Further Thoughts after the #ReturnOurCPF Protest

Hello everyone, I have written to YMCA last night to request for an opportunity to meet with the children with down syndrome and their parents, to meet with them and to find out how they are doing. I hope that we can have a chance to heal the wounds.

I have had a further think through of what has happened over the past few days. It has been hectic, I have learnt much and thought to share my thoughts here.

I started writing on this blog more than 2 years ago, in June 2012. What started me thinking was when Lee Hsien Loong had then compared Singapore with the Nordic countries and claimed that Singapore was doing as well as they did, or better, in terms GDP per capita and economic competitiveness. But I wanted to dig deeper to find out the truth for myself. I was not convinced.

Singapore vs Nordic Countries June 2012

And from what I found, I realised that even though for Singapore, the country as a whole is one of the richest in the world, but the wealth is very unequal. In fact, I realised that the inequality in Singapore is the highest among the developed countries and Singaporeans earn one of the lowest wages in the world.

That started me on my journey to wanting to find out what exactly is happening in Singapore – why is it that Singaporeans are so rich but Singaporeans are so poor?

I was shocked by how my first article went viral and how it was later picked up by The Online Citizen. I didn’t know it then, but deep down, among many Singaporeans, they already knew that things were not right. The PAP had then kept telling Singaporeans that Singapore was doing well, but deep down, Singaporeans already had a niggling suspicion that the government was not telling us the whole truth.

And when I dug up the statistics which clearly showed how in spite of the economic wealth that the PAP has garnered for itself, Singaporeans weren’t actually receiving the supposed “trickle-down effects” of the wealth that we should be getting.

The statistics convinced the people’s suspicions that the PAP was keeping the wealth for themselves, and preventing the wealth that Singapore should be earning (from Singaporeans’ labour) from reaching us.

I didn’t know then how PAP had prevented it, nor did I knew the PAP was preventing it from happening. Being the naive me then, I had hoped that if I could advocate to the PAP to return to Singaporeans our wealth, Singapore can become a better place.

And so I set up The Heart Truths. A friend helped me come out with the name, actually. I wanted to speak up about the truth and wanted it to come from the heart. And so, he suggested, why not The Heart Truths? And since then, I have been writing on this blog.

The Heart Truths

In the first few months that I was writing, I continued advocating to the PAP, hoping and believing that they would be reading my blog and would make the relevant changes to improve the lives of Singaporeans. A year after my writing, I was also informed that at least one PAP MP was reading my blog. I felt that perhaps, just perhaps our voices were being heard.

However, the more I read and learnt, I began to slowly realise that the PAP would not change.

As I learnt to analyse the PAP’s policies and to read between the lines, I realise that the PAP has come out with a systematic way of devising policies which would allow them to increase subsidies on one hand, but further increase the revenue they take from Singaporeans, so that whatever subsidies and payouts they give to Singaporeans would not come out from their own coffers but would be extracted from Singaporeans.

And thus they would always be able to gain political mileage and credit by claiming that they are giving back to Singaporeans, while making Singaporeans pay for the increases by ourselves. This shocked me.

But apparently this wasn’t new knowledge. It was new knowledge to me. But many Singaporeans already knew this – many Singaporeans whom have analysed things for themselves and some of them whom have left.

What I knew was already common knowledge to many Singaporeans. I was just one of the few who in my eagerness, wanted to put out what I had found out online.

 Return Our CPF 3 Poster Roy Ngerng text

It was about a year ago that I started speaking at protests. The first protest I spoke at was at the #FreeMyInternet protest to protest against the PAP from introducing regulations to prevent Singaporeans from being able to express our ideas on our blogs. I was concerned. If the PAP could stop me from sharing what I have learnt and found out, how else would I be able to let Singaporeans know what I had discovered? I wouldn’t be able to do so!

PAP would be able to continue to put out their own propaganda to mislead Singaporeans and I could not let that happen! So I spoke up.

And when Gilbert Goh invited me to speak at the third protest for the Singapore Population White Paper, I spoke as well. I decided that every speaking opportunity was an opportunity to allow more people to know.

By the end of last year, Ms Han Hui Hui and I decided that we could organise discussion sessions to create a space for Singaporeans so that we could invite speakers to provide facts and information, which would allow Singaporeans to be able to discuss, analyse and create solutions for ourselves.

So, we organised a workshop on education issues and held a forum on the tax structure in Singapore, which I spoke at as well.

Early this year, I embarked on several major discoveries of the Singapore economic and political system. In a 10-part joint article series that I wrote with Mr Leong Sze Hian, we discovered that Singaporeans are actually paying almost the same as what the Nordic citizens are paying in tax and social security/CPF to the government, but we get back considerably much lesser back from PAP and not only so, we have to fork out cash from our own pockets.

The next major macro-perspective article that I wrote was how the PAP had claimed to create policies to aid the growth of the economy, such as the Productivity and Innovation Credit, the Wage Credit Scheme and Foreign Worker Levies, but when you look at the impact of these, not only do they not have the propounded effects of economic recovery, the PAP was once again able to devise these policies in a way which would allow them to enrich their coffers.

In the third article which I had written with Singapore Singaporeans (whose Facebook account has since been closed down after the Internet Brigade (known to be set up by the PAP) launched an attack to get Facebook to close the account down, and many others as well), we exposed the CPF-HDB contraption where we discovered that when Singaporeans buy the HDB flat or a property with the CPF, we would also have to pay a little-known CPF accrued interest where by the time our flat reaches 30 years old, we would actually not only have to pay for the housing loan, we would have to fork out more than twice the price of the HDB flat. I was flabbergasted. The PAP has created a scheme which would allow them to earn several times over from our CPF. The article has since been viewed more than 450,000 times, according to WordPress.

