My Thoughts on Lee Kuan Yew and Singapore’s Future

Lee Kuan Yew Singapore Future

Photo credit for Lee Kuan Yew: Singapolitics

I was asked about my thoughts on Lee Kuan Yew’s “legacy”. This was my response. 

Lee Kuan Yew is respected by many Singaporeans, for what he has contributed to Singapore’s growth though I need to add that much of the development of Singapore in the early years has to also be attributed to a team of people, who have unfortunately been forgotten for their contributions. It might be more meaningful to talk of the contributions of them as a group – Goh Keng Swee, Toh Chin Chye, S. Rajaratnam etc – so that we can have a good sense of how Singapore’s success should be seen in perspective.

On the same note, Singapore’s economic development in the first 20 years of independence, from the mid-1960s to mid-1980s was actually on the right track, where wages were increasing, income inequality was decreasing and interest rates on the pension funds were increasing. In short, people’s lives were getting better. In the first 20 years of Singapore, the Singapore Model was working well because there was “balance”, where wages and the living standards were rising in tandem with growth.

However, from the mid-1980s, the new policies became decidedly less favourable towards Singaporeans, where the government reduced health subsidies and where public housing and education prices escalated by even several times over. From the mid-1990s, real wages for the low-income workers started stagnating and for the middle-income, this has been happening for the past 10 years. And some Singaporeans are today beginning to feel that Singapore is seeing a reversal of our fortunes in the last five to 10 years.

Rightfully or not, in the mid-1980s, when Lee Kuan Yew removed the “Old Guard” or first-generation leaders who has helped to build Singapore in the first 20 years and replaced it with the second-generation of leaders who were too eager to please, it caused the system to go out of balance, where we have reached a point today where wages are too low, prices are too high and where Singaporeans cannot save enough to retire, and poverty is estimated to have risen to even 30%.

As such, Lee Kuan Yew had a good team of people in place in the first 20 years of Singapore who worked with him to build Singapore but his team thereafter, from the 1980s, did not perhaps have the foresight and ethical beliefs as the “Old Guard” had, and because of that, the system could not be well-maintained.

As a result, this has contributed to the belief that the current PAP leaders are in the business of politics for money, also because they earn the highest salaries among politicians in the world, as well as because they have pegged their salaries to the richest in Singapore, who also earn the highest salaries among the developed countries.

Thus if you ask me, Lee Kuan Yew could have a much favourable legacy but his selection of people after the first-generation leaders, as well as their obedience in an effort not to offend him have resulted in a system which became lopsided, as they were too eager to get into his good books. Thus Lee Kuan Yew’s formidability and wrath became a double-edged sword. Some Singaporeans believe that Lee Kuan Yew’s dictatorial leadership in the earlier years of independence was necessary as it helped to fasten Singapore’s development but it is also this fear that has even stuck into the highest levels of governance that has caused an unquestioning principle towards his way of working which has also caused the policies to become skewed. At least the “Old Guards”dared to challenge him and maintain that stability and balance for Singapore.

I would say that Lee Kuan Yew’s temperament was a characteristic that moulded Singapore’s initial growth but it was also because of this unforgiving trait that has institutionalised fear into the system which has become an unhealthy impediment for the growth, and more importantly, sustainability of Singapore.

Thus moving forward, what does this mean for Singapore? I think Singapore has to go back to the basics. First, over the last 10 to 20 years (or even 30 years), policies that have been created have moved away from caring for the people. When the People’s Action Party (PAP) removed “equality” from their constitution and replaced it with “self-reliance” in 1982, that was when their policies became more selfish, if I may add. In a way, Lee Kuan Yew was instrumental to this as he was still the Secretary-General of the PAP when the constitution was changed and he was also the prime minister who retired the “Old Guards” in the 1980s and brought in the second-generation leaders who created the imbalanced policies.

What we need to do at this point is to undo some of these policies and their effects and to bring balance back to Singapore. Thus we need to increase wages to bring it parity, so that income inequality and poverty can be reduced. The government also needs to increase health and education subsidies so that all of Singaporeans can be uplifted, and not just the select few in the elites. Also, pension returns need to be returned to the people and transparently managed, so that Singaporeans will be protected for their retirement. In that sense, we have to remove or reduce a lot of the complications that have bogged down our system and which are making the system less efficient. We need to streamline the system and start making it more focused towards the people, and to protect the people.

In short, the government has to stop pursing a business/profit-motive and to start taking care of the people. The PAP over the past 30 years have steered away from the objective of governance – for the protection of the people, and so, either the PAP has to regain a sense of ethical responsibility or Singaporeans have to do what is right to for themselves and to vote in a new government that will take care of and protect them. I think the latter is a more viable alternative, seeing how the PAP has become rigid and entrenched in its ways and is resistant to change.

Singapore cannot continue on the current modus operandi that the PAP has taken for the past 30 years. We either have to go back to where Singapore was in the first 20 years, in terms of the balance that was attained, or to allow a renewal, where Singaporeans are engaged and empowered to make decisions for the country and partake in the country’s growth. The very reason why the first-generation leaders wanted to focus on educating the population was precisely because a more educated populace will be able to help the country grow.

The current development of Singapore is not sustainable if we continue on a model of self-inflicted price escalation and artificially-depressed wages where the growing inequality can tear the social fabric apart. We need to focus on bringing our country back to balance.

As such, is it to follow Lee Kuan Yew’s approach or is it to create a new approach? It really depends on which era and which team you are talking about. Where Lee Kuan Yew had a good team in the first-generation leaders, Singapore was progressing nicely. Where he later transited into a second-generation (and then third-generation) leaders who lack the gumption and who became submissive and less ethical in their approach, it has instead thwarted Singapore’s development path.

So, is it to follow Lee Kuan Yew’s approach or not? I would say it is about putting in a team which has the heart for Singapore and Singaporeans, as well as the other inhabitants on this island, and which have the foresight and belief to start re-investing back in Singaporeans, for our health and education, and retirement for the elderly, so that with the right commitment to the people, we can bring our country back on track. Where a dictatorial leadership might work in the earlier years of consolidation and growth, a more equitable and collaborative governance is needed now where the PAP does not monopolise or hold onto power stridently, but where governance becomes a shared and decentralised responsibility and distilled among the people.

Only with unity and equality, and justice and fairness, can we see Singapore move towards a brighter possibility, and this also requires Singaporeans to let go of the fear that the idea of Lee Kuan Yew has created, and to be willing to restart our engagement with our country.


  1. PAPer Tiger

    Perhaps we don’t have to worry much about LKY’s death. Didn’t he himself claim that he could resurrect himself from the dead, if things in s’pore is not right?

    However, his resurrection will not be true, if he is a liar, or a lunatic

    • The Silence of the Lambs

      he never release the good things influence our life.
      his death seems like a pointless plea for attention.


    Well written,, careful not to offend even the thick skinned leaders and basically, said what ought to have been obsertved by those in power. Unfortunately extreme greed corrupts the Godless and immoral hypocrites …….and that is to put it very bluntly , the whole truth of the matter..

