Budget 2015: Which Policies for CPF, Education and Healthcare Would You Choose?

Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam announced the Budget 2015 on Monday.

I took a look at the key items in CPF, education and healthcare and came out with alternative policies for them.

Take a look at the PAP’s policies and the alternatives and choose which policies you would prefer more.






  1. Why we need a change

    before discussion, must pay high attention to this phenomenon, that Singapore PM’s Office invest & hire them , they belong to PM office control , specializing in making trouble here , create a disturbance, privately hired these vulgar team that is one of the PAP’s characteristics,

    From the past track record of view, Singapore PM office tean is the origin of led corrupt social atmosphere, thought themselves were emperor ‘s daughter or son, however their statements and bitch or scum no different , they spread gossip, they are proud of their selfish, shameless, no virtue, no education, no connotations, no self-restraint, no political knowledge .

    They unravel themselves the veil of the so-called elite.

    • Hearts to you

      been reading roy’s posts and generally appreciate the radical viewpoints offered which opens up alternative point of views into seeing how things can otherwise be. Some may be too radical, some are sensible and provocative, most invoke thoughts into whether can things be simply simplified and make more beneficial.

      however there are always trade offs given what limited resources we have, we may choose to abandon certain head turning projects like T5 that allows our country quite literally to punch above our weight by drawing much needed attention and interest from the world for foreign direct investment etc. However, we also abandon our spirit and drive to always perform better and higher in order to keep Singapore success story going. So in all we need to keep doing and aiming higher, by not derailing development.

      However, one very ostentatious absence from all the rallying call for more productivity is that it is conspicuously missing from Government’s own audit and findings of its civil and public service’s own productivity standards. So much policies has been enacted to penalise non-innovating sectors esp construction industry to shed its weight and innovate; yet so little in fact none was exercised or geared or targeting government sector’s own fats and excesses. Its Babylon of highly overlapping and redundant roles, departments and portfolios. Its highly unproductive layers of “corporate” fats and excesses due to imprudent budget allotment and lack of restraining oversight to ensure internal restructuring and re-organisation or trimming be attempted first before careless recruitment for hardly any due or justified cause with tenuous reasons.

      Really, what Singaporeans should be doing is not asking the government to stop massive development projects meant for the greater public, but to stop their wanton unchecked and careless attitude of spending public monies in worsening their already unproductive and burgeoning ranks of excessive and overlapping employment in dubious roles with highly unjustified beyond market prices wages. Such wanton disregard of spending is what disgruntle most Singaporeans disaffected by the civil service lack of restraint or regard for putting money for self-serving aims instead of to its most utilitarian use.

      Many shared stories of appalling spending of budget on needless extravagances at high public officials whims and fancies. On ostentatious renovation budget, opulent offices or personalised services of eye dropping,disagreeable expenditures for who ought to be humble servants of the public.

      Deplorable lax attitudes of weak disciplinary cultures of laity and generous unregulated leaves and off and extremely inefficient overlapping of repeated functions causing deadweight loss of extreme idleness in the deep pyramid of unmonitored staff abundance.

      So yes, we should strive for productivity for all the greater good it heralds. But it is a curious question to see how the infamously unproductive civil service of Singapore is able to hold its own weight and be measured to the same standards it is asking of the private sector. At the very least, we would like to hear, how they themselves are measuring up isn’t it? To be subjected to the same scrutiny and benchmark assessment they are imposing upon others unto themselves as well shouldnt they? Fairly speaking.

      At least, Roy is single handedly and very commendably undertaking the task of offering productive insights and engaging in serious public service discourse, espoused by the Government. When seen in that light, that in itself, is a very productive and impactful act by a single man. We should in turn expect much more from the notoriously superfluous civil service with its overpaid and underworked legions of idle directors, assistant directors, senior assistant directors, group directors, deputy directors etc etc etc…

      • thank you -- " Hearts to you "

        thank you very much for a very rare good article, professional analysis is in place.

        we have the large top civil servants team, How many of them working on table for serve the people ? How many of them in engaging of persecuting the people?

        When PM sued the unemployed nationals, where is the inclusive and harmonious society which he loved to lecture at the stage ?

        This article is the most authoritative, real constructive discussions and contributions, thinking with feasibility

      • Hearts to you

        yes, I am concerned and puzzled over the repeated mention of productivity drive by the government when it is apparent our civil service is the one most in need and most lacking in transparency in their own productivity efforts. Being a small island state, our public service sector employment of close to 10% of singapore employable workforce is flagrantly excessive with many rooms and areas for vast and much needed trimming and improvement. However, instead of walking the talk and espousing the much-hyped aims of higher productivity, government sectors are blatantly inert and top heavy with unnecessary redundant manpower in questionable and highly unproductive, high sounding but supercilious “functions” of low value adding but corpulent perks and benefits against the interest of overall employment sector of Singapore.

        Who are our SMEs competing up against in the recruitment of best talents? The public sector. Why is operating costs for business rising over the years without any signs of letting up? Its because every year, government are paying their recruitees starting salaries way above what any SME can command. Why is retainment of skilled workers so difficult for SMEs? Its because public service are paying their staff salaries and benefits much higher than the market is offering which many employees are pegging against to ask for from SME who can hardly meet these demands.

        And what does the government do in response to the exact problem they are creating? Wage supplement scheme of course. To help alleviate the exact problem they have created in the first place in this senseless downward spiral of vicious insatiable cycle caused by their perverted remuneration scheme that overpays and underwork and upset the incentives people have in working anywhere else but the public sector.

        Since public sector are using public monies, they should be held accountable to all Singaporeans. Pay, perks, bonus and benefits of all mid to high ranking public servants should be revealed and put up to review and scrutiny to ensure equitable pay peg to widely accepted industry levels of remunerations for their largely regulatory functions. There should be more audits and transparency in their pay modes, to prevent risks and suspicions of vote bribery through unjustified perks granted to staff against the general sufferings of the greater populace.

        Opulence of public servants should be stemmed and eradicated. Unjustified self-rationalised declarations of salary hikes should be answered and properly accounted for to all Singaporean stakeholders. Pretentiousness of public servants hardly humbling spending must be reined in, in line with their ethos and ethics of serving the greater public for the greater good instead of ostentatiously for their own good.

        think again. Ministers’ pay is not the crux or even focal point of the real problem we should be tackling. Our politicians are highly selective cabre of intelligentsia whom we need to attract to bring singapore forward in the next lap. Regardless of which, theirs intake when measured against the huge latency and excesses and surpluses we are really being depleted of everyday by their highly redundant structure is the real issue that we should really examine and explore more deeply and improve upon. Public servants should be serving public interests. Not we the public serving their interest as their servants.

