[Video] My Thoughts #ReturnOurCPF 4 Protest

To read more about what was said at the protest, you can read the short 13-chart article here. This will give you some perspective as to why the PAP wants (and needs to) to ignore what was highlighted at the protest and needed to deride the protest.

Below is a video taken by Terry Xu from The Online Citizen. It will give you perhaps a more objective and transparent picture of what actually transpired at the protest.

It is unfortunate that the mainstream media is controlled by the PAP and would only report what the PAP wants to put out. Perhaps if we could take a step back and think for ourselves, when faced with such pervasive state-controlled news which put out a version of a story and which wants to shape the news, how would we seek to find out more information to discern for ourselves what really transpired and make an independent assessment by ourselves of what happened. This is the mark of a mature and critically-thinking electorate.

When Lee Hsien Loong and I sent out our affidavits and then he responded to mine, the mainstream media only chose to report on his affidavit and response. They did not respond on mine. I emailed them to ask why they did not, but none of them replied.

I will leave readers and Singaporeans to decide for ourselves what and how best we can consider and reflect on the issue, me included. If my role here is done, I will exit. And I will let the PAP take it from here.

I issue a challenge to the PAP ministers. Let’s have a one-on-one debate about the CPF. Time to stop playing games and using distractions. How did you take Singaporeans’ CPF to use, to earn money for yourselves? Let’s talk openly and honestly, live, in front of Singaporeans. If you dare. It is hypocritical to use others as shields for you, and pretend to care for them. If you truly care for Singaporeans, then actually help Singaporeans.


  1. The Oracle

    Shame on you Roy Ngerng!

    You were meant to keep to your designated space but instead disrupted an non-political event involving special needs kids. The vast majority of Singaporeans do not want this kind of behavior in our country.

    • Truth in Singapore is as good as The States Times

      Dear Oracle, you lost us on your representation of the other Singaporeans apart from yourself. The vast majority of Singaporeans are PAP-repressed. Perhaps, you are one of those so used to CPF repression that you dont’ know what freedom looks like. The Straits Times can do much better with its poor command of English Language to term the act as “heckling”. It’s great to see a video that explains better than words. The Director of NParks is incompetent. Why let 2 groups run counter events on the same field? It’s the lack of intellect on the part of the poor Nparks civil servants that is the problem. Shame on them. Why? It’s nothing more than the ADMINISTRATIVE EXPEDIENCY OF THE DIRECTOR OF NPARKS THAT IS THE PROBLEM.

      • runningdogs

        It’s deliberate. The two events is like putting kids in a war zone. You don’t do that unless you want your opponents to look bad.

      • WAKE UP

        Stop with the generalizations. Vast majority or vast minority? What gives you the rights to be the voice of Singaporeans and claim to be repressed by PAP?

        The video doesn’t even do any good to them, it only shows how disgusting they are – creating a havoc for their own personal interest. Tell me how does that video even explains Roy’s actions in staging a protest that seems almost pointless in any sense. Though, I have to admit the word heckle is not the best word to be used.

        How can you say that the director of NParks is incompetent? Say, if NParks was to reject Roy’s request, Roy will definitely stage a protest on the pretext of ‘NParks favoring PAP-affilated organizations (as they claimed YMCA to be, which is stupid imo)!’ Yes, I am making a generalization here, but seeing what Roy has done, one cannot dismiss this possibility. Yet, they can’t reject YMCA’s request as well since they made the request on a much earlier date. So why not accommodate both events, since space allows.

      • navyy

        The miserly space does not allow such contrasting events. Crossing each others path is inevitable – the evidence there to see. Furthermore, to keep denying your opponent use of the space will backfire. Better strategy to commit serious damages to unwelcome guests is to cause an “explosion”. Like a grown adult caught on video punching a helpless 3 years old kid in the face which went viral on the Internet. The onslaught of public condemnation is far more gratifying than keep denying your opponent some space.

        It worked.

    • Xmen

      I know there is a lot of emotion here. But something to consider if you want to assign blame –

      1. HHH applied and received an approval to hold the CPF event as early as in July. The YMCA event was registered earlier this month. NParks seems to be very confused about the timing and approval of these two events.

