Desmond Lee, It is the PAP Which Needs to Be Transparent and Accountable to Singaporeans for Our CPF

PAP CPF Transparency and Accountability

Dear Desmond,

I read your latest statement on the Aljunied-Hougang-Punggol East Town Council (AHPETC).

You said, “AHPETC has yet to explain its serious financial mismanagement, and the S&CC arrears.”

You also said, “Instead, we have seen a coordinated online campaign to distract the public, using falsehoods, half-truths and speculations, by friends, sympathisers and proxies of the Workers’ Party (WP).”

And you said, “The aim is to confuse the public and distract them from the real issues.”

“This is what the WP often does when caught under the spotlight – raise a flurry of red herrings in the hope that people forget that they have not come clean,” you said.

Imagine my amusement when I read your statement.

Desmond, I, of all people, would know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of a coordinated online campaign.

And you, of all people, would know what it feels like to launch such a coordinated campaign, as your party, the People’s Action Party (PAP), has been so fond of doing.

When I was sued by your prime minister, your party launched a coordinated online campaign to discredit my character, for what reason, you and your party know all too well.

Since I was sued, your party’s moles, or the Internet Brigade (IBs) as they are affectionately or unaffectionately known, rampaged my blog and criticised not only my character but also used “falsehoods and half-truths” to mislead the people.

For the sake of the freedom of speech, I have not stopped them from doing so.

Your party claimed to “always be on the side of Singapore and of Singaporeans'” but your actions show otherwise.

The IBs also attacked my Facebook page and left personal and offensive remarks on my Facebook wall. They also took to online forums to spread rumours about me.

The newspaper your party controls, The Straits Times, was also quick to report that I am gay, to use that as a means to attack my character, in the hope that you can cause antagonism against me.

For the record, I am proud to be who I am because who I am has given me an empathy to understand people and show compassion to others. I appreciate my journey.

I can only thank Singaporeans for being wise to the PAP’s snide ways and have not fallen for your tricks.

But your party’s actions are deplorable.

When the prime minister and I both submitted our affidavits for the defamation suit, your newspapers covered the prime minister’s affidavit extensively but refused to report on mine.

I sent emails to the newspapers to ask them why, but none of them had the ‘face’ to reply.

So, you can imagine my surprise when you would accuse the WP of the very thing your party does, and not only that, but does better, or worse.

Under the PAP, I have become yet another victim of your onslaught, all because the PAP wants to keep yourself in power and would do anything you can to prevent those who oppose you from speaking up.

I am not the first. But I am the latest.

Just so you know, I do not belong to any “coordinated” campaign you accuse Singaporeans of. I do it out of my own free will because I believe in justice and freedom.

I do not believe in using fear and the buying over of allegiance.

And if it makes any sense to you, it is unlikely that Singaporeans would be able to conduct any “coordinated” campaign when your party has effectively crippled the systems of cooperation among Singaporeans. But that the unison of voices will still appear coordinated to you should mean something – Singaporeans are today so frustrated with the PAP that our voices have come into a common unity without us even having to try to.

Do not forget that it was your party who had in 1963 accused more than a hundred opposition members, and labour and student unionists, and in 1987 accused more than 20 Singaporeans of being communist conspirators when it has been proven through and through that there was no such campaign. Instead, it was your party which had waged a coordinated campaign against these Singaporeans and jailed some of them for more than 30 years, even though they are innocent.

Today, we once again see your party launch coordinated campaigns against Singaporeans and the Worker’s Party but you yet have the audacity to turn around to accuse Singaporeans of doing something that your party has been doing for decades now, and without any integrity whatsoever.

You have taken the idiom, “the pot calling the kettle black”, to a whole new level.

So Desmond, please, stop. Please may your party stop pretending to be the victim and stop feigning to be honourable when your party’s very actions have betrayed the trust that Singaporeans have expected of their government.

Cardboard Collector

You said, “The key issue is accountability and transparency.”

I agree.

You also said, “AHPETC has yet to explain its serious financial mismanagement”.

Before you think that you are in a position to take the higher ground, please take a look at your own party.

Your party, the PAP, has yet to explain its “serious financial mismanagement” and a much worse one at that.

You said that the WP, “in FY10 the(ir) TC (Town Council) ran an operating surplus of $3.3m, but in FY12 it ran a deficit of $734,000.

You also asked, “Is the S&CC from Aljunied GRC residents being used to cover the deficit in Hougang TC?”

So you said, “If so, surely residents of Aljunied GRC are entitled to know?”

Wise words, Desmond.

Then may Singaporeans just as well ask, “Surely Singaporeans are entitled to know” what the PAP has done with our Central Provident Fund (CPF)?

In 2008, the PAP government lost more than $100 billion from GIC and Temasek Holdings.

In 2008, the PAP government spiked out the CPF Minimum Sum to trap even more of Singaporeans’ retirement funds inside the CPF.

Today, an estimated 90 percent of Singaporeans are not able to meet the CPF Minimum Sum in cash and many Singaporeans are not and will not be able to retire.

Today, we see many elderly Singaporeans working as cleaners, odd-job labourers and cardboard collectors because they are not able to take out their CPF.

Because your PAP government trapped our money inside your own coffers.

Many Singaporeans have asked the same question that you have asked of the AHPETC: “Did the PAP take the CPF of Singaporeans to cover for the losses of GIC and Temasek Holdings?”

GIC and Temasek Holdings lost $117 billion in 2008. In 2008, Singaporeans had $151 billion in our CPF.

What the PAP lost is 77% of our CPF. This is a lot of money.

I put to you and your party, “If so, surely Singaporeans are entitled to know?,” in your own words.

You said, “The key issue is accountability and transparency.”

But has your party been transparent and accountable as to how the CPF of Singaporeans is being used?

You said, “Only the TC knows the answer, but it refuses to answer. Why?”

Indeed, only the PAP knows the answer as to why the CPF Minimum Sum was suddenly spiked up and why Singaporeans today are not able to save enough to retire.

But the PAP refuses to answer.


You also said, “Since May 2013, AHPETC has stopped submitting its S&CC arrears data to MND.  It now also refuses to tell the public the truth.”

Now, if your own party has also refused to tell the public the truth, who are you or your party in a position to lecture another?

Singaporeans have been asking your party to release the full reports of the GIC and Temasek Holdings so that we know how our CPF is being taken away by your party and being used.

But your party says, “It is not in our national interest to publish the full size of our reserves.”

But this is the money of Singaporeans that we are talking about here. Our hard-earned money.

But the PAP refuses to tell Singaporeans the truth?

Why does the PAP refuse to answer?

Teo Ho Pin Aim Town Council Yawning Bread

Photo credit: Yawning Bread (Alex Au)

You and your party would pick on the $734,000 deficit that the AHPETC has.

But when Singaporeans ask your party about the $117 billion that the PAP has lost, you and your party would rather keep silent.

Let me put it in perspective for you – the money that your party, the PAP has lost, is 160,000 times that of the deficit of the AHPETC.

Let me spell it out – the PAP lost $117,000,000,000 of Singaporeans’ money.

You would heckle the WP over not even a million dollars but you would not challenge your own party over the loss of more than a hundred billion dollars.

I do not know if you can even see the irony in this or how hypocritical your party is.

You want to play politics and hit out at the WP, but if your party cannot even get your act together, please start doing so before you accuse another of doing something the crime your party has done even greater.

Today, Singaporeans are made by your party to sacrifice the largest proportion of our wages into the CPF. The 37% that we pay is the highest in the world.

However, our CPF retirement funds have become one of the least adequate in the world.

The PAP government then takes our CPF monies to invest in the GIC and Temasek Holdings and they have now become the top 10 richest sovereign wealth funds in the world.

Desmond, the PAP knows why this is so. Why does it refuse to answer?

You said, the AHPETC “has also not answered questions from the public about the state of its finances today.”

But has your party answered questions about the state of Singapore’s finances today?

Since 2005, it is estimated that the PAP government has not declared to Singaporeans $200 billion in surplus.

This is $200,000,000,000.

Where did this money disappear to?

Like you asked, “How did this happen?”

“Surely Singaporeans are entitled to know?”

“Why has the PAP not answer questions raised by Singaporeans?”

Today, we know that your party is taking our CPF to earn 6% at the GIC but gives back to our CPF only 3%.

This money that is not returned is estimated to be hundreds and thousands of dollars, or even more than a million, that each Singapore is losing to your party.

This means that each Singaporean is losing more than the $734,000 that you are taking the AHPETC to task with.

If you have such integrity as to question the WP over this amount, surely you must have the same honesty to question your own party for the hundreds and thousands of dollars that each Singaporean is losing?

Or are you just trying to score political points?

Is the PAP just trying to “fix” the WP?

While your party is “fixing” the WP, Singaporeans have tried for many decades to ask your party to “fix” the CPF.

To grow our CPF, increase the CPF interest rates, and increase our wages.

Once this is done, all Singaporeans will be able to retire comfortably, and with dignity.

Singaporeans have already given your party the solutions.

But what has your party done?

Does the PAP want to listen?

You stridently accuse the WP that “when caught under the spotlight, (it would) raise a flurry of red herrings in the hope that people forget that they have not come clean.”

But how dare you accuse the WP of something your party does best?

Screenshot (45)

In 2001, your ex-prime minister Lee Kuan Yew denied that the PAP government takes our CPF to invest in the GIC.

In 2006, he denied this again.

In 2007, then-Manpower Minister Ng Eng Hen also denied that the PAP government takes our CPF to give the GIC to use.

But in May this year, the PAP government finally admitted to the truth, after pretending to Singaporeans for the past few decades – the GIC does take our CPF to use.