      • Hearts to you

        Singaporeans should champion increased vigilance of public expenditure. AGO, the government de jure auditing body who has exposed the insides of AHPETC mismanagement of funds, though laudable, invites natural doubts of their zealousness when it comes to auditing their own internal government ministries. In fact, it is obvious and known to many who are in the know, that when it comes to internal government audits, findings were downplayed, watered down to reflect problems and inconsistencies as less serious and systemic than they really are. Many indicate the lack of prudence nor care in the careful disbursement of funds, just simply because the ministries and stat boards have too many. While the politicians are debating passionately about caveats of leftist leaning which may lead to welfare policies, I look on with contempt at perhaps their ignorance, or perhaps maybe pretense in their doomsday soothsaying when the rot is created and festered without care nor concern right from the start and the roots.

        The proof of non-criminal misuse or misappropriation of funds is not satisfactory enough reasons to conclude no misdeeds and pass rating for internal audits. Just as AHPETC investigations have not turned up evidence of chargeable acts but yet splashed out of proportions, internal ministries and stat boards misuse and misapplications of funds is similarly condoned and complicit without similar interest and zealousness shown in curtailing. How many contractors, vendors, suppliers, agents of public service have their own accounts of obscene government idleness when it comes to discharge of funds that pales AHPETC own mismanagement that was magnified and trumpeted to achieve political objectives.

        Misuse and misapplication of funds, condoning of incompetence or complicity in poor oversight of budget spending, poor administration of tax payers money due to non-nonchalance, negligence, ill-management, lax discipline are equally culpable as they similarly culminates in loss of public interests that emanates from corruption. As it is often said, when we fail to plan, we plan to fail; in the same vein, when one failed to exercise with due diligence publicly conferred authority and obligations to hold sway over one’s jurisdiction of funds utilization; failing to prevent misuse, thereby implicitly plans to and supports the wrongful outlay of precious public monies in objectionable projects.

        Indeed when measured against the grotesque abundance of employed manpower and pay and bonuses paid, lax discipline and deficit care due to wanton funds and thus limitless bottomline and inconsequential slips and lapses without heavy consequences, our public service’s derelict of duties; when compared to the follies of AHPETC; certainly pales in comparison and is more in need of attention. Singaporeans would be all ears to know, how productive our civil service is with its corpulence and fats measured against what Singaporeans are paying to support them.

    • AxE

      No way.. I want the policy serve me now… give a damn to the future generations…
      That is not my problem or Roy’s problem

  2. I am dreaming

    To live longer with a lot of money, enjoy happily, and get what I wanted always. Roy, I bet you agree my policy is much more better than your better policy. Why not vote me and forgo PAP?

    I beleive many people can offer much better policies than you, but than why they never suggest?

    Your little boy mindset fit well to people who are in Alice’s wonderland.

    • ECA Founder

      I am dreaming….I believe your policies simply wouldn’t pass the grammar test. Furthermore, your usage of “Alice’s Wonderland” in this context aptly demonstrates your inability to both understand and critically analyse a topic, let alone the consequences of any given, or applied policy. For example, in the context in which you misconstrue “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” you fail to fully comprehend that the “Wonderland” in which Alice finds herself in is not one of her own creation. Instead, it is one in which she finds herself in and her mindset is one innocent (other-words, empty, remember Confucius) enough, that she is able to readily call out the ridiculousness of the status quo found within this “Wonderland”. For example, the Queen who reverts to the phrase “Off with his/her head” at the slightest dissatisfaction with a subject. Sound familiar? Can you connect the dots? I would assert, it is you and those whom you advocate for, that have a mindset that fits extremely well with the people and animals portrayed in “Wonderland”. For it is they who have the “little boy” mindset which you assert of the author for this blog. To the contrary, it is the author who represents Alice, because he is able, unabashedly, to question and demand answers to the status quo. Furthermore, he is willing to put up solutions and alternatives. Are you able to? It seems to me you discourage that very thing. Such discouragement doesn’t bode well for you, as it quite evident in your statement; nor does it bode well for entire societies who fail to do all the aforementioned. After-all, democracy doesn’t work without the proper checks and balances built into the system. Then again, Singapore is not a democracy now is it? Have you ever examined that fundamental question? I don’t know about you, but for me, if my country was being run by someone who referred to its citizens as “dogs in training”, well I think I would certainly question just exactly what sort of people they might be and what poison they might intend on spreading throughout that society for generations to come. And, I would be extremely interested in know what sort of motivations that individual might have for treating his citizens like “dogs in training”. And, if you have no idea what I am talking about here, I suggest you go conduct a little research and find out. Then, once you have a complete picture, come on back here and we can have an enlightened discussion.

  3. Sam

    Roys policy is better than pap but still very lousy. The best policies will be to give cpf interest rate of 20%, free medical and rental and public transport, every elderly monthly of $4000. Every housewife $5000 per month. Isn’t this much better and everyone loves it ?

    Don’t need to worry about where the money comes from la, win all the votes first then bankrupt the nation later. Who cares about the future.

  4. Viper

    this latest pairing is proof of why everyone in forums in Singapore thinks that Roy is the biggest rubbish in Singapore history. Everything he writes becomes a joke now.

    • ECA Founder

      Viper, lets see your suggestions? Are you able to deconstruct and reconstruct a policy? There is one major difference between you and Roy: Roy is taking action. You are just simply criticizing and whining. Neither are a testament of character or fortitude.


    根據新加坡GDP在世界的排名,连续两年击败两大世界超强, 以及《福布斯》 今天剛发布的, 以国人公积金为基地的淡马锡巨人 -- 何晶女士, 率領她的代表隊 -- 海峡商行(Straits Trading)执行主席周玉琴、新电信集团总裁蔡淑君 ( , 凡是借助公積金財富資助而發達, 並榮登世界範圍內金钱数额最大排名榜。 ( http://www.zaobao.com.sg/realtime/singapore/story20150226-450784

    依據以上新加坡國情的實力, Roy的預算建議一點都不過分嘛。

    我們不太了解周玉琴, 只知道 新電信蔡淑君這個人在10多年前,靠李顯揚關係榮登『收取巨款年薪』崗位後,就沒有被替換 , 非常驚訝. 電信是國家的企業,為方便國民而已,怎麼可以詐取鉅款,放入個人的口袋 ?

    這麼賺錢的位子,至少留一點良心給別人做一屆嘛. 你們怎麼自己人做一輩子 ? 這種貪污太明顯。


    曾看到早報導, 這位還是下屬的蔡淑君女士,當年公開呼她的上司李顯揚, 不用工作头衔稱呼,而是呼為 ” 顯揚 …..”。 很快, 上司把年薪百萬的位子交給她.

