This is the Singapore You Voted for the Past 50 Years


Singapore has become the most expensive city in the world. (The Economist)

Singapore has become the most expensive country in the world. (Global Talent Report)

Singaporeans earn one of the lowest median wages among the developed countries. (International Labour Organisation)

Singaporeans earn one of the lowest minimum wage among the developed countries (when looking at the basic wage of $1,000 for cleaners).

Singapore has the lowest wage share among the developed countries, which also means companies in Singapore earn the highest profit share among the developed countries.


Singaporeans have the lowest purchasing power among cities in the developed countries. (UBS Prices and Earnings)

Singaporeans have the lowest purchasing power among the developed countries. (Numbeo)

Singapore households have the second highest debt in Asia. (Standard Chartered)

Singaporeans pay the highest university fees in the world for citizens. (compare with OECD)

Singaporeans pay for the top 10 most expensive housing in the world. (Global Property Guide)

Cardboard collector

Singaporeans earn the lowest interest rates on our CPF retirement funds in the world.

Singaporeans have one of the least adequate retirement funds in the world. (OECD)

But GIC and Temasek Holdings, which takes Singaporeans’ CPF retirement funds to earn from, are the top 10 richest sovereign wealth funds in the world. (Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute)

Singaporeans pay the highest out-of-pocket health expenditure. (World Health Organisation)

But the Singapore government spends the lowest on health expenditure for Singaporeans among the developed countries, as a percentage of total health expenditure. (World Health Organisation)

Singapore hospital

Photo credit: The Straits Times

The Singapore government subsidises the least on transport, as a percentage of transport fares, in the world.

The Singapore government spends the lowest on education for Singaporeans, as a percentage of GDP, among the developed countries.

The Singapore government spends the lowest on social protection for Singaporeans, as a percentage of GDP, among the developed countries.

Singapore’s poverty rate is the highest among the developed countries.

Singapore’s income inequality is the highest among the developed countries.

Singapore has the highest rich-poor gap in the world.

The Singapore ministers earn the highest salaries in the world.

Singapore is ranked 5th on the crony-capitalism index which means that Singapore is the 5th easiest for a person to get rich if he/she is close to the government. (The Economist)


Photo credit: AsiaOne

Singaporeans have thus become the least happy and least trusting people.

You voted for the PAP hor. I didn’t.

You kept voting for them so they think that they can do whatever they want with you and you would still keep quiet, and they can get away with it.

And they have.

So today if Singapore has become the state it is …

Well, I did not vote for them.

Turn your back


  1. Tan

    Did you look at the good in our country Singapore ? Have you not enjoyed the security, job opportunities, infrastructure, standard of living, education, health care , way of life .. in Singapore ? Or you prefer none of these ? Why exaggerate the negative while turn a blind eye to the positive ? In third world countries, people are loitering around without a job, and don’t know when is their next job. Women work as maid abroad and men as hard labour. children gets little education. People get mauled along the street in the middle of the night and rapes are a common affair. Traffic jams last few hours every day on every major road. Oppositions get thrown down buildings. Women and children are massacred in civil wars. You have got to learn to be grateful for what you already enjoy and these are not a given, and try to see the big picture. There are trade off in terms of short term pain for long term gain, smaller bad for the bigger good. The reason why you fail to see this, is because you have taken things for granted and are too carried away with expecting perfection in life, when there can be none. And you are looking at the negative for something to criticise.

  2. Tan

    Roy, if you are free, I bring you to meet people I know, who have achieved success in life, from rug to rich. These are people who come from the most humble background, to success. From a graduate with nothing to his name, to a household name earning millions a year. A young teenage, who graduates from poly, works for about slightly under ten years , and is now a senior management in a local mnc, earning well, as a condo and a loving family, and child. I know of a family consist of a widowed mother, raising 4 kids, she hardly has to pay anything for a rented flat from government in redhill, she receives so much help, she can afford to play mah-jong every day and visit genting regularly. Of cos there are some people who are in bad shape, but the point is, government creates the economy and opportunity, and it is up to individual to make the most of it. A taxi driver once told me, the best thing the PAP has done , is to attract investment to Singapore and created jobs. And to achieve this, is not easy. Because you need everything from a effective public service to infrastructure, educated labour force, judiciary system etc to ensure growth in their investment, which in turns create job and wealth. I can go on and on, but the point is, these are not so easy to achieve as the way you criticise the government. If it is, we won’t be the top few developed economy with a AAA+ rating. Without a strong reserve there is no strong currency, and inflation will be staggering , given that we import everything. When you criticise, do you think of these factors ?

