PAP Continues to Use State-Controlled Media to Paint Me Black Again

Hello everyone,

You would have read how I underwent the ordeal yesterday to pay the $29,000 to the Singapore prime minister Lee Hsien Loong’s lawyers yesterday. I have written about it here and here.

Yesterday, I went to the prime minister’s lawyers, Drew and Napier, after I was threatened that if the $29,000 was not paid, they would file an application to court to ask me to pay additional costs.

The $29,000 is what the court has asked me to pay to the lawyers of the prime minister for the summary judgment last year. Please note that this is different from the damages that I would have to pay the prime minister. The hearing for this will be held in June. The prime minister has filed for the defamation suit in the high court, which oversees cases of more than $250,000, which means that this is the least the prime minister wants me to pay him.

Yesterday, I went down to Drew and Napier but their lawyers refused to see me. I had to sit at their reception for 3 hours and their lawyers would rather speak to me through their receptionist. At one point, I even had to write down notes on pieces of paper just to convey the message. Eventually, when I made a call to an Angela Cheng, she put down my call halfway through.

Eventually, I was able to pay the payment at 8pm in the evening, after having to wait 3 hours.

After all that, the PAP continued to use state-controlled media to change the version of the story.

Both Channel NewsAsia and Today reported that I only paid after missing two deadlines. When I received the letter from Drew and Napier to pay on 22 January 2015, I had given the money to my lawyer to make the payment on the same day. Later, I even called Drew and Napier on 3 February to tell them that I could go down to pay them directly. But for 3 days, Drew and Napier never got back to me and later threatened to ask me to pay additional costs.

Blogger Roy Ngerng pays PM Lee S$29,000 in legal costs after missing 2 deadlines

Blogger Roy Ngerng pays S$29,000 in costs to PM Lee after missing 2 deadlines

All this while, I acted quickly to try to hand the money over. However, the state-controlled media contorted the truth and make it look like I intentionally missed the deadlines.

The Straits Times also said that I tried to pin the blame. This is not true.

In my clarifications to the media, I had outlined clearly the steps that I had taken to try to get the money to to be paid to Drew and Napier. However, The Straits Times tried to twist the story.

Blogger pays PM suit costs after stand-off with lawyer

Singaporeans, I hope that you can see for yourself how the PAP is trying to use state-controlled media to twist the story around.

I have always maintained a righteous and upright position. I am disappointed with the PAP’s antics and behaviour. I have been writing about the CPF since 2012. However, after I made several exposes about the CPF (you can read it here, here and here), the PAP decided to come down on me.

My stance has always been clear – a government’s responsibility is to take care of the people and protect the people.

If the PAP does not want to do that, then get out of government. If the PAP cannot stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen.

If the PAP is willing to take care of Singaporeans, would there be so many grouses among Singaporeans today? Yet, the PAP would instead clamp down on what I say so that they can protect their own power and themselves.

I am sorely disappointed. I have always written because I want to see a fair, just and more equal Singapore. But as it is, Singapore’s income inequality and poverty is the worst among the developed countries and every time the PAP increased their own salaries in 1984, 1994, 2000 and 2007, income inequality was also increased.

Look, Singaporeans, at the end of the day, it is up to us to decide what kind of future we want and how we want to protect ourselves.

You and I know that the PAP are just businessmen who have taken over control of government to further their business interests. Of course we can keep pretending that we don’t see this and deny this, but at the end of the day, it is your lives and your children’s lives which will suffer.

So, we either decide to face up to it and fight or we give up on our lives. It’s really up to you now.


  1. Yahoo

    This is a testimony that Singapore education system IS CAPABLE of producing crap.

    Certified highly graded respectable morons!!

    • Gilabai

      The difference between an uneducated person and a respectably educated person is the former is an empty trash bin whereas the latter trash bin brims with qualitative rubbish.


    Anwar goes to jail, WP steals TC funds, Roy is down, and Ravi is mad and has his law practice suspended. So PAP is the best, going high higher and highest!!

