Further Thoughts after the #ReturnOurCPF Protest

Hello everyone, I have written to YMCA last night to request for an opportunity to meet with the children with down syndrome and their parents, to meet with them and to find out how they are doing. I hope that we can have a chance to heal the wounds.

I have had a further think through of what has happened over the past few days. It has been hectic, I have learnt much and thought to share my thoughts here.

I started writing on this blog more than 2 years ago, in June 2012. What started me thinking was when Lee Hsien Loong had then compared Singapore with the Nordic countries and claimed that Singapore was doing as well as they did, or better, in terms GDP per capita and economic competitiveness. But I wanted to dig deeper to find out the truth for myself. I was not convinced.

Singapore vs Nordic Countries June 2012

And from what I found, I realised that even though for Singapore, the country as a whole is one of the richest in the world, but the wealth is very unequal. In fact, I realised that the inequality in Singapore is the highest among the developed countries and Singaporeans earn one of the lowest wages in the world.

That started me on my journey to wanting to find out what exactly is happening in Singapore – why is it that Singaporeans are so rich but Singaporeans are so poor?

I was shocked by how my first article went viral and how it was later picked up by The Online Citizen. I didn’t know it then, but deep down, among many Singaporeans, they already knew that things were not right. The PAP had then kept telling Singaporeans that Singapore was doing well, but deep down, Singaporeans already had a niggling suspicion that the government was not telling us the whole truth.

And when I dug up the statistics which clearly showed how in spite of the economic wealth that the PAP has garnered for itself, Singaporeans weren’t actually receiving the supposed “trickle-down effects” of the wealth that we should be getting.

The statistics convinced the people’s suspicions that the PAP was keeping the wealth for themselves, and preventing the wealth that Singapore should be earning (from Singaporeans’ labour) from reaching us.

I didn’t know then how PAP had prevented it, nor did I knew the PAP was preventing it from happening. Being the naive me then, I had hoped that if I could advocate to the PAP to return to Singaporeans our wealth, Singapore can become a better place.

And so I set up The Heart Truths. A friend helped me come out with the name, actually. I wanted to speak up about the truth and wanted it to come from the heart. And so, he suggested, why not The Heart Truths? And since then, I have been writing on this blog.

The Heart Truths

In the first few months that I was writing, I continued advocating to the PAP, hoping and believing that they would be reading my blog and would make the relevant changes to improve the lives of Singaporeans. A year after my writing, I was also informed that at least one PAP MP was reading my blog. I felt that perhaps, just perhaps our voices were being heard.

However, the more I read and learnt, I began to slowly realise that the PAP would not change.

As I learnt to analyse the PAP’s policies and to read between the lines, I realise that the PAP has come out with a systematic way of devising policies which would allow them to increase subsidies on one hand, but further increase the revenue they take from Singaporeans, so that whatever subsidies and payouts they give to Singaporeans would not come out from their own coffers but would be extracted from Singaporeans.

And thus they would always be able to gain political mileage and credit by claiming that they are giving back to Singaporeans, while making Singaporeans pay for the increases by ourselves. This shocked me.

But apparently this wasn’t new knowledge. It was new knowledge to me. But many Singaporeans already knew this – many Singaporeans whom have analysed things for themselves and some of them whom have left.

What I knew was already common knowledge to many Singaporeans. I was just one of the few who in my eagerness, wanted to put out what I had found out online.

 Return Our CPF 3 Poster Roy Ngerng text

It was about a year ago that I started speaking at protests. The first protest I spoke at was at the #FreeMyInternet protest to protest against the PAP from introducing regulations to prevent Singaporeans from being able to express our ideas on our blogs. I was concerned. If the PAP could stop me from sharing what I have learnt and found out, how else would I be able to let Singaporeans know what I had discovered? I wouldn’t be able to do so!

PAP would be able to continue to put out their own propaganda to mislead Singaporeans and I could not let that happen! So I spoke up.

And when Gilbert Goh invited me to speak at the third protest for the Singapore Population White Paper, I spoke as well. I decided that every speaking opportunity was an opportunity to allow more people to know.

By the end of last year, Ms Han Hui Hui and I decided that we could organise discussion sessions to create a space for Singaporeans so that we could invite speakers to provide facts and information, which would allow Singaporeans to be able to discuss, analyse and create solutions for ourselves.

So, we organised a workshop on education issues and held a forum on the tax structure in Singapore, which I spoke at as well.

Early this year, I embarked on several major discoveries of the Singapore economic and political system. In a 10-part joint article series that I wrote with Mr Leong Sze Hian, we discovered that Singaporeans are actually paying almost the same as what the Nordic citizens are paying in tax and social security/CPF to the government, but we get back considerably much lesser back from PAP and not only so, we have to fork out cash from our own pockets.

The next major macro-perspective article that I wrote was how the PAP had claimed to create policies to aid the growth of the economy, such as the Productivity and Innovation Credit, the Wage Credit Scheme and Foreign Worker Levies, but when you look at the impact of these, not only do they not have the propounded effects of economic recovery, the PAP was once again able to devise these policies in a way which would allow them to enrich their coffers.

In the third article which I had written with Singapore Singaporeans (whose Facebook account has since been closed down after the Internet Brigade (known to be set up by the PAP) launched an attack to get Facebook to close the account down, and many others as well), we exposed the CPF-HDB contraption where we discovered that when Singaporeans buy the HDB flat or a property with the CPF, we would also have to pay a little-known CPF accrued interest where by the time our flat reaches 30 years old, we would actually not only have to pay for the housing loan, we would have to fork out more than twice the price of the HDB flat. I was flabbergasted. The PAP has created a scheme which would allow them to earn several times over from our CPF. The article has since been viewed more than 450,000 times, according to WordPress.

In a fourth article that I wrote, I discovered to my horror that when you trace the PAP’s policies from 1984, a pattern can be seen where the PAP would systematically make Singaporeans double-pay into essential services such as healthcare, transport and education, which they control as well, such that they are able to earn from the double-paying from Singaporeans and systematically create debt for Singaporeans. It was horrendous.


I need to give you this background because I need to let you understand my train of thought.

In the past half a year, I was able to find out the way the PAP was contorting the Singapore economy and how they have been systematically creating policies to earn from Singaporeans and to compromise on our livelihoods!

Last year, my learning convinced me that I had to speak up.

This year, my knowledge aroused my senses. This is not the way a government should treat its people! This is not the way a government should systematically marginalise the lives of the people. It is wrong.

After I wrote these macro-perspective articles, the law suit came.

Later on this year, I also wrote two more revealing and damning articles.

In the first article, I traced how the PAP had started using the CPF of Singaporeans to build the infrastructure of Singapore, but not only that, they continued to siphon off more and more of Singaporeans’ CPF to earn money via housing, healthcare and education, and which allowed them to earn via GIC and Temasek Holdings.

In the second article which I published last week, I summarised how the PAP has taken our money to use, to earn for themselves, and to enrich and benefit themselves.


This year, I finally awoke to the idea that for your own freedoms, you have to fight for it. And thus I embarked on this fight to protest at the Hong Lim Park to #ReturnOurCPF to not only raise further awareness among Singaporeans about what I have discovered but to also demand for a change of government.

I was very worried. If Singapore continues under the PAP, not only will the lives of Singaporeans be at risk, Singapore as a whole will see our country’s future at stake. I couldn’t just sit down and wait. I had to speak up!

Some Singaporeans ask me – why do you stand up and speak when things won’t change? But if that is what we believe, then things will never change. The PAP is relying on Singaporeans feeling disempowered to keep themselves in power. By ensuring that Singaporeans work the longest hours in the world, earn the lowest wages among the highest-income countries and where 30% of Singaporeans have to spend more than what they earn and have to live in poverty, the PAP has been able to create a system that is able to keep Singaporeans feeling so squeezed that Singaporeans would be too fearful of our own lives to fight against the atrocities of the PAP.

But I believe. I believe that if you speak up, if you fight, at least we have a fighting chance and at least we will be able to take our country back from the PAP and start rebuilding our lives and to give our people, our children and our families a chance. At least then, we can start to put Singapore back on the right track so that we can have a chance to create the lives we want.

But do I have to do this? I don’t. When the lawsuit first came, some people told me to close down my blog and to run out of the country.

But I believe in staying true to myself and living to my conscience. I had to do what my heart tells me and I have to do what is right.


Over these past few days, much has happened. It was emotionally surreal. I paused and questioned – what am I doing all these for?

I know what I could see. I know what I have learnt, discovered and confirmed from other people who have studied the system or have the inside knowledge, that Singapore was heading towards a collapse under the PAP’s control. However, some friends were still resistant to what I shared with them – I am too busy with my life, I have a property to upkeep, what about my $10,000 salary, they ask?

It is perhaps sad that the PAP has managed to create a system whereby many of us believe that we have too much to lose – our HDB, our CPF etc, so much so that we are not ready to speak up, not knowing that the very things that we are scared to lose – CPF, HDB etc – is also what they have created to earn from us. We are slaves without knowing it, or without admitting to it.

Thus when the PAP was once again able to use the media to deride my character, I was disappointed. I was disappointed not so much because of what has been done to my character – that doesn’t matter. Our lives and reputation matter only as much as to the ego we attach to them. At the end of the day, it is what we do and our (real) honesty that truly matters.

But I was disappointed – I was disappointed that in spite of our knowing that the PAP would use the mainstream media to so easily discredit and malign those whom they deem as their opponent and political threat that Singaporeans would still so easily lap it up. I was disappointed because for the past 50 years, they have been able to use their propaganda to work the system for their own benefit and social engineer a Singaporean mindset in their favour, and it looks like things have still not changed.

So, I asked myself – what am I doing all these for?


I still don’t have an answer.

At the end of the day, my life, my character and my reputation does not matter. I have long stopped to worry about what people think of me for I know who I am deep within and I hold on to my values and ethics through and through. The PAP can disfigure my personality but they cannot hurt my soul.

It doesn’t matter what people think about me. At the end of the day, my goal has always been clear – one day, we have to stand up and fight for ourselves so that we can fight for our own lives and create the live we want for ourselves.

If I fall, I am only one person, but the rest of Singapore and Singaporeans have to fight. It doesn’t matter if I lose, but it matters that Singaporeans would take up the mantle and stand up for ourselves. Will you?


I just cannot sit back and let things go, without trying. I cannot allow such treachery to our people when the PAP is able to make Singaporeans pay $66 billion into Medisave but only give us back 1.3%. I cannot do it when the PAP makes Singaporeans pay enough in fares to cover the operating expenses for the transport operators while make us pay tax as well – where did the tax go? I just cannot sit back when the PAP would take $400 million of our taxpayers’ money to give to international students to come to Singapore to study, accumulate more than $400 million in surpluses in the public universities, yet make Singaporeans pay $400 million by ourselves to study in the public universities. I simply cannot sit back when the PAP buys our land cheaply but would now make us pay for land for 60% of the flat price, so much so that we have to max out our CPF, and yet while the PAP claim that the HDB is losing $1 billion every year, they have actually earned $74 billion over the past 6 years from land sales.

It doesn’t feel right to not speak up when the PAP takes our CPF to give to GIC to earn 6% but only give us back 3% and it feels even more wrong when whatever the GIC manages could actually all be our CPF and the interest that is not returned. And if so, there is no ethical or moral right for the PAP to keep the interest and our money without returning it!

You see, after all these, I could not sit and not fight. We could not allow the PAP to tell Singaporeans that we cannot protest or we will arrest you or we will sue you. They do so because they knew that if you did protest, if you did fight, their whole structure would unravel. What they have built for themselves, to earn from it, will unravel. And they cannot afford to let you do that.

It is your lives or theirs. And they have chosen. And it is not yours.

My question to Singaporeans now is this – what will you do? I am ready to take a backseat when I am not needed. Who am I anyway? I am nobody. But the lives of everyone in Singapore matters. Every person who would stand up for our own rights mean winning for every person. Every person who stands up would add up to many who will be able to fight for our own lives.

When will Singaporeans decide to stand up and fight for ourselves? At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide, whether there is too much at stake now or if there will be too much at stake if we don’t fight now.

Return Our CPF Protest March The Straits Times

Photo credit: The Straits Times

Two years ago, I set out wanting to write and to let more Singaporeans know what was going on. I hope that I have been able to achieve what I had set out to do. Today, there are nearly 4 million views on my blog. I hope that I have done my part for as well and as far as I can. I have made some mistakes, and there is much I need to learn. I thank everyone for being with me every step of the way and in supporting me on this journey.

I will continue to fight in whatever I can or whatever way matters to the people. Perhaps we might one day understand that change will come not when one or two fight but when all of decide to stand and to what is right for ourselves and for our lives. Change comes not by waiting for the fight of one man to succeed but for the fight of all to make that one success.

I do not care about my reputation or character. That does not matter. But what I care about is that the lives of others are treated right and we get a fair chance at living the lives we want. It’s up to you as well, my friends.

