My Tribute Message to Lee Kuan Yew


Dear Lee Kuan Yew,

Saying my goodbyes to you is a healing experience. I grew up believing in the Singapore you spoke about but as I read about the lives of the hundreds of people imprisoned, tortured and sued under the government under your rule, I cannot but feel angry for the families and individuals who have lost their many years, and the many poor who continue to exist today. Yet, who am I to be self-righteous, an anguish only they and you can understand. Yet, is it not that many Singaporeans appreciate what you have helped built, to bring Singapore to what it is today. So, thank you, Mr Lee. I only hope that with your passing, forgiveness can take place and our country can have a new beginning, and a new togetherness and future. Now that you have left your physical body and are in a better place, I believe, I hope that you will continue to watch over the Singapore you fought so hard to turn into. May you bless Singapore and our people from where you are and may healing for our country finally take place.

Please rest in peace. Thank you.

Roy Ngerng


My friends asked me to go with them for the memorial service of Lee Kuan Yew at the Parliament House two nights ago. We queued for 3 hours but had to leave when a friend started feeling unwell. I went to another memorial event today.

It took me a while to think about what to write. Truth is, I feel a sense of injustice for what has been happening for the past 50 years but as I thought through within, I realised that this could also be a time of forgiveness and letting go. He was a man of controversies, many are angry but many are as well grateful.

Rightly or not, Singapore did propel itself during the early years because of Lee Kuan Yew’s strongman leadership. But rights were also eroded.

After processing my thoughts within, this was what I wrote. They are my honest and sincere feelings.

I truly believe that at this time of his passing, we have a chance to renew our hope for Singapore and from where he is, I do believe that his freed soul can help us to start anew. I mean this with all my heart.

May all be well for our country. This is an opportunity for us as a nation to forgive and let go, and to reconcile with the truth, so that we can unite towards a new hope. I hope that we will be strong enough to move on from this together.


(I will continue to be honest to speak up on what I believe were mistakes that were made in the past and present but during these few days of the family’s mourning, I will refrain from doing so. I do not know how long this sense of forgiveness can last for me but it is a process, and I hope that as the nation goes through this journey together in each of our own way, something good can come out from it.)


  1. bah chor mee

    Hi Roy,

    You’ve written a very well-balanced letter, unlike the “condolence letter” PM Lee wrote to Jeyaretnam’s family

    Continue to be the crtically thinking gentleman that you are.

    However, we’re not sure of the following phrase in your letter for LKY: “May you bless Singapore and our people from where you are”. A key QN: Where is LKY now, based on all that he’s done through the ISD?

  2. Aiyo

    Talking about herd mentality.

    Researchers at Leeds University, led by Prof Jens Krause, performed a series of experiments where volunteers were told to randomly walk around a large hall without talking to each other. A select few were then given more detailed instructions on where to walk. The scientists discovered that people end up blindly following one or two people who appear to know where they’re going.

    The published results showed that it only takes 5% of what the scientists called “informed individuals” to influence the direction of a crowd of around 200 people. The remaining 95% follow without even realizing it.

    “There are strong parallels with animal grouping behavior,” says Prof Krause, who reported his study with John Dyer in the Animal Behavior Journal. “We’ve all been in situations where we get swept along by the crowd but what’s interesting about this research is that our participants ended up making a consensus decision despite the fact that they weren’t allowed to talk or gesture to one another… In most cases the participants didn’t realize they were being led by others.”

    This is excellent example of how the human brain is setup for social life. Even without a top-down organizer or any obvious rules, society just falls into place. Unfortunately, that “follow the herd” mentality isn’t always beneficial. If we’re not fully versed on a subject, we tend to follow the guy who appears to know more than we do. That sort of behavior applies to more than just random walking, we do it in everyday life from picking political candidates to deciding what type of car to buy.

  3. Roywhattalkyew?

    Look at the casino empire…created thousands of jobs…very well run and rich…beautiful working environment…high quality of life for the successful…even the bottom feeders can get by….and these….casino operators…. not only play with  chips and one arm bandits….they run hotels,restaurants, retail and entertainment businesses etc etc too…

    Ask the people who benefited from casino business are they happy? Should they be grateful?

    Is that it? Born to be idiots?

  4. Sam

    I pity you for not using your brains efficiently, not thinking why the govt had made those decisions and for not being able to think far for Singapore’s future. Without Mr Lee, maybe you would not be having a comfortable life and typing this extremely “well-balanced” paragraph with shows your immaturity and ungratefulness.

    • ordinary

      Not need to pity others, explain your thought and do not just to conclusion.
      If u do not like what Roy had written. Just leave the site and ignore it.
      No one should call other ungrateful, if you are grateful, donate your money to the needy.. go to pick up rubbish from the seaside..Do no waste your time to write the comment

  5. LuckyTan

    Looks like the self righteous brigade , after a full stomach of prawn mee and mee Siam Mai hum, is on the hunt again…this time…the target….a small boy with a black mop top with foreign sounding tongue has been spotted challenging big bird with yellow feathers covering the thigh region of oxtail street …..we understand that supporters of the red cross firing squad are thirsty for blood to be spilled …they are in the process of studying the legal imperatives to neutering the entire family, friends and relatives of black mop top gang and obliterate any possibilty of revenge from future generation….

    showtime…even the died are watching with fond memories..