In a fourth article that I wrote, I discovered to my horror that when you trace the PAP’s policies from 1984, a pattern can be seen where the PAP would systematically make Singaporeans double-pay into essential services such as healthcare, transport and education, which they control as well, such that they are able to earn from the double-paying from Singaporeans and systematically create debt for Singaporeans. It was horrendous.


I need to give you this background because I need to let you understand my train of thought.

In the past half a year, I was able to find out the way the PAP was contorting the Singapore economy and how they have been systematically creating policies to earn from Singaporeans and to compromise on our livelihoods!

Last year, my learning convinced me that I had to speak up.

This year, my knowledge aroused my senses. This is not the way a government should treat its people! This is not the way a government should systematically marginalise the lives of the people. It is wrong.

After I wrote these macro-perspective articles, the law suit came.

Later on this year, I also wrote two more revealing and damning articles.

In the first article, I traced how the PAP had started using the CPF of Singaporeans to build the infrastructure of Singapore, but not only that, they continued to siphon off more and more of Singaporeans’ CPF to earn money via housing, healthcare and education, and which allowed them to earn via GIC and Temasek Holdings.

In the second article which I published last week, I summarised how the PAP has taken our money to use, to earn for themselves, and to enrich and benefit themselves.


This year, I finally awoke to the idea that for your own freedoms, you have to fight for it. And thus I embarked on this fight to protest at the Hong Lim Park to #ReturnOurCPF to not only raise further awareness among Singaporeans about what I have discovered but to also demand for a change of government.

I was very worried. If Singapore continues under the PAP, not only will the lives of Singaporeans be at risk, Singapore as a whole will see our country’s future at stake. I couldn’t just sit down and wait. I had to speak up!

Some Singaporeans ask me – why do you stand up and speak when things won’t change? But if that is what we believe, then things will never change. The PAP is relying on Singaporeans feeling disempowered to keep themselves in power. By ensuring that Singaporeans work the longest hours in the world, earn the lowest wages among the highest-income countries and where 30% of Singaporeans have to spend more than what they earn and have to live in poverty, the PAP has been able to create a system that is able to keep Singaporeans feeling so squeezed that Singaporeans would be too fearful of our own lives to fight against the atrocities of the PAP.

But I believe. I believe that if you speak up, if you fight, at least we have a fighting chance and at least we will be able to take our country back from the PAP and start rebuilding our lives and to give our people, our children and our families a chance. At least then, we can start to put Singapore back on the right track so that we can have a chance to create the lives we want.

But do I have to do this? I don’t. When the lawsuit first came, some people told me to close down my blog and to run out of the country.

But I believe in staying true to myself and living to my conscience. I had to do what my heart tells me and I have to do what is right.


Over these past few days, much has happened. It was emotionally surreal. I paused and questioned – what am I doing all these for?

I know what I could see. I know what I have learnt, discovered and confirmed from other people who have studied the system or have the inside knowledge, that Singapore was heading towards a collapse under the PAP’s control. However, some friends were still resistant to what I shared with them – I am too busy with my life, I have a property to upkeep, what about my $10,000 salary, they ask?

It is perhaps sad that the PAP has managed to create a system whereby many of us believe that we have too much to lose – our HDB, our CPF etc, so much so that we are not ready to speak up, not knowing that the very things that we are scared to lose – CPF, HDB etc – is also what they have created to earn from us. We are slaves without knowing it, or without admitting to it.

Thus when the PAP was once again able to use the media to deride my character, I was disappointed. I was disappointed not so much because of what has been done to my character – that doesn’t matter. Our lives and reputation matter only as much as to the ego we attach to them. At the end of the day, it is what we do and our (real) honesty that truly matters.

But I was disappointed – I was disappointed that in spite of our knowing that the PAP would use the mainstream media to so easily discredit and malign those whom they deem as their opponent and political threat that Singaporeans would still so easily lap it up. I was disappointed because for the past 50 years, they have been able to use their propaganda to work the system for their own benefit and social engineer a Singaporean mindset in their favour, and it looks like things have still not changed.

So, I asked myself – what am I doing all these for?


I still don’t have an answer.

At the end of the day, my life, my character and my reputation does not matter. I have long stopped to worry about what people think of me for I know who I am deep within and I hold on to my values and ethics through and through. The PAP can disfigure my personality but they cannot hurt my soul.

It doesn’t matter what people think about me. At the end of the day, my goal has always been clear – one day, we have to stand up and fight for ourselves so that we can fight for our own lives and create the live we want for ourselves.

If I fall, I am only one person, but the rest of Singapore and Singaporeans have to fight. It doesn’t matter if I lose, but it matters that Singaporeans would take up the mantle and stand up for ourselves. Will you?


I just cannot sit back and let things go, without trying. I cannot allow such treachery to our people when the PAP is able to make Singaporeans pay $66 billion into Medisave but only give us back 1.3%. I cannot do it when the PAP makes Singaporeans pay enough in fares to cover the operating expenses for the transport operators while make us pay tax as well – where did the tax go? I just cannot sit back when the PAP would take $400 million of our taxpayers’ money to give to international students to come to Singapore to study, accumulate more than $400 million in surpluses in the public universities, yet make Singaporeans pay $400 million by ourselves to study in the public universities. I simply cannot sit back when the PAP buys our land cheaply but would now make us pay for land for 60% of the flat price, so much so that we have to max out our CPF, and yet while the PAP claim that the HDB is losing $1 billion every year, they have actually earned $74 billion over the past 6 years from land sales.

