PAP Continues to Use State-Controlled Media to Paint Me Black Again

Hello everyone,

You would have read how I underwent the ordeal yesterday to pay the $29,000 to the Singapore prime minister Lee Hsien Loong’s lawyers yesterday. I have written about it here and here.

Yesterday, I went to the prime minister’s lawyers, Drew and Napier, after I was threatened that if the $29,000 was not paid, they would file an application to court to ask me to pay additional costs.

The $29,000 is what the court has asked me to pay to the lawyers of the prime minister for the summary judgment last year. Please note that this is different from the damages that I would have to pay the prime minister. The hearing for this will be held in June. The prime minister has filed for the defamation suit in the high court, which oversees cases of more than $250,000, which means that this is the least the prime minister wants me to pay him.

Yesterday, I went down to Drew and Napier but their lawyers refused to see me. I had to sit at their reception for 3 hours and their lawyers would rather speak to me through their receptionist. At one point, I even had to write down notes on pieces of paper just to convey the message. Eventually, when I made a call to an Angela Cheng, she put down my call halfway through.

Eventually, I was able to pay the payment at 8pm in the evening, after having to wait 3 hours.

After all that, the PAP continued to use state-controlled media to change the version of the story.

Both Channel NewsAsia and Today reported that I only paid after missing two deadlines. When I received the letter from Drew and Napier to pay on 22 January 2015, I had given the money to my lawyer to make the payment on the same day. Later, I even called Drew and Napier on 3 February to tell them that I could go down to pay them directly. But for 3 days, Drew and Napier never got back to me and later threatened to ask me to pay additional costs.

Blogger Roy Ngerng pays PM Lee S$29,000 in legal costs after missing 2 deadlines

Blogger Roy Ngerng pays S$29,000 in costs to PM Lee after missing 2 deadlines

All this while, I acted quickly to try to hand the money over. However, the state-controlled media contorted the truth and make it look like I intentionally missed the deadlines.

The Straits Times also said that I tried to pin the blame. This is not true.

In my clarifications to the media, I had outlined clearly the steps that I had taken to try to get the money to to be paid to Drew and Napier. However, The Straits Times tried to twist the story.

Blogger pays PM suit costs after stand-off with lawyer

Singaporeans, I hope that you can see for yourself how the PAP is trying to use state-controlled media to twist the story around.

I have always maintained a righteous and upright position. I am disappointed with the PAP’s antics and behaviour. I have been writing about the CPF since 2012. However, after I made several exposes about the CPF (you can read it here, here and here), the PAP decided to come down on me.

My stance has always been clear – a government’s responsibility is to take care of the people and protect the people.

If the PAP does not want to do that, then get out of government. If the PAP cannot stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen.

If the PAP is willing to take care of Singaporeans, would there be so many grouses among Singaporeans today? Yet, the PAP would instead clamp down on what I say so that they can protect their own power and themselves.

I am sorely disappointed. I have always written because I want to see a fair, just and more equal Singapore. But as it is, Singapore’s income inequality and poverty is the worst among the developed countries and every time the PAP increased their own salaries in 1984, 1994, 2000 and 2007, income inequality was also increased.

Look, Singaporeans, at the end of the day, it is up to us to decide what kind of future we want and how we want to protect ourselves.

You and I know that the PAP are just businessmen who have taken over control of government to further their business interests. Of course we can keep pretending that we don’t see this and deny this, but at the end of the day, it is your lives and your children’s lives which will suffer.

So, we either decide to face up to it and fight or we give up on our lives. It’s really up to you now.



    we either decide to face up to it and fight or we give up on our lives;
    or maybe we can just live as usual peacefully

    • Xmen

      Hmm… good questions to ponder.

      we either decide to face up to 6.9m and fight or we give up on our lives;
      or maybe we can just live as usual peacefully

      we either decide to face up to slogging in our old ages and fight or we give up on our lives;
      or maybe we can just live as usual peacefully

      we either decide to face up to giving up ever owning a home that we can afford and fight or we give up on our lives;
      or maybe we can just live as usual peacefully

      we either decide to face up to not getting back our CPF in our lifetime and fight or we give up on our lives;
      or maybe we can just live as usual peacefully

      • SIMPLE

        Mr M Ravi alleges that Roy Ngerng Yi Ling has the intention to flee Singapore and abscond with the donations. Roy is not always thinking to fight but to run away. He want you, Xmen to fight… so fight all you want

      • Xmen


        May you live as usual peacefully. See you in (near) future living as a minority in your own country, your adult children have no home of their own, your CPF statement is just that – a statement, and you hauling cardboards to pay for your next meal. Am I clear now?