    • Hearts to you

      I do agree to being cognitively measured in terms of seeing things on both sides of a coin. But i caution against the timidness in one being too conservative and cautious in being obsessed with being balanced at all times. Though extremism is dangerous, In that there are still plenty of irrational fanatics and radicals out there who are easily prod to wantons acts of civic destructiveness that are counter-productive no matter which camp you sits.

      However, lets be appreciative for what Roy has brought forth thru his concerted activism. There can be no moderate hero, no game changing acts that are mundane, no gain without pain or breakthrough with “routine-ness”. Roy has covered a lot of ground in his articles, some are insightful, ground breaking, some are contentious and controversial and arguable. But yes, he is passionate and commendably, has done outstandingly by his feeble means single handedly to muster provocative articles that sets you thinking and examining and questioning. His efforts are spurred by what many may perceived or dismissed as misplaced passion, but that is, in and of itself, a valuable trait that has spawned awareness and debates on the very issues he championed – CPF scheme.

      Our government is in many aspects, the overarching reason why despite its size, Singapore is literally punching above our weight on the world’s stage. Admittedly, we have a lot of areas to be thankful about. But that does not mean that Singaporeans should not remain critical, just not unfairly critical, such that we kill the goose with the golden eggs. Issues with widening income equality and domestic un-competitiveness due to unchecked and unjustifiably high public service salaries/bonuses and extremely top heavy, labor-intensive and laden public service that employs 10% of our country workforce for a land of our size is worth reviewing and contesting. Public service directly competes with the domestic private industry for talents most wanting and yet most contributing – in private value generating industries. Instead, government directly competes and tap into the same limited pool of valuable resources, luring recruits with unrealistic salaries, benefits and bonuses way beyond what local industries can ever profitably sustain or meet. Wages are pushed higher across the ranks for the same labor force the government are employing, causing unsustainable business operating costs and widening income gaps where pay are inequitably distributed to the top brass who are eligible for public service jobs in civil or private service to keep them satisfied in a vicious cycle of never ending wage inflation. While those who are not in that privileged group of being civil service employable continue their life of de-prioritised pay raise and “left-over” bonuses as companies has to give the biggest cut to their “professionals” lest they quit in search of rosier government packages. The government is the problem of the very issue they are trying to resolve.

      Pay responsibly and ethically.

  3. JT

    Dear Roy,

    I’ve noticed that out of the 24 statements that you’ve made about the governance of Singapore, 12 of them do not have any sources. Furthermore, some of those with sources aren’t cited properly. Therefore they aren’t very reliable are they? So people cannot believe them. What’s the point of writing something that is unreliable that people don’t get convinced by? Waste of time ain’t it? I believe u graduated from NUS as a sociology major. Nobody taught u how to cite ur sources?

    I understand that you would like PAP to lose power. What if they don’t? Are you gonna complain about their governance for another 5 years, 10 years, 15 years? How about you do something about it?

  4. pujashdga

    I voted for opposition last time, but KNN, you are pi55ing me off big time with your constant whining. I voting for PAP next time.

  5. Winson

    Singapore is bad ? Wait until you go and live in other countries. In Europe, the middle class is smaller in proportion than ours, and the poor makes up a huge percentage of the population, and their standard of living is way lower than ours. In Japan, you will be shocked to see the number of homeless people sleeping in subway and in macdonalds. Here in Singapore, we are considered the envy of the world already. Changing the system or the government won’t change your own fortune, look at other countries which changed government, they still face the same problems and constraints. Getting the fundamental right is the long term solution to solving problems, That’s why Singapore has come a long way , to build the Nation it is today, over five decades. It doesn’t merely take a good government one year to build a strong nation. That’s why you see the African countries and other third world country whose history and years of independence is much longer than ours, remain as they are. Young man, learn to appreciate and have gratitude.