    國家公務員上司可以這麼稱呼下屬,但下屬親密稱呼上司,對自己的頂頭上司這麼幹, 噁心啊 。
    總統府的工作人員也都這麼稱 陳慶炎總統為 ” 慶炎 “?
    張志賢的秘書稱他為 “志賢 “?
    吳作棟的護理叫他是 ” 作棟 ” ?

  7. Why we need a change

    We all remember , more than 10 years ago Lee Kuan Yew has ever promised publically , to establish the same as Switzerland living standard for Singaporeans , today Roy’s proposal budget is in line with Lee Kuan Yew’s proposal . that is actually Lee Kuan Yew ‘s proposal .

    meanwhile, according to Singapore’s GDP ranking in the world for two consecutive years & beat two of the world superpower, and this year’s “Forbes” the most influential women in business in Asia (Asia’s Power Business Women ) is Temasek chief executive Ho Ching, apparently her wealth represents the growing accumulated wealth of CPF.

    Therefore, Roy made the pragmatic budget proposal, is the same tone pace corresponding to Ho Ching’s wealth.

    no big deal.

  8. Someone

    This kind of better policies, every ah ma, ah gong also can suggest. Whatever PAP gives, I double up. All free. Roy is insulting the intelligent of all Singaporeans. Esp his supporters… Who support blindly….

    • to jackfruit

      Roy was born an ordinary hawkers family, his parents may not educated in English, would not write something here about their feeling .

      They put their whole life on the Singapore PAP control zone, they fully obeyed PAP’s control over more than half century , is not enough , The most tear-jerking that when they seen your Premier wantonly slander his son, gave his only son developed a series of trumped-up charges, they still remain silent .

      we would see that they toiled from morning to evening with the hard-working hands cultivate a good son.
      we adore Roy’s parents .

      can you write a paper to show how you respect them, let us adore it .

  9. Singaporeans

    Hi Roy, why don’t you suggest for Singaporeans to have $10 per month paid the government, free education, free healthcare (in patient and out) plus free transportation, free cars, free maids, free clothes, free houses?

    You think it’s easy to come out with policies huh?

    • Viper

      I am sure Roy will think of this next. Lol. Seriously this beat is full of rubbish. He doesn’t know everyone in forums in Singapore and seeing him like a clown.

  10. Alan

    Those idiots who sponsored his holiday should give him more so that he can write more shits when he fucking screws himself throughout Europe.

    Wondering how this idiots feeling now…

  11. lea xian loon

    Perhaps the money will be better spent than throwing $ to pap, to smile like clowns (remember gerogie yeo?) and make a fool of singapore overseas

    Sengkang BTO residents kana stabbed in the arse now due to columbarium saga, despite voting for pap.

    Wondering how this idiots feeling now…

  12. YourDeathWish

    The author knows his math 🙂

    “A single-digit drop of 9 per cent in private flat prices this year would see an additional loss of more than S$34 billion.

    This means the cooling measures have shrunk the resale market value for HDB and private flats by a measurable S$21 billion.

    An additional fall of 9 per cent in both markets would result in another S$39 billion in losses, for a total measurable loss of S$60 billion since their respective peaks.

    Some might argue that the decline in market value is a correction, while others would label it a loss.

    It depends on your perspective.

    Those who see it as a correction would argue that today’s total measurable loss of S$21 billion is not a real number because the market should not have been that high in the first place.

    People in this camp often tell me that they welcome the decline in prices because then they can upgrade at lower prices, by which they more likely mean fairer prices.

    The problem with this perspective is that it comes at the expense of people who have seen their homes devalued.

    Financial loss comes in several forms. There is the actual loss, but there is also the perceived loss. For example, a person who sells a home during the cooling measures could make a profit, but he or she can emotionally (and rationally) conclude that more profit should have been made. This is perceived loss.

    Perceived loss comes in other forms and can have significant economic ramifications.

    For example, when the value of one’s home declines, one feels less wealthy. When one feels less wealthy, the rational response is to cut discretionary spending. When enough households cut discretionary spending, retail suffers and, thus, the economy and jobs suffer”


    Who should we attribute in billions of dollars losses and jobs loss? Oppositions?

    • Limlaupeh

      Restrain FTs numbers, flood market with new properties, drive sale prices and rental down…leaving many empty unoccupied units….and who laughs to the bank? Fiaking FOREIGNERS and who bleed to death? Locals, businesses and jobs WTF

  13. Viper

    Give every unemployed people $5000 to spend. This will be even better than Roy’s proposed policy. Lol. Roy, you are the best, only you can come up with such wonderful policies to win votes and don’t care about consequences. Steady. You should be the pm of Singapore. If only every country the leader can think of solutions like yours. Lol. Another glaring proof of Roy’s intelligence.

    • ECA Founder

      Viper, the jokes on you. You have plenty of consequences under the current system and catch this, those consequences have only barely begun to surface. Keep being the “good citizen”, (good dog) and in time it will be your children who will spit on your grave because you failed to act, and because you should have known better, given the resources and wealth of information you have at your fingertips today. I believe the world we are leaving for our children and grandchildren will leave leave them no choice but to right-off our generation altogether as nothing less than fools.

  14. Kill Viper

    What are human beings, human beings have fundamental human rights, what is the government’s function ? Is to protect the basic human rights for every citizens, to speak, and choose.

    Since the denial of human rights, the nation’s wealth only goes to one party, they value plunder the wealth strength to persecute its people, the reaction of wealth are consequences disastrous, Current Roy ‘s case is the typical example.

    Unfortunately Roy’s budget proposal will take time to implement it, but this is a significant question mark made on behalf of the majority of the people. He reminded a few important issue that distribution of national wealth, the central team decadent and degenerate problems. All these show that they have already given up the leadership, instead is forcibly occupied

    • Angry Singaporean

      Roy is full of shit. He doesn’t speak on behalf of all Singaporeans but a 0.00000001 % of Singaporeans who can’t make it in life but to depend on govt for everything. Btw they dun even pay tax or contribute to the society. And please dun bad mouth Singapore to the whole world. We dun need Roy the idiot here.

      • to Angry Singaporean

        Singapore has a tremendous achievement ?
        — it is. no doubting .

        Why Angry Singaporean ?

        —- The ” Office” never show us the beautiful personality , they were lack of spiritual beauty.
        They abuse of power. No the political ability to do the right guidance. Disgusting , they come forward on behalf of the government , verbal abuse , transfer slander to us , If can not eradicate them ( female gangs ), people will ask to change government who sponsor them.

        So far, their message information to us that current leader is a very ugly two-faced character person

        About Roy ?

