Singaporeans, I Cannot be Your Member of Parliament in Government

Roy Ngerng 2

Photo credit: Tan Yunyou

Many Singaporeans have asked me to run for the next general election and become a member of parliament.

I am sorry. I won’t be able to do it.

If you have followed the ongoings of the PAP’s prosecution against me over the last six months, since I was first sued for defamation, and if you have read and understood how the PAP has used the defamation suit in the past to not only silence the opposition politicians but to prevent them from entering parliament, then you will understand why I cannot do so.

I am sorry. I cannot represent you in parliament.

The PAP won’t let me.

In order to be able to run for the general election, a person cannot be made bankrupt and/or be fined more than $2,000.

I will be made bankrupt by Lee Hsien Loong.

I will also be fined more than $2,000.

Based on past precedence, all the opposition politicians who have been sued by the previous prime ministers have been made bankrupt by between $200,000 and $8 million.

Lee Hsien Loong has filed for the defamation suit in the high court which oversees cases of more than $250,000, so this is the least he is hoping to made me bankrupt by.

The government has also levied criminal charges against me, accusing me of public nuisance and demonstrating illegal under the Parks and Trees Act. Together, I would be liable for a penalty of up to $6,000.

As I had mentioned, there is absolutely no grounds to charge me with these two charges, but the PAP has decided to abuse the law and manipulate the law in their favour.

You can be sure that the PAP will make sure that I will be fined more than $2,000.

With a fine of more than $2,000 and a bankruptcy of at least $250,000 for the defamation suit, or even half a million or $700,000 from the rumours that I have heard, I will certainly be disqualified from being able to take part in the next general election.

You know, Singaporeans, one thing you have to understand is that you have to stop waiting for a “hero” to save you. The truth is, if you don’t help yourself, no one can save you.

I cannot save you. The PAP has already planned for all sorts of ways to stop me from running for the general election.

But you can still save yourself. You can still stand up for yourself and run.

You know, the reason why I fought the defamation suit right from the start, was not because I believed that I could win. I knew right from the start that I would lose. I knew that the PAP would make sure they would squash me all the way.

Right from when I was sued, I had become the #1 political enemy of the PAP. The defamation suit has always been reserved for the PAP’s topmost enemy. Thank you, it must be an honour to be looked so up by the PAP.

But you see, I fought because I believed that at some point, Singaporeans would join in, and stand up to fight back.

I had believed that within a few months, Singaporeans would have thronged the streets and the PAP would be unseated.

That day never came.

At the first #ReturnOurCPF protest in June, just before I was fired from my job at the hospital, an estimated 6,000 people attended the protest. That gave me a bit of hope. At the second protest in July, about 5,000 people came. It dwindled by a bit.

But after I was sued, I wrote another almost 100 articles on the CPF. I exposed what the PAP was taking Singaporeans’ CPF to use but no one moved. No Singaporeans felt it serious or urgent enough to fight back. No one came.

Ironically, it was only after I was sued that I discovered even more about how the PAP is siphoning off Singaporeans’ CPF to earn for themselves and finally put together the complete picture of what the PAP has been using government to do, and to take from Singaporeans’ CPF.

At the fourth #ReturnOurCPF protest, a bit fewer than a thousand people turned up. The PAP then set us up. When we got to stage, they pushed the children out just as we got there, took photos, then said we “heckled” the children. Then the PAP used its ministers, members of parliament and state-controlled media to whitewash the truth and accused of “heckling” the children.

But we never did. We did not go near the children at all.

It was soon discovered that the PAP lied but they did not apologise. They had the audacity to lie and accuse us of doing something we never did but when they were caught out, they pretended nothing happened.

But what became more obvious to me at that time was that, Singaporeans did not stand up, or fight back.

When the PAP said we “heckled”, Singaporeans instead drew back. Some even among the opposition and activists also decried us for “heckling” the children.

It was only then that I realised that Singaporeans were still willing to be subdued by their fears and to distance themselves from us and from me, and they were willing to find a reason to draw themselves away.

We made some mistakes, yes. But when it became clear that we were set up and people remained silent, I became crestfallen.

What was I to do, when in the face of a snide attack from the government, that when the “hero” that many held on to was inundated with waves of attack by the government that people were willing to back away?