And when we asked for our CPF to be returned, what did your party say?

We asked you to return the interest and the money you earn from our CPF.

You told us the interest rate that you give us on our CPF is “secure”.

But you will not return our money to us. You will let yourself earn instead.

We said increase our wages so that our CPF can increase.

But you refuse to implement a minimum wage. You refuse to grow our wages.

But you would keep fighting for yourselves to increase your own salaries. You did that in 1984, 1994, 2000, 2004 and 2007.

Today, your party ministers earn the highest salaries in the world, in the millions, but Singaporeans earn one of the lowest wages among the developed countries.

And our real wages have remained stagnant for the past 20 years, while that of the poorest in Singapore have gone down.

Where did you get all the money to increase your own salaries? It all comes from the money you take from Singaporeans.

Your PAP party will make Singaporeans pay to subsidise your salaries but you would not pay to subsidise our wages and the rising cost of living.

The PAP has no right to hold down our wages, and then take what we could have earned to pay yourselves such high salaries.

Your party says that you control the housing programme and that you set the price of the flats. So we said, please reduce housing prices so that we will have enough spare cash to use and to retire on.

But instead, you told Singaporeans to sell our homes, if we want to get our own money back to use.

Desmond, your party, the PAP, has been inhumane, selfish and despicable.

This year, the issue of the CPF blew up in the PAP’s face. But “when caught under the spotlight, the PAP would instead raise a flurry of red herrings in the hope that people forget that you have not come clean”.

You accuse the WP of not coming clean but your party’s closet is full of skeletons.

We, Singaporeans, have taken all that in and kept quiet in the face of your party’s atrocities.

But when you turned around and accuse the WP of something that your party does ever worse and more so without shame, how can anyone sit back and allow you and your party to have your way?

Desmond, what you have said is dishonourable and what your party has done and been doing is downright disgusting.

You said, “The key issue is accountability and transparency.”

You are not even fit to say this. Not you, nor anyone in your party.

Not the PAP.

Singaporeans have asked for transparency and accountability from the PAP over the hundreds and billions of dollars that your party has taken from us and not accounted to us.

Today, Singaporeans are so much poorer precisely because your party has not been transparent and accountable.

To hear you ask another for transparency and accountability, when your own party has done nary that, you do not know how laughable this is.

It is hypocritical.


Desmond, before you and the PAP point one more finger at another, please take a look at the four other fingers pointing back at yourselves.

Where is the $117 billion that the PAP government has lost in 2008? Did the PAP government increase the CPF Minimum Sum to trap our CPF inside, to pay for the losses your party made?

Where is the $200 billion in surplus that the PAP has not declared to Singaporeans since 2005? What has the PAP taken all these money to use?

Where is the hundreds and thousands of dollars, and even millions that each Singaporean is losing to the PAP because of our CPF that is not returned?

What has your party done with our money? When is the PAP going to return it?

Together, the PAP has taken billions, if not trillions, from Singaporeans and not returned it.

“Surely Singaporeans are entitled to know.”

Why does the PAP refuse to answer?

Why does the PAP aim to “confuse Singaporeans and distract us from the real issues”?

Desmond, neither you nor the PAP has the right to chastise anyone else for having a lack of transparency and accountability.

Your party, the PAP, has committed the gravest crime in Singapore by taking the CPF monies of Singaporeans to use, without returning it and all the while refusing to be transparent and accountable about it.

You said, “The key issue is accountability and transparency.”

But you make me laugh, Desmond.

You would heckle Singaporeans and fine us hundreds of dollars for not paying the S&CC, so much so that some Singaporeans had to go to jail because they cannot pay the S&CC, let alone the fine.

You would not show compassion. You only want our money.

But why have Singaporeans not been able to afford to pay the S&CC? Your party has depressed the wages of Singaporeans for the past 20 years but you would blame Singaporeans for not earning enough?

When your PAP-run town councils lost $12 million in 2008 investing in bonds, we let it go.

Let’s move on, your party has been fond of saying.

But when the poor and elderly are not able to pay for the S&CC, you would fine and jail them.

And when your party takes our CPF, have you fined or jailed yourselves for taking our money and not return it to us?

Your party-run’s town councils lost $12 million but was there a thorough investigation? Did the PAP take anyone to task? But your party would malign the WP for something your party has done so many times worse.

Your party has taken hundreds and billions of Singaporeans’ CPF and our money and not return it.

But your party still has “not come clean”.

Desmond, neither you nor your party has spoken up for Singaporeans and protected Singaporeans from the ransacking that your party has done to Singaporeans.

The PAP said that you will “always be on the side of Singapore and of Singaporeans'”.

Some people have said, that is true, because the PAP is always only on the side of our backside.

Desmond, your party, the PAP, has committed the worst crimes that can be done to Singaporeans and yet you and your party continue to pretend to take the higher ground.

Yet, you and your party continue to wear white.

The dirt that your party has caused to the lives of Singaporeans is not a speck that can be so easily erased.

The hardship you caused on our poor is not something pretending will make it go away.

For 30% of our poor who will never earn enough to survive on and for two-thirds of the middle-income in Singapore who make barely just enough, the sins that you have done against Singaporeans is not something that will be forgotten.

It has been etched into our memories.

You said, “The key issue is accountability and transparency.”

But it is the PAP that has “confused the public and distracted Singaporeans from the real issues.”

But the PAP has “refused to tell the public the truth”.

But the PAP has “not come clean”.

Desmond, you are right.

“The key issue is accountability and transparency.”

But it is the PAP that has to be transparent and accountable to Singaporeans.

For the PAP has committed the gravest crimes against Singaporeans.


  1. 对PAP的看法

    一针见血, 非常好的一篇论文 。

    ” GIC and Temasek Holdings lost $117 billion in 2008. In 2008, Singaporeans had $151 billion in our CPF.
    —– 拿国民的养老金去冒险投资, 尤其投资在国外,根本收不回本钱。 买个教训吧 , 以后要格外小心新加坡共和国破产的可能性。

    “ What the PAP lost is 77% of our CPF. This is a lot of money.”

    —— 后果相当严重。 这也是为什么李总理曾经要国人“ 勒紧腰带” 的真实原因吧 ? 后来他们团队里面的人说, 输掉的钱很快又赚回来了, 用了什么魔术变戏法, 不如分享给大家,让我们都把失去的钱变回来。 显然一派胡言嘛。

    “ In 2001, your ex-prime minister Lee Kuan Yew denied that the PAP government takes our CPF to invest in the GIC. ”
    —– 以我本人的立场来看, 李光耀的错是可以原谅的。 我们以后出版的书里面将另外为他写一篇分析。 即使他公开把钱拿回家,放入他家人的户口, 也没什么大不了的问题, 他是唯一有这个特权的人, 前提是, 不要伤害每个具体的国民。

    “ In 2007, then-Manpower Minister Ng Eng Hen also denied that the PAP government takes our CPF to give the GIC to use.”

    —– 这个Manpower Minister Ng Eng Hen 的讲话,显示了事情不这么简单, 而是瓜分。 涉嫌钱被他们党内几个人有瓜分的趋势。 这是极为严重的犯罪行为, 这个不知什么时候冒出来的 Ng Eng Hen , 根本没有与李光耀平起平坐, 一起瓜分的资格,既然你们要瓜分,就拿出来与全体国民一起瓜分。

    • Hearts to you

      Amazing article. Very very poignant and straight to the heart of the matter. I have never felt more enlightened and liberated in thoughts. Its very controversial and it is a pity not more people are reading this article. We should carry this article to more places for more singaporeans to be aware and think and argue for transparency. Yes, Roy, thanks very much for such a masterful and well argued piece of article. If what you says is true, which I believe it is, salaries of civil servants and not just ministers kept been increased years after years without rhyme or reasons, whether so many slog in work that do not even have anything as much as even a 1 month bonus or 1 percent increment. While they enjoyed jumps of ridiculous 7% or more annually and bonus and dubious special bonus which adds up to over 5 months worth of obscene bonus????

      when the economy is well, its their credit. when its not, its not their fault. Heads or tails, they win. Their org structure, extremely superfluous with dubious highly overlapping job functions and layers that serve no practical functions, no meaningful portfolios without practical existence, PS, DS, Senior Directors, Directors, Deputy Directors, Assistant Directors, Senior Assistant Directors??? How much of our hard earned money are actually spent to upkeep such an inefficient, grotesquely obscene top heavy and incredibly redundant government. with fat cheques and empty job titles and functions.

      Singaporeans. Think.

  2. 对PAP的看法

    “ Do not forget that it was your party who had in 1963 accused more than a hundred opposition members, and labour and student unionists, and in 1987 accused more than 20 Singaporeans of being communist conspirators when it has been proven through and through that there was no such campaign. Instead, it was your party which had waged a coordinated campaign against these Singaporeans and jailed some of them for more than 30 years, even though they are innocent. ”

    ——— 没有一个历史研究者将对以上的脚印拍手较好, 非常惨无人道。 和李光耀的家庭出生有关, 他父亲游手好闲, 母亲家庭妇女, 没有政治背景的熏陶, 在他的基因里面有 “野蛮匪徒 ”的个性。 这是那个时代的产物。 也导致目前在他的队伍里也留有这种野蛮的痕迹。

    有“ 匪徒”特质的人, 当然不懂得照顾人民的利益, 所以人们更需要团结在一起。 那会自己家的公积金,自己照顾自己。

    相信终有一日他的后代将为此向受害者家属道歉。 只要他从此不再伤害人民了,他的错可以被原谅。我们的时代要不断进步 。

  3. happy ravi

    Cool article bro. But it’s a very confrontational article. People in power do not like to be questioned or being confronted in such a manner ‘One finger point out, four fingers point in’ kinda manner. People with immerse power and wealth without the correct traditional upbringing in terms of being inately good at heart ( Like what Confucious always love to preach n u wonder why Confucious is not taught in 2014 schools ) are like psychopaths that are ego-centric and do not like to be impeached upon in such an affray manner where it’s like some low class ah bengs trying to pick a fight in an arcade.

