The PAP’s Sins Against Singaporeans in 13 Slides – Excerpts from the #Return Our CPF Protest Today

Note: I will be adding in the links of the articles with references tomorrow.















#ReturnOurCPF 4 Poster 3 text

#ReturnOurCPF 4 Poster Only You Can Stand Up for Your Rights

#ReturnOurCPF 4 Poster Only You Can Fight for Your Dignity

Note: I will be adding in the links of the articles with references tomorrow.


  1. YMCA

    I am totally ashamed by the act today. Ungentlemanly, totally disgusted by what you and your team did. I believe you still think you are right… its totally animal behaviour.. say least you are educated person. I wont say more.

      • MIW liars

        I am totally flabbergasted and puked by your sycophantic approach to the topic. Are you a diehard MIW crony?
        The marchers just passed the tent where the chldren were performing. No disruptions were undertaken. Go see
        the full video of the event, not the cut and pasted videos by shitty Shit Times and CNA. These two are big time
        liars for the MIW thugs and goons.

        And by the way, go use your brain and think more often.

  2. Ted

    Knnbccb. U ppl r too much. Is HLP not big enough to march and hold ur cb protest?
    U should burn in hell. U and all ur friends r so fucked.

    • Julie

      Now now now….where are your manners? Didn’t your parents teach you to speak properly? Did years of education under PAP system teach you to be a hooligan?

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  4. Julie Rececca Gwei

    The ancient Mongol army pierced holes into the hands of their captives, threaded ropes through the holes to connect the captives together in a long line, and made them march ahead of the Mongol soldiers as a cannon fodder.

    anyone who indulges in the dark arts of knowingly using innocent ppl as a weapon and deploying them as cannon fodder must be prepared to face the consequences.

  5. 公积金问题

    一边是十几岁, 一边是二十几岁,让孩子们互相加较劲, 这种臭名昭著的伎俩, 只有一个家族的人才做得出来,不要中了他们的苦肉计。 李总理躲在一边翘脚, 好像不關他的事,死赖不下台, 最后受害者都是自己人。

    人民有权向李总理要回被他借钱投资公积金,还我们公积金,不只是慧慧和Roy的事, 是人命关天的国家大事 ! 霸佔人民個人資產是嚴重的傾略行為, 把民意送到李顯龍的耳朵,是神聖的使命。 這兩位年輕人是人民的代言人 !詆毀或者與人民作對, 就是與天意作對 !搞小動作者,背叛民意,將受到天譴 !

  6. Not a Roy Ngerng supporter

    Hi Roy, when is the court hearing scheduled? I’d like to lend my support – to Lee Hsien Loong, not you.

  7. Disappointed Parent

    Unfortunately your actions at Hong Lim Park does not help to improve your credibility at all. Instead all it shows is that you are wiling to behave without any dignity or compassion just to attract attention. The performers are fellow Singaporeans whom you claim to be fighting for, so why would you disrupt their performance thus wasting all their time and effort in preparing for it and stealing what was suppose to be their limelight.

  8. why you so angry

    Why are you guys always seem so tormented by anger at every little thing all the time? You need lessons with anger management at the very least. But I won’t rule out the requirement for psychological consultation.

    Why always so agitated? Get some inner peace. Chill.

  9. ymca volunteer

    I’m disgusted at your actions.

    This is an annual event by YMCA to engage and encourage special needs children. It’s an annual chance for these children to perform for the public and not least their parents. Given what happened, this may well turned out into a once-a-in-lifetime never-to-tried chance for the children on stage. Some of these may well recede into their old worlds and never perform again.

    “Thank you”, Roy!

