PAP has Not been Taking Care of Singaporeans and We Need a New Government

Over the last few weeks, I have written a few articles for The Real Singapore, also after I received unverified threats to my family and stopped writing on this blog for a while.

I have compiled some of the key articles in this article here.

These articles will outline how the policies that the PAP has created have not helped Singaporeans, and how the opposition parties do have credible policies that can take care of and protect Singaporeans.


PM Lee: We are Paying Correct Salaries to Morally Upright and Trustworthy Ministers

“The income inequality in Singapore is also the highest among the developed countries. The rich-poor gap in Singapore is also the highest.

Even though Mr Lee earns $2.2 million in a year, a cleaner can still only earn $1,000 a month. It will take nearly 300 years for a cleaner to earn the total of what Mr Lee can earn.

In recent times, the Singapore government has also increased their own salaries in 1994, 2000, 2004 and 2007 and each time, the income inequality rose with it, followed by the rich getting richer as the share of income that goes to them also increased.

Mr Lee said that ministers should be treated “fairly and equally” but this comes at the expense of Singaporeans who are treated unequally.

However, the question has been often asked, if we need to pay office-holders such extravagant salaries to prevent them from being corrupt, then are they even “morally upright” and “trustworthy” people in the first place, as Mr Lee claimed?

Then, are they truly the “right people for the right jobs”?”


Singapore’s Wages Stuck in Time: Still Not Enough to Survive

“The problem is compounded when the rich in Singapore, the government among them, earns the highest salaries among the developed countries and one of the highest in the world, while ordinary Singaporeans fall on the other end of the spectrum and earn one of the lowest.

This has caused the rich-poor gap in Singapore to be the widest among the developed countries. So is the income inequality and poverty rate the highest.

The situation has become very unhealthy in Singapore where the purchasing power in Singapore is now the lowest among the developed countries and on par with even India, even as Singapore has become the most expensive city in the world.

The government has shown bravado every time it wants to increase the salaries of the ministers but when it comes to increasing the wages of Singaporeans, the government has come out with every excuse, such as having to peg wage growth to productivity growth. But where productivity was zero last year and negative the year before, this means that the wages of Singaporeans are put at risk.

It is high time the government stops making excuses and take definitive and bold action to increase the wages of Singaporeans, especially for the low-income, by imposing a minimum wage.

Where the government controls an estimated 60 percent of the economy and where the government has been able to generate high profits in the companies they own at the expense of the wages of the workers, it is time to question the government’s role in these businesses. Where their priorities have swung towards protecting businesses and their profits, this has resulted in a conflict of interest where the government has reneged on its responsibility on workers and Singaporeans.”


PAP Govt has Failed Its Promise to Increase the Wages of Singaporeans

“However, not only has the income inequality in Singapore grown to become the worst among the developed countries, it has also become one of the highest in the world.

Trickle-down economics never happened. In fact, the rich-poor gap in Singapore is now the widest among the developed countries. The rich in Singapore are the highest-paid among these countries while Singaporeans earn one of the lowest wages.

Meanwhile, the PAP ministers continue to pay themselves the highest salaries in the world and have fought consistently to raise their own salaries. However, they have never taken the effort to do the same for Singaporeans.
Today, Singaporeans are forced to accept one of the lowest wages among the developed countries in a country where the cost of living has become the highest in the world.

The PAP government has reneged on its promise to Singaporeans to increase wages and has failed Singaporeans.”


PAP Govt has Broken Promise to Build More and Cheaper BTO Flats for Singaporeans

“However, all these promises have not been fulfilled.

Latest statistics show that BTO flats are still priced higher than four times the median salaries of Singaporeans.

For three room flats, prices are 4.57 times that of applicants’ annual salaries.

This is even higher for four- and five-room flats.

Prices of four-room flats are 5.26 times that of annual salaries and for five-room flats, this is 5.36 times.

But last year, the price ratio was already about 5.5 times that of annual salaries, which means that things have remained largely unchanged.

Also, Mr Khaw promised that flat prices will be reduced to four times that of annual salaries but the prices are still way above the mark.

Not only that, the government has also broken its other promise of increasing the number of flats available for Singaporeans.

In October, the government announced that it will be reducing the housing supply next year.

Mr Khaw said that the number of BTO flats to be launched next year will be reduced by 25 percent, from 22,400 units this year to 16,000 units next year.

But already, the 22,400 units launched this year is already lower than last year, by 10 percent.

This is very different from the promise that Mr Khaw had made last year.

He said that there would be 50,000 units launched this year, 54,000 next year and 63,000 in 2016.

This means that the government has launched less than half the number of flats that it had promised that they would launch this year, and for next year, it would launch less than 30 percent of what it promised.”


OECD Study Shows Income Inequality Created by PAP is Killing S’pore Economic Growth

“However, in Singapore, the government continues to spend the lowest in education and healthcare, as a percentage of GDP, as compared to the other developed countries.

The Singapore government also spends the lowest, as a percentage of GDP, for social protection.

Not only that, the government has refused to define a poverty line and there is still no minimum wage in Singapore. A study by a National University of Singapore economist Tilak Abeysinghe also showed that the poorest 30 percent of Singaporean households have to spend 105 percent to 151 percent of their incomes.