    So just chill, stop with the bombastic words and you can too effectively bring your point across. Cos these people in power are using u as a laughing stock in which they hold their stomachs to contain their laughter about how low class can u be coming up with articles to get yourself into deeper shit.

    U must remember:
    >He who holds the keys to the coffers have the power.
    >He who is able to monetize the state holds the power and have the key.

    But that does not necessarily means he have the adequate education to make him a better man. Now that have been lost. By berating them, ur simply digging yourself a deeper hole. Cos they don’t care about u or the plight of the citizens. Instead more TV shows are churned out each day to keep them in the loop of uncertainty.

    I find it ironic how people hate them but yet still watch TV shows created by the same people wanting to imbed the same messages into their brains. No wonder despite your long articles and confrontational approaches, nothing still seem to work.

    > Lack of real humanistic teachings like Lao Tzu and Confucious
    > Fretting over survival where one is being kept in a low vibrational state to learn how to raise one’s heads high
    > Mass media indoctrination

    • Xmen

      With all due respect, what is your recommendation? Be happy, think positive, and hope for the best? And the PWP is what you get!

      IMHO there is no “right” approach to effect radical change in Singapore. PWP and CPF are two of the biggest issues affecting millions of people. So far there has been no serious effort by PAP in reversing the shortsighted and failed policies.

      • happy Ravi

        Bro, I know how u feel.

        But u must understand the rules of the game. ( Why do I call it rules? cos we are in this earth for a finite period of time, and there are rules for us to abide in order for change to settle in, right now we are living in an exciting age where internet have the power to influence people in a massive way. That’s why authorities seek to control the internet and if you read all the negative comments below, these are all either by IB or people with distasteful thoughts seeking to encapsulate you in a negative loop of mind by typing words of misdirection. It’s like they typed out directions for your mind to get lost, so just laugh at them cos they are so pathetic )

        #1 RULE:
        We are born on this earth to suffer

        #2 RULE:
        These men are in positions of power are meant to be in power because it’s their birthright and they earned it, like for example, a particular leader went to UK to hold the reins of the country and those that oppose him, he captured them. It’s a combination of birthright ( Some people are just born with silver spoon and meant to do big things ) and if things do not go his way, he do things beyond what nature intended. leaving him a life of guilt. Though his actions are intolerable, but this shows that with the right determination and the definite goal to succeed, one can reclaim his birthright.

        Case in point: Roy may be out to do something big, but he have been piled with so many lawsuits that simply cramp up his style, but when he is empowered positively, this dude is a force to be reckoned with.

        #3 RULE
        We are meant to be enslaved by men in power cos that’s their birthright and we are born on this world to suffer. Born, Grow Old, Sick and Die. The question is: Is it a cool and comfortable environment where the citizens can live their lives happily and can hold their dignity high? Look at the above article Roy put in. The people above lied when the money could be used for old citizens in their old age. Think about it man, $200million surplus. How much the old man need only to use till he die? $30k? It’s not even 1% o f the entire amount my man.

        #4 RULE
        Thinking ‘What to do? All jialat sia’ ain’t going to help in our case. These policies are drafted to make citizens cows that produce milk for the upper echelons of power and it’s been intricately created by non-driftors, Meaning that one deserve to be in this plight because he is unable to think for himself, negative, and allow himself to be sucked into the whirlpool of uncertainty by indoctrination and repeatingly hammering their thoughts down.

        Japanese proverb: The nail that sticks out get struck down. Roy today is the nail.

        #5 RULE
        Think positive, not negative. Well, I’ve said above that being negative ain’t gonna help our case further, thus when it’s apparent that the upper echelons do not care about citizens and being negative further keeps us in a low vibration state of mind, then what are we going to do?

        Firstly, one gotta de-program himself, pull the plug off the TV socket and make a difference in his family’s life. Encourage his family to all think positive because family is the most basic nucleus of a society ( And you wonder why family nucleus is being kept small for a limited gene pool in this society ), then slowly reach out ( Be careful that there are some hokkien ah bengs wanting to take advantage of u, so I suggest you keep it within your family first and be careful of losers trying to misdirect you on your quest to being positive.)

        #6 RULE
        Grab the bull by it’s horns and reclaim your birthright.

        Everyone of us are being born to this earth to make a difference. By hiding in the shell and being constantly hammered down by alot of societal programming ain’t gonna do us any good. Come out of the shell and give your 110% be it in career, or in families. Then one have truly reclaimed his birthright.

        Right now Roy have not claimed his birthright and what he is put on this earth for but he is going through alot of shit, thus we give him alot of credit and we oughta encourage him cos being in shit and yet continuing churning out articles is not a simple feat.

      • Xmen

        Bro, you list of rules/values are so “Asian/Eastern”. I suggest that you start thinking like an American, defend your RIGHTS and FREEDOM. Americans went through civil wars and struggles (i.e. a lot of sh*t) to get rid of tyranny and oppression.
        If you study world history, your will quickly realize the fallacies of your optimism. I don’t claim to know what will work in Singapore but raising awareness of the alternatives is definitely the first step. And Roy has done exactly that!

      • Happy Ravi

        Well, bro I know u into American culture and standing up, fighting for their own rights. In 18th century, New Orleans was like hell for the African Americans. They ‘affectionately’ called them negros and burned them on the stakes, they can’t even take the bus without being harassed.

        Rosa Parks started a civil rights movement and boycotted the Montgomery bus service thus inspiring others to stand up for their rights. Bear in mind that the man that took charge of this country knows everything about law.

        But today we are not people who don’t know how to stand up for ourselves nor most of laws are written to achieve and maintain optimum rights for people.

        Truths have been distorted and values have been deteriorating. Look how many trolls come inside here to distort the truth and make people more confused the minute I wrote a few comments here. Like . and . These people are not as simple as we think but they are stupid negative people that love to hasten the cycle of hate and negativity. Hence I gotta go back to basics by typing simple rules of life.

        Roy did a great job of yelling ‘Hey guys, look at here! This is a can of worms I discovered.’ He kept yelling negatively about the worms, which attracted alot of negativity and he is perpetuating negativity instead of inspiring people. But we can’t blame him. He is being brought up in an environment where the odds are against him in his society. But he came this far all because he got a kind and pure heart. This Roy is a cool dude where he don’t give a batshit of what’s going on and he just wanna go on like a machine spreading everything about the can of worms.

        Now, when we talk bout Western cultures, there are 2 sets of it. One is the American ways of life where American traits are:

        > Wage war on other country almost every 10 years, nowadays is every 3 years they find a target
        > Competition to see who is the best, biggest and meanest ( Making money, Running or Basketball and baseball )

        Fact is: Americans eat 815 billion calories of food each day – that’s roughly 200 billion more than needed – enough to feed 80 million people and American wastage is 200,000 tons of edible food daily. They would need 4.5 earths to sustain their lifestyle if everyone lived like them.

        The other Western culture is the beauty of it all: Germany and European way of living.

        The Germans are mostly inventors and great thinkers, Even Wolfgang Mozart is a German and putting Hitler aside, in the later part of the century, the UK brought laws and goodwill into South East Asia. It rain 200 days out of 365 days a year in England, and their country is damm cold and dark which is why they wanna come to a hot sunny paradise island in South East Asia. They all have a discipline and culture where even in 2014, their influences are still seen in high tea of Goodwood Park hotel and Raffles Hotel ( Yummy desserts ). Up till today, Hongkong still misses the UK despite the handover.

        What I’m mean is: American competitiveness is good. According to Forbes, the world’s biggest concentration of Billionaires are from USA! But the downside of competitiveness that if a sprinter runs 8.8 seconds in a record 100metre dash, he will die cos his heart burst due to the speed and pressure of the run! Now the current world record I think is 9.3 seconds. This show that being competitive is not human nature. You might argue with me ‘Sprinter run 8 seconds will die is not a valid or strong point cos it’s lame n got nothing to do with politics’ Well, I say, everything is 道. It’s all in the laws about nature.

        What goes up must come down. A balloon filled with too much air will burst eventually. More and more concentration of wealth will be enhanced to burst. Cos everyone is entitled to a certain wealth in their lifetime and that’s in correlation in how hard he works or whether he is born in a rich family and the greed to want more without adding value to citizens is simply hastening their own decline. That’s why you see alot of roads being built. Cos to create more goodwill and prolong their good fortune.

        On the other hand, we already seen signs of that in the downfall of ML bank where billions were lost from the coffers of a particular country. Thus, it’s not easy to see with a naked eye as not many people have the understanding of the nature way of life. But let’s not look at it from a political level. Let’s see it from a simple old lady that can be our grandma, or someone else’s granny.

        An old woman without her retirement money, picking up cardboard boxes will die eventually of old age or sickness. But at least she died with dignity and with pride without begging anyone for money. She will be liberated the minute her eyes shut forever with a tear flowing down from her face. That’s the natural way of life where one is upright and have integrity. Sadly, in 2014, only monetization and growth in financial report card is the most important. It become like a cold hard vicious machine that consumes everyone in the way. This economic engine have got no heart and it devours anyone it deems useless to them. This is what’s happening now.