  3. 对PAP的看法

    从2010开始,我们被迫离开新加坡, 对于一些事情的了解很有限, 希望在这些征询好心人给我们指点意见:

    1. 当我们写了大约50封信给李显龙先生求助的时候,里面叙述了我们最悲伤无助的遭遇,不料, 他 — 李显龙先生把我们的信转给了“她”, 不但不同情,不解决诉求, 反而通过“”她“传话要我们赶快滚蛋, 放弃国籍 ( 这个我们保留了证据 )。请为什么我们写给李显龙总理收, 却每一次都落到 第三者的“ 她 ” 手里 ? 要过 “ 她 ” 这一关, 在她对我们” “”活该“ 的诅咒中死去。 只要他们两个还是国家最高公务员首长 。 背后里面到底干的事什么下流无耻罪恶的阴谋勾当 ? 要说清楚。 至少 ” 他 “ 和 ” 她“ 之间, 其中一个人要辞职, 承担责任。

    2. 在无奈之下,我们的孩子决定放弃,并要按照close CPF account 程序 拿回公积金, 不料, 公积金里面的人要我们孩子去找一个律师, 他们只承认律师, 即便当事人站在新加坡驻异国的大使馆里面,人证物证齐全,也不承认。

    请问,这样对吗 ?

    3. 自从移居国外后,每天吃药, 维持在新加坡高度竞争环境之下患有的高血压, 心脏病,肝肿大等疾病, 曾经通过新加坡私人医院自费做了直肠肿瘤切除手术,现在又发现了新肿瘤, 对于一个超过55岁的老人,如果没有遇到重大的坎坷不幸, 是可以再活几年, 可是李总理 “狠心地诅咒我们, 随时死在睡梦中是可能发生的。

    我们在死去以前,没有机会用到公积金里面的任何部分, 当我要拿回我很微薄的公积金的时候,他们说, 要么取消国国籍。

    我们曾经是一个每月给员工发薪水, 准时替员工缴纳公积金的人,我们对淡马锡和GIC做出了微博的贡献, 现在我们老了, 我们不要你们政府的回报,不是来乞讨你们的钱,只要拿回自己的部分, 非要以取消国国籍为代价吗 ?

    4. 对一个超过55岁老人,申请加入新的国籍, 需要通过他们语言的6级考试,要考他们的文化,要考他们的历代皇室的变更历史, 要考他们的各政党对民主发展的杰出贡献, 要考他们对世界文明做了哪些贡献 等等。 还需要注满9年, 至少要连续工作3年, 如果我们在之前突然死去了呢 ? 我们自己的钱都无法归回。 这不是钱的问题了,是欺骗行为。

    5. 大选的来到时候,我们身在国外, 如何去投票呢 ?

  4. 对PAP的看法

    1. 在我50岁之前, 不知道身体里面营养不良, 造成缺钾, 我的牙齿陆陆续续碎了,最潦倒的几年里,我们超过50次投诉与求助都不被理睬, 所以我很相信新加坡作家,为什么要给李总理写公开信, 因为写“私房信”他们根本不理睬 。 只有写公开信。

    2. 在我写给李总理和李资政的个人邮件中, 我曾与他们分享悲欢离合, 在被诈骗后,报警不被理睬,家园丢失,没有能力协助小孩进一步深造,不过,2年后,小孩申请他国的全额奖学金被批准, 这个意外惊喜从天而降,改变了我们的命运。

    3. 在小孩读研究生期间,被派往联合国某部实习, 也把无家可归的我带在她的身边。 身为家长在多年来求助无门的时候, 把联合国给小孩的实习名片,转发给新加坡共和国的最大的2为长官 — 李光耀与李显龙先生, 以此表示我对主的奇异恩典的感动。

    几年后,我在异国 定居下来。然而, pains never goes away, 我患上了新加坡带噩梦后遗症, 其一个反应是,在孩子婚礼那一天,我选择缺席 , 闭门不说话。 微笑的神经早就没有了。。。。。。

    没想到,这一切,竟然被李总理的“她”, 恶毒地警告我们快点滚蛋。 害过人的团队,体会不到罪有多大。

    4. 尽管李总理不承认, 我们对新加坡淡马锡和GIC作出了贡献,也就是说,李总理的西装革履与夫人穿的绫罗绸缎里面含有我们的一针一线。每一幢高楼大厦里面都有我们的一砖一瓦, 我们虽不是大富大贵, 靠小本生意,连续10年为马来西亚工人交付劳工税, 为本地职员交付公积金, 这里面包含我们的对国家的效忠和依托。

    新加坡拿走了我们的一切,如果 有 “ 谁言寸草心, 报得三春晖 ” 的态度, 也就算了,令人气愤的是, 李总理不做具体的事情 ,出卖自己电子邮箱给 “她 ”, 假借她手, 踏着我们的伤痛自慰。


    所以希望借Roy这块地方,再一次公开信询问李显龙先生,为什么要这么做 。也希望新加坡媒体帮我们当面问一问李总理。为什么要这样对待我们 ?