  3. Majulah Singapura

    Hundreds of aging Singaporeans gather in an restaurant. They talk, shout, argue, and rant about the government. One of them went onstage and demands political change in the next elections; he was greeted with raucous applause and loud cheers.

    The attendees are mostly in their seventies or eighties. Several lean on spouses, children, or canes as they hobble to and from their seats. The restaurant staff has to make way for a wheelchair or two as they weave between the tables filling glasses with tea or orange juice.

    The third day of Lunar calendar New Year marks the annual lunch gathering in Singapore. Members of the movement of the 1950s and 1960s—former student activists, union leaders , and politicians—meet to reminisce about the old days.

    “Since the 1980s, I would say unless I’ve had really urgent matters to attend to, I’ve attended every year.” says 80-year-old Loh Miaw Gong, a tiny white-haired lady. She beat three other candidates in the 1963 General Elections to become Member of Parliament for Havelock. But she never took possession of her seat: she was arrested in October that same year and detained without trial for over six years.

    This assembly represents a slice of Singapore history omitted from school textbooks. these senior citizens were once at the forefront of the anti-colonialist movement on which the still-ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) rode to prominence and, They paid an high price for Singapore’s democracy, through arrests and detentions carried out by the PAP .

    Yet it is not without controversy. Critics have criticized the ruling party for clamping down on civil liberties—Singaporeans generally do not have freedom of assembly for protests and demonstrations. Remembrance of this tumultuous period has become particularly sensitive this year. The government is going all out to celebrate Singapore’s fiftieth year of independence under the “SG50” banner. Many aspects of the “Singapore story” are being emphasized, but these are unlikely to get much recognition. As it is, most young Singaporeans know next-to-nothing about the last generation’s role in the nation’s history.

    The PAP insists that sweeps such as Operation Coldstore in 1963—in which over an hundred individuals were detained without trial were necessary to contain the communist threat and protect Singapore. Historians who have suggested that the arrests were politically-motivated have been branded “revisionists,” their analysis countered with the erection of memorials and the republishing of Lee Kuan Yew’s old radio talks on the dangers of communism and the need for a merger with Malaysia. Singapore’s current Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong (the son of Lee Kuan Yew), who has governed since 2004, himself drew the link between questioning the narrative and questioning the legitimacy of the ruling party.

    “People wonder what brought us together. I believe the answer lies in a common suffering. We have been thrown into jail for months, years, because of a draconian law invoked by the party in power,” says 76-year-old Tan Kok Fang during his speech.

    Tan himself was arrested in 1963 under Operation Coldstore, and was detained for four-and-a-half years. He had been the external affairs secretary of the student union in Nanyang University.

    “It was the spirit of the time,” he adds. “Young people across the world were fighting the colonialists, and I wasn’t any different from a young person in Africa or South America. I am not a communist, but I felt, as a young man, we should do something for our country.”

    As with banquets, courses are brought out one-by-one, and attendees make conversation at their table as they toss the traditional Chinese New Year yusheng—a raw fish salad—and enjoy the fried prawns, braised vegetables, and roast chicken. The consensus is that the per-head cost of the lunch isn’t expensive enough for it to be real fin. On stage, performers take turns singing old favorites, buoyed by the support and enthusiastic applause of their comrades.

    The high point comes as the last courses are cleared away, and a line of singers file on to the stage. Lyrics, had been distributed to each table beforehand. Some reach for reading glasses while others squint at the sheet; as the choir belts into the microphones, it’s impossible to do anything but listen or sing.

    Then comes the final song, and printed lyrics are no longer needed. Every leftist worth his or her salt knows this one. A man pops up from his seat, clapping his hands over his head as he shouts the lyrics: “Unity, unity is strength!” It is, as far as I can tell, the Mandarin version of the famous union anthem “Solidarity Forever.”

    Nothing will bring back the Singapore of their youth. Many assembled will readily admit that the city has made impressive gains in the past fifty years.When asked about her impression of a 50-year-old sovereign Singapore, Loh laughs and looks into the distance, thinking. “ I have so many feelings about Singapore and our fiftieth anniversary.” She’s almost speaking to herself.

    Then she gathers her thoughts in the eye. “What we are most angry, most upset about is that they’re not only denying our contribution, but saying we threatened the nation. Lee Kuan Yew rose on the back of the students’ sacrifice.”

  4. HotAir

    Everyone starts with a deflated piece of rubber when blowing a balloon. As you blow into the rubber, it gets bigger. At 20% inflation, it is progressing well. At 50% inflation, very promising. As the balloon gets bigger and bigger and reaches 80% inflation, it becomes exhilarating and yet tense. At this pint, no one checked what kind of balloon it was.

    I think it is the kind that gets bigger and bigger til it explodes. So it doesn’t matter at what stage of inflation because it is part of the process leading to the end?

  5. Plim

    Who are you to question his achievements and what ifs. You Roy has done nothing at all that contribute to the nation and here you are scrutinizing lky. after you have devoted even just one percent of what the great man has achieved then come and brag.

    • You asked for it

      Exactly lol talking like a superstar hahaha.

      A superstar who secretly earns three thousand a month from foreigners then keep stating that he doesn’t have a job and no income and keeps asking for donations without any disclosure kekeke. You trust this man? Just this time last year he was still a lowly admin worker on contract service. And now he seems to think himself like Singapore’s savior kekeke.

    • Ayden

      @Plim, You are seriously confused with what is right and wrong!!! Shame on you!!! Why there is such people like you live in 21st century just by wasting foods.

    • jackfruit

      I suspect someone is supported by a foreign gay/lesbian organisation trying to create havoc in singapore and then remove constitution 377…

    • Hero

      Roy got one big achievement last year. He exposed to the whole world that PAP has been secretly taking Singaporean pension fund(CPF) for several decades.

      • lolz

        actually it wasn’t conclusively proven, and as i recall he was slapped on the wrist for that, and had to retract his statement, because it wasn’t true.

      • @ The Oracle

        lolz is The Oracle,

        you are isolated with the times, From your previous record, you are an opportunist. you used PM ,but you can not help Singapore.

    • Edwin

      I disagree. Roy has done a lot on the CPF issue, single-handedly and now being sued in Court. That is the big sacrifice for him.

      If the Government is so adamant that CPF is not a hot-button issue, one that can even lead to a GE loss of power, then why did they put out a slew of measures, convened a committee to review the CPF? How many have the guts like Roy to speak up?

      The problem with the government is one of top-down approach. They like to hear praises but try criticising them, you may not get a very warm response This can lead to the undoing of Singapore. This arrogant attitude also pervades to some extent at the civil servants level at the upper levels. That reluctance to listen is a major concern these days.

    • lolz

      i actually agree with you, and I think that this is a talent in and of itself: how many leaders have failed because they made enemies of the West?

      • @ lolz

        if you really care PM.
        this time you must send him a golden card
        with the appreciation
        instead of talking nonsense of the enemies of the West?

  6. good turn

    Logically, LKY is so super rich , live so super well, has so super class medical team taking super care,
    he should not soon be critically ill in the ICU.