Photos credit: Tan Yunyou


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  1. Meiling

    I was there at the YMCA event. I saw the emcee keep heckling at the CPF protesters by blasting his mic across the field and insitgating the participants to chant, “we love CPF money”. Come lai lai, CPF money, I love you. It is the CPF participants who got heckled. Certainly not the special needs children, who were pushed onto the stage when the CPF participants were already there waving flag.

    If the event organiser who has full control of the programme is really concerned about the children, he wouldn’t have shoved them out the side door when the CPF group already at the stage protesting. Total hypocrites of them to use the children as human shield and politicising the matter.

    • kkk

      Melling. .another proud member of loser United.

      Well done, u have picked up the skill of ignorance. Btw, why are loser united doing on ymca stage? ?? I doubt they invited yr bunch of losers

      • kkk

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        True blue loser. Bloody bullies.

    • dundun

      I was there as well, I saw the PAP men forcing Roy, HHH and the protesters at gun point to march towards the YMCA area. If you watch the video carefully, you can see them hidden among the protesters holding guns. I am so proud that Roy, HHH and the protesters managed to not show any fear in both manner and voice and continue to shout very loudly and clearly without any hesitation at all while in enemy territory.

      So it is not Roy, HHH or the protesters fault at all. The evil PAP set up the trap with the help of a powerful psychic who knew even months before HHH knew herself when she would organise that protest.

      • Meiling

        Hey dundun, nobody force the CPF protesters to march. But they already plan for this months ago. Just that the field is forcefully occupied by YMCA. They have no choice as the only passage across the field is to pass the front of the stage. Moreover, the emcee keep taunting and challenging the protesters. Come lai, lai, CPF money, I love you.

      • dundun

        No way, the PAP must have force them to march into the YMCA event, otherwise all preparation for this trap over the past few months would have been wasted. Roy and HHH are intelligent people who are concern about Singaporeans.They would never willingly do such a crass action that involved innocent bystanders.

      • The Oracle

        I watched the video of HHH being so rude to the NParks Director and the police and how they were so patient with her and explained part of the park had been reserved for them. She wanted trouble and essentially refused to accept her permit did not give her and Roy’s gang free reign over the whole of the park. What an ignorant, disrespectful, ultimately stupid POS she is!

        If you go to the NParks website you can easily register to use the park. The terms and conditions can also be read there such as point 3: Please note that approval does not entitle any approved person to exclusive use of Speakers’ Corner, Hong Lim Park.

        I’m pleased to see other people also see through her s**t:

  2. to T

    1) ” Roy, I think hor. You need to change your protest slogan. ”

    — 你有什么资格在这里对Roy指手划脚 ?当前,我们只有一个使命, 讨回我们的公积金 !修改口号 ? No way !

    你有什么资格在这里对Roy指手划脚 ?当前,我们只有一个使命, 讨回我们的公积金 !修改口号 ? No way !
    What qualifications do you have here on Roy gesticulating? Currently, we only have one mission, Return our CPF ! Modify slogan? No way!

    ” You keep shouting Return Our CPF! But have you stopped to consider that not all Singaporeans want their CPF to be returned? ”

    — 叫喊 ?当然啦 !人命关天的大事, 把我们逼到绝路啦,难道你要我们窃窃私语吗 ? 年满55岁,全部退还 !你要加入李显龙老婆的赌博队伍,那是你的事喔。

    shouting ? Of course! the Issue of vital importance, and regarded us into the edge desperate , do you want us to whisper it ? by 55 years old, full refund ! You want to join PM Lee ‘s gambling plan, that’s your things.

    ” Since I started work till now, my monthly payments into CPF have earned me a compounding 4% interest annually – it allowed me and my husband to comfortably pay the downpayment on our bto when we started planning for marriage. ”

    — 因為你要自願,所以非要強迫我們嗎 ?對超過55歲的老人,這是一個大便,非要逼我們吃下去嗎 !
    Because you want to volunteer, so have to force us to do the same ? For more than 55 years old people, which is a shit, you force us to eat it ?

    ” If your protest is successful and the government returns my CPF monies, are you gonna help me invest my CPF monies, guaranteeing no capital loss and 4% compounded annual returns? If you cant right, then pls change your slogan to #return cpf only to people who want their cpf returned and leave the rest of us alone. ”

    — 沒有人可以強迫任何人,抱括你,一切應該以自願為主 ! 不是每個人對你的4%有興趣 .
    No one can force anyone, including you, everything ( CPF plan ) should be on a voluntary-based . Not everyone are interested in your 4%.

    ” Pls do not think of us Singaporeans are mindless blind sheep. We can see both the pros and cons for CPF. We can see that some of the CPF policies can be a bit inflexible for the lower income. But we can also see how CPF helps us to comfortably buy our homes. We can also see how CPF allows us to invest our CPF monies (above a certain amount) if we believe our own investments can reap better yields. ”

    — 因为Roy一個提問,都被下令立刻失業, 並全國性媒體侮辱他, 還要搞到法院置他死地,今天Roy的悲慘例子, 就是我們子子孫孫明天的悲慘前景。 不要說了,我們要拿回我們的公積金 !我們的性命都沒有保障,還講什麼投資 ?我們看醫生照樣自己拿錢, 都沒有福利國,一個騙局 !

    Because Roy an question, were immediately ordered him unemployed, and the national media continue to insult him, get him into the court intend to kill him.

    today, Roy’s tragic example is the tomorrow’s tragic prospect of our children and grandchildren .

    Do not say too much , Return our CPF ! Our lives are not guaranteed, is that meaningful for investment ? We still put up our own money to see a doctor, not welfare state, they are doing a scam !

    ” What I probably want to see is more targetted solutions discussed to help the lower income because 20% employer contribution to CPF represents a significant portion of the lower income household’s disposable income. So far I have not seen anything close from you. You don’t finish the entire story of what happens after you return all the CPF monies to a lower income household – where do they invest their money for a guaranteed 4%? What happens if they fall ill and become unable to work? What happens when they reach retirement age and they have no savings and no CPF monies? ”

    — 要拿回公積金的人與你李氏政府的一切活動無關, 本來就從來沒有相關過。
    People who want to get back their CPF, with not connecting activities relevant with Lee government . has nothing to do, it never would have been relevant.

    ” But from you I see only mindless shouting, screaming, flags waving. You are protesting for protesting’s sake. Sorry lor. But even a little kid can do that lor. ”

    — 低估人民的智商, 你需要看醫生。what mindless shouting ?
    Underestimate the intelligence of the people, you need to see a doctor.

    ” And you are not a martyr, fighting the weary fight alone. You feel you are fighting the weary fight alone because you are a determined but foolhardly self-styled soldier of the people that veers completely off course.

    But remember, while you continue to shout and scream, pls do not force us to listen to you. Please let us continue living our lives. Please let the special needs kids continue their dances.

    ps: btw hor not every setback you face is a political agenda/tool ok? sometimes it is just your own stupidity ok? man up and admit it already ok? ”

    —– 你寫了這麼一大堆, 不就是證明你是一個婊子 ?you wrote a lot of shit, just prove that you are a bitch.

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    • T

      Dear Author of “to T”,

      Firstly, I want to thank you for translating all your points written in Chinese to English. It is fortunate I understand Chinese too if not it would have been quite difficult for me to understand what you are trying to say actually.

      You are clearly very passionate about your CPF. That’s not wrong. Go ahead and campaign. Go ahead and protest.

      You want your CPF back. You protest. I have nothing to say.

      But I don’t want my CPF back. I want that compounded interest.

      So the question is: Is Mr Roy asking the government to return his and his supporters’ CPF only or the CPF of all Singaporeans?

      Because if you protest and you are successful and the govt returns only Mr Roy and his supporters CPF, i got nothing to say.

      But if you protest and you are successful and the government returns me my CPF also, then i got something to say. and i got something to say real loud and clear.

      in your own words, “you want to join [mr roy] ‘s gambling plan, thats your things”

      anyway, just wanted to point out, your last sentence:
      “you wrote a lot of shit, just prove that you are a bitch”

      Winning argument. #totallyblownaway #imspeechless #iadmitiamabitch #shitwriterswhoarebitches

      • sgkeyboardwarrior


        Some of us, actually want to have the freedom of choice. Some of us actually want to have a say in how our money is being used. Some of us actually want to control our own money, instead of leaving it to someone else to do it.

        So please forgive us for not being understanding enough for you, who is clearly so comfortable with handing over the responsibilities of your own money to someone else. Pardon us for not being so considerate to you.

      • kkk

        U can yr say. But to bully the weaks are for the lowest class and to spin stories after that shows the lack of integrity in you.

        Loser united. Karma will deal with u

  3. averageguysg

    The thing is for someone appealing to Singaporeans to think on their own, Roy is not listening to what Singaporeans are thinking.

    When Roy got sued, many voiced up saying they did not feel PM Lee needed to use such heavy handed measures to deal with him.

    Likewise now, the majority of the public has spoken and said that yes, NParks may have made the wrong choice to allow 2 events to proceed at once, yes, you can argue you moved away from the children when they appeared. But it doesn’t justify in anyway, that you brought your noise and disruption to the YMCA event where their activities were ongoing. You marched 3 times around their area for good measure, blaring into your loudspeaker, and honestly, I think its hard to argue that no a single protestor did not shout or make any jeering noise when the children appeared.

    Roy can take the high road and regain his credibility. He chooses to make everyone in disagreement with him sound like a PAP conspiracy theorist or mole. Do a check Roy, see how much of the ground is against you on this, as opposed to for you, in the case of the lawsuit. Your hardcore supporters have even stooped to making disparaging remarks about parents with special needs children (check out Mr Brown’s blog). Whatever the PAP has done in its past, I’d say some of these supporters of yours have matched it, maybe more.

    So when you say Singaporeans, who are you appealing to really? How many really follow you right now?


      要講道理, 而不是說大話:

      1. 國家的法律沒有規定, 在55隨後,強制被霸佔公積金 ?半途中修改公積金取款年紀, 條約生效不應抱括十多年前的老人家。

      2. 因為他是總理, 一個電話,就要Roy的命, 這種行為是無法無天。是誰給他當了總理, 就有無法無天的特權?

      3. 关怀本國的老人與孩子,不知是给一袋米, 而应该像发给李总理月薪一样, 每个月给他们最低的基本生活费, 不該再让他們破衣烂衫。

      4. 从天理轮回上讲,李总理与Roy没有区别,诺干年后,都是一把灰土。不同的是, 一个早一点变为灰土, 一个晚一点。在新加坡,无论是谁,或暂时不幸的新加坡人,都有和李总理享有同等分配国家资源的权利。 政府应协助他们的权利, 而不是阻止。

      5. 只要听到一个孩子的哭声,只要看到一个80岁老人还在劳作, 凡人都不心安理得,更何况有这么一大批人。 重视他们。 他们也是从童年的不幸坐过来的, 他们有权利不要重覆, 而要改变。

  4. singha

    Hahaha…good one. They do look like LOSER UNITED.

    there is no point reasoning with losers, likw they say, they will only bring u down to their level.

    To all the proud members of loser united, keep following the lsoer roy and hhh. Maybe somedat find u a golden egg.


  5. What if?

    Many people fall into the trap, including Mr Brown, with media playing up the issue by making it seem like an attack on the special needs kids. To put things in perspective, imagine yourself holding a wedding at the void deck. You got the approval from town council. And started planning for it, like how your wedding procession will go round the neighbourhood. You have sent invitation to all your guests who will be coming to witness your wedding.

    On the night before your grand event, while supervising the setup, you saw a group of contractors setting up tentage and stuff at the void deck you have already booked. The town council did not inform you. Neither were you told to share the area. You approach the contractors to talk to them, but they refuse to negotiate. Your stage could not be set up because there is a coffin at the place.

    All you plans are scuttered. You can no longer host your guest at the void deck because it is 70% occupied by the other party, who refuse to negotiate. Instead of helping to sort the situation, the town council came, just half an hour before your wedding to tell you that you are allocated a small corner of the void deck. It did not help that the funeral party play their loud music to drive away your invited guest. It also did not help that the town council guy came in with six plain clothes policemen to force you to comply.

    How would you feel? Resentment? And yes, I would expect you to respect the dead by not parading in front of the coffin. But for the protesters at the CPF, it wasn’t clear as no special needs children were on the stage when they stood in front. The children were released wilfully by the organiser as human shields onto the stage when they ought to know better if they are truly concern for the children.

    Now, I just want to say that, the coffin was already there and very noticeable. Imagine it when you protest against the funeral, the family of the deceased pushing the coffin to where you stand and then say you don’t respect the dead. That would be the case at the YMCA event.

    • kkk

      Who invited loser united to the ymca stage????

      Oh u mean u invaded the stage. Nice try for spinning. Loser united mentality.

      Well done.

      • sgkeyboardwarrior

        The real loser is you, KKK. Are you fucking retarded or what? What the hell are you trying to accomplish by going around calling everyone Loser United? nothing better to do with your sad pathetic life is it? Why don’t you go back to school or get a real job instead of moaning here like a bitch in heat?