      2. The Speaker corners was the only venue for public demonstration. The CPF protest can only be held here. The YMCA event could be held in other sites.

      3. It is a bad idea to allow a protest event and a social event at the same time and location. No party involved is going to be happy.

      4. No prior “designated” space was defined by NParks. This is bad planning and clearly a fail.

      Everyone should be glad that it did not turn into another little India incident (which would have occurred if there were 5000 protesters!)

    • reply "The Oracle",

      Shame on you The Oracle !
      One side are the teenager, one side are the twenties age, let the kids add another rivalry, this infamous trick, only one family do it out, their desperate measure making confusion. the last the victims were people.

      hope Roy avoid the pitfalls they set for people

    • Jasmine

      Why did Nparks allow the kids to be used as a political chip? Is this what Vivian had in mind when he talked about “clean” politics? I thought only terrorist like the Hamas would fire from innocent crowd to achieve its political aims. Now PAP is behaving not much different from Hamas.

    • The Oracle

      I’m quite sure I’m part of the majority on this issue. At the time of my writing this there are 44 comments on this thread – but over 1,100 people have signed a petition calling for Han Hui Hui’s citizenship to be revoked:


      Singaporeans are disgusted. Roy’s supporters can resort to using insults, or pretend it is the authorities’ fault that Roy and his gang did not keep to Speakers’ Corner – but it is only digging a deeper hole for Roy. The bottom line is that laws were broken yesterday and there are videos to prove it. Roy has yet again screwed up.

      • The Oracle

        Can’t any of Roy’s supporters make a point without resorting almost every time to insults? Clearly not.

        OK, I’ll be a “smart ass” for you: 72 comments on this blog versus now over 2,500 signatories demanding HHH’s citizenship be revoked – the numbers speak for themselves. On this little escapade by Roy and his gang, the jury of public opinion clearly finds Roy guilty! He did it for the publicity knowing it was illegal, but I doubt he expected the backlash he received this time.

    • Ricardo Ng

      You do not represent Singaporeans !

      SHAME on you and absolutely shame on your family and love ones for your behavior.

      I want my CPF but I do not want someone like you to represent me !

      Please get off your high horse and wasting our time.

      • The Oracle

        No Ricardo, SHAME on you and the other Roy lackeys on this blog for trying to support Roy’s illegal and morally despicable actions yesterday. That wasn’t democracy. And shame on you again for trying to make it personal by referencing my family and loved ones. You clearly have no shame though.

      • Ming kit

        I agree with you. The Oracle orh pi sai do not represent the majority of us. Not even the minority. He speaks for himself. Although I voted for PAP last time, I do not agree how the PAP can use innocent children to stir shit. I won’t be supporting PAP. This is really devious.

      • The Oracle

        @Ming kit
        Stuff your stupid insults and I really doubt you, a semi-regular contributor to Roy’s blogs, voted for PAP last time. As for how much he is in the minority, the petition I mentioned above has now got over 2,500 signatories and this blog stands at 72 comments. It is a joke to say the majority supports Roy!

  2. tan

    You have yourself to ask for. Why go to the YMCA area? Obviously trying to create trouble. And the way HHH speaks before the event, will obviously give the impression to create trouble.

  3. joash

    You guys claim to be championing for thr good of Singappreans but yet showed otherwise. Disrupting an event for a good cause, of no political relation? Yet showed no remorse after the whole fiasco, and to even shamelessly seek help from the public when NP decides to revoke your speaking privileges. Other than asking from the public, whathave you contributed to and for them?
    In short, youre a self-centered individual, whose actions are fueled by hatred towards the PAP (for whatever reason), and are truly misguided and myopic.

    Get a life you gay faggot. You have seriously crossed the line with this protest!

  4. WP

    Roy, your charts shown are from questionable sources with one showing a stats gathered from 2000 people through phone calls…… Please if you want to show stats, use it from Singapore board of statistics where the figures are out in their website. If you think these results are there to hoodwink the rest of the Singaporeans, they will have to collude with those that are coming out with these datas.