        A good thing is: We all live to die. We live to inspire others and encourage them. This is nothing chink about it. It’s not traditional values or whatever Asian culture stuff. When I say that the ‘Founding father'<—(note the inverted and closed inverted commas) went to UK for the right to hold the reins of the country, I'm talking about his determination and how he demanded to succeed which even in 2014, it still persists where everyone loves to wear white weekly under the blocks for him. He might be an extremist in his tactics, but his conviction is sibei strong and at the end of the day, he only have himself to answer to. No one can answer his deeds for him. That's the way of life in the miserly 70 years a human being have on this earth. We only have one chance. We gotta make the best of it.

        Therefore, when one is rich, one have the birthright to have billions in his bank account, the best thing he could is not to hoard it. The best thing he could do is not just monetize things as he goes along. The best thing is to create value for other people so that people respect him instead of being fucked everyday.

        There were unscrupulous ang mo opium traders in the 17th century, causing alot of Chinese laborers and rich men alike to die. True, these drug dealers made money n enjoyed life. But for how long? The max they can enjoy is 40 years before dying of old age. There are consequences for doing shit like that to others, they will have to answer to themselves.

        When we talk about gene pool, and the famous psychology debate where Nature or Nurture, we fast forward to 2014. Perhaps most of the citizens are being nurtured so that their true nature is being blocked.

        Thus, there are no fallacies in my optimism. It's all about taking the good from different cultures and using that to empower ourselves. The reason why I put all these rules down is to allow more people to understand the predicament that they are in and citizens ought to take a first step out from the darkness they have put themselves through by optimism.

        Are u well aware that in Bowery New York City, there is a Confucius statue? It's not placed there for no reason. Angmos revere this man. Bro Roy have created awareness, ur so on the point, thus he now gotta empower these people to have an independent judgement. N the only way to be independent is to follow 道, the nature order of things and determination with the conviction for things to get better, as well as inspiring people and helping people who fall through the cracks of how this society is created.

      • Xmen

        You are such a positive thinker. If everyone thinks like you, PAP will be happy to carry on with their corporate business and to grow the already humongous Reserves! Singaporean workers don’t unionize, protest, or initiate any work actions (By law, they can’t.) They are doing exactly what you (and PAP) want!

        How do you suggest that they demand fair and just pay when they can’t unionize, protest, or initiate any work actions? Think positive? Feel good?

        I don’t have an answer here. But your positive thinking has not worked in the 90’s, 00’s and will not work today. At least you are one happy soul!


      • happy Ravi

        Guys! Of course I gotta speak in a big circle. I mean isn’t that what mainstream media loves to do? Embedding crap to let their own citizens be subservient towards them?

        I’m just doing it in a positive manner. Reading my stories will empower them. Normal people, or even Trolls. Cos trolls have been living in such a lowly existence where they can’t even recognize themselves in the mirror no more. Not I say one this have been proven le….

        相由心生 境隨心轉
        It means an ugly heart will give rise to an ugly outlook that reflects the ugly heart
        The reality will change when one’s heart is at peace.

        Thus bro, If u say, me talk cock only, me a peaceful person, everyone think like me country no need progress or can’t enact any change, I’m afraid u don’t know the power of positive thoughts my man….

        Everyday we are being bombarded by negative comments from trolls that type in negative stuff to challenge or refute your claims so much so that u wanna come n demand and challenge what I say? It’s been proven bro. It’s all been written down n people have already done it through peaceful resolution even in a military regime.

        So don’t come n tell me: This one cannot, that one cannot. Cannot work in the 90s or 2000s or even in 2014. Once everyone awaken to positive impacts in their lives and stop their miserly existence of complaining, real progress will come in. I’m not optimistic neither I’m a guy that favors the rich shun the poor.

        All I’m asking is a paradigm shift of looking at the same problems.

        Let’s take for example: A obese man, he is 150kg. He everyday carries around his fats n lug it everywhere he goes, he look at his tummy n feel sad. ( The fat tummy is an analogy of the current problems our society have )

        Does he go to internet moan and type about how fat he is like any other fat overweight negative men?

        Or will he look at these positively and say ‘Hey look, I’m fat, but at least my legs are strong cos I’ve been carrying so much fats with me all the time and I can survive better if I’m empowered to lose these fats and when I lose these fats, my knees will have strength and on top of that I am good looking!’

        Which one will u choose? Now, u might say ‘ Aiyah, Knn I’m just a mini me minion, how to be minister and solve problems? My solutions all kena debunked by trolls luring me to type long essays about statistics, how sia knn?’

        Then all u have to do is start from family. Compassion and empathy, these 2 things are now lost in the pursuit of wealth and power liao le.

        Bro, no one can tell u what to do. Ur your own grown man liao. The most I can do is motivate. The rest is up to u. Think about it, at least we are more educated than other undeveloped countries where their parents and children are illiterate and all they know is to do farming where they are IGNORANT. At least we are better than China people where to be rich, they will do anything, including making milk powders that kill babies, or dealing in drugs that harm people. These people have LOST THEIR CONSCIENCE.

        Remember bro. You are positioned in a great era where ur educated and have a kind heart. It’s just the lives of citizens have been overshadowed by a shroud of dark clouds for too long liao le. It’s ok to be a little upset n throw some tantrums sometimes, but at the end of the day, when u inspire yourself and help yourself become the man u wanna be, everyone around u will appreciate what u done for them.

        Look at us. The moment I typed here, the amount of trolls and hate messages for Roy decreased exponentially. I just made a small difference.

        This is my last words to share with ya. It’s from Three Characters Classic

        人 之 初
        People at birth

        性 本 善
        Are naturally good

        性 相 近
        Their natures are similar

        習 相 遠
        Their habits become different

        苟 不 教
        If negligently or foolishly, not taught,

        性 乃 遷
        Their nature deteriorate/widely differ

        教 之 道
        The right way to teach,

        貴 以 專
        Is with absolute concentration/thoroughness



        People at birth are fundamentally good natured or morally good and initially their natures or characters are similar and as times passed their habits becomes different.
        When the habits are different and there is negligence in teaching them or there is no teaching, their nature will deteriorate and the right way to teach is with emphasize on concentration and thoroughness.

        Are u aware that our white haired MM used to be a kind loving father? Do u all know that he went to East Coast every week with his kids and his late wife? This is what I’m talking about. We are all kind at heart. To rise up to the event and negative situation thrown at us, the best way is to know what’s really right n wrong n not let these trolls mislead n frustrate u.

  4. happy ravi


    Dutch legend has it that there was once a small boy who upon passing a dyke on his way to school noticed a slight leak as the sea trickled in through a small hole. Knowing that he would be in trouble if he were to be late for school, the boy pocked his finger into the hole and so stemmed the flow of water. Some time later a passerby saw him and went to get help. This came in the form of other men who were able to effect repairs on the dyke and seal up the leak.

    This story is told to children to teach them that if they act quickly and in time, even they with their limited strength and resources can avert disasters.

    The fact that the Little Dutch Boy used his finger to stop the flow of water, is used as an illustration of self-sacrifice. The physical lesson is also taught: a small trickle of water soon becomes a stream and the stream a torrent and the torrent a flood sweeping all before it, Dyke material, roadways and cars, and even railway tracks and bridges and whole trains.

    This tale originates from the American writer Mary Mapes Dodge and is in fact not a real myth, although many people believe it is. She published this tale in ‘Hans Brinker, or the Silver Skates’ in 1865. The Little Dutch Boy is a very popular myth in the United States (and other countries), but is not well known in the Netherlands and has probably been imported there by American tourists.

    Bro, though I don’t quite like gays but I hope the best for u and I dun wanna c u end up like this little dutch boy mate.

  5. William

    Desmond Lee is digging his own grave. One finger point WP, four finger point back PAP. Indeed, from the town council financial report, it is clear that PAP is playing cheat and using our money to screw us.

    • low hian tiong

      William why do you think that the PAP budget allocation was $1Billion to PA – answer has always been obvious it is their MAIN PROPOGANDA machine to spend $Ms by their Town Councils in organising numerous grassroot events to pamper and appease the PGs and old folks – ultimately is to win their support n votes. Ang pows to consituents during CNY and other festivities all in the name of PAP garmen. These are gonna be cliches very soon watch the next 2 GEs for surprises. Our CPFs will be locked up for good ezpecially the mbers in the 50′ & 60s. Damn the govt!!!!!!!!

  6. God has its way to punish the mighty and powerful

    Those who are corrupt, play dirty, greedy, cheat the peasants of their hard-earned money -fret not- for God has its way to punish them. Cancer for Lee and Goh, yet Goh is still pretending to be strong and refused to let go of his ESM status. The old lee is bargaining with time, hoping to grasp a few more years of the Singapore hazy air before turning into ash. Of course, he would and should get the best surgeons and the purest oxygen tank to be with him at all times, but surely his protective shield wont aid him in escaping from being churned into worthless ash one day. True freedom will befall on Singaporeans when that time comes and it will come.

    • happy ravi

      Bro, stay happy cos being filled with vindictive comments ain’t gonna help your case. It will make your heart more unsettled. Our hearts are filled with positive auras, and by being so upset over them, you are now in a low vibrational state where your Chakras will attract suay stuff in your life.

      Look at Roy now, everyone wants a piece of him by piling him with lawsuits. Why? Cos to shake him and cause him to be unsettled, upset and angry. But so far he is holding on his own. But not for long. No simple man can ever stand under such tremendous pressure. That’s why he will die like the Little Dutch Boy unless he gets his act together and find peace in the quest that he is doing.

