It is Time to Stand United and Speak Up for Those Who Champion for Us


I had just posted this on my Facebook and thought to share it here as well.

I have met Dr Chee Soon Juan a few times at some events. In our short meetings, Dr Chee has been kind enough to give me some advice on how to handle things, especially with the lawsuit that I am facing from Lee Hsien Loong.

Over the years, Dr Chee has become more statesman-like. The PAP has dragged his reputation and character down over the past decade, just like they have tried to do to mine.

Even now, they continue to do so to Dr Chee, with Chan Chun Sing and now, Jeremy Chen, doing so. I do know the intentions of Jeremy but if he is truly concerned about the future of Singapore, then I question why he would attempt to take all the credit from SDP and would malign the SDP.

At the current juncture in Singapore’s history, we need everyone to work together to help our country move forward.

The SDP and Dr Chee has come out with some credible policies on housing, healthcare, education and even on the ministerial salaries. Do visit their website. The SDP has built up a serious platform with which to champion policy changes on. I look forward to seeing Dr Chee and SDP represent the voices of Singaporeans in government.


Whilst some of us might not agree with Dr Chee on his past activism, there is not a doubt that without Dr Chee having paved the way as had Mr J. B. Jeyaretnam before him, and as Mr Chiam See Tong and Mr Low Thia Kiang have, some of the changes we see in Singapore today would not have been possible. All of them have contributed to allowing the voices of Singaporeans to be better heard.

This is not the time for us to be divided. I know some of the people among the opposition and activists have questioned my actions as well but it is not in my interest nor in the interests of our country to be petty or take to heart passing remarks. I continue to respect the parties and the activists for the great work they have done.

We need to be united. Singapore, as many of us, have recognised, is at a turning point. We have a shining opportunity to put our country back on the right path, and reverse some of the damage that has been done to our country.

Where the first generation politicians have moulded Singapore in the first 20 years of Singapore’s history after independence from the British, to become what it is today, many of us are worried that the policies over the last 10 years will instead thwart Singapore’s development.

We don’t have to sit and worry. We have a chance today where we can think about how we as individuals can help move our country forward, be it coming forward and speaking up, be it understanding what is happening in Singapore and thinking about what new policies can be created to move Singapore along.


We have to be united. I put my faith in Dr Chee, as well as in the other political parties, such as the Worker’s Party, SingFirst, Singapore’s People Party and even Mr Kenneth Jeyaretnam who has been improving in his engagement, and who has also been speaking up for me.

But we cannot achieve a Singapore that we believe in by only hoping and praying that the government will change and waiting for the opposition to do something.

If we do not start taking action to take responsibility for ourselves and our own lives, what hope do we have and where will waiting bring us?

It’s time we speak up and support the parties on their policy platforms, and to volunteer with them. It is time we take an active interest in our country’s situation and to think about what policies need to be implemented.

When we have a new government, they need all the help they can get to turn a new page for Singapore and bring us into a new chapter.

So let us not be distracted by the Chan Chun Sings and Jeremy Chens who continue to mugsling at their opponents. As Dr Chee has said, “For the sake of Singaporeans, let us go beyond such an un-constructive form of politics which Singaporeans detest and graduate to a more mature level of contestation of ideas which the people deserve.”

If you see our opposition members and activists be criticised and if you think it is unfair, take to your Facebook, Twitter or blog and speak up against such ill behaviour, as I have now. Let us know what one another are thinking and let us share our thoughts with one another. Let us shape a new unity to help protect the ones who champion for us, and to also protect our future, by standing up and taking a stand today.


  1. KPL

    总理拿了人民的横财,里面的部分包括要接受人民的投诉,并作出改进,借助国人的生活向你的横财数字靠近, 而不是拉大距离。

    以政治家的觉悟, 你不该因为国人不满把养老金送给你的老婆,而乘机向Roy和Huihui他们几个老百姓再敲诈一把。
    即便受到女秘书的鼓励,也要想一想, 这个女秘书引领你与国人站在对立面的利大还是弊大。


    这样一位坏蛋总理,有谁不痛恨 .

    1。身为总理,没有带头守法,没有树立榜样, 你首先割掉roy的工作, 你公然侵犯了公民的谋生权。

    2。在众多国人纷纷捐款支持的局面下,你拒绝民意, 执意上法庭,你给法庭指令要闭门庭审, 你心怀鬼胎。

    3。 作为原告当事人,在去年9月第一次开庭,你带着老婆跑去深圳香港溜达一周,躲过面对面交流澄清的现场庭审

    4。 法庭并没有立刻满足你的敲诈愿望, 于是你开始动用女秘书策划芳龄公园事件, 你不惜代价动用残疾儿童, 为政治作战。为不满公积金被霸占的底层平民量体裁衣,定做罪名。

    5。 关键时候,你借刀杀人,利用警察扣押Huihui 长达5小时,没收她的笔记本电脑, 开始追杀穷小子 Roy ,你的黑帮开始出击, 他逃难马来西亚, 新加坡全岛人心惶惶。