    In addition, your behaviour yesterday in HLP is really uncalled for.

  5. yyo

    You and especially HHH are really such a disgust and scum here. I never seem such a person like this. Who are your parents who brought up such ill-bred kids? Even if we are poor, we dont do such and live with dignity. This is basic human. Stop giving excuse about what you have done or what is supposed not to be.

      • WAKE UP

        You are the ignorant Singaporean to be supporting Roy Ng. I am no PAP IB or Pro-PAP, i am just digested by Roy’s actions. This protest has crossed all lines.

    • To toro

      To: Wake Up,

      Don’t hijack the CPF issue. You solve the CPF problem first before you talk abt the rights of special kids. The kids are there not out their own accord. The Church is using them. What business does a church has with special kids? That’s PAP’s job. They can’t even cater to the learning needs of special kids such as austistic kids in mainstream neighbourhood not train the teachers to manage the needs of these kids, they got the nerve to comment? Duck you la!

  6. HeeHeeHaHa

    Colony of tigers made use of puppies to battle some cackling mynahs. Chief mynah said ” why you so like that?”. Chief tiger kept quiet and resume taking snapshots of forest by the infinity pool.

    • Ming kit

      I was there too. After the hawker centre cleaning issue, now this. I wonder why our millionaire ministers are so free to play political games instead of improving our lives. No wonder LHL said he will spend more time thinking how to screw the opposition. That is his priority for now.

  7. sick in the mind

    Roy, I used to think that you are credible. But after this incident, I totally lost faith in you. No matter whether u are fighting the cause, to go and heckle others when you could have been gracious to stay at a designated area to just do your own protest without disturbing others, that would have gained you 100 times more respect rather than this nonsense. Your own video just reiterated your lack of upbringing and there is no way people will be able to trust you.

    No longer support you. Good luck.

  8. entrapment

    You guys walked right into their trap. It’s so obvious. They probably have those mentally disabled kids on standby just to send them on stage at the right moment to make your CPF crowd look as bad as you can be. Not to mention having the mainstream media out in force waiting to capture your worst possible moment on video.

    They are the ones who exploited those poor kids to gain political advantage, but they turned the tables on you and made your group’s behavior look like appallingly bad form. Reading Han Hui Hui’s Facebook post from Sep 25, it would seem like they had been baiting her since a few days before the event. Didn’t the two of you see this coming? I admire both of you for your compassion and messianic zeal but you also need to be more coolheaded.

    • THINK

      Do make make everything seems so scripted. Life is not so drama, what entrapment, what obvious.
      Please reflect, THINK and make a judgement. Ask yourself these questions.
      What has Roy accomplished that deserved your admiration? Or was it blind admiration?
      Why is Roy seeking donations from the public, and not get himself a job? Is he trying to find an easy way to parliament?
      Does this remind you of a local church?

  9. trt

    U made me now develop big hatred towards you Roy and HHH- hatred, hatred, hatred Despise both of you! Curse you! May one day two of you becomes a special needs person.

  10. Stomp

    It is a protest rally. People’s emotions are worked up naturally. Like someone said. .. these children are entering into a war zone. Highly charged emotional war zone. The poor kids were sent into an emotionally charged environment. Call the noise whatever you want to but it is expected. If you are going to point fingers, make sure it is pointed at the schemer for scaring the kids.

  11. these are thugs

    These thugs do this once every month. It doesn’t matter how many people are there, whether YMCA are there. This is how they behave at their monthly sessions. They like to shout, scream and disparage. If you happen to pass by, and you hold a different view, please keep it to yourself obediently. If not, you’ll be targeted by these thugs. Beware. They are not interested to co-exist with others. They are obsessed with their own conspiracy theories.

    • Ming kit

      In the first place, it is NParks that screwed up. Anyone who made plans for an event only to be told they are allocated another place half an hour before the start of their event will be agitated. We should be grateful that Singaporeans do not go on a riot unlike the foreign imported trash.