  5. 对PAP的看法

    去年7月, 当我获知Roy被李显龙控告的新闻后,我开始关注新加坡。 尤其看到韩慧慧的演讲, 我告诉家人不要进来打扰我, 让我一个人待一会, 关起房门,坐下来,新加坡讲的是关于我的事,我留下了眼泪。

    坦白说,如果没有Roy 和慧慧, 我也是在某一天站在一个国际舞台上,控诉他们。 这段时间,我的心跟随着去起诉的脚步在跳动, 很担心, 很气愤, 因此我病倒了。

    一直到圣诞期间, 孩子们来看我们, 我才完整地把为什么, 说给孩子们听。

    我们的生意被诈骗超过百万美元, 加上畸形的金钱司法, 雪上加霜, 诈骗犯警告我们不准报警。 否则性命不保。 我最痛恨的是, 也最希望当局调查, 李显龙先生, 他本身有没有神经病啊。 怎么可以将我们向他的求助报告, 拿出来让“她”,在我们支持Roy的时刻,向我们做反威胁。 什么素质的精英, 就是人民痛恨的流氓恐怖分子嘛。

    他授权政治小丑的她, 用JIm , Jg, Royisloser 等代码,在这里老三老四做声明 :

    “ the money in temasek, GIC + country reserves does not belong to you. So you can just forget about it. CPF, soon you will be able to get it. so it is a mute point \
    Not happy, give up your citizenship, you will get every cent of your CPF. PLeaes dun give me the BS about yr country and so and so. ”

    江湖上, 如果一个小孩跑出来恐吓, 养不教,父之过。
    李显龙, 如果恐吓声发自于你的办公室, 那么,你不要怪别人怒骂你。
    要揭露我住在哪个国家 ? 我的孩子做什么 ? 我做什么 ? 我先生做什么 ? 这除了给我增光,又能怎么样呢 ?
    太幼稚园团队了吧 。

    我们有10年为员工们缴纳的公积金, 原以为像你父亲在电视上做保证的那样, 我们雇主出一部分,国家出一部分, 按照 1: 1 的比例加入其中, 形成为国民的福利, 后来恍然大悟, 这是一个骗局, 国家根本不付一分钱, 完全拿我们雇主的钱,去淡马锡GIC投资买地, 既然你们不承认我们的贡献, 那就全部退还给我们,一边赖帐 ,一边损人, 总理扮演欠账人。出卖国人利益。不做诚实检讨,封锁舆论真相, 棒打失业青年,对远在天边的我们搞威胁, 实在无可救药。

  6. Noose

    President Barack Obama said he would not flinch from sending US special forces to kill top Islamic State extremists


  7. LHL should step down.

    Mahathir said that under- performing leaders should step down to make things easier for the country. LKY is about the same age as Mahathir. He should advise and educate his son on this. This is only the right thing to do.

    • LKY should teach LHL to step down.

      Wrong title. Instead of putting “LHL should step down”, it should be “LKY should teach LHL to step down”.

  8. Sam

    Only losers believe that by simply changing the system their lives will become better. Which country in the world has no poor people and every one is happy as they can be ? For these people who don’t look at their own doings, they will blame every thing and everyone else for their own deficiency.

    • All hail Roy

      Don’t you know, once LHL and the evil PAP is kicked out, Singapore will immediately improve. Just ask our esteemed Xmen, the one true follower of Roy Ngerng since Roy is enjoying himself on a trip to Norway and UK again hence will not be able to reply. But then again he has never answered anybody sensible questions, something he accused the evil PAP of.

      • Xmen


        Thank you for your clarification. Maybe I should have called him a stalker instead – “Just ask our esteemed Xmen, the one true follower of Roy Ngerng”

        Mind your own business.

      • to jackfruit


        you laugh at Xmen is Loser. but we have seen his particular viewpoint through the each pages here. we agreed with him.
        can you use “jackfruit “once again, share you views regarding something , such as the right attitude toward progress for Singaporeans ?

        I can bet you do not deserve an equal footing with him,
        you like to take liberties with him ? let’s deal with you bitch .

      • to jackfruit

        Ms. jackfruit,
        You not only have to write your opinions to prove that they are losers, but also have to list an example that ” winners ” snatched losers ‘s money unable to repay on time. don’t miss the details of your office contact, new Network Media Commission will record you for stir up controversy.

      • RealCS

        Once LHL and the Evil PAP has been kicked out, we will vote for Roy Ngerng, who will establish a communist state where the poor are rich and the rich are poor. All hail Roy, communist and liar*coughs* debator.