      Bear in mind that his odyssey is what we are all going to enjoy with. Think of it as a bus ride to Penang, it’s rocky, bumpy but when we reach the promised land with Roy as our bus driver, it will be fun and have such a beautiful beaches!

      Hence mate, just have a conviction but stop cursing upon them cos it will do you no good. Hating on them is only going to give them more positive power and energy can never be destroyed.

      It can only be transferred.

      Thus this negative energies that ur emanated, though directed to them, is only going to change into positivity to them.

      As long as we know the truth and we spread goodwill around ( By giving a comfortable amount of money to cardboard aunties or less fortunate ), we are making more goodwill where the cardboard auntie will help people poorer than her and when everyone knows the innate good in them, then the truth will be apparent. Thus, we no need to hate on them as the real truth will show up in front of everyone’s faces.

      • Gravy

        Yes, be happy. Let it be,let it be…do nothing..let it be, let it be…our children will also learn…do nothing, see no evil….hear no evil thus speak no evil or…. low vibrational state will attract dog shit to your face…ummmm…ornitofoo….ummmm….peace…calm….ummmm….omitofoo….deep breath….ommmmmm….no hate…no righteous indignation….ommmmm…..let it be let the pigs be…tomorrow…my children will have fantastic psle results….ommmmm…..and they shall grow up giving loose change to old men and women loitering on stone benches in shopping mall watching with gaped mouths …young boys and girls with purple hair licking lollipop and prancing to …He got that super bass
        Boom, badoom, boom
        Boom, badoom, boom bass
        Yeah that’s that super bass
        Boom, badoom, boom
        Boom, badoom, boom, he got that super bass
        Boom, badoom, boom
        Boom, badoom, boom, yeah that’s that super bass

      • happy Gravy

        Gravy, it’s ok my man, cos your programming is working against you. You are not supposed to think in clarity and be as sharp as a tack. That’s why you see alot of imagery now. These are created to prevent you from thinking with independent judgement.

        Yes you are right. Your children will have fantastic PSLE results. Cos being born in a society where money is seen as number 1 and power is the best, your children will have difficulty learning. This is because the focus is on academic and that’s how this educational system is being set up for:

        Think of it this way, the human brain is divided into 2 hemispheres, left brain is being frequently manipulated by educational system to use what we learn in schools in order to get good results.

        The right brain where we grasp the creativity.

        Now, teachings on morals and traditional teachings to your children does let your child understand through your left brain and internalize it through his conscience. This is where his upbringing brings a competitive advantage over the rest of the kids. Think of your brain as a muscle. If you never work out your right brain muscles, it will become weak, and one will behave like some robotic person devoid with emotions.

        In another words, your kid will be smarter than the rest because he is able to analyse faster than his peers.

        Why do you type ‘super bass’ and other crap? Well it’s simple bro, cos while you were relaxing, you love to listen to Nicki Manaj and her songs ‘hacked’ into your right brain ( The right brain absorbs them ) and when it’s time for you to type a reply in this message board, your logic in your left brain is all hacked, thus you type in-congruent messages.

        I hope that you read more Roy’s articles, though negative it may be, it still allows clarity of the mind. It’s up to you liao bro. Remember, with determination, you can change your life.

      • Happyhappygravy

        Me think your brain has been so conditioned by propagandized education system that you can only read and understand textbook language and when hit by the wrangled messages of profundity, you become a spoilt little lost brat in desperate need of your mother’s comforting embrace.
        Stop smelling fart and it may help improve the quality of your brain cells. Remember, with determination, you can change your life.

      • happy gravy dilluisoned

        Great Gravy! u seem like u have a screw loose judging by the way your type in such an incoherent manner. Ur obviously mentally disturbed and can’t speak like a normal human being in an educated manner.

        Shame on your family to have a person like u that can’t even hold a decent conversation that can be discussed into a more civil manner.

        Take care and have a beautiful monday.

  7. LoL

    To say ‘pot calling the kettle black’ is to lower yourself to their level. You are no kettle. It should be, shameless filthy pigs calling the human bad!LoL

  8. Han Hui Hui

    WP can’t even manage their own little town council, they want to run the country?? Please, you deserve to be voted out next GE, Useless Opp!

    • happy EducatedInSin

      Well, they say that criminals love to distort the truth to make their conscience feel better.

      Are you one of them?

  9. WP

    Roy, there is no PAP IBs, I have always spoke against you and I am not in god sake related to PAP. You are marginalised because the general public do not agree with you. Get your direction right.

    • Isitjustme

      I am with Roy, he is doing the right thing and there re more people who agreed with his thoughts than you realized.

      It is not easy to be courageous in face of so much negativity but I will always be on your side because you are doing the right thing and not the things which many think is right AND THAT IS THE DIFFERENCE.

      • low hian tiong

        William why do you think that the PAP budget allocation was $1Billion to PA – answer has always been obvious it is their MAIN PROPOGANDA machine to spend $Ms by their Town Councils in organising numerous grassroot events to pamper and appease the PGs and old folks – ultimately is to win their support n votes. Ang pows to consituents during CNY and other festivities all in the name of PAP garmen. These are gonna be cliches very soon watch the next 2 GEs for surprises. Our CPFs will be locked up for good ezpecially the mbers in the 50′ & 60s. Damn the govt!!!!!!!!

  10. thtanxx

    Roy, your devious insinuations continue…suggest strongly that you represented yourself and those who elected to be fooled by your antics, However you surely dont represent me and in my view, the vast majority of sensible Singaporeans.
    You are full of unwarranted negative spins which are seriously flawed and vindictive.

    • happy thtan

      What makes u think he is devious and making insinuations? y u insinuating that he is devious when this poor Roy is now being sued? U see a man poor thing kena sued and yet u stepped on him by leaving more negative comments in his blog that what he said is seriously flawed and vindictive without having any emperical evidence?

      Oh gosh mate, this is so done in a bad taste.

      Let me tell u why u think your way and Roy think his way.

      ‘However you surely dont represent me and in my view, the vast majority of sensible Singaporeans.’ Cos Roy, though he is in some serious shit now with the law, but he knows what’s wrong cos he just opened up a can of worms, he is unhappy and tells everyone bout it.

      > While you are happily tucking in your meal, your family is happy, you are happy, everyone is happy, thus u no need ppl to tell you that it’s a can of worms cos u either choose not to know ( Indoctrination and programming ) or u know but alls is well.

      U see bro, it’s all about standard of living and quality of life. If I stay in Sentosa and wake up to my beautiful gym and seaview, I will also be on your side.

      Cos it’s all about priorities in life. Roy put his odyssey first, but you put your self-intrests first and even try to leave distasteful negative comments in his blog that deliberately misconstrued what our dear bro Roy is saying.

      Shame on u bro, but it’s ok, I feel u n know where u coming from. So stay happy n frosty alright’?

      • thtanxx

        well as far as i m concerned, he dug (and is still digging ) his own holes . And thats ok with me, as long as he avoid insinuating that he is speaking for me, an ordinary sporean. He can continue his blatantly stubborn and devious ways to con and scam certain sectors of the publicity and funds for all i care. He can continue to have his freedom to speak, but if continue to insult the authorities and the sensible public with unsubstantiated insinuations, I suggest that he be severely neutralized asap.

      • happy gravy dilluisoned

        Oh my gosh! u sound so censorious ( Severely critical ) over our poor Roy. This young lad is being sued in his country n suffering from the stress of it all. Can u imagine how worried his parents will be? That he might be locked up in a dark cell for eternity n beyond??

        U said ur an ordinary Singaporean, how ordinary are u? ARE u pleased with your life bro? Cos if you are, u will never understand those that are rich on paper but no money to buy necessities. Perhaps its too far fetched for u cos ur living such a cushy life. On the other hand, I know ur working hard for your money cos u sound like a honest and decent guy.

        Just cut some slack on our poor little Roy alrighty? His parents are hawkers and can’t even afford the $250k, the minimum amount to play with the big boys.

        But yet he continued speaking up cos he don’t give a batshit. N by saying he got unsubstantiated insinuations, u said ‘ Blatantly stubborn and devious ways to con and scam certain sectors of publicity and funds’, does it means ur also insinuating him with unsubstantiated findings?

        Do bear in mind he ain’t sued for conning and scamming people. N u might want to take back your words.

        Let me tell u why ur upset with Roy.

        Look at Roy, if he is an educated man that is positive and have a definite purpose, he will be able to let u relate to him and respect him. U disrespect him because u think he is a loser that:

        > Insult the authorities
        > Sensible public with unsubstantiated insinuations

        > N may I add ‘ digging up all these problems without empowering people, thus leaving them in negativity and in poor taste’

        As I’ve put it, if he have the skills or even study law on his own free time, he wont be sued now. He will be on TV speaking for us. But just cut that lad some slack man, U don’t have to do it for me, do it for a fellow human being that’s in deep shit now.

        I’m sure he ain’t been sleeping well, waking up with nightmares of pink sheets wrapping around his head making him convulsing, and waking up with a shriek. You also have parents or maybe ur a parent yourself, u know how parents feel when their children gets into trouble right?

        Just live & let live will ya. Chill and have a great Monday evening mate.

      • happy thtan

        Bro, check this out man: it can be interpenetrated as > u can humiliate Roy but at the end of the day, it will benefit him cos at the end of the day, Roy got no self, so how can he experience misfortune given by many of his haters?

        In another words, this Roy is on the right path if only he is able to empower people around him. Otherwise he will forever be sued everywhere he turns.

        道德经 By Lao Tzu

        Accept humiliation as a surprise.
        Value great misfortune as your own self.