        —— He received the support of all the non-PAP nationals.
        withdraw all charges against him, realized that damage him is a kind of crime,

        please dun bad mouth Singapore to the whole world ?

        ————- not depends on saying, only show it by action , let people feel that the place is healthy, full of a sense of security .We care about Singapore, where our most valuable youth and efforts , our home, our business, everything dedicated it

      • ECA Founder

        Get this straight, all that money your “government” has, is actually the peoples money. It doesn’t belong to the government. The question is, how should it be redistributed to benefit everyone in society. That involves many perspectives, not just one.

      • ECA Founder

        Actually, certain leaders in Singapore have done a fantastic job of portraying the nation in a very negative light. Singapore is simply viewed as a hub, not a place to put down roots of any substantial value. In most cases, Singapore is simply tolerated for strategic reasons, but most nations are not keen on building close ties with the leadership here. If push came to shove, many nations would have no qualms dispensing with the leadership of Singapore. While some nations have had a interest in replicating some the accomplishments Singapore has managed, their stomachs turned at how it was accomplished and were turned off by the lack of sustainability over the long-term. Internally, certain people may tout about those achievements for personal gain, but externally, nobody his being fooled.

      • Response " Angry Singaporean "

        Respond to ” Angry Singaporean ” FEBRUARY 27, 2015 – 7:34 PM

        you said : ” Roy is full of shit. He doesn’t speak on behalf of all Singaporeans but a 0.00000001 % of Singaporeans who can’t make it in life but to depend on govt for everything. Btw they dun even pay tax or contribute to the society. And please dun bad mouth Singapore to the whole world. We dun need Roy the idiot here. ”


        1) ” but a 0.00000001 % of Singaporeans ? ”
        You use division ?
        But, based on the total population of 5 million Singaporeans

        0.00000001 % x 5 million = 0.0005 people ?
        even did not learn arithmetic ! No wonder Temasek lost so much money !!!
        that is the reason Singaporeans don’t want Ho Ching in charge Temasek any more .

        last year Hanhuihui speech in Speakers Corner, there were more than 5000 Singaporeans to the site and supported her, how local media reported that ” only 50 people ” ?

        2) depend on govt fo everything ?

        — is government depends on people’s CPF for their everything

        3) Btw they dun even pay tax or contribute to the society.
        — PM terminated their job, how produce tax ? Laws were used as a tool persecuting others, 50 year time , Union security system has not been established, unfair system produces super tycoon, every year forced weakness people suicide… created a morbid society.

  15. viewless

    Roy you are a good guy. But I cannot be seen to have any views on your views. That’s the way it works here. I am sorry.

  16. LKY

    Dont give this man a state funeral. Give him what he has given to Ong Teng Cheong. ISIS are religious extremists. LKY and PAP are economy extremists.

    • Why we need a change

      Ong Teng Cheong is Singapore first elected President . At that time he had two options, one is the second deputy prime minister. in year 1995 national day , Presidential Palace Open Day, we were honored to have a group photo with President couple , ( Ong Teng Cheong and his gorgeous wife – Ling Siew May ), they were so approachable, looks very young, but do not know how, both died one after another in very short period . that time, Lim Boon Heng followed both them all the time.

      Lim Boon Heng does not look like a good man, A bit like a spy, is like a person in charge of supervision president.
      We the ordinary people have seen the work inside politics is dirty.

      Ong Teng Cheong helped build up Singapore, help the workers and union, he united public, is an rare upright leader.
      If he was still alive, he will speak for the people .

      we cherish him and miss this couple. How nice if his son will be elected as one of our new leader .

      Singaporeans must unite, unity is victory

      • WXDD

        在維基百科中讀到, 新加坡民主黨主席徐順全曾在獄中被下毒後送醫院的線索, 再回頭聯想王鼎昌總統在為民代言後, 不久很快地去世 ?

        有理由懷疑, 他的病情在第一時間被醫生隱瞞, 或被故意拖延並且錯過第一時間的治療, 才導致 晚期惡化 。
        或者也是被下毒後導致很快死亡。 總之, 王總統的去世,又讓人們從這裡 讀到李顯龍原本身體健康的前妻, 生下有白化病的兒子3个星期后,突然去世 , 很蹊蹺…. http://www.renminbao.com/rmb/articles/2006/7/30/41180.html

        把幾個巧合連串起來…. 毛骨悚然…… 誰下的毒呢 ?

        超過1000名教師,醫生, 商人,大學生,律師,檢察長, 知識份子, 抱括著名財主陈嘉庚外孙——傅树楷医生, 他們 被關入監獄, 有的超過35年, 有的死在獄中. 誰計畫折磨他們 ? 下手慘無人道 ?

        當被認為曾患有腸躁症的希特勒去德國的時侯,他在德國所看到的就是猶太人掌管德國的經濟,猶太人的生活比起德國人(日耳曼人)的生活好很多, 所以猶太人的成就令希特勒後反感, 所以他討厭猶太人, 希特勒屠殺猶太人的第二原因是因為希特勒認為猶太人會左右納粹德國的發展. 1933年1月纳粹党发展成为国会中的第一大党,希特勒登上总理宝座,开始实现其称稱霸的计划。

        1945年4月30日战争狂人希特勒在柏林自杀. 德國民眾拍手稱快


  17. Roy is wrong

    Roy, “free” healthcare, “free” education and “free” anything are never free. You are being dishonest by not putting free as “free”. Your Norway trip may seem free to you, but in actual fact, your parents paid for it, your donors paid for it, your friends paid for it. Someone must pay for it.

    The government is not really a specific person separate from you and me and everyone else. The government is actual you and me and everyone else. When the government pays, it’s actually you and me and everyone else paying. You don’t call that “free” or even “cheap”. To know which works better, which is more effective, which provides the best value, you should not look at the payment mode but you must look at the actual price tag. When you do that, you’ll find that “free” is actually very expensive.

    • csm09sm

      MARCH 1, 2015 – 12:36 AM
      ECA Founder
      Get this straight, all that money your “government” has, is actually the peoples money. It doesn’t belong to the government. The question is, how should it be redistributed to benefit everyone in society. That involves many perspectives, not just one.

      • return our CPF

        very good summarize .
        the money not belong to ” government ” or Temasek ,
        even new government take over, it also belong to the country .
        The question is how reasonable allocation of state resources.
        Temasek must return our cash CPF back to the each of owner who needs that more than Temasek boss need.