  9. InTheNews

    Worms Party no where to bury its head.

    PAP master at shaming sinners.

    Almost a CRIME consider what the Worms Party had done.

    Does not vouch well for ALL oppositions parties because once in power, the jokes start!

    Lesson? The Kettle called black by the pot is extremely lacking and incapable of calling the pot black.

  10. @Sam

    just see you standing on the international stage ,
    Your speech shocked the world, your voice making Singaporeans very proud.
    Dear Roy, remember that you never walk alone !

  11. @Sam

    To tell the truth to the world,
    say out loudly our people’s humiliating and really suffering
    in the only stage that preserves our dignity
    together we can make a huge difference,

    thank you , Roy, congratulations on the success of your presentation
    if i go, i I will speak more sharp, more directly blunt instrument.
    reveal a famous suicide island – Singapore

    we very much agree with Roy’s live Q & A in live stream tonight ( FRIDAY FEB 13TH )
    we call for international range give Roy the basic financial and humanitarian aid since the current dictator asked more money from unemployed Roy.

    I also appeal ,
    don’t vote for dictator party which conducted the series of persecuting unemployed nationals.

    don’t vote for those who never compromise and does it proudly.
    don’t vote for Lee Hsien Loong — don’t give him money, don’t encourage him,

    is big inspiration for help each other

  12. @Sam

    Today is Valentine’s Day, Lee Hsien Loong made his comment in his FB today:

    We finished the debate on the Auditor-General’s report on the Aljunied-Hougang-Punggol East Town Council (AHPETC) today. All MPs, including Workers’ Party MPs, voted for the motion to express concern at the problems in AHPETC, and to strengthen the law to hold those responsible for managing Town Councils to proper account. Town Councils maintain and upkeep our HDB estates. They receive and spend public funds from residents and taxpayers. Amidst the sound and fury of the debate, remember what this is all about: the duty of Town Councils to look after the interests and safety of their HDB residents, while properly accounting for public monies entrusted to them.
    Here’s an extract of Minister Khaw Boon Wan’s speech today. You can watch the full debate here:
    – LHL

    ———————————— we have questions to Prime Minister Lee:

    According to the ownership of the national territory, as long as the piece of land is the State, the Ministry of Finance is responsible for the country to take care of, and should not be political. But should not fight because of the area maintenance cost between two parties, because political parties is to guide the model, rather than the touch money. Simply say, the state takes care of maintenance and maintenance finances every piece of land.

    An advantage to get the money ‘s party against no money resources party, in Singapore parliament yesterday threaten mischief. That is why the people had enough suffering of your ruling with this unreasonable system, wish to establish the new system. that one of the original intent to vote out you

    根據國家對領土擁有權,只要這塊地皮是國家的, 由國家的財政部負責照顧, 而不應是政黨。因為政黨是引導的模範,而不該觸碰到金錢。 簡單說, 國家財政負責照顧每一塊土地上的保養與維護。 一個拿到金錢優勢的黨, 對一個沒有金錢來源的黨,在國會裡要挾胡鬧。這就是為什麼,人民受夠了您這種蠻不講理的執政,要建立新制度的原意之一。

    • AxE

      This is funny, when you said PAP is resource rich in money, but WP is not..
      Both parties receive public funds to spend for the town council

      Anyway, I do agree with you when you say PAP is resource rich, but the it referring to talent

      • 奢侈消费, 预防治疗

        The task of political parties, guide of our common prosperity, rather than go around for collect money.
        both parties may not allow to touch the public money — that belong to the national ressources.

        meanwhile, party leader and the Prime Minister job can be him . but he must not in charge of national finance at the same time . the all power comes to one family, is the root of the national disaster

  13. @Sam

    we are also very agreed what the people asked you Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong :

    ” PM’s wife (Ho Ching) runs one SWF (Temasek) while Lee Hsien Loong is the Chairman of the other (GIC). Lee Hsien Loong as the head of the Cabinet and the PM had ultimate authority to approve the appointment of his wife. As a result the PM and his wife control over $800 billion of assets.