I am writing this not because I am upset. On the contrary, I’ve resigned myself to the knowing that Singaporeans are still not willing to be ready. After having been heckled by the PAP for “heckling” in September, I spent the next few months being disillusioned, sunken, rejected and have finally learnt to come to terms to how Singaporeans might still not be ready.

Because, are you?

I am thankful and grateful for the support that has been shown, via the donations and the words of support. I am thankful that people continue to believe in the cause that I have been fighting for and continue to hold me in high regard.

Thank you.

But my friends, things will only change if you are willing to fight for yourselves.

Your “hero” is only one person. After the PAP kills me off, as they have already planned to, I will be down, dead, and then you will go back to your lives, angry and upset that your “hero” couldn’t do more for you.

But what else am I do when the PAP has trained its ammunition at me? There was no where I could run. There was no army to fight the battle, let alone the war.

While I stand alone in the battlefield and you cheer me on by the side, the PAP simply charged right at me, laughing all the way.

When they saw Singaporeans donate more than $100,000 to support the cause, this shocked them and they were taken aback. But when the number of people who came for the protests dwindled, when I wrote nearly a 100 articles after I was sued and people did not budge, when they accused me of “heckling” and people withdrew, they knew they could continue to throw even the kitchen sink at me and Singaporeans wouldn’t fight.

I was on my own. They knew that I had the support, even as much as 60% or 70% of the support of Singaporeans. But they also saw for themselves that even with all the support, no one would step forward.

If so, what is there for them to fear except to charge on and kill me off?

When I am down, when your “hero” is down, what are you going to do?

Are we going back to square one?

Old Singapore Capitol Theatre

Photo credit: Kfchia’s Blog

When I fought the defamation suit, it was because I believed that you would stand up and fight.

Just last week, I had a major argument with someone close to me – and I do not know who I can trust nowadays as the government has planted many spies around me – I told her that I am very tired. People aren’t fighting.

I told her, I do not know if Singaporeans know what they want. Many Singaporeans are urging me to continue to fight. But at the end of the day, what do Singaporeans want to achieve? Some want their CPF returned to them. Some want the PAP denied two-thirds of the seats in parliament.

However, you have to know that as long as the PAP is the government, there is no incentive for them to return your CPF to you. They’ve been taking your CPF as their own money to use for at least the past 30 years, if not the past 50 years. Why would having just a few more opposition seats change things? All they need to do is to prevent the opposition from running in the next general election.

The truth is that the only way when the CPF system will change, and in fact the only way that the government will finally learn to take care of Singaporeans is when the government changes and when the PAP is no longer the government.

But how many of you are ready for this? Or how many of you have thought through this?

So, the person close to me told me: but you know, I have to take care of my family, I have to take care of my children, so I can’t fight. You do not have a family or a partner, so you can fight.

But do you know that by fighting, I have lost my job and pretty much my life in Singapore? I haven’t been able to find a partner too because how many people would date a person being sued by the prime minister, no matter how unjust his action is?

I will only be able to get my life back in Singapore, when the government changes and the PAP is no longer the government.

But still, I fought. Not because I have nothing to lose but because I knew that if I don’t fight now, later on down the road, when things get worse, it will be too late to do something about it.

So I told the person close to me: no, you fear. Don’t come out with these excuses. You fear. And you have allowed the PAP’s propaganda to control you. Look at Hong Kong. The people there would say, for my family, for my children, I will fight.

But look at Singapore.

But you don’t understand, Singapore is better off, she said.

Rubbish, I shot back. Singapore is worse than Hong Kong. Poverty in Singapore is an estimated 30%. It is 19.6% in Hong Kong and this is already considered bad for a developed city. 30% of Singaporeans cannot earn enough to spend on basic necessities and the next 30% cannot earn enough to save. You are talking about two-thirds of Singaporeans who are not able to adequately earn to survive in Singapore.

And it is going to get worse. In 2000, poverty was an estimated 15%. It has gone up to 30% today. And at the rate it is going, in another 10 years, the number of Singaporeans living in poverty will hit 40%.

Singapore went from Third World to First World but it is going back to Third World again. Amidst the facade of the tall and new buildings, Singaporeans are actually languishing back into Third World livelihoods.

But how many of us are willing to acknowledge that? It even took me a while to see that even as people around me started talking about it. But it had to take people who have to loose their jobs and their homes, and people who cannot afford to pay their hospital bills or take their CPF out to have the veil taken off their eyes, to see what is really going on in Singapore.