      • Chris

        one X-men and one Simple talking to each other ….
        or are both of them the same person?
        or are both of them just Roy himself….
        in the world of internet… assholes like roy just like to make up imaginary friends for himself….
        laughable piece of shit….

      • Xmen


        I see you have nothing to add here. Feeling bored? If so, time to ponder the SIMPLE questions! LOL.

      • Chris

        Oh… I see that u can’t even understand 1+1=2 when the teacher explained it in ur face…
        How to explain something to idiots?

      • Xmen

        “Oh… I see that u can’t even understand 1+1=2 when the teacher explained it in ur face…” – Chris

        I don’t think I need to explain to anyone that you are either delusional or a big liar. Anyone reading that statement knows it is false. Go back to school to learn to think and write critically.

  2. You asked for it

    Roy, why did you want to leave for Norway according to what Ravi has said?

    What are your true intentions? Is there something that you’re not telling the public who donated the funds to you?

    • Chris

      he just went on a holiday…. and then say that he is on a democracy excursion to find out how Norway is able to have high taxes, high cost of living, high salary, high everything but still have lots of money to spend… also, why is the Norwegian sovereign fund different from Singapore’s…. in short, he is portraying himself like CSJ the clown….

  3. Singaporeans

    Quite interesting drama. That brings to another question Roy’s state of mind. Is he really insane or pretend to be?

    Or by pretend to be insane then maybe the courts will send him to psychiatrist and perhaps the intention to declare he is and get away from the charges. If yes, interesting move but sorry the plan can be read.

    If not, then what he did yesterday was really cunning. Run away with the money to Norway and get asylum?

    Interesting to know how it end. Like Korean drama. Hahaha ….

  4. You asked for it

    All smoke and mirrors Roy. Once again you attempt to deflect the mounting allegations against you.

    Why for bring in tired old accusations against the cpf, media, government constantly? Why throw out another rambling barrage of 2-3 blog entries speaking about these constantly?

    Why don’t you just speak about WHY Ravi will say you are applying to go to Norway and about his words that you are swindling the money? How much have you raised in public donations? What have you used it on? All legal funds? Anything personal? Any future plans on how to use the balance?

    Come clean Roy. Your tricks of using cpf and state controlled media in deflecting these mounting questions against you are old and tired.

    I think you are feeling the heat as you realize your house of cards are falling down. Your own allies have abandoned you already. No one is interested in your protests anymore.

    You probably know that more are curious about your eventual outcome than what your plans for cpf are which are getting old and tired.

    Very very ironically – it was your greed that caused your downfall today. The very same greed that you allege upon PAP.

  5. All hail Roy

    To the innocent, martyred, self-sacrificing, pure-hearted, rich Roy

    So what did you have to say to explain about your lawyer? Has he been brainwashed by the all powerful PAP and has now turn against you?

    By the way, I thought you are so poor that you can’t afford to see a doctor, only eat plain rice at cafe. left $5000 in your bank account etc, how are you able to afford to travel to Norway AGAIN when the ordinary Singaporeans may not even be able to travel to Norway once in their entire life.

  6. Chris

    i have pondered on your blog and articles… i can only have 1 conclusion….
    u r one crazy and delusional human being….
    please renounce you citizenship and take your cpf… bring your delusional self to spread rumours in other countries…
    SIngapore and Singaporeans really don’t need or want you at all….

  7. simon

    Isn’t this clearly M Ravi’s fault? He should have processed the payment within a week of receiving the money from you on 22 Jan (receipt on blog post 29 Jan). Instead, he dragged it until you confronted him on 2 Feb to get the money back and DIY the payment. I would have terminated his service or the lack thereof if I were you. It is his duty as your solicitor to protect your legal interest and to represent you to deal PM’s lawyers.