      • AceVentura

        Now now now kids….stop rolling in the mud like pigs…lol…let me help you to distinguish losers and winners.

        You can tell who the losers are because they always end up referring to their ….private parts after losing badly… lol…then they go berserk…f here f there…cb..lj…geyland ..mother father…you know….their private parts..why so small??…..lol

      • sgkeyboardwarrior


        Yeah, meanwhile the “winners” who have no jobs and no life, will go on to a blog which they so obviously hate, and cow bear cow bull like Roy is responsible for every bad thing in their life. Common sense would have told you that you should NOT visit the blog of someone you hate so much. DUH!

        It’s so pathetic that some people cannot seem to understand the simplest logic.

        So go ahead and declare yourself winners. Cow bear cow bull some more ftw.

      • sgkeyboardwarrior


        Then fuck off and die, dumb shit. No one invited you here. If you don’t like hanging around us losers, fuck off! Simple logic cannot understand, you should be ashamed of yourself for being such an idiot.

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        Now go be a dumbass on some other blog. Stop hanging around “loser united town”. Unless you want to be one of us.

      • kkk


        Hahah..oh why shld I leave? I am enjoying seeing losers struggling to justify their actions.

        Loser united. Bully of the weak.

      • sgkeyboardwarrior

        @kkk aka shit-eater

        Look carefully at your own actions, you pathetic bitch, before you call others the bully.

        You have no pride. Just like how you have no life, no friends, no job.

        And didn’t you said you couldn’t be bothered with a loser like me? How come you still talking to me then? It’s because you are a lying hypocrite with no principles and no balls!

        You enjoy seeing losers? No wonder you like looking at mirrors then. Because you are the biggest and fattest losers.

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      • kkk

        sgloserkb & Please LAh


        even if i am a loser, i will not bully the WEAK. ONLY BULLIES LIKE you do it!

        Karma will find you for bullying the weak.

        PLEAes AH I M LOSER,

        SINGAPOREANs who can think? that does not include ROY and HHH and the bunch of hooligans. and if you can think, obviously your math is primary school standard.

        enuf said, US market open. ciao have fun bullies and nightmares.

      • sgkeyboardwarrior


        If you can call talking kissing ass, then you just sucked dick, you douchebag! And you know you loved it!

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      • Please lah

        Please lah, who cares what you do at home or whether you are a trader or a traitor? This article is about CPF and Roy. Go set up your own blog where the sun don’t shine. I am totally not interested even if you are master bedding in the toilet bowl while typing the above comment.

      • sgkeyboardwarrior

        @Please Lah

        I’ve been trying to tell these fucktards the same thing for eternity. If you don’t like Roy, LEAVE!

        Why the fuck would anyone stay on a blog belonging to someone he obviously don’t like, and cow bear cow bull 24/7? Siaow one right?

      • Wel


        A few things…

        1) Lol u keep asking him fuck out when he alrdy told u he is here to stay n watch the show. So no matter how many times u say, he will still stay on. Why keep repeating?

        2) by the way, how do u know “winners” have no jobs? Because u have a job ah? N usually winners are ppl who are damn rich who work for themselves so they have a lot of free time to themselves n can do whatever they want (e.g.reading this interesting blog of how a person brain screw itself up) which u cannot control because u not the mother.

        3) how u know we no life? Lol. Internet is everywhere, we can type n read comments here to laugh at while maybe having dinner w my Gf overseas?

        4) look at the language all of us n u use,obviously can see who is the loser here.

        5) last but not least, It’s actually kinda interesting to read the blog. I kinda enjoy it. It’s so funny reading how his brain screw itself up n got overcooked n therefore the result of writing fiction stories. Very entertaining!

      • sgkeyboardwarrior

        1) Because it’s an extremely obvious that if you hate someone, you shouldn’t skulk around his blog 24/7. You hate someone, you don’t visit his website. Duh. Maybe he’ll be smart enough to realize this one day. Or not.

        2) Yeah, you keep telling yourself that you are one of those damn rich winners then. Who am I to tell you otherwise? Because rich winners love to stalk the blogs of people they hate, acting like female dogs in heat.

        3) Yes, because people with rich and engaging lives will go around trolling other people on their blogs. Win. If you are trolling an internet blog while you are having dinner with your GF, then maybe your GF, not you, needs to rethink her decisions.

        4) Bring this up when again when you are able to write or type in clear proper English.

        5) Reading silently, and being a pathetic sick-in-the-mind troll, are two different things, Glad to see you’re not the latter. Right?


    执政者要懂得思考,不要等到在生命即将变为灰土之前,才来想:当初未能给人们吃饱饭,未能让他们睡得香甜,搞了很多障碍让他们一生都过不好, 后悔莫及。

    投资也是一种赌博行为,宁可把家里的钱拿去赌,也不给家里的孩子们丰衣足食, 将再一次后悔莫及。
    抗议者也不是铁石心肠, 他们很容易获得快乐,只要把他们当成自己的孩子看待。
    两派要坐下来谈,人民原谅犯错的领导人,领袖撤销告诉, 达成谅解。最好给Roy和Huihui一份工作做,年轻人本来很单纯,给他们动力,对国家有利。

  7. tan

    Why are you quiet about my challenge to have open fair vote to find out what is the percentage of Sgreans wants you to “fight for their cause” as u claim u do this for public. As you are expecting minister to respond to you but did not get it. Arent u doing the same to us by remaining silent on this matter? Are you afraid to face the truth about the figures? What then is holding you back? Isnt you doing this for a cause? Then lets try to find the truth. You can spend also much time going to the internet to get the numbers and create tonnes of charts on CPF? This small exercise to try to get a real number to increaae your credibility, why not?

    • Ouji

      Not replying to tough and proding questioning is a tactic every dishonest scumbag uses! In Sin, this is very prevalent especially among govt bodies or related, businesses or service providers etc. It seems that there is a fear viral infecting the community. Nobody wants to get caught for corrupting justice etc etc. Truth is, if there is no gain for them… It is yyou die your business but they want you to care for the community…what stinking hypocrisy!

      No wonder many chose not to involve or volunteer themselves for community related services.

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      • Xmen


        The most retarded PAP IB member I have seen. Why don’t you google KKK or look up Wikipedia what it stands for? Only a retard will choose KKK or Hilter as his screen name.

        P.s. If you are a member or a true believer of KKK, I will apologize for my ignorance.

    • Wolverine

      x-men, u again, evolution has left you by the road side.. so it is justifiable to invade special needs kids events? so noble, no wonder you are POOR. POOR in your pocket, POOR in your heart

  9. WhatDidYewSay?

    False accusation, using special needs children as shield, lying to Singaporeans and making use of tax payers’ supported civil service to commit the despicable is very very serious. What you do think, supporters of the infallible party?

  10. fp

    I do not want my CPF back for the same reason as T (one of the guys in previous comments). And also because I have insignificant talent in managing money.

    However, if it will be a voluntary initiative, just to keep that option open and to better understand the intricacies of #returnourCPF. If a person gets his/her CPF back at 55 and uses it all up by 60 (I was going to use the word squander but … maybe non-negative words would be easier to read).

    Would the government be obliged to support he/she? I am talking about those whose children are unable/unwilling to financially maintain the same standard of living for them. For those whom are financially savvy enough to control and grow their CPF savings, they will be fine of course. Congratulating claps all around for them.

    Would it be feasible should this #returnourCPF include a limit to any future financial support from the government? Limit, not wavier. E.g. If X gets Z amount of CPF back at 55 years old (yo). Usually for Z amount of money, other people sticking with the CPF scheme would only get everything back by 75yo. At 60yo, X would not qualify for any financial support from the government until they are 75yo, because if they have stuck to the CPF scheme, they would still have had some money coming in. Exceptions can be made for people who encountered unfortunate medical incidents that Z amount would not have covered whether they stuck to the CPF scheme or not. For medical incidents that could have been covered by Z amount, if they had stuck to the CPF plan and not used up all of it, they would be able to afford it. Unfortunately X would have to figure out a way themselves since they took over the responsibility of Z amount at 55yo. Hopefully X has children with some money or is a very good campaigner for donations.

    Callous as callous is, I do not want my tax money to go to those who mis-managed their CPF savings. You made your bed, you lie in it. I am sorry your mattress is moldy. I have to go snuggle under my cotton comforter now. And cheers to those with the 500 thread counts.

    For tax payers whom are more compassionate or tax payers who wants to #returnmyCPF but are worried about becoming Mr/Ms X. Maybe the government can create a “Sympathetic Money Mis-Managers Fund” and these tax payers can choose to direct a limited (SG still needs to build and repair stuff) percentage of their taxes to this fund. All the Mr/Ms X can then apply, depending on how much funds is available and fight it out or something.

    I could go on and on to cover all the what ifs and buts but it is already too long a post and I’ve stopped thinking since my hopefully non-moldy bed started yelling.

    • Xmen


      #ReturnOurCPF is more than just returning people’s CPF. Roy has written a lot about the inadequacies of the CPF scheme in this blog. To make it short, Singapore has the world’s highest forced retirement saving plan yet its people are among the worst prepared for retirement. Something must have gone terribly wrong, no?

      Your 2.5%-4% is pathetic compared to other major state pension funds’ return of 8% over a long period. Your CPF return may well be below the rate of inflation so you may actually be losing retirement money. No financial planner would have advocated putting retirement fund in a fixed deposit account. They could be sued for failing their fiduciary duty and lose their license.

      I hope my short summary will encourage you to research more into retirement funding. I am confident that you will come to the same conclusion that current CPF scheme is deeply flawed in funding people’s retirement.

      Good luck!

      • Wolverine

        x-men, u again, evolution has left you by the road side.. so it is justifiable to invade special needs kids events? so noble, no wonder you are POOR. POOR in your pocket, POOR in your heart

      • T

        Hello fp, glad to hear that someone shares my sentiments. I know it sounds very callous but I certainly dont want my income taxes to go up because individuals who have used up or lost their returned cpf monies in risky investments, have to go on welfare.

        I have no issue with govt providing welfare to the truly low income, but not to those who could hav avoided going on welfare had they not mismanaged their cpf.

        anyway, glad to hear your thoughts.

        Hi xmen,

        My fellow anonymous commenter behind a screen name. 🙂

        not to dwell too much about the pitfalls of pensions schemes. but would like to highlight that pension schemes are insanely expensive (which is probably one of the reasons why singapore moved away from the pension model). A good example would be Japan, who is on the verge of govt bankruptcy due to its overflated pension scheme demands.

        Anyway, even if the pension funds do earn 8% annually, it doesn’t mean the payouts to you increase by 8% as well. Likely the payout increase keeps pace with inflation rate, based on your last drawn salary.

        btw 2.5 to 4% compounded interest with guranteed no capital loss is honestly not terrible you know. google online for a compounded interest calculator and type in 4% annual compounded interest. it can snowball to a lot.

        anyway, if you still think you can manage your money better with protected capital and higher yields pls share the investment instrument here as im sure many ppl will be interested to know.

        thanks! 🙂

      • Xmen

        @Jim –

        True, no investment will guarantee the return – not even your CPF. Just ask Argentines and the Greeks, and see what happened to their guaranteed deposits when their governments went bankrupt. All it takes is another GFC and a few western/Chinese bank investments and your may well kiss your CPF goodbye.

        BUT please note that Singapore has the ONLY retirement/pension fund in developed nations that invest solely in fixed deposits that barely or may not keep up with inflation.

        @T –

        You don’t seem very compassionate to me, but that may be just me. When you wrote “I have no issue with govt providing welfare to the truly low income” do you know how much Singapore government spends on welfare? To spend as much as a typical first world country, your taxes will have to go up. But of course, you “certainly dont want my income taxes to go up…”

        Back to the CPF. Please don’t confuse CPF and pension fund. Look up CalPERS, a state retirement fund. Do some research and tell me why CPF is keeping 4% a year from its members. I see that you already know about compounding – “google online for a compounded interest calculator and type in 4% annual compounded interest. it can snowball to a lot.” Now tell me who stole the money? You may not care but many people will care if they find out exactly how much funds are missing in their CPF statements. Tell PAP to be transparent about the CPF investment returns, okay?

        If you (or the CPF board with LHL as chairman) have no clue how to invest and earn 8%, just hire Warren Buffett. Norway, Harvard, Yale, CalPERS and many more pension funds have done better than the pathetic 2.5%-4% that you are “guaranteed” to receive. That pathetic return will rank CPF well below 10% of all major pension funds in investment returns.

        PAP IB may have a field day right now but these facts are going to rule comes election day.

      • fp

        I hope I’m not the only person writing comments while earning my CPF. *smacks self. Bad worker! Bad worker!

        To tell the truth, I have no idea about plans/loans/funds/accounts/investments and would not be able to make a sound judgement on how to invest my CPF money if it were retuned. While no investments or advisor can guarantee a return, would they be able to guarantee that my original CPF amount would still be whole? If they lost half of my CPF, can I sue them to get it back and also they have to cover my legal fees since if it wasn’t for them I would not have to sue anybody in the first place. A real question, since I have no idea.