In short, the PAP’s “trick-down” economics do not work.

Not only that, the richest 1 percent in Singapore have 14 percent of the share of income in Singapore while the richest 10 percent has 42 percent of the share of income, leaving the rest of the population to scramble for what is left.

The Singapore prime minister belongs to the top 0.1 percent in Singapore. It has also been shown that every time the People’s Action Party (PAP) increased their own ministerial salaries in Singapore, the income inequality exacerbates as well.

If so, it looks like the problem of income inequality in Singapore is directly created by the PAP?

However, where the OECD and even the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have called for redistributive policies to reduce income inequality but where the PAP is concerned about increasing their own salaries and thereby increasing income inequality, will they be interested in reducing income inequality in Singapore and protecting Singaporeans?

Moreover, the PAP has stridently refused to increase public spending for social protection and for education and healthcare.”


PAP Continues to Depress Wages and Insists that S’poreans Who Earn $1,000 can Buy a Flat

“But where it is clear that the PAP government is the one which has “failed” and which is not in touch with the “realities” of Singaporeans, then does the PAP government has the right to criticise its opponents when it is the PAP government which is more deserving of shame?

Indeed, for a government and political party – PAP – which continues to turn a blind eye to the needs of Singaporeans and continues to resist truly helping Singaporeans, while all the time criticising Singaporeans for being ungrateful, it is the PAP government which has to reflect and “repent”.

“Buy within your means,” Mr Tan said of Singaporeans looking to buy a flat.

But perhaps it is more apt to tell the PAP to live within their means and stop extorting money from Singaporeans to pay their own unjustified high salaries, when they cannot even solve the most basic of problems in Singapore.”


PM Lee: S’poreans Must Work Longer and Retire Later or have Less in Retirement

“The irony is that even as Singaporeans contribute the highest proportion of their wages into the CPF, the CPF only makes up, up to 7 percent of the main sources of retirement income of the elderly in Singapore.

As such, Singaporeans are already living on very little in retirement.

What else does Mr Lee want Singaporeans to do? To live on nothing?

Essentially, Mr Lee leaves Singaporeans with no choice but to work longer and for many, for the rest of their lives.

The basic solutions to enhancing the adequacy of Singaporeans’ retirement is to increase wages and the CPF interest rates but it is clear that the government does not want to do these because these will entail the government having to spend to give the money back to Singaporeans.

Instead, the government has chosen options that would place the burden on Singaporeans instead, such as forcing Singaporeans to work longer and to carve out more of their wages into the CPF.

If so, the government is reneging on its responsibility by making Singaporeans deal with a problem the government created in the first place. By depressing the wages of Singaporeans and taking away the CPF interest rates of Singaporeans, the government is the one which is shortchanging Singaporeans of their retirement funds.”


10 Years under Lee Hsien Loong: Have Things Gone Bad?

“Where the PAP of the past has brought Singapore from Third World to First World in the first thirty years of Singapore, the same can no longer be said of Singapore over the past 10 to 20 years which has since lost its bearings.

On the contrary, under Mr Lee Hsien Loong’s rule, Singapore might just very well see the end of its economic miracle, as it goes back from First World to the Third World, where the lives of the majority of Singaporeans become hard while only a few at the top are rich enough to live lavishly, similar to how India is.

But then, even in India, where the poor is taken care of free healthcare, free education and even free housing, the poor in Singapore pales in comparison where if the poor cannot make ends meet, they will have to shoulder the blame by themselves, this where Singapore has supposedly become a rich enough country which can take care of its own citizens.

The future of Singapore under Mr Lee does not seem bright but the effects of poor governance has not yet take root and until it has or until the realisation that the side effects might soon come, Singaporeans might continue to hold on dearly to a First World image until it starts tearing at the seams.”


Can the Opposition become the Government at the Next General Election?

“Indeed, the next general election has been considered as the make-or-break election by many Singaporeans.

At the last election, the constituencies which did not seen their electoral boundaries change due to gerrymandering by the PAP, saw their vote share increase by an average of 10 percent. The same increase of 10 percent was seen in the election prior.

If this momentum is kept up, it is expected that the opposition parties would be able to see another 10 percent swing in favour of them at the next election.

If so, the next general election will indeed be a very tight race, with a 50-50 chance that the PAP could be unseated or that the opposition could stand a real chance to form the next government, to bring a new hope to Singapore and Singaporeans.”


Opposition Parties in Singapore have Credible Policies to Improve Singaporeans’ Lives

“The other political parties present themselves as formidable opponents to the PAP and it is obvious that the PAP sees them as threats, with Mr Lee bellowing against them so blatantly.

Indeed, the next GE is seen by many observers as a make a break situation for Singapore, which also explains why the PAP is now kept on its toes – it knows that it has postponed the much needed changes for Singapore and is finally worried that its delay in resolving the issues in Singapore is now going to cost it votes.

Even in the likely situation that this might happen, Singaporeans can take heart that the other parties have already armed themselves with analysis to improve the lives of Singaporeans when they take over.”


2015: The Rise of the Opposition Parties against the PAP

“Mr Lee had said, “The Opposition does not see any duty to bring people together, solve problems and plan for the future.

