for the return of money that rightfully belongs to us at the age of 55 years old.
        We are not asking for charity.
        We are asking for a promise (55 years old) to be honoured.
        And you call us “dogs”.
        Why anyone would want to vote for PAPigs or Leeders like you and your kind.
        I will never understand.

  17. Singaporeans' Reply To PAP Fairy Tales


    Below are some of the comments that Chok Tong in his famous speech during the National Day celebration. You may agree or disagree but these are Chok Tong’s thoughts and beliefs. I already penned in my comments.

    1. The govt sets norms, impart values and regulate behaviours. What norms and values and behaviours? Are they good for the people or bad for the people?

    2. When Singaporeans grow old, they expect the govt to look after them.
    Really? How many Singaporeans expect the govt to look after them? This is another sweeping statement like Singaporeans will squander their CPF savings if they are allowed to take them out at 55. How many would do that? A swallow does not make a summer. Please lah, the majority of the Singaporeans are telling the govt to piss off and stop meddling with their CPF. It is the govt that is forcing itself to micro manage the people’s life. It is the govt insisting on helping the people not the other way round.

    3. We sometimes decide with less care than we should in the govt we elect. I would say very true and the people are going to pay for it, with their CPF savings for a start for showing less care in the govt they elected.

    4. We forget we are a little fish in an ocean of big fish. Really, I thought we believe that we are as big as a whale and have an appetite as big as a whale, at least in the million dollar salary some are demanding and the population that we want to stuff into this piece of rock.

    5. The new fractiousness, divisiveness and estrangement will lead to undoing what the pioneer generations had painfully and diligently built over many decades. This one I agree. With the reckless and mindless influx of foreigners and the fetish craze for foreigners, we are destroying the fabric of our society and alienating our original population as one people and one nation. Who is the cause of this new normal?

    6. As a people we always know where we are heading. Yes, we used to. Today how many people know where we are heading?

    7. We always had our different points of views. We discussed, debated and consulted. We built consensus and then went on to implement what best served the national interest. This is a confusing statement. Deaf frogs don’t listen and no need to consult or build consensus. Or he is referring to the Natcon, something that happened last year only and it was supposed to be a discussion and a debate with the people. Did the govt consulted the people on the PWP or other major issues affecting the people?

    8. Each side does not want to give an inch and taking a quarter. I think only one side does not want to give and inch and taking more than a quarter. And it is the people that had been yielding all the years. Has the govt given a quarter?

    9. We have so much going for us. Who is us? The people enjoying Swiss standard of living? Or the people downgrading and told to sell their little HDB flats? Or the jobless PMEs? Many are still waiting for the Swiss Standard of living but not many are enjoying it.

    10. And in summary, we have good leaders, good government, good harmonious relationship between people of all races, and between people and govt. My question, are these still true? How many of you agree?

    I think the above 10 points are good topics for discussion. Chok Tong has his views and beliefs, and so have the people.

  18. Alan

    Oh…forgotten that dogs are just dogs! Regardless how much they have on the plate they’ll just finish it. No plan for the future or whatever.

    When they are thru they’ll do all kind of tricks to beg for more!

    That’s what been reflected by the pack here! U are asking to fill your plate now! The magical CPF! My money!

    So after the money is gone, what kind of tricks are u going to perform to ask for handout? Oh we are Singapore Citizen! We entitle this and that!

    Did anyone put any plan in writing after the money? NO! Not even the fxxking Roy!

    What a group of moron!

    • CPF and Singapore Belongs to Singaporeans

      @ Alan @ 23 Aug, 3.55pm

      CPF is my money. What I do with it is my business.
      Singapore is my country. How I vote is my business.
      PAP government has not honoured the promise to return our CPF back to us in full at 55 years old.
      So how trustworthy are all the other PAP promises?
      (Remember, LKY called our National Pledge an aspiration)

      PAP is the government as long as we Singaporeans vote for you.
      Keep calling us dogs.
      And we will see in GE 2016.

