The Government has Violated the Constitution by Charging Us for Holding an Illegal Demonstration under the Parks and Trees Act

Roy Ngerng Parliament

Photos credit: Tan Yunyou

Amidst the ongoings of the defamation suit over the past one week, I am also facing two criminal charges.

The Pre-Trial Conference (PTC) for the criminal case was held yesterday. Yes, it has been a week of back-to-back trials and hearings for me.

On 27 September last year, I participated in the #ReturnOurCPF protest at the Hong Lim Park where we had marched.

There was also another YMCA event at the park also set up by grassroot volunteers from the government.

We were then set up.

Things then came fast and furious.

Three weeks later, I was investigated by the police in October and in November, I was levied with criminal charges.

Initially we were investigated for unlawful assembly but we were charged with something else later.

With five other people, we were charged for public nuisance, for things like marching, shouting loudly, chanting slogans, waving flags, holding placards and blowing whistles – things which people normally do at protests.

But I was also charged with a second crime.

Together with Han Hui Hui, I was also charged for holding an illegal assembly under the Parks and Trees Act.

(Two weeks after I was charged, the judgement was then passed to say that I had defamed the prime minister.)

For both the criminal charges, I will be liable for penalties of up to $6,000.

Lawyer M Ravi is representing Hui Hui and I.

Lawyer Eugene Thuraisingam is representing the four others who have also been charged.

Yesterday, the PTC was held at the state court to determine the dates for the hearing for this case.

The state court said that the hearing will tentatively be set in April 2015.

On the charge that Hui Hui and I are facing under the Parks and Trees Act, Ravi will be raising a constitutional question.

By charging us under the Parks and Trees Act, this is in violation of the use of the Speakers’ Corner which is exempted from the Public Order Act and the Public Entertainment Licence.

According to the Terms and Conditions for the use of the Speakers’ Corner, only the Commissioner of Parks and Recreation has the right to cancel any approval or disallow any event or activity at the Speakers’ Corner.

This was not done. Our event could proceed. As such, we cannot be charged under the Parks and Trees Act.

Ravi will be asking the state court to refer the determination of the constitutional question to be made in the High Court on the grounds that there is a constitutional breach made by the government.

I understand from my lawyer that there is a new provision for a leapfrog appeal to jump from state court to the Court of Appeal , where we could ask for 5 judges to interpret the constitutional question and look into the constitutional breach. We will explore this option.

The government has made a constitutional breach against our constitutional rights.

Apparently the person who made the police report against us was not even from YMCA. The police report was made by a third party.

A man was waiting for his girlfriend at the bus stop next to the Hong Lim Park on the day of the event on 27 September 2014. He felt affected and called the police at about 4.30pm to make a report against us.

The report was made as the #ReturnOurCPF event was progressing. However, even though the event was held from about 4pm to 6pm but throughout that time, even after the police report was made, no police came.

Because the plain clothes policemen were already there since before 3pm.

But no arrests were made even after the police report were made. The police were only standing around and filming us.

It was only 2 weeks later that the police started calling up a few of the protestors and only a month later that the six of us were charged.

For the witnesses, we have instructed Mr M. Ravi to subpoena Minister of State for Trade and Industry Teo Ser Luck to be a witness. Mr Teo was the guest-of-honour at the YMCA event.

According to Ravi, the star witness for the government and prosecution is Ariffin Sha.

Ariffin will give evidence for the government, and against the 6 of us who were charged.

According to what Ariffin told the police, he said that he had told us to stop marching after the first round of march. He also claimed that I had apologised because he told me to do so.

Ariffin came into prominence suddenly last year.

I have now become more wary of the people around me and who I put my trust in.

After being betrayed and having found a traitor among our midst, I am more careful now.

It is disappointing and hurtful but where I have been constantly bombarded and prosecuted over the last half a year, this is perhaps expected.

The hearing for the criminal case will tentatively be held in April. The hearing for the defamation suit will tentatively be held in June.