        I can never be sure the Singapore government will not go bankrupt choi choi in the future. But based on my politically and economically uninformed view point, Singapore does not look like it is anyway near a Argentina or Greek meltdown. And I am quite happy to leave my CPF where it is now.

        There was something about someone stealing money but it is too much for me to comprehend. As long as the balance in my CPF matches the amount I contributed, and the increment is more than if I stuffed it in regular bank, I do not see how my money is getting stolen. I thought stealing meant that I will be diminished?
        Or are we saying that if I give you $10 and you return me $11, while my friend gives another person $10 but gets $12 back, you are stealing my money? I can see it as a lousier deal but definitely not stealing. Anyway, I always felt that it was up to the deal-giver to decide the terms and see no reason to force someone to give me a better deal. I will be free to go somewhere else and make other deals but I am a happy camper with $11 right where I am. If I wanted more money, I guess I will just have to make more. I have not yet figured out how, since I don’t know how to invest, maybe I can get an additional weekend job or I could go to Norway or try to get into Harvard. I’m sure if I showcased some kind of talent, I will get be able to get a job there. Hmm … let me think … what talent…

      • Xmen

        @fp –

        Most members/beneficiaries of CalPERS or Norway or any pension/retirement funds are like you – they are not financially savvy. ***However***, all of them, including CPF, hire financial professionals to manage the money. So stop using the excuse that you are financially ignorant.

        You and hundreds of thousands have paid handsomely for others to manage your CPF. Now you are happy with $1 return when the CPF earns $2?! What if the CPF loses $2, where do you suppose your $1 return will come from? It may be difficult for you to grasp how a typical pension/retirement/endowment fund works, but any financial professional will be able to tell you that the current CPF set up is failing its fiduciary duty to the retirees. That’s why you can find no other public retirement fund set up and managed this (CPF) way. It will never be allowed in another country (please ask the independent people from HK!)

        Yes, a fund earning $2 but only returns $1 to its member is stealing from its members. That will guarantee a lawsuit in most countries.

        Please don’t use ignorance as an excuse. If you are a university graduate, you should be ashamed of yourself. What has happened to your critical thinking ability?

      • fp

        Maybe I should make myself clearer. I am financially ignorant and I am voluntarily unwilling to hire a financial professional to manage my money. I’m not sure what I am supposed to be excusing. If anything, it is not an excuse but my reason for not getting professionals to manage my money. I would be butt up in terms and numbers and percentages I can make scant sense of, how am I supposed to make the right decision.

        Would it make it easier for you accept if, instead of keeping my money with the CPF scheme, I kept it in a bank where it barely does anything? Because if I get my CPF money back, that is what I will be doing, leaving it in a bank until I need or want to use it. Or maybe if I kept all my money in tin cans under my bed, because tin cans cannot lie, cheat or steal my money. *sarcasm alert

        I am not the one complaining about the $1 return, I’ll be happy with a 10cents return, actually, as long as my original sum is whole and intact. And also if you realise, my comments uses a lot of “I”. I think and feel this way. You do not like that I think this way. You are going to have to accept that there are people who do not feel/think the same as you. I am afraid you can’t insist that I accept your way of thinking and start to drink in all your CalPERS wisdom.

        I am not forcing people to think the same way, but just sharing my opinion. Or because it is an ignorant opinion to you, it should be kept shut and never to be exposed? Does my tin cans offend you? If I use tin cans or the CPF scheme, would your money somehow be reduced or your brain cells die from my stupidity? Or if I decide to follow your advice, ask for all my CPF money back and hire a financial professional, would you be less unhappy and somehow be more fulfilled with life at having enlightened me? If so, I will live with slight glee, knowing that I can affect someone so significantly just buy saving my money with CPF. I wonder what will happen if I use plastic bags instead of tin cans.

        Inner Monologue (because saying it out loud will render me shameful. Because how can we compare clothes to money?)
        “Maybe I should go up to that man in the street and say: you have spent money on clothes and shoes, but why are you wearing socks with sandals? Can’t you see this is hideous? It is proven to be hideous, all articles say so, surveys say so. My eyes are sore and I must save you from your plight. I am afraid you must go back and change now. GO. You must see the light of day. Socks CANNOT go with sandals. Because I do not agree with your fashion sense, and the truth is right there in front of the mirror and how can you not see it? I cannot let it go, you must change.”

        Ps. Your university graduate comment might be sort of elitist. You must be smart enough to figure out why.


      • T

        Dear Xmen,

        What’s up with all the “who stole the money” accusations? Can we just have a decent debate about CPF without sinking to accusations left right centre? I see that you are more rational and well-informed than most of Mr Roy’s supporters, so I continue to engage in conversation with you.

        Difference between pension scheme and CPF:
        Actually hor, I do know the difference.
        A pension scheme is one where you contribute a certain amount of money to a pool of money during your working years, and when you reach retirement age, it pays you a monthly amt (based on a fraction of your last drawn salary). So for instance, say you started working from age 25 to age 55, you would have given 30 years worth of contributions. If you started drawing your monthly pension amt from age 55 to age 85, you would have drawn 30 years worth of pension amt. But if you died at age 80, then you would have drawn only 25 years’ of contributions. And if you somehow lived to ripe old age of 90, you would have drawn 35 years worth of pension amt. Can you see that it is possible to draw more money from the pension fund that what you have contributed? And that’s how a pension scheme works: it relys on some people not living to ripe old ages to make up for those who do. So when everyone is living to a ripe old age, that’s when pension funds start to run dry. When the pension fund invests and gets 8% yield, it’s not you getting the 8% yield. Your monthly pension amount doesn’t increase because the pension fund makes 8% yield.
        CPF, on the other hand, is just simply your money. You draw down what you contributed. You don’t take anyone else’s money and no one takes your money.

        Yes yes, I know what you are going to say. The government take our CPF money, earn 8% yield but give us only 4% right? So they robbing us right? Let me paint you 3 scenarios and you let me have your thoughts ok?

        [Ok, just to be clear, this is the process: We contribute to CPF, gahmen appoints GIC to invest our CPF money. So GIC is the gahmen’s investment banker, and GIC is accountable to the gahmen, and gahmen is accountable to us the people. Ok? Understand hor? Ok, let’s go]

        Scenario 1 (The usual we contribute to CPF and earn 4% interest way)
        Capital sum: 10k (Govt appoints GIC/some damn zai financial ppl to invest this money. We assume these damn zai people earns 8% interest, but the govt gives us only 4% interest).
        Year 1: 10K + $400 (4% yield) = $10,400
        Year 2: $10,400 + $416 (4% yield) = $10,816
        Year 3: $10,816 + $432.64 = $11,248.64
        Year 4: $11,248.64 + $449.94= $11,698,58
        Year 5: $11,698,58 + $467.94= $12,166.52
        [Black Swan Event happens: EU zone disintegrates. World markets in turmoil. Stocks dive. The damn zai financial ppl’s investments are in 80% loss. What happens? Does your CPF $12,166.52 become $2433.304?
        Answer: It does not. Your yield is still 4%. So moving on to…
        Year 6: $12,166.52 + $486.12 = $12652.64
        Year 7: $13158.74 (I’m just gonna put final amt from here onwards cos tired or typing liao)
        Year 8: $13,685.09
        Year 9: $14,232.49
        Year 10: $14,801.79
        (Introduce another Black Swan Event: Fed cuts QE, rates rise sharply, cap rates fall, everything is just shitty…The damn zai people once again lose a lot of money. Does your $14,801 become nothing?
        Answer: No. You can draw out your $14,801 if it meets the MS. If it does not, you can draw down monthly. It’s still yours. You lost nothing.

        Let’s see how much we have gained from just 10k, over a 10 year period.
        $14,801 – $10,000 = $14,801.
        Capital sum of 10K protected? Yes, still there. Check
        Interest earned: $4801
        % interest earned over 10 year period: 48.01%. Check.

        Ok let’s go on to Scenario 2 (we ownself invest)
        Capital sum: 10k (we buy high yielding but higher risk investment instruments e.g. penny stocks. We even throw some money into gold buy back schemes/housing plot schemes that “guarantee 10% yield”)
        Year 1: $10K + $1000 (10% yield) = $11,000
        Year 2: $10K + $1100 (10% yield) = $12,100 (wow shiok siah!)
        Year 3: BAM! Gold buy back ppl run road. BAM! Penny stock kenna investigated. Stock plunges to a few cents.
        Capital loss =100%.
        End of story.

        Scenario 3: (we invest our own money but we don’t know anything right? So we ask damn zai financial ppl like hedge fund guys to invest for us lor)
        Capital sum = 10K
        Damn zai financial guy: We will invest for you hor, but we take 3% management fee from you every year whether or not your portfolio makes money ok?
        Us: orh ok.
        Year 1: $10k + $800 (8% yield) – $300 (3% management fee) = $10,500 (5% still not bad right? better than 4% from CPF)
        Year 2: BAM! Lehman Bro collapses. Minibonds crash.
        Damn zai financial guy: Eh, actually your portfolio we got help you buy minibonds, so your portfolio down 50% liao.
        Us: siao liao.
        Damn zai financial guy: siao liao right? But just to inform you we will still be taking 3% management fee ok?
        Year 3: $5,250 (- 50% loss) – $157.50 (3% managment fee) = $5092.50
        [ok we assume damn zai financial people are actually zai and make 8% yield each year from now onwards]
        Year 4: $5092.50 + $407.4 (8% yield) -152.775 (3% fee) = $5347.125
        Year 5: $5614.48
        Year 6: $5895.20
        Year 7: $6189.96
        Year 8: $6499.46
        Year 9: $6824.43
        Year 10: BAM! Just kidding. Let’s just be merciful and assume no black swan events in Year 10 ok. As a bonus, you earn 30% yield! 30!
        Year 10: $8871.76
        Capital loss = $10,000 – $8871.76 = $1128.23
        % Capital loss = 11.28%
        10 years period, with 8% yield for all years but 1 black swan year, with 3% management fee can still grant you a capital loss.

        Tell me, is capital protection not important? You harp on how gic can earn 8-10% and give us only 4%. But you fail to realise that even in black swan financial turmoil years, we get our 4% and we get our capital protection. So why not treat the difference between 4% we get and 8-10% gic earns as management fee? No diff from the management fees you have to pay to a hedge fund manager anyway, EXCEPT THAT no hedge fund manager guarantees your capital sum. BUT CPF DOES.

        So after having presented my scenarios, do you still think you have a investment instrument that guarantees capital protection and 4% interest? If you know, pls share cos I also want to know.

        Sharing is caring.


      • Xmen

        @fp –

        You are missing the point. I am not asking you to hire a financial professional to manage your money. That said, CPF, just like other pension/retirement/endowment funds, does hire financial professionals. It is NOT up to you. The financial professionals that CPF hires are supposed to look after your best interests. (This is analogue to the fact that PAP is supposed to look after Singaporeans’ interest, even though you personally might not have voted for them in the last election.)

        You do not have a choice to put money in the bank so I will skip that. Even if you are happy with a 10cents return today, you will not be when you are to retire. Using your compound calculator to compare the return of a $100,000 investment returning 2.5% vs 8% annually over 30 years and the result will shock you, it is $210,000 vs $1,000,000. And adding inflation of 4% over the same period, your $100,000 original investment will ***LOSE*** one third of its value if you earn only 2.5% interest. Now it explains why Singaporeans are the worst prepared to retire according to a survey. The government has diverted the earning that you deserve (okay you don’t care but others do) to other purposes.

        I am not asking you to conform to my way of thinking. But CPF is NOT your personal saving account. It is the state retirement savings plan and the state has the fiduciary duty to manage the fund to the best interest of its members. This is simple corporate governance issue and I will leave it at that.

    • Xmen

      @T –

      I will skip the part on pension vs CPF since CPF is not a pension plan.

      Scenario 1 – A couple comments. 1). If you put inflation at 4%, you earn exactly nothing after 10 years. 2). Yes there will be up and down over 30 year period. But if you average out the risk over 30 years, you can assume close to 8% return over that period. Yes, that is a sound assumption. Your insurance companies use similar assumptions for life insurance etc and governments use similar assumptions for planning purposes. The reason that it is sound is technical and I can’t explain it without writing a book on the subject. I will concede that the 8% is not a fixed number but that is a different matter (Insurance companies deal with this too.)

      Scenario 2 & 3 – Show me any pension/retirement/endowment fund in developed countries that lost its fund in recent history. This is just spreading FUD among people who are less educated. You should research what other state funds manage their investments before making up these random scenarios. None of these scenarios are real world scenarios.

      I have already explained about Greeks and Argentines earlier that you can look up.

      I will share with you a couple investments that show good 30-year returns: S&P 500 Stock Index and Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway stock. But you can simply look up CalPERS, Norway, Harvard endowment and other big public/private funds. Most of their information are publicly available. Even Temasek and GIC are great examples, only if they will be as transparent as the other funds. Let me just say this, ALL OF THEM MAKE FAR MORE THAN 2.5%-4% OVER LONG TERM.