Does it also means that you would have to lose your job or your home, or when you finally need to go for a major operation and can’t pay for it or when you want to retire but cannot do so, before you can also finally see the truth?

But many other Singaporeans I have spoken to have come out with excuses like she did. Because we allow fear to overcome us.

Because we fear, we would rather not fight now no matter how bad lives are today.

The funny thing is, Singaporeans keep saying that we are afraid that there will be instability if we fight or protest. But they do not want to see how if we do not do something about it today, when things get worse and we decide to finally fight, by then, it might be too hard to control.

It is ironic that while we fear that there might be instability today but it might be because of our very lack of action today that instability might result in the future.

Just last week, I met a person who told me that she was worried that if the PAP is no longer the government, then there will be instability in Singapore.

But I told her, you look at the opposition, how many of them are willing to rock the boat? In fact, if the opposition becomes the government, they would be more likely to want to maintain stability because they are also conservative. They know that Singaporeans value stability and they will also want to maintain that stability. In fact, for any government anywhere in the world that becomes the government, the very first thing they would, or should do, is to assure the people and businesses that they will continue to maintain stability.

But I told her, if the opposition forms the next government, it will not be the opposition that will cause instability to happen in Singapore. It will be the PAP which will create instability in Singapore.

Over the past 50 years, the PAP has controlled the government, they have also used the government to control the civil service, media, the law, the major companies in Singapore, academia, think tanks and used money to also control the non-government agencies etc.

The PAP has over the past 50 years controlled all aspects of Singapore so that they can make money off this country and the people here, for themselves. If the PAP loses government, they would want to take back control of government so that they can continue to earn.

Thus if the PAP is no longer the government, they will want to create instability so that they can make it look like the opposition cannot run the government, then take back the government, so that they can continue to make money off the people.

It is hypocritical for the PAP to keep saying that only it has the interests of Singapore at heart when it is clear that it is because of the PAP, that Singapore’s future is now at stake.

Where the PAP has continued to control companies in Singapore, this has driven out entrepreneurship among Singaporeans and created a dearth of Singapore companies and a local base for economic growth. Where the PAP has continued to pay themselves high salaries while depressing the wages of the majority of Singaporeans, this has not only created the highest income inequality among the developed countries, it has also caused social problems to develop, where Singaporeans are stuck in lower social classes and where our people have become less motivated and dejected.

We are losing our country and I put the blame squarely on the PAP.

But how many Singaporeans are willing to acknowledge this? Many still will themselves into the propaganda that the PAP puts out. Many continue to allow fear to sway their logic and thinking. How many of us are willing to break free from the PAP’s indoctrination and to think clearly for ourselves, and more importantly, for our own lives and our children’s, and for the future of this country?

My friends, I cannot be your hero. You have to be your own hero. You have to fight for yourself.

If you want change, you have to fight for it. You have to stand up and fight.

I have been a symbol of that resistance and of that fight but I can no longer do it, not as one person on my own.

If you really want change to come to Singapore, so that the lives of Singaporeans can get better, you have to decide for yourselves if you are willing to fight.

Many Singaporeans hope that things will change at the next general election. They believe that they can vote for change.

However, you and I know that the PAP will not play fair. Will things change? I do not know.

If we really want things to change, we will need at least 60% or 70% of Singaporeans to vote against the PAP, so that even if the PAP plays unfairly, we can still win.

I believe that there are at least 60% of Singaporeans who are already very angry with the PAP but how many of us would vote right?

And if after the next general election, the PAP is still the government, what will you do? Will you just continue to be angry?

Or will you fight?

The thing is, there are already many Singaporeans who are sick and tired of the PAP’s bullying ways – and I am sure there are already more than half, or even more than 60%.

If we come together, change can come, either at the ballot box or if Singaporeans decide to stand and fight together.

Are you ready to do it? Will you?

This is something you have to think for yourself. I can definitely see that some change has come after the last few months.

More Singaporeans are speaking up. More are standing up. We need more. How many more would do so, together?

Today, the PAP is very scared. They pretend that they are not but they are shitting in their pants. It’s really up to Singaporeans to look beyond the old rhetoric that we have been told and to unite and turn things around for ourselves.

