PAP’s Social Engineering Has Hurt Singapore and Singaporeans

I had first posted this on my Facebook and thought to share this here as well.

I am displeased with comments about how Singaporeans are unwilling to work in jobs considered “unglamorous” because Singaporeans only want to do jobs which are glamorous and pay well.

When you have a very successful social engineering system conducted on a national scale, where one minute you tell Singaporeans to study engineering, one minute you tell them to study IT, and then design, then biomedical science, and you steer the country and its people towards a singular mindset, do you blame the people for believing in things in a singular manner, or do you point your finger at a pervasive national propaganda spearheaded by the government which should not be done in the first place?

When you have a government which starts moulding jobs into elite jobs, such as doctors, lawyers, accountants, then starts pegging their salaries to these elite jobs, and then put out the idea that Singaporeans should chase after the 5Cs, should aspire towards a rich lifestyle which otherwise you are not good enough, is it the fault of the people to adopt a similar mindset because the “leaders” set the tone? Is it people’s fault that they are led to believe in such an ideal or is it the government, which in its want to create an elite class for itself, which should be the one who should reflect on their policies?

Of course, Singaporeans also have to self-reflect. But have Singaporeans not been blamed by the government too much? Has the PAP taken any ownership or responsibility for the problems that their social engineering have created?

The PAP pursues such a strong path of social engineering, in a bid to create a society it wants but when problems happen down the road, it washes its hands, disowns the problems and blame Singaporeans.

So, when employers similarly complain about Singaporeans, the PAP similarly chastise Singaporeans. Then, to please employers, PAP starts importing labour which will meet these employers’ needs.

Then you see Singaporeans losing jobs by the batches. Where the PAP had asked Singaporeans to study IT in the past, today suddenly many Singaporeans lose their jobs as they are replaced by migrants. Then in accounting, etc.

If you social engineered Singaporeans to study IT, then you jolly well ensure that you make sure they still have a job 10, 20, 30 years down the road. You don’t engineer a problem then leave the people to pick up the pieces! And then bring in competition to make it even more difficult for Singaporeans. Why create layers after layers of problems?

If the PAP does not have the integrity to social engineer something and maintain it, then don’t do it! And if the PAP doesn’t have the foresight to social engineer something, and recognise the social effects that can happen, then don’t do it!

And now, because of the PAP’s social engineering efforts, it contorts the Singapore populace, change our psyche and create the problems we see today.

But will the PAP take any responsibility for doing it? Meanwhile, they continue in their other efforts to social engineer, without cleaning up the mess they left with their past social engineering attempts.

I am honestly very displeased when our society and the PAP especially, is unable to recognise such effects of the social engineering project by the PAP, and we languish into self blame, blame on one another and anger about how Singaporeans do not want to take on certain jobs, etc. When you create a pervasive nationwide campaign to brainwash the people, you get a populace brainwashed.

And if problems rise, is our populace of enough insight to recognise the social side-effects of such social engineering, to forgive one another for the effects it has done to us, and to try to re-engage one another in a healthier manner?

If Singaporeans today become divided, as we have, then I question – where is the PAP’s role in this to admit to its follies of social engineering, and to create a society which has veered away from its natural social evolution.

Perhaps we should have left Singapore and Singaporeans to our own social development and evolution, so that our people would have evolved in our ways and talents, to fill the needs of our society, instead of have a wide scale national social engineering project, which has left so many holes in our economic and social landscape today.

Come down to the #ReturnOurCPF 4 protest on 27 September 2014 at 4pm at Hong Lim Park. You can join the Facebook event page here.

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  1. Leslie

    Even Singapore engineering graduates find it difficult to get jobs that pay well. Why? because foreigners with low pay take their place. They cannot compete with foreigners on pay that they will accept. The situation is worse in the case of non professional jobs. It is social engineering that has left it to be a low paid job only fit for people from third world countries.