This coming Friday, on 23 January at 10am, for the defamation suit, I have also filed an application to set aside the summary judgment. Mr Lee Hsien Loong has sued me for defamation but he is “not entitled as the Prime Minister of Singapore and Chairman of GIC” to do so. He has been using government resources “in his capacity as the Prime Minister” for the suit.

But he has breached the Ministerial Code of Conduct as he is a public servant and he should not be using public resources for his “personal” suit.

The pre-trial conference will be held on 23 January at 10am at the high court.


  1. landragon123

    Government lawyers are free and a minister also can be his lawyer, so where can you find in other country? On top of that can ask for higher charges, as a lawyer fee and minister’s fee. Sorry I do no know law and if I am wrong Please correct me as I am always will to learn for the sake of learning, but in fact was FORCE to learn, whether you like it or not. That is the rules of CEA which cost me almost $2,000 for a yearly license whereas in the LKY days I paid $130 to IRA. Now there setup CEA to rob you but you get less for you now cannot ask comminsion from both side, whereas we can do it paying only $130.00?

    There give you new charges so you cannot go to Hong Lim again so PAP is killing 2 or 3 birds with 1 stone?

    • landragon123

      I have been to CPIB and there told me it is Lapses and the AG already reported 5. There are at least many more, but the AG maybe stop as it is LHL life and death issues now. If the AG came out now with corruption charges for MPs and Ministers, why will be the result. PAP lost for sure in the next coming election.

      Maybe it is the 5 cycles at work for in life readings there are 5 elements and it is every 60 years is a cycle. UMNO is now 55 years and PAP more than 50 years, with 50 years + the time in Malaysia it is more than 50 years now, the charging of guilds should be the order of the days.

  2. independent

    Actually cronyism is a form of corruption. Corrupted politicians will demand high pay to prevent corruption by leegalizing it. It is stupid that 60% buy into such warped logic. People who truly believe in serving the public wouldn’t need the highest pay in the world to join politics when the pay is already very high to begin with. Those without the correct attitude and morals wouldn’t be fit to serve as they will be devising schemes and policies to help themselves instead of helping Singaporeans. You can already see that in many of the policies here that benefit business owners at the expense of rank and file workers.

    The PAP need to be booted out of the government as no matter how talent these scholars are, they are using their talents in the wrong way to help themselves. What we need is not scholars, doctors or lawyers like KPK, but people who understand the ground and implement something that really benefit us. Much of the government resources have been diverted to China and India to build cities and towns to benefit bunsiness owners at the expense of Singaporeans. I don’t see the point in continuing support for PAP. The PAP has to go.

    Roy, if you have the time, please write some articles to bring awareness about government expenditure overseas and expenditure on foreign scholarships and university grants. These do not benefit us at all. If the government do things like that with zero accountability, we will have to vote them out. If you are one of those 60%, I urge you to do the right thing. Don’t wait for a “credible” opposition to form the government. Give them and yourself a chance. Scrap the PAP. We don’t need a party that betray its own people. We don’t need a PM that tells us we commit more crimes than foreigners. This PM got to go. His wife got to go. His uncle, the current president, got to go.

    Say no to cronyism. Say no to PAP.

  3. CY

    Bullshit. If you had marched from Speakers’ Corner to outside Speakers’ Corner and within Hong Lim Park then it is clearly illegal assembly.

    Hong Lim Park is not the same as Speakers’ Corner.

    • landragon123

      CY means you are dead(SEE, C and you are crook cake. Why not station the NPark man there to monitor, but let the happening happened, so to charge them for illegal and can charge them to bring them out of the TALK of the Town.

  4. Finger

    Do you know why Singaporeans are such FUDDUP people(stinking attitude) socially and in services?

    The saying is mostly true…corrupt parenting/leadership begets creatures from the sewages!

    Realize your leaders attitude is always…I DON’T OWE YOU A LIVING BUT YOU OWE ME A LIVING type of behavior (keep buttering their own achievements, self importance or assholes)….so be grateful to ME(huge egotistical coc k of emperor proportion)…worship at my foot…the law forbids you to criticize(they are self sacrificing multimillionaire saints you know ) their “good works”…etc etc

    These kind of people are hard of hearing…they are always tuned to 90.5 FM…hear only the positive…negatives are regarded as hate speeches….

