Singaporeans, I Cannot be Your Member of Parliament in Government

Roy Ngerng 2

Photo credit: Tan Yunyou

Many Singaporeans have asked me to run for the next general election and become a member of parliament.

I am sorry. I won’t be able to do it.

If you have followed the ongoings of the PAP’s prosecution against me over the last six months, since I was first sued for defamation, and if you have read and understood how the PAP has used the defamation suit in the past to not only silence the opposition politicians but to prevent them from entering parliament, then you will understand why I cannot do so.

I am sorry. I cannot represent you in parliament.

The PAP won’t let me.

In order to be able to run for the general election, a person cannot be made bankrupt and/or be fined more than $2,000.

I will be made bankrupt by Lee Hsien Loong.

I will also be fined more than $2,000.

Based on past precedence, all the opposition politicians who have been sued by the previous prime ministers have been made bankrupt by between $200,000 and $8 million.

Lee Hsien Loong has filed for the defamation suit in the high court which oversees cases of more than $250,000, so this is the least he is hoping to made me bankrupt by.

The government has also levied criminal charges against me, accusing me of public nuisance and demonstrating illegal under the Parks and Trees Act. Together, I would be liable for a penalty of up to $6,000.

As I had mentioned, there is absolutely no grounds to charge me with these two charges, but the PAP has decided to abuse the law and manipulate the law in their favour.

You can be sure that the PAP will make sure that I will be fined more than $2,000.

With a fine of more than $2,000 and a bankruptcy of at least $250,000 for the defamation suit, or even half a million or $700,000 from the rumours that I have heard, I will certainly be disqualified from being able to take part in the next general election.

You know, Singaporeans, one thing you have to understand is that you have to stop waiting for a “hero” to save you. The truth is, if you don’t help yourself, no one can save you.

I cannot save you. The PAP has already planned for all sorts of ways to stop me from running for the general election.

But you can still save yourself. You can still stand up for yourself and run.

You know, the reason why I fought the defamation suit right from the start, was not because I believed that I could win. I knew right from the start that I would lose. I knew that the PAP would make sure they would squash me all the way.

Right from when I was sued, I had become the #1 political enemy of the PAP. The defamation suit has always been reserved for the PAP’s topmost enemy. Thank you, it must be an honour to be looked so up by the PAP.

But you see, I fought because I believed that at some point, Singaporeans would join in, and stand up to fight back.

I had believed that within a few months, Singaporeans would have thronged the streets and the PAP would be unseated.

That day never came.

At the first #ReturnOurCPF protest in June, just before I was fired from my job at the hospital, an estimated 6,000 people attended the protest. That gave me a bit of hope. At the second protest in July, about 5,000 people came. It dwindled by a bit.

But after I was sued, I wrote another almost 100 articles on the CPF. I exposed what the PAP was taking Singaporeans’ CPF to use but no one moved. No Singaporeans felt it serious or urgent enough to fight back. No one came.

Ironically, it was only after I was sued that I discovered even more about how the PAP is siphoning off Singaporeans’ CPF to earn for themselves and finally put together the complete picture of what the PAP has been using government to do, and to take from Singaporeans’ CPF.

At the fourth #ReturnOurCPF protest, a bit fewer than a thousand people turned up. The PAP then set us up. When we got to stage, they pushed the children out just as we got there, took photos, then said we “heckled” the children. Then the PAP used its ministers, members of parliament and state-controlled media to whitewash the truth and accused of “heckling” the children.

But we never did. We did not go near the children at all.

It was soon discovered that the PAP lied but they did not apologise. They had the audacity to lie and accuse us of doing something we never did but when they were caught out, they pretended nothing happened.

But what became more obvious to me at that time was that, Singaporeans did not stand up, or fight back.

When the PAP said we “heckled”, Singaporeans instead drew back. Some even among the opposition and activists also decried us for “heckling” the children.

It was only then that I realised that Singaporeans were still willing to be subdued by their fears and to distance themselves from us and from me, and they were willing to find a reason to draw themselves away.

We made some mistakes, yes. But when it became clear that we were set up and people remained silent, I became crestfallen.

What was I to do, when in the face of a snide attack from the government, that when the “hero” that many held on to was inundated with waves of attack by the government that people were willing to back away?

I am writing this not because I am upset. On the contrary, I’ve resigned myself to the knowing that Singaporeans are still not willing to be ready. After having been heckled by the PAP for “heckling” in September, I spent the next few months being disillusioned, sunken, rejected and have finally learnt to come to terms to how Singaporeans might still not be ready.

Because, are you?

I am thankful and grateful for the support that has been shown, via the donations and the words of support. I am thankful that people continue to believe in the cause that I have been fighting for and continue to hold me in high regard.

Thank you.

But my friends, things will only change if you are willing to fight for yourselves.

Your “hero” is only one person. After the PAP kills me off, as they have already planned to, I will be down, dead, and then you will go back to your lives, angry and upset that your “hero” couldn’t do more for you.