  6. Still self righteous

    In another universe, I am sure if it was Roy that became PM of Singapore instead of LKY, and he would have led Singapore to first world in a free and liberal environment, where people are equal and virtuous, where people of all political affiliations live peacefully, and everyone voices their opinion in a kind and respectful manner, where progress comes quickly and without a single sacrifice, where nobody is compromised.

    In his dreams, Roy would have led Singapore to La La Land.

  7. PAPer Tiger

    Sorry, one more thing Roy, that you may wish to remove from your letter: “Please rest in peace”.

    There is no peace to the evil; they can never rest well despite the millions they invest in bodyguards and security systems.

    And LKY will hardly have any rest, as he have to keep coming back to Singapore to fix things, because Pinky And Party will keep making a fool of themselves and post-LKY, and continue to make a mess out of s’pore. See following of LKY claim (unless LKY is lying again, of course):

      • @ SIMPLE

        you may ask your man return all CPF to the people , stop to sue the people for blackmail money again, if you want your father rest in peace.

      • lea xian loon

        @ You asked for it

        Hard to believe that You and your family’s whole 18 generations are looking to be in the place where LKY is now, and shall in further future be. Perhaps you can continue to enjoy while the nutless Pinky still can too 🙂

  8. Pragmatic

    Anyone wants to Q 8 hrs for someone who cleared your rubbish and cleaned the toilets so you can shit comfortably without your nose blown to kingdom come?

    • joclin

      If they could Q for 24 hrs, many would becauze it wld be even more impressive. Some pierce their back with wires and pierce their tongues to show sincerity and love.Very impress. Wonder anybody wrote with their blood or not?

  9. jan

    Fucking hypocrites. Any blind would see. This of your writings made me hate you just as you hated. Thanks for breeding this.

  10. yet

    If it means sacrificing u for millions of people, i say do it. You asked for it and making trouble which you risk millions not benefiting it with you nonsense. So i hope you have to pay damges the same as Tan Liang Hong comes July. Didnt count in inflation so u are better off than him. And pks dont come back to Sg. Go to settle in Norway or Britain.

    • lea xian loon

      I think this message of yours to LKY (though fitting in some ways) is a bit too late. Its a fact he can’t be back to SG, but neither can he settle in Norway or Britain.

      You may wish to pen such well wishes at the CCs, RCs, or his favorite tanjong pagar cc

  11. You asked for it

    Roy, in his mind, would certainly have done better than lee kuan yew in all the areas and satisfied 100% of singaporeans and made sure all 100% of singaporeans benefitted from his ideals and 100% of Singaporeans would have had a far far far superior life than what they are having now. Of course Roy would. His mind tells him so. It’s like roy has all the answers and never be wrong. 🙂

    • @ SIMPLE

      remind you , Roy is nothing , your father is everything , ss your God , you may show ” your God ” have mercy to the people . even the percentage is only 30%.but the real ” God ” forgive people , and your ” God ” never learn to forgive the others, he is a fake ” God “

  12. Aunty

    Aiyah..I think hor…the old man does not want to see EMBARESSING ADULTS crying from Tuas to changi just to get a glimpse of glory lah…he willll be like thinking…goodness moi…have I build a nation of dafts? Monkey see monkey do!..LoL….is all this bang bang in the air ….all wear white…or red…or green..or blue…no cars on the road…planes cannot fly for 24h?…you mean old man actually want allmthis ah?….you think he not very very pai seh ah?….you pai seh or not? meh?….I think hor…better find a more dignify way of respecting humans…you know…humans? What you think? What you think? loL

    • lea xian loon

      So many people queue up >8hrs to get inspirations to buy 4d & to-to. Don’t they know that LKY wants to cheat them once more on top of their CPF…even in his funeral? Daft.