    Have to admit , It has closely related Karma and the person who advised LHL illegally conduct a series actions of persecuting those poor Singaporeans , namely, the fault party sued innocent people that has seriously offended the rules of the heaven.

    that gangs must bear all the consequences. resign from the office

    Roy has done the tremendous research for the progress of Singapore future . he sacrificed his own young life and time. for most of Singaporeans , he is the incarnation of Lim Chin Siong, has deeply loved by the general public of Singapore. Roy is a great son of Singaporeans !

    the same happened in 50 years ago, many of Singaporeans had done a great contribution for this beloved land, but LKY took away of their chance, his achievement is persecuting his ally, teacher , lawyer, principal , business man, student , doctor….as long as the intelligent people , he jealous them, he want to become self-styled “king”. so he took the opportunity when people not beware of him. he is not a great man, he is an villain. People hate him. Lee Kuan Yew’s death, is actually contributed in advancing Singapore .

    what is why Singaporeans calls for a new leader, a new administration team.

    Singaporeans welcome Dr. Chee Soon Juan and Mr.Low Thia Khiang be the new leader . At least they do not have the criminal record of harm others.

    • lolz

      no… just a record of ineptitude and populist policies which only serve the vocal minority, and only in the short term at that.

    • dysfunction

      Lol i agree. believe in this because if you want us to go back in the 1950-60s where you maybe killed on streets by pro- communist and their supporters then let it happen. Even if you have few hundred thousand now when it happen you will have nothing then. Because it will restart from zero when our dollars lose its intergrity in the international scene becos of Instigations and Riots!

  7. Someone

    Roy is just full of shit. Pretend to praise LKY in his articles in the beginning, but always end up criticise him. Damm wayang. Broke back mountain anyone?

      • @ SIMPLE

        Roy is an honest guy,
        the lies, ” the mediocre and the desperate and weak willed ” ——— is you and your man.

      • lolz

        only people like you, who can’t even write grammatical English, will think that he is right…….

      • @ lolz

        but your english is shit.
        you want grammar ?
        go to join grammar debate in UK la,
        why you come to Roy’s blog ?
        when we ask for a new leader
        and you ask for a grammer
        shit !

    • Edwin

      His death was long and agonizing. I am glad he is finally gone. I admire him and also disliked him. He could have been less dominating, a bit more compassionate. That is where his detractors will now celebrate his death. And many supporters quietly admit his methods were overly harsh.

      A few days ago, I found a 2011 Youtube rambling interview of LKY by a team of rather meek looking journalists. They looked intimidated. Only one young lady persisted in debating with LKY. I had to shut off the video after the while. My, this man never mellowed. It was 2011 and LKY had stepped down from power long ago but he spoke with the forcefulness as if he is still in charge. He called Chee Soon Juan and JBJ duds. He is not a forgiving person, seldom a kind word for others. His opponents (not enemies) are not worth the shit in his eyes. He grinds them to the ground. JBJ is already dead and yet he called him a dud.

      I then watched the next video in which he sounded quite angry when a young Filipino student on scholarship asked how his wife had played a role in his life. He was very abrupt and said what is between him and his wife stays within the family, period. I was shocked.

      Here was a young student asking a perfectly good question. In the Western culture, you pay tribute to your wife. In 2011, his wife had passed away a year earlier. Not a word of tribute. But did he not disclose in Parliament that he lived off his wife’s earnings? That was during the motion to raise the Ministers pay.

      I was pissed off. I had gone to the temple to pray for him when the news broke of his pneumonia But the youtube videos made me so angry at this man. He does not deserve my sympathies.

  8. Tribute to the People

    after read Roy’s article, we sincerely admire a truly mature elite in Singapore.

    we very agreed Roy’s analysis and political insight. It is extremely fair, frank views.

    ” the contributions of them as a group – Goh Keng Swee, Toh Chin Chye, S. Rajaratnam etc – so that we can have a good sense of how Singapore’s success should be seen in perspective. ”

    Precisely ! in the first 20 years, due to Singapore have these ” Old Guard ” , Lee Kuan Yew dare not divert the people’s pension shift into his daughter-in-law’s huge bonus.

    since ” Old Guard ” are dead , so Singaporeans strongly demand ” young Guard ” like Roy and HanHuihui on behalf of the people , In cooperation with the opposition parties, building up a newly development democratic country . As long as the public unity, People are the masters of this day will be achieved.

    Singapore is the people’s Singapore !

  9. Jialat

    The old man ensure that those under him have lower or much lower IQ. Those not under him also IQ very low HAAAAa

  10. PAPer Tiger

    Singapore Island, Lee and Sons one party police state threatens those who believe he is dead

    To many Singaporeans the reported “critically ill” Lee Kuan Yew on life support is actually already dead, regardless what the island’s state controlled papers say. Many believe that he died as far back as weeks ago. And can anyone fault them in believing this?

  11. @ The Oracle

    Stooge – lolz – The Oracle , pls come in :

    1. Undoubtedly, all Singapore accent opinion, is absolutely true. TRS represent the general opinion is true.

    2.So ? even you are none “English” face, but talking Singlish , Malay, Tamil…you have no advantageous. you angry ? who cares !

    3. you are the male favor the ‘office cats’ . nothing benefit with the nationals. people Judging PM should look at his office woman’s behavior, from the record their demeanor with the bitch and terrorist no difference.

    ” hateful ” ?

    — while you threatened to bomb the people ‘s house , while the ” PM office ” threatened to cut off the people’s head. while you civil servant scold your people are losers…. while you gangs plot to humiliate the nationals ….

    seems you are running an “hateful” factory, you produced the ” hateful ” – that is your only product , and you get profit from that .

    — You improve yourself is not obtained by sue for defamation. only if you are a primary level, an explaining will be given.

    — LHL ? Frankly, he did not have a bit of wisdom, he used the wrong team, such as you – slayer , The Oracle, Viper, Jim , QQ, Jg… those gossip level…. those bad team misled him . destroy him . if he change these gangs, he will be an healthy person .

    4. Mr. Ngerng’s case is a typical example that gangs control the law and above the law. you narrow sense of thinking, unworthy be the ruler.

    5. Actually, LHL and Mr.Ngerng both did nothing big wrong thing , the mistake party are the middle agent – the gangs, included you.

    • lolz

      haha! your ‘argument’ is full of personal attacks and loopholes. can’t refute my points so you call me names? so mature.

      1. Who is ‘The Oracle’? You have no proof, but want to hurl accusations and call me names.

      2. How do you know that TRS represents the general population? It only represents the population of the vocal minority – do you think the majority of the Singaporeans, the middle class, will bother to sit down and write poorly researched and articulated articles sniping at the government pointlessly (and often with factually incorrect evidence)?

      3. Wah so clever SIOLZ can see faces through your computer screen! And when did I say I’m angry? I don’t expect you to care if I’m angry, because I also don’t care whether you are butthurt (which you clearly are LOL hence the multiple personal attacks – I win, I think, at this trolling game).

      4. Who said I’m male? And what are ‘office cats’? Please provide a proper definition, don’t make up your own terms and just expect people to understand what you mean 🙂 If you mean civil servants, permanent or press secretary etc, please refer to them clearly. And don’t compare them with “the bitch and terrorist”, who is ‘the bitch’ in the first place?