But what else am I do when the PAP has trained its ammunition at me? There was no where I could run. There was no army to fight the battle, let alone the war.

While I stand alone in the battlefield and you cheer me on by the side, the PAP simply charged right at me, laughing all the way.

When they saw Singaporeans donate more than $100,000 to support the cause, this shocked them and they were taken aback. But when the number of people who came for the protests dwindled, when I wrote nearly a 100 articles after I was sued and people did not budge, when they accused me of “heckling” and people withdrew, they knew they could continue to throw even the kitchen sink at me and Singaporeans wouldn’t fight.

I was on my own. They knew that I had the support, even as much as 60% or 70% of the support of Singaporeans. But they also saw for themselves that even with all the support, no one would step forward.

If so, what is there for them to fear except to charge on and kill me off?

When I am down, when your “hero” is down, what are you going to do?

Are we going back to square one?

Old Singapore Capitol Theatre

Photo credit: Kfchia’s Blog

When I fought the defamation suit, it was because I believed that you would stand up and fight.

Just last week, I had a major argument with someone close to me – and I do not know who I can trust nowadays as the government has planted many spies around me – I told her that I am very tired. People aren’t fighting.

I told her, I do not know if Singaporeans know what they want. Many Singaporeans are urging me to continue to fight. But at the end of the day, what do Singaporeans want to achieve? Some want their CPF returned to them. Some want the PAP denied two-thirds of the seats in parliament.

However, you have to know that as long as the PAP is the government, there is no incentive for them to return your CPF to you. They’ve been taking your CPF as their own money to use for at least the past 30 years, if not the past 50 years. Why would having just a few more opposition seats change things? All they need to do is to prevent the opposition from running in the next general election.

The truth is that the only way when the CPF system will change, and in fact the only way that the government will finally learn to take care of Singaporeans is when the government changes and when the PAP is no longer the government.

But how many of you are ready for this? Or how many of you have thought through this?

So, the person close to me told me: but you know, I have to take care of my family, I have to take care of my children, so I can’t fight. You do not have a family or a partner, so you can fight.

But do you know that by fighting, I have lost my job and pretty much my life in Singapore? I haven’t been able to find a partner too because how many people would date a person being sued by the prime minister, no matter how unjust his action is?

I will only be able to get my life back in Singapore, when the government changes and the PAP is no longer the government.

But still, I fought. Not because I have nothing to lose but because I knew that if I don’t fight now, later on down the road, when things get worse, it will be too late to do something about it.

So I told the person close to me: no, you fear. Don’t come out with these excuses. You fear. And you have allowed the PAP’s propaganda to control you. Look at Hong Kong. The people there would say, for my family, for my children, I will fight.

But look at Singapore.

But you don’t understand, Singapore is better off, she said.

Rubbish, I shot back. Singapore is worse than Hong Kong. Poverty in Singapore is an estimated 30%. It is 19.6% in Hong Kong and this is already considered bad for a developed city. 30% of Singaporeans cannot earn enough to spend on basic necessities and the next 30% cannot earn enough to save. You are talking about two-thirds of Singaporeans who are not able to adequately earn to survive in Singapore.

And it is going to get worse. In 2000, poverty was an estimated 15%. It has gone up to 30% today. And at the rate it is going, in another 10 years, the number of Singaporeans living in poverty will hit 40%.

Singapore went from Third World to First World but it is going back to Third World again. Amidst the facade of the tall and new buildings, Singaporeans are actually languishing back into Third World livelihoods.

But how many of us are willing to acknowledge that? It even took me a while to see that even as people around me started talking about it. But it had to take people who have to loose their jobs and their homes, and people who cannot afford to pay their hospital bills or take their CPF out to have the veil taken off their eyes, to see what is really going on in Singapore.

Does it also means that you would have to lose your job or your home, or when you finally need to go for a major operation and can’t pay for it or when you want to retire but cannot do so, before you can also finally see the truth?

But many other Singaporeans I have spoken to have come out with excuses like she did. Because we allow fear to overcome us.

Because we fear, we would rather not fight now no matter how bad lives are today.

The funny thing is, Singaporeans keep saying that we are afraid that there will be instability if we fight or protest. But they do not want to see how if we do not do something about it today, when things get worse and we decide to finally fight, by then, it might be too hard to control.

It is ironic that while we fear that there might be instability today but it might be because of our very lack of action today that instability might result in the future.

Just last week, I met a person who told me that she was worried that if the PAP is no longer the government, then there will be instability in Singapore.

But I told her, you look at the opposition, how many of them are willing to rock the boat? In fact, if the opposition becomes the government, they would be more likely to want to maintain stability because they are also conservative. They know that Singaporeans value stability and they will also want to maintain that stability. In fact, for any government anywhere in the world that becomes the government, the very first thing they would, or should do, is to assure the people and businesses that they will continue to maintain stability.