  10. LHL owes the people's money, People's debt collection team how can let him go ?

    公积金是人民自己的存款, 和政府一点关系都没有,被强行霸占了30年,在人民55的时候,应该全部退还,除非自愿加入,任何强迫行为是侵犯国民私财产的侵略与盗窃活动 。

    新加坡李氏家族,不按照规则, 违抗民意,他们不但制造了自杀比例,破产比例排名世界第一,也同时制造社会阳痿排名世界第一。

    一个近百岁的鳄鱼, 在走向灭亡前夕, 还搞灭口行动, 意图杜绝监督管道,给他们继续贪污人民的公积金利息创造条件。

    这里的反对者,有的被收买,有的就是他们MP自己家里的人,人家慧慧几个月前就定了今天的活动, 做了准备,李氏的人马不靠规则行走,横行霸道, 是自毁行动。

    终究幕后李显龙, 拿人民的钱去给他老婆买股票,是他欠人民的公积金,讨债队伍怎能放过他 。

    CPF is people’s own money,
    nothing relation with Lee government.
    but was forcibly occupied for 30 years,
    till 55 years , should be refunded fully ,
    unless voluntarily join with your PM’s plan

    but must not by forced

    any compulsive enforcement of CPF is an violation crime on national private property & aggression.

    Singapore’s Lee family, do not follow the rules,
    defy public opinion,
    they not only created a proportion of suicide, bankruptcy proportion ranked first in the world,

    and also ranked creating social impotence first prize in the world .

    A nearly hundred years old crocodiles, in the eve demise, still enjoy in cut – throat action, Intent with the black pieces of cloth cover the people’s eyes, giving them continuing corruption and create the conditions.

    But, for the people’s CPF
    the money is not Lee family’s
    the money is people’s hard earn life income.

    even here some opponents, some were bought, some is MP their own people. But, Huihui a few months ago on the set of today’s activities, made ​​preparations, Lee’s team do not rely on the rules of walking, tyranny, is self-destructive actions.

    After all, behind the stage, Lee Hsien Loong, to take people’s money to buy stocks for his wife’s interests, After all, he owed the people ‘s CPF, He owed the people’s money,

    People’s debt collection team how can let him go ?

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  12. Clement

    If anyone can confront our ministers in public and demand something, won’t Singapore look like a clown to others if the government gives in to them?

    • MIW liars

      Are you nuts? A country bumpkin?

      IN USA, UK, Australia, Beligum, Presidents, Senators and Congressmen are daily confronted by their consituents who
      demand assnwers and action from them on social and job issues, etc. Each and every day, these politicians are
      bombarded with questions from professional press, from members of the voting pbulic, all asking them to take
      action on this and that issues. It is all on public TV, paid TV, radio, youtubes, etc.

      You have got to be an idiot not to know this. Perhaps even a retard.

      Do you ever read or travel? Have you ever lived and studied in first world countries. Do you even know what
      liberal studies is all about?

      Pls for your sake, go read up and do it with care and thoughts.

  13. parent

    I was there and what you did was disgraceful.

    If I could take back the money I donated to support your court case, I would. you showed your true colours as being selfish and oblivious to the needs of the people.

    You might be intelligent. but you have no heart.

    • MIW liars

      You are a brainless mother, if not an MIW rabid dog.

      Hong Lim Park is a venue for loud protes and demonstration for years. Why hold a performing event at park when you
      and the YMCA people know of such details?

      You are party to a conspiracy to fix the organizers of the Protest Movement in Singapore, and yet you are so
      shallow, vacuous and dare to spout idiotic, irrational, brainless comments here.

      Next time, pls keep your cents to yourself. Use the cents you so treasured to fill up your ego and belly, pls.

    • Robert

      You well off and well educated gangster book worm eat potatoes too much educated gangster alway bully those working as low grade job. Go take up Phd and go oversea take up challenge. I am 70 plus i came across these fuckers like you talk rubbish,

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  15. kokwei

    Hey, seems like there are still many supporter for you, Roy. Your people used vulgarities on the minister. spoiled the performance which probably took the special needs kids months to rehearse, and means a lot to them! This affects them psychologically and you all don’t see it. They only thing you see is cpf. cpf is our money. But do you all know there are countries with tax rates equal to our tax plus cpf? Norway have high tax rate too btw. And yes Norwegian earns a lot. They have higher wage than us. Maybe about 10 plus countries have (based on GDP per capita). Think it is not representative? compare your wage on a wage calculator site like and see you will see it. More than a hundred countries have average wage lower than us. stop complaining. This CPF could have become tax if the government really want your money.