It doesn’t feel right to not speak up when the PAP takes our CPF to give to GIC to earn 6% but only give us back 3% and it feels even more wrong when whatever the GIC manages could actually all be our CPF and the interest that is not returned. And if so, there is no ethical or moral right for the PAP to keep the interest and our money without returning it!

You see, after all these, I could not sit and not fight. We could not allow the PAP to tell Singaporeans that we cannot protest or we will arrest you or we will sue you. They do so because they knew that if you did protest, if you did fight, their whole structure would unravel. What they have built for themselves, to earn from it, will unravel. And they cannot afford to let you do that.

It is your lives or theirs. And they have chosen. And it is not yours.

My question to Singaporeans now is this – what will you do? I am ready to take a backseat when I am not needed. Who am I anyway? I am nobody. But the lives of everyone in Singapore matters. Every person who would stand up for our own rights mean winning for every person. Every person who stands up would add up to many who will be able to fight for our own lives.

When will Singaporeans decide to stand up and fight for ourselves? At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide, whether there is too much at stake now or if there will be too much at stake if we don’t fight now.

Return Our CPF Protest March The Straits Times

Photo credit: The Straits Times

Two years ago, I set out wanting to write and to let more Singaporeans know what was going on. I hope that I have been able to achieve what I had set out to do. Today, there are nearly 4 million views on my blog. I hope that I have done my part for as well and as far as I can. I have made some mistakes, and there is much I need to learn. I thank everyone for being with me every step of the way and in supporting me on this journey.

I will continue to fight in whatever I can or whatever way matters to the people. Perhaps we might one day understand that change will come not when one or two fight but when all of decide to stand and to what is right for ourselves and for our lives. Change comes not by waiting for the fight of one man to succeed but for the fight of all to make that one success.

I do not care about my reputation or character. That does not matter. But what I care about is that the lives of others are treated right and we get a fair chance at living the lives we want. It’s up to you as well, my friends.

Photos credit: Tan Yunyou


  1. TanTockSeng

    You better get a priest to represent you. Just don’t get them near your children. Alternatively, get your parents to represent you – presumably they have good character since they raised a genius like you

  2. tan

    You claim u care about others.. do u care if i tell u i am irritated by HHH rudeness and very uneducated behaviour. As well as your load of shit. Do u care… huh huh?

    • The Heartless Truths

      President Teo, why you choose Singapore while you have have universe? There are many stars out there you can choose to live without being condemned. Are you an alien?

  3. Practice what you preach

    You don’t care about your reputation or character. But how about practicing what you preach.Full transparency and accountability.
    There has been not even a whisper in regards to the management of the donations to you for a very long time. Full transparency and accountability means publishing both the incoming donations and expenditure, not just the incoming donations.

    • kkk

      don;t u know, he is in bkk now. 100k can buy a nice apartment there and he has lots of places to practice his YMCA!!

  4. landragon123

    Who is President Teo En Ming, a nuts who talk NUTS. Just because you have President in your title don’t blow your horn here.
    What is happening here is no about migrating or like or not like, it is about a sick PM trying to sue a good young man, kill his job in the process and getting all his Cabinet to down this young man. If you are a good man of character, you should know what a fine man Roy is, at least he standup and tells the truth and when he admit his mistake and willing to paid $5K our greed PM wanted his downfall to get more money to donate which is SIN Money if he win. He is already a loser for the storm against him now makes him said he is stepping down. No it is not the storm, it is his sickness with a 2nd Cancel Relapse which is very painful and he is in fact paying for his Sin alive for if he died without paying, his children will be the sufferer. As a Taoist, I believe in after life and that is why Taoist pray to our ancestors who could be your parents who are good. The real ancestors we pray are Kwan-in, Kwan Kong, Pau Kong just to name a few.

    • Supporter

      You are full of shit. If someone is to slander you and make you lose your reputation ,family and career, you wont sue ? Gong Lan Jiao way.

      • landragon123

        You a supporter of the SICK PAP Government? Than you must be sick too, for if LHL have accepted the $5K offered, there will not be any washing of DIRTY Linen for the World to see and hear. Sick PM is a greed man and he wanted to sue for the MAX so he will have a record of donating to Charity again. The last time he did was $300K when his father donated $12M when he admitted his wrong by enforcing the 2nd language policy which boils my daughter who struggle to get a C and for her Poly studies. But I told her to keep it up with the learning for it is very good to know Chinese as a 2nd language but she ignore me. Few years ago,NOKIA move to China without her for her poor Chinese.and she is jobless for the last few years as at NOKIA her pays was about $8K and still dream to get that pay in her new JOB?

    • No excuses

      Oh yeah, Roy is a fine man with fine negative qualities such as insensitivity, self centered, selfishness, disrespectful, self pity, stupidity, impulsiveness, telling half truths, twist facts to suit his theories.

      His original and truly selfless motivation for starting this blog is lost a long time ago when he resorted to sensationalism and wayang acts.

  5. Alan Tan

    Are you hoping that the critics will fade off eventually when you hide in your turtle hole or giving a half baked apology that blamed every other instead of yourself?

    This is the end of you Roy! Everyone is going to chase you with a stick like after the rat!

    Didn’t see this coming right? Lol!

    • Ape Tan

      Roy will survive. Running dogs like you will run after the stick their masters threw at them. One day, the stick will fly over the cliff and running dogs will fly off the cliff in pursue of the stick.