  13. Born SGporean

    Dear Roy,
    1) Well said Roy. No hipocricy & “wayang”, like some others:(
    2) LKY have my respect, gratification, forgiveness and prayers for the 52 years of “adventures & misadventures” under his “good, bad & ugly” at-times controversial & imperfect “World Class” governance, leadership & premiership. 3) I also extend my gratification & sincere thanks to millions of “working-class” SGporeans who Trusted, Supported & Make Sacrifices to HELP LKY achieve his “Vision & Mission” impossible (to his foes, critics & distractors:) from 1965:) 5) LKY left Us & SG indeed with “World Class” city, infrastructure, “metropolis”, “Disneyland” (with a death penalty as reported in USA:), system of Govt plus Millions of World Class, educated & loyal SGporeans! (no pun intended). 6) Lastly as a mark of Respect & Obidience to Great LKY and his continued World Class Legacy, I TRUST his Successors & “Beneficiaries” would work very very hard to quickly achieve satisfactory & fair resolution to the many “self-made” Flawed Govt Policies, Problems & Challenges that has plague our Great Republic, causing pain, suffering & hardship to thousands of local PMEs & Workers, befitting LKY’s standard of Leadership & Governance for “The People & By The People”: a) HDB-make affordable again. b) CPF-must return 100% to All retiree @55 because it is just & lawful. 3) Good Jobs – Priority to citizens & locals tax-payer’s because they have families to feed, bills & mortgages to pay & no where to run. 4) Immigrants/Economic Migrants/New citizens – Must be better vetted & controlled in the best interest of local Citizens & Nation as practised in other 1st World Nations. 5) MRT/Transport: Must remain cheap & good for the People who have no choice.:( 6) COE & ERP – To be scrapped or tweak to make driving “affordable” not revenue- generating exercise. 7) Cost of Living – Bring it down. Use ASEAN countries & JB as benchmark. NOT Paris, London, Tokyo, Sydney & New York! 8) Private Property – Make affordable for citizens; not investors, bankers, speculators & “policy makers” with conflicting n vested interest. 9) Education – Priority to local bright kids NOT ingrate & substandard foreign students. Because their parents pay taxes & CPF plus do NSF. Also these future PMEs are better than substandard Foreign PMEs “parachuted” in with questionable & dubious qualifications, degrees & work experience:( 10) Resolve “permanently” all other National, Social, Employment, Transport, Education, Housing, Health & Medical problems & issues affecting millions of our good & loyal Citizens who placed their Trust, Faith & Life in Mr. Lee Kuan Yew’s & His Cabinet’s Hands since 1965!

  14. You lost

    Admit it, you were shocked by the support to LKY.

    You thought you were the hero of the people.

    You thought you were speaking for the silent meek.

    You thought you were right.

    Now you know. You speak for no one. The masses were truly and sincerely thankful to LKY. He is the one that is the true hero.

    Not you.

    • You asked for it

      He and HHH trying their best to use this week to steal some exposure and attention they sorely need and are so worried it’s over for them 🙂 how these two must wish that they had that kind of support and perhaps privately saddened so many singaporeans don’t share their thoughts and ill wishes for LKY. But hey they never had that support anyway after three demonstrations Roy said ten thousand attended but that’s probably double and triple counting the same people haha. Oh well Roy you never won in the first place. It must really suck to be you now haha.

    • You asked for it

      Oh do you remember in January Roy blogged that he can’t always be the hero for the people unless they act for themselves?

      Oh this week they sure acted!!! Roy, you really made too much of yourself it has to be embarrassing I know 🙂 try harder, you’re just alienating yourself except for the looney bunch of people and you know that’s not the sort of people you need hahaha. Privately maybe you don’t even like them.

      Come on face it you had to write a nice letter now because if you’re nasty you know singaporeans will spit on you. The feeling grinds internally yeah oh how you wish everyone will share your hate and anger.

      It’s the starting of the end my sorry small time blogger activist. Hero for the people my foot. You also know your blog and protests and such is dwindling by the second. You are so 2014.

    • lea xian loon

      So many people queue up >8hrs to get inspirations to buy 4d & to-to. Don’t they know that LKY wants to cheat them once more on top of their CPF…even in his funeral? Daft.

    • PAPer Tiger

      With more internet activity and the mass media embarassing itself, PAP is sure fighting a losing battle towards to coming GE…has anyone seen the freaky pap youth wing pigs (i meant pics)?

  15. Kampongchicken

    Just do what you need to do and fark off. I think your neighbor of 30 yrs did just that. And you don’t even know their names


    Every man has his taste.
    Roy’s blog is his ” private garden”,
    people think that two heads are better than one,
    so give a support for each other
    the every rights of liberty is given by the constitution.
    if you don’t like him ,
    you only come and shit every day,
    Hey! wise up!
    we also don’t visit your ” garden ” !

      • @ Jim , The Oracle , The Oracle , " You asked for it ", ” Royisloser “, Tinkerbell” & “The Oracle ” , ” Slayer”, ” lolz”, “Prince” & ” jackfruit “, ” Viper and gangs

        Pimpo, 臭婊子,家裡的男人死了 ,婊子跑出来发羊癫疯 ! 上面博主招惹你了吗 ? 你不要脸的鸡竟然主动跑到人家家里来叫床 ! 現在市面上脸皮厚道的高級公务员都是你这个不像话的样子吗 ? 名曰给李光耀送葬,卻跑出來找男人的屌,你找錯門啦 !

        李光耀的遺產就這麼個玩意 - 打架 - 狠狠地廝打,仇殺- 殺人不眨眼 - 盯梢 — 死死地黏住人家, 即使放個屁也坐立不安 ! 爭搶什麼 ? 搶錢 !李光耀說他什麼都沒有得到,也是講騙話 !


        大多數沒見世面,被電視悲情宣傳洗腦的人,當李光耀是上帝,但是不這麼認為的人大有人在, 你要全部殺光不認同的人嗎 !