      • Roy is wrong

        When you have “free” (but expensive and wasteful) healthcare, your tax money will never come back to you or your children. Never ever. If you like “free” healthcare so much, then you’ve accepted your tax money is lost forever. You don’t have a choice there. Tax is not yours to keep.
        With CPF, your CPF will come back to you and your children.
        So, what do you want? “Free” healthcare, meaning you never get back a single cent? Or CPF, meaning you will get everything back? Make up your mind. One moment, you want “free” items. Another moment, you want money. Very contradictory. You don’t make sense. You don’t know what you want.

      • To The Oracle

        ” You don’t know what you want ” ?
        yeah, we don’t know PM ‘s astronomical salary from where ? his son and grandsons all got free since he got everything

        ” You don’t know what you want ” ?
        now ! we people have make sense that we want a new leader !

      • curiosity

        Changing the argument from healthcare costs and taxes to minister salary in no way invalidates any point. You are just trying to shift attention away from the argument to something else

  18. Roy is wrong

    There is a 8-years fixed deposit whose interest rate is 11%. So, shouldn’t CPF with its longer horizon give more than 11%? For your information, that 8-year fixed deposit is found in India. So, should CPF transfer all its funds to India now.

    Roy, you hardly have any understanding financially and economically about returns and investment risks. All you know is to dangle unrealistic impractical goals.

    Neither PAP nor any opposition (or anyone in the world for that matter) could achieve what you envisage about CPF without subjecting CPF members to disproportionately great risks. You only speak of the glowing returns but purposefully ignore to highlight the potential loss or even bankruptcy. You make a good (but dishonest) salesman.

  19. Died in Lee Kuan Yew's hunt


    Juliet Tan Guek How

    Soh Lung Teo (2.5.1963 – 31.8.1987)

    Yesterday, I was at the Church of St Teresa and thought I would visit the niche of my young friend, Juliet Tan Guek How who died tragically in a plane crash on 31 Aug 1987. She died because of LKY Operation Spectrum which saw the arrests of many of her friends. It was whispered that if she returned to Singapore, she would also be arrested for she was a member of an organisation accused by the government of meddling in politics. And so Juliet met her parents, family members and friends in Johor. After that, she boarded the plane for Phuket. The plane crashed into the sea and all 83 passengers and crew died.

    Juliet was a caring, bright young person. I remember sending her off at the airport when she left for her studies. She was full of excitement at having the opportunity to study abroad. In 1987, she was pursuing her postgraduate studies in the University of Sussex.

    It had been many years since I visited Juliet’s niche. I had forgotten its location. Amazingly, I found her without difficulty. It must be her spirit guiding me.

    Below is a poem written by her friend.


    The moon fights a lonely struggle

    With jagged clouds that mass to stifle her pale fire

    And now, breaking through, she casts

    A silver pool on the drab grey sea.

    It moves imperceptibly

    Like a spotlight on some gigantic stage

    Searching for something or someone.

    It’s said the moon can make men mad

    Or change men into beasts.

    How can this be?

    This moon shone to make men sane

    And change beasts into men.

    With her light on my face, shadows melted

    And, for a while, my heart sang.

    This poem is dedicated to the memory of Juliet Tan (Tan Guek How)

    Whose Chinese name means ‘bright shining moon’

  20. President Teo En Ming, Federation of the Universe

    Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore Want Teo En Ming Dead

    Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore want Teo En Ming dead. Lee Kuan Yew and Lee Hsien Loong want Teo En Ming to die young.

    I am only 36 years old. I do not want to die young.

    I want to live to a hundred years old and beyond!!!

    I want to live to a hundred years old and beyond!!!

    I want to live to a hundred years old and beyond!!!

    I want to live to a hundred years old and beyond!!!

    I want to live to a hundred years old and beyond!!!

    In fact, I want to live forever!!! I want to be an immortal!!!

    In fact, I want to live forever!!! I want to be an immortal!!!

    In fact, I want to live forever!!! I want to be an immortal!!!

    In fact, I want to live forever!!! I want to be an immortal!!!

    In fact, I want to live forever!!! I want to be an immortal!!!

    If Turritopsis dohrnii, or jellyfish, could be biologically immortal, human beings could be immortal too! It is no longer impossible or far-fetched for human beings to be immortals!

    If Turritopsis dohrnii, or jellyfish, could be biologically immortal, human beings could be immortal too! It is no longer impossible or far-fetched for human beings to be immortals!

    If Turritopsis dohrnii, or jellyfish, could be biologically immortal, human beings could be immortal too! It is no longer impossible or far-fetched for human beings to be immortals!

    If Turritopsis dohrnii, or jellyfish, could be biologically immortal, human beings could be immortal too! It is no longer impossible or far-fetched for human beings to be immortals!

    If Turritopsis dohrnii, or jellyfish, could be biologically immortal, human beings could be immortal too! It is no longer impossible or far-fetched for human beings to be immortals!

    Teo En Ming has filed an official complaint against the Singapore Government at the United Nations Human Rights Council Branch and the International Criminal Court. Read the letter here:

    Mr. Teo En Ming’s Open Letter (Plea for Medical Help/Assistance) to World Leaders dated 28 August 2010. The letter dated 28 August 2010 is the most recent letter! Read the letter here:


    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    Republic of Singapore
    1st Mar 2015 Sunday Singapore Time

      • @Slayer

        Slayer ? or The Oracle ?
        he may be not smart than you, he had no opportunity being protected,
        you are the one who work close with PM’s team, you have no postion to mock him
        otherwise, you’ re not human being

  21. Asking Prime Minister Lee

    Singapore male prime minister likes to hire two secretaries as his private assistant . and these two private secretaries no one is male.

    Select two female as male’s private secretaries because female more understand the male ‘s need ? or more effectively conduct the persecution against Singaporeans ? or Singapore exactly No male talent qualified for this job of the Prime Minister’s private secretary ?

    Recently, “Secretary corruption” phenomenon has been concerned . Strictly speaking, As secretary of the Prime Minister, is a general staff , but why they had become the second head of the country ?

    Because secretarial services directly targeted nationals issues , their speech are on behalf of PM, so the secretary is considered the leading “people around,” virtually, they play themselves are as the number two heads in Singapore .

    manage secretary ‘s character. Needs to further refine the secretary job responsibilities. As prime minister, in your daily work should be abstinence, set an example, if you knew your secretary violations and still shows indifferent , even harbored, unable to clean your office , you to be held a responsibility or accountability.

    • Slayer

      Employee female employee means wrong ? this shows how stupid you are and an insult to all female. Grow up.

      • @Slayer

        It refers to the female team who work as private secretary in PM’s OFFICE. quesntion again, PM hire so many young women for what ? cost high to zero or negative benefit , The most ridiculous she dream to work with ISIS, and you ” Slayer ? or The Oracle ? ” are her accomplices .

        Prime Minister has to bear full legal responsibility. Either step down or be held accountable.