    • Bullshit Roy

      This is inaccurate. EP for professionals is at least $3,300. This is already above current fresh grad engineers pay.
      The problem with fresh grad engineers is a lot of them wants to work in banks and financial institution. And not engineering firms.
      I’m an engineering grad. So dun come here and smoke ppl…

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    • Hamzah

      The situation is much more worst if you cant speak the god send language “mandarin”. Its the PRC vs the local majority people.

  2. Feline

    That is why we need to vote out the Lee government A.S.A.P.
    The long he is in power, the more damage he do to Singapore.
    True leaders like Goh Keng Swee and Toh Chin Chye must be twisting inside their coffins now. What have they done by giving power to someone like that?

    • landragon123

      It is LEE KUAN YEW twisting in his bed now to leave this corrupted Singapore and leave so did not see and did not hear what have been done to the WHOLE government putting incompetence ministers and minister of state in their jobs by his sick son call LHL.
      Or to hold on and make a come back to help put Singapore on world map again as a clean & green city for the world to admire. As Singapore today is a Lallang city for LHL bought Malayan Railway to make it a Jungle City or Lallang city. Go drive along Upper Bukit Timah to Woodlands, the Lallang outside MIDF none see it and no one noticed for MIDF is one on the Lapse ministry as GA just reported early this year.
      Then Sin to make more money for Singapore by opening Casinos but in the end the loss are higher than what the 2 casinos can bring in. With monies make for the casinos, start a campaign to murder all mosquitos in our beautiful island city when 7 people die of Dengue in the last 7 years. Dengue and Maralia are here in this world since the Chinese civillation started 5,000m years ago and he wanted make his history by killing all the mosquitos in our Garden City.
      Treatment of Dengue is just drink Papaya leaves juice but he make it sound that it is death when you got the illness. There are many Doctors in Singapore and none advise him or he never take advice for he believe he is god for been cured of cancel by meditation.
      Now be the judge on this PM call LHL the son of LKY.

  3. The Oracle

    When talking about social engineering, why do you ignore the bigger failures in Europe? One of the biggest problems is the can’t work/won’t work underclass that has grown as a result of your beloved social welfare programs.

    These are the 5 to 10% of people in most European countries who no longer feel motivated to work at all as social welfare payments are better than what they would earn while working or are good enough that they don’t want to make the effort to work – and every other taxpayer has to support them.

    Or perhaps look at the prevalence of unwed teenage mothers (and the breakdown of the family unit) in some countries as they get more welfare money with a baby.

    I think it is better that the government engineers the country towards aspiring to do better than the European model that has incentivised too many to do less or nothing.

    Can we be a more gracious and fairer society? Yes, and I think the government has got that message and we are at least moving in that direction. But social engineering doesn’t just happen overnight – it can be a multi-generation effort in some cases.

    • Sgcynic

      He’ll didn’t freeze overnight. You got screwed for two decades. You willing to try aanother decade and see if things get better under the same people who screwed you? The oracle speaks… There is always a bigger failure. So be kind. Let’s call a spade a spade yah? Crap is shit…

    • Swift

      20-25% of Singaporeans no longer feel motivated to work at all as PAP workfare and immigration policy is driving wages down to third world levels. With no protection from the union and consistent subsidies by government to businesses, Singaporeans graduates are no longer earning good income. At least those 5-10% Europeans can live on welfare to survive, what about the underpaid and overworked Singaporeans trying to make ends meet?

      Furthermore it is better to have unwed teenage mothers who can help boost population growth instead of impreganating our native population with new immigrants whose loyalty is still with their motherland and whose habits and culture do not blend with our own. Imagine just 1% of them shitting outside our MRT station and in the lifts.

      Can the government be a more gracious towards Singaporeans. Yes, I think to get the message across, we need to use our votes. Social engineering doesn’t just happen overnight, the 60% voters who voted for the incumbent during the last election need to reflect on their nonchalent attitude towards the rest of the people here.

      • Gambler

        then you are implying 60% are stupid but you are less stupid because voting in a new government maybe as bad or worse?

      • Alan

        Current government has proven themselves to be able to handle crisis and bring our country to new heights. No country is perfect but they have done enough to gain our trusts.

