[Video] My Speech at the International Student Festival in Trondheim (ISFiT) in Norway on 13 February 2015

Roy Ngerng ISFiT

Last month, I was invited to the International Student Festival in Trondheim (ISFiT) in Norway to share on my activism work in Singapore. I was sued by the Singapore prime minister in May last year and was subsequently charged with two criminal charges, because I had spoken up about the lack of transparency and accountability on the Singapore PAP-run government’s management of the Central Provident Fund (CPF) pension funds of Singaporeans.

Below is the video of my speech:

  • You can watch my speech from 1:11:00.
  • You can also watch the Q&A from 1:58:30.

Below is the text of the prepared speech:

Dear friends at ISFiT,

It is my pleasure and honour to be able to with you here today, and to be part of your dynamism and enthusiasm to learn so that we can improve our countries.

My name is Roy Ngerng. I am a blogger and activist in Singapore. But in May last year, I was sued by the Singapore prime minister Lee Hsien Loong for defamation.

He said that I had said that he had misappropriated the pension funds of Singaporeans.

But I have never said that. I have never defamed the prime minister.

The reason why the government wants to prosecute me is because I exposed how the Singapore government was siphoning off the pension funds of Singaporeans into the two investment firms that the government controls and does not want to return to Singaporeans.

After I was sued, the government also asked the hospital that I was working at to fire me. I have since been charged with two more crimes, for exercising my freedom of speech and expression, and for protesting to protect my own rights and the rights of Singaporeans.

The government has also used the government agencies, state-controlled media as well as online media affiliated to it to launch a campaign against me since May last year. And it has not stopped.

I started blogging 3 years ago and wrote on gay issues as well as on sociopolitical issues. I write on The Heart Truths.

In May last year, the prime minister then sued me for defamation for an article I wrote. But the reason why I sued was not because of the article that I was sued for.

Three weeks before I was sued, my supervisors at work already spoke to me about my blogging activities. That was when I knew that the government wanted to get me.

You see, two months before I was sued, I wrote two articles which exposed how the Singapore government has been taking our pension funds to use since the 1960s, for the past 50 years, to earn from it and not return it. When I wrote the articles, I knew that the government was going to get me.

Two months later, they found an excuse to do so.

After I was sued, the government asked my hospital to fire me. I was given a termination letter and was asked to leave within an hour. During that time, my colleagues were told to stay in their office. No one could come to my office to say goodbye and if they came near, they were asked to leave. I was treated like a criminal.

The hospital and the Ministry of Health then sent out press releases to support my firing.

The firing also came after I spoke at the first protest that we held after I was sued. I spoke at a protest to demand for the transparency and accountability of our pension funds. Three days later, I was fired.

When I submitted my affidavit and evidence for the defamation suit, the state-controlled media did not want to report on it. However, they would report on the prime minister’s affidavit.

Inside my affidavit, I outlined evidence of how I had managed to trace how the government has siphoned off Singaporeans’ pension funds into the two investment firms and how the government had covered their tracks and deleted the evidence that I had found.

I also exposed how the government had denied taking our pension funds to use in these investment firms in 2001, 2006 and 2007. And they only admitted to the truth for the very first time in May last year, after I was sued and they could not hide the information anymore.

In 2001 and 2006, it was the first prime minister of Singapore who denied having taken our retirement funds to invest in the investment firm GIC.

The Singapore government has also claimed that it does not interfere in the GIC’s operations. GIC, the investment firm, also claimed that it does not know if it uses the pension funds of Singaporeans to invest.

However, the Singapore prime minister, the two deputy prime ministers, several ministers, ex-ministers and members of parliament also sit on the board of directors of the GIC.

So it is impossible that the government does not interfere in the GIC. It is also impossible that the GIC does not know if it uses the pension fund of Singaporeans to invest.

However, when I detailed all of these evidence in my affidavit, the prime minister said that my affidavit is “inadmissible”, “irrelevant” and “an abuse of the (court) process”. He said that the evidence that I had brought up about the pension funds were not relevant to the defamation suit, even though he sued me because of what I wrote about the pension funds.

And even though he wanted to apply to court to stop me from revealing more about the pension funds.

But the prosecution did not end there. In September last year, I attended the fourth protest to demand for transparency and accountability.

The government then set us up.