    • landragon123

      LHL is the government if not the stick chasing will be on him, but he have the full army, police, navy and air-force’s backing, Where as Roy is a ordinary citizen, who wanted to Chase HIM, Alan to do it? Just go the Speaker corner and see it is you got chase or Roy? LHL have bodyguards if not he will be the one to be chase for losing our CPF money. His dad was doing the right by only investing in BOND and Blue Chips. No SICK PM, tell us where is our CPF been invested. It is DRAGON LAND that does the losing for when it went bankrupt, Capital bought it over. During the earlier year, many old ladies was cheated by Dragon Land when there did not honor their sales to the old ladies who use their COFFIN money to invest.

  6. Supporter

    Roy will end up worse off than csj and fade away. He will use the rest of his life looking back and regret how kiddish and immature he is. He thinks he knows everything when he is actually a young punk who doesn’t know anything . Look at what he writes , totally unfounded, purely populist rubbish. Only losers in life will resonate with him. Hope a life long bankruptcy will wake him up. For those who believes in him ,pls walk the talk and slander pm as well. lol.

  7. Trailer

    Look at roy’s protest at hlp, only a group of old people who are apparently broke are supporting him. Few of them are probably his family members. Foolish failures led by a gay boy and a 22 yr old former-Malaysian, seriously this has got to be the world’s biggest protest joke. HHH probably hasn’t even worked for a few years before, but know best in complaining about how bad things are. Then why migrate here if it is so bad ? What a joke this gay-spoilt-girl pair are. Lol .

  8. The Heartless Truths

    Hi Roy, do we have new article? Long weekend liao. Usually you always post almost everyday, what happen now?

  9. Today's tips

    through the past five months of the overall observation , a series rumors release center, a series manufacturing chaos, all from one place, is the Prime Minister’s Office.

    the member in his office have been alleged violations of the privacy of citizens. playing evil demon spirit , especially they through the authority of possess each citizens’ private information.

    Constitution does not authorize, the Prime Minister’s office have the right to publishing citizens privacy things , it had violated of civil rights.

    for example, they in charge announced Roy private bank account amount , they charge to reveal Han Huihui’s personal life, they reveal the supporter writer’s privacy things, they spread over gossip. like a sick housewife.

    they successful manufactured twice harm Roy ‘s events , they framed Roy. Therefore, the Prime Minister also has the responsibility .

    do you think that protester really want the power ? No.
    they want to inform that you are not their grandpa or grandma that raised them very hard, so you have not right to punish them.

    Generally sociology and psychology professionals talented person , suitable to assist the leaders governing the country. They have to be provided with least sublime inner beauty .

    wish remain in power ? want to do whatever you want ?
    must stop any of persecution against the people or protester, Roy, Huihui and so on , playing a good role, solve their woes, atcs as an olive-branch. hate to love, war to peace. not a big deal.

    • Alan Tan

      When u cannot fight the truth the dogs of Roy decided to lie thru their teeth!

      This fxxker is the true example of the kind of people supporting the idiotic duo!

    • Ticktock

      It is called..shameless hypocrisy. It will divide the country with blood. They may enforce, legislate and indoctrinate…the heavens will never allow peace. All dirty, bloody and intoxicating means employed to hold and keep power is at best illusionary.

      So don’t kid yourself

  10. tan

    There are so many voices to you and you are ignoring them. Pots are calling the kettle black. I demand you give us answers to many questions here.

    Also why didnt you raise the issue with PAP about undeserving person like HHH being a citizen? Why you kept quiet about this? Do you think she derserves to be citizen? Ask the people. Get the statistics. You are contridicting yourself. If i got nothing better to do, i will lead the HLP walkaround “DENOUNCE HHH citizenship!”

    • Today's tips

      Everyone has their unique , it was born naturally , that relevant its blood type, constellation, backgrounds, education, willpower and so on, such as LKY, he has naturally strong personality, people also.

      no possible, compel everyone in one body one brain. with a forced way to bend people’s heads, Is very cruel, very inhumane acts. those twist on the people’s spiritual and moral action, causing extremes meet the trend. deserving condemnation.

      This is why leaders should know a bit knowledge of psychology, build an healthy society.

      understood HHH annoys you.

      Citizenship issues implemented in accordance with the Constitution. Whether new citizens or old citizens , Constitutional protection of every citizen to be loyal to the country, there is no discrimination.

      how do loyal to the country ?

      While the people are going to kindly deliberately forgot it,
      you ” DENOUNCE HHH citizenship! ” ‘s voice ​, resulting in an reminder of the important event than HHH, lose 400 billion United States dollars treasury is the major event.

      when give 10% of kind to others, you will receive more 100% times rewards. think about that figure of more than 100% rewards, it worthy.

      • kkk

        Today’s loser

        you cannot even get your facts correct. 400b, why not say 400t. A1 Loser.

        like mentioned many times. LOSER UNITED.

  11. President Teo En Ming, Federation of the Universe

    Provocateur confessed that he receives money for confronting [pro-democracy] protesters [in Hong Kong].

    At 0:33, a person asked from behind the camera, “How much did you received?”

    The person who was confronting the protesters said, “It is not your business, how much I received.”

    The crowd shouted, “Oh… you received money.”


    Teo En Ming
    Singapore Citizen

  12. President Teo En Ming, Federation of the Universe

    Dear Dr. Chee Soon Juan and -all- members of the opposition political parties including Workers’ Party,

    How much money did the Singapore Government pay you to stage a show for Singaporeans and the world? I am not greedy. I would be happy and content if you could give me USD$5,000,000 TRILLION. Sharing is caring. 🙂 I am a poor man.

    Thank you very much.


    Teo En Ming
    Singapore Citizen

  13. Scaredypigs

    Roy is gaining ground or hitting the nail into the coffin. The people in power are getting nervous so they get their minions to sabotage, hinder and stumble the protestors.

    What is new?

    • Alan Tan

      Gaining ground to hell n hitting his own nail into his coffin right?