It is up to you now.

It is time you become the “hero” for I will soon be rooted out by the PAP. If you do not want the fight to die down, then you have to decide for yourself if you are willing to fight.

For your own freedom, for your own lives, you have to fight. And only when you fight, will change come.

My friends, be the hero you want to see. Fight for yourselves. And your families.

How Singapore will turn out will depend on what Singaporeans and you are ready for.


  1. Return our CPF and audit Temasek .

    Last year Oct, Lee Kuan Yew got a award in America
    in Nov , Lee Hsien Loong’s wife got a award in London
    in Dec ,Lee Hsien Loong got award in Korea

    why they rushing went abroad to buy trophy for themselves
    seems Singapore’s elite are all inside their family

    bought for father , bought for wife, bought for husband,
    they are keen to spend our people’s money in overseas & buy trophies for themselves.

    ultimately a free discussion over whole society , this Lee family super corruption or not . if they declined to repay our CPF and audit Temasek .

    • KenLim

      They did so much for us so the trophies are a reminder that you owe them a living.

      We should all acquire this attitude of our leaders: I don’t owe you a living but you owe me a living attitude so don’t be rude to me or I show you what rudeness in court means now go fuck off. Want you buy, don’t want, go fuck off

  2. realist

    dressing, thinking and acting like a douche pants wont help your case. perhaps a brain transplant, face-lift and reconstructive surgery will help

  3. Noose

    /Latest data from the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) shows that during the fourth quarter of 2014, there were 308,814 completed private units on the market, up 2.1 percent from 302,510 units available in the previous quarter.
    Of that number, there were 24,062 units which were vacant in the quarter or 11.6 percent higher than the 21,569 vacant units in the previous three-month period./

    Only the tip of the iceberg. Common sense will tell you there are far more vacant units and the negative impact on people and economy is immeasurable. Well done PAP. Profit from the land at the expense of people’s lives.

  4. Roy's friend

    Hi Roy,

    How are you? Did you visit the special needs kids yet to atone for your mistakes?

    I hope this email finds you well. Please don’t make any more mistakes of your own doing that can land you in more trouble. Till today, my advice is still to make amends for wrongdoings while you had the chance then. It’s no use to deny your own undoing and just pretend to be a false martyr.

    Take care.

    Your friend

  5. Roy is our people's son

    1.Roy was sued by a political figure, that is politics lawsuit.
    2,that husband and wife control CPF and Temasek violated Independent regulations
    3.someone laughs at Roy is silly nonsense that one is the fish in troubled waters .

    4. someone said Roy try to frame someone as a fraud.

    — Roy has been very be careful more than our supporters , fraud or not, not decided by Roy , it is easy both Let Lee Kuan Yew and Lee Hsien Loong appear to Court and swear to God .

    if he removed our people’s money into Temasek ? YES or NOT ?
    IF yes, nothing wrong with Roy,

    IF they said No, lying to God is real fraud, any perjury results their family soon suffer the curse of heaven, ok !

    5. Why Roy being sued for defamation ? that is very useful sharp weapon in Singapore the Lee family. PM’s defamation case is Intimidation case. a cut-throat lawsuit. they used this means to control Singaporeans to obey him. bow to him. this time PM asked for 250,000.00 SGD money from poor Roy, that means PM wants to killed Roy in order to suppress the voice of the people,Prime Minister Lee knew well Roy is jobless , penniless

    6. Before the lawsuit, Roy is advised to retract the postings and apologize. Roy as young generation he gave what he have 5000 sgd to Prime Minister , however Prime minister did not accept it. said it is peanuts . soon after Prime Minister ‘s gang — his female secretary team sent order to TV mainstream to smear Roy. they ask more money , they are mad leader team in the World , they like a lion open their bloody mouth, asking this jobless guy gave them the money figure which the poor guy whole life unable to earn .

    7. Roy had no ample chance to avoid the lawsuit, We are older than Roy, in the years we have witnessed a series of victims of the tragedy, such as Tang Liang Hong, Chee Soon Juan, Only in the past decade, no Internet, the information not be sent out. We knew this inhuman torture imminent to happen in Roy. Singaporeans supported Roy in different ways, the writer also wrote to the Prime Minister Lee, asked him to be lenient. However , Prime Minister Lee never put the people in the eye, he rejected .