      5. Do you even know who terrorists are? Singapore’s attack on McDonald House (I assume that’s the event you are referring to) was not planned and executed by Singaporeans, but by Islamic fundamentalists in Indonesia who believe in a radical form of Islam. This has nothing to do with the politics in Singapore.

      6. Since when the PM office threaten to cut off people’s head? The PM’s office has no such power, and PM Lee is certainly not draconian enough to do such a thing. For one thing, Singapore’s method of execution is lethal injection, I doubt that there are any more countries that practice capital punishment by beheading. Secondly, if you really think PM Lee is so horrible, why don’t you move to another country? There are so many other countries where the leaders are certainly powerful and ruthless enough to do such a thing – Mao’s China, North Korea and the USSR, just to name a few, although two out of three of them no longer exist.

      7. If you hate Singapore and its leaders so much, why are you still here? I guess after all that I have said to defend the actions of the government and to try and persuade you to seeing my point of view, if you really think that Singapore is so bad and the government hates the people, why don’t you move to another country? The US, UK – both countries have excellent welfare systems; is that what you want of Singapore? There are many other things I could say, like how you seem to have a very poor opinion of LHL if you think that he can be so easily misled by people you think are his subordinates, who work in his office for him. But at the end of the day, if you are really so resentful and unhappy about the leadership in Singapore and the reactions you get from posting your extreme views online, maybe you should leave Singapore and find somewhere to be happy.

      p.s. haha RN deleted my initial comment? Well done Roy, now you are no better than Tan Chuan-Jin. 🙂

      • @ lolz

        PM is not a fix person,
        PM can change
        maybe , possible ,
        if change, you move to other country la
        join Islamic fundamentalists in Indonesia who believe in a radical form of Islam.
        otherwise , go to suicide, ok
        or execution is lethal injection.

      • @ lolz

        always said…” you hate Singapore … you hate PM …..”,
        “PM” or ” Singapore” become you gangs scapegoat ?
        the thief inside the PM’s office were difficult to prevent !

  12. @ The Oracle

    let’s look at an elite ‘s writing on MARCH 19, 2015 – 7:15 PM here, below the responds accordingly:

    ” 1. TRS is not a reliable source of information because it’s user-submitted, and not even run by Singaporeans, just some Australians looking to make a quick buck off people like you. I don’t think you should so readily believe in the things written on that website, since it is mostly unverified information. ”

    —- only you mouth is reliable ? others are not reliable, you use to by this way console your leader ? no woder even the leader did not know why he is so unpopular.

    ” 2. Do you know English? There’s no point trying to use big words when you can’t use them properly and it is difficult to understand what you are trying to say.”

    —- you even don’t have an english color , but keen on pretend English show off, why don’t speak in Malay or Tamil ? you look down their brown color ? why you stay in Malay’s land ? Do repair your hearts first, it more important than speaking in white man’s english . particularly you inside the PM office. always making negative and useless effects.

    ” 3. Before you start spouting off nonsense about ‘office cats’ or ‘bitch team’, you may want to consider this: you’re very active on this website, always commenting hateful remarks about LHL or other politicians or the government in general. If the government is really as autocratic as you seem to think they are, don’t you think they would have hauled you up for libel as well? The very fact that you’re safe behind your computer screen even after saying all these things means that you are wrong about him. And LHL isn’t as powerless as you seem to think he is. ”

    —– no one like to use ” bitch” as gift to others , unless evidences on the table. actually someone help sent to your Court already . about libel ? your libel lawsuit was not universal worldwide available.

    “4. How many private bank accounts have been published? Has yours? No, because no one cares. His treatment of Ngerng may have been very harsh, but that is because Ngerng really defamed him and damaged his reputation, as seen by people like you who keep harping on the CPF matter even after it has been resolved.”

    —- whatever you published Mr. Ngerng’s private account or others , it is illegal. it indirectly threaten others.
    This is why the people blame Prime Minister Lee, how he can do it ? How people trust his office again ? if PM office student did it, a very poor or inadequate example , but people considered is PM himself did that.

    ” 5. Why do you believe everything that Ngerng says so readily? It is so easy for you to accept that the government has their own agendas and motives in doing what they do, what makes you think Ngerng is so altruistic and innocent, then? The man organized a fund-raising to pay his lawsuit — don’t you think that is taking advantage of his own supporters? How then, is this different from what you accuse the PM of ? ”

    —- maybe LHL is innocent, but 100% sure Mr. Ngerng is innocent as well. the team perhaps is innocent too .
    let us see you stop to sue Roy and five others or not , stop ask them for money, that will be the perfect conclusion .

    If do not agree with each other, at least not to prosecute the people. Punishment only for those who in murderers, robbers, stealing guilty. Never punish the poor.

    Bring the pains to others is irreparable, that you can not experience it

  13. whylikethat

    Cultural medallion, Singapore’s highest arts honor writer Mohamed Latifah Mohamad is migrating to Australia

    He said, “I feel very saaaaad, no words to descriiiiiibe it”

    He is leaving his beautiful and spacious woodland home( he will probably miss sleeping in the void deck?)and the best city in asia for slacker kangaroo land(no new water to rejuvenate and restore your youthfulness )

    • GreatOceanReef

      Sinkapok…very cozy…people mountain people sea…he will miss the kapok spirit of pap and working horse spirit..his lost

    • Haleemah

      Actually, sg small got small advantage you know. When you fart your neigbor can smell it and they very nice you know. They will brew liang cha for you and you drink already your fart smell like Chanel no 1288

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    @ lolz
    You f#cking stink! with mouthful singlish asking me do you know English, goose bumps shitting in your pants. dork !

    • lolz

      haha, now even your insult doesn’t make sense! throwing a bunch of profanities together doesn’t make the insult worse or any more creative 🙂

  16. @ " lolz "

    this ” lolz ” is ” The Oracle “, an Indian accent Singaporeans, his survival rely on the number of PM’s lawsuit, PM filed more lawsuits against the people, he got more richer , no conscience, Singaporeans future life has nothing to do with him.

    • lolz

      you racist? you got something against Indians? how many lawsuits has PM filed against the people now? and how do you think I have been benefitting? do you think I sit in the PM’s office and the PM takes his cash and distributes it as yearly bonus? LOL!

      also, how must I act to have a conscience, according to you? blindly hate on everything PM Lee does and follow Roy’s convoluted way of thinking? I suppose that for you to even finish reading his long rambly posts is an accomplishment in itself already, well done! The future of Singapore totally rests in your hands!!!!! Go forth with your new power and make Singapore a better place!!! Oh, I forgot, except for me and the ‘office cats’ and ‘bitch team’, because we have no conscience and are just Indian-accented Singaporeans who hate people like you 🙂


    在新加坡,如果被执政者控告, 就是说他们带着队伍上门打架啦。 他们打人的工具不是棍子和鞭子, 而是比棍子鞭子更伤人筋骨的”律师” .