  22. To " Hearts to you "

    Dear Sir, We are proud of your article.

    Singapore civil servants ‘ price is the world’s most expensive prices. before we no chance to see them , Just admire them in a distance. through the discussion in Roy’s blog . we had a chance and close them and look at them ( PM ‘s team ), people can see here , nationals vote for those expensive price ” person ” actually they are group of black sheep.

    they even don’t have a nice logo name here , look at here — they used such as, ” The Oracle ” , “Slayer ” , ” Viper ” cetera , They are the logos they gave himself .

    Let’s recall from last year, what is the expensive person doing :

    They ordered to dismiss Roy, then ordered local media humiliated him, they designed and forced the unfortunate children with disabilities presence into adults protest scene — ” Speaker Corner “, They keep on loading the convicted to those honest Singaporeans, They tailored the offenses for those poor innocent Singaporeans. They have a common disreputable harm other’s nature . They have no conscience, posing elite , split the people, collectively the plunder of national wealth.

    due to receive the extort money late for 2 days , they wantonly in the media again announcement.

    This is the most intolerable ! An extremely wicked premier team. !!!

    in that cases Singaporeans may stand on one front together against the black sheep. In the general election approaching, vote PM out.

    in order to prevent them from cheating or do the dying struggle,hope the leaders of each opposition parties, together shoulder the responsibility, hold a Consultative Assembly, ready to take over.

    Dr. Chee Soon Juan , Mr.Low Thia Khiang, Ms. Sylvia Lim, Mr. Kenneth Jeyaretnam, they can be the new Prime Minister , and the DPM. the GIC chairman , Temasek CEO . Other ministerial candidates can be based on performance and experience, retain existing talent which inside of PAP .

      • to SIMPLE

        Each time Lee Kuan Yew meeting with foreign leaders , he shows them a statue of Confucius stood in his table, He said he advocated Confucianism and Singapore may respect Confucian culture.

        As we all know, The essence of Confucian culture that by emphasis on spiritual and moral, contempt of material life.
        the core of Confucian culture is love.

        on the day of 27 Sept 2014, it was a day of monthly protest day.

        Minister carry PM’s task and come to the site, wondering why he did not take the Special Needs Kids to the cinema or Carnival, but to the Speakers Corner ? that strange things, after that day , Minister completely disappeared in children’s vision

        this PM’s approach is not classic, but it betrayed Lee Kuan Yew’s spirit of Confucianism Cultural essence.

        There is one conclusion that Lee Kuan Yew is not really a person who worship Confucianism, he put a Confucius statue in his table , just for decoration

      • to Viper

        Singapore opposition parties are struggling under the subconscious of terror , they have to be careful .
        this is because of previously, the opposition people been arrested in prison, been declared to bankrupt, or premature death.

  23. Viper

    Every forum I go to, everyone is condemning Roy. Don’t believe, go read. There has never been a oppi like Roy that no one believe or supports him. Totally pathetic.

  24. to Viper

    go read ?
    Where to read it ?
    local medias are their own control,
    from beginning to end they did not interview the defendant party .
    they with the office are the one brain, one body

  25. to Viper

    everytime they ask viewers go to see the local newspper. seems the paper is Democracy .

    This reminds us one thing,
    last year , a debate in parliament, when worker party’s Mr. Low Thia Khiang asked PAP’s Ms Indranee Rajah for what supporting evidence ?

    Ms Indranee Rajah respond immediately with one sentence, and this sentence defeated Mr. Low Thia Khiang .

    She said ” newspaper ” ( means newspaper is supporting evidence )

    suddenlly Mr. Low Thia Khiang speechless .

    is a trap .
    because Mr. Low Thia Khiang does not have his own ” newspaper ”

    And few local newspaper in the market all controlled under the share holder of Temasek .

    it means, the Newspaper and the ” Office” are the one ” person “.

  26. teoenming3

    Dear National Heart Centre Singapore, Dr. Lim Tiong Keng, Dr. Jack
    Tan, Changi General Hospital, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore General
    Hospital, United Nations Human Rights Council, UN Special Rapporteur on
    Torture, United Nations Human Rights Treaty Bodies, Doctors without
    Borders, Reporters without Borders, Human Rights Watch, the
    International Criminal Court, European Court of Human Rights, Court of
    Justice of the European Union, General Court of the European Union, and
    Wong Siew Wah @ Pinnacle Credit Services Pte Ltd,

    FILE NO: PA9104228
    BILL NO: H114056756D0001

    Could you tell Dr. Lim Tiong Keng at the National Heart Centre
    Singapore that I want to do a FULL Chest MRI to find out the cause of my
    intermittent mild chest pain? My intermittent mild chest pain is
    occurring randomly. On some days, I may not notice the chest pain at
    all. However, on other days, my intermittent mild chest pain may occur
    more frequently. The location of the intermittent mild chest pain is
    somewhere near the center of the chest and slightly offset to the left.
    There was a sudden onset of intermittent mild chest pain since 2nd
    October 2014, which is almost six months already. I am still considering
    a 2nd CT coronary angiogram as I fear it may cause CANCER. I have
    already went through two CT scans in the past. The first one is a CT
    coronary angiogram done at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore in
    November 2011. Everything was NORMAL. Zero percent stenosis and zero
    calcium score in all tests. Perfect health report card!!! The second one
    is a CT brain scan without contrast agent done at Tan Tock Seng Hospital
    in Singapore recently. It was also NORMAL. Hence I have only done two CT
    scans so far. I am afraid to do another CT coronary angiogram as it may
    cause CANCER. Computed Tomography (CT) scans involve large amounts of
    harmful ionizing radiation.

    Very recently (December 2014 I think) my 24-hour electrocardiogram
    Holter test and Cardiac MRI done at National Heart Center Singapore
    were also normal. But Dr. Lim Tiong Keng said that he cannot confirm
    whether I have blockages/narrowing in the coronary arteries without
    another CT coronary angiogram. Should I do another CT coronary
    angiogram in the view that it may cause cancer? Dr Lim Tiong Keng also
    told me that my cholesterol and triglycerides levels are very high. I
    took the cholesterol-lowering medicine atorvastatin every day without
    fail and it has brought my cholesterol and triglycerides levels under

    I have sudden onset of intermittent mild chest pain since early
    October 2014, which is almost six months already. I have been to
    hospital emergency departments in Singapore NUMEROUS times (I LOST COUNT
    ALREADY) complaining about intermittent mild chest pain but the
    emergency doctors in Singapore always tell me that my simple blood test
    and simple ECG are normal and they always sent me home without further
    investigations. The emergency doctors in Singapore are not interested in
    investigating the cause of my intermittent mild chest pain at all. They
    conveniently say it is a-typical chest pain and probably due to
    muscular-skeletal pain rather than coronary heart disease. All the
    Singapore doctors I have seen are not doing anything about my
    intermittent mild chest pain at all. A few Singapore doctors even wanted
    to prescribe me PANADOL/PARACETAMOL for my intermittent mild chest pain.
    What good is Panadol/Paracetamol in treating heart disease, if it is
    indeed heart disease which I am suffering from? These Singapore doctors
    simply don’t want to solve the ROOT CAUSE of my intermittent mild chest
    pain. How can Panadol treat heart disease? For God’s sake, it is for treating headaches and fevers

    I should be prescribed anticoagulants, also called blood thinners;
    aspirin and other anticlotting medicines; ACE inhibitors; beta blockers;
    calcium channel blockers; nitroglycerin; glycoprotein IIb-IIIa; statins;
    and fish oil and other supplements high in omega-3 fatty acids instead.