    The day when people live like they owe the customers or people a living is the day we see improvement in services and attitudes…. and it must start from the top

  5. NEC

    According to observations, his female secretary is the main Black Hand, Constantly Increased the number of series persecution against the people.


    The charges against you……are nothing short of being absolutely FRIVILOUS and spurious …a waste of Taxpayers money just to take revenge against you. That in the view of the educated classes and well informed, is a most disgraceful and shameful action being pursued just to get the wicked satisfaction that “they” can do your head in. In reality that is pure childishness. The sooner LHL gets his lawyers to abandon this absurd time wasting case, the sooner his remaining credibilty or what’s left, will be restored. The whole episode is amounting to revealing the skeletons in the cupboards of those in power. Wisdom dictates that the pursuit of this absurd case merely will further expose the case to the rest of the world who can only laugh at what can aptly describe as some sort of modern Guilbert & Sullivan opera……….Shakespeare would deem it similar to his Comedy of Errors !


    Small error. in last sentence which should read …….the world can only laugh at what can *be* aptly described as some sort of modern Gilbert and Sullivan opera…..

    It’s amazing that there are so many clowns in playing important roles in this opera ! I am reminded of the libretto of The Duke of Plazatorro. “In enterprise of martial kind when there was any fighting. He led his army from behind he found it less exciting. !!!”

  8. Temasaker

    如果不为人们考量,只是为了霸占钱权,联合起来独霸新闻, 封锁真相, 制造案件,巧立名目,设计陷阱,敲诈勒索,并要一无所有的人们为其罪恶买单和赔偿, 欺人太甚 !

    看到黑暗龌龊的动机与外面豪华的街景毫不相符。如司法不为百姓, 不惩罚腐败霸主,反过来惩罚无辜的人民, 这个司法已经毫无气节的把新加坡社会带入毫无道德底线的危机深渊。把一批清清白白的人, 判为有罪,同等于把真正的罪犯,恐怖黑帮毒药带入新加坡的每家每户之中, 尽管他们不承认逐步灭亡土生土长的新加坡人, 就和他们不承认把公民的养老金部分给了淡马锡一样,但是他们没有一个敢对天发誓,对老天爷, 对观音菩萨, 对释迦牟尼等发一个毒誓。因为为说谎发毒誓将遭到天谴.

    生为父母为下一代子女不再被敲诈勒索的环境困扰致死扛起重负, 各界层民众团结起来.

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  10. President Teo En Ming, Federation of the Universe

    Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore Want Teo En Ming Dead

    Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore want Teo En Ming dead. Lee Kuan Yew and Lee Hsien Loong want Teo En Ming to die young. I am only 36 years old. I do not want to die young. I want to live to a hundred years old and beyond!!!

    In fact, I want to live forever!!! I want to be an immortal!!!

    In fact, I want to live forever!!! I want to be an immortal!!!

    In fact, I want to live forever!!! I want to be an immortal!!!

    In fact, I want to live forever!!! I want to be an immortal!!!

    In fact, I want to live forever!!! I want to be an immortal!!!

    Teo En Ming has filed an official complaint against the Singapore Government at the United Nations Human Rights Council Branch and the International Criminal Court. Read the letter here:


    Mr. Teo En Ming’s Open Letter (Plea for Medical Help/Assistance) to World Leaders dated 27 August 2010. The letter dated 27 August 2010 is the most recent letter! Read the letter here:

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    Republic of Singapore
    18 Jan 2015 Sunday Singapore Time

    • ferli

      To M Ravi – like or dislike the LHL, he is still the prime minister, running the country, making international level decisions. To remove him from office for three days just for you to cross-examine? Who else will fill his shoes in the meantime?
      I think you have a severely inflated self-esteem.