    8. Hong Lim Park is people’s speak corner, if Roy is wilfulness but that atmosphere complies with protests of return our CPF, Roy got all of our support, included police, This has been affirmed, including EX-Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong-

    9. till we tracked Roy’s case come to the third months.

    At the time, Prime Minister Lee refused to dialogue with the people, he did not get it soon in civil court, he began to design this poor boy into the trap of a criminal offense. He wants his ministers, in protest scene, they brought some disabilities children to the protest scene, let our poor childrens show performances for his minister.

    This minister later in his facebook did apology for ignoring the sufferings of the people, bullying of children with disabilities, caused angered protesters.

    In fact, look at each page of Roy’s blog, Prime Minister Lee ‘s gang had left footprint here , everything
    orchestrated trap by prime Minister office and his gangs.

    10. Indeed. the wrongdoings maker is Prime Minister and his female secretary. after the Hong Lim Park event, Prime Minister Lee brought his office girls together happily tUnfortunately, a week later, he came back, he not happy with police why did not catch up Roy and Han Huihui, simply, he wants his secretary hands the case with the Attorney General, tailored directly for Roy a criminal offense .ravel to Turkey ,during the week he absent Singapore, Singapore has never been so peaceful and harmonious, people prayed silently that he had better not come back.
    的确。的恶行制造者是李总理和他的女秘书。当李总理把他的办公室女生一起愉快地带去前往土耳其旅行时,在在他缺席新加坡的这一周, 新加坡从未有过的安宁与和谐, 是非常和平.人们默默地祈祷他最好不要回来了
    很遗憾, 一个礼拜后,他回来了,他质问警方为什么没有把Roy抓起来,他们对警方没有抓人很失望. 干脆他要他的秘书亲自动手赤膊上阵了, 他们出动了总检察长,直接给Roy量体裁衣,裁剪出一个刑事罪.

    Roy is our people’s son
    a great son of Singaporeans .
    someone called Roy is a crafty pretender or a deluded idiot. Because they are in front of the honest child speechless因为他们在诚实的孩子面前无语了.

    • choofrfreoer

      1. Political figures are Singaporean citizens too and have equal rights to be defended
      2. Which “independent regulations” exactly? Please state exact phrasing of laws or acts. Or did you just assume?
      3. Personal opinion. Not fact.
      4. False dichotomy.
      5. False reason. Plenty of opposition MPs who criticise appropriately and don’t get sued.
      6. Roy Ngerng made the video private and sent it to members of local and international media. How is that “retracting” and “apologising”?
      7. He could avoid the lawsuit. But as per #6, he dug himself a deeper grave.
      8. “Free speech” does not give anyone the right to be a public nuisance. For caveats, check the Constitution which clearly says: “Subject to laws enacted by Parliament”.
      9. Roy Ngerng dug his grave, but apparently you are now saying the PAP asked him to dig it and he complied. Isn’t that even sillier?
      10. Personal opinion. Not fact.

      • To choofrfreoer

        1. Political figures’s huge pay from voters , you can defended them, no defeat them. destroy voters = destroy yourself. Especially in the economic or finance status under a huge gap. it is a common sense.
        2. it is a common sense too, goes to :
        3. your malicious comment on Roy is the facts
        4. This is the touchstone , polygraph.
        5. you give mercy to an opposition party was an accident, because they did not blunt instrument.
        6. You control Singapore all medias, not only report your advantage, but also distortion of the facts, blockading people’s voice. in such situation, Roy made the video for telling the truth. he does not need to obey any humiliation.
        7. the harmful secretary dug a deeper grave for PM, Roy is bright. People do not regret it!
        8. nuisance. ?
        It is your gangs team, in order to live insatiable overlord life forever, you and the gangs secretary give him, tailored, tailored to a crime for this poor jobless guy , you and your gangs secretary crime an eternal guilt.
        9. Roy will not in grave before you – the old bloodsucker
        10. the last, we are no the same channel, We are very disgusted you this pest . get out here !

  6. Tigerkiller

    Roy, I find you might have great talent to be a stand up comedian. You should consider that as your next career change.