    But that is really your opinion. Its alright. Until what you did yesterday and you’re not repentful. I am disgusted

    • MIW liars

      Are you born yesterday or from ITE?

      Those coutnries paying high taxes are the first world countries and the ctizens get totally free outpatienet and inpatient
      medical care, totally free for life. Prenatal and postnatal care costs are paid by state too, plus free delivery of babies and cash alowances for birth of babies too. Also, their children get free education from daycare to secondary to university level. Totally
      free, plus free breakfast and lunch thrown in in many cases.

      Plus, after retirement all of them get a state pension of several hundred dollars to thousands a month, until death.
      A state pension after retirement, until death. If they buy govt apartments, these are heavily subsidized – less than 10 000 gets a couple a state subsidized apartment and can live in for life. Can be sold after 10 or twenty years, in most cases.

      Transport for young children, elderly are practicallly free. Others pay truly subsidized rates for public trnasport.

      When out of work, adults are given a few hundred each month to help them as they look for other jobs.

      Do Singaporeans get all of the above, dickhead? Use your shitty brain for once, lackey dog.

      • Learner

        If we are not wrong, Europe almost went bankrupt and now recovery is still slow and painful and many of them end up working in Asia or become beggers (young adults become beggers)…………. Too much ‘free’ things might not be good. It is reality that we are small state without no natural resources unlike those so called first world countries……..

  16. Tan Yi Liang


    I never had qualms with you and your intellectually disabled bunch of monkies yapping away at CPF. (I have no problems with the CPF).

    But what you and your intellectually disabled friends have done. Has officially hit a new low in my books.

    Congratulations on acting like complete retards, and stealing away, what was meant to be a once a year, event for special children and elderly, who don’t get out much. To finally enjoy themselves at an event hosted by people who has genuinely made a difference in people’s lives.

    You and your intellectually disabled friends, do not deserve a single cent from those who have ‘donated’ to your ’cause’.

    Fu*king beggars.

  17. MIW liars

    Shitty Yi Liang

    Go fuck your cock and like your shitty arse. You are a well bred lackey dog and sycophant of the vicous MIW thugs.

    You speak like a true dickhead, a shit puke, and you talk like a person with one track, idiotic mind.

    The children are fine, not hurt or injured. They are disabled, so I hope you wont say it was caused by Roy, you shit head.
    They may be startled a bit, but not traumatized at all. Why put children in a venue known for years as
    a place of loud protest and demonstration. Why the inconsistencies from YMCA on permit from Nparks, and information
    given by Nparks on permit given to YMCA. Nparks said YMCA applied in Sep and approved in sep 2014. YMCA said
    they applied in DEc 2013 and approved in april 2014.

    There is definitely a collusion between YMCA and the MIW thugs to use the disabled children to create a scene at
    the Hong Lim Park venue. Use your shithead to think, for once, mfarker.

  18. AFellowSingaporean

    No explanation, no apology, not even a simple acknowledgement of a mistake and to do better next time. Worse, you continue to assert the moral superiority of your cause and actions. Dude, if you don’t even have the basic decency to treat special needs children with consideration, don’t claim to be speaking for Singaporeans. Your behaviour disgusts me.
    You have made history, yes – by reminding Singaporeans what kind of Singapore they DON’T want to see.

    Specific to “MIW Liars” :Most of the people who commented here, although unhappy with what happened, still uphold a level of decorum and respect in their posts. Your abusive and vulgar replies are more reflective of your own inadequacies and poor upbringing. Hope you will be able to learn to treat others with respect.

  19. zaeious

    Dear Mr. Roy Ngerng and supporters of the campaigns

    While we do not neglect the influential effects a government has on its media groups, neither should we ignore the influences of your emotionally-driven activities ranging from protests to online media incitements. By understanding the term ‘professionalism’, we undertake an implicit trust to take matters as factuality for Singapore’s media groups, inclusive of newspaper publishing organisations such as SPH.