  11. Alan

    The Government violated every rule just to prosecute you right? What a demure little boy you are! So cute!

    You won’t even hurt anyone, less heckle some special kids! The videos and all are conspiracy by the government to silent you right? And those shit that you uttered that defamed the Pm didn’t come from your mouth but actually from your fart holes because you can’t control the size anymore! Couldn’t blame you right? It’s unintentional. You even try to apologize to Pm but your ass refused to show your sincerity and continued farting unstoppable.

    What an angel you are!

  12. SIMPLE

    We were then set up. How?

    Can this happen to Roy?

    I won’t even hurt anyone, less heckle some special kids! The videos and all are conspiracy by the government to silent me.
    PAP get somebody that look like me and Hui Hui in the video. The video are doctored
    “PAP set me up.”

  13. Holylies

    Over paid talents in Sin city said….no can insult or shame dictators, liars, murderers, stone gods who can’t talk and hear and very important people who made decisions and ruin your lives and children lives you know

    Above all…don’t touch or harm these people you know….soon…prisons no more business hor….hitler can be worshipped in church hor…..

    Logic hor…papers say….insult mother can get punch you know…next time hor….mother molest your boy boy tee tee hor….keep quiet you know….don’t insult or shame her you know…wait get punch hor….so over paid talents eat money hor….don’t insult ok….shhhhhh….very good idea hor

    • Judy

      Yes…in the name of God got license to kill and abuse human rights….cannot insult or talk bad you know….must be civil…polite…peace on earth good will towards prophets….lol

    • Zipped

      In the name of religion can cheat old lady of their HDB fla etc etc etct. But don’t call it cheat….call it serving god haaa

  14. dontbluff

    I have got a theory. The higher up you rise(higher social status too), the more corrupt you are and the more lies you tell yourself. .. what do you think… what do you think. .haha ha

  15. holycow

    Faced with large numbers of foreigners and immigrants, we can resent them and insist they all become just like us – as many among the french seem to be saying last week. Or we can hear their voices and let ourselves be changed a little, perhaps for the better – Chuamuihoot


  16. Jackfruit

    Go play the victim card and then ask for more public donations. You surely can also get foreign funds because they want to see chaos in Singapore. And hey, go join that mad-man Dr Chee in SDP, but go hunger strike together with him when you guys lose the 2016 election. But this time I’ll buy up all the glucose as i’ll like to see how long Dr Chee can last without it..

  17. 對答李總理

    1. 李显龙总理表示,如果人们以为投票给反对党,也不会变天,那是很“危险的考虑”。

    -- 真正的危險是連平民百姓都不放過的人。


    -- 行動黨裡面與外面任何人都可以替代 , 10年不換人, 空氣窒息才是新加坡的危險。



    -- 身為總理,拿著人民的巨款奉供, 不顧新加坡作家和勞苦大眾的勸告,一定要打斷百姓的骨頭,因此下屆大選對你是一場“决战”。




    -- 除了借人民現金到期不還,把人民部分的養老金無償送給淡馬錫, 而且你果然打斷了一批百姓的骨頭,你們父子老婆三人铤而走险, 背叛新加坡人以外,沒做好事啊 。



    -- 你掌控的媒體把人民的來信都刪除了,把寫博客的人都逼到死路了,把投訴的人都抓起來了,把幫人民的律師都折磨死了,你的形象早就黑了,不知你從哪裡獲得這麼多信心啊 ?



    -- 國人被罵窮鬼, 死的死,殘的殘,跳樓的跳樓,自殺的自殺,失業的失業, 破產的破產,未出世的都獲得了special kids needs 疾病, 在如此險惡的掙扎中, 你勞民傷財, 鋪張浪費, 用國人的現金來美化自己,請你先把人民的養老金還給人民, 再怎麼庆典是你的事.





    -- 以往大選靠做手腳, 嚇唬,威脅,誘惑, 控告誹謗,搞到家破人亡等手法,你的言行提醒民眾對上述舞弊行為要有很小心的對策。



    -- 你昨天在控告一批沒有家園的人,一定要置他們死地. 今天坐在華麗的空調大廳裏,大談民生問題,簡直是光天化日下搞欺騙嘛. 類似的欺騙冷血愚弄新加坡人長達10年. 為什麼啊 ?