      • The Oracle

        Lies Ming kit – based on her Facebook posts HHH knew about the YMCA event at least the day before.

  12. goodbye kids

    We can say goodbye to the poor kids. We won’t be seeing them perform next year, or the year after and the next. Probably, they won’t ever perform again.

    Hello Roy, do you know how much hardwork and attention it takes to encourage these kids onto stage?

    • x-file investigator

      Knowing fully well there will be a protest speech why did npb still arrrange for both event? Isnt tis crystal-clear?
      I dun want to indignify u wif an answer. Btw, send my regards to your ymca.

  13. csi

    HHH, u a CCB. You were a recent convert here and you dont have your say here. Fuck off back to your country. I would want to give you a big tight slap if i ever see you
    Scrony little person!

  14. I Smell A Pig

    It is a charity event.
    And YMCA could have held the charity event anywhere in Singapore.
    So why choose Hong Lim Park?
    Knowing full well that Roy & HHH will be there every month?

  15. I Smell A Pig

    Does anybody here seriously think PAP is on the side of “special needs children”?
    – No!
    – If PAP government really want to help, then why continue to force the parents of such children to contribute to CPF?

    CPF is for a rainy day.
    When you are a parent of a special needs child in Singapore, your rainy day has arrived.
    – no need to wait for 65 years old anymore

    Singapore Reserves is for a rainy day
    – so when is this “rainy day”?
    – the rainy day arrives when you have a medical emergency and hospital bills to pay
    – and how does the PAP government help you?
    – by making you pay GST on your hospital bill
    – by forcing you to continue with CPF contribution even as you try to pay off your hospital bill

  16. Ravi

    HHH should go back to Malaysia if she dislike this country so much. Complain about every thing and yet still want to migrate here.

  17. I Smell A Pig

    Can Yew please take a look at this video.

    Just to “take care” of Roy & HHH.
    We have;
    a) a Director of NParks
    b) maybe six policeman (out of uniform) … including one ASP
    c) an accompanying cameraman on the side of the “authorities”
    d) I suppose these group of people just spontaneously turn up together at Hong Lim Park? It was an unplanned & spontaneous gathering of “authorities”?

    If they can do this to two young Singaporeans.
    What will they do to us and our children?

    Do Yew think Roy and HHH are dangerous?

    • MeMeMo

      Actually..on standby…the army, the navy and the airforce. Fighter planes are all on standby. Submarines too.

      Oh I forgot…your regular boys scouts too.

    • Bankok

      You forgot Internet brigades will and have already launch their attacks.. Possible accusations: Roy does not wear underwear when shopping at ntuc supermarket. They may plant secret cameras in Roy’s home and watch him pan sai in the toilet. They will, from examining Roy’s sai color, will tell the world what his daily meals are. Like eat a lot of naked chickens! Is it?

  18. It calls for immediate resignation of Prime Minister Lee.

    一手制造恶作剧,图转移公积金问题的视线, 到几个孩子们为争取场所而不满,都是一个家族的人在背后搞鬼, 这个问题不要多说的, 很显然, 他们在做灭亡前的挣扎。

    我们提醒慧慧和Roy, 要冷清对待狡猾的狐狸, 不冷静将对他有利。因为他们曾经用这些招数, 害死林清祥等上百位当年的也是正当年的年轻人, 付出惨重代价。

    人民千万不要中计,他今日的恶行, 将为有一天审判他, 留下N个理由。

    人民的目标不是人民,也不是行动党, 而是一个贪得无厌的家族。

    Handedly created mischief, intent to divert the topics of CPF debts into the topics of children’s dissatisfaction,

    only one family man behind the attacks,
    So, not talk too much in this issue, it is clear that they are doing before struggling perish.

    We remind Huihui and Roy, while deal with a Sly Fox,
    If people not calm down will in his favor.

    Because they have used these pitfall, killed Lim Chin Siong, such as hundreds of young people , people had paid an heavy price.

    So, don’t be in the design. count the his evil today, for one day judge him , leaving N reasons.