        人家讲得很清楚,你要撒野,要哭要骂回到你自己的院子里去, 你们都有自己掌控的报馆,那是你们的家, 你今天主动犯賤, 到一个被你们迫害的人家送上门被打死活該。

      • @ Jim , The Oracle , The Oracle , " You asked for it ", ” Royisloser “, Tinkerbell” & “The Oracle ” , ” Slayer”, ” lolz”, “Prince” & ” jackfruit “, ” Viper and gangs

        要继承李光耀的遗产,首先要记得李光耀的教育:面对君子,我们要以礼相待,面对流氓恶棍, 我们要以同样的方式,以牙还牙, 绝不手软 !不关你是什么背景,什么语言,什么文化,什么货色,都要在未审讯之前,替天行道 !! ! 你泼妇来啦,我们把泼妇打出去 !你流氓来啦,我们把流氓显原形 ! 你有英文專才,我们也有团队, 有钱的出钱,有力的出力, 把横线霸道的黑势力赶下台 !

      • @ Pimpo

        Yeah, I suppose ” the office bitch” could be put into the last category. how you bitch in the last day was so fine suck your daddy’s dick ?

      • THE SIXTEN

        Woe to you, hypocrites, because you hire this ” office bitch” therefore you will receive greater condemnation.

  17. press

    When the old man said singaporeans are daft, he must be so happy.
    Not that he is intelligent but that you are stupid.

  18. Amp

    About fifty people turned up at Hong Lim park when Roy spoke , while LKY has half a million people who spent 8 hours queuing up to see him off. See what people think of him ? Only the famed looney tunes figures at the court house went to see Roy at the court house. Steady.

    • to Amp

      How it compares ? LKY ‘s son have been the owners of local newspaper & tv stations through his wife’s Temasek . Son using all available communication tools for his father to do a grand funeral. hope the next general election will solve his problem.

      and you Amp – “Prince” & ” jackfruit “, ” Viper and you left many marks shows that your low IQ , you are here really smear LHL, he is not LKY, you don’t believe ! you try, let LHL die tomorrow, if still 8 hours queuing up to see him off . if Clinton or any others will come again ?

    • lea xian loon

      So many people queue up >8hrs to get inspirations to buy 4d & to-to. Don’t they know that LKY wants to cheat them once more on top of their CPF…even in his funeral? Daft.

  19. roy = hate

    Roy, your theories are flawed. Your stories are false. You are just spreading hate propaganda. You are just trying to be a provocateur. You have no interests to advance the common good. You have no integrity.

    This is your true face.

    • @ SIMPLE

      1. who no flaw

      2.LKY deny temasek was taken from CPF , he made a false announcement !

      3. the female officer spreading hate propaganda. still no resign ?

      4. is not a provocateur, your man tailor many sins for him and Q until June, is too angry !

      5. he is not the civil servant , he can do whatever he want , and you are the civil servant , so you can not , due to the high pay buy your discipline.

      6. whether he has interests or integrity, depends on the office gangs how to settle him ! if you good to him, your office have a true face , warmly welcome !

      btw, live in no distance city , why you dont face to face, easy to solve .

  20. to Miss YEO Lim - PM's secretary

    Otherwise, PM’s secretary – Miss YEO Lim may report to PM first, whether Prime Minister Lee will settle the bill for you ?

    do prepare ! We waited for his word, Let both sides set a live televised debate across the Atlantic

    prepare the questions:

    LKY’s PAP government have always reminder in each letter tail that ”

    NOTICE: This message may contain confidential and privileged information Unless you are the intended addressee, any distribution, copying or disclosure of such information is strictly prohibited If you have received this message by mistake, please notify the sender immediately and delete all copies of. this message from your computer. It is an offence under the Official Secrets Act (Cap 213) to communicate any information in this message to any unauthorised person. ”

    the next , Please describe specific government servants functions ? Is it included leaking citizens privacy section ?
    Is it included PM ‘s secretary you can carry on threats ?

    According to Lee Kuan Yew enacted the Civil servants laws ( Secrets Act (Cap 213) , how to dispose of accountability.
    Prison or dismissal ?

    let’s wait and see !

  21. Good genes bad genes

    I remembered LKY as saying the poor and lowly educated have bad genes, and the bad genes shouldn’t contaminate the good genes by marrying the educated with the uneducated. Now that he has turned into ash, let’s examine his ash and see if the quality of his ash is better than the ash of a destitute. Who knows, you might find gold in his ash.

  22. R

    Even your looney supporters said what in their hearts not hiding behind a facade . a tribute message that exposed again your character.