    -- 你肩負照顧國民人生安全的責任早已蕩然無存, 只是把人民的現金送給淡馬錫的部分還不知道何時歸還吧。



    -- 可見你只知道把自己凌駕於國家之上, 你自己從不處理人民的來信, 從不親自面對自己的官司,你的能力不足以面對媒體與大眾的提問 , 你只會在電視鏡頭下只作秀而已。




    一顿饭敲定 出任第三任总理

    -- 候選人不是選商品, 商品買了後悔可以退換, 選錯了不但投訴無門,而且長達一輩子幾代人時間的人財兩空啊 。



    -- 黃根成是李光耀的親戚 ,也是一個拿國家巨款, 請女祕書替他打發正事, 對國家沒有半點責任感的玩客。




    -- 這個採訪者有很大的智慧, 間接地通知還沒有準備好下台的現任總理,更換新的領導人已經迫在眉睫啦 ! 人民採訪者萬歲。




    -- 以前李光耀的心狠手辣把超過1000位有政治熱情的專才新加坡人抓起來致死後,人們都不敢問政。現在時代不同了 , 一手遮天的時鐘不可能再倒流啦.


    接班人或从内阁挑 也不排除选新人




    -- 事實上你連自己的事情都沒有能力處理好,國家未來將由人民決定, 由不得你指手畫腳。






    -- 從去年至今,总理不斷犯下瀆職罪將國家資產掌控與其家族成員名下,借國人現錢到期不還的失信罪, 誹謗公民罪把一批有怨言的窮人打入地獄,假公濟私用女祕書出面向媒體誹謗抹黑國民名譽罪, 濫用職權罪,悄悄地轉移國民養老金現款贈送淡馬錫營私舞弊貪污罪, 不兌現其父親李光耀未完成的承諾給國民福利的最終福祉的欺騙罪。 敲詐勒索罪恐嚇失業的國人不吃不喝,四處籌款為期不清白的足跡付款買單. 儘管在權力下受暫時到庇護, 但是他的話早幾失去了公信力. 他有待公審.

  18. landragon123

    Few weeks ago I sent few pictures of Singapore been a Lalllllang City built by LHL after he sacked his Father LKY so he have the right to do what he likes to Cheat the Citizens of Singapore, no I should use the word CHEAP as that is a better word to descript the problems in Singapore now???
    1st. LKY created a Garden City, clean and green which we all saw, Trees lining the Roads and shrubs along too.
    2nd, Build HDB which was affordable as the loan at that time was 10 years and with CPF help, everyone can afford a home and for those who do not wanted a home, you can also rent one at $20 to $30 a month.
    3rd, our Airports are all impressive and was the best in the World with many awards and rewards for it.

    Now his Sick Son wanted easy MONEY, by building Casinos to earn money for the owners, Sands and the Malaysian Families. The SKY answered him with 2 Floods in Orchard Road and 2nd Cancel the moment MBS was opened in 2011 and he have a relapse.

    Now the whole Government Machineries are in Lapses as the AG reported last year but AG cannot file the report as I will the Biggest Bomb Shelf to drop in Singapore to kill many Corrupted Officers in Army, Police, Health, Labour…… name it he have it???

    I have Black & White evidences of most of then, anyone care to look. Vivian have seen the one outdoor, but the indoor ones are still in the wraps waiting for the opposite to open it, if he dares…..Mr. Lui, it is you to do it???

  19. open letter to Prime Minister Lee and his officer woman Ms. Chang Li Lin…/1589520.html

    – SINGAPORE: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s Press Secretary Chang Li Lin has responded to the latest comments by blogger Roy Ngerng

    1. ” There was clear indication to the Court that Roy Ngerng did not want to be cross-examined, says Ms Chang Li Lin ”

    —- No problem !!!