    Regarding the negative media report, it is to be expected that they will paint you black whenever possible. Given that you already posted $70,000 in cash to Ravi as his legal fees, plus the $29,000, I am not sure why he is claiming that you are absconding with the donation money. The two sums would be close to the total donation amount you have collected.

    • Chris

      why does roy pay when he had clear stated that everything he had said of the PM is the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth….
      roy is either telling the truth or he is a lying bastard like CSJ… how to show us Singaporeans? he should ask PM to come to the stand in court and show the court all his evidences to back up his claims, just like what he said he will do and he’s not afraid

      • simon

        Sorry, what is your point again? I am writing as a neutral observer trying to understand the fiasco, but I can see that you are writing for someone with an axe to grind here using multiple identities.

  8. 呼唤在野党

    1. Channel NewsAsia 是誰開的頻道 - 是王八蛋開的,

    2. 利用對法律黯道無知的Roy, 迟到向王八蛋供钱的时间,在Channel NewsAsia 涂黑Roy, 是婊子干的。

    3. 从开始彬彬有礼称她是精英,到多年来实在忍无可忍, 脱下她的裤子,原来是一只婊子。对婊子手软,就是对国人凶残。

    4. 没有婊子,哪里会产生王八蛋。在大选期间,将陆续揭穿婊子对国家的危害程度

    5. Roy 需要学习与律师的退让态度,不要得罪帮我们华族打官司的律师。相信中间有误解, 你们是可以化解的内部矛盾。

    6. 这种事,好像发生了一场车祸,从别人灾祸中, 首先幸灾乐祸的人还资格继续连任吗 .

    7. 呼唤在野党,把婊子赶出总理府。

  9. WP

    Roy said he always maintain a righteous and upright position in the above blog post. Fortunately I havent taken my dinner else I will puke at these words. Roy is anything but righteous and upright. Please don’t embarrasess yourself as your family anymore. Everyone is laughing at you and no one believes you at all. Everything you write now can clearly see you are desperate and making up lies to blame the government and the entire system for your demise. Your blog has no rationale or correctness at all, just making up stories to taint the image of the government. Shame on you. Not a single opposition party even endorse you or show sympathy for you. Soon you will be a bankrupt and nobody and can spend the rest of you life in self pity and regret. Why don’t you just go commit suicide ? Nobody will bother about you anyway.

  10. WP

    People are even saying that Roy is a mole planted by pap to tarnish the image and good work of the opposition. This shows how pit bottom low Roy’s credibility is, if there is any left.

  11. Mycarforum

    When Roy becomes bankrupted, I will throw a party at hong lim park with free food and drinks and lucky draw, all is welcome to this joyous occasion. Heehee.

  12. @Lim Peh Kaligong

    If he is gone, who expose you bitch’s crimes.
    Must eradicate bastard first.
    one year, two year, 100 years, after we die, our next generations stand up
    The goal is clear, Be sure to see the moment you bitch go back home, that bastard step down

  13. @Lim Peh Kaligong

    One day, these corrupt officials will be arrested.
    For their actions to harm people pay the price.
    let them spend the rest of their lives in Changi Prison.

    • @Lim Peh Kaligong

      placed his name in publicly there, or over here, over there …
      after all, that is not a good thing,
      cause great mental and psychological pressure,
      Two knives, fine and media together were enough to murder a person’s will
      in resulting people being ill unhealthy
      Administration team still mocked him, this team is extremely immoral team

  14. why

    Now Ravi will no longer fight for you… btw who are you fighting for? Its definitely not me. Stupid. You can flee to Syria, lets see whether PAP pay ransom money. Lets test out as your show of sincerity to fight for our CPF.

    • @Lim Peh Kaligong

      PAP from the date of born, no factory. no shipping, no doctors, no trading, no product, no property. the money was from our people hard earned cash , PAP must repay back without any conditions .

      Roy , he has no income , no job, he is in very hard situations still fighting for us , if it is not included you, you shall not come here and waste your time.