But I told her, if the opposition forms the next government, it will not be the opposition that will cause instability to happen in Singapore. It will be the PAP which will create instability in Singapore.

Over the past 50 years, the PAP has controlled the government, they have also used the government to control the civil service, media, the law, the major companies in Singapore, academia, think tanks and used money to also control the non-government agencies etc.

The PAP has over the past 50 years controlled all aspects of Singapore so that they can make money off this country and the people here, for themselves. If the PAP loses government, they would want to take back control of government so that they can continue to earn.

Thus if the PAP is no longer the government, they will want to create instability so that they can make it look like the opposition cannot run the government, then take back the government, so that they can continue to make money off the people.

It is hypocritical for the PAP to keep saying that only it has the interests of Singapore at heart when it is clear that it is because of the PAP, that Singapore’s future is now at stake.

Where the PAP has continued to control companies in Singapore, this has driven out entrepreneurship among Singaporeans and created a dearth of Singapore companies and a local base for economic growth. Where the PAP has continued to pay themselves high salaries while depressing the wages of the majority of Singaporeans, this has not only created the highest income inequality among the developed countries, it has also caused social problems to develop, where Singaporeans are stuck in lower social classes and where our people have become less motivated and dejected.

We are losing our country and I put the blame squarely on the PAP.

But how many Singaporeans are willing to acknowledge this? Many still will themselves into the propaganda that the PAP puts out. Many continue to allow fear to sway their logic and thinking. How many of us are willing to break free from the PAP’s indoctrination and to think clearly for ourselves, and more importantly, for our own lives and our children’s, and for the future of this country?

My friends, I cannot be your hero. You have to be your own hero. You have to fight for yourself.

If you want change, you have to fight for it. You have to stand up and fight.

I have been a symbol of that resistance and of that fight but I can no longer do it, not as one person on my own.

If you really want change to come to Singapore, so that the lives of Singaporeans can get better, you have to decide for yourselves if you are willing to fight.

Many Singaporeans hope that things will change at the next general election. They believe that they can vote for change.

However, you and I know that the PAP will not play fair. Will things change? I do not know.

If we really want things to change, we will need at least 60% or 70% of Singaporeans to vote against the PAP, so that even if the PAP plays unfairly, we can still win.

I believe that there are at least 60% of Singaporeans who are already very angry with the PAP but how many of us would vote right?

And if after the next general election, the PAP is still the government, what will you do? Will you just continue to be angry?

Or will you fight?

The thing is, there are already many Singaporeans who are sick and tired of the PAP’s bullying ways – and I am sure there are already more than half, or even more than 60%.

If we come together, change can come, either at the ballot box or if Singaporeans decide to stand and fight together.

Are you ready to do it? Will you?

This is something you have to think for yourself. I can definitely see that some change has come after the last few months.

More Singaporeans are speaking up. More are standing up. We need more. How many more would do so, together?

Today, the PAP is very scared. They pretend that they are not but they are shitting in their pants. It’s really up to Singaporeans to look beyond the old rhetoric that we have been told and to unite and turn things around for ourselves.

It is up to you now.

It is time you become the “hero” for I will soon be rooted out by the PAP. If you do not want the fight to die down, then you have to decide for yourself if you are willing to fight.

For your own freedom, for your own lives, you have to fight. And only when you fight, will change come.

My friends, be the hero you want to see. Fight for yourselves. And your families.

How Singapore will turn out will depend on what Singaporeans and you are ready for.


  1. Mai la mai la

    You are really delusional. You somehow have this strong belief that you have majority support. 60-70%? Hehehe.

    It’s tough to see you as a credible person lah. You need to do a reality check.

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    Mr. Teo En Ming’s Open Letter (Plea for Medical Help/Assistance) to World Leaders dated 27 August 2010. The letter dated 27 August 2010 is the most recent letter! Read the letter here:

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    Republic of Singapore
    25 Jan 2015 Sunday Singapore Time

  3. An ordinary Singaporean

    You have to be strong & sober in your stand, Don’t be unstable! Don’t blow hot and cold! If you attack the people who support you, you have disappointed them after contributing to your legal aid! If you are seeing yourself as a hero, you are wrong! You are able to get people to listen to you is because they see that you care for Singapore not because you are a hero in fighting the govt.
    Didn’t you expect that the going will be tough with defamation suits and what have you that you are presently facing? Don’t read too much that people are shying away from you because of the “heckling” incident and defamation suits! It’s wrong of you to compare Singaporeans with Hongkongers in the scale of their protest for their political upbringing is different!
    Wake up!

  4. Peter

    I want to puke when I read what Roy wrote. This guy thinks he is a hero , but In reality everywhere almost everybody believes he is absolute rubbish. What a big joke.

  5. landragon123

    Peter, it is you a joke. Roy was right when he said about the corruption matters but he pointed his finger wrongly. If he have said that the Singapore Government and Ministries are mostly corrupted but of cause not all are corrupted, them it needs the Whole Government to sue, right?