  23. LKYisAlive

    [Updated 30 March 2015 7.15AM: Police arrested Amos Yee on Sunday. At least 20 police reports were lodged against him, said The Straits Times.]
    A police report has been filed against a video that a 17-year-old Amos Yee has put up on YouTube, Yahoo Singapore has learned. The report was filed by student Yuen Wei Ping.
    In his statement, he stated that Amos’ video “made insensitive comments against the late Mr Lee (Kuan Yew) as well as against the Christian faith”.
    Yuen said the video’s content could be an offence under Section 298 of the Penal Code. Under this section, anyone found uttering words “with the deliberate intention of wounding the religious or racial feelings of any person” could be sentence to 3 years imprisonment, a fine, or both.
    In the eight-minute long video titled “Lee Kuan Yew Is Finally Dead!”, Amos says that the late “Lee Kuan Yew is a horrible person because everyone is afraid that if they say something like that, they might get into trouble.”
    Amos compared the late Lee to Jesus Christ, by saying both figures “are both power-hungry and malicious but deceive others into thinking they are both compassionate and kind”.
    He also said Lee’s followers were “completely delusional and ignorant, and have absolutely no sound logic or knowledge about him that is grounded in reality”. This was what Amos compared to Christians’ knowledge of the bible and the religion’s priests.
    According to Amos, “(Lee) was a dictator but managed to fool most of the world to think he was democratic… by granting (Singaporeans) the opportunity to vote to make it seem like we have freedom of choice”.
    Other issues Amos raised in the video include the rise in cost of living in Singapore and the high taxation rates the government imposes with little spending on areas like healthcare. He attributed this to a dearth in knowledge about where government monies are spent on and a “suspicious” trend in suing those who asked openly about this.
    Amos issued a challenge to prime minister Lee Hsien Loong, when he asked if the latter wanted to sue him for his opinions on the video.
    “If Lee Hsien Loong wishes to sue me, I will oblige to dance with him.”
    The late Lee Kuan Yew died Monday. He was 91.


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  25. Another challenger appears

    There will soon be a court case with PM Lee vs. Amos Yee soon.

    That boy just took the challenge to be sued by PM Lee. Looks like you are not alone.

  26. UncleSam

    “Ye Ye, you started by fighting for Merdeka – for our right to rule ourselves. I found out this week that Merdeka has its roots in an old Dutch word, meaning a freed slave. When Singapore was cut adrift from Malaysia, you adopted an orphaned nation and made us all your children.

    Ye Ye, you chose to forsake personal gain and the comforts of an ordinary life, so that the people of Singapore could have a better life for themselves, and for their children and for their grandchildren.  That Singapore is safe, that Singapore is prosperous, that Singapore is – for this we owe a debt that we cannot repay.

    Ye Ye –   We will try to make you proud. Majulah Singapura.”

    I think he should be the next PM, what do you think?

  27. Singapore Citizen Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

    Subtle Denial of Medical Treatment by the Singapore Government for Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)

  28. 饮水思源

    Another one of your propaganda posts poorly disguised as a letter of condolence, you cheeky bastard. Even in death he managed to unite most Singaporeans in one last act of paying respect to him. Retirees over twice your age bore with the weather and wait to pay their final repects to the late Mr. Lee, and 3hours into the wait you decide to leave? Or were you bummed that the priority queue privilleges didn’t extend to the LGBTs?

    That tribute message that you have is full of nothing but groundless assumptions that most Singaporeans do not respect LKY. How true is that? If you could find 2.5 million people who are against him, I would have nothing to say for that. The queue during the past week and the sheer number of people who attended the state funeral and put up with the torrential rain just to catch a glimpse of his cortege already says more than it should.

    Face it Roy, you are not half the man you think you are. You cannot be the voice of the people, you are not the new underdog’s representative, you are far from being a national hero. You have no credibility in your posts, your statistics are not accurate, your knowledge on Singapore’s historical political landscape is mediocre at best.

    Just look at the photos taken at ladang since march 23-29 and see if you can garner that kind of crowd in the inevitable event where you pass on. Mind you, I mean people who queue up to pay their final respects, not to spit on you. If that is not enough, just look at the VIPs from all over the world who attended the state funeral on the 29th, if you still think that LKY doesn’t deserve that kind of respect, then I would like to ask you if you actually feel that the world leaders are blind to this as well? You and those goons will most probably refute me by saying I’m a PAP dog who’s been brainwashed by his propaganda, but I won’t care. The opinions of those who did not live through WW2, the Malaysian merger and separation, does not concern me. You were not there to see it, you only bear a grudge against the government because LGBT is prohibited in Singapore, just like your supporters, who blames the government for anything and everything that does not go their way. Take your self-righteous ego and shove it up somewhere more befitting of people your calibre.

    • Just Wow

      True, he is another faggot who just blames the government for every shitty situation he gets into. Just take a look at how he whined at a school in Norway, I was there for his speech and as a Norwegian, i was appalled by the kind of sentiments he has towards his nation’s government, this is someone who clearly shows no sign of gratitude and is delusional about himself being a hero in Singapore. After his speech, I went to check out this blog and I was stunned by the figures he produced! All half truths, and no concrete evidence to substantiate his claims. It is no wonder he got sued.

    • @ the office gangs

      bear in mind , we only condemn those gangsters who working between PM and the people of Singapore .
      Lack of clarity on this point, the rest are crap.