        Who do u have on the opposite side? Do u dare to give our country in the likes of Roy? HHH? Leong SH? Ravi? Arifin? The bunch in TRS, TOC, TR-Embarrassed and others?

        I’ll bet my last dollar n a team that are proven then a group of idiots.Even the chance of striking TOTO twice consecutively is higher than betting on them!

      • Swift

        @Alan, why you keep repeating the same “no country is perfect” excuse? Nobody is asking the government to be perfect. What we want is a kind and caring government that looks after the welfare of its own people first instead of that of the foreigners? We Singaporeans have been very tolerant already, I keep voting for the PAP in the past because I thought no government is perfect, then I realized I have been fooled.

        Lee Hsien Loong has been getting the most perfect salary in the world. If he can’t deliver, then he should jolly well step down. We Singaporeans cannot allow an inept PM to lead our nation astray and destroy the Singaporean core ethics. I cannot help but say people who have the habit of shitting outside MRT stations should not be given pink IC, but Lee Hsien Loong and Khaw Boon Wan keep giving them. Is there any quality control?

      • Swift

        @Gambler, I don’t know about the new government, what I know is that the current government is scraping at the bottom of the barrel. I would take a gamble and vote for a change instead of doing nothing but complain.

      • Alan


        Oh, most of us are well taken care of! We know our limit and we work hard toward achieving what we want too!

        For those who think otherwise is because you have unreasonable expectation or just opening your mouth to be fed like parasite! In fact you see lots of your kind here.

        Feel free to gamble on those idiots but as we are being responsible as a citizen we will not allow any of the crap especially Pussy Roy to ruining the country! Even as an idiot we will be sure you are in the right hand!

      • FARK PAP


        NOW GO FARK OFF!

    • share true

      someone always compare Singapore with Europe, still fool Singaporeans, I am living one of Europe country now with my family . many things… they have trade union protect the jobless, continue full amount of income monthly for jobless people , they given each child a living cost , also given to age above 65 elderly.

      PAP government did not give the jobless a basic daily livelihood , did not give each child and each elderly just only Europeans 1 percent ? is your business. but you may not fool Singaporeans here repeatedly over and over.

      someone always says ” the bigger failures in Europe ” , if you think so , why Singapore or USA given free visa entry for all Europeans ? because the authority know that all europeans have very stable income monthly settled by their system , even jobless people, even a CHILD . everyone has a basic bread daily. their lowest job ‘s wages is Euro 1600 after deducted high- taxes. Their market price stability, their government does not encourage buy an house, rental for 2 rooms apartment cost 800 SGD per months.

      So when you said they had a bigger failures ,i don’t know which is the bigger failures ? my current living country runs more than 2000 years , i see doctor free , hospital free, learning a course free, I am an house wife, their government also give me a minimum cost of living by transfer into my husband’s bank account, but i am a Singaporeans, i obtained it in a foreign land.

      you mean only you several leaders share all the states wealth, is not a bigger failures ? share with people is a bigger failures ……? IF SIN government don’t like to share , it is okay, but if you continue to smear a system of civilization, do the frog. is your problem.

      • Tan

        I have a long time family friend in United States, every year when he comes to Singapore and visit us, he will always say the one same thing. That is, the American government is utterly broke. He will cite examples of how people don’t work, horde the hospital for a trivial condition, and abuse the system. That’s why now they are paying the price of being bankrupt and in deep debt. Comparatively, to Singapore is sustainable even though she has no resources. This is only attainable by a non-populist government with fore-sight and prudence.

        Many people condemn the ruling party until like it is the worst in the world and their lives are hellish, however, facts shows that it is on the contrary. Why ? Simply because the democracy system of one man one vote works on the logic that, once a while, a rogue political candidate can come along and fool the voters, but he can’t fool every one all the time. The fact that the ruling party has won every single election proves that it is the best choice of candidate.

        Many government haters arise from their own inadequacy and instead of looking at themselves, they blame the government for being biased to the rich, but little do their reflect on themselves on why they are not as successful as others. This is the problem of our success, we breed spoilt brats and people who live beyond their means.