    We are not told how much Ho Ching earns as CEO of Temasek, though the fact that her husband is in a position to influence the terms of her employment and remuneration must be a serious conflict of interest that should be covered by the same disclosure requirements as related party transactions. Certainly she probably earns considerably more per annum than the $6.4 million that WP are accused of overpaying to FMSS. We also do not know whether Lee Hsien Loong is paid anything for serving as Chairman of GIC or Tharman is paid for being the Chairman of MAS.”

    also, we also our own questions to you,
    What method you made Miss HanHuihui being muted ?
    Because she speaks our words ? we very agree with her sentence : our live you did not care, our job you did not care……we appeal you did not care, why the Singapore needs you there ?
    你為什麼要韓慧慧滅音 ? 最贊同她說的一句話是: 我的生活你們沒有照顧, 我們的飯碗你們也沒有照顧。。。
    What did you do for the people of Singapore ?
    What did you do for your own family ?
    what you want us to do for you and your family ? how long shall we wait the suffering period since money you occupy for your own use. when you will refund our own cash ?

    Please answer clearly on the inside of Parliament

  14. ggg

    Fuck! You got money to go Norway while asking money for your legal??? I know the norway trip is a couple of thousands instead of 100k. But shouldnt you make an explanation to this? This kind of luxury you should never have spent and instead should be paid to the legal while collecting less. Fuck off you thief.

    • xggg

      your boss got cancer disease is related with how he harm to the people, how deep he harm Roy and others, So,
      pls stop your fucking evil Roy, who is a thief. surely it’s not the poor guy , ok.
      Roy is just a person to survive.

      The function of the prostate is to secrete a slightly alkaline fluid, milky or white in . appearance, that in humans usually constitutes roughly 30% of the volume of the semen along with spermatozoa and seminal vesicle fluid. Semen is made alkaline overall with the secretions from the other contributing glands, including, at least, the seminal vesicle fluid. The alkalinity of semen helps neutralize the acidity of the vaginal tract, prolonging the lifespan of sperm.

      60% male have the same slight Prostate Cancer problem , hope all above 55 years old Singapore male will go to hospital , do biopsy & magnetic resonance imaging, find out it early prostate cancer symptoms.

      • ggg

        Fuck off. As if you know who my boss and as if I care who got cancer and highly probable to die. Another dumb ass here who thinks he is the only one knows how to just go to the internet and copy and claim it as if you are very “smart”.

  15. TheCon

    As Pope Francis was returning to Rome from the Philippines last month, he told journalists about a woman who had had seven children by Caesarean section and was now pregnant again. This was, he said, “tempting God”.

    For someone who resides in Rome , totally clueless of the great offence in the midst, to tell the stupid woman she is “tempting god” is like a 90 years old man looking into a mirror who still thinks he can father countless number of stupid woman…. and maybe he still can.

    BTW, where you reside is tempting god! Dont get it? Of course not because you are great LoL

    • RealityCheck

      Those living in Sin…the cream or echelon of the jokers seated in high places…think there are two sides to a coin. Indeed….the good side and the evil side…so they proudly and triumphly blow their horns… we got it all together because we were…..BRUTAL with our laws…basically…in a cell…you can get away with it..haha…

      But is it a good sell? Can it work for others? ..ha ha…

      Two sides but is the…same coin!…you should be worried about harboring….hypocrisy?? 🙂

      Hmmm…The other side exists because of your “good side”? 🙂

      Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness. Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity. 
        Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! because ye build the tombs of the prophets, and garnish the sepulchres of the righteous, And say, If we had been in the days of our fathers, we would not have been partakers with them in the blood of the prophets.Wherefore ye be witnesses unto yourselves, that ye are the children of them which killed the prophets. Fill ye up then the measure of your fathers. 33  Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the DAMNATION of HELL? 

  16. 奢侈消费, 预防治疗

    1) 据法新社15日报道,新加坡政府称,该国总理李显龙患前列腺癌。
    2) 据联合早报15日报道,李显龙总理被诊断患上前列腺癌,他明天将入院接受手术,切除前列腺。
    总理公署今天下午发文告指出,李总理将接受无切口的机器人辅助手术,他的主治医生是新加坡中央医院泌尿科部主任郑畏三教授。文告说,他是在包括郑畏三在内的一组专科医生建议下,决定动手术,医生相信他可完全康复。总理上个星期二(10日)刚过63岁生日。文告透露,医生是在他上个月接受磁共振成像(magnetic resonance imaging,简称MRI)扫描时,发现他的前列腺有可疑肿块。李总理过后接受进一步的细胞活检(biopsy),而医生在38个检验样本中,发现其中一个有癌细胞,诊断总理患前列腺癌。

    3) 联合早报16日报道, 李显龙总理的前列腺切除手术顺利完成。新加坡中央医院泌尿科部主任郑畏三教授说:“整个手术进展顺利,总理应该能完全康复。”

    4) 前列腺(英文: prostate)是男性特有的性腺器官.