“And there’s no vision because, because they say they cannot form the government, so no need for vision!”

“This is untrue,” the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) said.

“The SDP published Dare To Change: An Alternative Vision for Singapore in 1994,” it said.

“Dr Chee had also recently described a new vision for Singapore in an op-ed published in the Wall Street Journal.

“(But) Mr Lee ignores these and claims that the opposition has not articulated one.”

This view is echoed by the NSP.

“NSP is of the view that it has a public duty to call out discrepancies and unevenness in the application of ministerial powers and discretions. 

“It is in the interest of citizens for political appointment holders to be always mindful of not exceeding the boundaries of their authority and powers.”

Reform therefore concluded: “This could only lead any reasonable person to ask why Lee Hsien Loong is so scared of accountability?

“Is it because he and his team do not want Singaporeans to know what has happened to their reserves? Is it because he wants us to continue to accept the sham of a national Budget in which year after year apparently $30 billion of surpluses are concealed from the people?”

Finally, in a response to the Minister for Culture Community and Youth Lawrence Wong, the Worker’s Party Chairman Sylvia Lim said, “I thank the PAP ministers for repeatedly reminding Singaporeans of the issues that are close to our heart.”

WP also said that it is aboveboard and avails itself to checks from Singaporeans.

“The public can expect that the PAP will be the first to hold WP to account.”

So, “yes the next GE is deadly serious for true blue Singaporeans,” SingFirst said.

And “until we see the end of a dominant party Parliament, the prospect of ministerial powers being mis-applied to serve the longevity of the incumbent, remains,” NSP’s Ms Chong-Aruldoss restated.

Otherwise, “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied,” Ms Chong-Aruldoss said.

And the same can be said for Singapore and Singaporeans.”


  1. Unity is strength

    Unity is strength, the people are standing on your side,
    All the opposition parties must unite to fight the largest-ever effort .For the future of the children and grandchildren of Singaporeans , unite to win the election !

    • Papfooker

      PAP NFG, then what can opposition do blame, blame, blame? Do something for local born, bring properity bring big ass factory to keep us employ with decent pay cheque. Stop vlaming PAP, i dont like them,but what they do we can see and feel. What the fuck oppo. Done thus far, fuck all but blame! Do something bring trillion air in, invest in local talent, believe in local worker. Get all the fu king foreign work fucker out. Do something I vote for oppo. If not shut the fuck up!

  2. lea xian loon

    Its essential to bear in mind, that PAP seems to have control over all govt bodies to do its bidding; but this control relationship is based on monetary links and threats, and is thus very fragile.

    Recognize that the vote of power is in your hands. Cut off money and power abuse, and PAP is only a PAPer Tiger. Let LKY and his famiLEE be the ones to repent for the coming years to come

  3. vote for a new leader

    IF PM said: ” We are Paying Correct Salaries to Morally Upright and Trustworthy Ministers ”
    but why we received a signal from his office like these :

    ” …chop off you head .. kidnap your family .. bombing your house … ” ?

    He spoke words to cheat people. his cheating period was too long, his cheating extent was too deep. his cheating result was short our life, time coming we have to say No .

    so the people do not vote them, no against the constitution.

  4. vote for a new leader

    last year. we begging him, please don’t sue the poor Singaporeans , they have not job, no income, no dignity, no future , they had given you everything of huge money trasfer into your pocket no problem, just don’t sue them ….

    this is because in Singapore , PM sue common people = destroy a life. Worse than dying.
    Unexpectedly his actions prove that he is double tongue man, a liar leader . He leads many people live in fear.

  5. vote for a new leader

    ” Even though Mr Lee earns $2.2 million in a year, a cleaner can still only earn $1,000 a month. It will take nearly 300 years for a cleaner to earn the total of what Mr Lee can earn.”

    —— that reason of vote him out . no more $2.2 million give to him , save it for help cleaner or others who needs it more than Lee Hsien Loong.

    No vote PAP,
    No offend the law.

  6. 非常赞成徐顺全当选新领袖.


    从1451年, 意大利航海家哥伦布发现美国新大陆以后,美国人每4 - 8年都换新总统, 他们有没有后悔? 从来没有 。 历史的车轮向前推进,人民创造了历史。

    新加坡人民要像美国人民帮助奥巴马竞选一样,组织一个宣传队,走遍每一户人家,聆听他们的疾苦。会见每一个国民,安抚他们的诉求, 看图片,摆事实,讲道理,聊未来,不歧视, 不放弃任何一个人 。

    各在野党政治家们,你们要互相团结,给彼此一把力,因为 千万双眼睛在期待着你们, 你们的背后有无数善良的老百姓在等待中,抗负起民众的寄托,是新加坡历史发展所赋予你们的不可推卸的重大使命。

    非常赞成徐顺全当选新领袖. 只要他当选,其他部长的位子可以做适当的保留, 新加坡人才济济,35岁以上是思维智慧最发达的年纪,利用起来,为国效力。

  7. 非常赞成徐顺全当选新领袖.