      We have repeatedly urged those people are enjoying great wealth, do not come in

      • All hail Roy

        No income, no job but can go Norway again. In that case, we should all start emulating him so that we can afford to travel to Norway more than once.

      • An overseas Singaporeans

        Yes, As long as you have an right ideal, never give up, God will create the conditions and link your dream comes true.
        no money, no parents, but can be an advantage, study hard with good education will change your live.

  15. President Teo En Ming, Federation of the Universe

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  16. Toto

    If you are ruled by a religious leader, you will end up in a mental institution?
    If you are ruled by a doctor, you will end up selling your organs?
    If you are ruled by an engineer, you will end up locked in high security prison?
    If you are ruled by a banker, you will end up sleeping in a matchbox size coffin?
    If you are ruled by a general, you will end up being replaced by robots?
    If you are ruled by a lawyer, you will end up with your back full of holes?

  17. NUSSIN

    总理与Roy事件唤醒了我们的思考, 新加坡许多法律是违反宪法的

    对政府权力的内部监督就是三权分力,外部权利对政府的监督就是用民主的程序对于政府监督,有细致的规则约束 。宪政的第一个层面就是对政府的监督,第二层个层面,就是对民权的保护,这好比是一枚硬币的两面,人民的权利最有可能被政府侵犯。宪政层面限制政府的权利,使之不至于像脱缰野马一样侵犯到人民的权利,我们在新加坡看不到这样一种监督。



    我们有宪法之下的许许多多的法律是违反宪法的,我们是否应当有一个机构对于宪法进行经常性的监督,随时通过对案件审理的过程,来判断国会制定的法律是不是违反了宪法,如果违反了宪法,通过Judicial Review 权利来宣布相关的规则是无效的。



    宪法是民权的圣经,不可以任意违反,所以必须要有违宪审查机制,宪法所规定的特别调查程序,那样的话,我想如果邓亮洪与徐顺全, Roy等就不会白白遭到某个人权利的迫害成功



    通常我们的新闻稿是这样说的,” 法庭判决总理获胜,并获得XX万的赔偿……”。 政府一点不承认这是他们的错误。


    我怒不可遏,回去思考来,思考去,决定应该做点什么事。于是就写了一封致大法官的公开信,我要求大法官不能坐视对我们权利如此残暴的践踏,而无所作为,我在信里论证了为什么政府这样的做法违反法律,且不说宪法有言论自由这样的条款,行政法还有一个给公民一个机会可以申辩、起诉基本的权利 。




    第二个因素在我看来是财产制度。保护公民的私有财产,也是对国家权利的某种限制。我们不允许国家践踏私人的权利,其中非常重要的就是私人财产权。我们的住宅, 公积金是我们自由的堡垒,政府、国王没有权利随意进入或动用。

  18. President Teo En Ming, Federation of the Universe

    Dear Fabrications About The PAP and other Facebook Users,

    Roy Ngerng Yi Ling DID NOT flee Singapore and abscond with the donated money. There is very clearly a mis-understanding between M Ravi and Roy Ngerng, as explained to me by Leslie Chew and various quarters. We are trying to patch things up between M Ravi and Roy Ngerng. We sincerely hope M Ravi and Roy Ngerng could still remain as friends. The Singapore Government is apparently trying to sow discord between M Ravi and Roy Ngerng. Please delete and stop circulating my video. This video is my intellectual property, I filmed it and it cannot be used without my express permission. Again, I request you to delete and stop circulating my video as soon as possible. I have also taken down my Original Youtube video. Thank you very much.

    Yours sincerely,

    Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen

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  20. Kelysha Cheah

    LHL is being stupid, he basically made a mountain out of a molehill, Roy was just like “Where does our CPF go? We definitely don’t get all of it back cause we don’t live till 90 right?” And then the egoistic government goes “Fuck you for doubting our ‘transparency.” Since when does the prime minister sue his own citizen?

    • jackfruit

      Roy wasn’t sued because he asked about cpf. He was sued of defamation,which he admitted,apologised and went on with the same defamatory comments again.