Another event was being held where our protest was held. When we marched past that event, the organisers of the event pushed some children out and said we “heckled” the children.

If you do not know what “heckling” means, don’t worry, most Singaporeans at that time did not either. The government had purposefully chose that word to use.

“Heckle” means to disrupt an event. But the government chose the word, “heckle”, because it gave a more negative connotation.

Right after the protest, several ministers and members of parliament as well as supporters of the government, and state-controlled media and online media affiliated to the government launched a coordinated campaign to say that I had “heckled” the children.

But I did not. I used to teach children with autism and I love children. I couldn’t possibly want to “heckle” the children.

Eventually, an online news site wrote that I never did “heckle” the children. It asked the government to apologise. They never did.

Two weeks after the incident, the police called us up to be investigated. A month later, I was charged with two criminal charges for public nuisance, but for things like waving flags and chanting slogans, things which you pretty much do in a protest; and for holding an illegal demonstration.

The government’s aim was to pull down my reputation.

When I was first sued, I conducted a fund raising to pay for my legal fees and raised more than $100,000 Singapore dollars, or 65,000 Euros.

There was clear support for my cause because the government has siphoned off the pension funds of Singaporeans. Today, many Singaporeans are unable to retire and some have to work until their deaths. Many people are angry with the Singapore government. A survey showed that more than half of Singaporeans supported what I say.

However, Singaporeans wouldn’t stand up and speak up. They would help in the fund raising but they did not dare to come out to fight.

The fear in Singapore is strong.

When the government said I “heckled”, there was a clear withdrawal of support. People were willing to allow their fear to justify their withdrawal.

Soon after the government created this campaign to pull down my reputation, the judgment that I had defamed the prime minister was then passed.

Early this year, the prime minister took issue with 9 more of my articles again. He wanted to use these articles to ask me to pay more money to his lawyers.

But some of these articles were personal articles where I spoke about own personal life and what I wished for Singapore. But the prime minister said that I was trying to “attack” him.

Later, his press secretary issued a statement to say that I do not want to be cross-examined in court. She lied. I never said that. Again, the government wanted to pull my reputation down. I challenged her to sue me for saying that she had lied or to apologise. She never did either of them.

But you see, the press secretary is not allowed to speak up on this case. The prime minister is not allowed to sue me in his capacity as a public figure, as a prime minister. He is only allowed to sue me as an individual. However, as an individual, the prime minister is nobody. Still, the prime minister’s press secretary insisted that she has a right to speak up for the prime minister because the defamation suit is pertaining to the pension funds of Singaporeans.

But then, didn’t the prime minister said that my affidavit was “irrelevant” when I had talked about the pension funds?

Clearly, it was their word against my word. And they were using their words to oppress me.

The reason why I decided to fight the defamation suit was not because I had believed that I would win. I knew that I would lose, because it is a political case.

However, I was willing to fight because I had believed that at some point, Singaporeans would rise and fight as well. But it still has not come.

You know, I do not hate the prime minister for doing what he has done. In fact, I sympathise with his position. What do you when you are born into a rich family and you are the son of the first prime minister, and where you have everything given to you on a platter?

But the prime minister has the audacity to sue an ordinary citizen but he has never had the balls to face me in court or to even speak about the case at all. Instead, he has hid behind the laws all this while and kept silent.

Right now, I am waiting for the hearing in July on how much I have to pay the prime minister in damages. The prime minister has filed the defamation suit in the Supreme Court which oversees cases of more than $250,000 Singapore dollars, or 100,000 Euros, so this is at least how much I am expected to pay.

Singapore is ranked well on the Corruption Perception Index. We are ranked 7th last year. But we have been falling down the index for the past few years.

But the Corruption Perception Index is not a fully accurate measure of the corruption that exists in Singapore. This index is only a measure of how businesses perceive the level of corruption in Singapore. And quite obviously, Singapore is well-loved by capitalists who want to make money.

And where some estimates put the government as controlling more than 60% of the Singapore economy, so naturally, the majority of businesses would view the government quite favourably.

But if you look at the other relevant indicators, Singapore performs poorly.

When you look at the crony capitalism index that The Economist compiled, Singapore ranks 5th on the index, after Russia, Ukraine, Hong Kong and Malaysia. This means that it is the 5th easiest for the rich in Singapore to get rich if they are affiliated to the government.