      I’m glad that you want to learn more and I encourage you to do so. Talk to *any* financial advisor to understand what I write here.

      • T

        Hey Xmen,

        I’m glad we are having a good conversation. Don’t you see this is the way it should be? Discussing finer points of policies, rather than shouting and screaming “Return our CPF!” or hurling ad hominem attacks at each other (I mean both Roy’s supporters and Roy’s critics). 🙂

        Anyway, just want to make some clarifications. Firstly, my scenarios are not comparing pension schemes vs CPF. The scenarios are comparing between:
        Scenario 1: The usual CPF contribution
        Scenario 2: If there was no CPF system at all, and we ownself invest.
        Scenario 3: If there was no CPF system at all, and we hire financial managers to help us invest (as you suggested – e.g. hiring Warren Buffet)

        I am not comparing between a pension scheme and CPF, as you rightly pointed out, CPF is not a pension scheme.

        The black swan events I described in Scenarios 2 and 3 are not random. They are not made up, far fetched possibilities. They happened. And they happened recently. There were gold buy back fiascos, there were housing plot scheme collapses, there were the ABL penny stock sagas, there was the Lehman Bro’s catastrophic implosion, there were the minibonds made worthless. The point I am trying to make is that: you cannot undermine the importance of capital protection.

        The higher risk, high yielding investments can be fantastic in good years, but it can take a black swan event to wipe everything out. Some can recover, some cannot.

        Of course, you suggest that we can put our money in less risky, moderate yield investments. I know where you are coming from of course, cos I too have portfolios in equities (so I obviously know the benefits). So you might ask, why would I, someone who knows that the stock market gives better yields, still choose to have my money in CPF. I can explain this.

        I see the really long term picture – 30 years. I know that the S&P, over a similar long term, averaging out the rises and plunges, gives us 9% interest annually (can beat inflation right?). Let’s use a compounding interest calculator for our 10k investment in CPF, shall we?

        Current principal: 10k
        Monthly addition: 0
        Years to grow: 30 years
        Interest rate: 4%
        Compound interest 1 times per years.

        Future value will be $32,433.98

        Profit = $22,433.98
        % return = $22,433.98/$10000 x 100% = 224.3398% (This means our yield is 224% over 30 years)
        How much is that per year, averaged out over 30 years? Use 224% divided by 30 years =
        7.466% per annum.

        Beats inflation? Check.
        Capital protected? Check.

        Still not convinced by the 7.466% interest per year and think we can do better?
        You can! You have the flexibility of setting up the CPF investment account and have a go at it yourself.
        You can try to make the S&P 9% yield, with no capital protection cover, of course.

        There are a lot of possibilities in the world, if you want to take the risk. You can make 100% yields in one day, if you want to trade deriatives, forex, CFDs etc. Sure, you can make loads of money. But with such high gains come very great risk. The USD plunges, it plunges. It can happen in a split second. You could wipe out all your hard earned gains over years, in one afternoon. For laypersons like us planning for retirement, we need to have a good balance of risk. As we approach retirement age, the last thing we want is our gains wiped out with one bad investment (and bad investments do happen). We need a balanced portfolio which allows us to sleep easily at night. CPF can be that balanced portfolio.

        Your first 60k earns 4% – 5% in your Ordinary, Special accounts. (Rmb it averages out to more than 7% per year over 30 year period due to the magic of compounding)
        After the first 60k, it falls to 2.5%.
        All these monies are capital protected.
        If you are not satisfied with 2.5% yield, you have the flexibility of investing the amount above 60k in stocks, schemes etc. But rmb, the capital is not protected.

        Believe me, I do not think CPF is a perfect policy. I think we should discuss how it can be tweaked for the lower income group, how it can be more flexible for them (I believe PM LHL already made some announcement regarding this in his NDR speech. Let’s see what the changes are next year). But we should acknowledge the merits of CPF too. CPF offers us a balance of capital protection and risk taking. More importantly, we need to stop hurling accusations that gahmen is stealing from our CPF monies.

        It’s one thing to disagree with gahmen’s policies, another thing to accuse them of stealing.


      • Xmen


        I appreciate your effort in trying to understand the issues. But there are so many glaring holes in your arguments that I will address a few.

        1. Your example of 7.466% per annum calculation is flaw. Let me give you a counter example using your flawed logic on S&P 500’s 8% annual return –

        Current principal: 10k
        Monthly addition: 0
        Years to grow: 30 years
        Interest rate: 8% — S&P 500 long term return
        Compound interest 1 times per years.

        Future value will be $100,626

        Profit = $90,626
        % return = $90,626/$10000 x 100% = 906% (This means our yield is 906% over 30 years)
        How much is that per year, averaged out over 30 years? Use 906% divided by 30 years =
        30% per annum!

        Would you rather have 30% than 7.466%? Did someone steal your 3/4 of your return and only give you 1/4?!

        I am sorry to disappoint you – when you earn 4% interest, it means exactly that, not 7.466% or 30%! AND if inflation is 4%, you earn exactly NIL.

        Hopefully, you realize that you are financially illiterate. So all your subsequent arguments defending CPF based on your flawed reasoning do not stand scrutiny.

        2. I am glad that you are enjoying a good conversation…. but then you criticize Roy et al. I will just note that PAP does not converse to the people. You and many others, including educated Singaporeans, are simply clueless on important issues such as transparency and corporate governance. I’m afraid you may learn their importance the very hard way one day.

        3. Yes, black swan events happen more frequent than most people realize. E.g. 70’s oil crisis, Internet/Housing bubble, Asian Financial Crisis, GFC, just to name a few. However, through all these events, most/all well managed pension/retirement/endowment funds have survived without long term damage. Sure there will be the next event but these funds are designed to survive. There are well developed principles and practices in pension investments. Since you are so worried about the unlikely “black swan event”, I can assure you that your CPF money is not going to do any better than the other pension/retirement/endowment funds. Fortunately your black swan event is unlikely to occur in your lifetime.

        I am encouraged that you want to learn more but I am saddened that most Singaporeans are ignorant or illiterate on important issues. That is not how a great nation survives long term.

      • T

        Hallo Xmen,

        I’m really sorry I feel obliged to reply to you even though to be honest I am a bit sianz of typing liao. However, I’m worried others will read your comments on the return of the S&P and become confused.

        I do not understand why you think the 7.46% interest (over a 30 year period) is flawed calculation. I am showing you that a 10k capital sum in our CPF, with 4% interest given each year, which compounds each year, will equal to a 7.46% return (per year) on that initial 10k capital sum, after 30 years. These are not numbers I plucked from the air. These are numbers I copied and pasted from the compounding calculator used (link above), after inputing actual CPF yield %. Pls feel free to key in the numbers and test by yourself.

        The 8% interest I mentioned for the S&P 500, is also an average return per year, after 30 years. Please do not just take my word for it. Please click on this link
        to moneychimp which gives you the S&P 500 returns calculator. From Jan 1983 to 2013 (30 year period), the CAGR (compounded annual growth rate) of the S&P 500 index is 8.42%. You may wonder why this S&P 500 return calculator differs so much from your calculation of 30%. The reason is this: You used 8% interest a year and compounded that for 30 years, giving you 906% return for the S&P. This is incorrect. The 8% interest i quoted above, is already the compounded annual return of the S&P. You cannot use a compounded figure to compound further. This will give you a misleadingly high % return.

        So we are now comparing CAGR of CPF (7.46%) to CAGR of S&P 500 (8.42%), over a 30 year period. Comparing apples to apples.
        Sure, the CAGR of S&P 500 is higher. Sure, some people may still choose S&P 500.
        But I think some people, like me, will see that CPF offers me protection against capital loss. And we gladly choose the slightly lower % return of the CPF. For a peace of mind. For a balanced portfolio. For the first 60k. Rmb after first 60k, we can use CPF investment account to invest in stocks if we buey gam guan the 4% interest.

        Anyway right, if you don’t agree with my calculations, then so be it. I wouldnt be able to understand why you do not agree, because I have quoted from published figures, but…so be it. But I think it is presumptuous to assume that we are “financially illiterate and clueless”. I have presented you scenarios based on actual CPF interest figures, actual S&P 500 return figures, based on actual real life black swan events which happened recently…anyway, up to you lah.

        Also, you will notice that I never criticised Roy for voicing his views, in all my postings. I have only asked these of him:
        1) Do not presume to be speaking for me. Do not presume to be my martyr. Ask the govt to return your own CPF only. I want my money to remain with CPF. For my peace of mind. For my balanced portfolio.
        2) Do not inconvenience/disrupt others in their activities when carrying out your protests e.g. special needs kids. (For those who dispute that Roy did not disrupt the special needs kids, please refer to the uncut footage circulating today. Maybe first time I can admit you were caught unawares, but 3-4 times? Please.)

      • Xmen


        Please talk to your friends or colleagues who know anything about finances about your calculation. How about just comparing the final value of CPF and S&P after 30 years?

        CPF –
        Current principal: 10k
        Monthly addition: 0
        Years to grow: 30 years
        Interest rate: 4%
        Compound interest 1 times per years.
        Future value will be $32,433.98

        S&P 500 –
        Current principal: 10k
        Monthly addition: 0
        Years to grow: 30 years
        Interest rate: 8% — S&P 500 long term return
        Compound interest 1 times per years. (Note that the 8% will be reinvested just like the CPF case)
        Future value will be $100,626

        So the final value after 30 years for S&P 500 is over 3 times that of CPF. No one calculate interest (7.46%) the way you do except to deceive others. (I am not sure if that was your intention.)

        The CAGR of CPF is between 2.5%-4% (not 7.46%) compared to CAGR of S&P 500 at 8.42%, over a 30 year period.

      • Xmen


        Here is another way to explain your flaw reasoning. I am sure even you can understand the illogical conclusion of yours. Instead of 30 years, let’s extend to 100 years!

        Current principal: 10k
        Monthly addition: 0
        Years to grow: 100 years
        Interest rate: 4%
        Compound interest 1 times per years.

        Future value will be $505,050

        Profit = $495,050
        % return = $495,050/$10000 x 100% = 5,000% (This means our yield is 5,000% over 100 years)
        How much is that per year, averaged out over 100 years? Use 5,000% divided by 100 years =
        50% per annum.

        So based on your flawed logic, the CAGR of CPF is 50% (WRONG!) compared to CAGR of S&P 500 at 8.42%, over a 100 year period.

        So stop misleading yourself and others into thinking that you are getting a fair deal in your CPF account. NO, you are being ripped off in the daylight. Many people are missing tens of thousands of dollars from their account that rightfully belong to them.

      • T

        Hey Xmen,

        Wahlao I really am sibeh sianzed of typing liao. So this will be a short post.

        Ok lah, let’s agree to disagree over our views of investments. I’m sure there are many people who can see where you are coming from, many others who know where I am coming from. That’s why there are such a huge range of investment products out there – high risk high yield, low risk low yield. My scenarios painted above were just to simply show that we may think 4% interest looks damn low, but with the magic of compounding, over a long period, it can accumulate quite a bit (works out to the 7% per year I mentioned – I mean not too bad right?) And your capital sums are completely protected. I don’t think you can deny that capital protection is important in today’s skittish markets right? 🙂

        And my other point is that after the first 60k, you can set up a CPF Investment account and invest in stocks also what. So in fact the government is letting you manage your own money this way. I mean, it sounds fair to me right? – Have a base sum which is completely protected and compounding; and after this amount you are free to invest in stocks of your choice.

        To me, CPF is macham a “bank”. You contribute to it monthly, macham savings plan. You earn interest of 4% a year (pls note that conventional banks in Singapore are giving interest of 0.05% per year). Year after year, your interest earns interest, your interest’s interest earns interest – it just keeps rolling.
        You can make withdrawals from this “bank” too – housing, downpayments, children’s education (the necessary big ticket items for your life). At age 55, you can drawdown until the MS. And it’s not say just because you cannot draw out the MS, it’s not yours. It is still yours. It is given to you monthly. And to be fair, your property value can be pledged as part of MS. So the cash component that has to be MS is reduced also.

        Haiyah I know I say so much also no use one – if one is determined to see the failings of CPF, one will only see the failings of CPF. To me, as someone who watches the markets, I see that the dividend yield of blue chips stocks are around 4-5%, with possible capital gains but also possible losses. So CPF with its 4% interest and capital guarantee really appeals to me.

        But ok lah. Not everyone is satisfied with 4% interest and capital guarantee, I geddit. But I am, so pls don’t return my CPF.

        Best of luck to everyone with money in stocks and the S&P 500 (myself included haha! :P) or other alternative investments. May we all survive black swan events and come out stronger. Everybody HUAT!


      • Xmen


        I am going to call you out as A LIER. You know your claim that CPF is returning 7.46% is bogus, yet you try to confuse and fool people with misinformation. You are trying to fool the poor retirees that they had a great return in CPF which is utterly FALSE. You are doing a disservice to the community and a disgrace to this country.