    In the course of denouncing the publications by the newspapers, it seems apparent that there indicated a tone of distrust arising from the aspect of political involvement by the government. This constitutes to a direct accusation against the government of non-transparency in the publication of newsworthiness of facts and events. Please include substantial references such as witness statements to uphold your credibility in your own publications of facts and events.

    Dismissing the excuse of the ignorant, there are sufficient information provided on the internet ranging from local laws and institutional information which allow anyone with basic educational standards to study upon and understand. The Singapore Law is established to peruse the process of identification of guilt in the accused by the plaintiff. Henceforth, please indicate the attributed breach of law by the government in your accusations, else your actions are indicative of defamation against the government.

    I personally applaud your motive in supporting the voices of Singaporeans in the need to clarify governmental actions in the usage of national funds, including the Central Provident Funds. However, given your analysis of the mismanagement of funds by the government in absence of references and sources, it is unlikely anyone will be convinced. In lieu of your statement of promise to accredit your analysis statements with references and sources through links, please ensure that such information will be provided together at the time of publication, else these publicised statements will be deemed as personal opinions.

    Overall, there are several channels available and provided by the government to voice concerns over its policies and regulations. When facts and assertion of claims have been verified, using other means of mass publication will be appropriate. Contrary, what you and your supporters have done was a direct utilisation of the latter without proper administration of clarification by the former.

    There are many, inclusive of me, who respect your courage and determination and the government’s contribution to our nation. While we cannot discredit your goodwill and the successes attained under the caretaker government of the People’s Action Party, we must attest to your unrefined non-scientific methodologies and approaches to carry out your goodwill of serving as medium of voice for majority Singaporeans and the accusations meted out against the government.

    In my encounter with Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, DPM and Minister of Finance, his conversational decorum permitted the floor audience to post several questions to him. He voluntarily extended the time of the dialogue by an estimate of 30 minutes to satisfy most if not all of the audience (SPGG. 3 June 2014. Singapore Restructuring: How do we ensure the competitive edge of Business and Singaporeans into 2020?. Dialogue Session. Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Finance, Tharman Shanmugaratnam. Reviewed 29 September 2014. Singapore Polytechnic Graduates Guild.). In most of your sweeping statements about the politically erroneous attitudes of the ministers of the government, this personal encounter of mine seems to be at odds with what you have claimed. I have hereby accredited a defence evidence against the accusation of integrity of characters of Singapore government. These statements include a proper referencing and citation to the source of evidence.

    Conclusively, I beseech my fellow Singaporeans to conduct proper analysis of each situations to determine the factualities published by either parties stated herein. Please maintain a decent use of proper language through scientific, systematic and justified means of issuing a statement.

    Yours Sincerely

  20. Not Pro PAP but

    Just some food for thought here
    On the claims that Singapore has one of the worst retirement schemes in the world, does Mr Ngerng have any other policies in mind that doesn’t involve “taking more money from the people”?
    This article’s entire argument seems to be centered around the notion that the actions of
    1. Lowering PAP salaries
    2. Removing CPF
    3. Making the government give Singaporeans more money
    are a magical formula that will lower the income gap, make Singaporeans happier and NOT AFFECT SINGAPORE’S ECONOMY IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER.

    I applaud Mr Ngerng for trying to stand up for what he believes, but I hope that he understands that we do not all have to subscribe to his ideologies even though we are Singaporean.

    • Learner

      Food for thoughts for the general public.

      If our govt. schemes are not good and then why so many developing and developed countries come to Sg to do study and implement in their host countries?

      If Europe are so good, why they are in the state of bankruptcy? Switzerland, for example has high unemployment rate and inflation is high…………..Now many Europeans work for Asians…………….

      Removing CPF? If pple dun save, they will beg govt for $$$ when they run out of $$$. Example, look at how those old dirty men fooling around in Geylang. Are you going to blame the govt again when foolish locals sleep on the street becos they have poor financial management….