    有一天,奥巴马风尘仆仆赶去一个百多人出席的集会,出乎意料只有2个人,他没有气馁,坐下来, 与他们一起吃饭,问候他们日子过得好不好, 开不开心,身体健康 ….民众自发地为他做助手,拜访他来不及拜访的人家。

    奥巴马为什么会赢 , 并且连任 ?有人说这是“屌丝”对“高富帅”的胜利。虽是戏言,但不一定没有道理。除了出生草根更“接近”广大民众, 当时的总统成为历史上最不受欢迎的总统以外, 更重要的是,奥巴马的竞选战略和操作过程,几乎是完美无缺的。



    3. 他发动了一场无与伦比的筹款运动。他的团队使用互联网筹款的程度前所未有,从而吸引了数以百万计的普通民众的捐款,使得奥巴马的竞选资金非常充裕;

    4. 他发起了一场具有压倒性气势的扫街式竞选活动,其数万名忠诚的志愿支持者走遍了美国的每个角落。


  8. You asked for it

    So you accepted financial benefits from a foreign paymaster, a malaysian and an Australian, who are running TRS to enrich themselves and buy a beautiful home in Australia just a few years after running the website.

    Roy you are a hypocrite and I am ashamed that you are Singaporean

    • brandynwhisky

      Roy I am proud of you who dares to challenge a paper tiger unlike many blind Singaporeans who has brought this predicament upon us. May justice prevail. Oh look who is paying for his karma now.

    • to " You asked for it "

      don’t blamed TRS
      do review yourself
      local paper ban local voices
      local voices no choices
      TRS come local voices release

      you scared of voices
      To be good human first

      Roy he did not owe you.

      what job you did,
      when u gang fix him ,
      have you offer a finger to lead the bright ?

      u r hypocrite, not Roy
      local people are ashamed of you

  9. Remove LKY from life support

    LKY should be removed from the life support. Why is the government using taxpayers/CPF monies to fund for his artificial breathing and feeding tubes? Why is he still paid a MP’s salary of $15000 for living off a machine? From an asset to a liability.

      • They are immodest team

        Specifically female secretary meritocracy ruined PM,
        they ugly, but arrogant, harbor evil designs . They are immodest team

    • Lee Kwan Yew

      I can’t die so early! I still want to run in the coming GE, to get my $15k salary a month and apply for another 5 years of MC.

      I want to make Singaporeans (sorry my PAP supporters) and all their descendants repent! Don’t you dare criticize me–my pinky son even said that as Morally Upright and Trustworthy Ministers, I’m paid Correct and Fair Salaries

  10. CY

    Roy, you took the money that people donated to you and went travelling. You are the real hypocrite here.

    Increase wages but are you willing to pay more for goods and services?

      • CY

        What a retarded reply from someone who don’t know diplomacy. Goes to show how retarded Roy and his supporters are.

    • to SIMPLE

      go back ask your man LHL, why loading to Singaporeans so much trumped-up charges. filled full of sins at those jobless ?

      per year more than 2.2 million money gave to your man already, how come your man still asked 250,000.00 again ?
      such old age, no sense of shame ? hello, your man has no right to blackmail money from the social fundraiser, Roy did not owe your family a dime , also your family did not raise him grow up. maybe you need pocket money, but you have to work on positive effective your productivity , not cheating .

      50 years ago, people don’t mind of your family bully, Today, in the twenty-first century, People talk clearly that return our CPF !

      • Eyewitness

        Roy has done nothing wrong, if your man still think that he is superior, pls go back tell your man refund all money to Roy and five others. he must not extort money again from the misfortune people , they together give your man $ 2.2 million huge sum of money for asking him to take care of the people, not to be given his power turn to bite people.

  11. Lee Kwan Yew

    I can’t die so early! I still want to run in the coming GE, to get my $15k salary a month and apply for another 5 years of MC.

    I want to make Singaporeans (sorry my PAP supporters) and all their descendants repent! Don’t you dare criticize me–my pinky son even said that as Morally Upright and Trustworthy Ministers, I’m paid Correct and Fair Salaries

  12. PAPer Tiger

    Pinky, you took the people’s CPF money that people force people to donate to you and went travelling “on diplomatic visits”. Your speech about Mr Mandela has been an insult to this honourable man. You are the real hypocrite here.

    Increase wages of your own PAP ministers, but are you willing to be more honest and competent to help the country?

  13. i dun like papies

    Integrity and justice that comes with a high price (ministars salaries) is are what the 60.1% voted for


    By now most know the thick and fast blowback on NMP Chia Yong Yong’s Parliamentary speech that CPF savings should not be viewed entirely as belonging to CPF members. However, the writer suggest it is less a legal position taken by the NMP but much more the wrong way to press a point: the responsibility of spending one’s retirement judiciously and the unfairness of having the state and therefore other citizens to bear the consequences if one is not judicious.

    Think writer is wrong? Here comes the Prime Minister himself

    “Yong Yong cast the question in a broader perspective: whether it is right to think of the CPF as “our money”, to be spent solely as we choose. She explained how choice always comes with responsibility, and benefits always carry obligations. When we exercise personal choice (e.g. by spending our CPF savings early), there is a price to be paid (e.g. we may not have enough to support ourselves in old age), and that price should not be paid by someone else (e.g. other taxpayers).”