    为了赚打架人的钱,新加坡大法庭和大律师都忙得来不及收钱啊,最后弱势一方被活活“打死了”,靠致人死地如此大发横财的人竟然以傲慢的口气公然挑战 : “ 你懂什么是英文吗 ?”

    意思是, 如果懂“英文” 的話,才是”上等人”, 儘管他是赤裸裸的有色人種 。

    隆重祝贺各党各联盟团结起来,你们倍受人民愛戴與推崇,應担當起时代赋予的重大使命 ,为国牺牲 ,光耀祖宗, 帶領新加坡各界人士共同進步 。

  18. legacy

    In this highly competitive island – Singapore, 98% local female from birth to death are never experienced in love, or dating, or got marriage… children no father, woman no man …what legacy ? any advantages of english speaking ? offer your whole life for others only , those enjoy life all are foreigners .

  19. @ lolz

    always pretend ” … oh we rely on our PM… and you insult our PM…” ,
    but full of dirty dust on your face , how ugly imaging you represent this PM ,
    even never washing your hands …. even the heart is black…
    smelly out !

      • @ The Oracle = lolz = suck PM' pocket money

        don’t understand ?
        pig fucker
        u son of a fucking bitch
        motherfucking cock sucker
        motherfucker,dumb fuck
        fugly whore,fugly bitch
        Shut the fuck up,u motherfucking son of a bitch!
        Fucking fuck u singlish indian shit fucking fuckers 1

      • @ lolz

        Open letter to @ lolz ( he is “The Oracle “, also is PM’s lawyer ),

        I never learned English, but I’ll recognize people, such as you and the gangs .

        you use your whole life learn Singlish , the first, your singlish is not available in the global market. ok.

        the second, If you have really received an English education, you should know a fact that British prime minister or their Queen Elizabeth never prosecute their nationals. especially their media and judiciary are independent. that is the rules .

        You knew the ill omen will happen if you recommended PM carry on the series of persecution, but you need his money.

        the next, you and the gangs show to the global , Singapore PM Lee used such abnormal psychology man as his lawyer , calls the retribution coming in advance.

        you misled PM and brought the negative effects to end his father’s life .
        You are a duck alive just for the money !

  20. 內部參考:双面李光耀

    李光耀第一次访华1976年5月10日, 李光耀率领由多名部长级官员组成的代表团首次终于来到中国。






    李光耀受英国教育,是只会以自己当前利益为基准行事者。自认是高等华人,在华人面前作威作福,在西方面前假装已经彻底融入美国式的民主,免不了有二鬼子心态, 屡次心血来潮对中国大放厥词满嘴喷粪,其对新加坡人民的统治更以残酷野蛮闻名遐迩,中世纪奴隶主的鞭刑至今还是新加坡的“国粹”。就这样一个还没有“夜郎国”大的暴君,对“民主体制不感兴趣”的獨裁者, 把自己全家的人都当上政府千萬富翁高官。


    但李光耀的“反华”行径,从他执政新加坡开始阶段就已经展开。首先他的是在新加坡掌权资产阶级代表人物,仇视华人, 这包括对过去马共(新加坡)的支持者。为了在这世界上过得好,反华与亲华于一体, 不惜哗众取宠勾心斗角两面三刀。

  21. bah chor mee

    PM Lee and Family

    Some of us know that they are supposed to feel sad at the passing of MM Lee.

    In any event, now that MM Lee is dead, can you return our parents’ CPF monies to them, that your father has coerced them to “contribute” over the years when your father was alive?

    We know it’s a fact that a significant portion of our CPF monies have been lost in wasted investment through you and Ho Ching via Temasek Holdings. But we will be thankful if you still can return whatever is left back to us.

    We promise not to apply for summary judgement against your family in the abovementioned extortion, as well as other atrocities your family has enacted upon your fellow Singaporeans, including acts through Internal Security Department. It is now common knowledge that you jailed a lady from our pioneer generation, before she has an opportunity to step into her election-won Havelock zone then, without trial for 6 years. Is that how you intend to celebrate SG50 too?

    We’ll leave your family’s reputation and judgement to the international civilized community, who is not under any vested interest to or threat under your shriveling political reach, which has now decomposed further with Mm Lee’s death.

    Return CPF to our pioneer generations in this year of SG50. Save all your rhetorical Machiavellian policies propagated through your state-controlled media, to spare further local and international squirming embarassment to Singaporeans, if not for yourself, please.

    Afterall, it is the living who needs and can spend money, not the dead.

  22. PAPer Tiger

    Time to meet your maker, wish you good luck !
    Time and tide wait for no man
    Karma is the law of the universe
    You reap what you sow
    PAP know what they done , and even if you think you got away with it , karma catches up with you in many ways that you will relate to later
    Welcome to karma restaurant , there’s no menu , you get served what you deserve

  23. agenda

    refer to TRS article “Is the Singaporean taxpayer subsidising Ho Ching’s bonus” by Kenneth Jeyaretnam.

    As stakeholders of Temasek Holdings, all citizens have the right to know not only the bonus of its CEO but the annual pay package of all its directors.

    PAP is obligated to disclose the amount of reserves used to remunerate Temasek directors. Instead, PAP has privatised public funds and Temasek has no statutory obligation to disclose any information it prefers to conceal.

    Last year, Temasek and the PMO refused to reply to my query on Temasek directors’ remuneration. Why? Is the remuneration so highly embarrassing if disclosed? After some research, I estimate Temasek CEO’s pay package to be at least $20 million. This is based on the following:

    – In 2012, the compensation of DBS Group CEO Piyush Gupta hit a record of $9.33 million.
    – In 2011, Keppel Corp CEO’s package totaled at least $11.6 million.

    According to a post in 2010, Alex Au inferred from Temasek CEO-designate Charles Goodyear’s compensation at BHP and his highly educated guess was that Ho Ching was paid between $8 million and $24 million. That was more than a year after global stock markets had hit bottom in March 2009.

    Based on Temasek’s portfolio increasing by $133 billion, group shareholder equity increasing $122 billion and Temasek operating on a commercial basis, Ho’s leadership role should earn her at least $20 million.

    Recall the PAP rewarded its ministers with 19-month bonuses in 2008 after global stock market had collapsed. Since Temasek operates on a commercial basis, its CEO bonus should be nothing less than PAP’s 19 months.

    Annual pay/monthly salary – 13 months = bonus

    Similar to PAP, Temasek has an even more complicated remuneration structure which basically reveals NOTHING. Stated under its ‘Remuneration Philosophy’:

    1 “Our base salaries reflect market benchmarks” – There are no benchmarks in dollar terms.
    2 “..volunteered up to 25% pay reductions” – Again there are no specifics. Perhaps the CEO took only a 5% pay cut? Then again, if the base pay was reduced from a stratospheric level, similar to our ministerial pay, wouldn’t that be still high?

    Temasek’s complicated bonus payout (similar to PAP’s policies in housing, CPF, etc) comprises the following:

    1 Annual Cash Bonuses
    2 Rolling S$ total shareholder return (%)
    3 Wealth Added (WA) Bonus Bank – medium term incentive
    4 Co-ownership Grants – long-term incentive
    5 Co-ownership Alignment in Practice
    6 WA Incentives of key team

    After so much disclosure on its remuneration philosophy, Temasek has still not stated how much of our reserves have been paid to all its 500 employees and directors. $500 million? $1 billion? What exactly is Temasek trying to conceal from the public by publishing totally irrelevant information?