    If there are narrowed coronary arteries in my body, I should undergo
    angioplasty, stenting, and coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG).

    I have mentioned before a lot of times that I am being persecuted,
    targeted, blacklisted, and condemned by the Singapore Government for
    ***UNWITTINGLY*** offending Minister Mentor LEE KUAN YEW and Prime
    Minister LEE HSIEN LOONG in the year 2007 and 2009.

    Yes, I have access to health care in Singapore. The doctors in
    Singapore are willing to see me. Because I have been unemployed for
    more than one year, I get free medical consultation and free medical
    examination, all paid for by the Singapore Government.

    BUT all the Singapore doctors I have seen CONSISTENTLY REFUSE to
    certify/diagnose that I have coronary heart disease. So do I have
    heart disease or not? Having intermittent mild chest pain for five
    months or more is almost a sure sign that I have narrowing of the
    coronary arteries (angina). By refusing to certify that I have heart
    disease, the doctors in Singapore can avoid giving me the correct
    treatment for my medical condition. So the doctors in Singapore are
    willing to see me but give me the wrong diagnosis (that is,
    muscular-skeletal pain in the chest) and give me the wrong treatment
    (Panadol for chest pain!!!!!)


    ONLY 36 YEARS OLD. Come 5 March 2015, I will be 37 years old.






    It is known that the marine creature Jellyfish is biologically
    immortal. It simply refuses to die. If jellyfish can be biologically
    immortal, why can’t human beings be immortal as well? It is certainly
    not impossible and far-fetched to say that human beings will become
    biologically immortal in the near future. Who knows? Anything in the
    Universe is possible. As a scientist, you need to have an open mind.






    Please transmit my entire letter to Dr. Lim Tiong Keng and ask his
    secretary to call me to fix an appointment for Full Chest MRI. I would
    also like to consult Dr. Jack Tan at the National Heart Center Singapore
    as well. Dr. Jack Tan has been recommended to me by Pius Gilbert Louis,
    who is also targeted by the Singapore Government and the Secret Police
    in Singapore. Gilbert Louis says that the Secret Police in Singapore is trying to kill him. He has suffered five heart attacks and survived. He suspects that the Secret Police in Singapore has tainted his food with poison, which causes him to suffer heart attacks.

    I have visited the emergency departments in public hospitals in
    Singapore many many many times but no medical professional gives a
    damn about my intermittent mild chest pain. They simply don’t care. The
    doctors I have seen in Singapore don’t bother investigating the real
    cause of my intermittent mild chest pain. I am always discharged by the
    emergency doctors who always say that my blood test and ECG are normal.
    The American National Institute of Health website has already stated
    that chest pain is one of the symptoms of heart disease. It is also
    COMMON SENSE that if you have chest pain for a prolonged period of time
    like several months, it is very likely to be due to heart
    What is holding the doctors in Singapore back from certifying
    that I have coronary heart disease? Did Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong
    and Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew gave a call to all the doctors in
    Singapore telling them not to save my life??? Were all the doctors in
    Singapore warned, threatened, or bribed by the Singapore Government not
    to save my life?

    I have a very strong belief that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and
    Minister Lee Kuan Yew want me to be very complacent about my health and
    they want me to die young.

    I have a very strong belief that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and
    Minister Lee Kuan Yew want me to be very complacent about my health and
    they want me to die young.

    I have a very strong belief that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and
    Minister Lee Kuan Yew want me to be very complacent about my health and
    they want me to die young.

    I have a very strong belief that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and
    Minister Lee Kuan Yew want me to be very complacent about my health and
    they want me to die young.

    I have a very strong belief that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and
    Minister Lee Kuan Yew want me to be very complacent about my health and
    they want me to die young.

    They can live to a ripe old age but I can’t? By the way, both of my parents are already over 70 years old.

    Thank you very much for your kind attention.

    I am looking forward to your prompt reply.

    Yours sincerely,

    Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
    Singapore Citizen
    Mobile: +65 9117 5902
    Fax: +65 6725 0731
    Republic of Singapore

  27. thegloryofwork

    After the blood suckers sucked you dry, and they can’t afford to let you survive on their highly vulnerable treasuries, their pride and glory, they are forcing you to be employed like the old man beyond his nineties. The difference is, he is raking in the money without lifting a finger, can you? 🙂

    SINGAPORE: Investing in training and updating mature workers, so as to create “ageless jobs and evergreen workers”, is the surest way to make best use of the nation’s total potential, said Senior Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office Heng Chee How in Parliament on Tuesday (Mar 3).

    Well, there is your solution to all your financial woes – work to death. And you paid them millions to come up with this ingenious idea 🙂

    • HaHaHa

      There are no more political talents of their superior quality so they have to twitch the laws or value system so as to enable them to stay in power longer – work longer or ageless jobs/eternal reign

  28. Ahem

    Under the old man rule…..a lot of idiots have risen to power

    Under the oppositions rule….even more idiots will rule

    Hmmm…..greater idiots or lesser idiots…still idiots..lol

  29. RelSINapore

    Let’s look at his performance in the past 10 months:

    1) On 29 May 2014, HE filed lawsuit against Ngerng .

    2) On 10 June 2014, Ngerng was sacked from his job where in LEE’s control zone.

    3 ) 19 September 2014 Court closed door hearing, Ngerng attended, Plaintiff LEE absent. he choice this time travel to China, Hong Kong.

    4) on 27 September 2014 Return Our CPF protest in ” Speak Corner ” in relation to the YMCA event disruption. next day, 23 years old Han Huihui was lock up in police for more than 5 hours, Ngerng was in LEE’s hunting list

    5 ) On 12 Oct 2014 LEE couple carried a group of girls to Turkey and Italy sightseeing.