When you look at the level of income inequality, Singapore is the most unequal country among the developed countries and one of the most unequal in the world.

When you look at Russia, Ukraine, Hong Kong and Malaysia, which rank high on the crony capitalism index and have very high inequalities, you realise that they have a high level of corruption as well.

Singapore ranks similarly on the crony capitalism index and income inequality.

On the surface, Singapore’s GDP per capita is one of the highest in the world, and is in fact on par with Norway. However, Norway is one of most equal countries in the world while Singapore is the most unequal among the developed countries.

In Norway, the minimum a person earns is about $5,000 Singapore dollars or 25,000 krones. But in Singapore, the lowest a person earns is only $1,000 Singapore dollars or 5,000 krones.

For healthcare, Norwegians pay a cap of about $400 Singapore dollars or 2,000 krones. But in Singapore, there is no cap and there have been many cases of Singaporeans who have to pay more than $10,000 for their hospital bills or more than 50,000 krones.

For childcare fees, Norwegians only need to pay a cap of about $400 Singapore dollars or 2,000 krones but in Singapore, the average a Singaporean has to pay is $960 or 5,500 krones. It can go even higher.

But this is when Singaporeans already earn one of the lowest wages among the developed countries and thus also have the lowest purchasing power among the developed countries which is on par with India and Malaysia.

Indeed, the Singapore government spends the lowest on health and education as a percentage of GDP, among the developed countries and one of the lowest in the world.

You would have seen the Hong Kong protests where the people in Hong Kong would fight for democracy because they want to see the inequality in their country reduced. However, on many levels, Singapore’s inequality is actually worse than Hong Kong, but Singaporeans wouldn’t fight back.

I read a news article where a father in Hong Kong would say that, for my family and my children, I will fight. However, in Singapore, a person would say, for my family and my children, I will not fight.

As I’ve also asked one speaker who heads an international organisation tells me that no one really knows what is going on in Singapore because so much is hidden.

And the ruling party, the People’s Action Party, have allowed themselves to be kept in power for the past 50 years now. While today, the opposition only makes up 7 out of 87 seats in parliament, and this is actually the highest number over the past 50 years.

Just yesterday, in the latest World Press Freedom Index, Reporters Without Borders ranked Singapore 153rd out of 180 countries. Not only is there no democracy, Singapore’s press freedom ranking has also dropped to the lowest levels and is on par with Russia, Iraq, Pakistan and Rwanda.

At the end of the day, it is up to Singaporeans to help ourselves and to save ourselves. If we want a change to better lives, then we have to stand up and fight. We have to understand the significance of our votes and vote to put in another government in place which will protect the people.

But I also appeal to the world to help us. Many people have told me over the past few days that they have always known Singapore to be a shining example but are shocked to find out what I have said. One person told me that if this is what the Singapore model is about, then he would not want his country to follow it.

So, help us. Help us raise awareness on what is happening in Singapore because this will affect your countries. For many developing countries, they look to learn from Singapore. But as I have heard from many people today, from Rwanda, Peru and Turkey, these governments are also using similar tools of oppression against their people.

I worry because I do not know if when the Singapore government meets with the leaders of other developing countries, do they share with those leaders that in order to have economic growth, you would need to oppress your people as well? But is this the kind of government that we want? Is this the kind of example we want other countries to follow?

Is the income inequality that is happening in Singapore what we want other countries to follow?

Because Singapore has the highest income inequality among the developed countries, today, we also have the lowest level of trust, one of the highest levels of prisoner rate and one of the lowest social mobilities. This is not what we want other countries to learn from.

What we should want is for Singapore and other countries to be more equal and for the lives of people across the world to be uplifted so that we do not have to run out of our country to have a better life but where we know that even in our country, we can fight for change and create an equality to better protect our people.

So help us, help us raise awareness about Singapore and fight for change. Even if Singapore is to be a shining example for the world to follow, it should be because we are one which is equal, fair and just, and one that truly cares for the people.

Thank you.


  1. GN

    Singapore is beautiful, everything is artificial, But It cost huge price , for example, In year 2012, there were 487 suicide cases occurred in Singapore, In year 2013 there were 422 people committed suicide in Singapore, over the past 10 years, the average number is 395 people committed suicide per year . The number of national suicide, leading Singapore into a notorious suicide Island, have great relevance with the ruler’s system.