    Totally irrelevant information even includes the weight profile of its staff ! Would any investor require this sort of information from the fund manager?

    When GPFG, which manages more than $1 trillion, can afford to be totally transparent, does it not raise suspicions that Temasek has been concealing what’s probably embarrassing information?

    In Temasek Review 2014, Temasek claims to have delivered annualised returns of 15% for investments made after 2002 whereas investments made prior to March 2002 delivered an annualised 11% since 2002. Coincidentally, Ho Ching became a director in May 2002 and CEO in January 2004.

    It appears the stage has been set to reward its CEO par excellence with a generous amount of our reserves. Temasek could clarify but of course it wouldn’t.

    In Kenneth’s article, he highlighted the construction of Changi Airport Terminal 5, which if transferred to Temasek for a nominal sum, will subsequently reap a huge gain for Temasek. He also mentioned that should Temasek CEO receive even “1% of the value accretion from floating CAG, this could be worth up to$500 million at some point in the future”.

    Through zero effort, unless outstretched arms to receive our family jewels count, should any bonus be accrued to Temasek CEO or any directors?

    If my grandfather gives me a house be bought for $50,000 40 years ago and the house was recently valued at $5 million, I can boast of a 12.2% annualised return or a $4,950,000 profit which is of course untrue. Alternatively, I could be humble and admit I never made the money because it was actually ‘Ah Kong’ money.


    Temasek manages our reserves and every citizen has a stake in them. The remuneration of Temasek CEO should not be kept secret.

    PAP has been totally opaque where the transfer of national assets to Temasek is concerned. Temasek has also gone to great lengths to prevent public knowledge of its CEO’s remuneration.
    The poor corporate governance and PAP’s opacity are a cause for concern.

    Based on PAP’s history of obscenely rewarding itself with out-of-this-world salary and bonuses, Temasek CEO’s pay package is estimated to be at least $20 million, probably more.

    Temasek’s disclosure of its CEO’s pay package should not be seen as a favour to citizens or the Singapore parliament will risk becoming a laughing stock.

  24. 人民的領袖林清祥










    馬紹爾領導的新加坡代表團裡面有李光耀, 李善長搞小動離間代表團成員,使後者在毫無防患下被打入冷宮 ,馬紹爾在6月辭去首席部長職。



    李光耀借用馬來亞的東姑之手將林清祥一網打盡。 就在這時發生變化,1956年10月,政府逮捕和拘留219人,其中包括林清祥、方水雙、蒂凡那、兀哈爾和詹姆斯普都遮里。

    林清祥等人, 在不知情的情況下被捕,使到支持林清祥的力量在人民行動黨中受挫,這些重要人物都無法參加1959年的大選。李光耀挑撥離間的計謀得逞。選舉結果,人民行動黨在51席中贏得43席而上台執政。李光耀當上自治邦首任總理。在上台之前,林清祥、方水雙及蒂凡那等人還傻傻地在牢獄裡等待『戰友李光耀』前來搭救獲得釋放。

    1961年,林清祥與李光耀公開分道揚鑣,林清祥離開人民行動黨,另組社會主義陣線(社陣),由李紹祖擔任主席,林清祥出任秘書長。此時熱切的課題是馬來西亞將新加坡併入其中。尖銳的鬥爭越發升級 。

    1963年2月2日,眼看林清祥東山再起, 李光耀再次背後出其不意, 聯合他人之手展開“冷藏行動”逮捕397人,包括林清祥 。這是林清祥第二次被扣捕, 被指為共產黨。監禁多年,失去自由一直被折磨到1969年林答應辭去所兼社陣秘書長職,宣佈退出政壇,才獲得釋放。 一個新加坡土生土長的華人被迫飄洋過海到倫敦過著流放生涯。

    1995年2月5日,一生沒有吃好穿暖的林清祥病逝, 終年62歲。

  25. Edwin

    Singapore is now at a major cross-roads. The world economy is much more challenging. It matters little what Spore does within its borders, the future is very tough for Spore and for many countries.

    It does not help that Spore base cost is now so much higher compared to the time LKY stepped down at PM. A HDB apartment is now several 100 K compared to just a few 10 Ks back in in the 80s. Back in the 70s, 2-room flats were only 7 K. Have salaries gone up enough to bridge the gap? And cost of living is fast eroding the savings.

    Everything has gone up in cost. A coffee (or I call some the diluted black water) at HDB coffee shops is now at least $1.00. That is the simple joy for most residents. So even if one does not eat anything else, it is $30 per month. Then what about public transport, etc.? Many are suffering. How long will that be endured?

    The CPF was the hottest issue. Roy did Spore a big favour (at great sacrifice to his personal life and finances) by challenging the government. It touched raw nerves. After weeks of ignoring him, the newspapers were flooded with information about CPF. A special committee had to be formed to look at solutions. They knew it was rousing up a lot of public concern.

    There are other hot-button issues. It is a big uphill battle to convince the electorate now. People now question, debate on social media, make loud criticisms, etc. The genie is out of the bottle

    How it translates to votes will be a most interesting issue very soon.

  26. Jackfruit

    So many low life blaming the govt on everything ..losers and freaks ! And surely someone here is financed by some external forces trying to bring singapore down. BastArds! And roy, u keep saying cf only 4%, u forgot the govt mandates employers to contribute 17% ? It’s a whole package, idiots !

    Flame me if u want, all curses will go back to u in double without me even replying.

    Low life idiots.

    • @ Jackfruit

      this ” Jackfruit ” is ” Plim “, her another mark is ” Viper “,
      a single woman, working inside the ” team “, but no big ability, only in charge of shouting, stomping, hopping.

      you may consult your lawyer – – ” The Oracle” , how to defeat the enemy - the low life idiots… losers and freaks…
      sure, his english grammar will help you solve your headache.

      • lolz

        a little narcissistic of you to call yourself our enemies – that implies that we need to ‘defeat’ you when that is hardly the case at all, since you are so irrelevant to Singapore and Singaporean politics.

      • @lolz

        ” we ” = 2 male + 3 female inside of the OFFICE

        ” defeat ” = extort , bankrupt people , give a bad name and hang him

        ” Singaporean politics ” = ” Do you know Einglish? ” + try to prove what nobody doubts – CPF is not related with Temasek !

        ” Singapore ” = 2 male + 3 female inside of the OFFICE = others all get out !

  27. The Oracle

    It has been quite a while since I even looked at this blog but I see it is the same group of malcontents lapping up every drop of “truth” Roy tosses your way from his loins.

    The king is dead, long live the king!

    • @ The Oracle

      in Roy’s blog, you are mark is ” Slayer ” or ” lolz “,

      but your reqal name is Davinder Singh Sachdev (Punjabi: ਦਵਿੰਦਰ ਸਿੰਘ ਸਚਦੇਵ; born 1 August 1957), a divorced man.