    And Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen

    “Ms Chia was speaking about CPF, but her beliefs touch on the core philosophy of our social safety nets. Indeed, our founding generation believed as Ms Chia did, that self and family should be the first line of support and then society – not the reverse. As we introduce new schemes, we should not inadvertently weaken this core belief”

    Taken together, this is the narrative of the government, propagated by the MSM so much that an obviously intelligent person like Miss Chia is taken in completely. If you frittered away your retirement monies on wine, women and casinos, the state may have to help you by using tax-payers’ money. If you want more social spending whether it is for a state retirement allowance or pension, higher state medical insurance provisions, increased childcare support so mothers have choices, then it means higher taxes. Somebody has to pay and that somebody is your fellow citizen.

    Notice when the PM say “there is a price to be paid and that price should not be paid by someone else”, it does not appear to include the government. When he weighs in “benefits always carry obligations”, the question must rightly be why is there no obligations on the state after the government has taken vast sums of money from citizens’ retirement and personal savings through elevated HDB and land prices, low rates of return and high charges induced by the GLCs? What are the moral implications of vast state reserves and yet low social spending amidst poor household finances and retirement inadequacy?

    Think this is a slip by a PM known for his fair share of the Freudian Slip? Now consider Mr Ng’s assertion “our founding generation believed as Ms Chia did, that self and family should be the first line of support and then society – not the reverse” – repeat self, family and society – but where is the state?

    Let us in the interest of debate assume Mr. Ng conflagrate the idea of society as a metaphor for state (although the writer is certain he did not). What does the position of the family next to the self means in reality? Fine if the family, i.e. your children are well off enough to take care of you without being overly burdened. But what if they are not well off. Would not the burden of taking care of you without the assistance of the state means that your children’s financial resources will be further depleted causing them in turn to be dependent on their own children? This then becomes an inter-generational problem which is one of the reason severe income inequality remain intransigent and social mobility faltering. Are our founding generation still holding to the same beliefs if they see their children and grandchildren struggling to get by under the policies of the PAP government despite the wealth of the nation or did Mr. Ng assume the founding generation is as heartless as the government itself?

    As the president of the Society of the Physically Disabled, NMP Chia should not worry that the government budget may have lean too much to the left because this means more disability benefits. The NMP may have chosen the wrong way to press the issue of responsibility but as for the heavyweights rushing to support her, it appears an unseemly haste to make political capital out of the NMP who has disabilities herself to reinforce a morally bankrupt narrative. Shame on you two.

    Chris K

    *Chris is a retired executive director in the financial industry who had mostly worked in London and Tokyo. He writes opinions and commentaries mostly on economic and financial matters.

  15. GeraldGiamaskgarmen

    Mdm Chair,

    In 2013, a scandal brok

    Source:e out in the US over reports that the National Security Agency (NSA) had been collecting telephone data of millions of its citizens, and had access to the servers of several technology companies, including Facebook and Google, to track their customers’ communications.

    What safeguards are in place to ensure that surveillance on ….women and children, particularly Singaporeans, is done only for legitimate purposes, like security operations or criminal investigations ….and not to see more than what they shouldn’t with their dirty eyes?

    How is the data and intelligence protected to ensure that it is not misused or leaked by those who have access to it and use it for their own pleasures or molestations?

    Which of our laws authorise surveillance of individuals who are not targets of security operations or criminal investigations….. or character assassination?

    And lastly, what independent oversight, like the Courts or Parliamentary Committees, are in place to guard against abuse, rape, murder, robbery, molestation of persona or children, women and gays?

    • LegalPerversion

      Almost everyone is married to some kind of computing or mobile devices and services these days. They have “ears and eyes” closer to you than the underwear you are wearing.
      Information is power. Religion is the gun to your head!

      • NationalSpyingAunties

        Gerald should be wary of placing his phone next to his love nest. All sweet whispering of sexy political stratagems and estasies with his spouse may invite sniggering in parliament.

  16. vote for new government

    when the internal system shows an empty shell, we should not let their wallet be in charge of our spirits

    we know there are brave Singaporeans waking up in the long ago our pioneers sacrificed to risk their lives for us. There are mothers and fathers who will lie awake after the children fall asleep and wonder how they’ll have enough rice or pay their doctors’ bills or save enough for their child’s college education.

    Let us remember that, if this CPF crisis taught us anything, it’s that we cannot have a thriving Temasek while It fail & loss 68 billions.

    To those — to those who would tear the our life down: We will defeat you. To those who seek peace and security: We support you. And to all those who have wondered if Singapore’s beacon still burns as bright, we proved once more that the true strength of our nation comes not from the might of our arms or the scale of our wealth, but from the enduring power of our ideals: democracy, liberty, opportunity and unyielding hope.

    This is our time, to put our people back to work and open doors of opportunity for our kids; to restore prosperity and promote the cause of peace; to reclaim the Singaporeans dream and reaffirm that fundamental truth, that, out of many, we are one; that while we breathe, we hope. And where we are met with cynicism and doubts and those who tell us “No”, we will respond with that timeless creed that sums up the spirit of a people. We are one nations one people , one Singapore.

    Our Dr. Chee Soon Juan,Our Mr. Thia Khiang They will be the worthy leaders of Singapore !