      Your hero is hiding now n don’t Even dared to surface for so many days!

      Does this look like a winner to you?

      You are supposed to kiss his ass, not his foot you know?

      • ????????

        few conspirator bought a dog , dog took their money, specializing for bite , every day like flies, tightly pegged to a person. today, he pegged to Roy , tomorrow he pegged to one of us , Gangs UNITED. Singapore have to eradicate the gangs first .

      • ????????

        we sympathize Roy , Wish him all the best.
        until now we cannot bear to guess what association of this gangs with someone ?

  14. Today's tips

    be honest speaking, regardless of the past, or recently saw Prime Minister Lee’s speech in the newspaper, Very positive, very moved, he deserves to get premier astronomical salary. no doubting.

    we look at his image, such impression , He is not like a leader who stir up trouble .

    but on Roy’s case, the way of processing the lawsuit, terminated his work and so on, we can not believe that is the will of Prime Minister Lee himself, it seems there is a middleman who work between the Prime Minister and the peoples, leading from beginning of controversy. deteriorating the situation.

    this middleman have to do self-examination, as soon as possible to assist the recovery Roy’s job, revocation of the lawsuit, if you really help the Prime Minister, You need to do some things for the Prime Minister glory, stop issue announce provoking or shamed the people. because your wrongly action has led the Singaporeans misunderstood the Prime Minister.

    We hope that will attract cabinet’s attention.

    • landragon123

      How stupid is your today’s tips. If you are man and game enough, why use TIPS. My tips to you and A11 citizens, is our PM is very Sick with a relapsed CAMCEL which make him almost out of his

      MIND. Try to control Dengue with men and women combing the whole Island to KILL Mosquitos, YOU might as well go and kills yourself. Have anyone heard of a country use the whole country resources to kill mosquitos during the driest spell in Singapore to spray chemicals into DRY drains. Even I saw a Malay MP trying to catch mosquitos along the corridoors of HDB flat?

      Alert are over the Island, call red, blue and green to tell the Mosquitos that LHL’s teams are coming, go and hide MOSQUITOS for a PM of Singapore is coming to kill you A11.

      Our only Pine tree killed some lucky man as he dies instantly but our PM took revenge for him by murdering hundreds of similar trees In the Bukit Batok and Upper Bt. Timah area. I do not know if more killings are done in other parts of Singapore?

  15. neutral

    What fools. There is only one thing that matters, power. If you don’t like the rules, play by them until you reach the top then change them. There are no short cuts. Fools.

  16. 答游润恬

    游润恬 2014年10月05日



    ----------- 新常态 ? 请你描述一下旧常态 ?新与旧哪个比较好 ?好在哪里 ?坏在哪里 ? 请列举。要确保雨点和雷声一样大,有任何法律保障 ?



    ----------- 错 。 政客 (politician),就是以政治活动为职业,为了本阶级、本集团或个人某种政治需要而搞政治投机、玩弄政治权术的人。 大政客往往是政治活动中的阴谋分子、两面派,甚至是政治野心家。他们往往目光短浅、冷酷狡诈,在一定意义上,政客是社会动乱的根源,他们能对政府的决策活动施加相当大的影响。

    严格地说,鄞义林和韩慧慧只是挑战 “ 阴谋分子、两面派政客 ” 的人,当然他们还年轻,还不懂政客的含义。



    ----------- 芳林公园是老一辈先驱者,为了避免后代继续被欺负,建立一块供穷苦的劳工者聚集,聊天,梦想自由的发源地, 芳林公园规定不得从事宗教活动。 抗议者早早发布广告, 注册位置,也获得许可证。抗议者的口号与活动相符合。



    ----------- 部长在抗议现场, 举办给自己娱乐的表演活动, 好比在一群饥饿者面前吃大餐,他的 “大鱼大肉” 易怒了破衣烂衫的抗議者 。 部長本該為人民代言。

    5 )


    ----------- 沒有法律規定鄞义林不可以。 非要搞死他的人 , 先搞掉他的工作,通過報館抹黑他,把他送入法庭,因为历史上每次被他们送入法庭的下场, 不是破产就是死路一条。 然而, 法庭并没有立刻满足原告,于是製造芳林公园事件. 从局势上看,接下來車禍 ? 意外 ?鄞义林的生命安全 ? 懇請一切善良的新加坡人全力保護鄞义林极其家人再被暗算 。

    6 )


    ----------- 鄞义林是一個有思想, 有才華的一代新加坡人,每個支持他的人,與他感同身受。他代表一批对旧政府欺压百姓的不满,对新政府新生活的渴望 。



    ----------- 人们需要代言人, 国家需要新鲜血液,政治企图心没什么不好. 把他挡在门外的人,是心胸狭窄的人 。




    ----------- 政客没有原则,没有立场,没有信仰,只有自己。 政客的最大特点是追逐权势。权势在哪里,他们就菌集在哪里,权势在,他们就在. 以上描述与鄞义林毫不沾边.



    ----------- 政客为竞选,拉票, 动用黑帮不折手段, 鄞义林为真理没有手段。



    ----------- 讨论公积金和淡马锡关系需要的问责制,不受时间平台空间限制。



    ----------- 答对啦 !





    ----------- 这些与你,原告, 害人团队都无关 !




    — 如果对对致人死地的毒蛇,前前后后50年来害死很多人的毒蛇, 给这个毒药给对啦 ! ! ! !

    • poopoo

      Don’t use the word “bully”, the word is above them. More appropriate word(s) is bull shit ( not the same as bullshit)

  17. Si Yuan

    Are you going to be able to get another permit for Hong Lim Park? If not, can protest where? I guess it doesn’t matter…only so many times “Return our CPF” needs to be said (or shouted)

    • Alan Tan

      Have u taken your medicine? Your hallucinations will stop when you takes it 3 times a day!