  6. jamo

    Seriously? A convicted homo in Parliament? Guarantee good show. Parliament proceedings will be hottest show on TV! Sure, why not… But which party will want you? SDA? SingFirst?

  7. Steve

    Roy, you are at best an activist. You’re not a politician. Let’s be clear about that. Nobody really expects you to run for elections. You don’t even belong to a political party, how are you going to run?

      • FuckPAP

        You are the idiot. Use town council funds and hire people lah. Cannot meh? Even PAP’s MPS sessions are mmostly runned by volunteers. I’m very sure if Roy is elected, many people will volunteer to help him in whatever he needs help with. So don’t you worry OK?

      • Steve

        You are living in fantasy land. You have no clue what’s involved in running a town council. So far Roy has only demonstrated his conviction in one issue: CPF. He can’t even do his last admin job properly. How is he to head a town council?

      • FuckPAP

        Hello? You follow the news or not? Roy was fired from his job not because of his competence but because of PAP politics! Roy has demonstrated he has the heart to be a good MP. He can speak well, he can write well, he has fire in his belly. All that is already much more than whatever PAP candidate can offer. That Chan Chun Sing as labour chief? Phooey! I will take Roy over CCS anytime!

  8. Alan

    Why don’t you take a look at your reflection with your own pool of pee and ask yourself if you are a “Complete Retard”? You sounded to me that your are fucking brain dead and your embalmer had swapped your brain with shits collected from your ass!

    Fucking nonsensical idiot!

  9. Senior citizen

    Roy spoit his own chance of standing for ge himself, for slandering and subsequently apologizing. And he blames the government ? Why hasn’t the rest of the opposition parties members been sued from preventing them to stand in election ? Seriously this guy has no sense of shame at all. He thinks netizens are fools to con, and you can see who are the fools here. Really shameless. Not even a dingle opposition party is supporting him.

    • lea xian loon

      We need to stop the Lee family Tyrany..they are treating the educated and thinking citizens as fools with their circular reasonings. See cases from Mas Selamat, TT durai, smrt breakdown trains
      Can PAP get any lower?


    You had just introduced me to a whole new level of dumbness.
    You fucking think that you are a saint or martyr?
    Stop instigating people to fight when you went full retard mode yourself.

    • lea xian loon

      We need to stop the Lee family Tyrany..they are treating the educated and thinking citizens as fools with their circular reasonings. See cases from Mas Selamat, TT durai, smrt breakdown trains
      Can PAP get any lower?

  11. An overseas Singaporean

    Dear Roy, Huihui and other protestor ,

    For a life, it is not a political success or earn more money is success, but healthy and happily live in a safety peaceful land is the success. Even such a simple desire, but hard to keep in Singapore, at any time may lose our precious life.

    we would see that about more than 4 millions readers here support you, care about you.
    at moment we live in a foreign land, but we in your side never change because we are the same victims, the same pains and the pains never goes away.

    Here All the charges against you, we considered it was Prime Minister Lee’s evil behavior.
    hope his wife and children will read it , they did wrong things but no willing to correct it we don’t think they happy or peace in the rest of life.

    I will write more later

  12. An overseas Singaporean

    From Roy , Han Huihui and our family case prove that Singapore leaders could not protect people but hurt the numbers of generations is real.

    We have been empty the last dime, Piano, paintings, antiques sold at 50 SGD for maintain our last daily food in Singapore after home and shops destroyed , They sent police order us get out Singapore, we suffered huge pains was beyond the words. nearly jump off from 52 floor suicide. no way out .

    last summer , from internet we saw what happened in singapore, as usual i email to Authority condemn the harm action , No use. I told my husband if I was still in Singapore, no doubting i join Han huihui together , before i die my wishes expose the darkness , silence or privately complaint , no use. they don’t care.

    Hui Hui is a little girl she has not property in Singapore, but she stand up for those poor included me and my family , even i did not know them ……She and Roy represent me and my child and our family .

    We have sent to Prime Minister, asking for humanitarian help for more thant 50 times, He and his authtority never response . while we lived a vagabond life……

    we experienced bitter years by years settled down in a civilized land , we got good food and medicine free , free courses , free hospital welfare given , I share that welfare via the email to Prime Minister’s own email address , as well to the authority body

    it proved that prime Minister and his authority not working in real actually . only wave his hands or smiling or speech beautiful word under the TV Photography Lens.

    if Prime Minister read my email , he wll feel very sorry to Roy and Singaporeans. he will return our CPF without block by mountains and rivers to us , he will no sue Roy any more .

  13. An overseas Singaporean

    Here I pick up one of my diaries I had sent to PM LHL and the Authority :

    RE: the outer planet i saw it today

    it is 26 Nov 2013 ( Tuesday , sunny day )

    from 12:20 hours to 1600 hours, People comes from difference nationality. Three Americans, one French, two Italians, a Spaniard, two Indians, a Frenchman, a Pole, and me. we were in the culture course and listening about their Constitution which form from year 1849 .