      • Tan

        In all honesty, Singapore has really rode through the world’s economic crisis well and this is no mean feat. We don’t feel the economic crisis here like in Europe because we are relatively unscathed . All the Europe’s economy bar Germany are in doldrum and the unemployment and social problems are mammoth. Australia should thank god for their rich deposit of precious minerals, and many other countries for their oil. Singapore, for the people and the government.

      • Swift

        I agree with share true. European government looks after the welfare of their own people. Even the US, which is broke is able to print money out to solve its own problem. See the USD still stronger than SGD is a proof. And see how Temasek and GIC dump our hard earn money to buy Citibank shares to help the US is a case in point. Singapore, on the other hand, despite AAA rating cannot even get loan from foreign investors and has to borrow from daft Singaporeans CPF money at ultra low interest rate.

    • Desmond Quack

      /// Can we be a more gracious and fairer society? Yes, and I think the government has got that message and we are at least moving in that direction. But social engineering doesn’t just happen overnight – it can be a multi-generation effort in some cases. ///
      The Oracle @ 1st Sept, 6.33pm.

      50 years of PAP rule
      – Yew have more than enough time to honour the Singapore Pledge which Yew have called an aspiration.
      – Yew are out of time.
      – Yew have had your chance
      Goodbye & Good Riddance in GE 2016.
      Vote the out! Majulah Singapura.

      • Swift

        Actually we can make social engineering happen overnight. Just vote the opposition come next GE and kick PAP out of the parliament. Everything will change, overnight.

    • fukusingapore

      Yes the social welfare system failed in some countries around Europe but you’re only using them as an example Oracle. You left out the parts of the world where the welfare system actually works. In those countries where it works, like mine, homeless people choose to be homeless. I have been to University, got my bachelor and I’m now working towards my diploma and I haven’t paid a cent off my uni fees. Healthcare is also free. To me, a developed first world country has free education and free healthcare. Singapore has none of that. I can’t wait to go back home. After learning what I have about Singapore and all the closed minded racist assholes I’ve met, you’ve made me appreciate what I have and once I go back home I’ll never complain again. Thanks for the experience you pricks.

      • The Oracle

        There’s a country in the world with free education all the way through university and where social welfare doesn’t also create problems! Enlighten us all you BS artist – name the country! Because I seriously doubt you are anything other than a trolling Roy supporter.

  4. Ho Jing

    It explains why Singaporeans are so stupid and has to be led like lost sheep. Neither are they good at anything but basically half pass six in everything. Half pass six in studies. Half pass six in sports. Half pass six in language skills. Half pass six in services. Half pass six in music. Half pass six in acting. Half pass six in news report. Half pass six oppositions. Half pass six in politics and the list goes on.

    No wonder PAP managed to stay in power for so long. Singaporeans are basically a Half pass six breed.

  5. tan

    Many people lament that the influx of foreign workers keep the salary level of Singaporeans at check, and also, derived of jobs that would otherwise be given to locals. This is true, but is only looking at the negative side of things without looking at the bigger picture and the longer term.

    To compete with the rest of the world, Singapore has to remain competitive and offer better value than competitors. If the tight Labour is not addressed, our cost will be artificially increased in terms of Higher salary with everything else status quo. The result is we will lose foreign investments and eventually jobs. It is for the reason of having a large enough Labour force to remain competitive, and in the same time, a bigger economic pie. This is better than a shrinking pie for the same small population of locals. However, I don’t expect the haters to understand this, because they only choose to see the negative side of things and ignoring the rationale.

    • The Oracle

      Yes, competitiveness, bigger pie, buffer against bad times (mostly foreigners lost jobs in Singapore during the 2009 economic crisis), etc. – all good reasons to use foreign workers.

      However, a large foreign workforce is good so long as the local population in general benefits from it (and not the rich only). This means locals must have the opportunity to be supervisors, managers, technical specialists, professionals, etc. and not have their salaries depressed artificially by “foreign talents”. The original plan was to bring in foreigners to do the jobs Singaporeans don’t aspire to and, at the other end, bring in true foreign talents who add value and high-end skills in short supply.