      I may not be so well-educated like Han Hui Hui but at least got some basic common sense………….

  21. Supporter

    Just a side note, if you go to Japan or Europe, at night ,you will see many homeless people sleeping in the subway and macdonalds. I am not kidding. In Singapore, you get a free rental flat from the goverment. People opposing the government like to paint a heavenly picture of what they like Singapore to be, but realistically, is this possible ? Some people are down and out because of their own doing and is this fair to blame the system ? Look at the big picture, is sgp really so hellish in living ? Ask yourself this question, given a choice to stay in any country, which will you choose ? I am sure most will be in Singapore. For the record, Han Hui Hui chose to. If she was to stay in Malaysia or any other country, you think she will be contented with things there also ? These people are just complaining about everything possible, splitting hairs.

  22. Supporter

    People like Roy and HHH, they are the new generation of youngsters who are too spoilt, self-centred and arrogant. They think that the world is so easy to make everyone happy without thinking of the trade-offs and the long term sacrifices. They don’t appreciate that there is security, jobs, infrastructure, a civil service that works, housing etc. They only know how to ask for everything to be perfect without thinking deep enough in issues and implementation. Sad to say, youths like them, are a product of our success.

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  24. ifeelu

    To be fair, I tried to read your slides… Seems like your content/phrasing is designed for uneducated people… Looking at your points, it seems like PAP in Spore is more powerful than Kim Jong-il or his son in North Korea… May I suggest you do your research and give your sources… and also some long-term strategy… Then your movement/cause will get more support/respect and not get into silly incidents last last weekend’s…

  25. teoenming

    Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong Want Teo En Ming Dead

    Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong want Teo En Ming dead. Lee Kuan Yew and Lee Hsien Loong want Teo En Ming to die young.

    Teo En Ming has filed an official complaint against the Singapore Government at the United Nations Human Rights Council Branch and the International Criminal Court. Read the letter here:

    Teo En Ming’s Open Letter (Plea for Medical Help/Assistance) to World Leaders dated 27 Aug 2010. Read the letter here:

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    Age: 36 years old as at 28 Dec 2014

  26. Kenneth Wills

    I think most people on here miss the point. The real issue is how the average Singaporean is conveniently utilized as a pawn to enrich certain public officials. This is a topic in which all Singaporeans should be engaged and seeking to purge from its social, political and economic system, and this is certainly Cronyism and is very symptomatic of dictatorial governments. Governments role in economics, in a free-society, is to regulate and ensure level playing fields of private markets, not dominate those markets. In Singapore, it is glaring obvious that the role is vice-versa, creating an artificial economy that is ultimately unsustainable and untenable. The approach is egregiously short-sighted and ultimately threatens to leave Singapore as a wasteland of crumbling, modern architectural monuments lacking in both aesthetic and substantive value. While certain propagandists have worked hard to attack the system of Communism in Singapore, they have quietly, but strategically implemented the some of the very frameworks that form the foundations of Communist political philosophy, re-framed as uniquely Singaporean democratic politics and free-market economics. There is nothing unique about it, instead it is all too familiar, dangerous, arrogant and foolish. Anytime you allow one school of though to dominate a society, that society will ultimately crumble and the fall will be far harder and far faster that the rise of the ascent of that same society. Discovery World History. History will aptly demonstrate, in action, the shallow, flawed thinking of the powers that may be in Singaporean society. Your time is now to correct that course. If Singaporeans don’t correct it, life as you might know it will change drastically, for the worse, in the next 10-15 years. Why? When you look on the global scale, of which no country can insulate itself from, the pace of change and where society is moving is starkly different, and, while the powers that be in Singapore pay lip service to that fact, their actions still demonstrate a naive lack of understanding of what is required to make the adjustment. Time to replace them with those those do have that understanding. J.B. Jeyaretnam was a man before his time that keenly understood this. Singaporean’s better start turn to those type of leaders and quickly. Not those who still espouse unsubstantiated philosophies advanced for selfish causes, rooted in abysmal political rhetoric that offers little of value for the people and the larger society.

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