    We Singaporeans have a life time for waiting for both you Ms Chang Li Lin and your boss , you please bring your PM together to the court , we face to face each other , do the cross-examined by judge , as we promised, we have time waiting for your turn up , let PM Lee and you both swear to the God , have both PM Lee took our partial CPF money to Temasek ?

    2. ” SINGAPORE: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s Press Secretary Chang Li Lin has responded to the latest comments by blogger Roy Ngerng lawyer M Ravi.
    In a statement released earlier on Wednesday (Jan 14), Mr Ravi argued that the legal notes taken by Drew & Napier – the law firm representing Mr Lee in the defamation suit – “nowhere use any language such as ‘did not want to be cross-examined’ or anything like it”. ”

    —- Chang Li Lin used the media to confuse the public, It is wicked, okay ! we Singaporeans waiting for his appear. even him was hiding in each of hearing date , but we only recognize him, do not recognize you – Chang Li Lin , you did not swear allegiance to Singaporeans, but PM Lee Hsien Loong did .

    3. “The important point – and a point that bears repetition – is that I did not (say) at the hearing that Mr Ngerng did not want to be cross-examined,” he said, adding that he had “moved swiftly to protect (his) client’s right to have the final say whether to give evidence in chief (and be cross-examined)”.

    —- Ms. Chang Li Lin and PM Lee both two are closely related, so Ms. Chang Li Lin’s words has great suspicion of accepting bribes . Serious violations of the Independent Commission regulations.

    4. In her reply, Ms Chang said Mr Ravi had “carefully and selectively” omitted his own words to the Court, and that there was clear indication to the Court that Mr Ngerng did not want to be cross-examined. Her statement is reproduced in full below.

    —- Singapore can progress without Lee Hsien Loong, but Singaporeans can not live without Mr Ravi – the only people’s great lawyer . without Mr Ravi, will be unable to count the number of homeless people, bankrupt people and were died by political persecution. without him, Singaporeans will be more easy to be discriminated. People praise him, hoping that he will not be killed by bad people.

    5. In a statement today, Mr M Ravi refers to parts of Drew & Napier’s notes to claim that they do not show that he indicated that Mr Ngerng did not want to be cross-examined.

    Mr Ravi accepts that the notes are “accurate, precise and complete”. But in quoting from them, he has carefully and selectively omitted his own words to the Court after he said that Mr Ngerng will be giving evidence and Mr Davinder Singh responded that he would be cross-examining Mr Ngerng if he gives evidence:

    “MR: Therefore, I won’t be filing.

    Enough YH [i.e. Your Honour] I won’t be filing”

    —- whatever he said, you said or she said, we Singaporeans insist to hold a cross-examined with Lee Hsien Loong, inside his huge million’s wage , is that included he should be humbly accept the people’s criticism ?

    Yes or not ? included or not included ?

    IF Not included, he must cut off his wage 50% for the non-included section

    IF he want to continue more wage of multi millions , he must not sue the criticize people ! he must have a bit sense of shame as the leader of the Country, Okay !

    Step down immediately !

    6. ” In his statement, Mr Ravi concedes that he “moved swiftly to protect [his] client’s right to have the final say whether to give evidence in chief (and be cross-examined).” That is the clearest admission of his indication to the Court that Mr Ngerng did not want to be cross-examined. ”

    —- Chang Li Lin, you must note that as his secretary, only in his illness or disability, you can get involved in his personal affairs, Instead of cross-examined, But you need authorized by the President. However, nobody authorized you, you are cooperated with gangs, committing crimes harboring criminal and also the crime of intentional tampering the state constitution.

    everyone seen that this PM Lee’s body as strong as the athletic , he filed a lawsuit but he choice avoid cross-examination, deemed guilty conscience.

    Ms. Chang Li Lin – You committed false witness suspects. You are not fit to stay in the government !