      On this point I agree with Roy’s camp that the government went too far by letting in too many people who were simply competition with locals for the kind of jobs that locals have trained long and hard for. However, unlike Roy’s camp, I can also see clearly that the government is dialing back on this policy (making employers advertise first locally is a major step). We’re moving towards a good balance that should allow Singapore and Singaporeans to reap the benefits of foreign workers.

    • Xmen

      You are parroting PAP line. PAP has failed to improve labor productivity which is key to competitiveness. Instead, they are importing cheap labor to maintain profits for local businesses (e.g. GIC).

  6. Honour (Singapore) Tan Gu Gu List

    What we will likely not see for a long time from Honour (Singapore):

    – We will honour our promise to return CPF money to you in full when you are 55 years old.
    – We will honour the Singapore Pledge and not treat it like an aspiration.

  7. Ivan Ho

    “Minister of State for Trade and Industry, Teo Ser Luck said at a post National Day Rally dialogue on Sunday that Singapore needs more middle level talent.
    He said that ideally, more Poly and ITE grads should be taking up such jobs and so the government is also working with companies to place more people into good jobs.
    Already, more than 300 firms are waiting to hire more poly and ITE grads into good middle level jobs and Mr Teo said that the government is working to better match workers with jobs. This is part of the work of ASPIRE (Applied Study in
    Polytechnics and ITE Review committee).
    By middle level jobs, Mr Teo explained that he meant supervisors and those who
    work under managers. He said that part of the reason why more of these jobs are
    opening up is because the government is tightening foreign labour policies and so
    these jobs are opening up more to Singaporean Poly and ITE grads.”
    Why TSL is stereotyping middle level jobs to ITE and Poly grads?
    Do you mean they cannot be given managerial posts?
    SG should have a talent retaining and grooming scheme for our local ITE and Poly grads to move up the career ladder by retaining incentive of Uni upgrading paid for by the employers for deserving employees with ITE and Poly education!
    PAP has run out of ideas to improve the lot of Singapore workforce!

    • Alan

      If u don’t put them in an intermediate role to learn and experience with, how do u expect them to be able to handle a supervisory role regardless if they are a graduate or not?

      Seriously wonder if u are talking or farting!

      • Desmond Quack

        Are Yew referring to Desmond Kuek the SMRT CEO
        – who joined SMRT without any prior experience with buses and trains
        – who is currently learning on the job

      • Alan

        So u have one good example then! Only one and u feel like strike toto? BTW, Did u check his credential on why is he chosen? And I can bet he’s better than u in any way!

        Even our Pm was put on different role before become the Top Civil Servant.

        Only your master Roy dream to be an NMP after a few month stirring around. Guess to u he’s alright!

      • Desmond Quack

        @ Alan @ September 1, 2014 – 11.40pm

        “So u have one good example then!”
        – How about Tin Pei Ling … MP of MacPherson ?
        – does she qualify as a 2nd example ?

        “BTW, Did u check his credential on why is he chosen? And I can bet he’s better than u in any way!”
        – This is not relevant
        – Desmond Kuek should be chosen only if he can run a train company
        – trains are an 18th century technology

        “Even our Pm was put on different role before become the Top Civil Servant.”
        – and I thought it was his cancer that slowed down his ascent to Prime Ministership in his 30’s

        “Only your master Roy dream to be an NMP after a few month stirring around. Guess to u he’s alright!”
        – This is called democracy
        – something a fascist like you would never understand

      • Alan

        That’s why TPL is at the lowest rung, an MP. Not minister right? She had to gain the experience to move up. Isn’t it right? Last heard she’s doing not bad serving Macpherson. No happy? Run against her the next time lah!