    People are politely and friendly, discussion and question actively in class.
    Projected shots on the whiteboard was the words below:

    The fundamental principles of a wealfar states .

    Everyone has equal rights to free public school , education
    also, we watched a Documentary film , for my deeply impressive was this lines below:

    Support to families plan with each of children ‘s benefit given by government :

    1. 0 to 2 years old : 4,299 cash per 3 months
    2. 3 to 6 years old : 3,402 cash per 3 months
    3. 7 to 14 years old : 2,679 cash per 3 month
    4. 15 to 17 years old : 893 cash per one month.

    Unfortunately in Singapore, the inside of my body’s endocrine disorders, the immune system by a series of huge stimulus, resulting in the hypothalamus – pituitary – ovarian axis in all aspects of endocrine dysfunction, i received an huge attack in life when i live in the East , caused my body disable forever and unable to have a child from now.

    A sad life before, enough to be shamed in a memory……during the break time, we still sat around the big table , I was told that there are many social help system given here, free law assisting in our community , Library and ……

    in the continue next class, we were introduced by free medicine given system : in year 2012, the healthcare had spent 128 billion cash for help people . it is about 25.6 billion SGD, no matter who you are, where are you from, is the same system covered .

    in addition, about support for the elderly plan system, if people above 65 years old, will receive 5,804 cash per months for food only.also, annual ” elderly check ” offer 15, 904 cash for elder people … my heart was in tears . am i came in the outer planet ?

    yesterday, i watched TV news, they talk about to go to ole people’s home to help their take shower 2 times a week ?
    they are in discussion by Parliament about the cost if add one more time. I come from the East, i suffered too much while i was in the East . such parliament work for people , the great soul, a great land in the earth .

    My heart and tears intertwined together, the inflow mind ……my tears flow into river……

    ( my name) wrote on 26 Nov 2013 at 21:56 hours

  14. Grandpa, take me into parliament!

    Fight? What for fight? Chan Chun Sing no need to fight, just dodge behind LKY’s skirt to be carried into parliament. He just need to bark and bite the oppositions, and bang, simple as that, he is in-charge of the labour movement. Similar to that, Tin Pei Ling and many alikes just need to whimper ”Grandpa, grandpa, I want to go into parliament play play, take me with you” and there they are- in glory. No need to fight.

  15. You asked for it

    you got yourself into trouble, then asked people to give you $100,000.

    Concurrently now you’re asking for $30,000 to fight the criminal charges when you could have backed down and do other things. But you insisted on it, conspiracy theory or otherwise.

    Now, if there was $250,000 on the table likely you’ll get it so you won’t be bankrupt and can stand for election.

    What makes you think you’ll succeed, looking at your track record? Don’t talk about being the voice of the people. All this while you’re just the hole in the pockets of the people.

    Assuming you get $250,000 and clear your bankruptcy, will you get slapped again with your stupid actions and raise another round of fund raising?

    You’re just a stupid boy. If you were any more capable you wouldn’t have been in that lowly contract job you had at that age and that’s only your own fault. Big deal you can talk and write well, Mr. Graduate. You can’t even run your own life and activist operations, and now you want to run for the people.

    I can’t believe you’re actually blaming the people now for not supporting you more now that you’ve come to the very end.

    • Return our CPF

      Lee Kuan Yew and his son’s ruling method just want money, relying on the money to maintain the face, what else he left? Morality? Conscience, role model? they have Nothing. Forcibly occupied our money , transfer our money, gambled our money, you remind us the PM’s terrorists here blackmail Roy again

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  17. Return our CPF

    To gangs on behalf of Prime Minister

    You may put down the motive for the crime
    You bankrupt Roy , Target at Roy,
    thought nobody punish you ?

    Divert pension is an huge crime
    definitely is not Roy.

    heaven retribution ever visited
    a female with a male face.
    a male with albinism
    This is all to do with the family elders did evil things associated


    大是大非越来越清晰,对賊喊捉贼的原告当事人李显龙先生进行反起诉, 谈转移公积金转给淡马锡舞弊案,就足以让他现原形, 代表捐款人民向他提出1亿美元的赔偿, 每个捐款人都有一份。

    他向Roy要钱,就是向每个集资赞助穷小子应诉费的国民要钱, 他变着方式要钱, 除了钱,他没有道德,没有良心,没有职业操守,他大搞两面派,说的好听,做得龌龊, 影响很坏,为新加坡年轻一代建立撒谎贪得无厌的奋斗目标。

    行动党有很有君子之才,可以继续执政, 比如张志贤先生,完全可以支持他接受他, 推崇他为新加坡带队。

    只要李显龙玩忽职守舞弊罪名成立,他不可能在国会呆下去, 先解决他。

    他向Roy敲诈的越多,起诉他对Roy的赔偿也越高,目的是把害我们的人送入法庭, 无论他是谁 !