    • You asked for it

      Are you clueless or are you dumb? Roy has been doing that for 2 years and nobody made him break a sweat but it’s about him saying PM Lee siphoned the cpf for his personal gain.

      Are you really that ignorant or are you insistent on letting hate rule your silly mind that you can understand a fact dumbass

      • Check LEE's account

        not misappropriated our money into his wife’s pocket ? the first Lee have to swear it, and next cheak his wife ‘s account, where her huge wealth from. the last send both into jail

  21. The Reality

    Keep going, Roy. The PAP’s out-moded style of character assassination is out of touch and out of place among younger Singaporeans today, who wants to see a fair representation on both sides. Mud-slinging on the PAP internet brigade is strong indication of a failing regime that is trying hard to keep a burnt-out system running. PAP has always been about marketing to the ignorant. It is true when you say, we don’t have a government. This upcoming election is likely to see 2 GRCs dropped in support of alternative voices for the people of Singapore. The next wave is evidently now coming from the civil servants. Ex-civil servants are now speaking out against the bullying and intransparency and “wayang”. Compared to the last election, we now are witnessing serious issues that had not happened previously. This stretch of 3-4 years is the worst since the younger Emperor took power. Corruption is rife and using cheap marketing to hoodwink Singaporeans no longer works. We can’t help noticing that the term heartlanders has been removed in the State’s Times to one that is now promoted. Today’s heartlanders in HDB are called cosmopolitans to rope in all the PRCs, Pinoys and India Indians. Hopefully more Singaporeans are politically conscious and awakened to the systematic manipulation by this groups of leaders.

  22. Slayer

    People who are supporting Roy here are like supporting a murderer or rapist, knowing he has done wrong but still support him because they hate the government.

    • NEC

      ” Slayer”,

      we share our pains here as each of pains family are the same , voice are blocked by female gangs in PM’s room .

      You’re lucky you’re not being persecuted or be mistreated,
      doesn’t mean there is no people under being persecuted or be mistreated,
      since the bitch take over in charge in PM’s room, the system are sleeping completely , if no election, they continue sleeping.

      people’s bitter sorrow experience were exploited and unlimit stir up further disaster via their power in media, in court, in the market. therefor, the murderer , the slayer or rapist are from the females who work inside PM’s room

      They hijack the public will, they find a chance to sell in market, They ordered the people to get out Singapore on behalf of the Prime Minister. that only way for future Singaporans . they are the bitch team in Singapore.

      Roy’s case is a flashpoint, it once again confirmed this bitch team operating …
      please keep watching the continue report on how do rip the bitch’s veil.
      we come back soon …

      • I Am Woman

        bitches are very religious…stickler for laws…commandments….dictates….they fill the religious hall and make their male coc k very proud and rich…their simpleton mentality make good accomplices or pink soldiers

  23. poopoo

    Three innocent jokers wake up one fine day and decided to celebrate their gods. To enhance their religious experience, they paid someone to drum up their spiritual high. The next day, they were charged for spiritual drunkenness.

    Only in Sin.

  24. President Teo En Ming, Federation of the Universe

    [YOUTUBE VIDEO] Launch of the Singapore Democratic Party Economic Policy Paper by Dr. Chee Soon Juan on 7 Feb 2015 Saturday

    Dear Citizens of the World,

    I have just completed uploading my video coverage of the presentation by Dr. Chee Soon Juan to Youtube at 6:25 PM SGT. Video rendering on my Intel Core i5 4430 desktop computer took a solid 4 hours for a 2 hr video. Youtube may take another 10 hours to process my video before it becomes online. Please wait patiently for my Youtube video. The presentation by Dr. Chee Soon Juan started at 2:00 PM SGT on 7 Feb 2015 Sat. I was late for the presentation by 45 minutes due to another important matter that I had taken up. I am very very sorry for being late.

    Filmed by Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    8 Feb 2015 Sunday


    SINGAPORE +65-9117-5902

    • An overseas Singaporeans

      thank you very much for your efforts, we are glad to see Dr. Chee Soon Juan’s speech.
      vote him and Mr. Low Thia Khiang for Singapore new leader will save countless lives.