        This is Desmond Kuek credential- “Civil Service College Board and chairs its audit committee. Held directorships on the boards of the following companies: Housing and Development Board, from 2001 to 2003; International Enterprise Singapore, in 2005; JTC Corporation, from 2007 to 2010; Defence Science and Technology Agency, from 2007 to 2010; ST Engineering and its various subsidiaries, from 1994 to 2010”. With this qualification he’s well equipped to run SMRT. CEO is an administrative position. You think he needs to run around with a spanner?

        Democracy? Yah right! Did you idiots respect democracy by going against a democratically elected government? Not happy forma team and run lah! Fxxking KPKB making noise at the side! Roy? Fxxking faggot! He wants to go Parliament?

        Can! Clean toilet there only since he can put up a show so well! And he need the job to pay LHL when he become bankrupt very soon!

        And I’ve to reply to a retard like you!

      • Desmond Quack

        @ Alan @ September 2, 2014 – 8:31 am
        /// That’s why TPL is at the lowest rung, an MP … ///

        If Tin Pei Ling is at the lowest rung of the PAP totem pole
        – then Alan … where are you on the PAP totem pole?
        – under PAP’s hierarchy, you are probably a non-graduate and not related to any elite
        – So you got the job of up picking up sanitary pads left behind by Tin Pei Ling ???
        Must be tough … especially when you and Oracle are clearly so much smarter than Tin Pei Ling

        Is it true?
        It’s not how good you are … it’s who Yew know in PAP
        – and clearly, you have no blood ties

      • Alan

        @ Desmond Quack like a Fxxk

        Why? Nothing more from you? No fxxking argument? Just rant? So you are the kind of retard supporting Pussy Roy?

        That’s why you people are fxxking useless to string any argument! No fact! No proof!

        Today is Sept 2nd! 2 more weeks and you are screwed, Pussy RoY!

      • Alan See No Up (Passed Over PAPig)

        @ Alan @ 2 Sep, 12.30pm

        Poor thing.
        Did I hit a sensitive spot when I pointed out that Tin Pei Ling Sits on top of you in the PAP totem pole?
        You must be a PAPig from one of the lower class PAPig families … the grassroots leader types.
        Warming the seat for a PAP elite like Tin Pei Ling to be parachuted over to claim credit for all your hard work.

      • Alan

        So you are no Desmond Quack like a Fxxk now? Like a bastard you can have so many name huh?

        And your useless brain only got shit only? That’s why you are of the lowest rung! Just qualified to lick Pussy Roy ass.

        Don’t worry, he’s going to be put away and you will free to lick others!

        But select carefully next time huh?

      • Donald Quack Feels Sorry For Alan's Peanut Salary

        The reason why PM Lee “see you no up” is because you are not rich like Tin Pei Ling.
        – Did you check Tin Pei Ling’s background ?
        – she only work about 2 years in Ernst & Young before she got promoted to become PAP MP earning $16,000/month
        – she is younger than you and earning so much more money than you
        – why are you still blogging here defending PAP?
        – how will Roy’s failure benefit you?
        – Is PAP paying you as well as Tin Pei Ling?

        Why not be a smart Singaporean?
        – Get rich first
        – then your family won’t be 2nd class PAP citizen anymore
        – then PM Lee will notice your hard work

  8. Tan

    How high can a ITE\Poly graduate climb the career ladder depends on their own doing, can not by the government. what the MP is saying is that ITE\Poly grads will be able to start off in a mid level executive\professional level, and from there on, the sky is the limit. They can choose to upgrade themselves while working. It is not the end of their career progression. I cite one of many poly graduates as an example. This poly grad worked as a temp in a local bank, and upon graduation, she joined as a contract bank admin staff. She worked diligently and hard, and was converted to a ft staff after under a year due to good performance. From there on, she worked her way up, every day work till 9pm, and on weekends at times (road show). She got promoted from a admin staff to a bank officer, then to assistant manager, and now at 32, she is a manager. In may, her performance bonus is 6 months, and her pay is quite handsome. This is one of many examples of how a poly grad can achieve success depending on their own merit Btw, she studied part time bank degree in the evening but she quitted after a few months.

    I can tell of many other similar real life examples, because I was the teacher. The government creates a sound economic environment, and the rest is up to individual. If one don’t make it, pls don’t blame it on the system and the government, look at yourself first.