      • T

        hey xmen,

        i give up liao. u win ok? everybody pls listen to xmen because he is right.

        i have previously said that cpf gives you 4% interest a year. but the magic of compounding over 30 years (compounding your interest, compounding your interest’s interest) makes it as though the yield is 7.46% a year, when stretched out over 30 years. apparently i am mistaken. let me continue in my mistaken ways by myself then.

        i am a liar, pls dont listen to me. every one pls make your own decisions.

        wont be replying liao, feel damn pointless. but hor, my last words:

        #dont anyhow return my cpf ar
        #want to protest can but dont disrupt special needs kids ar

        byebye! have a great weekend everyone! best of luck to all our investments no matter where! best of health to everyone!


    • Jim

      @Xmen, care to comment on the New York Times article which I extracted :
      source :http://www.nytimes.com/2014/10/01/upshot/bill-gross-calpers-and-the-end-of-the-investment-guru.html?abt=0002&abg=0
      ” Calpers, formally known as the California Public Employees’ Retirement System, framed its decision to stop entrusting $4 billion of its assets to hedge fund managers: It argued that not all hedge funds are bad, but that “at the end of the day, judged against their complexity, cost, and the lack of ability to scale at Calpers’ size,” the hedge fund investment program “is no longer warranted.”

      What they’re saying is that hedge fund managers’ huge fees — typically 2 percent of assets managed plus 20 percent of profits — are too pricey relative to the returns they are able to reliably create. Even when hedge funds are able to consistently outperform markets (and many aren’t), they extract much of that outperformance in the form of their fees, leaving not enough left over for the school and municipal employees of California.”

      So much for Calpers performance. Leaving not enough left over for the school and municipal empolyees of California , although it is earning millions for the fund manager.

      What do you think? CPF managed in the same way? Surely not otherwise, you are a ….

      • Jim

        Norway Pension Fund
        Norway’s Government Pension Fund Global was created to be an intergenerational savings vehicle to secure income from a fossil fuel resource and to prevent “Dutch Disease,” or the economic phenomenon when an increase in natural resources leads to a decline in other sectors like manufacturing or agriculture, explains Maduell.

        The sovereign wealth fund is integrated into Norway’s fiscal budget: 4 percent of the fund’s assets can be spent each year by the government. Unlike the Alaska Permanent Fund, no dividends are paid out each year to its citizens.

        “The rest of the money accumulates in the sovereign wealth fund, which is why it is so large today,” Maduell said. The fund derive its principal form the oil revenues, license, dividends

        Norway Pension Fund (petroleum find) is created as a reserve much like our GIC. No dividends is paid out to its citizens, which is why they are so big today.
        Which is what the GIC is doing keeping the extra as a national reserve.
        Norway has oil, Singapore has –______ to grow the reserve.

        CPF cannot run like Norway pension when it is needed for our retirement, housing or medical needs.
        What do you think? Anything that I miss out

      • Jim

        Of course, CAlpers has other investments beside the hedge fund but the risk is simply too much for most Singaporeans. That why CPF has the CPFIS for those who want more risks to earn more. For others 3.5 to 5 is OK.

      • T

        Dear Jim,

        Thanks for the link about CAlpers, I learnt quite a bit!

        I made the pt in my response to Xmen, in my post above.

        Glad that others saw this point too! 🙂

        Cheers! 🙂

      • Xmen


        I’m not sure what your points are but I will respond to them anyway –

        1. CalPERS’s hedge fund investment was only a very small part of its portfolio of $298 billion, or 1.34%. They diversified into hedge fund only in recent years and decided that it did not suit their investment goals. Btw, Temasek is investing your money in hedge fund that you so dislike –


        Please find something useful if you want to have a discussion with me. Same applies to @T.

        2. What is this nonsense about Calpers not leaving not enough left over for the school and municipal employees of California. Please look up Calpers investment returns before opening your big mouth.

        3. Norway Pension Fund vs CPF. The people of Norway are getting MUCH MORE than they put into, if any, the fund. The people of Singapore are being ROBBED of their savings. CPF is 100% your money. Norway Pension Fund comes from other sources than its people. Alaska Permanent Fund does not come from its people. We are talking about YOUR MONEY, not state money, in the CPF. Get the difference?

        “Which is what the GIC is doing keeping the extra as a national reserve.” Does this not sound like a TAX on your retirement savings? If the government wants to build up the reserve, it can explicitly impose taxes on its people. (I am pretty sure you will scream and cry if PAP chooses to TAX you to build up the reserve.) Why not have an open debate if Singapore needs a tax to build up its reserve? Why is PAP so gun shy about taking people’s CPF money for other purposes? (Just look at the elaborate scheme to hide the money trails.)

        4. “Of course, CAlpers has other investments beside the hedge fund but the risk is simply too much for most Singaporeans.” I see that you are a PAP IB or a pussy cat and I suppose you are not going to make noise about Temasek’s investment into hedge fund that is “simply too much for most Singaporeans.” You are really of no substance if you ask me…

      • T

        Hey Xmen,

        Sorry ar, I kept seeing this term and was curious. What is a PAP IB?

        Sorry I noob.

        Btw I also replied to you above 🙂

  11. xianzzzz

    so many conspiracy theory, and this is mine….

    I think Roy and HHH are actually PAP supporters, sent by PAP to swing voters to PAP by showing people how bad the opposition are.
    I know a friend who was working in the same hospital as Roy. She said she saw Roy walk into the director’s office one day about 2 years ago, and a couple of days later, this blog was set up. The coincidence is just too uncanny. Think about it, for 20 years Roy wasn’t inspired to help Singaporeans, but right after the visit to the director’s office, he did. Rumors have it that at least a 6 figure sum of money was offered to Roy, almost same as minister pay.
    HHH’s story is even more 伟大。 I heard from reliable sources that HHH left her birth country Malaysia after PAP offered her a sum of money that will allow HHH’s family to live comfortably in Malaysia and also in exchange for getting her PR status. All HHH has to do is just to behave like a crazy bitch who is against PAP (which she is definitely doing a great job, wonder if PAP will give her year-end bonus). You got to respect HHH, as she is really filial as not many girls will want to be a crazy bitch if they are in the right frame of mind.

    Though there have also been rumors flying around that HHH is also a spy sent from Malaysia to destroy Singapore. Its abit like the HK movie 无间道, HHH is trying to play both sides. Even more respect, though I can’t help but wonder where her true loyalty lies…

    In any case, I think with Roy and HHH in the picture, PAP’s future is secure, woohoo

    • reply " to xianzzzz "

      so many conspiracy theory, and this is mine….

      I think Roy and HHH are actually PAP supporters, sent by PAP to swing voters to PAP by showing people how bad the opposition are.

      — 这里是Roy的地盘, 没有人对你有兴趣 !

      I know a friend who was working in the same hospital as Roy. She said she saw Roy walk into the director’s office one day about 2 years ago, and a couple of days later, this blog was set up. The coincidence is just too uncanny. Think about it, for 20 years Roy wasn’t inspired to help Singaporeans, but right after the visit to the director’s office, he did. Rumors have it that at least a 6 figure sum of money was offered to Roy, almost same as minister pay.
      HHH’s story is even more 伟大。 I heard from reliable sources that HHH left her birth country Malaysia after PAP offered her a sum of money that will allow HHH’s family to live comfortably in Malaysia and also in exchange for getting her PR status. All HHH has to do is just to behave like a crazy bitch who is against PAP (which she is definitely doing a great job, wonder if PAP will give her year-end bonus). You got to respect HHH, as she is really filial as not many girls will want to be a crazy bitch if they are in the right frame of mind.

      — 又怎样 ? 你是母狗养出来的吗 ?专门爬到人家鼻子里吃鼻屎吗 ?难怪一个家族这么容易霸占了半个世界的新加坡,为非作歹, 畅通无阻。都像你这样的三八婆, 到阴沟里搞自慰,在这里国际网站,丟進華人的脸 !人家Huihui有精神内容,你有什么 ! 人家小小年纪,受到包括我们在内的人民代言, 你为谁做事我们没兴趣知道 , 你看不起马来西亚 ? 新加坡大法官就是马来西亚人 !新加坡马来西亚本来就是一家人 !

      曾经新加坡的一个作家,也被网上挖苦, 内容也是来自三八婆。 还有比较进步的内心包容吗 ?没有这些三八婆在搅局, 李总理和Roy的案子, 不会发展到如此尴尬的阶段 !

      Though there have also been rumors flying around that HHH is also a spy sent from Malaysia to destroy Singapore. Its abit like the HK movie 无间道, HHH is trying to play both sides. Even more respect, though I can’t help but wonder where her true loyalty lies…

      In any case, I think with Roy and HHH in the picture, PAP’s future is secure, woohoo

      —- 希望小社会的八婆们, 多读一些书, 行动党是否安全,你无法替他们算命, 他们的命, 他们自己负责 。

      如果说韩慧慧是替我们老人在呼吁,那么,Roy是腐败制度的精算师,他们是新加坡未来的领袖, 因为人民喜欢他们 !

      任何对他们的伤害, 就是对我们人民的伤害, 老人都是快要死的人, 沉默也是死,死了白死,向外界发出呼救声, 在人道援助下, 老人的死期可以延迟。

      所以我们感谢他们年轻人的挺身而出。这种忘我的牺牲精神, 不是每个人都能做得到, 因此他们两个是一块金子。打击他们的人, 有的被收买,有的是家境所迫, 不得不出来做黑社会。相信新加坡司法还是人民的司法, 绝不会黑白不分 !

    • Jg

      Xmen the nonsense that you said about Calpers is extracted from the New York Times. So you know a lot huh good for you guru. Norway penson fund is a reserve fund therefore I agreed with you that norway citizen benefit from it. But they not contribute to the fund. This is for discussion no need to get upset guru. Just be convinced yourself

      • bb


        You are wasting your breath discussing with this bunch of people. They mix pe with pension with swf with emotions. You can get nowhere. Most amusing is that they feel the you and me are ignorant of the scam under the carpet.

        To that i say to roy and hhh, take care of yourself, leave me alone and the rest of the other 2.5m singaporeans. Protest in your little play ground. But if you crossed the line, we will smacked u like a fly.

  12. to roy

    Roy, you have no remorse and your face-saving theories are laughable.

    You purposely booked the same date as them after they’ve booked, and intentionally disrupted them even after NParks asked you to use another space. You have scant regard for a charity event because your sights are set on a minister. Shame on you!

    You care for Singaporeans? You care for the poor? You care for our CPF? Don’t say anymore of such crap. You don’t even care for charity, for underprivileged, for special needs. Who are you kidding?

    Tell you what. You want your CPF back. Simple, emigrate. We don’t need shameless liars playing the victim and pretending to care.

    • reply " to roy "

      Roy, you have no remorse and your face-saving theories are laughable.

      — 我们都看到了谋后黑手在操作,你看不到 ?你脑残 !

      You purposely booked the same date as them after they’ve booked, and intentionally disrupted them even after NParks asked you to use another space. You have scant regard for a charity event because your sights are set on a minister. Shame on you!

      — 你要搞清楚 ! 无耻的人是拿了人民的公积金给老婆玩过票丢了 400亿美元,回来后好像什么都没发生一样。 而不是为人民代言的Roy!

      You care for Singaporeans? You care for the poor? You care for our CPF? Don’t say anymore of such crap. You don’t even care for charity, for underprivileged, for special needs. Who are you kidding?

      — 你不要胡搅蛮缠啦,如果新加坡政府关心孩子和穷人, 早就发给每个孩子和穷人每月300新币的最低生活费了。英国政府向每位儿童和老人,每周发放一次生活费,新加坡每月发一次很困难吗 ?

      Tell you what. You want your CPF back. Simple, emigrate. We don’t need shameless liars playing the victim and pretending to care.

      — 最好你滚蛋 !这里是我们的土地,而不是一个家族的殖民地 !轮不到你放屁 !

      • telly

        What mastermind?

        So booking the date earlier than Roy n his protest team for the event venue whereas he booked ard the same day as the event – and now they r considered the mastermind behind Roy and team’s wrongdoing? Wrong means wrong. I applaud Roy’s courage to apologise for wat he has done wrong. But if there is anything he tries to cover up to save his pride then that is wrong.

        And dude. Right now we r talking abt Roy’s true agenda behind all his protests. All in the name of ‘caring for Singaporeans, keep Singaporeans thinking etc’ if thats rly the case pls explain why the march happened. And explain WHY it scared the kids this way yet his team was still making a din at the area. Do u rly trust this guy to be able to get ur cpf back? In the first place wheres his ethics and moral? And plainly speaking – did he think before he act.

        So many things happened to him for past yr especially the infamous legal suit he got himself into all bcus of his rash acts. Truly does it reflect well on someone who claims to want to help Sporeans?

        Look we r not all pro pap, bt the least we r thankful for what we have here in spore that not many other countries enjoy. The govt can give u money wkly yet give u unrest from the society every day. Which will u choose? No govt is perfect. But baseless accusations against govt and rash acts will DEFINITELY not bring you anywhere.