  19. Government should give back to Singaporeans

    Singaporeans have contributed much to the government throughout these decades. They have wasted years and risking lives serving the national service and contributed astronomical salaries to the ministers ruling a tiny city state. It is time for the government to return back to the people. Instead of compelling its citizens to fund their own retirement, the government should provide for them in their old age. Afterall, Singapore is a prosperous city, and for the government to fund or to co-fund their retirement needs is morally right. By returning to the pension scheme, the issue of a widen income inequality will be eased in the people twilight’s years.

  20. 給Alan

    now we are calculating how many gross sin of your wolf father Lee Hsien Loong did, describe Singaporeans is a dog ? is one of thousands of his crime.

    我們孩子的錢都被你父母拿去後,不夠生活,只好去銀行借不到,銀行要11巴仙利息,我們哪裡還的起,吃菜吃草, 最後破產跑去中國不敢回來,我們全家的命都被你父母拿去了,第二個孩子都不敢談女朋友, 你把供养你们一家人千万财富的人称之为『狗』 ,那麼請你把這些錢退出來,還給『狗』, 不要再向『狗』借錢。你靠你父親騙公積金的利潤, 才有你寄生蟲。一個寄生蟲不斷提醒我們計算你父親到底累積了多少罪惡。你父親欠我們,不是我們欠你們。 你最好搞清楚。你們是吃人不吐骨頭的狼。即便現在不被打死,總有一天,你將被怒火燒死 !欠債還債,欠錢還錢。我們看到慧慧他們, 雖然沒吃早餐心裡面很久沒有這麼高興,雖然我們活不久,還是希望如果換個好人做總理,我的大兒子會回來新加坡。

      • landragon123

        Nobody knows how much is needed or never needed. Some became too rich to
        care about their CPF monies. Some became to weak to knows what is happening
        or going on at CPF.

        It is decided by the PAP Government to Compulsary Payments of FUNDZ to our
        Sick PM to do what he thinks Right although everybody now knows he never
        THINKING Right??? Wanted to kills Mosquitos to prevent Dengue. Why not
        kills all the Chickens and the Birds to prevent Bird Flu.

        Many will have free meals for once instead of killing the Chicken for
        TESTING and buried them and that is what he did few years ago. PAP bought 2
        millions JABS from the American and throw majority away after there found
        out we were bee cheated by the Americans.

        2014-08-28 9:07 GMT+08:00 The Heart Truths :

        > commonsense commented: “i feel pity for you……. really…”

  21. shasha

    if a prime minister of a country, His sense only money, always been cursed to die, He’s alive is really a sin, due to He is alive itself is manufactured sin. in order to the people of Singapore to live a little better, I hope he soon die. for Singaporeans, His death is a good thing, a great day of celebration.

    • landragon123

      If the Feng-shui masters are right, there have predicted that he will not see the goat and even if he did, it will most probably on his death bed??? Forecast are just games of guessing but off cause it is better to be RIGHT. If he continue at this rate, more sins will have to cover old sins. It is not a crime that he did as crimes are handled by the Court. Whereas, he only did sins, no laws can touch HIM as he believe he is GOD.

      The AG have reported 5 lapses and there are at least 4 or 5 more. Even the biggest great companies are in these shits too.

  22. Gary

    Singaporeans have been raised in a dictatorship have a hard time adapting to a democracy because they don’t know any other way of life. for them the world is small .
    the benefits only go to the dictators. The nation becomes enslaved. The solution is: first, for them to recognize and finally unite and eliminate the dictatorship .

  23. LKY

    The dictatorship’s unpredictability and caprice, just like the noble thief .
    Everyone starved. Starvation is a potent weapon, The cheapest way to get rid of the opposition is to starve them. LKY did it the expensive way, but singaporeans can no longer afford that.