    Roy Ngerng Yi Ling represents the voice of the common Singaporeans , it is extremely hard to make their voice out, the price contains great spiritual torture in the rest of life, may in jail if no enough money give to the ruler, or ban them to leave, or bankrupt him, or shamed him in local newspapers, etc.

    we called for international concern Singapore.

    Let ‘s ask this questions, since Roy wrote in his blog about where is our pension goes to ?

    1) As a Prime Minister Singapore with 2.2 million USD wages , should him in position to sue his penniless nationals ? and demanding this jobless guy pay him 1/4 million SGD money again ?’

    2) is this a moral issue, or an issue of torture ?

    3) Prime Minister conducted his first retaliation action towards this blogger,

    he stripped of Roy’s job , which under PM’s control zone,

    next, he through his medias( Singapore local medias all belong to his wife’s company — Temasek share )

    he openly insulted Roy and his family , ban local reporter to interview the defendant.

    the next, he designed using his one of minister brought a group of ” Special Needs Kids ” into the place of ” Speak Corner ” at the same day of 27 September 2014 local protest day for ” return our CPF ” events , he designs the conflicts and events disruption . next day, 23 years old girl Han Huihui was lock up in police for more than 5 hours, Roy Ngerng was in LEE’s hunting list

    may we aks, the World politicians how do you think of this behavior ?

    CPF is our own hard earn saving, government did not add a dime

    Do we have the human rights to ask our own saving ?
    When we are in the expression of human rights, whether it comes at a price ?

    What a cruel since our brother asked this question and caused his job loss, and almost everything lost, the Prime Minister continue loading on him with an variety of sins , what do you think ?

  2. VisitingAlien

    Your light hearted and humorous mocking touches in your speech were refreshing. You really make the PM, and Singaporeans, look VERY SHAMEFUL as human being. The finest education means nothing. Your wealth, power and connections mean nothing. Shameful to be raised and bred in Singapore. Shame to all parents in Singapore too!

    What do you think?

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  4. AuntyLau

    You know, I do not hate the prime minister for doing what he has done. In fact, I sympathise with his position. What do you when you are born into a rich family and you are the son of the first prime minister, and where you have everything given to you on a platter?

    But the prime minister has the audacity to sue an ordinary citizen but he has never had the balls to face me in court or to even speak about the case at all. Instead, he has hid behind the laws all this while and kept silent

  5. AhBoy

    I read a news article where a father in Hong Kong would say that, for my family and my children, I will fight. However, in Singapore, a person would say, for my family and my children, I will not fight.

  6. Han

    Lies and as usual lies. Did you mention that you apologised to PM ? When you said you didn’t heckled the children did you show the audience the video ? When you mentioned their minimum income is $5000 did you mention their income tax is 50% straight away deducted form their pay ? And why don’t you do to India and tell them Singapore minimum salary is many times theirs ? As always, you are just making up lies to fool people. In Singapore not even the opposition is agreeing with you, and you go abroad to attend some talk organised by students which nobody heard of such event. And you expect the world to help you to change the Singapore government, tell me is there any single country government who is going to help you with that ? Any government body even acknowledge or support your cause ? Please don’t shame your parents and your fellow countrymen. In anyway, you are going to be a bankrupt and will not be able to travel abroad as you like. Seriously you are the most pathetic failure we have seen in a long time here, no body trust you, no body likes you. Perhaps only the few usual looney tunes figures , probably a dozen at most from your talk at Hong Lim. You bring shame and destruction to the opposition voice.

    • to Han

      what do you want ?


      If Roy apologize to you, shows his positive attitude , what about you, Prime minister ? you are the one filed a lawsuit, but you kept hiding from a chance debate with Roy on this subject of nationals questions.

      the lying party is you – Singapore Prime Minister , you shall apologise to Roy and refund all the extort money you got from him , this is because nationals paid you an huge wage of 2.2 million USD included the answer to any of questions

      what video ? we have our video too .

      This was one part of you personal conducted well premeditated, planned persecution, you designed your minister brought those ” Special Needs Kids ” into the adults ” Speak Corner , You carried a good camera team approached our protest scene, so your personal intention is clear.

      You are not only a good actor, but a good director, Roy was young, he would not see inside the deep of you, but we audience have seen of your true colors.