    The problem is the greedy family.
    PM Lee must responsible for manufacture yesterday’s Chaos, It calls for immediate resignation of Prime Minister Lee.

  19. I Smell A Pig

    Why are Singaporeans not allowed to march or protest anywhere in Singapore?
    Why must ask for permit and permission from PAP government?
    Singapore belong to PAP or Singaporeans?
    If Singapore really belongs to Singaporeans, we should be free to go anywhere we want without needing to apply for permits from the PAP government.

    Isn’t this proof that we are slaves and not citizens?

    • I Ate A Pig

      A rainy day is like when Ho Ching lost $20 billion investing in Ponzi Bank of Zimbabwe or when Lee Kuan Yew got swindled $30 billion by his Mongolian Industrial Park. Other rainy days include occasions like bailing out Lee Kim Yew’s Tat Lee bank with public money or covering Lee Hsien Yang’s SingTel losses in some Papua New Guinean telco.

  20. I Smell A Pig

    I hope Roy and Han Hui Hui learns from this lesson.
    History repeats itself.
    I remember a young Chee Soon Juan who got himself a bad name through the mainstream media so very long ago.
    Majority of Singaporeans have been brainwashed into frowning on such spontaneous acts of protests … without investigating the merits behind the protests.

    Hopefully, all of us will now better understand why Workers’ Party have to operate the way they do as an Opposition Party.

    Focus on converting pro PAP voters amongst your friends and relatives.
    60% of them voted PAP.

    Roy & HHH
    – we got your message
    – and we are spreading the news
    – please maintain your equanimity to protect the fruits of your labour

  21. KWKW

    You claimed that for the first time you stood your ground against the PAP and marched ‘gloriously’ into Hong Lim Park. What you did was march into a little event for special children and trampled all over them.

    This response you wrote doesn’t even address what you might have done, you don’t even show a little regret for what you did. At least even if you were going to crush the event, show some damn remorse for the children, for destroying their hard work and possibly ripping their self-esteem.
    Really, what point is there claiming that you were repressed by the government and the mainstream media? Whether its their side of the story or not, you still were pretty ruthless in just trampling all over a non-political, innocent event just because a PAP minister was there. Look, say an army goes in a village and massacres everyone. Then the commander says, “Oh, there was the enemy hiding in there. Everyone could be hiding him, we can’t take any chances so we had to root him out.” So what? They still killed many innocent people just to get that one guy, and no one is going to care why anyone is doing anything else because it’s all right there. Smart move you did.

    The one thing you never considered when marching into Hong Lim Park was courtesy. You claim you had a right to speak up for freedom. But when you did you trampled all over the rights of special children who had the right to be treated like miracles and angels, and the rights of people who just wanted to enjoy the day. Even if our current government is full of cheaters and liars they still carry a sense of decency and politeness-which is why some people bother to listen to them(or willingly be enslaved if that’s what you think). If our current government is replaced by hooligans like you what’s going to happen next? Chasing out an old folk’s home for a speech? Why would anyone want to support your ideals when they blatantly show you shattering dreams and causing chaos?

    Maybe you are right and maybe they are wrong, Roy. I know that our government is inadequate and owes us a lot of money, but we don’t go around like loansharks demanding for it, why? Because it scares people and it gets us arrested because we have become bad guys. If you don’t have the courtesy and/or humanity of respecting others’ rights I suggest you toss yourself into a bottomless pit because the new Singapore has no place for people like you.

  22. iLovePork

    I’m not one of the 60% who voted for PAP and I was a public servant during the last elections. But seeing all these self proclaimed martyrs who are so oppressed by PAP, getting so creative, I now understand why there are so many sheep in CHC and ISIS.

    Yes, I don’t like my CPF money get locked by govt neither do I like the rising minimum sums… But what Roy and HHH did were only discrediting the oppositions in Singapore. Tan Kin Lian and any opposition hopefuls better steer clear of these 2 unless u endorse these 2 lunatics.