  17. Slayer

    If and when the oppositions come into power and losers still remain as losers, they will hope for another government change, hoping their lives will suddenly become wonderful. These are losers who will always remain as losers regardless of who forms the government, because they don’t take their fate into their own hands but expect it to fall from the sky. Keep hoping.

  18. Saitok

    Talk cock and sing song again. How about charting lowering all the monkey leaders salary to janitor’s living income? Oh no, no money no talk!

    SINGAPORE— After imparting generations of Singaporeans with numeracy and literacy skills, the Republic’s education system now finds itself at a crossroads: Should it continue with a narrow focus on grades and exams, and descend into a spiralling paper chase and an expanding tuition industry just like many other countries?

    Or should it embark on a bold transformation and focus on what is truly important by building strong values and deep skills in people throughout their lives — a path that no society has charted out fully?

  19. Grateful PG

    The nation in indebted to you!
    Because of your sacrifice, the CPF interest for old people is going up, even though it is only a little bit.

  20. Peacock

    It’s an evil regime because their policies created a lot of money problems(social and economic) for the rich to the poor, except their political interests and ridiculous pay cheques. From CPF to properties, from businessmen right down the ladder to the poor retirees, all are hit with their shit.

  21. Byebye

    “Two in three Singaporeans are worried about their living situation in their old age, according to results of PropertyGuru’s latest Property Affordability Sentiment Index.

    Their top three biggest fears are the inability to pay for adequate housing, being forced to downgrade to a smaller property, and relocating to cheaper properties overseas.

    The findings correspond with the recent Budget 2015 which aims to address the needs of the elderly and middle-income families in coping with Singapore’s rising living costs.”

    As the population greys and need the money for retirement or to live in comfort before the coffin locks them up forever , they will all panic and there will be a mad rush to sell their homes or downgrade. With more than 90% homeownership, many owning more than one home, where to find enough buyers to soak up the tsunami of properties when it hits the market?

    Hence your biggest fear is realizing you have been CONNED by the old man

    ps:for many, you can forget about relocating to overseas if you can’t sell your properties

  22. EDB is pedlar of selling Singapore Passport

    Your correspondent can go to interview these new immigrants

    many years ago, Singapore EDB is in charge of selling Singapore passport to foreigner,
    most of them come from non-english speaking country , such as Chinese corrupt officials…. no sure at moment how much the new cost , just remember in year 2010, they sold about 2 million SGD for per couple with 1 -2 kids , if they bring their mother or father coming together, have to top up 0.5 million SGD per mother or per father .

    also Singapore helicopter provide fee-based services to foreigners, fly to their country and pick up them to Singapore, the charges depends on the distance , minimum started from 130 000, 00 SGD.

    Singapore leader speech ” we have to think for our people first ” — that just for cheating purpose, nothing else. no true, no real, no practise.

    They have their own destination to perish the original Singaporeans , which are the unfortunate generation.

    according to Singapore’s GDP within the scope of the original population, local Singaporeans living in as the same standard as Switzerland shall be no problem,however, PAP leader personally destroyed the dreams.

  23. EDB is pedlar of selling Singapore Passport

    Such a small island, the population needs to grow up the blooming of everywhere crowded. the intention just for money, they not only need the local people’s money, also need foreigner’s money. both are the victim.

    There is no country in the World survival depends on selling its passport, only Singapore .Shocked ?
    The leader did many thing are off track, Singapore President, Senior Ministers, think about that, You are all suspected of a crime.

  24. EDB is pedlar of selling Singapore Passport

    In the best-selling season, EDB increased the price of selling Singapore passport from 2 million to 5 million SGD
    but EDB allow those foreign buyer can use their 2 to 5 million passport cost to buy a local condominium or house for their stay .

    therefore, as a result, soon after the local real estate prices raised up. think about that, the land’s original owner is honestly Singaporeans, but after PAP used a means of opportunistic profiteer to seduce the foreigners come and buy the place, which was local original owner can not afford .

    So, highlights Lee government ‘s dishonesty aspect is:
    1) Trafficking passport first
    2) then raise up the land cost.

  25. EDB is pedlar of selling Singapore Passport

    Foreigner come , benefit to help increasing the market price,
    but the foreigner prefer coming and going , a few year later, they sold their house and moving to the better country, they lost nothing. because they paid passport money only spent at their house, after sold up house, the 2 millions or 5 million money still returned back into their own pockets, nothing benefit left to Singapore . think about that,

    In the end, the most suffer is Singapore natives.

  26. EDB is pedlar of selling Singapore Passport

    EDB waved to foreigners , advertising in various countries : ” welcome to Singapore the first World country in the World, if you come and buy our estate, Singapore authority will issue Singapore passport for your family and your children has the best English education …, we have durian, we have casino, we have airport ….we have a thousand of smiling…. welcome you ….we have everything …. what ? democracy ? No, we don’t need democracy ….. “

  27. EDB is pedlar of selling Singapore Passport

    although we don’t negotiate with so called ” Slayer ” and other ilk.
    However, being a central figure person in the authority pretend do not know ? This is not surprising

    one person decides Singapore, You may ask him.

    in year 2010, They used an very positive name — it was ” Singapore EDB Global Investor Programme ” .
    or you may check with those family who join Singapore in year 2010 which can find in EDB’s record , they are our family’s friends.