    6。 此刻你假装一切与你无关,带着美女们去土耳其旅行。这期间,Roy返回家园,新加坡格外地安宁, 人们互相祈祷, 最好还害人的团队不要再回来了。

    7。 很遗憾,你和美女们在国外花完了国家的钱还是回来了,对借刀杀人计划没有成功非常不爽。 于是一个月后,把Roy他们几个从入国家法庭, 并威胁支持者。


    8。 你要总统打前站去伦敦,为接下来你老婆定场地,用人民的钱给她颁个奖, 影响法官的判断力。

    9。 这个打败新加坡人民的官司你终于获得了冠军. 是李氏家族至今为止赢得的第27个大败人民的官司, 鼓掌。

    是的, 各反对党派要团结一致, 不要互相抵触,这样才可以为新加坡人民打一场胜仗。
    组成联合政府, 要有你帮我,我帮你的互助精神。
    必须确保凡是在位的总理和副总理,不可以因为言论自由控告一无所有的国人, 阻止政治家导致他人家破人亡 。

  2. KPL

    我们把Roy停止写博的阶段, 看成Roy做出妥协, 也误以为总理团队意识到错误,做出改变,正当大家欢迎这个吉祥的时候,新年第一个月,李总理的女秘书开始吃饱了撑的再次向Roy射箭。向人们的代言人射箭, 就是向人民射箭。


  3. KPL

    希望看到多为反对党宣传方面的信息,让全世界了解他们,成为他们的朋友, 看他们是否愿意牺牲与自己家人在一起的时间,为国效力。 他们也可以在国内招聘精英担任部长。只要改变,将是新加坡人民几代人梦寐以求的最大福祉。

    刘程强, 徐顺全等都是下届新加坡领袖的候选人. 大选结束后,希望Roy与Huihui 回去学校, 出国深造,学政治家的教养和态度,10年后回来接棒。

  4. Alan

    Have you checked the 2 idiots expiry date before you put them up on the shelf?

    We are already nauseated by your present and you wanted to further upset our tummy by putting this 2 expired sour coconut for our consumption?

    We should just shit on you instead!

    Fucking idiot!

    • Xmen

      @Alan, watch your language here or go back to where you are from. I haven’t seen four letter words in online discussions for a while.

      • Alan

        Are you going against the freedom of speech?

        You idiots can fucking talked rubbish why must I be restricted by an idiot like you?

        So how does it feel to see one again?

      • Tamseker

        If Singaporeans now still live under gangs intimidation, then Prime Minister team is the first world’s gangs leader team.

  5. KPL


    国人拿出天价的薪水给总理, 好比一个旅行团拿出天价的领队费给领队,为确保一路吃饱住好,他们凑足了排名世界最贵的领队费, 交给领队,由他把人们送去看美景。 结果不但没有看到美景,团员们肚子没吃饱,他们互相问道:我们的晚餐去哪里了呢 ?

    不料收完巨款领队费的领队,要在巨款之上增加附加费25万, 为他买面子
    你是向领队索赔呢, 还是换领队 ?

  6. Dont drag on the GE

    If PAP can maintain the same election result as the last time, Roy will shut up and be convinced. But be honest, don’t bundle into groups. Let CCS and TPL stand alone. See whether they are as capable as what the PM claimed.

  7. 總結李光耀

    在李光耀先生最活耀的時候, 他在會見客人的桌子上放了一尊孔子雕像, 並聲稱他是儒家思想。而以仁为核心的儒家思想体系在他的身上至死不見蹤影, 一切都和烏節路的裝飾燈一樣是他偽君子的裝飾品。

    人们常常看到,他在到别的国家访问时, 最常用语是指点别人的江山, 用教导别人的口气对他国媒体和政府讲话, 即 “ 中国应该怎样怎样做。。。。。”, “ 美国应该怎样怎样做。。。。” 。 “ 你们应该怎样怎样做。。。。。”

    很少听到他在對自己國家社会道德准则和法律建设方面指点自己的江山。 他不曾給法律系的學生指點迷津,除了用人民的養老金到處給自己買獎杯,就是建了幾幢供國人跳下去自殺的樓, 他幾乎沒做好事。

    他從不为人民做事, 又要拿人民这么多的财富 , 還不准許別人有意見, 他是打抢人民财富的一個霸王。

    巨大的贫富差距居然使李光耀每次都被评为全球最廉洁的政府。 — “ 廉洁 ” 意味着什么呢 ?
    意味着, 和他的人民同时享有国家财富的均等分配, 没有持续地积累个人财富数字的动作。显然, 他和他的人民很不一样,
    这个“ 世界最廉洁政府”的排名是不属实的。

    新加坡人民拿到的还不到李光耀先生所得的0.1%, “ 廉洁 ” 是不属实的. 他擠入廉潔的排名,是對世界清白國家的姦污。

    • to above

      he has been successfully transferred the original state ownership and possession of wealth for himself gradually privatized, it is not only the enemy problem, but also criminal.