    前列腺是雄性哺乳動物生殖系統中的一個器官,前列腺液可與精子混合成精液。一個健康的人類男性其前列腺的大小較核桃略大一點,位于骨盆腔的底部——膀胱下,尿道上;耻骨后,直肠前。人類男性的尿道除了供排泄尿液之外,另一個 功能是射精時精液的出口。精液包含精子和液狀物,此液狀物約有10%-30%是來自前列腺所製造,前列腺體也包含平滑肌組織,可幫助射精。前列腺实质内有尿道和两条射精管穿过,当射精时,前列腺和精囊腺的肌肉收缩,可将输精管和精囊腺中的内容物经射精管压入后尿道,进而排出体外。综上所述,前列腺重要的功能,在人体内发挥了重要作用。

    5) 大多数超过60的男人,都患有潜在的前列腺疾病,如早期发现,这种病更本不是病, 因为没有不舒适的生理反应。因为没有疼痛感觉,所以很多带病原的病人,在早期无法发现。他们对预防性检查一无所知, 即使去做了检查,医院也只做常规部分,最深处的精细微细胞部分检查医院不会免费提供。

    6) 要长命百岁的人, 在有事没事, 开开心心的时候,在健康的时候, 也最好去做一下为未来要长命百岁做一次确保。 随时拿自己的一点点细胞, 或者一点点血出来检验, 看看有没有问题, 一般医院不会为普通病人愁眉苦脸地的时候做非常细致到每根细胞浓度的检查,验血也是这样,医院只验几个标准指数, 凡是涉及到精细的, 最深处每个血管的质量指标检查时, 医院不推荐。因为这种微细胞检查的费用很贵。

    7) 因此对有钱的人,对潜在病源做早期预防性治疗,是确保活到120岁的奢侈消费。依靠昂贵代价, 比如胰岛素,球蛋白维持新陈代谢 。 对没有钱的人,做不起早期预防治疗, 后果不堪设想。

    为什么廝殺無辜,拼命要权又要錢 ? 犬養婊子,種植黑幫,小恩小惠,打發過年, 還要把人分成三六九等……

  17. 奢侈消费, 预防治疗

    Putting aside the last year, even last 10 years , let follow his footprint of ths year, 今年第一個月,他拒絕國人幾個月來祈求他不要向國人Roy下手的請願, 他堅持背叛國人的利益,終究還是把Roy送上法庭,並獲累積他財富的巨大賠償

    1) Last month, Jan 2015 he success conducted the lawsuit of mistreating, backbiting, wanton insult to Roy, he got money accumulation permit again.

    2) this month , 06 Feb 2015 he used our hard earned money and enjoying tour in germany and Spain , through his FB about his recorded of his task :

    ” Explored a bit of Madrid Old Town on foot yesterday. The area is filled with character and atmosphere. There are many beautiful historic buildings, plazas and monuments. No two are alike, and the contrast between old and new is sometimes surprising. I peered into one building with a classical facade, to find an Apple store inside! Caught the setting sun over the Palacio Real (Royal Palace), then ended our walk at the Mercado de San Miguel (Market of San Miguel) with delicious tapas. After dinner, I realised that a bit of Germany still remained – it had begun to snow in Madrid! – LHL ”

    這個月, 他出國旅行,他在臉書上寫道:
    昨日探索出位的马德里老城步行。该地区充满了个性和氛围。有许多美丽的历史建筑,广场和纪念碑。没有两个是完全一样的,和新旧对比有时是令人惊讶的。我凝视着一栋楼与古典的门面,找里面的一家苹果专卖店!抓过皇宫(皇宫)夕阳,然后我们结束在梅尔卡多圣米格尔步行(圣米格尔市场)的美味小吃。晚饭后,我意识到了一下德国依然存在 – 它已开始下雪在马德里! – LHL

    3) 然而, 他不讓國人的悲哀就此結束,他要Roy再熬多6個月, 再次經受他非人道一般的精神與財力的兩空空折磨。
    But he would not let the people rid of this sad end, he wants Roy to wait the next six months , suffering the subjected to inhuman torture and empty general spirit and financial resources.