    6) On 27 October 2014 LEE back, HE tailor a sin for Ngerng, HHH & five others , named it public nuisance.

    7 ) On 12 January 2015 LEE won the High Court ordered Ngerng to pay $29,000. Ngerng lost job, $29,000 from social fundraiser.

    8) 20 Jan 2015 Former President Nathan directly called on LEE do the appropriate compromise.

    9 ) 06 Feb 2015 LEE carried the national finance wallet fly to Germany and Spain sightseeing again.

    the very same day, Ngerng sat at LEE’s lawyer firm more than 3 hours. LEE ‘s medias release a press by a big headlines that ” logger Roy Ngerng pays S$29,000 in costs to PM Lee after missing 2 deadlines “.

    10 ) 16 Feb 2015, After the 10 days LEE got in hand the extortion money from variety social fundraiser, HE claimed he suffered from cancer.

    11 ) 18 Feb 2015, two days after he declared himself has cancer, HE Claimed again his cancer has cured.

    12 ) 19 Feb 2015 Lunar New Year, Ngerng was away of homeland .LEE not only give him one sin, LEE tailors an endless sin to load on the innocent 33-year youth, queue till June 2015 in the courtroom

    13 ) 01 March 2015 Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong politely in the name of health to remind LEE to retire. To arrange successor.

    15 ) 03 March 2015, LEE officially announce return to work .

    In the end, does the world’s most expensive Premier do any positive contribution to our people ?

    Singapore’s land area only 276 square miles, but In year 2012, There were 487 suicide cases occurred in Singapore, In year 2013 there were 422 people committed suicide in Singapore, over the past 10 years, the average number is 395 people committed suicide per year . The number of national suicide, leading Singapore into a notorious suicide Island, have great relevance with the ruler Premier team.

    Singaporeans do not want to be squeezed hard-earned money, For children and grandchildren not to be sued by the ruler. for get CPF back from Temasek account , vote it out !

    If you vote for him, you’re advocated him to prosecute the people, agree with his approach to extract hard-earned money and leading Singapore become a suicide Island.

  30. Cowdung News

    Good class bungalows prices shoot up while the mass people’s homes resale prices fell and continue to fall(btw,where to find buyers as more and more people want to sell out – the number of public and private properties to be cashed out are simply staggering for a tiny island – for whatever reasons? Your great grand father waiting eagerly to buy is it?
    In SIn, it pays very very well to be rich. And rich ministers living or own GOOD landed properties value will remain very solid hooor.

    • 50shadesofgrey

      Property ownership is one of the biggest rip off/cheat master minded by the rich and for the rich? It facilitated the wealth of the elite class and enslaved the ordinary people, burdening them with debts and financial woes/losses when the day of reckoning comes!

  31. RelSINapore

    Prime Minister LEE himself directed today’s parliament programme . let’s debunk diorama:

    1) ” During the budget debate in parliament, Nominated Member of Parliament Chia Yong Yong expressed her disapproval of giving more flexibility to CPF members to withdraw their savings.”

    — Last year, LEE used of Special Needs kids, this year he used of Special Needs woman, he exhausted all dirty tricks for the purpose of forever forcibly occupy each of individual ‘s private asset .

    ” NMP Chia warned that leaning too much to the left and giving out too many benefits will mean that we may run out of money. ”

    — Temasek divert and run out of money , LEE and his wife both must resign immediately. get out of the Office .

    ” Ms Chia, who is a lawyer and the president of the SPD (a social service provider focusing on assisting those with physical disabilities), explained that Singapore should still promote personal responsibilities. ”

    — what lawyer ! what a shame !
    as long as the dictator in parliament, parliament no lawyer , only yes man !

    ” She argued that if a CPF member squandered his or her savings, then that person would become a burden on society and it would be other taxpayers who would have to support them in their twilight years.”

    — pls clear your mind, the most huge expensive human – LEE and his wife, they are the heavy burden for Singaporeans . bear in mind, any individual’s asset has nothing to do with government dictator. fight grab for others wealth ? Go to hell .


    “When we talk about personal choice, choice always comes with responsibility. Benefits come with obligations, and when we exercise our personal choice, there is a price to be paid. And Madam, I submit that price should not be paid by someone else,” said Ms Chia.

    — you want him, you buy him !
    However, The People nurturing LEE’s era coming in an end NOW .


    ” She also noted that there were many calls recently to “Return our CPF” but she said that the money in CPF was not “our” money as claimed. ”

    — what ? No recognize our money ? intend to grab our money ? what a scam ?
    LEE borrowed your saliva, Swindler + bitch = LEE’s team , get to hell , no wonder you had got heavy punish !!!

    7 )

    Ms Chia pointed out that the CPF savings each member has is “enhanced” and the members are not the only ones contributing to their own accounts. In particular, she argued that there is co-payment from employers and top-ups from public funds.

    — you mean, as long as we employers , we withdraw our full CPF no problem ? pls do so ! stop scam !!
    what nonsense you so called public funds . such never happened things ! cheating again !!!


    “Because I am not the only person contributing to that fund, I cannot be the only person to call the shots as to how I am going to spend it. At the very least, I have a moral obligation to spend it wisely.” she argued.

    —- employers provide employees savings into their CPF,because their staff’s low monthly income not enought support their family, we promised them after half century to bring cash back home, but all divert into LEE wife’s Temasek , without inform our employers , that is very serious scam !


    It seems that Ms Chia believes that the employer co-payment is actually not “our money”. If this was the case, then by the same logic, our employers should technically continue to pay CPF contributions even if we are not actually working.

    — So far, it is clear that CPF has become a big scam, the victims not only employees , but also employers , our huge money goes to LEE wife’s pocket ? his sons got no official job , deposit his 3 son’s overseas account , gambling losses up all Singaporeans pensions ? LEE and his wife must to be tried !


    The reality of course is that the employer contribution is part of the wages that they pay workers and if we are not working, we will not receive that employer contribution. It is still our money.

    She also failed to point out where exactly the “top-ups from public funds” came from. If she is referring to the interest earned, such interest could not have been earned if the government wealth funds did not have access to the forced savings of the citizens in the first place. On top of this, they continue to invest the combined savings and receive greater returns than they return citizens in interest. So where exactly does the “top-up” come from?

    — — only prisoners’s money you LEE can control, ok, don’t wasting people’s live time.

    To seize the sly fox, Singaporeans have to be together, first sent LEE step down, next sending him to prison !

    • joke

      You may work(forced) like an idiotic donkey with no hope of retirement, but money still not enough LOL
      Meanwhile, your leaders are busy enjoying work holidays and bird’s nest tonic soup every other hour LOL

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