        Think twice before u act, Roy. U have the balls and boldness. For that we salute u. But u have made far too many mistakes out of impulse. One of it is partnering HHH who’s indeed nothing but a shame.

      • JayF

        And a Ching Chang Chong Wing Arr Rook same to you too.

        Post in English you filthy Chinese Chauvinist. Or better yet, fuck off to China and shit in the streets.

    • Jim

      To one of the Nordic countries… Norway, Denmark Sweden… isn’t what he told HHH before… nearly there as …one of the most oppressed by the PM of his country

  13. landragon123

    Let’s cut these stories short and just do ONE, follows HK style, Organise a protect to LNL home in Tanglin and ask him to steps DOWN immediately before more Ministries and NGO goes into LAPSES too.

    • Alan Tan

      Thank you for being pro gov on this advise!

      Roy must listen to this supporter of yours! Do a mass protest @ Tanglin to demand LHL to step down!

      Then we’ll have peace after that! 😄

      • Xmen


        You are clearly a product of Singapore. Don’t you see people protest in front of the White House all the time? Oh, were these images censored in the ST? Just like the Chinese in mainland who still do not know about the protest happening in HK. You are no much different from the mainlanders. Perhaps for you, ignorance is bliss. LOL.

    • kkk

      This is so typical of LOSER JNITED. Cannot argue, shout. Still no body cares. Bully special news kids. Lose face want to copy other people. Be a litle bit original can. Maybe hunger strike??? Or chain yrself to the tree..

      Oh no the tree will be so insulted

      • Alan


        I’m definitely a product of Singapore and I’m proud of it.

        What kind of bastard are you then? Are u a mixed breed like HHH? Why are you meddling on Singaporean business if you are not one of us?

      • Xmen


        I am glad that you are proud of being a Singaporean. But I am not so sure that other Singaporeans will be proud of you… LOL.

      • Alan Tan

        I didn’t crash into an event for kids of special needs n trying to get my dogs to whitewash for me now.

        Are u proud of that kind of *Singaporean*?

  14. landragon123

    Thanks Word Press to reminds me that I AM 2 years old yesterday. It is baby growing up to tell the PAP a thing or 2. PAP stands for many bad things and I will just give them a new one, PLEASE ACT for PEACE and use my Double Peace Sign. The good times of the PAP are over, and to regain what we lost in the last few years the only solution is to bring down the mosquitos KILLER.

    • kkk

      landloserdragon….i hope you have milk to drink and continue to day dream how to spend your CPF.

      As for imparting your wisdom, it is better you educate yourself first, MAYBE first lesson will be COMPASSION and COMMON SENSE.


      so long LOSER UNITED

      • to kkk

        You’re just a dog, pls stand outside , here is the place where people discussion , not for dog – henchman, ok.

      • landragon123

        Yes this kkk is worse than a Dog as it can bark. I AM 70 and my CPF have bought me 3 HDB and 1 Semi-D. I only drink Full Cream Milk not Formula Milk for it is Flop Milk to Cheat the Stupid Asian by the CHEAT from America. Let me tell you, There is nothing inside those Formula Milk, JUST Advertising by the CHEATING Milk companies tell you false stories and as stories are usual believe by greed people.

        If you think by drink formula milk will make your kid clever, THINK twice for if it happened, the world will be full or genius and there will not no one left to do the manual work anymore.

      • kkk


        Who cares what u drink and how many houeses you have bought.

        Sad to hear that you are 70 and still have no compassion for the special needs.

        What to do, LOSER UNITED

  15. 无赖Roy


    1. YMCA老早订好了,Roy后来才订的。难道YMCA预先料到Roy后来也会订同一天?哇!是神机妙算,还是奇迹显灵?
    2. NParks叫Roy到另一边离YMCA远一些。他却执意要近点骚扰YMCA。我还不知道NParks是暗地里支持Roy,善意帮他避灾的,却被Roy误会了。难道Roy劫数难逃?


    • reply above

      Roy placed the notice here, inform the people every day, but you put your notice into your crotch, no one knows.
      三八婆, 人家的广告放每天在这里, 通知到了所有人的, 你把你的订单藏在你的裤裆里, 谁知道 ?一个藏在裤裆里的订单用意何在 ?

  16. 无赖Roy


    • reply above

      三八婆, 这里在抗议股市玩丢了国库400亿美元的责任和民生大计的事, 你进来的不是时候, 不如去跳楼 。
      “ 请拿你的CPF滚蛋! ” -- 你今天不拿政策出来兑现此话 !请你不要再回来,滚回山芭, 爬进人们的鼻子里继续挖鼻屎。

  17. Dielle

    I could not help chuckle at the photo by the Straits Times. A young, ruined, gay man supposedly leading a pack of old men. Hmm, where are all the young people?

    This guy is totally finished. You cannot win a fight against the Prime Minister. Very likely to be banned from using HLP ever again. This is what happens when you write or talk without prior thought or organisation. He’s followed the footsteps of the then young Chee Soon Juan. Yes, that bespectacled man who senselessly moaned through a loudhailer in the direction of Goh Chok Tong many years ago.

    • CS


      please give CSJ a little respect, Yes, he fights dirty, but at least with mighty opponents. He did not do a “YMCA” and bully the Special Needs Kids.

      ROY has no pride and compassion.

  18. YMCA

    YMCA said…
    Too much hatred. I am doing a David Letterman Top Ten for ROY, add in if you have any thanks

    1.) how many roy does it take to change a light bulb?
    ZERO, it is PAP’s job

    2.) what is maturity to ROY?

    3.) why did roy cross the road?
    Teo Ser Luck was sitting there.

    4.) how will u know when roy reaches puberty?
    When he wears a paper bag over his head to cover his shame

    5.) How to prove DARWIN’s theory of natural selection is wrong?
    ROY & HHH, please stand up

    6.) How did ROY know the earth is round?
    It is square, It is a conspiracy by bloody PAP to hide his CPF again

    7.) How to prove DARWIN;s theory of evolution is correct?
    what a perfect match ROY with HHH

    8.) Why did Roy disrupted YMCA SN’s performance?
    He wanted to do his YMCA dance

    9.) Was Teo Ser Luck the person ROY wanted that day?
    He wanted to meet the Village People


      这个文章要做就大了,一个小国 , 怎么样的国情才生出这么多智障儿童 ?这些智障儿童与这段期间的统治者的政策有很大关联 。到底有多大的关联 ? 国家给孩子们营养的钱到了哪里去了 ?

      之前,我看到老人被虐待的凄惨图片,年轻人失业的问题,现在又是这批孩子, 这个问题应该追究的是, 孩子的源头是母亲, 在母亲怀胎的时候,是否给母亲们足够好的心情去环孕, 是否每个胎儿有收到基本的营养保障,他们的父母是否每天在竞争, 而不是在生活 ?母亲在高压竞争环境下,难以怀出健康的胎儿。

      执政者的维持,不是维持自己人多有钱。而是维持国民有健康的身心。也不是依靠新移民,替换原本的基因。导致残缺的人与废缺的人互相打架,没有协助国人建立基本的精神依托, 执政者缺乏智慧.

  19. Cyberjustification

    “Enterprises need to acknowledge the significant risk that cyberattacks pose to their business operations. What’s more, cyberattacks are increasingly targeting SMEs; stealing data, spreading misinformation,” said Mr Iswaran.

    I wonder who is spreading misinformation? I wonder what government people are watching and listening into? Or are they moaning at your dissent behind the screen?

    Make sure your parents don’t make alot of noise in the bedroom.

    Han HH, I hope you don’t shower. As you can see, they can justify anything.

      • kkk

        To to kkk ( u seems to like hhh)

        Who is the dog following all comments?
        I have more in the previous page. Pl make sure u comment.

        To bully the weak, shows how much class u have. LOSER UNITED.

  20. Eng Leong

    urging Lee Hsien Loong step down, He is responsible for all disasters for Singaporeans, childrens, elderly, jobless, protesting, Compensation for the loss of $ 40 billion, full refund of CPF

  21. Mr. Ong

    People protest for more than three months, those in power must come forward do accountability, where is PM ?People call on you to answer questions !
    Continues to occupy the CPF event
    Deprive the people ‘s working rights
    utilizing disabled children do child labor
    PM’s wife lose our country 40 billion USD .
    Mr. Prime Minister have to face all the questions.

    Singapore should Investigate the above major events ! Only first solve the major problem, a secondary problem will get appropriate solution.

    • Alan Tan

      Maybe u should just wake up before uttering all this nonsense! Are you sure you are barking in the right place?

    • Tho Ah leong

      Teo En Ming, we support you say out loud, Your misfortune will occur to our next generations. denounce their crimes. people reminding God everyday, must let them be punished. their sin their grandson pay !

  22. what about the CPF scam case ?

    the leader , hiding behind the scene, used his left hand fight his right hand, then used his right hand against his left hand. then nobody remember his scam case ?

    • kkk

      I suppose you did not catch the irony of this video. it is gay pride day and the song YMCA is to celebrate the GAY in YMCA. All the Singers are GAY.

      it is no wonder you are so easily fooled by ROY and his Kunt. It is like blind leading the blind or more like fool leading the fool.

      U are really member of the LOSERS UNITED.

  23. LHLoffice

    Once, a Lee Kuan Yew’s minister , took money outside of work, forced to commit suicide. Now the Prime Minister LEE shift our money, without the CPF owner’s authorization in the stock market lost 400 billion USD, according to the precedent, he must resign, also must go to jail and pay damages.

  24. to kkk

    IP ? for you, means Money ? means jail ? means step down ? for us , we prepared to judge HIM !
    we want CPF return back ! We want PM Lee step down ! we want PM Lee pay Roy’s life ! we want no more Lee Family in the leadership of Singapore ! we want the justice return back the people of Singapore !

    • alan1717

      Dream on…dream on!

      Your shining stars had fallen! Who are you going to rely on? Your chanting?

      And you haven’t asked the permission from us if we will to grant you your wish!

      Try guessing our answer?

      • say truth

        yes, you have right , the human rights we people give to you, the same of Roy, he has human rights too .we support him, you may not stop our rights ,

    • kkk

      Tutu kkk

      Hahah loser. Yes pl reply to every anti roys posts, I am sure u will get somewhere.

      Maybe u should spend sometime to reflect on yourself. Maybe the answer of where and what u are lies within u.

      But of course this maybe too deep for u to understand.


  25. Asig

    Hi Roy, many Singaporeans do not support what you are doing for Singaporeans on the CPF issue, because you are not correct.
    You should do yourself a favour and find yourself a good job. Stop protesting because you dont really have many supporters now.. In fact, during the march in the HLP fiasco, you only had less than 100 diehard supporters marching with you.. That already should indicate to you that you have very little support now. So listen to the ground, and stop protesting cos Singaporeans are no longer behind you. . .

    • PDH


      From all logical sense, yes he should stop. Even the opposition parties (chee soon juan included) are running far far away from him. But Roy is a man beyond reasonings and logic. My guess, he will die trying, penniless and full of anger. With Chee Soon Juan, at least there unknown financial backers and party support. But for Roy, sorry the crowdfunding has dried up. No degree no PHD no credibility, who will ever want him to speak in forums. Yes, he can start a political party. but seriously most singaporeans are turned off by him. So languish and fade into the horizon for a man at his prime.

      • landragon123

        Are you PDH or PHD who are suppose to be Professors, are you one? If you are one, than you are most stupid, more stupid than the PIGS that we eat as pork.

      • kkk

        Landra goon

        Please accpet my condolences for your lack of knowledge and common senses.

        It is no wonder that you are easily misled by a toy and cunt. At least the students in hk are young and impressionable. The same cannot be said about you, old fuck and still cannot think.

        Fyi, the pigs are smarter than u think which of course u cannot.

    • say truth

      Hi Asig, many no support PM also, PM is important than Roy, so we need to solve PM’s case first , he have to apologize to Roy and Roy’s Parents. we wish him step down ASAP, give us a peaceful land

      • Asig

        Hi say truth,
        Whether ppl support PM is a different matter. But Roy’s actions and intentions have little support now. He should stop protesting as he does not represent the people. But if you must know, there are still many ppl who support our current PM.

  26. Ted

    Roy should just take his cpf and leave sg since he is unhappy while majority of Singaporeans r happy with the cpf. Why does he insist on enforcing his personal freedom on the rest of us Singaporeans? Why must more than 3,000,000 Singaporeans be subjected to Roy n gangs nonsense?

    • say truth

      Singaporeans can not be selfish like you do not care about others, like PM selfish, PM’s team selfish, then ? we finished, it is murder .

      • Ted

        What’s selfish? What’s democracy?
        U mean >3000000 Singaporeans r selfish to be loyal to our country by protecting our democracy?
        Roy is not democratic, he wants to do everything his way or it’s the high way.