      Roy is the best example! His debarking medicine started to work now!

      • Jackfruit

        Alan, Roy cannot be debarked. he realised he cocked-up big time and taking some time off to cool things and hope that the public will forget what he did. in the meantime, he is conjuring up new ideas on how to create more trouble.

    • otah

      Only Roy is nice to allow running dogs goreng goreng. Only Roy knows you are no threat to his high calling. Roy is the best

  18. Leedom

    “Though Mr Xi’s efforts to clean up the CCP are a welcome development, the party itself is part of the problem. Substituting one elite for another will do little to eliminate systemic corruption. The true test of change will be whether the CCP is prepared to subordinate itself to new, inclusive institutional arrangements that are conducive to economic transformation.”

    “No party official seriously questions the CCP’s authority over the legal system. Indeed, last year, university lecturers were instructed to avoid classroom discussion of universal values, press freedom, civil rights, the CCP’s historical errors, crony elites and judicial independence.”

    The idea of non corruption is be a thief to fight thieves.

  19. Selamat

    “Disney has unveiled a US$1.25 billion (S$1.61 billion) bailout plan for Disneyland Paris as the park struggles with an attendance slump and a high debt ratio.”

    The fun is short lived.

  20. Selamat

    The government will continue to do its best to support companies on their push for greater slavery, while focusing on training and changing mindsets on the slave level.

    • kkk

      if you have the smarts and diligence, u too can be lord of slaves too. Loser United always blame others apart from themselves.

      btw, where is your captain of LOSER UNITED?

  21. Selamat

    Following a year of large scale cyber attacks here and globally, Singapore telcok SingTales is teaming up with American cyber security solutions company PryingEye to build Advanced Security Operation Centres to serve the Asses Pacifier region.

      • Jason

        A particular news website, equipped with intelligence, likes to report on salacious news. Some say tools for phishing or something. Some years back, a news anchor was charged raping a colleague or something.

    • kkk

      u lost the bid and come here to bitch??? so typical of losers…..u are in the right company of ROY…LOSER UNITED!!

      • to kkk

        You reveal a problem of LOSER UNITED ‘s maker . Roy is not treated fairly under the same law.
        the group arbitrarily deprived Roy’s job has been breaking the law.

        In accordance with the practice of libel, Lianhe Zaobao as a national newspaper, have been alleged defamation. Roy entitled to claim compensation 10 million for for mental damages, calculated according to the Newspaper’s circulation abroad, this article had impacted the loss of Roy physically and mentally suffering, counting shall start from every day.

      • bb

        Reponding to “to kkk”

        I don’t know what crap you are writing. If he want he can sue. I am sure ravi will be happy to help him. 10m? I dont know hiw u get the number. Most likley 10m rupiah.

        Not fair?? You should grow up, when is this world ever fair?

        Another LOSER UNITED

  22. Practice what you preach

    You have so much time to write articles after articles denouncing the government and the CPF. But where is your detailed viable solutions? We all know how to complain, we do not need another person to add to the complains. What we need is someone who can give us detailed and viable solutions to solve the CPF problem and free healthcare without putting any increased strain on the budget or result in people abusing the free healthcare.

    By the way, where is your promise to be transparent and accountable with the donations for the court case and the $5300 monthly salary? It has been a long time since you mentioned anything about the donations and there has never been any mention of any expenditures when transparency and accountability means showing both the donations and expenditures. You have no moral high ground to criticise and demand the government to be transparent and accountable when you do not practice it at all.

  23. to " Practice what you preach "

    In generally, Roy doesn’t work under the public body, the government did not provide a monthly salary to him, therefore, His activities are not subject to any partisan rules or restrictions .

    Not to mention his personal things, there is no need to explain to the public. Unnecessary to do his personal accountability.

    A difference between state leaders and the citizens here, State leader are representatives of the interests of all citizens of a country, he must do accountability and set a transparent system.

    Lianhe Zaobao has resulted in blatant defamation . Lianhe Zaobao must pay all legal damages cost on publically tarnish Roy’s innocence.

    The amount of damages affected areas to do the calculation, that the negative effects of the aftermath, the loss accordance with the spirit and the physically and mentally ill health.

    Seeks compensation for 10 million SGD, reference to Lianhe Zaobao’s owner’s how much wealth. and the greater influence.

    Singapore law equal treatment, protect of each citizen’s civil right , privacy and the right to speak , if traveling over civil rights, national newspaper openly cover up the truth, raping the public opinions.
    Court should base on libel ‘s column, should return victim Roy a justice.

    As Singapore’s mainstream media newspaper must compensate the loss of 10 million SGD to Roy. If they no money, the newspaper declared bankruptcy.

    • kkk

      are u so ashamed that you dare not have a anonymous nick? u should be, write rubbish. now you put SGD. why not USD? or GBP? why stop at 10..should ask for 100.

      How about the Special Needs kids sue him for mental stress & embarrassment. there are at least 20 of them that day, SGD10m each. 200m in total. Tell ROY to pay up. I hope you are not one of those too. otherwise we can sue you also.


      • to kkk

        Special Needs kids may sue that minister.
        that minister may compensate them for all losses,
        but, that minister may sue you , used his preciously weekend work for your plan, you spoil his mood to enjoy entertainment.