    about helicopter fly to one of South Asian country, help the country leader ‘s family come to see a doctor in Singapore. they paid Singapore helicopter about 130,000.00SGD , for this , Please contact your own hospital.

    this family later in a chance become our company’s customer. when they were in front of us, show off the charm of money
    that was our most hard time in Singapore. We sent more than 50 times appeal letter to Authority and Prime Minister , asking for help, howeve it never happened . that time we were in a trap of scam ring . our beautiful home and 2 shops was ruined , we were forced to leave Singapore .

    very lament, crime want money, authority want money, everyone fighting for money, today, we sit down at our new home in foreign land, we felt that money is sin. money is guilty. because of money, leaders wants get more, that cause an invisible war .
    money change life caused us a deep impression . such things would not happen in other country, but Singapore make it.

    there is nothing wrong you help international , but being the government leader, multiple times sue your citizens, that is sin.

    we saw today from TRS, someone said that ” The PAP has been very selfish. You call them the government but they no longer see themselves as the government. Meanwhile, they take your money and help themselves get rich…”

    very agreed.
    will share more tomorrow
    good night
    from an overseas Singaaporeans

  28. 对PAP的看法

    我们回忆的是在离开新加坡2010年底以前发生的事, 当时EDB的全球投资计划,是面向贪官弥天盖地的东亚地区。 向对方开价250万, 他们还说 “今年不移民,明年就要收5百万星币, 涨价啦 。”, 我们关起了店门, 和已经办下来移民的朋友到对面的 Takashimaya 四楼上吃韩国餐, 一边吃一边聊, 他们脸上的喜悦啊, 好像中了大奖, 和灰头土脸的我们形成鲜明的反差, 饭还没吃完,他们争抢着买单刷卡, 账单是1000多元新币, 作为老板的我们还拿不出来, 非常不配走出去吃饭。 本想把不幸遭遇拿出来分享, 可是“霉运”不能在朋友最“吉利”的时候“分享”。

    为了答谢他们免费请我们吃饭,饭后陪同他们去 Takashimaya 买婴儿尿布, 营业员问他们要买什么质量的,他们说按照5000星币价值的质量选尿布。我很无语 。

    当时,我们被诈骗超过百万美元,楼下有用泳池的家被拍卖后,钢琴, 字画等也50元给贱卖了,我们的两间店也被肆无忌惮不讲道理的法院拿走了, 法院关起门在没有通知我们出庭的情况下, 宣判我们破产,当我发现银行的文件有错,明明是48个月的公司贷款,他们写错为12个月, 我们立刻上诉。请不到律师, 自己上诉, 每天写 affidavit 哪里知道在每一次上诉的过程,就是把精力耗尽,钱用光光的过程, 一直用光光全家吃饭的钱都没有了。 他们根本不讲理, 他们胡闹的。 他们坐在高高的法院里面,一切 杂乱无章, 没有记录,打着法庭的幌子,穿着黑袍作秀而已。 他们看都不看我的上诉信,看不起我们 , 要我们去报警, 哪里知道警方把报警锁起来。没有人管,他们比我们内行法律, 但故意向我们指引一条歪路, 走入死胡同, 他们是世界上最黑暗, 最会要钱,最没有法制的法庭 。

    当时的法官是 judge Mr.Andrew Ang, 和 Mr.Teo Guan Siew, the assistant Registrar。 他们夺走了我们的家园。

    离新加坡的时候我们是身无分文的, 天天求助总理, 他们办公室都不理睬的, 这就是为什么Roy的事情发生后,我即使明天因此而死去, 也要站在他的身边, 因为当我们向政府求助的时候,他们根本不理, 只有我们受害者彼此感同身受, 给一把力量 。


    2年前我们的朋友他们邀请我们去意大利罗马和佛罗伦萨度假7天, 并包办了机票等一切度假费用。 江湖上, 朋友才是一条龙。 他们是新加坡招进来的移民, 前面说被贩卖是生气的粗话, 但是当时他们的确花了2百万星币。

    我们生气,因为我们写给李总理50多次求助的电邮,总理怎么可以交给她 ?总理 的助手, 由她转告说,她知道我们,如果我们继续支持Roy, 她要我们快点滚蛋, 不然要ISIS砍断我们的头 ? 绑架我们的家人 ?

    这个女人, 如果在路上彼此交叉而过,我们都目不斜视, 她都不值得被看一眼。但是新加坡总理发言人这么说,那就严重啦。希望当局调查。

    从这个方面观察, 李总理本人一直都没有在岗位的工作中, 希望他早日退休, 安度晚年, 反省自己作为总理给他人带来的不便。

  29. jackfruit

    Roy, why can’t you take care of yourself and always expect the govt to take care of you ? I know of a few gays who can take good care of themselves. Why can’t you ?

  30. Solution

    Oppositions say…you work to death too

    In conclusion, I am glad that we are investing in our people through lifelong learning. Regardless of background, age, income or chosen industry, they should all be given the chance to enhance their skills and experiences to empower them to take charge of their own career paths and direction in life. As the government invests more in this area, there is much we can do to facilitate how the culture of self-development is developed successfully. Investment in people will pay off, especially when paired with the right resources, a long-term strategy and commitment that both the government and its people must work towards to….and you die your fault if money still not enough

  31. Sue

    “NSP is of the view that it has a public duty to call out discrepancies and unevenness in the application of ministerial powers and discretions. 