  8. why

    As expected, you will never stop posting. When you imply in your last post you “might” be stopping. I knew it would never happen. Nothing could stop the big mouth of yours. You might as well join Mr Chee. Didnt he threw Mr. Chiam out of his founding party and took over. Use your head what kind of person he is. So I believe Jeremy. Maybe Mr Chee thinks that in order to do big things and change some “small” sacrifices like this are common. By a persons action you can tell his character and principles.

    • to why

      if Prime Minister Lee does not apologize or still order his gangs threat the people, his persecution continues, you can not stop thinking or voice

      Dr Chee Soon Juan is well respected by the people a Singapore
      Lee Kuan Yew broken his bones, jail him but he still is the man of Singapore
      he symbolizes the Republic Singapore Stood up

  9. Paul

    Nelson Mandela was once labeled a terrorist and had a dirty past. Africa gave him a chance to be her new leader and Mandela is hail as one of the greatest, loved and respectable leader by his own people and the rest of the world. Dr. Chee Soon Juan might have some dirt in the past but he has proven to be a competent politician over the years. I say we should give him the chance to be our next PM.

  10. landragon123

    Talking of unity is a dream and if it comes true, the coming election will give the PAP a run for their money and their LIFES. If the PAP can gets only JOKERS from the SAF only, the days for PAP is numbers. Look at those from 3 stars generals, and tells me who have did well?

    A young one who talks nonsense, the old one who tell you that Singapore is full of Thieves by placing posters at every shopping centres that Singapore is a Thieves Country. Than remove the Police and replace it with the Home Teams who takes 2 hours or more to record a police report as there have to look for the IO to take up the case before there receive our reports. These was WHY the Police is under the Lapses List issued by the AG recently.

    Create 2 new police department to take care of the Causeway and let 5 peoples comes in without the times to check? Sitting on cases for more than a year and the telephone numbers listed can get an answer. After to visit to the MP for meets the people section, those case are still pending after more than a year.

    There take on heard say case and act on it, and my son case is an example. There was a reported that my son did a molest and this is still under the carpet after more than 18 months, the Passport was surrendered but still have to go to Boon Lay to sign in his attendance every month. This is the second reports against him but the first case was withdrawn after 4 to 5 months. The 1st case was a report from a School whereas this 2nd report was a call from a unknown.

  11. President Teo En Ming, Federation of the Universe

    Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore Want Teo En Ming Dead

    Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore want Teo En Ming dead. Lee Kuan Yew and Lee Hsien Loong want Teo En Ming to die young. I am only 36 years old. I do not want to die young. I want to live to a hundred years old and beyond!!! I want to live to a hundred years old and beyond!!! I want to live to a hundred years old and beyond!!! I want to live to a hundred years old and beyond!!! I want to live to a hundred years old and beyond!!!

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    In fact, I want to live forever!!! I want to be an immortal!!!

    Teo En Ming has filed an official complaint against the Singapore Government at the United Nations Human Rights Council Branch and the International Criminal Court. Read the letter here:


    Mr. Teo En Ming’s Open Letter (Plea for Medical Help/Assistance) to World Leaders dated 27 August 2010. The letter dated 27 August 2010 is the most recent letter! Read the letter here:

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    Republic of Singapore
    1 Feb 2015 Sunday Singapore Time

  12. President Teo En Ming, Federation of the Universe

    Dear Fabrications About The PAP and other Facebook Users,

    Roy Ngerng Yi Ling DID NOT flee Singapore and abscond with the donated money. There is very clearly a mis-understanding between M Ravi and Roy Ngerng, as explained to me by Leslie Chew and various quarters. We are trying to patch things up between M Ravi and Roy Ngerng. We sincerely hope M Ravi and Roy Ngerng could still remain as friends. The Singapore Government is apparently trying to sow discord between M Ravi and Roy Ngerng. Please delete and stop circulating my video. This video is my intellectual property, I filmed it and it cannot be used without my express permission. Again, I request you to delete and stop circulating my video as soon as possible. I have also taken down my Original Youtube video. Thank you very much.

    Yours sincerely,

    Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    8 February 2015

  13. President Teo En Ming, Federation of the Universe

    [YOUTUBE VIDEO] Launch of the Singapore Democratic Party Economic Policy Paper by Dr. Chee Soon Juan on 7 Feb 2015 Saturday

    Dear Citizens of the World,

    I have just completed uploading my video coverage of the presentation by Dr. Chee Soon Juan to Youtube at 6:25 PM SGT. Video rendering on my Intel Core i5 4430 desktop computer took a solid 4 hours for a 2 hr video. Youtube may take another 10 hours to process my video before it becomes online. Please wait patiently for my Youtube video. The presentation by Dr. Chee Soon Juan started at 2:00 PM SGT on 7 Feb 2015 Sat. I was late for the presentation by 45 minutes due to another important matter that I had taken up. I am very very sorry for being late.

    Filmed by Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    8 Feb 2015 Sunday Singapore Time GMT+8


    SINGAPORE +65-9117-5902

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