  7. An overseas Singaporean

    Roy 鄞义林被李显龙先生体裁量衣,量身定做一系列罪名出炉以后,毫不震惊。

    1. 从上面几位留言者的文字看来, 你们的年纪恐怕与Roy差不多大, 但是你们一定写不出像Roy之前的财经分析文章。你们也关心他, 所以到这里来看他,这与我们是一致的。不过留言是反映个人道德趋向,美德教养的一角,也是与他人交流发布心得的地方,尤其在新加坡新闻不自由的空气下, 到这里来透透气, 把不满吐出来,这样很好。

    如果氣放在肚子裡久了,氣血不通, 血管受堵,將會導致大腸癌, 肝硬化等疾病。所以每個人有話都必須協助他說出來。
    抱括你們,我們,他們,Roy 還有慧慧……

    2. 李光耀先生的媒體管制,言論是被限制的,他不知道這樣使得國人有話不能吐出來,壽命縮短了, 他很難負責他人壽命的期限, 就像他取法控制自己一樣。他給新加坡留下了什麼呢,從他的兒子李顯龍的表現可見一斑, 他們一模一樣 。

    新加坡很美麗,但是是塑料的,不知真實的,真實的東西是發自內心的溫暖, 今天你們溫暖了,遺留下他們不溫暖, 就需要更換一位新的領隊,帶領每個新加坡人 , 不放棄他們,這讓外面的人看到了,也好溫暖啊。

    3. 我们住在新加坡的时候,落地窗下是游泳池,但是不温暖。IMM属于Capitland, 他们除了月租最贵意外,还要拿我们每个月的营业额的8%, 成為股東, 壓力很大, 每天在拼搏, 哪有時間生活啊, 連睡覺都失眠了。當我們被詐騙以後,報警他們是不理的, 日子很難熬下去, 李光耀先生建立的是一個戰場, 睡夢中好像他在對我們說,好啦,戰場建好了,你們自己去打仗吧。向他們訴說, 他們從不理睬的。

    4. 哎, 他們不是從來不理人民的訴求嗎,怎麼啦, 突然間他們理Roy和慧慧了,哎呀, 他們怎麼啦,才知道人民的運氣這麼差啊。知道了又怎樣呢 ?當我們打開電腦及去看看,他們竟然為有怨言人量身定做罪名哎。

    23:15 hours

  8. Potcallingkettleblack

    Surely pap people are no saints? Wahahahaha
    If Roy is quilty for his opinion, then those who proclaim his quilt can’t be quilt free either Wahahahaha

    • JoeBlack

      Lets say iIf these pigs will to turn on their own,with their uncanny ability to turn a molehill into mountain, some of them would have to be locked in prisons for centuries
      Who are the some? LoL
      But then again, they are dishonest people, aren’t they? So they “win” LoL

  9. cy

    Roy, Singapore hear you. However, like how 3 inches of ice are not formed in one day, we need likewise more than a day to reverse the climate of fear that PAP have set in place over decades.You have already done a lot. We are all testimony to that.

    People are waking up. Your efforts are paying off. Crowds are not yet thronging the streets. but soon they will, in preparation of a Singapore where everybody can have our head held high.

    Chee Yong

  10. RoytheHero

    A dedicated agency for national CB security will be set up from Apr 1, 2015.

    Children…better put on your clothes at all time

  11. SIMPLE

    You can be sure that the PAP will make sure that I will be fined more than $2,000.

    You think you can raise $250000.

  12. SIMPLE

    Be careful it might be more than $2000 if there is contempt of court.

    You are implying the court is not independent. You should leave it to your supporters to do so. They have been doing from day 1.

    • SIMPle

      clearly, in the persecution of people bitch is unusually active excitement, hope that authority clear up those bitch existing in PM’s room first .

    • thinking it before sue him

      from day 1 ?
      who dishonest Singaporeans from day 1 ? of course is not Roy !!!
      let free discussion in the market
      let people judge it .

  13. John Smith

    “But you see, I fought because I believed that at some point, Singaporeans would join in, and stand up to fight back.

    I had believed that within a few months, Singaporeans would have thronged the streets and the PAP would be unseated.”

    Is getting sued for defamation and getting charged for being a public nuisance not enough? Are you now looking to be charged under the Sedition Act for inciting people to overthrow a democratically-elected government?

      • John Smith

        Don’t be ridiculous. Roy Ngerng and supporters are obviously the minority here. Popular will, “the 60%”, is with the PAP. Whether they are misled or brainwashed sheep, it doesn’t matter – all the matters is that they still voted the PAP in.