      • landragon123

        To kkk the dog worst than animal for dog still can be man’s best friends, as for you, go drown yourself in the Sewage for the Mosquito Killers to find you.
        Do you knows that I AM better than LKY in these 4 examples. a) He needs a Scholarship to study Law and than speaks Queen English. I just completed Sec 4 but I speak Singalish which most people understands. b) As a lawyer, LKY write Crown but as I never past my English, I writes CLOWN English. c) As a Chinese, he only speak Hockian by learning hard for speech at Election Rallies. I speaks Teochew, Hokkien and Cantonese. d) LKY speaks 3 of our 4 official Language where as I know all 4, English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil.

      • kkk


        Oh so what if u are better than lky? That doesnt give u the right to be a bully of the weak and handicap.

        U can have yr own views and for your super up sized ego, do not be a bully and for goodness sake have the decnecy to apologize when u are wrong

        Your fellow Loser united have went quiet recently. Maybe time for u to do so.

  27. 无赖Roy




    • we support Roy

      transfer the CPF to his wife ‘s stock market and lost national finance 400 billion USD, that man has more serious problem than a young guy. Roy didn’t owe you, he didn’t steal ,only the evil intents people discredit Roy.

    • 回覆『无赖Roy』


      — 有严重缺陷的人, 是那個63歲, 未經公積金主人同意,轉移人民的公積金去他老婆的股市輸了國家400億美金的回來, 不做賠償道歉並接受法律審判的現任總理,而不是和他兒子同齡人的Roy。



      — 看什麼形勢 ?年輕人既没沒偷也沒搶,一生正氣,血氣方剛,他那裡懂大势所趋的形势在人民这一边, 现任残疾儿童和已经长大的儿童都是一个家族统治下的受害者, 他们是同病相怜一族。这才是形势。 他都没欠你, 他也不是一国领袖, 你要向李总理要诚信, 而不是像一个失业的年轻人要这,要那,要这么多。



      -- 这一点可以讨论, 再下论证。 但严禁互相侮辱。Roy在失业的情况下,写作分析是没有酬劳的,比起一边拿天价薪水, 一边丢了国库400亿美金, 一边控告国人, 又赖着不下台的李总理,Roy比较高尚可敬。

      之前就列舉過一個家族長期霸位對國家的10大危害, 行動黨也有優秀的人才, 比如張志賢, 替換一個新總理,對人民和國家都是一件好事。

    • Jim

      Good for you, at last you show your true intentions, no need to pretend you admire and appreciate LKY and that your frustration are only with LHL

      • To Jim

        Subject to the protection of basic life, home security property protection , a fundamental respecting for each other, life without nightmare …… all are the intentions, it needs to be cooperated by the leader’s team, if broken it, what is your intentions ? as the secretary of Prime minister, what is your mission for this country ?

        improve yourself on the thoughts of value of people’s .

      • To Jim

        frustration ? YES ! When people encounter frustration, being PM’s team member, Your job should help to reduce the frustration, rather than increasing the frustration, Here we have seen your performance and quality,you have no basic political knowledge, This is very bad for the country. If people misunderstood the Prime Minister, you have to bear half of the responsibility.

  28. Explain please

    So at 5:52, it shows Roy moving away from the stage when the children went onto the stage to perform. But what he did not say was that somehow instead of walking in a straight line and continue to move further away from the stage, he somehow walked in a circle and marched towards the stage again while waving the flag with HHH shouting into the microphone at 6:15. This time, the excuse of not knowing the children were going to perform cannot be used since they have been performing on stage for awhile unless he got short term memory and forgot about the children. Then he can continue to stand there and wave the flag for at least half a min while HHH continued her shouting and someone keep blowing a whistle.

    So exactly how is this moving away once the children came out?

    Then the protesters can continue to march back near the stage a few times afterwards while shouting. How is this not causing a disturbance and being disrespectful?

    Also, from the video Roy sure got a good workout for both his arms.

    • 非常感謝這個錄影帶

      看完了,事关重大 , 非常震動 !非常感謝這個錄影帶。

      天气炎热, 最容易造成身体的虛脫或者休克, 救護車的援助在哪裡呢 ? 他们谁否有足够的水和毛巾 ?
      国家责任,压在不拿国家一分钱的老百姓身上, 那些拿了替人民代言的錢,收了錢以後,人在哪裡 ? 第一世界領袖跑到哪裡去了 ? 要人民這麼辛苦, 千呼萬喚嗎 ?

      空間不够,场地有限, 哪裡能把國旗飄揚起來 ?

      对于抗议的事 , 就是把人民不满的信息送入当前领导者的办公桌子上。但从过去3个月来看, 至今并没有收到回复, 因此,建议申请警方保护,拿着保护令, 一路高举国旗, 并带上残疾儿童一起,( 因为都是高压政策下的一组受害者 ), 遵守纪律,循渐有序, 不要吵闹, 通过乌节路,总统府, 大家一起走向李总理的办公地点, 或者李光耀先生的住宅地迈进。把民意信件直接交给他本人。

      民意建议书上面要写清楚, 人民有哪些不满 ?比如下台 ?换新总理 ? 公积金 ?老人家 ?残疾儿童 ? 工会保障 ? 夺走Roy的工作权 ? 淡马锡 等等。

      并写清楚需要改进的回复期限。比如 20 天 ?30天 ?60天 ? 100 ? 如等待期间过长, 需要开会, 互动达成意见一致。或谅解, 或送交最高法院意见书。通过合法合理的路线,理智和平地解决问题, 不要再情绪激动,陷入险境。新加坡人, 加油 !

      • 非常感謝這個錄影帶

        再次向参加抗议活动的每一位新加坡人致敬 !
        本来是谈恋爱逛街带孩子去公园的一个周末,你们吃了很多苦。看完录影带,很心痛。 也激起愤怒 。

    • No Damage

      Thanks for the video. It is quite clear that the kids are not affected and have successfully performed their routine. Furthermore, it is not possible for the protest group to know who are on the stage and whether the children requires special needs. The YMCA is in the best position to decide whether the venue is suitable and whether the kids should be released onto the stage. It is stupid to cry over spilled milk. If any blame should be apportioned, YMCA should take the blame for putting the kids in “danger”.

      • cooper

        @No damage That is a ridiculous remark. Regardless of whoever is performing, they are still performing and should be accorded the respect they deserved by not screaming into a loudhailer in front of the stage or making a ruckus that has nothing to do with them near the stage.

        This is not about the so call “danger”, it is about the protesters failing to show any respect or manners to the performers or people attending the event.


    Roy & Huihui,以及全体抗议者,

    在长久等待总理回复杳无消息的情况下, 在他们完全关闭沟通大门的情况下,也就是被逼的万不得己的时候。 就要借用李光耀曾經说过的一句 :“ 如果对对方太心软, 就是对自己太残忍。”

    通过法律,找出李显龙總理犯的错,起诉他 !

    比如,他曾做過哪一些违法行为 ?利用职权之便夺走国民的工作权 ? 他利用國家媒体, 公然侮辱国人 ?他隱瞞公積金轉移到淡馬錫的真相 ? 總理夫人輸掉國家400億美元, 數額巨大, 涉及瀆職罪。

    等等, 相信有一批法律人才會協助這件事。 無論法庭辦案結果,起訴是每個新加坡公民的合法權益。不要放棄自己有權這麼做。

    起訴人,不只是Roy,而是全部抗議他們的每個住在新加坡大牌里面的人,抱括老人,窮人,都有權利簽名。人們享有新加坡憲法賦予的權力, 保護自己的人生不可轻犯权。

    不過,如果他們接近人民,还给Roy的工作权, 开始合作改进, 不再陷害人民,不再发动脑残,三八婆,狗腿子到这里陆陆续续诋毁人民的尊严。

    人民应该满怀热泪, 敞开胸怀拥抱他们,后妈的孩子终于有人爱啦 ! 而不是继续抵抗。新加坡是他们的,也是人民的。

    这是最理想完美的境界。也是第一世界中最有人情味的人民 !能跨越这个障碍的人, 才是一个伟大的人 !

      • to Jim

        Jim, You not only failed vision, you are the source of manufacture gossip.
        You put people classification, no help positive effect the development of the country. You are not fit as secretary of political leaders. if the people need someone step down, you are the first one. From your remarks, and you are the key behind of the screen,

      • To Jim


        ” he is involve with a lawsuit ?”

        — being the Prime Minister’s female secretary , you always carry unclear mind .

        If the judge believed Roy did something wrong, would conclude the case on the spot immediately .

        Please understand that the relationship between government and the people, not the superior-subordinate relationship. their relationship is just the money of Lending & borrowing. from view the past 50 years,

        So, before not return the debt back to the people, the government are not eligible to pride.

        In Singapore , many people have very painful memories, which affects their normal lives, the maker of this tragedy have to do self-examination, And sincerity improvements. make amendment.

        South Korea and Japan are doing the same, have to apologize for those Singaporeans who have been persecuted in the past.

        they did not owe Singapore. They are part of Singapore.

        For a group of politicians say this, a little does not fit, but if the politician’s heart was more narrow than ordinary people, he may not fit to be the politician.

        since he needs our people sit down and spent time to give them an explaining where the pros and cons.
        His team also reflects the true quality of the quality of the politician.

      • Royisloser

        TO JIM

        unfortunately the money in temasek, GIC + country reserves does not belong to you. So you can just forget about it. it is for rainy days. Unlike you, Singapore as a country saves for rainy days.

        CPF, soon you will be able to get it. so it is a mute point \

        Not happy, give up your citizenship, you will get every cent of your CPF. PLeaes dun give me the BS about yr country and so and so.

      • To Jim

        To JIM,

        1)” unfortunately the money in temasek, GIC + country reserves does not belong to you.”

        —- It is well known topic, no one will rob it , included you.

        2)” So you can just forget about it. it is for rainy days. Unlike you, Singapore as a country saves for rainy days.”

        —- National affairs is everyone’s responsibility. forget or not, depends the people’s memory and the mission entrusted by society. not depends on someone.

        3) “CPF, soon you will be able to get it. so it is a mute point \ ”

        — any personal CPF must unconditionally return all by age 55.

        Mute ? — According to the law. we did screenshot of this message, being as the secretary of PM Lee, you used ” mute ” such word is Inappropriate. you are PM’s secretary but can smear your team, you have the right.

        4) “Not happy, give up your citizenship, you will get every cent of your CPF. PLeaes dun give me the BS about yr country and so and so.”

        — threat ? Hint ? Jail ? Shot ? murder ? occupied people’s money, grabbing people’s home & shops, freezing people’s bank, very useful before,

        but today, no use. the useful weapon that set up a good leadership for the people , however today’s PM ‘s office depends on spreading gossip maintain. shameless team ! add more sin for PM Lee by your lawlessness evidence.

        give up your citizenship ? —
        the first , you may follow PM Lee go the Court first, transfer the Law to his private ownership.
        we will continue to talk to you tomorrow , ok ! good night .

  30. PAP fallacy.

    Why does the police and ICA take so long to press charges against the scandalous tour guide Yang Yin? Does the efficient ICA need more than a month to investigate whether a degree is fake or not? Or are they merely shielding Yang Yin from wrongdoings given his link with PAP? It is surprising that when news of the scandal broke out, DR INTAN didnt express any shock or disbelief over the character of one of her grassroot members, instead she jumped in to defend yang yin. What is her relationship with Yang Yin? The police should investigate Dr Intan for possible conspiracy to cheat Mdm Chung of her $40m.

    Some of my ex-grassroots friends revealed to me that during the Meet-the-people session, some MPs might actually write a long letter in favour of the person infront of him for him to see that the MP is helping him , but in actual fact, they threw away the letter or altered the letter after he has left. Some of the MPs and grassroot people even mocked at the people behind their back- calling them useless, good for nothing, troublemaker, and low quality genes.

    • roy fallacy

      Pap fallacy

      Rather than hear say, why dun u put real names to your grass root friends with their contact numbers?

      If cannot, then you are just stirring shit. No credibility.

    • PAP fallacy.

      It is DR INTAN who uses Roy and HHH protest saga as a smokescreen to escape attention from her misdeeds. She and Yang yin could run but there is no where to hide, especially on the internet.
      It is for the people to decide if it is true or not. It is a suicidal mission to reveal their names and numbers. Why don’t you reveal your name and number and test if PAP will reward you with any dime for boot-licking them ?

      • cooper

        Well then I can only say Roy and HHH were stupid to do such a stupid action which gave the Dr. Intan the chance to use it to escape attention. If Roy and HHH did not do such a stupid action, then there would be no saga in the first place.

      • Royisloser

        PAP Fallacy

        Another member of the LOSER UNITED. so what if it is a smoke screen. ROY, KUNT and your losers walked straight into the trap. what more can i say. STUPID, LOSER

        well, what can we expect from LOSER UNITED?

  31. D


  32. Jackfruit

    Roy said in his last paragraph that he does not care about his reputation and character. No wonder he becomes like that..hahaha haha. ..

  33. Bullshit Roy

    Roy says he dun care abt ur reputation and character??? Becos u have bad reputation and character…. Of cos u dun care lah.
    A person like Roy dares to say he wants to represent me? Please dun represent any of us. We dun need someone of bad reputation and character. Get the fxxk out of my country.

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