    • Oumk

      This guy is mad. Between the devil and him, people will rather vote for the devil. With the devil, you die later. With him,immediate suicide

  25. ggg

    Dont understand. Then why ravi has a standoff with you and said those things? Explain yourself. I think you need to because of money you received from public

    • SIMPLE

      MRavi: “Roy wants to leave the country with all the money. He wants Temasek to account, ask him to be accountabe to the people.”

      • Check LEE's account

        who occupy our cash, who divert it to his wife,
        is not you, is not Roy, it is HIM — PM LEE
        you work for the share from LEE
        Roy work for us, no share desire from you

        just return our own hard earned cash.
        Temasek is not Lee’s property , it belong to the people of Singaapore, so the CEO may to be accountabe to the people.

  26. John Smith

    ‘MRavi: “And you know what, to date, I’ve done so much of work and he’s keeping all the money, a hundred thousand I guess, to the tune of $70,000 or so. And what has happened?

    He’s now blogging I understand.

    Why is he not in this court when he wants to leave jurisdiction today to Norway? The application had been… the court is just waiting for him. Why is he not turning up to court? Why is he not answering anybody? Why is he not calling my office? Why did he not say that ‘Ravi or even a message I’m sorry I’m not turning up, I’m not leaving the country’. There’s no respect for the judge. Yet he has the gall and temerity to say that our judges are corrupted, our judges are not independent and this and that. And what respect do you have?

    He goes behind my back, he goes and blogs, you know? And I’m going to discharge, if he is continuing his behaviour, either he goes and see a psychiatrist…


    … because I’m fighting for him tooth and nail and he’s swindling the money.”’


    It seems like both Ravi and the PM’s camps are united on the stands that the client should not be handling the money directly and that there should be respect for the judiciary. Ravi is clearly tired of Roy Ngerng’s antics; even though he is trying to help Roy Ngerng, Roy Ngerng keeps blogging and taking stupid actions which will just end up with Roy Ngerng getting punished more severely.

    Roy Ngerng would do good to actually accept the fact that certain people are more capable than him in certain aspects, instead of trying to act like he is the smartest person on the planet – and then complain that no one is supporting him (other than his love HHH of course).

    • Slayer

      I agree. Actually it is not that many people are pro-government, just that many of the anti-government arguments are unsound, and makes it difficult for people to resonate with. I believe if and when a credible opposition stands out, many people will actually support him. Because changes for the better is always good, but only when it is better, not worse. To be very fair and honest, Roy will not make it with his trickery tactics, because he just cannot win over the many people on the fence.

      • sigh

        The newspaper articles are very clear about the reasons why Drew and Napier refused to engage him. If Ravi actually performed his duties as a lawyer, he would have passed on the money right away, or approved for Roy to deal direct, and also explain to him why Drew can’t accept the money from him. Ask any lawyer and they will roll their eyes at Roy.

        It is clear what Roy Ngerng is trying to do – milk it for all it is worth and make himself out to be the eternal victim of some oppressive government that has nothing else better to do…

        …and to serve what purpose? SO SUCKERS WILL KEEP DONATING TO ROY LAH!

        all those ppl really bodoh

  27. 对PAP的看法

    1.建議你們先去看一遍電影 『 悲慘世界 :Les Misérables 』, 這樣對待Roy是大错特错的 .

    2. 在經受團隊高調地連續地精神打压的折磨后, 一個普通人的心脏将处于休克状态, 在没有知觉的时刻, 会自我关闭。Roy不是政治家. 这其中发生事,在非常缺钱谋生的伙伴之间产生误解 。

    3. anti-government ? 先要看这个政府是不是反人民的,从对付Roy的事件上看,现在的政府是反人民的,因此 anti-government , 是一件好事 。

    4. 为什么害怕新加坡选举一位新领袖呢 ? 如果每个人能活100岁的话,也只有36500 天, 给他人有生之年做一次领袖, 给新加坡一个机会 , 如果人民欢迎新领袖, 这个好事将获得支持 。

    再说, 总理都命令他的团队通知我们, 快点滚蛋, 快点死掉, 破产活该….赶快取消国籍 等等,
    既然这么黑暗,就不要再跑到Roy这里来污染世界啦, 你们有自己的报纸,不要来这里啦。
    这里是没地方诉苦的一批人,报纸不理睬, 投诉无门的人,也是同情Roy的人进来的地方。 你们不断折磨他,这反而增加人们对他的保护。

    最后, 这一批被要求滚蛋,死掉,活该, 破产, 离开新加坡的人, 还是有宪法赋予的投票和呼吁的权利.