        And , you may sue your boss, installed a dog’s shell for you to bite everyone here , everyday…

  24. tan

    Where are you? Im waiting for your action again.you received cash now what you going to do? Where the heck is Ravi our freedom lawyer? He “chao sai”. Didnt join you in the recent protest. There is another hot topic now.. about the banned film what with love. Can you also oppose this?
    2016 coming, i like to see you setup a new party and contest. You can ask for money again for deposit money. Fight all the way. Dont give up.

  25. Alan Tan

    Both Roy n HHH go into hiding now! They are now a pair of rat that everyone want to skin alive!

    For those stupid idiots who donated to him thinking that he can speak up for you…

    How does it feel to be a SUCKERS?


    • Jackfruit

      Both of them are just hiding to tide over a while, hoping that singaporeans will forget. they will surely come out of the holes and create trouble again.

  26. landragon123

    Calling on good oppositions to unite now to give the Sick Government a good fight in 2015. I AM very such it will happens in 2015 when the SICK PM is down or out for good of SINGAOPORE the Little RED DOT on EARTH, which is warm but not HOT.

    The tourists from all over the World is coming here to see SINGAPORE for it cleanest, low crime to walk around in the middle of the night and go shopping at Mustafa.

    But our POLICE is scaring them away with the postal at all shopping centres telling them Singapore is infector with THIEVES in every Shopping Centres. When there come to enjoy with their hard earn money they save BUT our sick government wanted them come and loss their pants in the Casinos. There said when you paid $100 you will not go there, CAN the government tell us, The numbers of foreigners and local visiting. THIS just to show, I AM sure more Singaporean and Malaysian are the majority, for Muslims are not allow to gamble, but DO WE have Muslims in our Casinos.

  27. “还我公积金”主办者等人助警调查 - - 早报新闻读后感

    “还我公积金”主办者等人助警调查 2014年10月11日


    --------- 调查什么 ?在沒有調查國庫裡400億美元輸光光的重大失職之前 ,你們的重點 ? 這一行動違背了李總理在上週做的如下講話精髓:

    “ 2014年10月03日 (联合早报网讯)李显龙总理呼吁国人在看待国家大事时应情理兼具,政府绝对不应该铁石心肠无视民间疾苦,但与此同时也不能漠视须维系国家生存的硬道理,关键是得在情与理之间取得平衡。”



    --------- 請你們以一個窮人的身份到真正的第一世界去住2年,看看人家把國民利益放在首要尊重的位置, 在執政者與民眾法律地位平等對待方面,在善待每個國人的福利方面,新加坡落後於文明世界至少100年。 當然和香港排名不分先後。但是人家香港並沒有自稱是第一世界。

    調查 ?要從以下幾方面開始:

    1. 利用残废孩子搞募捐 ?涉嫌違反國殘疾兒童保護法 .
    2. 殘疾兒童表演的廣告登载哪里 ? 如果藏起来,就是搞阴谋 . 至少人們天天都看到了抗議者預定場地的廣告。
    3. 部長鼓動殘疾兒童在抗議活動現場, 給他表演,用意不善, 激發抗議者 。

    關於韓慧慧 :

    1. 在國際上向移民們招手的牌子是 “ 新加坡共和國 ” , 憲法對新無論新公民, 舊公民不得歧視。 如有虚假,需面对国际法庭, 对一个国家向外界做出的误导, 赔偿在移民活动中的一切损失。

    2. 新加坡的單親媽媽,年邁老人,失業的兄長,自杀者家属, 這批掙扎在新加坡的窮苦弱勢族群,在過去50年中沒有人理睬他們, 在毫无办法下,只有依靠天意, 一個天理。 什么是天理 ? 就是按照规则办事. 韓慧慧是上天派來的天使, 监督法力的化身, 修理她,意謂著修理天理, 不守規則, 就是与天意抗衡,这里的规则是指,抗议者的时间,场地, 安全有没有受保护。

    3. 在各方壓力超出承受極限的時候,在長期得不到執政方人道布施的時候,領袖與民众天堂地獄之别的時候,執政方需對苦海無邊的國民舉辦抗議活動負責 , 为国牺牲, 引咎辞职。

    4. 把3个韓慧慧的年龄加起來,仍然比你小。 但是她與窮苦人產生共鸣的程度, 與他們同悲伤。 她比起你有巨大的觉察与同情感。她是黑暗中的一把手電筒。

    5. 进一步虐待韩慧慧, 将对提名她和Roy獲未來諾貝爾和平獎有利, 為新加坡人的民主自由安全爭取權益。




    ------- 當局在台上。 這幾天都在宣傳李資政的建國歷程, 反問, 如果把一個名為什麼主義 ( 比如共產主義,社會主義,資本主義 , 華文主義 , 种族主义 ) 的人關在牢裡超過30年, 有1000个人超过10年,20年, 这和灭绝有什么不同 ?

    宣传反殖民地 ? 针对一些不了解英国制度的国人 。以下几行字来解读英国人的本性:

    ” 英国人办事认真,寡言少语,对新鲜事物持谨慎态度,具有独特的冷静的幽默。他们保守、冷漠,感情轻意不外露,即便有很伤心的事,也常常不表现出来。他们很少发脾气,能忍耐,不愿意与别人作无谓的争论。英国人做事很有耐心, 遵守诺言。”

    因此言下之意, 如果继续被英国殖民地, 受害者不会这么多, 这么重 。 根据英国人的本性, 从他们给自己本国人孩子每周发奶粉钱来看, 他们骨子里不是心狠手辣的民族。 从他们几任首相的薪水来看,他们的制度对个别贪得无厌不给机会。

    从古代, 各国都在对战争中的过错做道歉,执政者必须引以为戒, 改正错误。说到底,尽管人家有什么主义, 也不必这么毒,查一查,世界历史上有几个人这么做, 连健康人看了都吐血的历史,不能怪韩慧慧。