    4) 等他吃飽了, 玩夠了,他出來發紅包了,發給誰呢 ? 他要看人,他看不順眼的人,他不會發,他拿國家的人,給自己搞關係。

    after he finished his delicious meal, had enjoy enough sightseeing , he came back and distribute red envelopes, and he will sent to whom? depends on the person if he like or dislike, he used our national money to engage in his own relationships

    5) 15 Feb 2015 ,he want his office making a big announcement reported that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong was diagnosed with prostate cancer. 2月15日,他要他的办公室向全部報館媒體做一个大公告报道说,总理李显龙被诊断出患有前列腺癌。

    6) 24 hours later, 16 Feb 2015, he want his officer making a big announcement again, reported that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong prostate surgery successfully completed and fully recover 24小时后,2015年2月16日,他要他的辦公室向全部媒體再次做出一个大的公告,报道说,总理李显龙前列腺手术成功完成,并且完全恢复。

    按道理說,當國人有事,自殺,滅絕,失業, 他10年來,又不關人家的死活,所以他的死活也不關國人什麼事嘛。 你們看他是不是很像台灣的陳水扁呢 ?Logically, when people suffering , suicide, extermination, unemployment, in his ruling 10 years, he never care about people’s life or death, so he’s not worth the people think of him…You see, he looks the same like Chen Shui-bian in Taiwan

    7) 再說一遍,前列腺不是癌, 也不是病,只是射精時受阻而已。Again, prostate is not cancer , nor is a disease, but it is blocked ejaculation.

    8) vote him out

  18. teoenming3

    Dear National Heart Centre Singapore, Dr. Lim Tiong Keng, Dr. Jack
    Tan, Changi General Hospital, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore General
    Hospital, United Nations Human Rights Council, UN Special Rapporteur on
    Torture, United Nations Human Rights Treaty Bodies, Doctors without
    Borders, Reporters without Borders, Human Rights Watch, the
    International Criminal Court, European Court of Human Rights, Court of
    Justice of the European Union, General Court of the European Union, and
    Wong Siew Wah @ Pinnacle Credit Services Pte Ltd,

    FILE NO: PA9104228
    BILL NO: H114056756D0001

    Could you tell Dr. Lim Tiong Keng at the National Heart Centre
    Singapore that I want to do a FULL Chest MRI to find out the cause of my
    intermittent mild chest pain? My intermittent mild chest pain is
    occurring randomly. On some days, I may not notice the chest pain at
    all. However, on other days, my intermittent mild chest pain may occur
    more frequently. The location of the intermittent mild chest pain is
    somewhere near the center of the chest and slightly offset to the left.
    There was a sudden onset of intermittent mild chest pain since 2nd
    October 2014, which is almost six months already. I am still considering
    a 2nd CT coronary angiogram as I fear it may cause CANCER. I have
    already went through two CT scans in the past. The first one is a CT
    coronary angiogram done at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore in
    November 2011. Everything was NORMAL. Zero percent stenosis and zero
    calcium score in all tests. Perfect health report card!!! The second one
    is a CT brain scan without contrast agent done at Tan Tock Seng Hospital
    in Singapore recently. It was also NORMAL. Hence I have only done two CT
    scans so far. I am afraid to do another CT coronary angiogram as it may
    cause CANCER. Computed Tomography (CT) scans involve large amounts of
    harmful ionizing radiation.

    Very recently (December 2014 I think) my 24-hour electrocardiogram
    Holter test and Cardiac MRI done at National Heart Center Singapore
    were also normal. But Dr. Lim Tiong Keng said that he cannot confirm
    whether I have blockages/narrowing in the coronary arteries without
    another CT coronary angiogram. Should I do another CT coronary
    angiogram in the view that it may cause cancer? Dr Lim Tiong Keng also
    told me that my cholesterol and triglycerides levels are very high. I
    took the cholesterol-lowering medicine atorvastatin every day without
    fail and it has brought my cholesterol and triglycerides levels under

    I have sudden onset of intermittent mild chest pain since early
    October 2014, which is almost six months already. I have been to
    hospital emergency departments in Singapore NUMEROUS times (I LOST COUNT
    ALREADY) complaining about intermittent mild chest pain but the
    emergency doctors in Singapore always tell me that my simple blood test
    and simple ECG are normal and they always sent me home without further
    investigations. The emergency doctors in Singapore are not interested in
    investigating the cause of my intermittent mild chest pain at all. They
    conveniently say it is a-typical chest pain and probably due to
    muscular-skeletal pain rather than coronary heart disease. All the
    Singapore doctors I have seen are not doing anything about my
    intermittent mild chest pain at all. A few Singapore doctors even wanted
    to prescribe me PANADOL/PARACETAMOL for my intermittent mild chest pain.
    What good is Panadol/Paracetamol in treating heart disease, if it is
    indeed heart disease which I am suffering from? These Singapore doctors
    simply don’t want to solve the ROOT CAUSE of my intermittent mild chest
    pain. How can Panadol treat heart disease? For God’s sake, it is for treating headaches and fevers

    I should be prescribed anticoagulants, also called blood thinners;
    aspirin and other anticlotting medicines; ACE inhibitors; beta blockers;
    calcium channel blockers; nitroglycerin; glycoprotein IIb-IIIa; statins;
    and fish oil and other supplements high in omega-3 fatty acids instead.