      • A real capable citizen

        Seriously no idea what you are trying to say here, either you replied to the wrong post, or it is a desperate last ditch effort to debunk someone’s argument by saying “lack of clarity on this point, the rest are crap”

        Seriously, anyone with an IQ higher thn that of his or her shoe size would be able to churn out something better than your ratatouille of grammatical horrors and groundless refutes.

      • @ the OFFICE gangs

        the first, you may not take your precious time to reply if you are not one of gangs.
        the second, identifying the gangs crime no grammar requirement .
        The third point, ” A real capable citizen” will not mislead PM to take the prosecution against Roy and the five others.
        the last, you are not fit to continue as prime minister ‘s secretary

      • A real capable citizen

        Assuming me of being a PM secretary straight off the bat because I do not support your oh-so-great delusional failure of a hero. Well done. While amos yee does not need to undergo formal english education to improve on its english standards, you sir, do need to attend some linguistic lessons to get yourself an upgrade.

        Too bad The Body Shop does not sell body parts, you would use a good new brain, tho ironically yours seem to be unused.

      • @ the OFFICE gangs

        1) u don’t support Roy ? who cares .
        2) Amos yee ? he just put Singapore in the international spotlight, So ?
        3) No political vision and sacrifice, do not pretend a political elite to take the high pay as PM’s secretary.
        there are many capable and outstanding citizens can replace the PM’s current secretary, Different people deal with practical problems will cause the effect of different.

        we will share our views about this topic later

      • A real capable citizen

        I merely said I don’t “support your oh-so-great delusional failure of a hero”. You interpreted it as roy, but that’s none of my business, just as you said, who cares. Your remaining 2 points have not addressed any issues pertaining to what 饮水思源 said, and have zero value in a discussion. Political vision and sacrifice? LKY had that, and yet you chose to support roy in his underdog campaigns. Seriously, I’m glad roy has supporters like you – myopic, narrow-minded people who would blame the government for things that do not go your way, humans of your calibre really are the most befitting to be roy supporters!

  29. LKYisAliveAndkicking

    The 16 year old teen who posted a controversial video rejoicing over the death of Lee Kuan Yew is going to be charged in court on Tuesday (31 Mar).Amos Yee was arrested on Sunday after multiple police reports were lodged against him. Police explained that he is being charged under Section 298 of the Penal Code which says:Uttering words, etc., with deliberate intent to wound the religious or racial feelings of any person298.  Whoever, with deliberate intention of wounding the religious or racial feelings of any person, utters any word or makes any sound in the hearing of that person, or makes any gesture in the sight of that person, or places any object in the sight of that person, or causes any matter however represented to be seen or heard by that person, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 3 years, or with fine, or with both.He is also being charged with circulating obscene material on his blog. It is believed that this 2nd charge is in relation to a crude cartoon he shared which cropped Lee Kuan Yew’s face and Margaret Thatcher’s face on a outline of two people engaging in a sexual act. A third charge of making threatening, abusive of insulting communications is also being laid against Yee. 

    Singaporeans deserve the PAP. Including Roy..

    • LegalAbuse

      There Are many form of threatening, abusive and insulting communications which are daily life experiences. Should we bring our family members, relatives, friends, strangers, employers and employees to Court and charge them? Should we also charge those who threaten, abuse and insult Amos INCLUDING those he rant about?

      • DontProtectThoseBrainlessHaters

        Most people who posts threats in response to his videos do so in anonymity. Lack of guts and honor you may say, but those people who do so, have themselves protected by making sure they are hardly traceable. So how do you expect the police to identify and nab them? With the exception of a certain Cookie Tan, how would you suggest we go apprehend them?

        Also, your starting statement “many forms of threatening, abusive and insulting communications which are daily life experiences” really leaves me pondering over what kind of dangerous lifestyle you lead to have face such kind of communication. Perhaps yours is just an isolated case of being another unpopular kid back in school, or have you generalized that statement to put Mr. Yee in a better light?

  30. cheebai

    The other day…I go down my house go buy food coz shaking shaking from hungry lah…so go my favorite mee siam no hum please stall at my bus station…I nice nice order my food to a new girl at the stall…she look older then me like 15 years older…you know what she call me…AUNTY…you want chilli or not?
    Wah…you so old…call me aunty somemore…you insulting or what…I sooo mad…I want to smash the mee siam mai hum plate on her bloody face….better still…charge her in court for INSULTS next time

    • knnhccb

      My boss threaten to cut my pay becsuse I didnt want to “suck his cok”. Should i go court and charge him? Thennhe will say, wheres the proof and acuse me of poor performance et et for cutting pay.

  31. thinkingoutloud

    A dead old man called us daft. Should we ressurect him and charge him in court and then bury him again?