    7. ” As the notes show, had the learned Judge not thereafter asked Mr Ravi to consider the matter, Mr Ngerng’s position would have remained that he did not want to give evidence and be cross-examined. ”

    —-Ms. Chang Li Lin said a lot of nonsense, intent on transferring topic, that PM Lee and his father Lee Kuan Yew both took Singaporeans CPF as the gift free gave to Temasek – which under PM Lee and his wife ‘s control . PM Lee needs to be cross-examined .

    want to clarify the truth ? very easy !

    They must swear to God, YES or NOT ?

    if PM Lee don’t dare to swear , please let Ms.Chang Li Lin swear on behalf him .

    if Ms. Chang Li Lin perjury, her family on behalf of him will suffer the curse of heaven.

    people elect you,not because you are keen on divert people’s CPF , then took the opportunity to extort more money . Okay !

    8. ” Despite what Mr Ravi said in court, he has now publicly confirmed that Mr Ngerng is prepared to give evidence and to be cross-examined at the hearing to assess damages. The Prime Minister looks forward to that. ”

    —- through this gang case, Prime Minister Lee is not honest , No credibility, No politicians consciousness, only with strong retaliatory.

    Singaporeans are expecting a new Prime Minister.

    Prime Minister Lee, each year your multi millions wealth was obtained from the debts of Singaporeans, Singaporean’s kindness that train you greedy and ungrateful , you dare to break their bones, constantly cheating still won the world class of lawsuit championship ,so you won the most shameless leadership in the World . how shall we celebrating you, a liar can be the champion. scammers want re-elected ?

    you owe our people’s cash, unable to repay back , you must be announced bankruptcy your family first !!!!!!!

  20. landragon123

    Well said well done. Enough of saying and let see if my last message got some action, if not just wait for the Burning City to Happen.
    The Former Malaysian Railway JUNGLE got machines move in and the jungle now have path, but the fallen lallang lies on the track, so the same for a smoker to throw a cigarette butt, and our city will be lighted or maybe call our STATE soon???

  21. Stone

    However, with the ‘failure’ of the Western capitalist and the Soviet communist models, Islamic movements, financed often from abroad, were able to move into the political mainstream in many Muslim countries. – See more at:

    “failure”….you see gold….they see shit…because there is no truth in you….if so…they rather live with their own shit

    offer “the truth”…not your failure…and there maybe light and peace at the end of the tunnel

  22. holycow

    We live in a scary world where the law is blind to true evil. People who shed blood in the name of greater good. So who is forcing whose religion on who?

  23. Please state clearly

    Eh, so what are you trying to claim? Ariffin Sha lied to the police that he told you to stop after the first march and that you apologise after he told you to do so or that Ariffin Sha told the truth but you expected him to lie to the police.

    If it is the first scenario, why are you not denouncing him for lying the way you denounced the prime minister’s secretary for lying about you. If it is the second scenario, then aren’t you the biggest hypocrite alive, when you the author of a blog call The Heart Truths expect someone to conceal the truth from the police because both of you are buddies fighting against the government.

    • landragon123

      A Sinner never believe there committed a sin, or he does not believe in SINS. To tell whether someone is a Sinner is easy. Before there die there will suffer allot, like in death bed for a long time. There is the other type of sinners who will suffer serious illness or disease during their lifetime and suffered as there grows old. Yet there is another type of Sinner who do not suffer, but their children or grand children will suffer for them. Therefore if you wanted an easy, be good, do not cheat and do not hurt others just for your own good. Take Care everyone.

  24. Vincent

    As usual Roy talk rubbish again to cover up his wrong doings. Having a permit to talk in Hong Lim park doesn’t mean one is allowed to be a public nuisance. These are two different things. What crap !

  25. PAP dogs

    So now the public transport is going to increase its fare despite the drop of fuel price. Are you happy now, PAP mongrels? Song bo?