      Roy was so naive to say ” I love children…..” , we think that he must say that ” I also grew up from childhood, I deeply feel no government appear when we need a shoulder, therefore, many Singapore children become the disable children, Whether today’s kids, or the grown up ” kids ” all the victims,

      The most despicable, thereby banned protests, since then your minister never go back met the kids ….what is prime minister’s intention ? use the kids as his weapon for achieve persecution on Roy.

      after tax their income is $5000, before tax the lower’s wage is $6000
      what ranking of Indian, at least not the first World , right ? Singapore shall compare with the first World country, because you announce you ranking number one in the World . So you may include your people also number one rich in the World . ok,

      otherwise, You provide false information to the World .

      dishonest you used to accuse your people dishonest ? why shall they do that, a person, no job, no hope, no future , you still extort him, you accused he lie, you want him to boast, wow i am so rich, job stability, life in peace ? — that was lie !

      you want to hear the lie, that was you — Singapore Prime Minister !

      we are the same victim, we prove that you fool of the people. double face person, if you did not ” heard of such event”, because your knowledge is limited, that is your problem,but you want big media, we help you achieve it,

      we care of your face but you want we make you a Worldwide big news , no problem, don’t blame we want, that is you – here urgent us to carry on . ok.

      you worry no one help us ? we consider you are the one well helping the World to determine that Singapore Prime Minister is the third-rate stuff, unworthy to be Prime Minister.

      that is another side of Singapore to the World.

      as long as you don’t use your black hands to delete the message people sent to LHL. you got the answer.
      our family , our relative plus friends together 6508 people supprt Roy , Singaapore non – PAP support Roy , All advocates of justice in the world who have supported him. what do you need else ?

      No money, no power , but Roy have a great family , they honestly follow their hearts , we are proud of him, only you Singapore Prime Minister through your Office bitch gangs repeatedly threatened his family, want Roy bankrupt.

      you Prime Minister will thus pay an hefty price.

      you thought , you OFFice bitch gangs bully Roy, Roy must obey you, if Roy he submissive you,
      but we 6508 people said NO !

      Now the truth has become increasingly clear, inside the Prime Minister office has a bitch gangs team , they brought all shame and destruction on the people of Singapore !

      listen carefully once again, only few bitch in the PM OFFice they conducted the whole harm action towards to Roy and his family , remain them , remain the scourge. they stay there one day, Roy got more serious threats, the people got no way of peace. do you agree Singapore actually control by PM’s a few bitch gangs ?

      His speech was very polite, and very helpless, we saw tears in his eyes. We just do not agree with what he said was the Singapore government, in fact, only one person, one family , that is Lee Hsien Loong ! he

      • SIMPLE

        I wonder, why Singapore with no natural resources and limited space get to compare with Norway with all their North seas oil? Who make it possible? Roy?

      • @ SIMPLE

        Singapore no oil ?
        but has a lot of women resources that other oil countries do not have ,specially so many woman share one man.
        you are one of his special “oil” ….

  7. justice notice

    Attention please,

    here who made threaten to Roy , is the one who involved directly in the persecution action, They are only two or three cats, but work in the center Prime Minister office, started from the first day participates Implementation of persecution against Roy.

    They do nothing serious things every day, they full-time professional deal with Roy. they racked their brains want the Court obey their devil plan to get Roy bankruptcy .

    However God say NO, When God promises power to the individual, it is an amazing promise!

    Roy Ngerng Yi Ling — Singapore’s toiling masses need him . His wisdom and courage from God’s justice.

    • @ SIMPLE

      have you tell your man LHL immediately refund all extort money back to Roy ? that money is hot and bloody, how your man no feel shame . that question we may ask you here everyday , have you deliver the voice to your man ? that have you ask your man ? why he never turn up to answer us in person ? he used you here ? but you are useless for solve the solution .

  8. Aunt Emma

    Roy, this isnt really very well thought out is it? not because i have proof of whatever you say is wrong or right. in fact most of your articles are so long winded you lost me halfway. I cant even finish reading your article above but i have read enough to tell, if you are trying to go against the government, this really isn’t very smart way of doing. Your articulation of the issues itself is defamation. It is equally your side of the story of a set-up, a big conspiracy theory. You know what is the meaning of that? it means a SECRET plan, it means you are speculating that it is since it is meant to be a secret. You really think by protesting, by writing in such a manner, the government is going to own up that they have been siphoning money? And by this, the government will succumb to it and hey, demolish the whole CPF concept? What makes you think companies will be paying us the current salaries and that the money ‘belongs’ to us? The line is grey. they could just pay us ‘gross’ salary without having to contribute the extra 13% employer’s contribution nor employee’s contribution since these were all computed based on liquidity.