      Your life fortune, solely rely on the lawsuit case for Lee Kuan Yew and his son Lee Hsien Loong , this two generations defeat the Ordinary Singaporeans’ litigation case.

      you got more wealth if they sued more Singaporeans .

      there is no one stop them, included you, included his Office team !

      no one have a bit of moral, no conscience ! you are the bastard !

      if we said, they came to the menopause, they were sick sometimes, but you and PM office woman did not sick, each of you much more sober than the 60-year-old man, what were you doing !

      since last year, you knew there is 91 years old founder father at home , You should do more good things, avoid manufacturing retribution . what were you doing !

      last year whatever local writer begging you, pls be mercy for those poor Singaporeans , public appeal to you, please stop hurt the poor Singaporeans , you and the OFFice team don’t want to stop. I am here , open my eyes monitor everything happened in Singapore !

      you and the team, together blockade the whole truth, Even PAP ministers have been deceived by you.

      till 05 Feb 2015 LKY admitted to the hospital, you still extort money from the poor Singaporeans ? the next day ,on 06 Feb 2015, what were you doing ? still torture people, gave people false charges , add false sin to the people . you sit in air-conditioned room, playing the so-called singlish grammar, dare to challenge the rules of heaven . just one and half months,
      you and the gangs caused LKY died on so rush .

      We Chinese believed retribution , why ” OFFICE ” don’t believe it , because of you are not Chinese, so you only believe in money or cheating or Singlish grammar ?

      People above 55, Authoroty have to fully respect each citizens wishes , they want CPF fully refund , pls return to them .
      don’t create any excuse for illegal occupy . Authority only can keep for those who don’t want CPF back or those give up to join the medical support.

      Tell the CPF, Public opinion cannot be resisted, otherwise, karma retribution will visit again !

      • The Oracle

        Hahahaha! What, you can’t believe more than one person finds Roy pathetic and his followers even more so? I am not Lolz or Slayer or anybody else – I only ever post as The Oracle.

        And I have news for you… It took 50 years to build Singapore into one of the world’s greatest success stories. The foundations are strong and the people who share LKY’s vision are still here and will continue to defend that vision from people who have no vision and no plan for Singapore other than “give me my CPF”! 50 years from now, Singapore may be a very different place but it won’t happen at the next general election or the one after that.

      • @lolz

        “greatest success stories” = hype + propaganda

        “share LKY vision ” = you middlemen had already destroyed LKY’s propaganda .

        “give me my CPF” = according to LKY said .” the first priority for Singaporeans, is the welfare, then , talk about democracy “. where is it ? spent his whole life a giant misled a group of people.

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  30. Edwin

    As I have said, I admire LKY and also disliked him. Anyone in public life for that long has to face the assessment of history. I do not believe in blind adulation. Just because LKY is dead does not mean people cannot debate about his merits and errors. Let us not create a cult figure.

    LKY, Mao, Gandhi, Saddam, Gaddafi, Mandela, etc. were all international figures. Everyone did good and bad. Some did a lot more bad than good. The same was with LKY. He was no saint. His ruthlessness belied his fear any anyone who even mildly challenged him had to be stamped down and demolished. “Demolish” was the word he used over and over again.

    Historians will assess him in the years to come. As for some who thinks that those who criticize here are those who have not made it in life, they are making baseless assumptions.

    The spotlight is not Roy. He is just a sincere person voicing his views. That the government failed to engage him in quiet dialogue and even hire him to do a greater good for Singapore, is regrettable. Roy is not out to demolish the PAP or Singapore. And name-calling Roy or even looking down on him will not make him disappear from the social media too.

    So, calm down. Roy is here to state his views and we can state ours too. But no need to be vicious.

  31. PAPer Tiger

    LKY, if you cannot fufilll your following own statement, you are either a liar or lunatic: “Even from my sick bed, even if you are going to lower me into the grave and I feel something is going wrong, I will get up.”

    If you wish to be more professional in reporting news about yourself more accurately, give a speech ‘live’ from chinatown on any day in 2015.

    Otherwise, your credibility will be further eroded and your influence will diminish, like your son’s little peanuts of the south.

  32. lea xian loon

    Perhaps the author of Demon-cratics would like to add a cartoon to honour the ingenious <16 year old boy, who saw through the 'emperor's new clothes'?

    To think that millions of tax payers $ have used to safeguard the goct websites is foiled by a boy during his spare time in the Mar holidays! Its a reflection of how the citizens' tax payers' $CPF are also used

  33. 李光耀前总理署政务次长陈新荣:谈谈李光耀和我








    这个春节期间我到柔佛新山探亲访友,在会晤趁假日专程来敘旧的新加坡朋友们的时候,大家除了互相问候近况之外,话题自然免不了谈到李光耀。他们催促我赶快把人们已知及未知的我和李光耀相处的陈年旧事写下来,以免误传。他们当中有一位提醒说:「当儿子的未必知道老爸的一切。」是的,这使我想起新加坡英文《海峡时报》2009年出版的那本《白衣人》。那本书有一章专谈陈新嶸。说李光耀选择陈新嶸当「最高助理」和「深为信赖的朋友」,在用陈新嶸做总理署政务次长之前,不是不知道陈新嶸是个「马共分子」。我发觉《海峡时报》这本书,把陈新嶸当次长的权力夸大到当事人本身也不敢相信。现在確实有必要让读者朋友们瞭解实际情况啦!其实李光耀在「重用」陈新嶸的同时,也佈置不少人(包括和陈新嶸一起工作的行动党干部、立法议员、政务次长)向他打小报告。还有,在总理署的公务员中有位曾经被王永元下令迁出市长公署、后来被李光耀重用的、直接听命于「凤凰园」的英国MI-5特工,更不曾放鬆对陈新嶸KEEP AN EYE。

    我不否认,从1957年李光耀找我帮他把演讲稿翻译成华文、教他学讲华语。 我当时十分敬重这位意气风发、替工人爭取权益的律师,我尽量把自己当过华文小报记者的见闻告诉他,让他瞭解华人社会,拉近他和受华文教育者的距离。就这样,他和我的交往日趋密切。他邀我陪他到马六甲办案,拉拢崇拜印尼前总统苏卡诺的巫统干部,还好几次邀我陪他一家大小到福隆港度假,等等。经过將近两年的零距离考察,他对我日趋信任和器重。且举两个例子作为说明。


    例二:李光耀当上自治邦总理不久,我陪他一起到霹雳州《马来前锋报》创办人尤索夫·伊萨克(Yusof Bin Ishak)的家,邀请他出来当新加坡最高元首(Yang di-Pertuan Negara)。他告诉我,这位阅歷丰富的老报人非常瞭解马来亚各州苏丹,包括各州苏丹子女的姻亲关係。在宣誓就任最高元首之前,尤索夫来到新加坡总理署见李光耀,我照例先让来访者在接待室稍侯。










    元首的律師有問題,以前李光耀都是控告在級別上相互對等的人,比方說,對方的身份是個什麼當的主席之類。 去年這個律師竟然推動63歲的元首去告一個什麼都不是的失業小民,他想錢想瘋啦。

    你看嘛, 政治地位懸殊,一個住在天堂,一個躺在地獄,完全不對等嘛,即使不去得罪地獄裡沒有營養的人,他們可能繼續滿足只吃快熟面 。

    何況面黃肌瘦的他們沒有殺人放火,也沒有搶東西,你竟然獅子大開口,向一生都吃不起魚肉, 也賺不到一萬塊錢的人要價25萬 ?你顯然欺人太甚。 這個律師一生靠推廣控告案, 敲詐勒索, 牟取暴利 。 他和殺人犯有區別嗎 ?