        What do I mean by “Accept humiliation as a surprise”?
        When you are humble
        Attainment is a surprise
        And so is loss.
        That’s why I say, “Accept humiliation as a surprise.”

        What do I mean by “Value great misfortune as your own self”?

        If I have no self, how could I experience misfortune?

        Therefore, if you dedicate your life for the benefit of the world,
        You can rely on the world.
        If you love dedicating yourself in this way,
        You can be entrusted with the world.

        寵辱若驚。貴大患若身。何謂寵辱若驚。寵爲上、辱爲下。得之若驚、失之若驚。是謂寵辱若驚。何謂貴大患若身。吾所以有大患者、爲吾有身。及吾無身、吾有何 患。故貴以身爲天下、乃可寄天下。愛以身爲天下、乃可託天下。

        Actually all these have been missing from our lives for so long oredi. Since we are all Chinese, it all make sense to learn what these ancient sages have in store for us. After all these sages do nothing in the past except researching for their new books, and teaching students, Emperors popped by occasionally to ask them for tips in governing the society then.

        In ancient times, all was happy and citizens were well-fed. Cos all follow the dao of life. U may ask ‘ Why does dynasties fall then?’ Well, usually is passed down to great great great grandson n the grandson happen to be a driftor that loves to drift or are unable to have a mind of their own and that slowly led to a decay of a dynasty which brought to a downfall of an era.

        But these sages’ teachings are always there. Think about it bro, if things are bad, will it be carried generations upon generations right to this modern age? The above excerpt is definitely worth a research into.

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  12. LeSigh

    YAWN, *Sigh*.. Roy is teling same old grandfather stories, lamenting the same old tales over and over again as if we didn’t read it the first time. Actually the more I read repetitions and criticisms like that, the more I want to vote for PAP…. Thanks for reminding us that WP has done a poor job in running their town council ROY !!!

  13. SIMPLE

    At least, we all know Roy is not tired when he bothers to help WP. Roy fight your own battle. How about thinking about your court cases.

      • LeSigh

        Nope, Roy’s case is Roy’s case. He deserved to be sued, he didn’t mean it but he got himself into deeper trouble since his apology. Just because some losers are donating money to him, he thinks he can go ahead and say and do whatever he wants. I’m a Singaporean and want nothing to do with him.

  14. 对PAP的看法

    @ happy Ravi
    you talk so much , did not give any single case of personal example to support your argument. unpersuasive.
    showing the decadent ideology, does not meet the theme ,delay the time of Singapore ‘s progress

    “ Roy did a great job of yelling ” ? —-

    Yes, This is a natural reaction of every normal human’s consciousness. If you so calm on the national affairs, like CPF or basic welfares , Perhaps it did not affect you and your family.

    You might as well talk to us directly, what good things that PAP has done for its comment people ?
    From basic began to speak, how to protect people‘s life in safety ?
    how to sanction opposition party ?

    You mentioned the plight of the world, and ignore to mention Singaporeans, obviously you are one of the few biggest beneficiaries. It is certainly that you are the one of delaying the development of Singapore.

    • happy Ravi

      Look mate, from the looks of your 3 points, it seems to me that ur a very concerned individual about this island’s citizens plight. U seem like a guy with integrity that’s unable to accept my style of communication. Fact is: Alot of people out there are already disillusioned with their future cos the policies are causing their lives to spiral down in the name of economic progress and GDP.

      Well, I feel u when ur doing a transference of your emotional state to me by saying ‘If you so calm on the national affairs, like CPF or basic welfares , Perhaps it did not affect you and your family.’, ‘obviously you are one of the few biggest beneficiaries.’

      In psychology lingo: Transference is a phenomenon characterized by unconscious redirection of feelings from one person to another.

      It’s ok, I feel u mate, but all I’m saying is I don’t have any solution to topple any empire or regime and apparently u have been watching too many Hollywood movies where the Expendables go into the island with Jason Statham on a plane and firing at the dictator. There is no hard and fast ways to dispose of a dictator to hate.

      N I don’t ‘talk so much , did not give any single case of personal example to support your argument. unpersuasive.
      showing the decadent ideology, does not meet the theme’ as what you said.

      When all the odds are against u as a citizens, do you lie in the day all day and moan or moan into your keyboard? Hell NO!

      WTF man, this reminds me of the show where Quan YiFeng and Christopher Lee is in when they go to those rented flats and clean their flats for them. There is this family of 3, father is a bus driver, mother fell down n injured her back and do not wish to stand up anymore. So everyday she is literally bed-ridden. Then to increase the ‘Drama’ of this reality show, their entire bag of canned food that were given by the volunteers was stolen. Think bout it man, Christopher Lee can buy 10 bags of groceries for them without blinking an eyelid but yet they chose to flim their sad emotions down in video.

      This is the mass media indoctrination they put us through on a daily basis to keep us in a perpetual loop of haplessness.

      But from the moaning lady in the bed we can come to 2 conclusions:

      1) A fucking citizen can choose to use his keyboard to whine


      2) A sensible citizen with empowerment will be motivated and eager for real change.

      Now you are blur liao, u might ask ‘ Why the fuck would I want to be positive in Roy’s blog especially he is opening a can of smelly worms everytime I read it? N ur obviously getting out of point again cos I’m your lecturer and I demand u to talk on point face to face with me.’

      It got everything to do with politics my man.

      Ever went to a concert before and feel the energy level in the crowd and that makes Jay Chou seem like a God shining under the concert lights? These are the energies emanated from human beings.

      We human beings are more powerful than we think we are. That’s why we are constantly capped down. Thus someone without a definite purpose in life will be chopped off the loser he is.

      They seek to keep us in a low vibrational state so that they can operate at a higher frequency. Think about it man, u think the boss’s son or daughter of any rich businesses in this country will come to this blog and read about all these problems? Hell no man, they are busy enjoying their lives. Remember one minister’s daughter?

      ‘Get the fuck out of my elite uncaring face’

      That’s the energetic difference. Now there are a few myths that alot of people think:

      > U give me alot of money lor, then I got high vibrational energies
      > My monthly pay is millions and I hold directorships in multiple companies then me happy le
      > Tmr this govt get toppled then I will be super energetic and positive liao lor

      Well, these are just myths that these people think that they can be happy. The true happiness lies from within. The true revolution is within the heart. One can choose either to dig the hole of negativity deeper and deeper like a fucking mole burrowing or one can choose to take any challenges head on.

      Now we are back to the square one. We are on earth for a finite moment of years, the most 50 years. Do you want to spend your life moaning and whining or do you wish to be empowered?

      I know the money is trapped inside the funds where we can’t get the full amount. But think of it. This is the worse case scenario.

      Ur meant to come this world to suffer so that you can prove your mettle and these people in power are meant to enslave u n hold your money hostage so that even when u die, u can’t get your money. **Fucking Trolls by now will argue ‘But the money is still intact in your account ley’ ** Well fuck u troll. U are not coming inside Roy’s blog to create more negativity. Our Roy is already in deep shit.

      Let’s spare a thought for his parents cos all of us have parents as well.

      Lastly, when one is able to accept the worse case scenario, be positive, and be empowered in his life, then something crazy is gonna happen bro. Remember the concert situation where the idol gets all the positive energies? This is going to happen.

      The awakening of an entire island.

      Does this sound fair enough to u mate?

      • happy Ravi

        Bro, apparently u don’t know about what happened in the Meji Period.

        One only knows that Tom Cruise helped the samurais in the Hollywood movie but don’t know what really happened in 19th century Japan.

        U.S. Commodore Matthew Perry’s fleet in 1853 demanded that Japan open up and there was no turning back bro.

        With astounding speed, universities were founded, telegraph and railroad lines cross-crossed the country and a national postal system was set up.

        The shipping and textile industries took off, as shown by the facts that “by the end of the Meiji period, more than a third of the world’s supply of silk came from Japan” and the percentage of exports carried on Japanese built and owned ships rose from 7% in 1893 to 52% by 1913.

        How was such progress at such a rate possible? The answer lies in the Japanese traits of flexibility and adaptability. Simply put, they borrowed the best of the West and molded it to fit Japan’s needs.

        Bro, can u imagine how it was like in that period? Cos the world in that period of time is in demand of raw materials to build ships, buildings as well as industrialization in which the West considered a civilized world. N Japan was at risk of being colonized. Being ingenious people, they worked hard and all citizens came together with a common objective: To prevent being taken over by the angmos.

        Fast forward to 2014. Just because our leader have not shown up yet, or the trolls love to call it ‘They like to keep quiet la, useless oppo’, doesn’t means that we can’t have an awakening moment. Roy poor thing sia, what if he kena jailed? His parents will be worried for him. I feel for his parents.

        This world is divided into 2 types of people

        >Drifting losers
        > Non-Drifting people who take the bull by it’s horns.

        Look at the Hakkas. They do not even have their country of their own. And what did our Hakka did? He took over the entire island and call it his own country. Now his son have his own fun country to play with.

        It’s all about empowerment. People in power can do what they want. But will one be motivated to be empowered positively n not let negative programming (that citizens are liabilities or it’s a zero sum game, ‘if u want a good life, then u gotta pay for it lor,’ or ‘ there are no free lunch in this world’ and many more statements meant to put a citizen down) get to you.

        Do u know Thailand’s Chaoren Sirivadhanabhakdi used to have people throw money at him when he used to work in his mom’s hawker stall. This guy don’t give a batshit to how all the losers n trolls (Hippy) (LeSigh) (Simple) in this forum thinks. He just whack and failed many a times but did he give up? He is empowered. Never underestimate what an average human being can do.Today he owns most of Singapore shopping centres and even banks are his buddies.