  24. Wu Khai Sean

    Stop blocking me!!! Loser. I posted the truth about CPF, yet, you blocked me from your facebook. CPF capped at 5000

  25. landragon123

    We are now talking about our sick PM sueing a capable young man to ruin him. Do you know that you have ruin many others who have to go to Bedok Reservior to tell you that YOU KILLED them because of sickness to be rich by building CASINOS.

    It is a famous saying, 10 gambles, 9 losser and the Casinos made all the monies? WRONG, 10 gambles, there a 11 loser. When the gambler lost, there will go back and ask for monies from their families and the families also lost, Some goes to cheat the bank and the bank also loss.

    That is WHY the MBS Tower is leading at 11 degrees to tells you that, 10 gamblers 11 losers. There are 3 more 11 in the building. Look at the building from the side. It is 3 numbers of 11 in the shape of the word MAN and in 2011 and people on EARTH are 111. Add your year of birth to your age and in 2011 everyone is 111 and that is why the 3 joss stick is build to pray to KWAN-IN with the LOTUS as an offering to the SKY in the NORTH.

    In Taoism, the gods are A11 in the North and that is why this MBS is facing the NORTH and it is TRUE North which is 11 degrees from the NORTH. So 11 is the most important numbers to remember as it represented our parents. When we worship our ancestors we use 5 joss sticks as it is praying to the SKY, the EARTH, the People and our Parents.

    We have many GODS and A11 gods are good people in the pass like Kwan Kong, Pau Kong, Mah Chu and many more in the SKY helping us as their Children. Lookup and the SKY is there, look down and the EARTH is on our feet and look around and there are peoples all round US.

    The SKY send rain for your water, sunshine for your light and your warm, the EARTH give you the land to plant your food and a place to build your home. Foods are provided when you till the land. There is the Moon for your romances and the Stars for your Dreams.

    So please stop talking nonsense. The CPF is here to stay and for good. It is just the changing or the Guilds to made it GOOD and the moment the Sick and Cancel PM fell, it is time for US to CHEER. No need to bad mouth anyone just wait and see as the waiting will be SHORT, not more than 5 months and wait for the next GE in 2015???

    Good Luck to everyone who contributed to this event and it is an wake up call to the PAP yes men who only listen to the SICK man thinking he is GOD but GOT as he got all the monies he wanted and all the power he have. Lets my Kwan-In bless him and maybe he will becomes a believer with his father and families???

  26. commonsense

    Have you saved enough for the legal fees to pay for our dear PM ? It takes even bigger faith to understand your cock stories, you absolutely do not know how the CPF works, you only know how to bark like a poor dog, I really pity you as a young Singaporean, many are enjoying bright future out there and yet you choose to be local hero, you think you are really a hero? you are just a scapegoat… friend, buck it up, find a job and build your retirement eggs. I have no problem with CPF, don’t count all the Singaporean think like your small brain… you got so much time to do blogging, Facebooking, use the time to help your dad in the stall or go and find a job , for goodness sake.

  27. commonsense

    oh ya, by the way, every single statement or a news from PM Lee, you also can diu until like he is all wrong and you are right… brother, please don’t look at yourself too high, can ? what is wrong with you, every single piece of news, you also can dig out and comment… shut up la.. I added you in the facebook is just want to see how crazy is your thought, i will make sure my younger generation will not act like you , to think you yourself is so big, i watch your rally, your contents is empty, brother, apart from repeating all the old news, come on.. i can write better blog than you , dude.

  28. teoenming

    Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong Want Teo En Ming Dead

    Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong want Teo En Ming dead. Lee Kuan Yew and Lee Hsien Loong want Teo En Ming to die young. I am only 36 years old. I do not want to die young. I want to live to a hundred years old and beyond!!!

    Teo En Ming has filed an official complaint against the Singapore Government at the United Nations Human Rights Council Branch and the International Criminal Court. Read the letter here:


    Teo En Ming’s Open Letter (Plea for Medical Help/Assistance) to World Leaders dated 27 Aug 2010. Read the letter here:

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    Republic of Singapore

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