        The PAP is a democratically-elected government by the majority of Singaporeans (read: popular will). If the minority (read: Roy Ngerng and supporters) impose their will on the majority and overthrow the government, this is a crime against democracy. It’s pretty obvious that Roy Ngerng has way-overestimated his level of support. The reason why Roy Ngerng has lost is because he has misjudged the political climate, thinking that he is speaking on behalf of the majority when in fact he is the minority – probably a result of his extremely narcissism, resulting in a messiah complex (as evidenced when he calls himself a “hero”).

        Democracy means that people have their say. But it also means that if popular will swings contrary to what certain people want, they can’t have their say. Every political system has it’s faults – in accepting democracy, people must be realistic and also accept it’s faults instead of crying “undemocratic” when something doesn’t go their way.

  14. Hollywood

    politicians are actors or liken to actors. They are given a stage to impact an audience. If the audience like the show, they will applause. If they don’t like the actors, they will jeer or even pelt with rotten eggs. You don’t sue an actor because he or she is bad at acting or the bad acting affects a more credible actor.

    That said, let the curtain falls!

      • liketatsay

        he is a sideshow. bad or good..also got supporters lah but hor…don’t be happy even if people support you lah…because hor….people can also have bad taste or breath wan you know haaaaA

  15. YourMaMaSayOne

    Estimates Committee expresses concern over rising debt, financial risk


    Because the leading pigs are greedy and wanted to live in a garden palace and so the people were made to pay a very high price to maintain the garden palace, and high pay of greedy pigs. For that, they can boast and be gloriously and indedtedly proud mah

    Proud to be Sin mah

  16. keyboard warrior 007

    You can see all of us here writing like got dragon got phoenix..
    but when you want us to pyschially do something or to turn up, dont count on it.
    We are The KEYBOARD WARRIORS of Singapore.
    TO serve, to protect, to uphold the law only on the INTERNET.

  17. duff

    “The bedrock of relevance is $ucce$$.”

    “$ucce$$ must be defined first of all in $$economic terms$$. Will a barren rock ever be taken seriously? I know that it has become fashionable in certain circles to claim that economic $ucce$$ is not everything and that there are other worthy goals in life. I do not disagree as far as individuals are concerned. If any of our compatriots chooses to drop out of the RAT race and devote his or her life to art or music or religion or even to just lepak (relax) in one corner, I respect their choice and wish them well(rubbish.most dontb have a choice?).”

    “But the country as a whole does not have this luxury. A world of sovereign states is in fact a RAT race, and often a vicious one, in which the weak go to the wall(HELL)”

    “Singapore defines itself as a multiracial meritocracy and we organise ourselves on the basis of these principles(the course set). We are not perfect — there is no perfection to be found this side of heaven(HELL) — but we take these principles seriously. They are what make Singapore Singapore. “

  18. Self-proclaimed Hero


    you can always proclaim yourself as MP of the people.. just as how you proclaim yourself as hero.. problem solved :))

    The Super Awesome Ultra Magnificent ONE AND ONLY ONE IN SINGAPORE HISTORY..
    “SELF-proclaimed MP” and “self-proclaimed people hero” .. Mr Ground-Breaking Roy of The Half Truth
    It is ok if there is no place in Singapore government for you.. you can just create your own country with your own ministers and people i.e. Hui Hui in your own grand government..

    Congratulations on your new appointment as PM of The Half Truth !

  19. KPL

    之前IMM是日本人所有,小生意可以生存,自從換了CapitaLand 為主人以後,租金涨百分之一百, 靠赚10%-13%利润非常辛苦, CapitaLand 还要从中抽8%, 做老闆的都拿不起工資給自己 , 不得不压低工人的薪水。


    当时是10多年前, 资本家是 CapitaLand 的 CEO 年薪就拿將近400萬星幣,和新電訊總裁當時是李顯龍先生的弟弟李顯揚一樣,( 後來他去掌控新航,換了一個女人接班 ),他們也是拿年薪近400萬星幣。

    后来李总理在国会上说,我们的薪水要向私企最高收入的CEO看齐, 至少不能低于他们, 这样总理的薪水一路猛涨,他为自己大发横财,欣喜不已, 他在国庆大会上高唱 “ 明天你还会等我吗 ?”这首歌,并呼吁人民勒紧腰带, 省吃俭用 。