  9. landragon123

    I believe no one really believe the PAP is no good. I AM saying the sick PM is no good, unable to lead and know nothing except to open ceremonies and goes to his ward too often and believe they vote for him and becomes the next PM. If that happens, Singapore is having a Miracle like his cancel was cured by meditation. Are you still believe your meditation will made you old and rules until you are 70+??? Your earlier wish was to be 80 and now reduced to 70, wake up 60+ is already miracle for YOU!!!

  10. we want LHL step down

    I agreed Roy , as i have have experienced the miserable life, for an ordinary people, there is really no way out.
    perhaps a few bad fellows inside the government office,

    About tan & Alan, you two are not qualified to join the forum here, you two are one of few shared from national benefit, Here is the majority no share .
    like tan,
    never underwent the hardship, your ears no necessary give to here.
    like Alam, Roy did not interfere you do henchman, you have no right to interfere each individual’s personal desire for a better future to Singaporeans.
    Roy’s dream is my dream too. for rich of you have money and everything, for poor people, we just but a dream, we want to change PM . you may allow us have dream . no money, no home, no job, but can not no dream .

    In Parliament, everyone speak no for people , only for money, we want to change . we want LHL step down,
    maybe Teo Chee Hean can be the next PM.

  11. landragon123

    If BG Teo, Singapore will get even worst. When he became Home Minister, he create a police state and used the FIRECE Factors to made people worries and tells the tourist that Singapore is full of THIEVES and Criminals.
    Putting postal in every Shopping centers to tell THIEF is a Crime. My 4 years old daughter knows that, but he thinks Tourist does no know by setting up this postal.
    There are another type of postal telling the world that in the last 3 months the police caught 5 thieves. Others asking people to report to police if there saw any molesters, call the police. So he is so good now that Singaporean all becomes FREE police for him and his POLICE just stay in the station waiting for calls.
    So if he is PM the opposite will be true, sitting in office, whereas LHL gets out of office.
    The best bet is we needs an Indian PM for a Change.

  12. Eka

    yeah ! how wonderful if an Indian PM for lead our Singapore !
    He is our DPM , the first, He is excellent man. the second, His family did not have an habits to sue Singaporeans. the last, He has no record of persecution of people ! YES ! We need HIM to be our new Prime Minister !

  13. 丢脸新闻在线跟踪




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    在李光耀统治下,过去半个世纪法院、法律、法律程序等等早就成为行动党对付人民惨无人道的私器!今天鄞义林接受上法院就是在维护自己的权利和权益!这是必要和必须的!他在事实真理面前已经赢得全体老百姓的认可和牺牲!在司法斗争上也获得全体老百姓的支持与后援!为改善人民的生活, 人民呼吁李显龙提前下台。


  14. Dropkick Murphys

    Yeh, this one’s for the workers who toil night and day
    By hand and by brain to earn your pay
    Who for centuries long past for no more than your bread
    Have bled for your countries and counted your dead

    In the factories and the shipyards
    We’ve often been told to keep up with the times
    For our skills are not needed, they’ve streamlined the job
    And with slide rule and stopwatch our pride they have robbed

    We’re the first ones to starve, we’re the first ones to die
    The first ones in line for that pie-in-the-sky
    And we’re always the last when the cream is shared out
    For the worker is working when the fat cat’s about

    And when the sky darkens and the prospect is war
    Who’s given a gun and then pushed to the fore
    And expected to die for the land of our birth
    Though we’ve never owned one lousy handful of earth?

    All of these things the worker has done
    From tilling the fields to carrying the gun
    We’ve been yoked to the plough since time first began
    And always expected to carry the can

  15. landragon123

    LHL die we live a better live. He live we will live in HELL with him. It is no joke to suffer from Cancer and suffered it twice, Why – 2 casinos, 2 cancer and 2 floods. 2 good sons send oversea to be train and comes back another 3 stars general? One good daughter who is a Christian and a good white son who is now married but we are not told? If I AM wrong, please correct me and excuse me as I wrote from stories at the Coffee Shop Talk at Eng Kong Garden where a I live in the late 70’s.