    If there are narrowed coronary arteries in my body, I should undergo
    angioplasty, stenting, and coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG).

    I have mentioned before a lot of times that I am being persecuted,
    targeted, blacklisted, and condemned by the Singapore Government for
    ***UNWITTINGLY*** offending Minister Mentor LEE KUAN YEW and Prime
    Minister LEE HSIEN LOONG in the year 2007 and 2009.

    Yes, I have access to health care in Singapore. The doctors in
    Singapore are willing to see me. Because I have been unemployed for
    more than one year, I get free medical consultation and free medical
    examination, all paid for by the Singapore Government.

    BUT all the Singapore doctors I have seen CONSISTENTLY REFUSE to
    certify/diagnose that I have coronary heart disease. So do I have
    heart disease or not? Having intermittent mild chest pain for five
    months or more is almost a sure sign that I have narrowing of the
    coronary arteries (angina). By refusing to certify that I have heart
    disease, the doctors in Singapore can avoid giving me the correct
    treatment for my medical condition. So the doctors in Singapore are
    willing to see me but give me the wrong diagnosis (that is,
    muscular-skeletal pain in the chest) and give me the wrong treatment
    (Panadol for chest pain!!!!!)


    ONLY 36 YEARS OLD. Come 5 March 2015, I will be 37 years old.






    It is known that the marine creature Jellyfish is biologically
    immortal. It simply refuses to die. If jellyfish can be biologically
    immortal, why can’t human beings be immortal as well? It is certainly
    not impossible and far-fetched to say that human beings will become
    biologically immortal in the near future. Who knows? Anything in the
    Universe is possible. As a scientist, you need to have an open mind.






    Please transmit my entire letter to Dr. Lim Tiong Keng and ask his
    secretary to call me to fix an appointment for Full Chest MRI. I would
    also like to consult Dr. Jack Tan at the National Heart Center Singapore
    as well. Dr. Jack Tan has been recommended to me by Pius Gilbert Louis,
    who is also targeted by the Singapore Government and the Secret Police
    in Singapore. Gilbert Louis says that the Secret Police in Singapore is trying to kill him. He has suffered five heart attacks and survived. He suspects that the Secret Police in Singapore has tainted his food with poison, which causes him to suffer heart attacks.

    I have visited the emergency departments in public hospitals in
    Singapore many many many times but no medical professional gives a
    damn about my intermittent mild chest pain. They simply don’t care. The
    doctors I have seen in Singapore don’t bother investigating the real
    cause of my intermittent mild chest pain. I am always discharged by the
    emergency doctors who always say that my blood test and ECG are normal.
    The American National Institute of Health website has already stated
    that chest pain is one of the symptoms of heart disease. It is also
    COMMON SENSE that if you have chest pain for a prolonged period of time
    like several months, it is very likely to be due to heart
    What is holding the doctors in Singapore back from certifying
    that I have coronary heart disease? Did Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong
    and Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew gave a call to all the doctors in
    Singapore telling them not to save my life??? Were all the doctors in
    Singapore warned, threatened, or bribed by the Singapore Government not
    to save my life?

    I have a very strong belief that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and
    Minister Lee Kuan Yew want me to be very complacent about my health and
    they want me to die young.

    I have a very strong belief that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and
    Minister Lee Kuan Yew want me to be very complacent about my health and
    they want me to die young.

    I have a very strong belief that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and
    Minister Lee Kuan Yew want me to be very complacent about my health and
    they want me to die young.

    I have a very strong belief that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and
    Minister Lee Kuan Yew want me to be very complacent about my health and
    they want me to die young.

    I have a very strong belief that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and
    Minister Lee Kuan Yew want me to be very complacent about my health and
    they want me to die young.

    They can live to a ripe old age but I can’t? By the way, both of my parents are already over 70 years old.

    Thank you very much for your kind attention.

    I am looking forward to your prompt reply.

    Yours sincerely,

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    Mobile: +65 9117 5902
    Fax: +65 6725 0731
    Republic of Singapore

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