        Their thoughts will manifest into actions that will radiate into reality in which give jobs to so many people in Thailand and Singapore. Think bout it mate. Chaoren supports so many families and children by giving them jobs. Now let’s do a reverse
        If money is not being given to people who really need it and it’s kept indefinitely, then what will happen? So now we are going into the 道 of the crux.

        Now these trolls helping these people, they will become mentally unstable in the near future as well. Cos they do not go in accordance to 道. That’s why people that are empowered can get what they want. This, my friend is called ‘Definitive purpose in life.’ No one wants u to know these stuff. But I’ve shown u.

        >Collectively an entire country’s citizen can have an awakening despite negative situation being thrusted upon them
        >Individually a person’s brain is so powerful that what he wants is manifested and how he took his goodwill to give tens of thousands of hardworking people their jobs. So don’t come and tell me it’s a joke.

        Just because u have never seen a chicken doesnt mean it does not exist. U just need to be at the right place to see a chicken for your first time. N when u see it, u will be convinced.

        Now Roy is a son of a hawker as well.

        Now take care bro.
        Have a great Tuesday.

      • 对PAP的看法

        @ happy Ravi,
        your paper shows you are in deep shit. you are an very ugly scum in Singapore

  15. Joyce

    Happy Ravi,
    What’s your secret to happiness in Sin? Giving speeches of coherent engagement in community center? Or giving lessons on how to make tau sar piah for your son?

    • happy Ravi

      WOW! how u know I was an apprentice in a Pau shop learning to make paus? u a stalker or something? Btw, I know how to make the best pasta cos I used to learn from a chef while I was working in UK as a chef’s assistant.

      N Joyce, while ur at it, y not u tell me instead?

      What’s your secret to unhappiness in Sin?

      • Hippy

        Duck and chicken talk is it? BTW, stalking is potentially a criminal act. You sexually harassing Joyce?

      • happy Ravi

        WOW! u really know how to twist n turn your words like a poisonous snake with your lethal venom.

        U can twist what I said into something else. In your mind is all about ‘Sexually harassment’, ‘Criminal act’ onto girls. Ur indeed very mentally disturbed.

        U bring shame to your family by your vindictive words. But it’s ok. It’s alright, I forgive u cos u don’t know any better with your unstable mind.

        Take care n have a great Tuesday mate.

  16. Aunty

    Smart city? My foot!

    Sin people will buy it because on the surface, more knowledge and info is empowerment. That’s half the story. The other half, data collection, or data infection, will justify( the sale pitch) all kinds of evil or influence to brain freeze the public such as when implementing self serving and enslaving policies and large scale projects.

    Which means to say, they become “smarter” to exploit your stupidity or naiveness. More reasons to sue or discredit people like Roy!

  17. 对PAP的看法

    @ happy Ravi;
    ” but all I’m saying is I don’t have any solution to topple any empire or regime ”

    ——– No one ask you for solution if you have no solution, the people of the Republic Singapore have solution , the leaders of each parties, have solution. stop them work together with the main party for Singapore, this restricted the national progress.This will bring harm rather than good for Singapore. It benefits of democracy.and the democracy benefits Singaporeans

    once again, Singapore is not empire,never become an empire, it is the Republic Singapore

    ” to dispose of a dictator to hate.”
    —– If politician do not create hate. hate disappear .

    ” in Roy’s blog especially he is opening a can of smelly worms everytime ”
    —- at least you agreed that ” is a can of smelly worms “.
    the question that how to sterilize ? if you have no solution, we may allow the people of Singapore contribute the solutions.

    from your writing style point of view, you and ” The Oracle ” is the same person.
    I already mentioned that you and common people have different values, 道不同, 不相为谋
    you represent your class position, in the different classes, different channel .

    • happy Ravi

      AWWWWwwww… comeon mate, who the fuck is The Oracle? Such a loser nick. Happy Ravi is more cool. Aniway, are u Roy in person? Give a shoutout to Roy for me man. Stay strong bro.

      Actually what u have been doing is simple, u read what I typed, but u take excerpts out of it n say I’m wrong and then say my viewpoint is wrong. I’m not here to argue with u wad i wrote. U gotta read the entire chunk to get my meaning. If you are not open to what I type, or simply too full of yourself to have an active discussion of your viewpoints, then I can’t help u bro.

      What I’ve been typing is simple. I just come in to Roy’s blog, say that ‘Look, being positive and not let the environment pull u down is the way to go cos u don’t live forever. Live happy’ and all I get is I represent a different class? Comeon, don’t we all humans die? Don’t we all wanna be happy?

      If no happy n positive, how to empower people around u? If no empowerment, how to think of constructive solutions?

      Again, Ur doing a transference of your frustration onto me:

      As classically defined by Sigmund Freud it is a form of projection. The client redirects her feelings about some significant person in her past from that person onto the therapist.

      Thus for example if the client feels anger towards one of her parents the client pretends the therapist is that parent then starts getting angry at the therapist instead.

      This process occurs unconsciously and one of the goals of psychoanalysis is to articulate it in order to attempt to resolve the conflict between the client and the person towards whom the emotion initially was felt.

      The process of psychoanalysis is the development of a transference neurosis followed by its resolution and generalization to other areas of the client’s life.

      WTF man bro, I’m not even your fucking therapist man. But let it be seen by others reading my comments that TROLLS love to come into Roy’s website to cause misdirection and engage u guys into meaningless conversations about stastics, figures and solutions to the country’s problems. These people are so negative and pathetic that they need to come online to do a ‘TRANSFERENCE’ of their negative energies to u guys, rendering u all upset and frustrated.

      DO NOT: I repeat, DO NOT ENGAGE IN THEM. Trolls are like cockroaches, I’ve just eradicated many. These trolls are not here to have a meaningful conversation. Let’s say a supporter comes into this channel, he will engage in a worthwhile conversation with us cos all of us have love for our country and are of same. There are no distinctions.

      The only distinctions are the negative lowlifes. These people are a shame to their family and a bane to the society. Someone bring the insecticide.

      Stay cool n frosty mate.
      Have a great Tuesday Evening.

      • 对PAP的看法

        you try to no use the most popular words and speech turn big circle back said ” Roy’s website to cause misdirection and engage u guys into meaningless conversations about stastics, ”

        of course, we disagreed with you. Talk with an empty.
        yes, everyone wants happy life, for achieve it, Roy represented us. at least he is on behalf our family , our relatives, our friends, our children ‘s interests, values, future, we consider his court case as our own case.

        we also wish you have a nice day.

      • happy Ravi

        I’m talking about trolls using Roy’s website to cause misdirection and engage u guys into meaningless conversations about statistics when its apparent that the problem that all of the locals are facing are due to funds that look good on paper but they can’t spend it. That’s the truth.

        Sadly, Trolls love to cause misdirecting by leading those that really care into meaningless argumentative and spread animosity that divides supporters of Roy and Haters into 2 camps. The truth is the truth and the fact is the age they could get the money is being delayed and no amount of arguing or splitting into camps could change that face.

        I’m a stoic man bro. Facts are always facts. I just dislike venomous snakes that spit their poisonous saliva in the form of typing and pull down people with kind hearts, causing them to lose confidence in their own awakening, thus creating a vicious cycle of hostility. This division is not what we want.

        We want harmony and we want wad we want and nothing can stop us.

        This issue being raised shall always a thorn in the flesh.

        Roy stepped up. This is why we gotta be more positive with shrouds of dark clouds gathering and trolls alike coming in to cause misdirection. It’s time to step up mates.


    • 对PAP的看法

      Roy found the problems, not a small problem, but the big problem, the problem, in addition to Lee’s family can be forgiven, but the others should be held accountable.

      I only represent my family that Lee Kuan Yew established Singapore.
      Lee Kuan Yew and his family not personally hurt us. So he and his family shall not pay the directly responsibility.
      the people inside his team act like a fish swimming in troubled water. Oppress the people for profit.

      • happy Ravi

        It’s ok bro, now we got all the trolls out of the way, no more negativity and animosity is being spread in this forum no more and we can actively start to chat about improvement. If you pick up a copy and read the September issue of Bloomberg Businessweek, there is an article about ‘Rise Of False Reformers’

        It’ talks about how leaders around the world play punk by using bringing about economic growth as a pretext to reform their capitalistic markets to suit their needs and wants, thus lining up their coffers.

        > In China, Xi Jin Ping ultimate goal is to keep the Communist Party in control where state companies are a powerful instrument for control.

        > In Thailand, a coup in May used state capitalism to favour political allies and destroy opposing politicians. The coup leaders simply evicted Thaksin Shinawatra allies from the top Thai state companies and replaced them with military cronies leaving Thai-style state capitalism in place.

        >Indonesia’s new president Joko Widodo will roll back state economics. Democratically elected leaders who don’t respond to public opinion will end up without public to lead.

        > In Brazil, the government of former President Luiz boosted state influence over the economy by increasing the poer of state;s development bank in all forms of industries.

        > In India, their 15th Prime minister spent $43billlion in state subsidies that are enormously popular amongst poorer Indians and haven’t actually enacted any major reforms for businesses, preferring to reaching out to the masses.