  16. Pingback: Daily SG: 2 Sep 2014 | The Singapore Daily
  17. Ivan Ho

    Bootlickers will be trampled upon as dust and fade away! But Roy will be remembered for standing up for ordinary Singaporeans to demand PAP to be accountable and transparent as legendary “David vs Goliath”. He has already won the war vs Bully Lee HL!

    • Alan

      And you must be Pussy Roy asslicker! Nice meeting you!

      Let see how you and your master fate away then. His deadline is just days away!

      Better get your resume ready for other licking job!

    • Mallow Rebecca Gwei

      @ Ivan

      Regardless of what we think of Roy and his methods, he has written his name into the history books, the anonymous ppl who disagree with him has done nothing for the low-mid wage earners and will never achieve even 10% of the impact has has created.

      Professor Lim Chong Yah has achieved more for the mid-low wages earners in 1 speech than the anonymous pro-govt ppl here will ever achieve in 56 man-years.

      If we think these hardcore pro-govt ppl armed with their flowery circular logic will help build our nation, we are doomed.

      If i were their leaders i would face-palm myself everyday.

      I hope they don’t embarrass Singaporeans when they go overseas with their arsenal of logical fallacies.

      My British friend who dropped by to check out the comment section commented, “this is what your education system produces?”

      “don’t be too cocky” i said. “We also have a computer engineer who speaks broken English, he graduated from your country’s university.”

      • Alan

        History of shame you mean!

        For someone who lied to stir his own country into chaos he deserves a spot!

      • Mallow Rebecca Gwei

        shame shame, u little small thing, so rude.

        1 man stir a country into chaos, what a great influence, no wonder u r so fearful of Roy, if i were Roy, I’d take it as a compliment.

        shame shame, naughty poop, Teh Cheang Wan wrote himself into the history books.

  18. singlishit

    “My British friend who dropped by to check out the comment section commented, “this is what your education system produces?””

    ya lor. ..lick here lick there… was that suppose to be an insult or something? … your parents were doing that before they gave birth to you…lol…these foreigners should visit other local forums to b better appreciate our finest education….lol

    • Alan

      Sounds like your gang are extremely courteous! They never used expletives at all! Completely sane and decent!

      However my Russian friend seem trilled and like our spirit of communication! How different!

      You want me to quote my Mongolian and Sri Lankan friends too?

      • Toning Tan

        Basically, people like you are out to discredit high traffic website with your nonsense. We know that’s one of government’s lapdogs tactics 🙂

      • Alan

        He has to thanks me for my cooperation. If not it’ll be a same few dogs whining at each other using different avatars!

        How boring!

        See how interesting is it now! Too bad it can’t last!


    Pity the PAP via its leaders & heirachy could not / cannot see you as an assett to the PAP government and Invite you join them to improve Singapore and the lives of it’s people. Maybe I should write to them and ask them to remove their bloody blinkers and drag you into their ranks to remove their blinkers. I am very tempted to write an OPEN letter to the Goverment to invite you rather than ostracize you into their ranks. What say you ? Do you know that a cousin with whom I am in regular contact is the grand daughter of TTS (Hospital) ? All a bit weird. To make it more interesting, Eng Neo Ave is named after my great grandma ! Take care..of your health and don’t let your very hard working parents worry about you and your health. They have enough in their wok !

  20. teoenming

    Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong Want Teo En Ming Dead

    Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong want Teo En Ming dead. Lee Kuan Yew and Lee Hsien Loong want Teo En Ming to die young. I am only 36 years old. I do not want to die young. I want to live to a hundred years old and beyond!!!

    Teo En Ming has filed an official complaint against the Singapore Government at the United Nations Human Rights Council Branch and the International Criminal Court. Read the letter here:


    Teo En Ming’s Open Letter (Plea for Medical Help/Assistance) to World Leaders dated 27 Aug 2010. Read the letter here:

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    Republic of Singapore

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