  26. Jozef Benjamin

    Did you guys know that singapore is more of a communist or is becoming more of a communist as i found out that singapore’s law is subjected to not by the supreme high court of singapore but by parliament, and as other country’s law is only subjected to change only by the supreme high court so countries overseas does not have their government misusing the law of their country for the government’s own benefit. well as of now PAP still holds most of the sits in parliament. i feel sad for you as this is not the first time that our government misuse the law against singaporeans. i feel that we as singaporeans should have the freedom of speech as most of our freedom in singapore is already restricted. best of all singapore is no longer safe as more foreigners in singapore we may as well end up like JB being one of the most dangerous places in the world due the foreigners they have there, their crime rate rose

  27. landragon123

    Whether Singapore is Communist or not, IT IS WORST than Communist is my judgement. It is the only country to look after you from Womb to Tomb, have you heard of knows of another such country and if you did Please share? Pay CPF and never see your Last Dollar again with CPFLife. Yes there give you a few dollars when you are old as a pension, enough for your dairy needs and there subsidize you on you medical by Charging to see their Doctors at $90.00 for a visit and since you are PIONEER you pays half. All are DOCTORED charges to color blind those old folk who does not understands.

    China, Vietnam and Cuba are some of the great Communists left and there are doing well where Singapore been a 1st World Country is slipping down the dirty drain going into the sea now. But we are lucky that LKY block up the Singapore River and we are still floating in Singapore, not been washed out to the Ocean yet.
    We have 1st Class Bird Cages for the Citizen and if you are lucky will gets one for high profits to the GOVERNMENT or HDB but there tell you there are selling you at a LOST and the only people who profited is the Singapore PAP government.

    Of course, I as a born Citizen in Town for over 100 years as my great grand came here to set our roots and planted ourselves here for good or for worse, This is our Land Our, Home and will do anything to defend it, not with the guns that the Armies have, but with the PEN or the Internet to tells fellow Singaporean that to get up again, there is a long ROAD to take and we needs co-operation to do it.

    • ferli

      Really? China, Vietnam and Cuba are doing great? Otherwise what does “great Communists” means? If we examine the health and welfare indices carefully, I don’t know how these countries can even be mentioned in the first place. There are some appalling human rights violations in Cuba and China.

      • landragon123

        ferli, you seen those violations? The American are the greatest violators in world history. Going to Vietnam to bomb the daylight out of the country but there have a Ho Chee Ming to prevent it and Vietnam is now a great country.
        Cuba was isolated for 50 years and there survive and now the American say we can recognize you now. The Chinese isolated themselves and now came out victor without Americans Help but is helping the American with cheap clothing and cheap shoes.
        On the other hand, the American are helping the Japanese to make them 2nd richest but now without these help coming, even the largest Company have to Fold. When the American give them 2 bombs, the Jap have been calling the American FATHER all these years But the Jap hatred the Chinese whom there are their ancestors by never admitting there are part of China until 3/11 which many did not know what was it.

  28. Pingback: Singaporeans, I Cannot be Your Member of Parliament in Government | The Heart Truths
  29. SIMPLE

    The cost of filing this affidavit is $1,000 while the legal fee is $30,000.
    We hope that 21,000 Singaporeans will give $1 to finance this legal costs.
    Please contribute to the fund by doing a bank transfer to POSB Savings 279-12328-0.

    Finally it comes through Han Hui Hui.

  30. President Teo En Ming, Federation of the Universe

    [YOUTUBE VIDEO] Launch of the Singapore Democratic Party Economic Policy Paper by Dr. Chee Soon Juan on 7 Feb 2015 Saturday

    Dear Citizens of the World,

    I have just completed uploading my video coverage of the presentation by Dr. Chee Soon Juan to Youtube at 6:25 PM SGT. Video rendering on my Intel Core i5 4430 desktop computer took a solid 4 hours for a 2 hr video. Youtube may take another 10 hours to process my video before it becomes online. Please wait patiently for my Youtube video. The presentation by Dr. Chee Soon Juan started at 2:00 PM SGT on 7 Feb 2015 Sat. I was late for the presentation by 45 minutes due to another important matter that I had taken up. I am very very sorry for being late.

    Filmed by Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    8 Feb 2015 Sunday Singapore Time GMT+8 / UTC+8


    SINGAPORE +65-9117-5902

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