    台下面,他的女秘书也美滋滋地鼓掌, 至少横财里面有她的一份, 为了这一份横财,他们联手为Roy 和 慧慧等6为平民, 量体裁衣, 订做罪名, 在他们自己开设 ChannelNewsAsia 频道, 8 频道,5频道,在这几个管道里, 沒有人管得了他們。

    这个“私企” CapitaLand 和 ” Singtel ” 等与淡马锡和李总理家族有没有关系? 其实不止有关联, 而且他们就是一家人。

    都瓜分了,把国家财富成功地私有化为自己的了,拿了横财不做事,还要与平民争抢平等权利 (the equal rights to be defended ),夺走Roy的 饭碗还不够,用媒体诽谤他也不够,哪里有平等 ? 乘机再敲诈一把黄金. 还要在再演讲中说 we are no shy ……

    大选投票应该是秘密的, 不要放弃,拿回这一票.

  20. KPL

    总理拿了人民的横财,里面的部分包括要接受人民的投诉,并作出改进,借助国人的生活向你的横财数字靠近, 而不是拉大距离。

    以政治家的觉悟, 你不该因为国人不满把养老金送给你的老婆,而乘机向Roy和Huihui他们几个老百姓再敲诈一把。
    即便受到女秘书的鼓励,也要想一想, 这个女秘书引领你与国人站在对立面的利大还是弊大。


    这样一位坏蛋总理,有谁不痛恨 .

    1。身为总理,没有带头守法,没有树立榜样, 你首先割掉roy的工作, 你公然侵犯了公民的谋生权。

    2。在众多国人纷纷捐款支持的局面下,你拒绝民意, 执意上法庭,你给法庭指令要闭门庭审, 你心怀鬼胎。

    3。 作为原告当事人,在去年9月第一次开庭,你带着老婆跑去深圳香港溜达一周,躲过面对面交流澄清的现场庭审

    4。 法庭并没有立刻满足你的敲诈愿望, 于是你开始动用女秘书策划芳龄公园事件, 你不惜代价动用残疾儿童, 为政治作战。为不满公积金被霸占的底层平民量体裁衣,定做罪名。

    5。 关键时候,你借刀杀人,利用警察扣押Huihui 长达5小时,没收她的笔记本电脑, 开始追杀穷小子 Roy ,你的黑帮开始出击, 他逃难马来西亚, 新加坡全岛人心惶惶。

    6。 此刻你假装一切与你无关,带着美女们去土耳其旅行。这期间,Roy返回家园,新加坡格外地安宁, 人们互相祈祷, 最好还害人的团队不要再回来了。

    7。 很遗憾,你和美女们在国外花完了国家的钱还是回来了,对借刀杀人计划没有成功非常不爽。 于是一个月后,把Roy他们几个从入国家法庭, 并威胁支持者。


    8。 你要总统打前站去伦敦,为接下来你老婆定场地,用人民的钱给她颁个奖, 影响法官的判断力。

    9。 这个打败新加坡人民的官司你终于获得了冠军. 是李氏家族至今为止赢得的第27个大败人民的官司, 鼓掌。

    • to above

      It depends on the leader how behavior himself to repay this country ?

      If he transfer the original state ownership and possession of wealth for themselves gradually privatized, it is not only the enemy problem, but also criminals

  21. President Teo En Ming, Federation of the Universe

    [YOUTUBE VIDEO] Launch of the Singapore Democratic Party Economic Policy Paper by Dr. Chee Soon Juan on 7 Feb 2015 Saturday

    Dear Citizens of the World,

    I have just completed uploading my video coverage of the presentation by Dr. Chee Soon Juan to Youtube at 6:25 PM SGT. Video rendering on my Intel Core i5 4430 desktop computer took a solid 4 hours for a 2 hr video. Youtube may take another 10 hours to process my video before it becomes online. Please wait patiently for my Youtube video. The presentation by Dr. Chee Soon Juan started at 2:00 PM SGT on 7 Feb 2015 Sat. I was late for the presentation by 45 minutes due to another important matter that I had taken up. I am very very sorry for being late.

    Filmed by Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    8 Feb 2015 Sunday Singapore Time GMT+8


    SINGAPORE +65-9117-5902

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