    “It is in the interest of citizens for political appointment holders to be always mindful of not exceeding the boundaries of their authority and powers.”

    Always talk big. Once in parliament, balls shrink or change musical

  32. 对PAP的看法

    学校的男生有的喜欢打架, 坐不住课堂里面的椅子, 他们的好动是成长中的天性 , 他们对数学与计算没兴趣,于是上个礼拜, 该国教育部长出席了高中毕业后准备要当渔民的一批50对位男生实现理想发布会。告诫男孩子们出海捕鱼也要应付气侯与风浪的考验, 鼓励不同个性的学生找到自己的发光点 。

    在一个33岁年轻人的博客里问道, 政府是做什么的 ?
    依据普世治国常识,正在代表政府任职总理位子的人,可以为年轻人做很多事,就是不可以起诉他们, 也不能以起诉的名义向他们收钱。

  33. Haaaa

    Stupid sinkies deserve their leaders…:)
    And say a big thank you to your education system that renders you neither good in anything…except smelling shit..haaaaa

    • Jane

      it is the small brain and mindedness phenomenon as a result of being caged?

      Will Roy be next to be jailed?

      • to Jane

        ” Will Roy be next to be jailed? ”
        ——– Soon you Office bitch gangs jailed with the ” Special Need Man ” together

    • .haaaaa

      here all became fucking bitch gangs , and the last thing he needed was … right under his skin to the place that only his vampire family had occupied .there was blood… and The vampire Gangs…chunks of yellow flesh clinging to my bayonet. To this day, let’s kill some fucking vampires.

  34. BrainDeadSinkies

    (So fellow dafts, in order to live our lives with a little bit more dignity, a little bit more cozy with a little bit more time to relax; and once in a blue moon, a little bit more money to eat in a fanciful restaurant for a little bit of opportunity to snitch designer toothpicks, we have to take back the Key. We need it to decode that broken vinyl LP record so that we can hear the sweet “karching” melody too.

    Unfortunately, all our efforts to request the ruling PAP for a little bit more of breathing space have fallen onto plugged ears. They have held on to the Key for far too long a time that they have become over complacent in managing our lives. Therefore, it is high time for us to take back the Key and reclaim ownership.


    Vote wisely.)

    You see plenty of this kind of chest beating on the Internet who talk through their AH just like Roy pleading brain dead Singaporeans to stand up.

    Now Vote wisely…LOL

  35. To Singapore so called Prime Minister

    what the fucking country want you fucking vampire so called ” Prime Minister ” ?

    you moved away our pension to GIC and your wife ‘s purse – Temase,
    You !
    unable to repay on time, so 64 old man you have completely no ground to sue 33 young guy for extort money .
    how come from the first day you prosecution till extort money the fucking you afraid to respond , only utilizing office bitch and gangs sucking ours brotherhood’s blood .

    the current urgent mission in Singapore, send the fucking vampire to hell, eradicating his bitch gangs . get out of OFFICE !!!

  36. North korea, gold and PAP

    Recently, a north korea diplomat exited singapore custom with 27kg of physical gold bars. Despite no diplomatic ties with the secretive, isolated and nuclear rich country, singapore allowed north korea to leave with the 27kg of gold bars from its country. The diplomat was ultimately stopped at bangladesh. Did singapore supply the gold bars to north korea? If not, why would the diplomat want to carry 27kg of gold to singapore only to exit with it, without any inspection by the highly-prided security custom, given that that there are no diplomatic relations with the suspicious nuclear active nation?

  37. Besteducation

    A lot of nut cases….political nut cases who are immortals…then you have the oppositions nut cases who want to take over the immortals….followed by supporters nut cases of both camps…mixed with religious nut cases…crying in their prison walls….soaking in the tears of love….all these nut cases are further woven together with nut cases script writers…and nut cases who report them….all attempting to cleanse society of sai…….if not hell hole..what is? LOL

  38. An real Singapore

    we build him so called ” government ” ? a lot of bloody lessons remind us, Singapore don’t need such government,
    only Court and Temasek . Temasek in charge to use our money , Court in charge to assist them extort our money, or giving jail to us if no huge money to satisfy them extremist gangs. amusement within their PAP circle but most of Singaporeans were frown all days ……

  39. Joach Falken

    2.2 mio salary is much, but it also less than 0.5 $ per capita, i.e. close to nothing.
    I believe more insight should be given to the flow if of money to and from the “government”, or rather to and from state institutions and their leading employees and trade counterparties.

  40. Joach Falken

    “Singaporeans today have one of the lowest retirement funds in the world, according to the OECD.”
    That is ridiculous. Most OECD countries have nothing like sustantial public retireemernt funds. In the US, some individuals are benefiviaries of relevant funds only. Countries like Germany, France and Italy all operate their retirement benefits on a pay-as-you-go basis. Same for health. And this will not work with an ageing society for long.

  41. Rotten PAPayas

    “I hope that famiLEE return my family’s cpf soon, so that i can have money to buy hell notes to burn to Lao Lee and Xiao Lee’s balls”

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