    • lea xian loon

      Ha ha, that’s a good one! But he have to rise up multiple times to answer to so many charges…no wonder they say the evil can have no rest

  32. OnlyAboy

    Amos was right about the religious Jesus(rightly condemned by rational thinkers). If you can’t tell the difference between form and substance then you deserve to have your brain and bank account surrendered to the church of Rome/Emperor

    • Just Wow

      For someone who is proud ‘not to subscribe to a formal education’, he clearly has a myopic view on things and most definitely needs what he deems useless – a formal education; his blog entry on his secondary school life already speaks so much for itself – he had no friends, to which he justified by saying people around him are not worthy of his company and therefore insinuating that he is a cut above the rest. This is not something that is supposed to come from an intelligent adolescent, this is escapism, not wanting to face your flaws and covering it up by saying the whole world is messed up, and how it’s always you against the world by playing the wounded hero. No wonder he takes statistics from roy’s blog, birds of the same feather do indeed flock together.

      And hey roy, I think is a better URL for your blog.

      • Easy

        Surely there is some truth to his rant? In any case, at his age, he is just groping around to “discover himself”, like most kids. Give him the space to grow and hone his “craft” or theatericalism. At least he knows what’s entertaining or “sell”(to get you riled up). I would give him the benefit of doubt..for now.

      • Just Wow

        The only things I do agree with in his rant are that Singapore is an expensive state to live in, and that LKY was power-hungry. Yes, Singapore is an expensive state, but don’t just focus on that, which first-world country is cheap to live in? And not to mention compared to other nations, Singapore is one of the safest countries ro live in. He clearly hasn’t seen nor experienced life in other countries that are deemed first-world.

        On the late Mr. Lee being power-hungry, which politician does not yearn for power? It is only through power and authority that he could govern Singapore and develop it so that you modern Singaporeans can have what you have right now. Oh sure, politics is a dirty game, he soiled his hands by getting rid of people to advance his cause, that’s politics – a dirty and bloody game. People like yee and ngerng liken politics to a walk in the park, not knowing how dark this game is.

        You may argue that he is still an adolescent, but how long can he be protected by his age? It is high time he learnt a harsh lesson, “exploring his boundaries” is not a valid reason to justify his vile acts, freedom of speech does not mean you don’t have to be responsible for what you say. I understand that he wants to achieve fame through satirical videos, but please observe the codes of conducts that even people like George Carlin followed, he did make provocative remarks about religion, but most were targeted towards people who brought it too far, namely religious fundamentalist that advocate the “God answer” to every question. Carlin never explicitly expressed sentiments that insinuated he was better than God, he never hurled insults and derogatory remarks towards well-respected people, lest George Bush was actually respected. What amos did was to incur the wrath of people who appreciate and respect their roots by asserting his own perspective of things in a most juvenile manner.

  33. Joke

    If Singaporeans don’t fight or stand up for the rights of this boy, then woe to this nation. Woe to the PARENTS of this nation because they will raise stupid children who would wax lyrical of dead corpse

    • NotFooled

      Insult Christianity? There is an on going court case against the faithful which has been dragged on for years. The entire christian history is full of controversies and baloney. You can find plenty of “religious insults” in your library, book stores and internet. Any intelligent and honest creature would be able to form an insulting conclusion. The rulers are deliberately living in delusion and weaving the legal or political sword to imprison and trap souls.

  34. NewWater

    Funny… they had some cheap papers. .. with cheap writers and cheap psychiatrist decimating a kid’s character. How shamelessly low can the elite in this society get? Amos maybe low in eq but certainly not in iq.

    Lee eq is even worse…who can talk to a fellow like him? he has such LOW SELF IMAGE…he needs to sue to shut you up

  35. to 饮水思源

    1) Roy have been He was entangled since last year.

    on March 28 at 2:39am, gangs said ” This man should be monitored. If the redline is crossed the authorities should clamp on him…”

    ( )

    So, Roy cheeky innocent , but you cheeky hatred, flattery is more dangerous than hatred.

    2) Referring your statistical practices, People go mourning 30% of them are new immigrants. the other 30% think that Lee Kuan Yew is their “God” , the same as North Korea. another 30% believed that 人死为大 . the rest are colleagues and community. Roy belongs to the kind of group that their survival rely on LKY. He was fired within an hour that under LKY ‘s strictly administration policy.

    3) people respect LKY, doesn’t mean agree you prosecuting Roy and the five others. include the new one 17 years old boy.

    this is two subject .

    4) just look at the VIPs from all over the world who attended the state funeral on the 29th , It is a procedure , and LKY deserves.

    5) LKY, He is a gritty guy, but Conversely, if there is no such land of Singapore, he was difficult to develop. many children no father , many woman no husband, many people die no funeral. LKY ‘s perfect life also given by the price of Singapore .

    Do not deny , Singaporeans sacrificed an heavy price to make sure his family three generations have been perfectly life.