    为了实现法律面前人人平等的正义,为博主继续写博不受生命威胁的干扰, 广泛征求各国民主力量的全力协助募捐。

  19. Joanna

    Dear Roy,

    You need to get your own house and your own life in order first, before you think of taking on more responsibilities. Get a proper, stable job, resolve all your lawsuits, repay your debts, then join a political party that matches your political ideals (I suggest Reform party). After a few years of experience in party politics, you can stand for election under that party banner. I don’t see any other way if you want to be a politician in Singapore.

    Take Care.

    • what debts ?

      what debts ?
      Roy did not borrow

      PM wants money
      so produced debts

      He lead Singapore become debts producer country
      he created the debts .ok.

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  21. Vince

    “But you see, I fought because I believed that at some point, Singaporeans would join in, and stand up to fight back.

    I had believed that within a few months, Singaporeans would have thronged the streets and the PAP would be unseated.

    That day never came. ”

    The people, generally unsophisticated route learners, are paralyzed by the effective deployment of the rule of law engineered by a clever lawyer or legal minds.

    It is like religion. It preaches righteousness but beneath its ultra white exterior, it is full of poison and hypocrisy.

    The people has no power over the laws of the land, which are designed to keep their rulers in power, because there is no viable alternative for them.

    They are sold to or married to Sin.

    That day will never come because you are as blur as the rests of the oppositions.

  22. Hohoho

    Despite all the religious crap throughout the history of man, it still thrives like a smelly cockroach lurking in our highest institutions. Why?

    You can’t kill a righteous cockroach! People are enchanted by the image and can’t see the cockroach!

    That’s why you have a preacher who is still preaching despite a legal suit hanging over him, which has been going on for like “decades”, with no outcome.

    The business of religion will continue irrespective of the outcome. The people are that stupid that’s why we call them sheeple.

  23. Toh Tze Chin

    Roy Ngerng you are a complete idiot. You chose to fight the PAP when you knew you would never win. You like to point out all the bad things the PAP has done, but have you ever considered what will happen if the PAP is overthrown and some other party takes over? Please wake up and stop dreaming you are a hero, because you are NOT. If LHL wants to get rid of you, he can just arrest you anytime and detain you without trial. You sure you want to go through such suffering, for nothing? Wake up your idea.

    • to Toh Tze Chin

      ” If LHL wants to get rid of you, he can just arrest you anytime and detain you without trial. ” ?
      if people want to get rid of LHL want to shot his children without trial ?
      Please wake up and stop dreaming you own the land .

      • to Toh Tze Chin

        be noted
        we will not be the first open the fire
        but will closely follow up the gangs actions

  24. Shaun Liew

    I see lots of IBs here making noise and saying shit.

    Please lah, he is answering to the people who ask if he may run for elections, and his answer is no. For those complaining, you think an MP that is a ex general, has a Phd, and drives a BMW understand your needs and can fight for your right meh?

    Roy is just point out flaws of the CPF, and you guys who enjoy getting fucked are complaining because you like paying $1M for a HDB flat and $200k for a car and giving all your $$$ to the high prices of everything due to rent.

    If he say he don’t run, then ok lor, he just answer question you guys call him names.

    • John Smith

      I’d rather have an ex-general (who knows how to lead an organisation) or a PhD (who knows how to think) leading me rather than a hospital worker (who neglected his duties to flame others online).

  25. Sin City

    A systematic “thou shall not” will kill you or bend your knees better than an m16
    All formidable foes have been heckled in the confession room. From taxi fare to nude pictures, the people were roused into righteous indignation. Thats the way of the dragon.

    Thou shall not bite the hands that feed you
    Thou shall show respect to police officers when they carry out their duties (unlike hhh and many others)
    Thou shall not falsely accuse or insult(even if you have ground to do so)
    Thou shall not call yourself a hero
    Thou shall not bully or heckle children etc etc

    Repent and weep for your “sins” are grave and shall be stoned by the people.

    my word of advise. …Watch that used tissue papers on you. If you drop it in public area, that would be another added charge on top of heckling children 🙂

  26. thejoker

    You are first and foremost judged by the people then the court of law. The former condemns you and the latter buries you

    • change PM is good for Singaporeans

      the leader want foreigners money, not actually like foreigner, they only like money, money extend their own life longer.

      they have a variety channel to collect money:

      — They pretend himself is a mentor and said we assure to be the best for you, but my pocket must full fill in huge money first for the premise i made the best for Singaporeans

      — if you complaint . he got extra more money through 100% he control the Court by sued you for your little rice money given to him

      — if you no rice, he bankrupt you he got your house , he got more and more money .

      — if you no house, he caused you homeless, penniless, … either suicide or begger or physical and mental disability

      — that have been reached the peak of his success, used those bloody money he raise a group of gangsters, if someone against to his evil , his gangsters deal with you.