    他把元首當成他賺錢的商品, 推出來控告人家, 分明是把元首推出來消費嘛, 然後呢,被眾路人『憤怒』, 最後呢, 律師的別有用心觸犯道義,驚動上蒼, 不得不把元首的父親提前帶走啦 。

    從為步入更年期的元首設計起诉小民的控告諷刺剧中, 這個腐朽之徒律師在這裡前半集扮演路人甲 『 The Oracle 』, 被谴责后,他在后半集 使用『Slayer』。

    回去再读一遍他的记录,没有同情心就算了,反而不怀好意,心怀鬼胎, 竟然发布恐怖威胁, 暗示公眾他就是 『 當局 』,希望新加坡方面确认这个 『当局』, 並把他这个 『当局』趕出局 !向國人呈現建國之父李光耀建立廉政隊伍條列的真實意義。

  35. LKY's quote

    If you want money , you can not be the politician. otherwise you will be bribed
    — Lee Kuan Yew’s famous quote

    Look at his party, everyone is piling up wealth. apparently he says one thing and doing another.

  36. Question

    So what happened to ur trip? Did u meet e queen? Singapore will do well enough on its own without trolls like you.

    • To Jim

      as one of secretary team , you participated in the persecution of crimes practiced against Roy and the five others, So you constantly visiting is never welcome.

  37. HeLives

    Came across this in a white man writer’s blog and I thought…every mental king has a lky in them

    Commenting Rules

    Readers are welcome to post comments on the material posted here, but some simple rules apply:(rule of mental king’s laws)

    No trolls(oppositions) allowed
    I reserve the right to edit or refuse comments(kill you off).
    This site is meant to express my point of view( my religion). If you are looking for a soapbox to promote your own views, create your own website or blog site(start your own political party).
    Comments should be brief (preferably under 100 words), polite, constructive and informed( don’t use your knuckle, only he can use his knuckle).
    Comments which are simply attacks on myself(note: don’t dethrone him), or are done in bad taste, or use rude language, or are possibly defamatory will not be posted( watch it, or you shall be legally annihilated by his rule of law).
    You must state your full name to have your comments posted( content is not important, your head that can roll is more important).
    I may reply to some of your comments but will not be able to respond to all( the mental king will not answer to anything that is mental on his part).
    If you are happy to abide by these rules, then by all means, send in your comments. Happy writing!(free to agree with him)

  38. Orifice

    What coalition? You have a lot of mental cases out there. The driver wants to jump off the cliff, the co driver wants to ramp the walls. And the angels want to catch the fall

  39. Edwin

    Search Google on “Future of Singapore” and there are several well-written articles that questions whether Singapore after LKY can be as robust and dynamic. Here is one from the respected Forbes magazine:
    Singapore After Lee Kuan Yew: Future Is Uncertain For The Utilitarian Paradise He Created

    …. residents of this highly successful city-state are now among the most pessimistic of peoples, alongside understandably dour residents of Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Slovenia and Haiti.

    So even as the Republic prospers, there is growing disaffection, with the PAP’s support dwindling to the lowest level since independence. Fed up with government controls and the increasingly high cost of living, many Singaporeans are considering a move elsewhere. Already some 300,000 now live abroad, almost one in 10. As many as half of Singaporeans, according to a recent survey, would leave if they could.

    The has changed a lot since 1990, the year that LKY stepped down. For years after that he continued to talk in his usual robust way….fist pounding the air, karate-like chops, that forceful expressions on what he believes in. Well that LKY is no more.

    How Singapore will cope will now be more closely scrutinized by the World’s press.

    • WHO IS ROY

      Lee Kwan Yew’s accomplishments are undeniable. He took a struggling, ununified city and left it an urban jewel. That history has moved on is inevitable, but one has to wonder, among all the current chiefs of state, whether any will leave behind anything approaching Yew’s legacy when they pass from this world.

      • THE SIXTEN

        Depends on whether everyone has an equal opportunity.

        the platform of Singapore have fully given LKY every opportunity. otherwise Singapore will be different, might like Malaysia or Thailand.

        However, No doubt that fact, he is a great man. Intelligent, extraordinary, loyalty to his wife . a lot of advantages that ordinary people can not make it. he is an outstanding man. we mourn him.

        His great practice included built up famous airport . he brought the business market free. he helps a few original poor group become wealthy. Unfortunately, his team has some bad people , we called them as middleman. They do false reporting. Cause they thought Singapore were the first world country ‘s illusion.

        In fact it’s lying


    @ lolz: ” Slayer ” – PM ‘s counselor :

    What ?????

    you claim only you singlish grammar is relevant Singapore ? what about English grammer professors, such as Dr . Chee Soon Juan ? Dr. Sylvia Lim ? what about Mr. Low Thia Khiang who is representative of 70% of Singaporeans ? you’re good at put the cart before the horse !

    Singapore constitution has no display only you singlish grammer can be the ranking ! you a guilty conscience needs no accuser . Every man has a price. In reality you never admit other’s price , such as Roy and the five others ! you cut off HanHuihui’s throat ? No apologize ?

    A fault confessed is half redressed. but you never progress without apology to Roy and the five others !

    you are just a fox may grow gray , but never good.

    Today everyone cry, why you don’t cry ? he fed your whole life and transfer the common people’s money into your account, you got fortune from him , you still here self narcissistic of you Singlish grammar ?

    inside the ” team”, you are in charge to tailor a suits of “sin” to innocent common Singaporeans. their poor life are the resources of your bank account. crying shame !

    difficulty makes desire.

    Your female partner thought Prime Minister loved her, indulged her , pampered her, promoted her to high position ?
    This is the greatest danger !

    Singapore needs to change ! at least terminated that internal female and the male counselor’s services .

  41. WHO IS ROY

    I would say that Lee Kuan Yew’s temperament was a characteristic that moulded Singapore’s initial growth but it was also because of this unforgiving trait that has institutionalised fear into the system which has become an unhealthy impediment for the growth, and more importantly, sustainability of Singapore.

    EDWIN, respected Forbes magazine’s assessment more accurate or Roy’s assessment

    • WHO IS ROY

      respected Forbes magazine;
      Lee Kwan Yew’s accomplishments are undeniable. He took a struggling, ununified city and left it an urban jewel. That history has moved on is inevitable, but one has to wonder, among all the current chiefs of state, whether any will leave behind anything approaching Yew’s legacy when they pass from this world.

  42. Rebel

    Since LKY is now dead, can his banker reveal to the public how many trillions of dollar he have in his bank account? Also, who is going to inherit his wealth? LHL or LWL or LHY or the albino grandson?

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