    从现代, 在对待邓亮洪, 徐顺全的事件上,现任执政者欠妥他们一个道歉 . 你们不能再这样任意欺负人民 . 除非把国家改为私有制, 这样比较清楚看清前途,如果国人实在活不下去, 可以向当地世界最发达的国家申请难民。



  28. “还我公积金”主办者等人助警调查 - - 早报新闻读后感

    从警方在事件十多天后作出的公布, 毋庸置疑, 韩慧慧被报复者设计。 再细读历史过后, 发现手法和当年设计林清祥 ( Lim Chin Siong )相似。

    都是这一套:因为什么什么 …… ,所以什么什么…… 。好像都与他无关。 比如,说因为林清祥是共产党社会主义, 所以英殖民地要抓他, 现在分析,真是英殖民地吗 ? 林清祥对当时都准备撤退的英殖民地有那么重要吗 ?还是另有他人 ?再追究下去,如果林清祥真的落在英殖民地手里, 至少他现在还活着, 不会早早死去, 因为英女王每年都有大赦。

    这一次对付韩慧慧,因为慧慧闯入什么什么…… ,所以什么什么……, 又好像与他无关.

    报复,是一种病态心理,它的产生是由于私心膨胀的结果。这样的人有着一种偏执的心态,总是把自己看作一枝花,把别人看作“ loser ”,连做梦都在指手画脚,凌驾于他人之上。




    其实,伺机报复的人, 就算再厉害,他法力也是有限的。


    宽恕跟你受到多少侮辱、冒犯、羞辱或虐待无关,即使最糟糕的事就是释放仇恨,我们也必须宽恕。这就是疗愈的本质 。

  29. landragon123

    I just created a new name for our Largest Company in Singapore call SINK TELL. The Malaysian love this company and call it SING & TELL for in the olden days it is the only company that allows you to do it, Singapore Telecoms. And an CEO was good to cut short the spelling and call it Singtel.

    But on 31st Aug I lost my Top-up phone and my I/c and all my credits, credit and ATM. I have to cancel my trip to Athens to meet my supplier and Girlfriend.

    I called 1688 and there told me to go to Hello shop to get a new simcard as I wanted my old number. At Comcentre, there told me my number is not in the system and ask me to wait for their answer as there have sent a FAX to the service provider. No answer came and I went to Comcentre again, the same story. An officer, toke my contact and said he will look into it and answer me.

    Yesterday I went again to Comcentre to collect my company Sims card and my top-up simcard is still no ready. How long will SINK TELL solve this problems for me? I think I will never get an answer for when we SINK we are drowned and can dead man gets and answer???

  30. The Voice of Singaporeans for Singapore

    Han Hui Hui’s 8-hour ordeal at Police Cantonment Complex
    Protected October 11th, 2014 | Author: Editorial

    Ms Han Hui Hui
    Not only was the main organiser of @ReturnOur CPF protest denied food, her personal belongings were also (unreasonably) seized by the police, said Han Hui Hui of her 8-hour long ordeal at the Police Cantonment Complex (PCC).

    The investigating officer (IO) also tried to prevent Ms Han from calling her lawyer M Ravi, but fortunately the call went through before the IO snatched away her mobile phone.

    The police had yesterday (10 Oct) summoned Ms Han to assist in an investigation into an offence of unlawful assembly, related to the recent #ReturnOurCPF event which clashed with the YMCA event graced by Minister Teo Ser Luck.

    Relating her ordeal, Ms Han said she had turned up at PCC as demanded and was put in an interrogation room for 8 long hours, from 2pm to 10pm.

    During the interrogation, Ms Han was allowed to go for toilet breaks, but her request for food was denied. She was also not allowed to leave PCC for dinner.

    TRE understands that even if Ms Han was arrested, she would have been entitled to food provided by the police, an entitlement which cannot reasonably be denied.

    Commenting on Ms Han’s ordeal in a FaceBook post, Teo Soh Lung (a former ISD detainee and qualified lawyer) said:

    You are entitled to request for hot drinks and snacks if you are hungry. If your interview takes hours, you are also entitled to request for lunch and dinner.

    Interestingly, there is a canteen at PCC and each department in PCC has a pantry stocked with biscuits, coffee, etc. It is puzzling why the IO, one Inspector Wong Yu Wei, would deny Ms Han her basic entitlement.

    The IO took away a notebook (writing pad) which she had been using to take notes of the questions and answers during the interrogation. Ms Han shared that when she asked the IO to return the notebook to her since it is her personal property, her request was flatly denied.

    Commenting on the seizure of Ms Han’s notebook, Ms Teo opined that Ms Han was within her rights to take notes during the interrogation and the IO had no right to confiscate it:

    Bring paper and pen to record the questions and answers. As most of you know, Han Hui Hui had her notebook (the paper notebook not the computer) taken away after the interview. The police has no power to retain your properties as you have not committed any offence.

    In any case, Ms Han was allowed to leave PCC at 10pm, but not before being warned that she is not permitted to reveal the questions asked during the interrogation.

    In the meantime, Ms Teo has written a quick Q&A on Facebook for other activists who may be called up for questioning by the police .

    • The Heartless Truths

      Don’t believe her. Her offensive and irrespectful attitude the other day at HLP towards police and NPark officers made everyone’s life difficult anyway. Not surprise that 8 minutes questioning session will become 8 hours. Read official statement from police better. Look at how she is smiling at the pic, I think she was enjoying there being a troublemaker.

      • Jackfruit

        bb, you never know what other crap can come out from her .. anyway, it’s good to know police is investigating her.. hahahahahha !!

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