    Even if PAP has deliberately “plant a trap”…you have gladly stepped into… so why blame PAP? Have you wondered you could have turned a crisis into an opportunity by cheering on the less privilleged instead of overrunning the YMCA area just to prove your point to TSL? That just showed the depth and critical thinking skills that HHH and Roy have. I FEAR FOR THE OPPOSITIONS IN Singapore, instead of PAP.

    Spend more time reflecting instead of blaming everyone!

  23. cooper

    Regardless of whoever apply for permission first, regardless of whether National Park Board was wrong to allow two events which are not related at all to be held on the same day, is it not basic human decency and courtesy to respect and behave graciously and allow the less privileged who were simply there for the event organised by YMCA to enjoy it instead of marching in there and shouting?

    Those people have nothing to do with why we are unhappy and dissatisfied with PAP.

  24. Deaf Frog's Toothpick

    now is a good opportunity to ban Han Hui Hui forever from Hong Lim.

    better still, a good opportunity to close down Hong Lim park for good.

    • Ming kit

      Actually why need HLP? If this is HK, the Istana would have been occupied. Singaporeans are stupid. No wonder we need foreign import HHH to lead the rally.

  25. It calls for immediate resignation of Prime Minister Lee.

    Hong Lim Park is our numerous generations, fight for Singapore’s independence from British colonial rule’s sacrifice birthplace .

    our ancestors established a the piece of freedom, equality and dignity ‘s Hong Lim Park, for their offspring to achieve their dream.

    Our founding ancestors had expected that 50 years later, one day, someone will betray their ideals, betray the people, oppress the people, therefore, they established the Hong Lim Park, for those full of suffering poor friends, for those this appeal grievances, for those hard in gasping breathing, built an aid the activities of land.

    But, when we were out of the British colony, we have become a colony of the Lee family.

    Howeve, Over the past 50 years, Lee family’s party accustomed to activities in an luxury, air-conditioned auditorium , they enjoy superior, they want estrangement with people, they never interest in Hong Lim Park, they look down the poor folks gathered in this place.

    But yesterday he suddenly enlivened our meeting place also engaged in gathering.

    this in addition to proof of Lee’s chicken intestines

    outside rulers, humiliating the older victim is the essence of democracy and civil society to build the park.

    But yesterday he sent suddenly enlivened, He started acting strangely violations, He does not walk by the rules,destroyed the scene, thwart democracy activities. Cause people to blame each other.

    some innocent did not know the truth —- a black hand is the Lee family. He relies on manufacturing Singapore social trouble, intentions let the people fight themselves each other.

    Singapore politicians used this low-level practices, contrary to the older generation and humiliated the democratic essence of the civil construction of this park.

    Lee Hsien Loong must do this resignation, return people’s CPF !

  26. A Moderate

    Roy Ngerng, I don’t usually comment on blogs but the latest act you did made me feel compelled enough to do so.

    I used to sympathize with you for having being so harshly dealt with by the PM – the lawsuit that is. I even advocated donations to you, to send a message to the government that we will not stand for such blatant bullying. Sad to say, your antics since then have slowly but surely opened my eyes as to what kind of person you actually are.

    This incident is the final straw. What were you and your supporters thinking when you guys marched into the YMCA event to harass the people – not to mention people with special needs – there? Simply disgusting behavior.

    You complained of being oppressed, and your freedom of speech being attacked upon. What you did at the YMCA was many times worse than the aforementioned you complained of. It seemed that only you and your supporters can oppress others, and have your freedom of speech while others are not supposed to.

    Being reckless and uncouth can only get you and your partner-in-crime HHH that far, Mr Ngerng. You would do well to note that Singaporeans do not, and will not, subscribe to your very vile brand of politics, before you slip into oblivion with your atrocities. We don’t need people like you to represent Singaporeans and pretend to fight for our cause (when in actual fact you are just giving us a bad name). And drop that rhetorical act of waving our flag – it’s nauseating.

    • Ming kit

      I am a moderate too. Normally I don’t comment. But I keep seeing stupid Singaporeans falling for PAP trick and come out from tortoise shell to lecture others based on one-sided reporting by the mainstream media. If this is not stupid, I don’t know what is.