        There, state capitalism around the whole world. Trolls might say stuff such as:

        1) If we turn into a welfare state, then jialat la, govt bleeding money.
        2) U not happy ar, leave lor
        3) The govt is not your baby sitter, u have to work hard yourself.
        4) These old men will spend money on China mistress once they get their money, cannot la
        5) It’s still inside the account ma… y worry so much worz?
        6) His recommendation… Vote in a weak government
        7)Nope, Roy’s case is Roy’s case. He deserved to be sued, he didn’t mean it but he got himself into deeper trouble since his apology. Just because some losers are donating money to him, he thinks he can go ahead and say and do whatever he wants. I’m a Singaporean and want nothing to do with him.
        8) WP can’t even manage their own little town council, they want to run the country?? Please, you deserve to be voted out next GE, Useless Opp!
        9) YAWN, *Sigh*.. Roy is teling same old grandfather stories, lamenting the same old tales over and over again as if we didn’t read it the first time. Actually the more I read repetitions and criticisms like that, the more I want to vote for PAP…. Thanks for reminding us that WP has done a poor job in running their town council ROY !!!

        Fact is: The world is reforming. Without the teachings of sages, they are like 9 blind men feeling the elephants and if you read the above, each country is doing their best to find a solution for their citizens. True, some of them might be psychopaths in trying to control everything, but then again, it’s meant to be for the citizens there to suffer under the plight of such a ruling. But there are enough to share around. Did India go broke after spending $43billion on their fiscal surplus on the poor? No.

        Guys, u know what the silly trolls will say by now?

        1) Then u migrate to India lor
        2) If our govt does so, will bankrupt de, u no love your country la

        U c guys, the super big tree in the huge part costs bout $10million each, down there got 18 trees. Total $180million dollars ball park. Maybe the money could be used to return few percent back ? Fair enough anot? This is simply a give and take kindof understanding that if one is kind enough to understand, one will do it cos we are all kind with innate goodness when we were born as babies. I think something changed them along the way. I will go to India btw, no need ask me migrate there. Bay of Bengal is the birthplace of tigers and the bay there is absolutely stunning. I heard it’s a great place to surf. Imagine, in front is Alantic Ocean and behind is Nature Reserve.

        Now trolls will say ‘I hope u get bitten by tigers!’

        lols so childish. U will notice more such comments below cos trolls don’t like people to have a higher awareness than them, that’s y they always want to swoop down to the lowest level of insults. Check them out.

        BTW, the distinction is: Don’t fuck around with anyone’s savings. People work hard for so many years, cannot get back, it’s a very Dulan feeling and indignant form of anger. Then go online wanna find ways n solutions, meet trolls that argue like some broken record. Sibei sianz. Thus gotta maintain a sense of independent thinking. The ground we are on might not belong to ours. But we can control our body, our soul n our thoughts. It’s evidently clear that being positive will solve the problem rather than having hate n resentment.

        Cheers bro.

    • happy Ravi

      *** Yawns… Character assassination again? So overused that u sound like a broken Troll record playing over n over again.

      Didn’t u read my above articles? U dense or are u simply a fucktard?

      U plant seeds of goodness, u get fruits of goodness.

      U say such dirty words to not only mar Roy and disrespect a lady, u, are simply digging a grave for yourself. Watch your words. U perpetuate kindness in your speech, u might not be so suay in your lifetime. Otherwise, ur destined to be a lowly piece of shit leaving comments on Roy’s comment board.

      Roy have dug out so many things. What the fuck have u done? U think u can just waltz in here n say things that mean nothing to u n expect no consequences?

      Reality Check: Everything in this world is connected. The minute you are typing such lowly comments, ur subjecting your trillion of cells to cancer. Cos your body n your thoughts are not in accordance to 道, that’s the natural way of life and how we are supposed to be harmonious with each other.

      None of your bullshit. Please be mindful of your own words cos no one can help u when your cells mutated to accommodate a mutated virus simply because u ain’t in accordance with nature.

      Always remember:

      The more fucktard n critical ur of others, your outlook will change,

      Together with your body, and your reality will change as your heart turns good.

      We all have the propensity to do good. It’s the enviroment that changes us. But the enviroment is just a test of your mettle in how u react.

      Just like the Japanese Occupation: Some Chinese became trolls and wore a hood, betraying their fellow Chinese for them to be executed by the Japanese, shot by their rifles, and fell forward into the very pits the victims dug for themselves.

      But there are brave Chinese like Lim Bo Seng and Tan Kah Kee, Mr Tan as the Warren Buffet or Lee Kah Shing equivalent of those time. He was super rich and donated millions to start war relief support.

      See guys,

      1 situation:
      2 types of different people were created.

      That’s cos:

      In turbulent times, heros were born.

      Though now we are peaceful, our taps have water, we go downstairs got Zhe Char or Chicken Rice to makan and during weekends can bring wife n kids to JB eat porridge or Bak Kut Teh, that does not mean we should live averagely.

      We live averagely, we get average treatment.

      We gotta go beyond that. Cos in our limited time span on earth, this is our time guys. What kinda person are u ? Please go reflect on yourself. Do u want to be a loser that leave comments like ‘I have a confession to make. I f***ed Roy yesterday and oh my gord it was the best 3 minutes of my life!’ or do u wanna live a upright n just life?

      The choice is yours.

      • Han Hui hui

        @happy Ravi I don’t have time to read your non-sense. I have lots of better things to do than reading your ****** Yeah. you heard me *******

      • Happy Ravi

        it’s ok, the time have not come for u to understand.

        There’s a Chinese saying ‘A dog can never change it’s habit of eating shit.’


        There will come a time when u will stop your negative habits.

        It’s up to u whether u wanna listen or no.
        Wish u all the best mate.

  18. 对PAP的看法

    @ happy Ravi
    Singapore is the first World country , right ?
    But you keen on compare with underdevelopment country, such as China, Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil, India those not the first World countries ?

    So, let us follow your underdevelopment countrys rules, those negligence officials have to pay the price,
    what about in Singapore ?

    • Happy Ravi

      Chill man. Since when did I say I ‘compare’?

      Haha ! I knew u trolls will choose to pick on every little word I say.

      Do u guys know y trolls ain’t educated people?

      That’s cos educated people with right values n morals won’t be a troll spend their time in front of their PC to throw readers off scent by their misdirection, anger as well as incongruent sentences that makes no meaning.

      Have u ever tried to read what ur writing? Ur lucky that u got my attention cos obviously u need help.

      Anyways Did I say I compare any countries to underdeveloped countries?

      Or isit again a product n figment of your imagination?

      *Gosh, look what all these programming to suppress your real self have done to u. But it’s ok. I know u have a kind heart.

      Maybe u ought to read up more before u can engage yourself in a constructive discussion with an intellectual. Hurling abuses, insulting people in Roy’s forums is what u do best but that ain’t necessarily best for the readers.

      Today is a new morning, a new age and a new beginning. We gotta encourage positiveness n empowerment with not just the people around us, and even online ones.

      Cheers bro

      • Xmen

        Take it easy man. Stop agitating people here. I think your messages have come across loud and clear and there is no need to evangelize further. At this rate, you will be more prolific than Roy in his own blog. Cheers.

  19. Happy Ravi

    Ain’t it better to be agitated than living a life of negativity?

    This blog title says ‘To set people thinking’

    But apparently these people here are not here to think.

    Look at the insults n abuses they hurl. ‘U said alot of nonsense, u deserve to be out’—-> all these are issues that require to be addressed cos everyone is entitled to their expression of speech. One does not make a statement that does not hold any water.

    N if u notice, being called names like ‘Xenephobic’ n many more aint gonna help the case in many down-to-earth citizens. Words can encourage, inspire as well as fuck ppl up.

    All I’m doing is hilighting this simple face.

    I’m nothing but a laid back person bro, drinking my daily kopi n chillaxing.

    Cheers man.

    • Happy Ravi

      @Happy Ravi

      I understand perfectly your latest statement on the breakdown of wall.

      You said, “Since he has yet to see its serious economical miscalculation, we have to crack the only pitfall there is.”

      You also said, “Instead, we have blocked a bunch of offline employees to manage the children, using “Manhattan clauses”, commodity-like investments and speculations, by teachings, governments and ants and zebras”

      And finally you said, “The aim is to criticise the very person you initially claimed to be fighting for.”

      And I think to myself, what a wonderful world.

      I love you


  20. 对PAP的看法

    @ Happy Ravi,

    caused a bit interest in you from your one of large crap in below, still want good manners to you ? no way .

    ” November 24, 2014 – 9:25 pm happy gravy dilluisoned
    Oh my gosh! u sound so censorious ( Severely critical ) over our poor Roy. This young lad is being sued in his country n suffering from the stress of it all. Can u imagine how worried his parents will be? That he might be locked up in a dark cell for eternity n beyond?? ”

    ——— you are old Mafia member active here and Intimidate Roy . you familiar and benefit from the dark forces in Singapore. Limited opportunities, unequal distribution led to the rise of various gangs. you are the gangs, an organized group of criminals.

    Singaporeans may stand up

  21. Banana

    What makes this small group of prick heads think they know best for everyone? Because they scored a few more points in their PSLE? Or because they are able to recite their ABC backwards and forward in 3 seconds?

  22. Cheebyeroy

    God.. I had to scroll through ur crap and saw some nonsense that tainted my eyes *ouch* just to post a comment.
    Anyway, good riddance. Goodbye and please don’t ever haunt us with ur crap talk again.

  23. teoenming

    Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong Want Teo En Ming Dead

    Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong want Teo En Ming dead. Lee Kuan Yew and Lee Hsien Loong want Teo En Ming to die young.

    Teo En Ming filed an official complaint against the Singapore Government at the United Nations Human Rights Council Branch and the International Criminal Court. Read the letter here:

    Teo En Ming’s Open Letter (Plea for Medical Help/Assistance) to World Leaders. Read the letter here:

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    22 December 2014

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