    No, Singapore does not need such as smart ass like you. thank God you have only garnered 100,000 in funds among 5 million population and that only a minority of the population is as naive as you are. lets see if this will be even be published.

    • Xmen

      Aunt Emma,

      You should be thanking Roy for your (husband’s) 6%, 5%, 4%, 3% CPF interest rate. Still below Malaysia but we are getting closer and will surely be competitive after the GE! GO ROY!

      Thanks for coming but there is no free chicken rice here… LOL.

    • we need a new leader government

      1) government ? depends on who is the leader ? if still LHL ? means his gossip woman doing nothing just full time job to get Roy bankrupt , being the leader of our country’s gangs to hurt Singaporeans ? coercion nothing wrong Roy apology ?

      Hello Singaporeans, do you want those gangs get out ?

      2) Singapire need a new leader , such as PAP’s Teo Chee Hean, he is good man, better than LHL.
      at least he has not cultivate female gangs in his office.

      3) Besides, Dr. Chee Soon Juan, He sacrificed his his health, family and children for Singapore, he is most qualified to serve Singapore as our new leader .

      4) Simultaneously, Mr. Low Thia Khiang, he comes from the people, his uprightness, reasonable manners, he sympathetic the people who live in his land, Singaporeans recognized him as our nationals new leader.

      5) Also, Ms. Sylvia Lim, She is very plain , upright style,beautiful figure and personality, she deserves our love to be our country’s one of the leader.

  9. Monkeys

    “Roy Ngerng doesn’t look like a threat to the Singaporean People’s Action Party. One would wonder how then after 55 years of rule that spans just three leaders would the Prime Minister find it necessary to launch a defamation suit against a man who describes himself as a “naive” sociopolitical blogger.”

    Why your leader so insecure? Eat too many peanuts is it?

    • AA

      As long as someone is being defamed, they have the rights to file a defamation suit. If not, they would appear guilty right?
      It’s not a matter of insecurity.
      I think it is Roy who has uncovered his own nakedness. Nothing but speculations, unsophisticated bar charts and statistics that are boring as heck.
      Dropped by again, after months of being away.
      And nothing has changed.
      Roy is like a broken record and a big fat joke.
      Change your strategy at least can?

      • @ Jim

        in your recoord , how many “someone” in Singapore after be defamed by the current ruler, still remain the safe ?
        you took the advantage of his secretary, but suspected of a crime.

        Roy needs not to change , the change coming will move ou out of the Office.

  10. PAPer Tiger

    You really make the PM, and Singaporeans, look VERY SHAMEFUL as human being. It is indeed Shameful to be raised and bred in Singapore. Shame to waste tax payers money in NS and reservist

    But you still did the right thing Roy. Make singapore the attention of the civilized international media, so that pressure will fall on those holding the powers to change and repent

  11. Alan

    Surely we have Roy to thank for. If not for his persistence, do we ever expect our PAP Govt to ever increase the CPF interest rate to up to 6% especially when they have kept insisting that the funds are tied to the govt bonds ? So how come they are now able to squeeze more money out of that inflexible deal that our CPF Board had with our Finance Ministry ? The extra money just dropped from the sky is it ? But why is this so, surely something must be obviously wrong with their long drawn argument ? Either that or someone must have been lying all this while ?

    So by recently increasing the CPF’s interest rate to a maximum limit of 6%, the PAP Govt must have realised that they couldn’t fool or bluff Singaporeans any longer. If Singapore’s economy is so much more efficient than Malaysia, surely it can afford to pay a higher CPF dividend than their Malaysian counterparts ? Instead our Singapore Govt has preferred to pay the Prime Minister a pay that ranks it several times higher than the US President’s pay but on the other hand can’t even match the record achievement of the Malaysian EPF Board in paying their members a dividend rate of no less than 6% without fail annually for the last few decades.