      — after he finished you, he turn to finish those foreigner, he wants they give him money by a named of CPF. and nobody would get your own full CPF back . because he divert to his wife , and his wife lost it 40 billions no plan to repay

      — no money repay, PM shall say sorry, instead to blackmail Roy , Han Huihui those low class poorer,

      — PM said it is an umbrella, but where is those low class poorer’s umbrella ? where is the elderly and children, single mothers umbrella ? you PM took their umbrella, their children’s umbrella for your own used ?

      — Singapore will not change if only change current PM, change him is good for Singapore .

  27. lea xian loon

    We need to stop the Lee family Tyrany..they are treating the educated and thinking citizens as fools with their circular reasonings. See cases from Mas Selamat, TT durai, smrt breakdown trains
    Can PAP get any lower?

    • change PM is good for Singaporeans

      Lee Kuan Yew does not have any religious beliefs. He put himself as God.So he hurt a lot of people

  28. lea xian loon

    There’s much abuse of our tax payers’ moneys in CCs too.
    Public users of computers in the AMK CC, especially the more physically vulnerable elderly, are now exposed to dengue vectors, heat, haze, episodes of violence and theft (please check records with the Police), when the public computer, meant for the elderly (Silvercom PC), has also been relocated to to a deserted area of the cc. The PC was originally situated in an air-conditioned spot of the cc.
    PA, various MPs (particularly members of pap), Stat boards have been emailed. But no helpful actions have been taken by them. As what Jane Lim has commented rightly, they are using “简短和草率的回复”, so that pap and its minions “能置身度外”

    • Guanyao

      They are afraid of Lee Kuan Yew’s jail, actully Lee Kuan Yew made Singapore like a big jail
      no allow people free talking only good for Lee Kuan Yew steal our pension nobody expose

      the first class government now become the first class robbers.

  29. lea xian loon

    The need for more study space has already been surfaced to the PA since last year 2013, but PA staff has been brazenly avoiding the issue despite multiple emails between us and among various organisations, including pap ministers. One of us still keep the email correspondences of PA and the public as evidence.
    This initiative was launched because the public is forced to post such issues online, because they go ignored by the organisations responsible for them, despite multiple letters and upfront talks. See file:///C:/Users/Acer/Desktop/ACK%20(Scavenged%20%2024Jun09)/Personal/Own%20Websites/Public%20Protest%20website/Need%20for%20More%20Studying%20Area%20%20Since%202013%20-%20Public%20Discontent.htm
    One of us sent this url link denouncing the social issue to pap ministers over around 14 and 15 Oct 2014. Its such a “coincidence” that the “initiative” by PA was initiated overnight

    RC centres open doors to students studying for exams
    SINGAPORE — Students looking for a quiet and comfortable environment to study for their year-end examinations can now turn to their local Residents’ Committee (RC) centre.Since early last month, more than 200 RC centres across Singapore have…

  30. Pingback: Roy: Singaporeans, I Cannot be Your Member of Parliament in Government -
  31. Sexiespider


    I do not wish for you to be my MP, I am definitely not alone. You are totally incompetent and a big liar. You do not deserve the big fat pay check that comes with being an MP. Do not tell me that you’re not eyeing for the big pay check like the rest of them (PAP, WP, anyone and everyone who is involved in Singapore politics).

    Take some responsibility for your actions. Great gains comes with great risk, and you did nothing to minimize your risk. Go fuck yourself.

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  33. PAPwins

    Lesson Roy?

    You have not learnt never to trust the people. If you get fucked is because you keep calling for their support. Don’t you know people live by rules? That’s why pigs are always on top of them….Tut tut tut


      Each prime minister only maximum two terms in the rules , go back and advised LHL to step down, right on time

  34. RatAtWork

    What makes Sin ticks?

    Walk into any bookshop. They will tell you the best selling books are mostly HOW TO books.
    These books are full of RULES. Rules of making money. Rules of success. Rules of doing well in school. Rules in the office. Rules of happiness. Rules rules rules…

    They are obseeseed with good and evil, right and wrong dictated by their serpentine masters.

    And you Roy(opposition like csj…)…is EVIL in their GOOD BOOK.

    • Ruleofliving

      PAP successful and powderful…Roy a whimpy failure so must suck up to successful people lah….rules of networking lol

    • Siness

      Roy is the people’s detective, villains always are afraid detective. Prime Minister dare swear he did not put our pension transferred to Temasek ?

      • choofrfreoer

        “Roy is the people’s detective”? Rubbish.

        A better statement would be “Roy assumes that he is the people’s detective”.