  6. Bai Hu

    Roy, i actually wanted to lend u my support, but looking at the way u go about with your one and looped sided articles, i began to wonder if i should continue to do so. Yes, the PAP government is very KNS in certain areas (e.g. CPF issue – they do owe us an explanation, gerrymandering during the GE, etc), but sometimes, we must sit back and look at the overall picture (i hope u understand where i am coming from). I also suggest that u travel to some of the more developed countries and see if they dun have the problems we face in SG.

  7. 对PAP的看法

    “ 工人党市镇理事会无准证经营临时展卖会罪名成立
    2014年11月28日 1356 (联合早报网编辑:郑宝炜 )
    – See more at:

    —- 刚才在网上看上述的一个大标题,好奇地打开来一看, 令人啼笑皆非。 把什么事情都和“罪”绑在一起,即便人家在做好事, 有什么大不了的嘛, 和谐社会却喜欢搞离 “ 罪名成立 ” 的把戏 , 太不善良了, 太夸张了 ,太离谱啦 ! 这一篇的主题仅有具讽刺意义的研究与收藏价值。

  8. 对PAP的看法

    “法官也不认为市镇会有采取合理的谨慎态度,避免犯案。他指出,市镇会申请不到准证时,它可以选择延后举行展卖会,或向环境局提出澄清,或向部长提出上诉。但市镇会却停止回复环境局,甚至还提早一天开始展卖会。(本报记者:游润恬) – See more at:

    — 从今天早报的上述报道来看, 真的是钱太多了,吃饱了撑的, 没事找事。 制造了一批靠全力对付老百姓发财吃饭的昏庸法官, 很不像话。 什么“ 避免犯案” , 人家踩到你的电网了吗 ? 犯规了吗 ? 犯规就是罪犯了 吗?把人家一个个变成罪犯好像是祖传的杀手锏。

    不如建议, 为了新加坡国泰民安,立刻废除部长,废除环境局 , 这样不但节省大笔财务资源, 而且国民将不会因为没有经过他们这一道关卡, 而因此被定罪 。不体谅观众的心理承受能力, 频繁地在台上制造令人厌恶到极点的恶霸形象 。

  9. 对PAP的看法

    频繁地, 轻易地,把每个人都定位罪犯,或者是潜在的罪犯, 人家怎么会爱上你 ?
    到底爱你什么啊……… 新加坡 ?没有四季, 没有通情达理, 没有和谐关系,没有家园保障, 你到底有什么….

    几个人有钱, 中间人自私, 不好的事情天天发生, 看到后,心理健康吗 ?

  10. Whine Whine Whine

    Says the guy who went on a whim to Norway because because your friend suddenly brought up that you all should go. We ordinary Singaporeans would have to scrimp and save and even then wouldn’t necessary be able to afford to go to Norway for a holiday.

    So how about the long awaited miracle solutions to all the problems that you have been complaining about?

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  12. 对PAP的看法

    新加坡, 你到底是一副什么样子 ?
    有钱人, 爱自己爱得要死。 有权人, 爱权力爱的要命。
    普通人,既没钱,又没权,也没有人爱, 还不小心被为罪犯。

    新加坡, 你到底是一个什么地方 ?

    一个有钱有权的守财奴, 一副 “关我屁事“, ” 钱比天大 ” 的样子,社会良知麻木到了极限的地方。
    一个原本有小本钱的人, 被法院斩几刀后,没人管你的死活, 连命都没了的地方。
    一无所有的人, 为无罪抗辩顾不上成家立业, 四处集资终日不安的地方。

    到底是要和谐, 还是要顺从,先问你否养大了他们 ? 你是否聘用过他们 ? 你是否有恩与他们 ? 你在他们迷茫的时候是否 给他们开一扇窗口?如果你什么都没有做,就没有理由要顺从。

    一个离乡背井的人, 离世前都没有好感的地方。

  13. Xmen

    Wow… the whole PAP IB is here. Roy must have hit a nerve now when PAP is gearing up for the next GE.