    If we CPF members are getting such a poor dividend rate from our CPF funds, surely our PM is not deserving of the pay that he and his father has been defending and demanding that our Ministers be paid such obscene levels ? The fact that the PAP Govt is taking some remedial action only recently is already proof that they have been very economical with the hard truth about CPF funds in the past, isn’t it ? Just too bad that for those CPF members who may have already exhausted their CPF savings, it is really almost like they have been conned of their rightful entitlements to a higher dividend rate if our PAP Govt had dealt with the issue more transparently.

    So do we want a Govt that choses to remain evasive about our CPF funds ? It is about time that we hold them responsible for giving excuse after excuse why our CPF funds couldn’t attract a better rate of return for our CPF members ? Do you prefer our Govt to continue paying themselves high pay & bonuses and instead of giving CPF members a more reasonable rate of return for our funds ? Remember our CPF funds are practically locked up until we reach our 60s, surely we should have the freedom to expend it in whatever manner we wishes and not forced to live as if we have to beg from them in the form of a monthly stipend ?

  12. You asked for it

    Knowing how Norwegians are and their respect for humans they will be aghast at the video that shows Roy Ngerng marching around the special needs children instead of showing respect to them and their families.

    The one thing Roy doesn’t have is integrity and the one thing Roy has is great acting to elicit sympathy by putting on that victimized face LOL

  13. You asked for it

    Some silly student festival and some silly new media start up called circus bazaar lol.

    It’s like going to an economics club at a university and everybody playing Wall Street bankers there lol!!

    By the way is it funded using his own savings? Flights alone should be nearing $1.5k.

  14. Legalage

    Anyone notice that some political website love to mix crimes and politics together? Are they associating the two? LOL
    Or maybe the city folks need to visit temples and learn obedience and repentance from people in high places? (Indirectly Striking fear of authorities further stiffering political discourse)
    Or maybe the city folks should be wary or suspicious of each other because there are criminals all around?(at the price of attacking the psyche of society and bye bye to kampong spirit and political discourse)
    what psycho people trying to psycho sow for money and power? LoL
    Anyone notice such low life tactics?

  15. Integer

    Giving a speech to a group of students in a foreign land equals zero recognition and acceptance. Only Roy can use this as a way to glorify himself. Yet he doesnt want to face the fact that people are laughing at him. He simply just ignore and make a stance for his supporters to see, regardless of how foolish and embarassing his antics are. What a shameless, no integrity habitual liar. Only a group of looney tunes figures which makes the disney figures look serious, supports him here. lol .

    • You asked for it

      Maybe Norwegians themselves don’t give much weight to that festival thing it’s just a gathering of students after all maybe like a discussion group or something lol. Roy made it sound like he made it to G7 or APEC or something lol!

      • we need a new leader

        of course, those G7 or APEC only suitable for multimillionaire, but we and they multimillionaire are in two different worlds.

        we would not applaud them, they are looting our national wealth for their own fortunes

        PM is the one example his’s wage more than 2.2 milliion USD so he belong to G7 or APEC
        and Roy is nothing, jobless, penniless,all his saving was extorted by PM cmpletely

        we think he is terrible PM in the World .he still owe us a answer, wht he must do that ruthless way to a normal people , why he divide his people without shy ? many questions in a long queue.

        when PM lock the door, Norwegians students offer a window for those misfortune Singaporeans, when we appeal in Singapore, Turn out that fate to us is bankrupt or jail life, or debts and son on……

        we appreciate them very much for provide a stage,and proud of them, they borrow an ears and listening our story –

  16. Takagee

    $$$$$$Another event was being held where our protest was held. When we marched past that event, the organisers of the event pushed some children out and said we “heckled” the children.

    If you do not know what “heckling” means, don’t worry, most Singaporeans at that time did not either. The government had purposefully chose that word to use.

    “Heckle” means to disrupt an event. But the government chose the word, “heckle”, because it gave a more negative connotation.$$$$$$$$

    Want to frame….why don’t use the word “hacking” instead? wahahahahaha

  17. Chris

    Roy always say that the government had not been taking care of Singaporean,that why they built house and shopping and garden for Singapore,if really not taking care,now you will still see old kampong house instead of tall building……am I right to say this?

  18. RoyalCasino

    in an Internet and highly mobile globalized world, the humble seed sown through the young can go very very far like gangnam style horse ride….heehor…heehor… right?

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  21. you have no cpf still talk so much shit

    lol roy ngerng dick suckers are all so stupid and deluded..pathetic useless fools

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