  35. CPF problem

      (一) 过度的公积金储蓄导致居民社会消费需求的缩减

      新加坡的公积金储蓄已大大超过其能够在国内做再投资的限度,而政府又不允许国民动用这笔储蓄用于社会消费,结果就是过度储蓄而消费不足。当前世界经济不景气的情况下又不利于新加坡政府把国内无法投资的资本转移到国外,造成了资本的过剩,在公积金交纳率不断提高,公积金总额急剧增加的情况下(现已结余900 多亿新元) ,强制性地限制国内消费的扩大会影响经济的发展,成为目前新加坡衰退的主要原因之一。

      (二) 公民的公积金结存数额差距较大,会员用公积金投资仍存在风险

      有些会员结存公积金过多,有些则太少。如1982 年,结存公积金款超过3 万元的11 万名会员(占会员数的6.6 %) ,总共积累了65 亿新元(占结存总额的41.7 %) 。而结存不到500 新元的39万名会员(占会员总数的23.1 %) ,总共积累了7000 万元(占结存总额的0.5 %) 。这使众多的会员产生疑虑,公积金制度能否为每一个雇员提供公平有效的社会保障。新加坡30 年来几次修改中央公积金条文,除允许会员动用公积金购买政府组屋、私人住宅以及用于家庭医疗保险外,还鼓励会员购买政府或私营企业的各种股票、债券进行投资。可是这些种类的投资在提高收益可能性的同时,降低了安全性,不断上升的投资风险,必将会损害部分会员的利益。

      (三) 过高的投保费率,阻碍多层次养老社会保险出台,迫使退休者只能享受到一种养老保险


      (四) 缺乏社会互助共济的功能,投保者难以获得确定性保障

      公积金制度只具有个人纵向收入再分配功能,缺乏横向收入分配的社会互助共济功能。因此该制度下年轻工人和低薪工人的生活、老年保障并不可靠。年轻工人若不幸意外丧失工作能力,往往由于工龄太短、(投保费) 缴纳公积金太少,此后的生活很难有保障。低薪工人也会遇到同样的问题,即退休后养老金收入低,难以保障正常生计。然而,社会成员互助共济恰恰是社会保险应当具有的重要功能之一。因此,从收入分配角度来看,中央公积金制度的作用仅等同于强制性居民的长期储蓄存款。正是这个问题,使该制度受到来自社会各界的众多非议。

      (五) 对经济发展有意外的负作用

      公积金制度不动用政府财政,让公民自我保障,其目的是稳定社会,以辅助促进经济发展,体现“效率优先”原则。但是,研究表明,1985 年开始的新加坡经济衰退的三个原因中,有两个同公积金制度有关。原因何在? 一方面,由于雇主缴纳的比例不断提高,使得国内厂商的生产成本和营业成本随之提高(因为雇主所缴纳的公积金算入产品成本内) ,企业盈利锐减。此外,在新加坡建筑业萧条的情况下,公积金的缴费率却不断提高,结存的巨额款项由中央公积金局投资于建屋发展局,造成商业楼宇、旅店和酒店的过度膨胀,这些也影响了新加坡经济的发展。

    ↑ 新加坡中央公积金制度改革分析[J].东南亚纵横,

  36. Datong





  37. to silly roy

    Silly Roy, your lawsuit has nothing to do with politics.

    Your ideas about CPF are silly nonsense that holds no water. They go against all financial logics. But having nonsensical untenable beliefs is not issue here. The problem is you went too far in a few postings where you frame someone as a fraud. That’s why you’re being sued for defamation. Before the lawsuit, you’re advised to retract the postings and apologize. You had ample chance to avoid the lawsuit, but you didn’t bother to correct your own mistakes. Till now, you’re still recalcitrant. It’s your own wrong of your own doing that landed you in trouble. It has nothing to do with your silly theories about CPF. It has nothing to do with politics. You have only yourself to blame.

    Your antics at Hong Lim Park are also mistakes committed by your own wilfulness. Nobody forced you to go near special needs children and disrupt their performance. In fact, the authorities had advised you to hold your rally a distance away from the performance as a requirement of the permit given to you. Again you had ample chance and space to follow the requirements and avoid the disruptions. However, again you ignored the advice and went against the permit. Again, you still recalcitrant right till now about another of your own mistakes of your very own doing.

    All these are wrongdoings on your own part. In all cases, you’ve all the chance to avoid or rectify your own mistakes. But you refused. Now, you pretend that you made no mistakes which landed you in your current troubles. You lie that your current troubles are created to stop you.

    Silly Roy, you’re your own undoing. Nobody is interested to create trouble. Your silly ideas have no basis in the first place. You are either a crafty pretender or a deluded idiot.

  38. Rojak

    Singaporeans are stupid people. That’s why every election, they put up smarty pants as candidates.
    So long as they are successful in their own field; talk like a head surgeon; a heart of gold for old folks with no teeth and mummy approved, their fart is all good.
    Roy, you are not mummy approved.

    • Yesyesyes

      they also like to stick their dirty noses into other people business because they are so bored living in a concrete jungle with nothing to do except go to work and waiting to get off work so next day go back to same routine till they are 80 years old

      In between, they eat eat eat and sleep sleep sleep like a pig

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