      • The Oracle

        Well I keep seeing stupid people falling for Roy’s tricks and lies and justifications. This time though the video speaks louder than words – he really screwed up and stepped over the line.

  27. Lailah

    Sinkapokians inglish is horrigible. With this kind of inglish can be officers ah? In west hor,talk like that, road sweepers liao lor. Face palm face palm wor! So shame this kind of education with this kind of e e or or oficers wor.

    • Chan mei li

      The other trait of Singaporeans is…lose already…cb…lj….kc..ah..mother this…mother that…all come out. Why? Can’t argue intelligently is it? Join the police force lah!

  28. It calls for immediate resignation of Prime Minister Lee.

    为什么人民抗议强烈地公积金 ?

    因为对钱多的都堆到天上去的总理家族, 不是什么事
    对本来就省吃俭用的人民,是关系到生死存亡的大事 。

    1。 为什么人们要省吃俭用呢,因为穷, 所以每天省一口 。

    2。 为什么李总理自己不必省呢, 因为他每月拿回家的生活费是人们的7000倍。不但没有公积金的问题, 而且他的下面几代孙子都没有问题。

    3。 要人民省吃俭用,在第一世界国家的字典里,就是实行虐待。

    4。 在这样的虐待下,人民委曲求全,协助李氏家族霸占公积金30年,就算了,但是在人们55岁时, 在不征求民意的前提下, 强行继续霸占,是对国家与民生个体财产侵犯的犯罪行为。


    6。 如果新加坡领导人,连民意都不放在眼里, 他本身也没有任何宗教信仰, 因此意识不到害国害民的严重性,并仍然活在摇篮里,那么,毫无办法, 只有把他赶下台 , 并对他的犯罪行为进行追究 。

    7。 无论到哪里说理,人民的利益高于一切,这是一个普世的真理。

    Why Singaporeans strongly protest with regard to CPF ?

    Because for those brought money piled towards the sky’s premier family, not a problem.

    For people those live frugally, CPF is related to the events of life and death.

    1 ). Why Singaporeans want to live frugally, because the poor condition , so they have to eat not enough every day.

    2 ). Why Prime Minister Lee himself have no need to live frugally,
    because his monthly take back home’s money is the people’s 7,000 times.

    therefore, not only himself has no problem on CPF return, but also next a few his generations have no following problem .

    3 ) . He encouraged the people live frugally, however in the dictionary of the first countries in the world, that is the implementation of abuse.

    4 ). In such abuse, the people make compromises to help Lee family occupied the CPF for 30 years, but in people 55 years of age, under the premise of not solicit public opinion, forced to continue to occupy, is an violation of state and livelihood of individuals and property crime behavior.

    5 ). Prime Minister Lee’s monthly salary is 7000 times of the poor people, He got so much money can do a lot of things, but seized the people ‘s CPF when people in age 55, is the most wicked thing.

    If someone is willing to join, it’s just the will of the individual, but can not force every people who are extremely reluctant.

    6 ). If Singapore’s leader , He insist to ignore the public opinions,
    and he also does not have any religious beliefs, He therefore unaware of the seriousness of the harm people, And he still live in the cradle. So, there is no way out except to oust him, and his crimes will be prosecuted.

    7 ) . No matter where reasoning, the people’s interests must above all else, it is an universal truth.

  29. ahgogo

    The incumbent reps were aggressive. They appear to be nervous, incohesive and fumble a lot. You know why?

    They were wearing the emperor’s new outfit.

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  33. teoenming

    Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong Want Teo En Ming Dead

    Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong want Teo En Ming dead. Lee Kuan Yew and Lee Hsien Loong want Teo En Ming to die young.

    Teo En Ming has filed an official complaint against the Singapore Government at the United Nations Human Rights Council Branch and the International Criminal Court. Read the letter here:

    Teo En Ming’s Open Letter (Plea for Medical Help/Assistance) to World Leaders dated 27 Aug 2010. Read the letter here:


    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    Age: 36 years old as at 28 Dec 2014

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