    Roy actually missed quite a few “accomplishments”. I will add some here to the list –

    – Singapore has the least media freedom among developed countries
    – Singapore has far more political defamation suits than all of developed nations combined.
    – Singapore has the least babies per capita.
    – Singapore couples have the least sex. LOL.
    – Singapore has the world’s longest serving political prisoner.
    – Singapore has the longest NS among developed nations.
    – Singapore has the worst brain drain among developed nations.
    – Singapore has the most Lee’s in key state organs than any other democratic nations.
    – Singapore has the worst electoral gerrymandering in democratic nations.
    – Singapore has the least representative government (proportionately) among democratic nations.

    The list goes on and on….

    Have a great weekend. 🙂

    • All hail Roy

      Yes, I agree, any criticism of Roy = PAP IB. After all what is LTK, SL, CST when compared to the great martyred hero Roy. Roy is the only one who willingly put his entire life and money on the line to fight for the rights of the ordinary Singaporeans even though they have forsaken him and left him to stand alone in the war against the evil PAP. So the least we could do is hang onto his every word because it is so precious and true.

    • A

      Dear Roy,
      I urge you to do something productive with your time. Find a job. Stop bringing down the government like a bunch of huge and fat sour grapes. Come up with something new? and refreshing?

      @ALL HAIL ROY > GOOD ONE. Indeed, all his words are precious and true.

      My wish is for those who dislike Singapore, to pack their bags and go somewhere they deem to be better (that is if anyone wants them of course). Since Singapore is less than desirable to them, and they do not seem to appreciate anything that the ruling party has done, just go ahead and leave. Just leave and maybe come back when the opposition has taken over? I mean, the opposition HAS to be better than PAP right, and once the opposition takes over, things WOULD BE PERFECT!!! WOW!!!

      Why stay here right? I love my city too much to see it littered with Anti-Govt people, who appear to have no sense of appreciation. There is a difference between offering suggestions for a better Singapore, rather than posting hate posts after hate posts. GET A LIFE!

      • A

        Dear X-Men AKA Wikipedia-Researcher,
        Let’s see. No point talking and wishing for PAP to lose. The results will show.
        Just because the online voice for anti-PAP is louder, it doesn’t represent the majority of Singapore.
        So until then, as long as PAP is the ruling party, whatever you say is just…..meaningless static noise.

        And, the opposition themselves are also not ready to be the government, or so they say. Lazy or unambitious? I wonder?
        Go mix around and play marbles with your opposition team first okay? You guys can research on Wiki together and form wonderful and insightful opinions.
        Birds of a feather, flock together. LOL.

        Peace out!

    • The real problem


      Who have announced that they will definitely be able to solve these issues once PAP loses? I also want to vote for whoever that is as I am not that foolish to live such a hard live under PAP.

      • Xmen

        @The real problem,

        Has PAP announced that they will definitely be able to solve these issues yet?

        The difference is recognizing the problem, e.g. PWP, and actually attempting to address it, rather than changing the wordings of PWP but leave it essentially unchanged!

        I don’t know about you but it is clear to me who I will choose…. LOL.

      • Mr.Teh

        What you think is a issue maybe is not a issue for others. I maybe have an issue with you but you might think I don have an issue with you. SO what the point to ask PAP to solve the issue if the issue is not an issue to them but an issue to you? If the issue is an issue to you then try your best to solve the issue yourself instead want other pple to solve the issue for you.

      • Prof X


        Aren’t you the one who stated that once PAP gets voted out, the changes that will definitely occur are that GINI index will narrow, press freedom will improve, immigration will be significantly cut back? So which party has stated that they will definitely improve on all these and that their policies to improve these areas will definitely succeed without any problems occurring?

    • wallansaini

      Hi Xmen
      Beautifully articulated and to the point.
      You know when Roy is absolutely correct when you look at the PAPs internet brigade barometer.
      This article has seen the barometer go off the scales.
      They are getting more desperate as the election draws closer.
      As I mentioned in one of the earlier forums, if Roy can convince any one out of ten new readers every week, the number of people voting for the opposition will reach fever pitch.
      I expect the PAP to loose a few more seats in the next GE.
      Amos Yee has also caused credible damaged to the PAP by his very cunning manipulation of the PAP and the media.
      They did exactly as he expected because the PAP has become very predictable in their actions.
      By pursuing a 16 year old the PAP has caused immense damage to it’s already damaged reputation.
      They have shot themselves in the leg.
      The opposition now merely have to step on their self inflicted wound.