    • 饮水思源

      I do indeed disagree with amos yee’s points, but if he had phrased what he thought across with tact and maturity, then an arrest would not have been warranted, and I would also join in the petition to have him released as well, despite not agreeing to his points. How far he had overstepped the boundaries of respect, I believe everyone here should already know. This is Singapore, a nation where we once pride ourselves as one with interracial and religious harmony, basic respect as such was advocated since young. And he disregarded all of that, and even went to publish a photoshopped photo depicting acts of a sexual nature involving the late LKY and Margeret Thatcher. His punishment might be harsh for a 17 year old, but how would you go about fixing a kid that had been advocating dropping out of schools? If he wants to live in his own utopia, he can do so himself.

      As for roy, actual statistics are readily available where CPF is concerned. If he still wishes to publish half-truths, he can continue to do so and mislead whatever remaining supporters he has left. Also, if you didn’t understand what I meant by his tribute being disguised, here is a summary of it:

      “Dear LKY, I’m sorry for your family’s loss, despite what you had done for Singapore, I would like to turn the focus on what little you had messed up and create the illusion that hundreds of thousands of citizens will never be able to forgive you for, and these illusory citizens are whom I will speaking up for, and I strongly urge them to forgive and forget and move on with life.” Hypocrite much?

      Your point of LKY being lucky enough to have Singapore to develop is poorly substantiated on weak premises. Put it this way, back then there were other Singaporeans as well, so why was he the only one who stood up for independence?

      当初,人民政府一条心。人民信任政府,而政府为人民以及国家付出贡献,照顾人民。没人怀疑政府把人民的工资吞掉,你信我,我罩你。Look at times now, with people like roy trying to undermine the government based on groundless accusations, and flying over to Norway to paint himself as the victim to garner sympathy points, and a 17 year old who thinks he is better than most Singaporeans just because he did more reading than other kids his own age.

  36. Question to Singapore Authority

    Li Hongyi —- the grandson of the LKY got charged for contravening a relatively minor military General Order shows that not even a “white horse” (the son of a VIP ) is immune from punishment for wrongdoing. I say “relatively minor” because Li’s misdemeanour was his overzealousness in reporting an offence.

    As it turns out, the son of Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong did end up getting formally charged and was administered a reprimand after a summary trial by the military for not adhering to the chain of command when making his complaint.

    This incident has also made its way to the international news wires, with Reuters having reported it in JULY 13, 2007. Despite all the brickbats that Li Hongyi, Mindef and the “Elite Establishment” are receiving over this incident, I feel that the way this saga has played out is actually quite heartening for Singapore.

    Our views of back to currently Prime minister Lee ‘s secretary leaked citizens Bank details , privacy , cliques, intimidated the people. the secretary “privileged” higher than Lee’s son Li Hongyi ?

    this complaint should take seriously by Singapore authority , the same law have ever applied to LKY’s grandson. the same law apply to LHL’s secretary ? much wrongdoing exactly because of her status as the government officer of the PM.

    That in many ways amounted to a public, albeit informal rebuke. Today’s mainstream media’s reports about PM’s son all signal a gradual relaxing of the Singapore government’s unofficial policy of self-censorship to avoid embarrassment to senior government officials.

  37. frtgybhunijm

    Even if this gov never corrupt by taking our money, some of their dogs will still be corrupt with their personal conduct and by power. L*Y should be respected, even though he did many evil things to those who oppose/opposition views from him. His merits and contributions to SG should be enough to make up for his sins. Now just let him RIP and the lord to judge him.

    Just VTO, forgive L*Y and punish PAP when the time comes. These should be the things that we should do and concern about.

    The only things that this gov fails/sucks at will be on how their deal with negativity/opposition views towards their party and how they treat Singaporeans now compared with FT. If PAP can come clean on the allegations against them and their mistakes (let us watch to Singapore, with love and open up the books on L*Y and nation policies/system.). People will definitely forgive and accept those. If they can change all these and without suing anyone. All of us can almost find no flaws to criticize them. They should only use the law against those extremist like terrorism, totally untruth allegation or death threats.

    Is sad that L*L able to perform like his dad or even better than his dad. If not he can make up for his dad mistakes and progress SG even further. In fact his life is far easier than his dad that he just need to take over with things that have done without coming out from scratch. PAP is not the founder of SG but a good take over gov that progress the country even further.

  38. Amos Rant

    “Lee Kuan Yew is dead, finally.Why hasn’t anyone said, “Yeah, the guy is dead!”Lee Kuan Yew was a horrible person.Because everyone is scared. Everyone is afraid that if they say something like that, they might get into trouble which — give LKY credit — was primarily the impact of his legacy.But I’m not afraid.”

    Goodness, out of a mouth of babe, a boy demolished 7 days of propaganda and even outdone ALL the oppositions put together by taking his rant all over the world. LoL
    In just one day, he became the new hero in Sg lol

    He will definitely find plenty of fans and believers all over the world though he is rejected by his own country men. 🙂

    For a boy, it was very well said

    • TomDickHarry

      what is so vulgar about mother fucker? when your Father fucks your mother…he is a mother fucker….when the father fucks his children…he could be liken to a priest( are there not priests who fucked children?)

      Hey…FACKs man…you have been fucked by your father…an expression intelligently understood by most people

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