    5. 之前, 无论如何好言好劝, 当局根本不肯妥协, 说明了没有办法解决, 只有换人。

  28. Straits Times Reporter, A

    Roy Ngergn, do you have any comments about your lawyer M Ravi saying you have quote “swindling the money” unquote? And about him saying that he has barred you from joining him in the next General Elections? Do you intend to sue him for defamation?

  29. Your Father

    Ur own lawyer thinks U have issues and U are blaming the papers for misreporting? Maybe U should have spoken to your own freaking lawyer instead of accusing the media of smearing U. They reported exactly how the events went on. It was M Ravi who first came out to speak against U, the papers where just reporting what they heard from him

  30. jackneo

    CHARBO says…you better watch out or your kokoojiao will get chop chop like Roy…so everyone be quiet in church hoor if you don’t want to get “murdered” in Sin hoor. …because CHARBO ..on behalf of garbagemen. ., warns you already you know

    “The Internet and social media can be a boon, granting us quicker access to information and keeping us connected to loved ones across time and space. However, this also means that we have an “online persona” and reputation that we should actively protect. ”

    • Ukelele

      it is not that they care for your reputation but their reputation for lawgitimate financial gain that’s the crust of the matter

  31. for Lee Hsien Loong

    Lee Hsien Loong , when you defeated a peanuts Roy . won your lawsuit, that time now for you clear up yourself how many peanuts you got from Temasek, how much you wife’s peanuts . how much Roy got ? how much your bitch got ?

    you even snatched food from Roy , your fucking hell ! Get out of the office as soon as possible !!!

  32. for Lee Hsien Loong

    Question you Lee Hsien Loong,

    our cash CPF were run by you “esteemed” wife and yourself has been writing off $8 billion under “Administrative Expenses” every year since 2006?

    This is on top of “Other Operating Expenses” which cost another $8 billion.

    What justify such an eye-popping figure just for admin and operating expenses?

    Is there any other company in the world that matches that obscene figure?

    payment to familee is “administration expenses”?

    why the PAP leaders are safe until they win general elections. The moment you lose election everything will come to light. Eventually, PAP are responsible for the CPF; just can’t say they were not aware it.

    This makes another reason to VTO

  33. Talkcocksingsong

    If a giant like Anwar cannot but fell by the sword of the law, you think you, or anyone, can be exceptional?

    Easier to bow to the republic emperor lah and kiss your coin.

  34. CNA

    Ravi shafts his head into the crocodile’s mouth too many times and the beast, once again, snapped.

    Must say he is fearless. Wonder how is he going to get those jaws off his backside? Fighting!

  35. CPF flaws

    Even the panel of economists, one of whom was a panel member of the CPF review committee, featured earlier in CNA’s live discussion, have acknowledged that the CPF is flawed in 3 ways mainly:
    1. The goalpost of withdrawal keeps changing and will change further. This means that the CPF system today in which you can withdraw up to 20% at age 65 can probably change to age 75 instead, just like the promise of full withdrawal at age 55 in the past has now been changed to a more complex system today.
    2. The CPF system benefits the rich not the poor. The poor families who are unable to meet the minimum sum can bid goodbye to withdrawing their money. They will never reach there.
    3. 70% of the people polled stated that they want a lump sum withdrawal as much as possible. Taking note that the discussion just focused on what you will do with your CPF money, and not how the government invest with your money and how much profit it makes; people who wanted to invest their own money in stocks and commodities are viewed as foolish and risky, but isn’t the government also use the money to invest in stocks and other commodities to generate that small returns of 2.5%-5% for our CPF?

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