  14. 对PAP的看法

    过去, 无论是过客, 还是游客,看过新加坡晚报或早报的有2种人,

    1.跳楼自杀者,住精神病医院者,破产者,一点点小事告上法庭者,比比皆是, 鸡犬不宁 。
    2.每所教堂都拿着一个大口袋向做礼拜的人要钱。( 欧洲的教堂不这样做)
    3.医生护士都穿工作服外出搭巴士,逛街,上下班。 ( 很不讲卫生 )
    4.一个叫邓亮宏的律师, 因为质疑了李光耀, 便被告到家破人亡,流落他乡。
    5.重病人用不起救护车( 在欧洲,救护车免费救人)
    6.是全球法院最繁忙,律师最赚钱, 工程师最少的地方。

    如果此事发生是个体的偶然性,就算了, 遗憾的是, 此事天天发生。我离开多年后仍然老样子。

    离开后,很多友人也聊起过, 比如几年前,新加坡的中国籍巴士司机被“判罪”的消息。

    这些人家中有老母亲,孩子, 他们到新加坡来不是来惹是生非的,他们伤人了吗 ? 他们纵火了吗 ? 因为提出抗议了就要遭到牢狱之灾吗 ?那些拿到巨款薪资的新加坡华人领导人,为什么对为人民一点都不宽容呢 ?

    本来,在言论自由的地方,写点什么,与他人无关。我还是觉得一个国家的体制好坏, 应当由人民来判断, 而不是自吹自擂。 以各种理由判人民有罪的领导人,不是好的领导人。

    我无法过早地分析“为什么”并解答其“好奇心”。不过, 人活着要有精神,不是一成不变。新加坡国也是一样。

    祝新加坡人民一帆风顺, 身体健康, 合家欢乐。

  15. Vote them out!

    If PAP is so good as claimed by their supporters, how come they are losing popularity elections after elections? The results speak by itself.

  16. Ivan Ho

    A lot of people like a lot of money. They shouldn’t go into politics.
    -Jose Mujica

    • The real problem

      You are right, anti PAP is not anti Singapore, the real problem is that utter rubbish are treated as if they are the words of wisdom from a god as long as it is critical of PAP by the hardcore anti-PAP.

      • Ivan Ho

        Kuan Yew’s Confession idea that we can learn from:
        “Over time, our political leaders have become less hard-driving and hard-striving,
        winning elections through GRC walkovers. That’s why it would be a good thing for the people to welcome more opposition in the Parliament. If the incumbent party is falling behind because of its own complacency, that is its problem.”

    • Monkey Gods

      Your education and value system produce delusionary idiots. Your places of worship produce delusionary hypocrites. Your work places produce delusionary robots. Your homes produce self obsessed,dumb and rude junk heads – they have higher education certificates to prove it,

      So they become deaf, blind and can’t speak properly(or only when given permission or approved by dogs) but are fond of quoting pigs in ivory tower who rip them off.

      Sin people can’t tell day or night unless they check with the authorities.

  17. Si Yuan

    Hi, Roy. If the border between Malaysia and Singapore was opened next week, so that Malaysians could freely settle in Singapore, and Singaporeans could freely settle in Malaysia, do you think the population of Singapore would shrink or grow? The answer to this question is as certain as my answer to the question “Is Roy full of shit”.

  18. Lowtkee

    Everywhere…gov is falling or being rocked….except Sin. Why?
    Because bad,substandard and rude services(rampant) by Singaporeans are tolerated and PROTECTED!

  19. teoenming

    Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong Want Teo En Ming Dead

    Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong want Teo En Ming dead. Lee Kuan Yew and Lee Hsien Loong want Teo En Ming to die young.

    Teo En Ming filed an official complaint against the Singapore Government at the United Nations Human Rights Council Branch and the International Criminal Court. Read the letter here:

    Teo En Ming’s Open Letter (Plea for Medical Help/Assistance) to World Leaders. Read the letter here:

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    22 December 2014

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